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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dolphins ready to bid Wright goodbye

The news that the Dolphins are trying to trade Manny Wright is surprising on two fronts:

First, do they really believe anyone will bite?

Secondly, it strongly suggests the team is ready to cut its losses with Wright and put the saga into the history books.

The simple truth is Wright isn't good enough to make this team now and his inactivity the last three weeks has made things worse, not better, for this troubled young man.

I applaud the Dolphins for moving toward dumping Wright. On an NFL ship, anyone who isn't rowing is weighing you down.

But, as always, I'm certain there are some wannabe general managers out there who believe Miami should keep Wright. Would love to read your take either way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many examples of one teams castoff becoming a solid starter for another team and if the Dolphins cut Manny Wright and that happens good for him. It seems as though he has too many problems, both with the team and personal that will hamper his growth as a player in Miami. I think it says a lot about a coach that he would cut his losses as quickly as they would have with Wright. I would be fine with it, whether a trade or outright release.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous D said...

Bon voyage! I think it's obvious Manny has no desire to play in Miami. Emotional issues or not it's simply not a good fit, he needs to mature before ever being allowed back on a football field whether it be for the Dolphins or otherwise.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in a world of what have you done for me lately its simple he has done nothing in the past nothing now and probly nothing later.get rid of him so a player that can realy help take his a ricky fan and he never said poor me,this Write is a baby in a mans game

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clear the dead wood.....

7:14 AM  
Blogger Joseph said...

I know this has nothing to do with Manny Wright, but have the Dolphins considered Stephen Davis? Without the Jason COle Q&A this seemed to be as good a space as any. Davis is big back who could spell Ronnie Brown a bit and give another vet on the offensive side. Just wondering if Saban & Co had any talks about him? Thanks

3:33 PM  
Anonymous seamus said...

Manny Wright's problem is not with the Dolphins -- he's too messed up to play anywhere. They should release him, and make sure he's getting the care he needs.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Whonose said...

It doesn't appear another team is interested in this troubled young man. If there are no nibbles, is he worth keeping around (in a football sense) in an inactive role until he can see the light of day? Shame to waste a 5th round pick, but worse (much worse) things have happened before Saban. Can't be Wright all the time :)

6:53 PM  
Anonymous IMAWriter said...

Seems like head cases have become the norm, not only in the NFL, but college as well. (witness the 'Canes current crop of trouble makers)
We (Saban, et al) didn't do a very good job of sussing Manny out, and I believe part of the blame should rest with Pete Carroll....if he knew ofcManny's troubled psyche, it would have been decent of him to mention it...both for our sake, and more importantly, for Manny's.

12:44 AM  

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