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Monday, April 10, 2006

Daunte available today

Daunte Culpepper held his first press conference as a Miami Dolphin about an hour ago.

I'll be writing an entire story about it in tomorrow's (Tuesday's) paper, but here I'm going to give you the quickie points he covered and some of my take on what he said:

Culpepper said that playing in the season-opener against Pittsburgh remains, "my personal goal," but, "there is no timeline when I'll be ready to play."

That sounds to me like he's backing off comments he made to ESPN in which he said he would absolutely be ready for the start of the regular season, but I don't see that as a huge issue right now because he was walking without a limp and didn't seem to have significant swelling -- at least swelling obvious to the naked eye -- in the surgically repaired knee.

Culpepper will visit Dr. James Andrews, who performed the surgery, later this week for a followup but reported that on earlier visits, Andrews said if he had performed the surgery 100 times, it wouldn't have come out any better.

It was obvious that Culpepper was coached on what to say and not say during this presser because he was asked about the not-nice comments Minnesota coach Brad Childress has made about him lately and Culpepper completely took the high road, saying, "people say what they want to say."

He was asked if the Minnesota game which the Dolphins play Nov. 19 is circled on his calendar and Culpepper called it just, "another game."

Yeah right. The look on his face was telling. He's got that game marked, circled, outlined and highlighted. He wants to make the Vikings suffer that day and I get the feeling he won't be able to contain that feeling very long. Stay tuned.


Blogger Daryl C. said...

Why not take the high road. Brad Childress was the one who took the low road. I'm just a football fan that has been a Dolphan for over 35 years and even though when I came into work one day and was told the Dolphins were looking at Daunte as a possible trade I was like good luck to us because he was under contract; it just shocked me as to how Coach Childress just alienated this guy. Maybe it is just ignorance on Childress's part. If a player decides to represent himself as his own agent, when he comes in to talk about his contract he is an agent not a football player. If he comes into talk about the chemistry of the team, plays, playbook matter, or off season drills or programs he is a football player. I work in the corporate sector everyday and must represent my self when it is time to get a promotion, get assigned to a special project or lead a change initiaitive it is me who is doing these things not some middle man who gets a comission. In my opinion Brad Childress got caught slipping in stereotyping an athlete with business savvy versus the business of using an athlete until he is no longer needed. The reference to the Terrell Owens saga in Philadelphia validates my comment about stereotyping. Terrell is a great athlete, but he has a middle man (Rosenhaus), who walks in the room to speak on the issues of his reference the business side on his clients behalf. No disprespect to Terrell as far as football skills are concerned, I could not come close to 1/64th of what he brings to the table. However, on the business of taking care of the athletes business, I would have informed him of his responsibilities to show up to practice, get in line with the program that the Eagles had for the season, and let me earn that commission by working his contract issues from a business prospective with the organization behind closed doors and not in the eye of the public. I may not have gotten him everything that he wanted, but I would have gotten him closer to his value than how he ended up in Dallas Texas Blue.....

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