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Monday, April 10, 2006


This is my first day of the rest of my blog.

What you're about to read in the coming days, weeks and months is my attempt to join the cyberage and bring you along for the ride. In doing that we need an interesting subject and I am not that. So we'll be talking about everything having to do with the Dolphins.

Dolphins fans are among the most educated and opinionated I have encountered while covering the team and the NFL the last 16 years. So I want, erase that. I need you to give me feedback. Post your opinions. Ask questions. Suggest stuff. Get into it!!!

I'll do my best to be your provider of information, opinion and analysis. OK? And away we go ....


Blogger ikuck said...

Hi Armando

As a British-based Dolfan since 1972 I thank the 'Gods of the Web' for keeping me informed of the acqua, coral & white - and you & the rest of the Herald guys are in that Pantheon. My sincere thanks.
Regards Ian

PS - was it just me who thought things started to go wrong when the dwarf (that waster of the great one's last years) introduced green pants.....

5:50 AM  

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