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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thoughts on Manny Wright

You asked for it so here are my thoughts on Manny Wright:

I feel compassion for him.

I think the Dolphins are doing the right thing in not releasing him because you don't just let a player go free at his whim.

I think this thing is a HUGE problem for the chemistry of the team because if he comes back, the same guys who tormented him in the past will continue to do so now -- and now they have less respect for him than before.

I think I've lived through this before with Dimitrius Underwood.

I think we have found Nick Saban's first draft misstep and it's not really a big one given the fact Wright was a fifth round pick in the supplemental draft.

I think the Dolphins will do just fine without him, thank you.

But having to guess whether Wright (I'm not coming back) or Saban (you're coming back) will cave to the other's will, I think Saban wins.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Manny is so worried about his "problem" then he should take the help Saban offered. However, I don't think there's much help for being a wuss.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous dujuan said...

we don't seem to have much success when it comes to reclamation projects (cecil collins, lawrence phillips, ricky williams, david boston, underwood, dave wannstedt and so on) so this may turn out to be another lost cause, but once he finds out what its like to work on a real job, out here in the real world, he's going to cry even more.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous josh said...

Can't Saban sit down his D-line and explain to them that the guy has chemical imbalance and shitting on him isn't good for Manny's well being? I still think Manny can help the team (and himself) if he gets on his meds and finds what he feels is a supportive work environment. If there weren't this culture of hazing and it were a normal work environment, nothing i am suggesting would be out of the ordinary.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you thoughts
don't you mean "your" thoughts

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Kurt said...

Two things:

This does remind me of Dimitrius Underwood and Manny needs to get better treatment.

Secondly dujuan:

Get off Ricky's butt. Ricky is the man, he got it done whenever he was on the field. He legitimately used cannabis medicinally which is perfectly legal for one third of the population in United States - with more and more states joining in each year. He is someone whom the NFL should have helped, but they ignorantly decided not to.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you that Wright was a mistake.

Surgeons keep track of how many perfectly healthy appendixes they remove. If they never make a mistake and only remove bad appendixes then it is assumed they are not being cautious enough and some bad appendixes are getting through.

Likewise, if a coach never gambles with a late round draft pick then he is probably missing some opportunities. To judge Saban fairly we need to keep score over the long run.

If Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen work out (very likely) then it is easy to forgive a 5th round mistake like Wright. More problematic is the 2nd round gamble on Roth...

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ kurt: I love Ricky as a player. As a person he is somewhat of a flake but not a bad person.

Regarding his suspension: the NFL earns the big money and pays its premiere players accordingly. Part of what Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Shawn Alexander job is to present an image that the NFL wants to project. This image is partly defined by the regulation of what drugs and substances players can take. Ricky repeatedly broke these rules and deserves to be suspended.

Do I hope he can keep his act together and give the Dolphins the best backup running back in the NFL? yes I do. Is Ricky worth using up a spot on the roster? You betchya. Should any team rely on Ricky? No way.


7:51 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Manny gotta man up. Calling it "tormenting"? Its teasing. Its annoying but its something he could stop quickly by getting in shape and playing hard and doing good things on the field. If he showed he was a man by being responsible for himself (getting in shape and working hard) than guys might treat him like a man instead of a little boy who cries on the field after getting yelled at. And Underwood was in shape at least - and didn't Saban coach him at Michigan State?

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Maybe he should give Ricky Williams a call. He didn't have depression, but he did have some mental issues in New Orleans and was able to get over them. I personally think he is full of it. The depression medicine he took made him tired? Please, there's like 50 diffrent drugs he could take, all he would have to do is get a doctor to perscribe him something else. His problem is himself. He's immature. He somehow blew all of his 200,000 signing bonus and is now hard up for money. He's a momma's boy who spent the off season getting fat on her cooking and got his feelings hurt when the coaches were upset with him. He needs to grow up and go back to work, like normal people do when they need money. If he wants to leave so bad, have an outstanding pre season so he will actually have trade value. No one would trade for him and I doubt that many teams would be interested in getting him. He's still a year away from big playing time. Also, you think other team mates on other teams wouldn't mess with him or make fun of him? It would probably be more so somewhere else. Sorry Manny, Dick Vermeal doesn't coach anymore. Your gonna have it ruff where ever you go. Have some grapefruits and honor the coach and team that took a risk for you.

1:27 AM  
Blogger ATL-Scott said...

Just don't forget that despite his size he's still but-a-young'n. Mollycoddled a little too much, but still just a young man. We all learn the same lessons eventually, and he will as well. Working *together* with him, Nick Saban has the right idea. A little extra guidance through the hazing process would help. He will learn to take it, and thus become a man. Armando's right that letting him go "on his whim" would send the wrong message and ding Nick's leadership. Armando's wrong if he means it can only hurt team chemistry. Manny Wright can learn (with veteran guidance) to handle these trials and tribulations, in such a way that it builds, and does not destroy, valuable chemistry. Manny and others can (and must!) do it.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saban is right to stick to his guns. But the 'Manny Wright Show' threatens to become an unnecessary and unwanted sideshow.

Has the guy done anything yet to show that he is a NFL player? I'm pretty sure he'll be cut, first chance Saban gets.

8:54 AM  
Blogger IrvingCreel said...

You people are absolutely amazing. If you knew anything about mental problems you wouldn't be spouting off like you are. Toughen up? Too much mollycoddling? And the Dolphins organization is worse than you all. If you understood what depression was like at all you would either feel sympathy for this man or just shut up. But you don't.

8:53 PM  
Blogger complacent said...

Manny's got a problem and cannabis can't help it!

If it could, there's a good chance he would be healed already. If not voluntarily self induced than it would have been introduced by Ricky last year.
Saban took a chance, and it's not working out...SO FAR!
Keep trying coach!

9:19 PM  

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