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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tell me your thoughts on Nick Saban

OK, I've noticed a little bit of dissatisfaction with coach Nick Saban in recents posts by you that I did not notice last year.


Let me know what you think about the job the head coach is doing. What is he doing well, what is he doing wrong, give me your overall impressions.

If you sign your full name and give me a hometown you're from, I may publish your comments in The Miami Herald later this week. If you go anonymous, you got no shot of having your comments published.


Anonymous Ken in San Diego said...

I fully lay the blame on Saban for the team playing flat against Buffalo. He is supposed to be the motivator, but he did not have the Dolphins ready to play against the Bills. I also question the wisdom of playing Daunte when he clearly is not 100 percent. There should have been a quarterback change late in the third quarter when it was obvious that Daunte hadn't made any adjustments at halftime. When it became 16-0, it was time for Joey.

Ken Williams
San Diego, California

1:24 PM  
Blogger seamus said...

I agree that it was Nick's job to get the team up to play against Buffalo. The other major failing I see in Saban (so far) is that he carved up a very successful secondary to make it *his* team, and then installed a complicated scheme that the players apparently can't figure out. As a result, the best unit on the team has now become its greatest weakness. I also wish they'd take a more reactive approach to play-calling. If you're running the ball effectively and not protecting your passer, why are you throwing on 2nd and 6?

One thing that Dolfans need to do, however, is CHILL THE F*** OUT! 0-2 does not mean the season is over. 0-2 does not mean that Nick Saban is the next Steve Spurrier. 0-2 does not mean that Daunte Culpepper is washed up.

Have a damn sense of history. If you were Jerry Jones, would you have fired Jimmy Johnson and benched Troy Aikman after the Cowboys went 1-15? Or do you have a hard time remembering things that happened more than three weeks ago?

I know Dolfans think they know everything about the sport, that they can project years into the future based on one game, that they they TOLD YOU that Daunte wouldn't work out and that if they were GM they would have signed Drew Brees with his busted throwing shoulder.

How about a little patience, a little time to see if this group of players and coaches are going to work out? A lot of these guys have been playing together for exactly 8 quarters. One dumb INT and one dumb pass interference penalty were all that stood between Miami and victory against Buffalo, a team that came within a hair's-breadth of beating the Patriots in Foxboro the week before.

Please, calm down, you high school dropouts. If you're so dissatisfied and smarter than Nick Saban, stop bitching and spend your Sunday afternoons with your family or learning how to write coherent sentences. And please stop listening to AM radio; it's only making you dumber.

2:04 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

I understand people’s frustrations over Nick Saban. All his off season moves have SO FAR blown up in his face: signing Culpepper over Brees, signing LJ Shelton & Will Allen, drafting Jason Allen & releasing Lance Shulterz.

But for people to want him fired is absolutely ridiculous. Saban and us fans are now victims of a team that was wildly over hyped with ballooned expectations after last year’s late season run and the team seemingly finally getting a big-play QB. And being 0-2 is unfamiliar territory for the Dolphins. And yes, I think this past weekend was possibly his worst coached game so far in his tenure.

But I think he’s the best thing that has happened to this team in a long time. And before the ridiculous, obligatory, sophomoric anon comments start popping up about what I’ve written here, let me just say that we all need to calm the heck down. We went 4-11 just two seasons ago. It’s going to take time to build this team into a true Super Bowl contender. All great undertakings take time and Nick Saban is the best man for the job. We just need a little more faith and a little more patience. I mean, what are we going to do? Fire him and hire New England’s equipment manager because he works under the uber-genius-football-Jesus Bill Bellichick? And what happens when the Fins go through a losing streak with THAT guy? We fire him after a season and a half and keep the cycle going? It’s ludicrous. I remember the same exact things being said about Pat Riley 3 years ago before he “retired.”

We need to be patient with Saban. He’s a great coach. He’s driving us in the right direction. Have there been mistakes? Absolutely. But no successful head coach has ever cruised his team into a Super Bowl win right off the bat. Unless you count Barry Switzer, who won it with Jimmy Johnson’s guys.

Let’s all chill and be patient. Saban is the right man for this job.

The Dude
Miami, F-L-Ayeee …

2:08 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Well said, Seamus. Well said.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

Surprised - in a word. This time last year, it seemed like everything was going according to some script that Saban was holding close to the vest. The season is still young. We shouldn't read too much into 5 quarters of lackluster effort and decision making. My hope is that all confidence in Saban's leadership will be restored this Sunday.

Kid Neutron
Delray Beach, FL

2:14 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Guys, Kid Neutron and The Dude are not your birth names! I cannot put names like that in the paper. Come with your real names or no publicity.

2:23 PM  
Blogger seamus said...

The dude abides.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

Momma Neutron begs to differ.

Sorry Armando, just playing around.

Kyle Newton
Delray Beach, FL

2:27 PM  
Blogger seamus said...


Seamus Furr
San Francisco, CA
(Miami Killian High class of '91)

2:30 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Ron Mexico.

I kid, I kid.

It's cool Armando. But since The Dude has plenty o' readers on his blog, I'd rather not leave my birth-given name. So, if you do happen to publish anything I wrote, you can do so with the name Jeffrey.

If not. That's cool.

And for the record, I think I'm going to name my first born child Kid Neutron. Kid Neutron Lebowski.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Evan said...

Nick Saban is a great coach. This is his first NFL head coaching job and he too, will go through growing pains. But I can't think of anyone else that I would want as our coach. (I would appreciate it though if he never whines and cries on camera again. By the way Armando I promise to let you know when you break par.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick has lost his free pass. He no longer is the Messiah come to lead the Dolphins to the promise land. We have realized that he is mere mortal and makes mistakes, but that does not mean he is a failure. I still have faith in the plan that Saban is implimenting, but I can't be niave enough to believe that everything that happens is because of some secret divine plan he has in place. However, if history repeats itself, Nick is in good company with Bill.

Robin Martin
Hollywood, Fl

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't Belichick start his second season in New England 0-2? Thought so.

It's two stinkin' games. The sky is not falling. Breathe.

People seem to forget the aging, talentless roster and obscene cap situation Saban inherited. Give the man some time. The Bears are just now finally recovering from the Wannstache/Spielman regime.

Salt Lake City, Utah

4:33 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

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4:57 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:59 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Since two seasons ago I think this team has come a long way. I believe Coach Saban has brought a winning attitude to a team that was content with coming close to greatness. I was pleased with his first draft; Ronnie Brown looks like a franchise back, Crowder was an absolute steal, and Daniels and Roth look like they could be fixtures on our defense. The Culpepper trade seems risky to some, but for the price we paid it was a good gamble. I think he can be very effective with the other tools we have on offense.

My two biggest complaints during Saban's reign are the progress of the offensive line and the hiring of Mike Mularkey. Mularkey is a good guy, but he tends to over-think when he calls his plays. Sometimes doing the obvious is the right call. This was evident against the Bills. We could have run on them at will and I'm confident we could have thrown vertically on two rookie safeties.

Overall I am pleased with our Coach. People are disgruntled over a bad loss to the Bills, but the same people were also upset after the 3-7 start last year. By year's end those same people were calling Saban our savior. I would give him a B+ so far, but being the perfectionist he is, I know he will not be content until he wins a Super Bowl for Miami! Lets Turn It Around Against Tennessee!!

Matt Tandle
Syracuse, NY

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This message is for the Dude and Seamus: I get the idea that you
Seamus is Nick Saban writing in
secret to make dumb excuses for
bad coaching as well as really bad
personnel choices and the Dude is
D.Chokepepper in secret. If you 2
morons really believe the B.S. your both two are
smokin' crack. Come Monday when
the fins are 0-3 what will you be
saying then...the fact of the matter is the fins are tainted, they stunk up the AFC East. I don't care how well they play the rest of the year(they won't),nobody
will pick them to be a contender
next year because how they choked this year....with this coach they'll
be expecting choke next year too.
One more thing: The honeymoon with
Nick Saban is how
quick everyone turns against him
as the fins continue this unpreventable slide toward destruction. Just watch!

5:25 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

i agree that you have to give nick some time before you can really pass judgement on his abilities as an nfl head coach,that said the window on this team being able to contend for the big dance is quite small!the key players on defence are all getting old and your quarterback has probably already played his best's a difficult situation to step into!i really thought he would be a better judge of talent though!look at what jimmyj did when he came here,the influx of talent that he brought is still the teams core!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with Nick Saban saying he was gonna turn the Dolphins into a team
that other teams would be AFRAID
to play? Has he as well as all you
other people forgotten that
completely BULLSH*T statement?
Saban more than anybody mislead and
hyped the situation! Don't blame
S.I., Blame Saban and his bullsh*t
promises. The situation with the
Dolphins stinks worse than a NYC
subway toilet. All you wussies
need to stop sayin' it's only 2
games...that's bullsh*t! On Monday
you'll be sayin' it's only 3 games, sky's not falling. The sky has people just can't admit we got duped by
Steve Spurrier Part 2. We've heard the expression "wolf in sheeps
clothing"....well Saban is a SHEEP
in wolf's clothing! Talks a load
of crap but doesn't deliver. Needs
to work on his girlie arm as well.
The next thing the 'nicktator' will do is name Marcus Vick starting really would not surprise me at this point. What a
shame we got screwed again!!!

James Kelly, Brooklyn, NY

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind trying to get
Jimmy Johnson out of retirement to
come back to the Fins. He was
awesome at talent evaluation!
Everyone taught Saban was on par
with J.J....not even close. Saban
is a poor evaluator of talent. If
he is the one that will be choosing
our picks we are DOOMED! Maybe J.J. would consider it...he wouldn't have to deal with the
whole Marino thing! I vote for
Jimmy Johnson-round 2. Maybe Wayne
H. could put him in charge of personnel decisions at the very
least. Fire Saban's lame ass now
and bring back Jimmy Johnson!

Mike Dalton, Los Angeles, CA>

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Mikemare said...

I still think Saban in the coach we need in Miami. That being said...

He has to stop doing the same exact thing that "stache" did, which is be way to loyal to players that are obviously struggling. Didnt we get Harrington just so that we could get back culpecker at 100%?

Didnt he also talk about "there is no way we are going to rush our QB back until he is ready"?

What happened???

Also, if your players cannot understand the schemes, tone them down, stop forcing them to play confused!

Positives, there are many. This team is actually respected now (although if we keeping losing the way we did Sunday....). We have much more talent then we did 2 years ago.

Did anyone ever think that maybe we have tooooooo many coaches? Two many hands in the jar and all that?

6:16 PM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

Seamus, I found myself nodding my head at the beginning of your post, and sneering towards the end of it. I'm not calling just you out on this - I've read too many "everyone calm down" posts this week to stomach much more.

I am so sick and tired of being told, “Real fans don’t boo or complain, they support their teams no matter what.” Every year we hear the same old crap. “This is the year the pieces are coming together, we really feel good about what we’re doing this year.” And then, 5 games into the season, I’ll be one of the 6 remaining fans atop the nosebleed section with the clock winding down on another afternoon of lousy football.

Why can’t we complain? Why can’t we voice our frustration over half-baked mediocrity? Would you tolerate an apologetic fireman that couldn’t save your house from burning down? “Sorry Mr. Neutron, we’ll do a lot better next year, I just know it.” How about from your tax attorney? “Say Kid, we got off to a slow start, and didn’t execute today. We’ll practice up while you’re in the joint.”

Sure it’s unfair to compare saving lives or financial planning to football, because football is actually important. We’ve ignored responsibility, abandoned families, and weathered foul conditions in support of this obsession. We wake at the crack of dawn, with caravans fully loaded, to be first in line at the gates on game day. All of this – and then we’re asked to please be patient and understanding while the excuse of the day is offered up in a hang-wringing press conference. That’s crap.

After all it’s us, the fans that will still be with this team long after the current stewards have retired from their temporary posts. And until then we can and should throw our own red flags with great velocity when we see an unjust call.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Mikemare said...

Oh, and BTW, all you pusses that keep knocking the fins and the people that support them. At least use a handle and show some balls, bashing a team or other posters under the name Anonymous is just sad!

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allright I accept! I need a bigger
boat anyway and since I kinda do
feel a little responsible for sticking you guys with Wannsted, I'll try to fix the mess. This is
what I'm gonna do:
1) Kick Chokepeppers crippled ass
out faster then he could
solicit a stripper for sex.
2) Find a good head shrink for
good ol' Nicky Blunder boy.
3) Fire Marcus Vick faster than
he could pull a gun.
4) Get rid of all 23 assistant
coaches...that's good $ being
wasted that could go on my
5) Let Joey Harrington wear his
old Oregon Ducks uniform. It
might make him play like his
old self.
6) Talk to John Madden about
getting that stupid 06'Madden
Football commercial with
Daunte off the air cos'
everytime I see it I want to
throw up!
7) Emmitt can still dance....he
might still be able to play.'s a good start. Any other ideas...Let me know.

Jimmy Johnson Miami, Fl.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mike: Is your name mikemare
or meathead...?

Anonymous, Anonymous, USA

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Mikemare said...

Great comeback Anonymous, wuss.

The real questions is:

Are you 12, or 13?

7:09 PM  
Anonymous seacorals said...

Thanks. You have stated everything I need to know about your intelligence level.

Sorry to waste your blog space Armando. Good job around here BTW! Thought we where all screwed when cole left!

7:26 PM  
Blogger seamus said...

Kid Neutron,

I'm not denying anyone their rights to complain. I complained myself about some of Nick's decisions in the first paragraph.

I'm not targeting the boobirds or the complainers. I'm targeting the people who are writing anonymous comments like "Nick Saban is a poser and a pretender and the team will never be good until he's gone." How do they know that after two games with a bunch of new players?

Or those who are writing, "The problem is Daunte Chokepepper. Put in Joey Harrington." As if Daunte should be a shoo-in for the Pro Bowl after 8 quarters in this offense, and Joey Harrington has proved anything in the NFL.

A lot of fans are know-it-alls, but we know very little after two games with such a new combination of players and coaches, and losing the coach or changing the lineup won't help create the cohesiveness the team is lacking at this point. So before people get a rope, we should watch a couple more games.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Seamus...we don't think were no-it-alls but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this season is a bust and we were all
lied too! This team is a set back
from last year's team. Don't say
we're bad fans. We have a right to say things when we see out beloved Dolphins being run into the ground. Just because we have the balls to say Saban is a schmuck
who is messing up our team and not
committed to winning doesn't mean we're any less a fan as you bleeding heart politically correct
fans. Get off Saban's jock already!

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, instead of saying the same old crap about saban (he's not committed to winning? wtf???) why dont you offer some solutions. your arguments make no sense. these guys are not being political, they're being rational. you don't fire a coach after a season and 2 games. so what's your solution? you hate saban so much, give us a solution. you're such a die hard dolphin fan and obviously smart* -- give us a solution.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

armando, you put our comments in the paper??? why didn't you say so. i would've made a stronger effort to be insightful and profound. If you've read my earlier posts, you've already deduced that I'm smarter than any nfl coach(ahem) and knew the fins were only average before the season ever started. Saban is a good coach who may someday be great. People throw the word great around way too much. Great is something that comes after years of consistency and success...not one year.

i'm new to this whole blogging thing, and, after reading some of the things these so-called fans say, i'm amazed you can keep your sanity. it reminds me of why i watch football by myself....there are just way too many stupid people in the world who think the louder they yell something the more right they are.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Tyler Linkenhoker said...

Good Evening Armando,

I'm not upset at Saban, not yet. Although I do think he's complicit at paying big $$$ to bring a wounded and practically washed-up Culpepper to town in a lame attempt to be a savior at QB. This Dolphin team has been laying big, fat, ugly eggs like this all the way back to Don Shula's last days. Saban has to prove to these players that this type of pathetic effort won't stand on his watch. He needs to yell at these clowns to get remove their heads from their 'forth point of contact' (U.S. Army Airborne talk for 'butt') and start playing football like their lives dependeded on it. I think that placing a few starters on the waiver wire would be a good start.

Tyler Linkenhoker
Bradenton, FL

11:14 PM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

Seamus: "So before people get a rope, we should watch a couple more games."

Agreed. We'll watch a few more games, and keep the rope in the trunk.

Hopefully, we'll be using the rope to hoist a 2006 Division Champ banner. Until then, I've got one hand on my red flag.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Peter from Miami said...

I don't think this is Saban's fault. I feel he is trying to get his own players in here, and all of these retreads from the Wanstedt/Jimmy Johnson era are just hurting the team. A lot of the high priced old players we have aren't going to cut it for too much longer. How is it Zach is playing so sub par all of a sudden? Maybe his age is catching up with him. I felt before this season and after getting Culpepper that we were a couple years away from being the dominant team we all hope we will be. The secondary was in shambles, even last year. We still haven't found that McGinist/Merriman/Porter type OLB we need. Once Saban finds that player, and Jason Allen proves to be the saftey I can envision him being, then the defense will be what Saban wants. The foundation is there with players like Daniels, Crowder, Roth etc. None of the problems of this team is Saban's fault. If he wasn't left with such a bare cabinet when he got here, this team would be in a different place. Look at Vernon Carey. He couldn't get on the field his first season? Now he is our best lineman on a line that will gell with time. Remember last year, the O-line didn't play well until mid way through the season. Saban will fix whats wrong with this team in time. We just need to be patient as fans and stop being excited about paper championships. ESPN the Mag and SI the mag screwed with this fan bases feelings. Just because Culpepper is on the team all of a sudden, does not make this team championship material. Hes still recovering. Hopefully he will get comfortable soon rather than later.

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick Saban seems to be hard working, organized, driven, smart and confident. Those seem like pretty good coach qualities to me. As Dolphin fans I think we are very lucky to have Nick on board. If anyone can bring us back to respectability someone with his pedigree and qualities should be able to.

Mark Routliffe
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

5:47 AM  
Blogger witorsch said...

The biggest problem I have with Nick Saban is that he treats the media and fans like we're a bunch of idiots. Just be up front and forthcoming and don't be so secretive. However, when it comes to managing his boys, he is a "take-no-crap guy."

It is unreasonable to lay blame on him for Culpepper's crappy play or the O-line's inability to run block or pass protect. You can't blame Nick for all the injuries. That's just bad luck. I notice a lot less penalties this year than last, which means there is more discipline instilled.

Has Nick made some bad decisions? Sure, but every decision has a 50 percent chance of being good or bad. Let's see how the team responds before we write off Nick. He is a tremendous improvement over Wanny.

Marc Witorsch
Cary, NC

6:38 AM  
Blogger Nando said...

I think Coach Saban has to stop trying to sell us on this team it is not good and we are no where near a Super Bowl we will be lucky to make a wild card spot. First he needs to stay out of the SEC!! when we draft these guys never work out Jason Allen won't be In a Dolphin uniform in 2 Years also Ronnie Brown needs to step it up we talk about Ricky and his pot smoking but Ricky gets the job done! Also is there anyone but me ! that cant see that Zach Thomas has lost a couple of steps lately? I dont mean to knock Zach I think he plays with alot of Heart but for the last like 4yrs he has given up alot of plays big ones down the stretch.And just because he is a Pro Bowler he needs to be held accountable for what he does also. And tell me why is Marcus Vick on the practice squad and we have Travis Minor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this blows my mind this guy has been with Miami Dophins for 6yrs how in the world does this guy make the team what does he do !!!!!!!! Get us talent and we will win. You cant 3rd and 4th and 5th round yourself to a Super Bowl.

I hate to be the Prophet of DOME!!!!!!!!! but we are headed to another losing season mark my words on that. The offseason and what you do is just as important as what you do during the season.


6:39 AM  
Blogger Cain said...

Although I am disheartened with the fact that the Dolphins are 0-2, I completely support Coach Saban and his staff. Listen, the coaches can prepare the team to the best of their ability, but it is up to the players to execute in order for the team to be successful. Coach Saban did not leave Heath Miller wide open for a TD nor did he throw the interception to Joey Porter that was returned for a touchdown thus sealing the game for Pittsburgh. Coach Saban did not throw an interception inside the red zone against Buffalo, nor did he miss any of the field goals attempted in the game. Arguably, if Mare hits the two field goals and Culpepper doesn’t throw a pick inside the 20, the Dolphins beat Buffalo 17-16 or 20-16. If the Safety doesn’t blow coverage and leave Heath Miller wide open and Culpepper doesn’t throw an INT to Joey Porter, the Dolphins would be 2-0 not 0-2. I think Saban had no choice but to leave Culpepper in the game against Buffalo, as it was a tight contest throughout. I think if he pulled Culpepper and went with the back up QB this early in the season it could have caused an issue on the team. However, if Culpepper struggles early against the Titans, it is Saban’s job to make the proper adjustment and put in either Harrington or Lemon. If he does not adjust the lineup at that point, by putting players in who will execute the gamelan, then there will be cause for genuine concern about the coach and his staff. I don’t think we are dead in the water just yet and I look for the Fins to rally beginning this weekend with Tennessee.

Charlotte, NC

7:03 AM  
Blogger ORLdolfan said...

As usual, Dolfans are taking the myopic snapshot approach regarding their comments about Nick Saban. This much we know. He is a vast improvement over Wanny, in every respect. He has a system that he adheres to in terms of personnel and coaching. He has hired highly qualified coordinators. Any reasonable Dolfan has to give Saban 3-4 years before passing judgment. Everyone was screaming for Butch Davis' head, but in hindsight he was instrumental in UM's resurgence. Saban's legacy must be viewed in 2-3 years, not 2 games.

Chad Brandt
Orlando, FL

7:15 AM  
Blogger Nando said...

OK Chad !!! wait another 3to 4 years cool. I guess you have nothing to do you like showing up at work with your Dolphin pride and being considered a complete idiot for being a Dolphin Fan. Chad answer this question for all of us. when is the last time we have Been to a SUPER BOWL?

hint 21 Years So what another 3 to 4 Cool hey everyone dont watch anymore games fo another 3 to 4yrs thats when Chad says to expect us to win. Cool!!!! Chad tell Wayne what your thinking. he may just hire you to be another coach.

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am as disapoointed as everyone else. No way Saban needs to be fired for an 0-2 start. Let's forget the pre-season hype and at facts.

In the Pittsburg game, it was obvious there was no way the Phins were going to be able to have a huge running game. But few do against the Steelers. We needed a change in approach, and I did not see that. This needs to be addressed.

In the Bills game, the team was flat from the start. Definately Saban's fault to some degree. And again, no change after halftime when I fully expected the Phins to come out smoking and blow the Bills out in the last half. This has to be addressed.

2 games: 2 disturbing problems. Both games featured a game changing penalty. A defensive holding with Miami leading and Pittsburg deep in their own end. And a useless interference penalty on a deep ball that was not going to be caught in the Bills game. This has to be addressed as well.

Problem 2: Run defense is less than stellar. We can't fault a secondary that has to play the run first because the front line can't stop them. We need to secure the run defense and let the secondary play the pass. This has to be addressed.

So, I will still watch with hope! And that is not easy from here. The first game I watched live at 2:30AM and the second game I watched on a 3X3 screen on my computer, streaming from Yahoo.

Sweden is still behind Nick and the Fish!

Chris Humphrey
Lund, Sweden

7:43 AM  
Blogger Nando said...

Hey Guys,

I'm back i just sold my season tickets which I have had for over 10 yrs Because Chad!!!! from Orlando said to get Back to Saban and the Dolphins in 3to 4 Yrs So hey guys Save the money man!!!! oh well go to go I got to get season tickets for the JAGS!!!!! I'll see you guys in 3 to 4 Yrs

Peace NANDO Follower of CHAD from Orlando

7:52 AM  
Blogger Nando said...


Great News I just talked to Stevie Wonder at the Jags ticket office. They said you can cash in your Dolphin season tickets and Gets JAG tickets fo no charge All you have to do is tell them you are A FOLLOWER of CHAD from ORLANDO.

DUDES Take this deal remember you can all ways come back in 3 to 4 years Chad will be working the ticket office both a Dolphins Stadium. He'll remember you Blogs and Names

Peace out Nando
Temp JAG fan Back to Dolphin fan in 3to 4 yrs

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even bear to read the venom from Dolfans this week...I understand the frustration of the 0-2 start and of the feelings of yearly disappointment as I've been a fan for 30+ years...but do we really want to crucify Saban for this???...

Saban has in 18 months restored the credibility of this franchise...I don't know the in's and out's of a NFL franchise, but when all of the talking heads nationally go from criticizing the direction of this team to praising the changes being made, that speaks volumes to me...

Wouldn't we rather have a depth chart of a recovering Culpepper and Harrington at QB??...Aren't we much better off at RB with Ronnie Brown??...Isn't Chambers much more closely maximizing his talent now than before???...DON'T WE HAVE A CHANCE NOW???

We have too quickly forgotten HOW BAD things had gotten during the 4-12 debacle...this is not an easy fix and I'm thrilled that Nick Saban is the man responsible for getting this franchise turned around...

Frustrated at losing a game and playing with little intensity-YES...but wanting to lose my mind and run Saban out of town??..are you kidding me???

Scott Williams
Mount Dora, FL

8:04 AM  
Blogger Finsperfect72 said...

There's plenty of blame to go around for this team's sluggish (I'm being kind here) performance so far this season. It is Saban's responsibility to get this team ready to play and to also provide the tools to get the job done. I was not a fan of Culpepper's signing and, so far, my fears are proving out. Maybe a healthy Harrington is better than a sub-par Culpepper. My biggest concern, though, is hearing a passionate and focused team leader, Zach Thomas, state that he wasn't up for the Bills game. When was the last time that Zach wasn't up for a game?! I'm worried that there's more trouble afoot than we're seeing on the field.

Maybe it's time to give Culpepper some rest and give Harrington a shot. The result couldn't be worse and might be better.

Karen Gorbett
Rockville, Maryland

8:20 AM  
Blogger R B Tapp said...

It all starts in the trenches. So if the defensive line is getting it done, why isn't the O Line? Hudson Houck and Nick Saban along with Mularkey need to make the O Line stable so Daunte can have that 2.0 seconds to make the right pass. He should be releasing by 1.7 seconds and should have looked at all three options and throw to the best one. Throw the ball up at Chambers , not low like Frerotte used to do.
Next, we need to run the ball more so the whole defense won't be sitting back when they think we will pass. The run opens up the passing game.
Third Daunte needs to quit telegraphing his passes. Buffalo was ready for that, and Troy Vincent said they knew that coming in. He is not looking off Wr's, he is locking on a WR and then throwing the ball to him, so we are getting easy INT's. Welker was open all game and he threw early and late to him, not for the entire middle of the game. That may have been the difference. Also there were not enough passes to Randy McMichaels. the Chip off end and catch play was open.
If I can see that, why hasn't Saban, Mularkey and Houck taken care of it already or do we need to add my name to that law firm.
Here's to the Dolphins taking care of Tennessee by a large margin, yes, that means they finish by playing hard ALL 60 minutes and Ronnie Brown
has 150 yds with Lee Suggs getting an additional 100 this week.
Travis Daniels should get a few minutes at least and the defense gets back to reality once again.
Make it happen. Nick. I dont ever want to see JT and Zack look so miserable again in interviews after a game. Reminded me of the Jax massacre 62-0 a few years ago. Everybody's d---- were in the dirt. No more of that. Get the players up and play at a high level. Play to win, not to stay close. Get offensive and lead the way, not follow the leader. Be the leader.
Raleigh NC

8:27 AM  
Blogger beachn1969 said...

Im getting tired of the same responses to different questions. Its time we hear answers to questions asked, instead of the bland no answer responses he gives constantly. It's time for Joey to start instead of waiting till the season is in the dumps. Daunte was no good before coming to us, and he's no good now. He's nothing without Moss. That's where he got all his stats. Saban needs to wake up and start making some changes before he starts losing the team, which despite reports has already started to happen.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous bryan in ohio said...

im the guy who coined the phrase nicktator im also the biggest dolphins fan in the world im bryan in ohio and i love coach saban im the first to call into his show every thursday coach is the right man for this job and he will get it done!.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Antonio Maceo said...

I'm struck by how verbose NS is, saying practically nothing while saying so much. Someone needs to tell him that just because one wants to play it close to the vest with team information, it isn't necessary to assualt a fan's auditory sense with phrases like "relative to" dropped every other sentence. For the love of God, NS, buy yourself a simple, declarative sentence. Subject/verb/object. And stick to the basic prepositions.

Antonio Maceo
Mangos de Baraguá, Cuba

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Nate in PA said...

I think Saban is a great coach, but I do wonder this past week how Ronnie Brown averages 4.7 yds/carry and only gets the ball 15 times. If Ronnie is the workhorse we think he is and we have concerns with C-Pep making mistakes late in the game, doesn't it stand to reason, we pound Ronnie a little more? Also, I saw one of the Buf CBs say that Chambers is our playmaker, but C-Pep never looked for him. What's up with that? Coach has to get on that and get it straightened out.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is a great coach, but right now he has a tough decision in front of him. Does he replace Culpepper with Harrington. It is a decision in my mind that hes has to go with Harrington. The other is QB is not going to work!

SF Shula

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick (we know him as "Brother") is the whole package. "Brother" is smart, articulate, a leader, and a great football mind. No worries -He will get the job done. I hope this clears the matter up for those with time on their hands.

9:56 AM  
Blogger barry said...

i think coach saban is doing a ok job my concern is play calling and the urgency on the field by all the players my point being football is not rocket science if they cant stop the run then call run plays until they stop it if culpepper is not ready dont put it in his hands until you think he is ready it was 3-0 a halftime and you only give r. brown 15 carries that is crazy the dolphins gave up the second overall pick last year for him.r.brown is big,fast and comes from auburn(war eagle)he should get no less than 25 carries a game period like i said this game aint rocket science

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Jonas Seider said...

I have no problem with Saban's coaching so far this season. However, I do take exception to the way Mike Mularkey has called the first two games. He has been so conservative early in games. It would seem to me that if we took a couple shots down the field (where the ball is still in the air beyond the yellow line marking the first down), the opposing defense wouldn't pack the line of scrimmage so tightly and open up the field for us offensively. Our offense has been anemic and seemingly non-existent in the first two contests.

Against the Steelers, one of our touchdowns came as a result of an excellent punt return by Wes Welker which only required the Dolphins to go 15 yards for the score. I recall, under Linehan last year, in the first game against Denver, the Dolphins came out with an emphatic dedication to stretching the field. And the rest of the season, especially throughout the 6-game winning streak, showed a similar offensive philosophy.

Bottom line is that until Mike Mularkey shakes his conservative play calling, the Dolphins offense will continue to struggle and fail to achieve juggernaut status which they are extremely capable of doing.

Jonas Seider
New York, NY

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Kevin Cronin said...

Nick Saban has done a tremendous job in the short time he's been with the Dolphins. Playing in Pittsburgh was a tough opening night assignment and the team was just flat agianst Buffalo. It happens and I feel the players are more to blame than the head coach. They are professional millionaires who shouldn't need a whole lot of motivation. And let's not forget last year's ressurection from the mess Dave Wannestadt left behind. I still believe Coach Saban will have this team in the playoff hunt come December. It's a long season. Kevin Cronin, Green Township, New Jersey

10:45 AM  
Blogger John Kalapp said...

Maybe Saban should have met with "W". He is the master of "misunderestimating" expectations. Saban received a pass last year, nobody expected anything. This year, the offseason moves...come on Saban. He looked like a college coach in Pittsburg and he looked like a "Deer in the headlights" against Buffalo. The ship is not sinking....yet...but rats have their life vests on and buckled!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Nick Saban has about a 50/50 chance of succeeding in the NFL. At LSU, he recruited great athletes who were also solid citizens. As I watched him put the Dolphins together, I saw him bring in people with less than solid credentials; all for the cost of winning. Sometimes that blows up in your face and in his case that could well be the result.
When at LSU, he said things like my family and I need to have a place to call home; to hang our hats and Baton Rouge is that place. He also said that money wasn't a factor in any of his decisions as to where to coach but he is money driven. All this was said just a few months before he jumped ship. By the way, he never even said goodbye to the LSU fans. He deflects the blame at times as you have already seen. So I don't wish him any bad; actually I wish him well for the sake of the fans but I won't be surprised if he never sees an AFC championship game.

12:06 PM  
Blogger John Kalapp said...

Maybe Saban should have taken the Dinner with "W". "W" is the master "misunderestimater". Last year was a free pass. This year the expectation are so high, and they should be! All the offseason moves the fins made this year...come on! Saban looked like a college coach against Pittsburg and he looked like a "Deer in the headlights" against Buffalo. The ship is not sinking...yet...but all the rats have their life vests on! We won't know how good this team is until they play New England.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Havana Bob said...

The first thing that comes to mind about Saban is his sarcasm when answering questions "relative" to his football teams lackadaisical play. Just answer the question in football terms! "the sky is not falling" is not a proper answer in my opinion. Second I can not believe that other than a medical miracle can anybody that tears 3 knee ligaments can be ready to play effective NFL "speed" football in only 9 months. What is the rush in getting Culpepper to play so early when clearly he is not effective at all.

Havana Bob
Miramar, Fl.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seamus .... could not have said it any better. Well said my man.

12:58 PM  
Blogger girlie said...

I am a little disappointed in Coach Saban & the team so far this year; but having a meeting with the team leaders is definitely a good move.
I am troubled by the players admitting that there is a lack of intensity - why? The fans are pumped up, the season is a new beginning & there is no intensity?
I wonder if there is a lack of chemistry between the players.
I also hope Coach Saban isn't starting to second guess himself; I know publicly he says he isn't but privately may be another matter.
I also wonder if they should change the offensive scheme; Linahan is gone, perhaps they should go more with a Mularkey scheme. I do agree that perhaps the coaching staff should uncomplicate the total scheme & let the players play to their strengths.
It definitely is not time for the fans to panic, call for the firing of Saban or stop supporting this team. Suck it up & show that you are a REAL FAN; support them no matter what!
Bad times help build character & strength - if you let it. I feel Saban & the team will work through this & rise above it. It will make it easier though if us, the fans, show patience & support, no matter what.
I have been a Dolphins fan since the team entered the league, I am not about to turn my back on them now!

Marlyce Downen
Louisburg, Kansas

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look no further than mike mularkey if you're going to blame somebody.any buffalo fan will tell you that.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous JC said...

I think Nick Saban is doing ok and I'll give him another two years before I really start to judge him over all. That being said, I don't understand why he didn't at least keep Surtain, like another post said, our stromg unit has now become one of the weakest. I also think he made a mistake with Dante and should have gone after Brees.I've been saying this even before we acquired Dante. If we lose to the Titans or Texans with Dante he should definitely sit him down and give Joey a try. What I'm also afraid of is that if we do win the next two games then the Fins are gonna have this false confidence and could possibly be demolished by New England and then what?

2:37 PM  
Anonymous jim t said...

Jim from Grants Pass, OR.Coach S would/should FIRE himself with the production the D backfield has had. Simplify the assignments, they are PRO athletes they need to react not decipher. Daunte is getting KILLED, lets not forget 10 sacks. Not great conditions to come back under. O line SUCKS. Shelton is a waste/very slow. 3 reasons to get Joey some playing time. Daunte is not 100%, J could be a spark, (this team lacks motivation)and marketing. The world thinks J sucks(he could become solid trade bait, if people new differently). SI sucks. The SI jinks will cost us 2 games this year.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do we need to work out Charles Rogers when we supposedly had a real tough time putting Marcus Vick on the practice squad. Put him out there!! We could use all the talent we can get. Booker cant run away from anyone.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan Gabison said...

In Saban I Trust.

Coach Saban is the best thing that has happened to South Florida football in a long time. He has the right attitude to take us all the way. One step and one week at a time...we should not get a head of ourselves.

3:16 PM  
Blogger shawn cooper said...

c'mon phins fans were not quitters. did custard give up at the alamo, did Rudy give up at Notre Dame, did Ricky stop after one toke, did the Marlins stop playing after going 20+ games under .500, did Michael Jackson stop after one surgery, did Miamians stop living after Miami Vice died and did Bush give up after not finding Osama. NO. no flip flopping and cut and running here. we are Miami Dolphin Football Fans! we are resilient! its been more than 30 years since we won a superbowl and we still keep hope alive. thats just who we are...

Shawn Cooper
Gulliver Prep graduate 1988
'Born & raised in Miami'

3:40 PM  
Blogger real dolfan said...

Yeah, the dolphins got their you know what handed to them. So let me guess, now you all are going to stop watching and routing for your team just like you do with the fish. Stop your bitching. Just a few weeks ago everyone was talking about how good of a job Saban was doing and how happy you were about the pick up of Daunte. Give the man a break. He needs a little time after his knee was ripped apart. Daunte is a baller. He is by far the best QB we've had since Danny boy. And Saban is by far the best coach since the legend himself. Last week was ugly as all hell, but have some faith fellow Dolfans. Though a real Dolfan would stay hush and get ready for next Sunday and not bitch and complain like little girls. Boo-hoo, Saban sucks and Daunte sucks and the o line sucks and the secondary sucks. You are the one that sucks. Go jump on someone else's bandwagon. Yes Daunte needs to play better and he will. Saban is a real coach unlike Pittsburgh Dave. In a few weeks everyone will be talking about how good Daunte is looking and how bad Brees is. The only real problem is the O line. That is the Dolphins only short comming. And any person who would rather have Brees then Culpepper is a straight up fool. 11-5 baby! Go fins. Oh and by the way, the Canes are the ones that really suck. Go Gators.

Greg Sien (South Plantation High 1998)
Petaluma, CA

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

One of the key things that I personally have not observed from Nick Saban is a prescence of being a strict DISCIPLINARIAN as a NFL coach with his players; like Shula was. Maybe he just doesn't display it in public when addressing the media versus the locker room or a closed practice, but it certainly isn't apparent to me after observing this seasons' team so far! Yet, it was the one attribute that I was under the impression he had brought with him to the table!

One of the attributes for being a superior NFL coach in today's game is having the ability to DEVELOP 'cohesion' with the given talent you have on the squad. Because of FA, injuries, and other variables you have to be able to pull together different levels of talent for WINNING against a different opponent each week - period. An example of that would be what Jack Del Rio has done with Jacksonville. Yet, unlike the end of last season, I have not seen this from Saban so far this year.

Also, a head coach has to have the ability to IDENTIFY talent and utility with potential players, as well as staff, to be successful during the season for making it to the playoffs. I know that Dolphin Fans hate him, but let's be honest Bill Bellichek is a master at it. Yet, so far this season I've been scratching my head while observing key areas with names like Culpepper, Will Allen, and Mularkey just to name a few.

So, I'm just starting to wonder on the question that maybe, just maybe, Nick Saban wasn't meant to be an NFL coach? You know, it wouldn't be the first time someone has tried to come from the college ranks successfully into the NFL.

As a DolFan, I only hope that it's just a process that will continue to unfold under Nick Saban and that this franchise will return once again to dominate the AFC!

Jay Wallace
Lake Worth

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think part of the problem is that Saban inherited Wannestadt's mess...poor draft picks and the fact that Wannestadt gave away so many draft picks. The pickings have been pretty slim for Saban the past couple of drafts, but hopefuly next years draft will produce a better crop. This is classic case of trying to re-build a team with very little to work with but I believe that things are going to get better. I strongly believe that culpepper is the better QB and that in time the decision to go with him over Brees will prove to have been the right thing for this team. Just remember how soundly the Steelers were beaten by Jacksonville the other night. They were totally dominated from start to finish and these are the superbowl champs who could easily be 0-2 if not for a few brakes in the game against the Dolphins. All is not lost let us have a little faith and patience. Saban is a good coach, it is just not going to hapen over night people!

3:59 PM  
Blogger PsychFugue said...

I agree that Nick needs to accept a lot of the responsibility for last weeks loss against Buffalo.

What I find most disturbing is that Nick either chose to start Daunte knowing he was not back to form, or was sandbagged into believing Daunte was ready and started him based on false information.

Either way, as fans we can see Daunte is not what the Dolphin fans expected or hoped for. I know Nick sees it just as well, and after two poor performances, I'm betting Daunte will line up behind center this next Sunday as well and complete the game.

So the question becomes, when (if ever) will Nick own up to the fact Daunte is "damaged goods" and shouldn't be leading our team? Or will his "ego" be too large for him to accept he made a bad decision? And then when will Joey get a chance? Neither of them may be the answer for the Dolphins, not even Lemon, yet without even making the attempt, how would we ever know?

Nick, as a fan I'm asking you to not let our season go down the drain in the hopes that Daunte will recover soon. Daunte is "damaged goods" mentally and not physically, and he was that way before he arrived in Miami. Many Viking fans knew it and warned us about our bad investment. Now their words are ringing true.

4:08 PM  
Blogger PsychFugue said...

I agree that Nick needs to accept a lot of the responsibility for last weeks loss against Buffalo.

What I find most disturbing is that Nick either chose to start Daunte knowing he was not back to form, or was sandbagged into believing Daunte was ready and started him based on false information.

Either way, as fans we can see Daunte is not what the Dolphin fans expected or hoped for. Nick sees it as well, and after two poor performances Daunte will line up behind center this next Sunday as well.

So the question becomes, when (if ever) will Nick own up to the fact Daunte is "damaged goods" and shouldn't be leading our team? Or will his "ego" be too large for him to accept that he made a bad decision? If he does admit so, when will Joey or Cleo get a chance? Neither of them may be that answer, yet without making the attempt how would we ever know?

Nick, as a fan I'm asking you to not let our season go down the drain in the hopes that Daunte will recover soon. Daunte is "damaged goods" mentally and not physically, and he was that way before he arrived. Many Viking fans knew it and warned us about our bad investment. Now their words are ringing true.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

I agree with Seamus! Alot of fairweather Miami fans need to chill out. What the hell were you thinking after the first season. I know on finheaven alot of posters were thinking superbowl all the way. It will take time for nick to get his type of players. I totally support Nick and I really think we are on the right path. It will take time. Nick is right in what he says, "Build for the future". As much as I love Zach and JT the phins need to look at the longhaul. I would rather have a semi dynasty than one super year just to win the big won. I wasnt to hot for nick at first but I have the utmost respect for him and what hes trying to do. Nobody can deny that hes not trying.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Work in progress. Many things to be excited about. Let's remember that the Dolphins were leading the SB champion Steelers late in game 1 on the road, in a very emotional stadium. It's there if the players execute. We are not a SB team. We could be next year. This is not about 1 year quick fixes. Saban has coached the Dolphins for a grand total of 18 regular season games. Are we much better off before his arrival? Yes. Are we headed in the right direction? Yes.
Give it time.

4:51 PM  
Blogger FINFAN3DP said...


Up until the Dudley Culpepper pick over Drew Brees I was totally sold on Saban. He reminded me of a young Coach Shula. It was so nice to see someone on the sidelines last year that didn't look rattled, baffled, or just down right lost. He looked as if he had purpose, and was up to the challenge. My problem now with him is he seems to be going down with the ship with too big of an ego to make a change at QB. It seems as if he doesn't want to make a change for fear of being wrong. Face it, Dudley is not the answer. He never was. So, it's time to show the world of Dolfans that he, Saban, meant what he said when he said "I will do whatever it takes to win". Well Coach, what it is going to take is a change at QB. Period. I know he is probably thinking that with a creampuff like Tennesee coming up, Dudley will get back on track. The problem is, Dudley hasn't been on track for a couple of years now. I truly believe Moss made him a much better QB then he is, and he is hugely overrated (as his performance has shown).
So, Coach Saban, put your ego down, and sit Dudley down. Put in Joey, if Joey doesn't produce, then you can tell all of us we were wrong and put Dudley back in and we will lose the rest of the season, only to hope, for some reason we can trade for the guy we should have got: LEINART Face it, the guy is Dan Marino reincarnated. (without the classy wife).
Now Coach Saban looks confused and baffled on the sidelines, kind of reminds me of Wanny with his deer in the headlights stare. Sad, very sad, but easily corrected.


Dominick A. Pucci III
Oneonta, NY

5:42 PM  
Blogger John Dolfan said...

Saban? I am not impressed nor dissapointed in him so far. The Fins have had their moments of looking good and sucking bad. This team reminds me of the Shula teams of the early 90's. In short I understand how hard it is to win a championship and all things considered I cannot think of anybody that I would rather have leading the effort right now.

5:50 PM  
Blogger John Dolfan said...

BTW the last post courtesy of John, Babylon New York.

5:50 PM  
Blogger DwinkinAle said...

I disagree with those saying it is coach Saban's fault the team came out flat against the Bills. I feel the coach prepared the team for the game. It is up to the leaders in the locker room to raise the energy level. They didn't and the team fell flat.
On the coaching front, the Offensive play calling was too conservative. I hope Saban and Mularkey work on turning that around. The Fins have the potential to have explosive Offense, but instead of hitting the gas and going for it, they seem to be stuck in neutral. Some of that is the energy of the players, some of it is the play calling. Through it all though the leaders of the team need to maintain focus and encourage those around them to play up to the level they are capable of.
All in all, Saban has been great for this organization. The only reason we are debating the job Saban has done, is because expectaions are high. He and his staff have created that enthusiasm. They took a team that was down and out a couple of years ago and completely turned it around into a team with high hopes and expectations. Fans have to feel that with Nick onboard great things are possible. The Dolphins have a great fan base. Unfortunately, fans can get caught up with short term goals and not look at the bigger picture. Saban has a plan and quite frankly, I can't think of another coach I'd rather have leading our great franchise.

Mike Price
Colorado Springs, CO

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saban's proved nothing... Culpeper's proved nothing.... wait and see??? We were not prepared for the Bills sure..... less talk, more results....

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Lee in MD said...

There are some good comments and some extremely bad comments. We as Dolphin fans have been spoiled for so long with Don, Jimmy and Dave. Imagine living here in MD where the Ravens have gone from the Super Bowl to losing year after year and they think their coach is a god here. Give Nick sometime, he has changed the defense like most new coaches do and it will take a little for it come in to play. For those who think the secondary is in real trouble, listen to KC and NY fans, they are not anywhere near being happy with Sammy, Patrick or Sam in the secondary. Everyone also is looking at Brees, but who have the Saints played so far? No one good and Culpepper’s number are very similar. The Dolphins played a good Pittsburg team and Solid Defense from Buffalo that gave New England fits as well. This team is good, the only thing that needs to improve is the offensive line and for the Mike M. to stick with the run a little longer. There has not been a time so far this season in which the Dolphins had to go to the pass (except for the last 2 minutes of each game), so Mike needs to give Ronnie the ball more because he gets better as the game moves on. I thought during the second half of the Pittsburg game everything slowed down for Ronnie he started gaining yards and then we go and get pass happy.
The Fins will be fine this year and for many more to come.

12:28 AM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

shawn cooper said...
"c'mon phins fans were not quitters. did custard give up at the alamo..."

Hey Cooper, you forgot to add that we "didn't quit after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor."

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do like Saban as a coach, but am very dissappointed about what has happened so far this season. I did like his pick of Allen in the first round, and do honestly believe it will payoff in the long run.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 areas.
coaching - Saban. Book on suceeding, strong personality, determination - he is timid in the NFL. underhand throw of flag, -trepidation. He faces 0-2 with....fear, kind of guy who does this. there is hope.
talent - brees. had a bad feeling when it wasn't him that signed. honestly felt culpepper was a good sign through herald observations. timing off? hope so. hunger is the key to miami's talent. have no idea if this is enough...i shower alone, and the locker room is where these subtleties apply.
desire - low expectations would bring this miami club closer. vanity without sucess? bring superbowl predictions from players after a playoff apperance - Mr. Chambers, are you listening?

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Still primarily a college coach, I think Saban hasn't learned about the importance of the O-line in the NFL. With a poor O-line you are doomed in the NFL. Culpepper is not the long-term answer at QB. He has mental flaws in his game. They still need a young guy with a big arm with great game management skills to groom. His assistants don't stay long which is a huge negative. I don't think Saban will be the great NFL coach that many have predicted unless he changes his focus.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In past years, maimi has come out looking like superbowl contenders,just to peeter out in the 2nd haif of the season.
Last season they lost the magority of the first part of the season and where strong in the second part of the seasonand missed playoffs by one win!
I would rather them get the kinks out early season and go into playoff with a full head of seam,unlike past playoff appearances where they get blown out early and look like they shouldn't have been there.
By the way there will be more losses this year....A record of 10 and 6 would have gotten us in last year.

8:43 AM  
Blogger The loaf pincher said...

The 305 calls out Nick Saban ...

1:03 PM  
Blogger ATL-Scott said...

Too many posts to read through and see if this has been addressed already ... so I'll say it: Nick Saban is a good coach, saddled with less-than-stellar players. Ronnie Brown can turn a 2 yd loss into a 3 yd gain. That's stellar in my book. Everyone else seems pedestrian - if only because the O-line's problems make them look that way. The defense is only average, again, maybe because the scheme is too complex. Too many busted coverages and chances for Collins to blow us out, although he didn't. It appears that Zach and Jason are just gettin' too old to overcome deficiencies in the other defensive players. Maybe with Travis Daniels coming back, Allen can go back to the position he was drafted to play, and things may gel better. ...My name is Scott and I live in Atlanta...

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Michael Kennefick said...

The common response is to blame the biggest Saban and Culpepper. The two biggest problems with this team, however, are the offensive line (which has obvioulsy been pathetic) and Mike Mularkey. Culpepper's hesitation against Buffalo did result in some of those sacks. But he seemed more decisive last week and did not hold onto the ball like he did agaisnt Buffalo. I agree that he has looked "robotic" but his mobility will return with time. More importantly, he will improve mentally. He just needs time to regain that confidence, something he will never do if put on the bench, as some of you kneejerkers suggest.

Now, here is where Mularkey comes in. He is far too conservative, particularly when it is plain to see that his "congestive short game" hasn't worked. Mike needs to spread that field out. Let Daunte throw the ball deep (his strong point). This may speed up Daunte's psychological return.

At the risk of further digressing, I am happy with Saban during the very short time he has been here. I had to hold my jaw off of the floor during his first few months here but I think things are working out now. This team is vastly improved from only a few short years ago. Two questions for the naysayers: a) did you actually belive that Daunte would be 100% in week 1 b) have you forgotten the wannstedt era?

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The common response is to blame the biggest Saban and Culpepper. The two biggest problems with this team, however, are the offensive line (which has obvioulsy been pathetic) and Mike Mularkey. Culpepper's hesitation against Buffalo did result in some of those sacks. But he seemed more decisive last week and did not hold onto the ball like he did agaisnt Buffalo. I agree that he has looked "robotic" but his mobility will return with time. More importantly, he will improve mentally. He just needs time to regain that confidence, something he will never do if put on the bench, as some of you kneejerkers suggest.

Now, here is where Mularkey comes in. He is far too conservative, particularly when it is plain to see that his "congestive short game" hasn't worked. Mike needs to spread that field out. Let Daunte throw the ball deep (his strong point). This may speed up Daunte's psychological return.

At the risk of further digressing, I am happy with Saban during the very short time he has been here. I had to hold my jaw off of the floor during his first few months here but I think things are working out now. This team is vastly improved from only a few short years ago. Two questions for the naysayers: a) did you actually belive that Daunte would be 100% in week 1 b) have you forgotten the wannstedt era?

Michael Kennefick
New Bedford, Mass
(Dolfan living deep in Patriots Country)

10:37 AM  
Blogger oldtimedolfan said...

Last year almost everyone (including the media) annointed Nick Saban as Dolphin Savior
I had a wait and see attitude..I am still waiting
Here are some weak points of Saban
1) Personnel decisions .. Here are some of my questions regarding his choices
who is better -- Junior Seau or Donnie Spragan .. I think Seau and he still should be here and not with the Pats
Chad Jackson or Derek Hagan Most feel Jackson was a steal by the Pats in the draft..We passed him up ...We got Jason Allen instead....Bad choice
Culpepper or Brees -- actually the jury is still out
2) Poor coaching --- Last years penalties (too Many) ...This year the red flag showed indecisiveness.. lack of imagination in play calling ( I thought when Saban came here from college coaching that maybe he'd bring some plays with him)
Some good points ... he's like Shula's tenacity and toughness

Time will tell

12:45 PM  
Blogger starryknight2006 said...

I put the blame on Nick Saban entirely for the mess the dolphins are in right now for five reasons:

1. lack of an offensive line which means drafting or picking up free agents in the offseason.
2. grabbing duante culpepper who's proven to be the most overrated quarterback in the history of the game (how many fumbles/sacks per game?)
3. starting an injured culpepper rather than playing a healthy harrington (what if the Saviour gets injured during the game?)
4. hiring the worst offensive coach in the history of the nfl in Mularkey...what was that 2-point conversion? a sad attempt at play-calling...representative of the entire season
5. Saban is a player apologist on and off the field...where is the fire and the passion, Coach? are you going to defend your players when they put out an inconsistent and unmotivated effort every week?

Thank You For Your Time,
Christopher Grant
Miami, FL

5:31 PM  

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