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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Redemption or mirage

Well, what did you think? Was it the breakout performance the Dolphins needed or was it an uninspired victory against a weak, undermanned opponent.

I'm sorry, I want to be positive because I know you guys love for me to root for the team even though my job is to be unbiased. But if the Dolphins had played any of about 20 NFL teams today, they would have been buried.

Kerry Collins missed about five guys running wide open for looong gainers. Most solid NFL QBs would have made those throws.

That penalty on the punt return touchdown was way away from the play and was a gift from a rookie. And the Miami offensive line gave up five sacks to a team that had two sacks the previous two games.

The more I think about this game, the less optimistic I am about Miami when it plays legitimate playoff teams. Next week's game against a putrid Houston team isn't going to be a test either.

Of course, the Dolphins can still improve and use this victory as a stepping stone.

It says here they had better do exactly that because what we saw today wasn't playoff-caliber football.

Tell me what you thought?


Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

MULARKEY IS HORRIBLE!!!!! DID THE FINS PASS ON FIRST DOWN AT ALL?? I keep hearing everyone talking about the secondary and Culpepper and the line, but we should be blowing Tennessee out and instead it is 10-10 in the 4th. Not using McMike, not using Chambers, when he SHOULD be running it up the middle (like when the Fins have the Titans D spread at the goal), he passes. The O should be able to win a 10 pt. game. Mularkey is the reason they can't. Period. BTW, Gannon is a terrible announcer.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

I am not happy about this win, I am relieved that they lucked into it. I am relieved that they have another week to work on getting it together and that they have a "chance" at Houston to get back to a .500 season. This is a terrible showing by an offense that is loaded with talent, and even with the line problems, should be able to put up more than 13 points against the Titans. Saban better get Mad Mike under control, and get the offense to be a little less predictable without relying on gadget plays. I am glad they won, but this was a SAD showing.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Ken in San Diego said...

We will always take a win no matter how it arrives, so this is a relief. But, as I predicted, it would be a struggle against a very bad team. Daunte Culpepper still looked very tentative moving in the pocket and making many of his throws, but he showed some determination to get the ball in the end zone when he scored his first rushing TD. The defense showed a little more fire with the return of Travis Daniels, but the secondary continues to look very shaky. Coach Mularkey's playcalling continues to be a concern, but at last two of his gadget plays actually gain some significant yardage. Alas, this kind of performance against a good team would have resulted in a loss. So I saw little progress or reason for optimism after this lackluster win.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

armando, it's the same old story. it's too bad too b/c in a season when New England, and hence the division, is there for the taking we don't seem to have the pieces in place. on the bright side, we should only be getting better as long as we don't have anymore significant injuries. I just hope we can upgrade our OL this offseason b/c it's a major problem. Unfortunately, we'll probably just get our offense where we want it in a couple of years just in time for our aging defense to fall apart.

12:52 AM  
Blogger denn34 said...

After all the offseason hype, This, is all we get? Pathetic! I was so excited waiting for the season to start,now I can't wait for it to be over,and get another high draft pick!

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Evan said...

This team is so bad that I am afraid of the Texans. Who knows how many yards Andre Johnson will have. The O line, Culpepper, the defense, the coaching all horrible. Is it time to give J. Harrington a chance. If the Phins priority isn't signing or drafting a legitimate franchise o lineman, then I will start looking for a new team.

The writer from SI should be fired and required to apoligize to every nfl fan for that gargabe statmement. One thing i can say armando, you aren't the worst out there.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This season is not even close to presaeson expectations. Cilpepper is horrible. I keep hearing how its not his fault because the OL isbad. It takes him a month and a half to take a seven step drop. He can't see oncoming blitzers. He holds the ball too long. The result: 15 sacks in 3 games. Only 1 fumble this week- that's below his average. Good thing Miami recovered his fumble. My biggest concern is the secondary. Daniels was bad. Goodman stood around and watched runners gain an extra 2-3 yards. He did have a good open field tackle in the 4th quarter. Tillman continues to get burnt by the tight end when assisting Zach Thomas. Has he lost a step or is it bad technique? If I'm an opposing Offensive coordinator I'd be looking to use the tight end just like Pit, Buff and Tenn. It's just so easy. New England only uses its TEs, so that game should be no contest. Maybe Nick can make adjustments. To beat a team like Tenn by 3 is appalling. Time for Joey? Maybe. C-Pep is just so SLOW!!! Mularkey needs to call more 3 step drop passes. That should take C-Pep about 10 seconds.

7:42 AM  
Blogger ATL-Scott said...

It's a mirage, but redemption is still possible! I have faith in Saban, even though the defense appears to be running a scheme that's too complex for all the players to handle. Until we get an O-line, there won't be much offense; when Daniels comes back, maybe Allen can start being the rookie safety he was drafted to be. Only time will tell... and only time that we, as fans, *need* to give Saban, his assistants, and the players!

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

My friend and I flew in for the game and although we were psyched about the win, we were a little disappointed that it wasn't as exciting of a game as we had hoped. However, we are not giving up on the team. It's a group that still needs to get into some kind of groove. They're re-building. But, fans are impatient, understandably so. It's tough waiting for a winning team. They have the talent, they just need to build up to being one solid unit that displays that talent properly on the field.
We're not giving up. They'll get there.

10:25 AM  
Blogger porthos said...

A win is a win, but it was pretty much only by the hair on Daunte's chiny-chin-chin. A great place to build from, but nothing to get too excited about.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's very clear now that
D.Chokepepper sucks, was a mistake,
and Saban clearly hitched his
reputation as a coach and decision
maker to Chokepepper's titanic.
To think Saban was going to build a
team of the future with a relic of the past. What a joke. I hope we run both their asses out of town by the end of the season. We're looking at a 3 win season at best
and we don't need Saban making anymore draft picks. He's a college coach..not a pro. The Blame
is clearly his. I've lost complete
confidence in this idiot!

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Bill Thompson in Boca said...

Real Simple: Culpepper is horrible. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd give Joey a shot at QB. To luck into a win over the Titans shows me this team is far from what we expected. There were glimmers of hope before Culpepper gave the game to the Steelers on opening night, but now I'm sadly discouraged by a team that's probably one of the worst five in the NFL. San Diego didn't allow the Titans a first down till the second half -- Miami's defense should have crushed Tenessee. This is embarassing.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Neerav said...

wow ... i never thought i would read this many negative posts after a win ... RELAX PEOPLE ... we won ...

culpepper and saban will put it together ... think about this ... we have a new offensive and defensive coordinator ... on offense, we have a new qb, fullback, o-line, and only a single rb

on defense, we have a new secondary, and new LB ...

it takes time to gel as a unit ... after the bye week, i expect this team to make a run ... if we can get another win or two until then ... we will be in striking distance

12:55 PM  
Blogger seamus said...

Do we need to heed comments by anyone who uses the term "Chokepepper" or thinks Joey Harrington will be the difference-maker here? Do you people really think that denying Culpepper game experience and giving it to a guy who's never had a good NFL season is the answer? Daunte's not playing well at all, but only game experience is going to make him better at this point.

The play by the secondary really bothered me. What doesn't show up in the box score are all the occasions when Kerry Collins overthrew receivers who had gotten wide open yards behind the DBs.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

I watched the game and was concerned about the secondary first and formost. They consistantly were bailed out of long passes, as Armando mentioned, by the fact that Kerry Collins cannot hit the target. I completely agree with Armando that the outlook is bleak. The offense is not moving the ball with any consistancy and the defense gives up (or should have given up) too many big plays.

That being said, people calling for Saban to be fired are jokes. Look at the most successful franchises in the NFL right now, Stealers, Seahawks, Colts, Pats, Panthers, Denver and what do they all have in common, they all have long tenured coaches. If memory serves Fox in Carolina is in his 4th year, maybe 5th, and the rest of them have been there much longer.

Saban needs to be given at least a 4 year grace period before anyone wants to fire him. His draft picks worked out last year, Brown, Crowder, Daniels are all starers. It is too early to judge this years draft (and last year's for that matter).

Lets not forget what he did last year and what Wanny did the previous years and remember that we have a coach with some potential, we just need to be patient.

1:18 PM  
Blogger ATL-Scott said...

Ya know, all of this spewage about "Chokepepper" has me feeling I should mention something: Culpepper *himself* doesn't blame the O-line. Isn't that worth a shout-out? So easy for him it would be...just say "If I only had ...!" But no, he takes the blame and makes sure it ends with him.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Mularkey grabs a clue and keeps running the ball with Ronnie, the Fins should beat the Texans next week. As for the O-line, if they can't hold a block for 3 seconds, Daunte will never have time to look for a long pass play. I give credit to Daunte for yesterday's game. No, he didn't light it up like he "should" have, but he didn't kill his team, either. He also made critical decisions, like deciding to run for the TD when he saw the opportunity, and at the end of the game, when he hit Welker for the first down that sealed it. These are small but important steps. The Fins won, and they have another week to work out (or hide) some more weaknesses.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose we all thought the vikings are just a bunch of idiots

2:45 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Anon, I totally agree with you: We need to pound Ronnie down people's throats. Even if our offensive line can't open holes for him -- do it anyway. It's our only hope.

Seamus: I agree 100%. Any other QB NOT named Kerry Collins would have shredded our DBs yesterday.

Anon (Chokepepper): So what you've been trying to say in the last 1,001 comments you've made here is that you DON'T like Nick Saban or Daunte Culpepper, right? Oh, wait -- I get it -- CHOKEpepper, because he, chokes, oh okay .. got it now.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine said "You better hope they don't bench Culpepper, cause if Harrington comes in, there goes your shot at a good draft pick cause you know he will do better and win a few games"

Then I laughed, and then I thought about how pathetic it was that Joey Harrington will be a better choice than Culpeppr..


This is just plain sad. We are a terrible terrible team!

I thought Culpepper threw the deep ball? Has there been more than 3 or 4 this season?

What is going on here?

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People pulling for Harrington obviously never watched Detriot play for the last 4 years. He wasn't very good there. I think he can be better in Miami, but Culpepper can still be great. Give him some time. You can't judge a season based on 3 games when your QB is coming back from MAJOR knee surgery.

Relax dolfans.

As for the secondary, we will have to wait and see how they hold up. They may have looked bad yesterday, but we won.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You idiots praising Chokepepper &
Saban saying how their building
for next year are the same morons
who praised Wannsted & Fielder every
year saying the same thing.....
" just wait till next year..."
Give it a rest already! With fans
like you people who needs enemies.
It's the fans responsibilty to
express frustration when their
teams brings changes.
You cum-ba-ya liberals would say
the same sunshine statements every
year...losing season after losing season. For the idiots who still
have faith in Saban & Chokepepper
your either blind or involved in
a deep homosexual relationship
with them! Quit it already! They
both SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Kurt in Tampa said...

Work in Progress. Though it was ugly, it wasn't nearly as ugly as the week before or as irratating as the blown oportunity to knock off the champs in the season opener. Mularkey doesn't seem nearly as creative as Linehan (though the reverses were well timed and effective), perhaps he is still learning the offense also, adding to Daunte's confusion. The defense was night and day better than the week before, though we got lucky collins was missfiring deep, becausetitan wide recievers blew past the last defender standing on about 5 occasions. Daunte didn't look indecisive on nearly as many plays as he did the week before. The O-Line still scares the hell out of me, sometimes it looked like they purposely blew their assignments (I know thats not the case). They are going to need to stay together as a unit for at least a couple of years, but i'm thinking we are going to have to get a whole new cast again next year. How's Tim Ruddy's knees holding up, I miss the erudite one.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

look folks...the problems with this team won't be solved this year. it's going to take at least two years before this team has the talent it needs to make a run. I said that two months ago, and the first three games have only made me believe it more. I was hoping the OL would get better and the secondary would improve once everyone was healthy and had some time to work together, and that stuff might still happen. Even if all that eventually does happen this year, our team is still a 10 win team at best. Expectations are just that....and it's obvious that most people's expectations were waaaay too high for this team. I'm not pissed off at the team or any players or coaches b/c they're meeting my expectations. for those of you who thought they were Superbowl bound or close to it....go learn something about football before you start ripping the team for not performing up to your bloated expectations.

Still a HUGE matter what.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

no way i can't agree with you armando!the phins looked awfull!game over at halftime against even a mediocre opponent!o-line is quite possibly worst i've seen in 30 years of watching the phins!what would a good offence do against this defence?special teams are also the worst i can remember!daunte should be on physically unable to preform list!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

just one more thing armando!have to disagree with those who defend saban's draft picks,roth has shown nothing so far so he is a bust until proven otherwise! daniels lacks the speed needed to play corner in the nfl!that's obvious!probably could have been there as a 6th or 7th rounder!crowder looks okay but a third rounder should!as for this year allen is a work in progress that could very well have slipped out of the first round!he could of drafted manny lawson or another pass-rusher there who would of made an immediate impact!or how about an offensive lineman?

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Randy...if these losers are
meeting your expectations then
you must be from Detroit or
Cleveland. We expected some improvement over last years 9-7.
That means at least 10-6. That is
fair. But were looking at 3-13.
Bottom line is that under Saban
we're never going to be successful.
He's worse than Wannsted. A lame
brain college coach!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

anonymous has lost his damn mind.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The penalty on the punt return wasn't way away from the play, as you said--and as the announcers mistakenly said before the replay was shown. It was to the closest Dolphin near the punt returner. So it affected the play.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

anonymous, i really don't have expectations as far as wins and losses. what i did expect was for our OL to struggle along with our secondary. Go look at all my old posts, and you'll see what I thought of the team. And, after watching Daunte play in Minnesota for years, I expected his ball/game management skills to be subpar. The guy is huge with a gun for an arm, but without his legs he's nothing special. His mental approach to the game has always been suspect, but he got himself out of a lot of bad situations with his legs. I think he can be better, but I don't think that's going to happen until next year. Plus, this team won't be 3-13, and I said they could win 10 games if their OL and secondary started playing better. I still expect them to win about 8 games if nothing changes. But, again, I'd love to see the Fins go to the playoffs every year, but i'm not gonna cry like a little girl if they don't. I've been a real fan for 20 years and that means you take the good with the bad and pull for the team just the same.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Pete said...

Mostly mirage.....but they saved their season to fight another week. And they better get their cards in order at Houston, because New England is the make/break game of the season....yeah, week 5...because there's no chance starting 0-2 in the division of even getting into the playoffs let alone winning the division.

Daunte is 50% of what he could/should be. He's "slow" in everything that he does and that makes the timing of everything else SLOW.

Hey Mularkey....try some "sprint" handoffs off tackle just to show the D something they'd never expect? All we do is "delay" handoff everything straight back from center and the defenses are waiting for it.

7:29 AM  
Blogger DwinkinAle said...

There was no mirage. I think it is blatantly obvious that the O-Line has not improved. They are terrible. This team is in big trouble. I thought Houck was supposed to be an O-Line guru. This line is almost as bad as it has ever been.

8:15 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

We should have blown Tennessee out of the water, but I'm not surprised. Miami has a history of playing down to the level of the teams they should easily beat. That being said, I'm hoping they'll destroy Houston, but I think it will be a tough game for Miami. A few observations from the TENN game: 1)McMike is a huge weapon that is not being used. Its possibly because he's needed to block more, but he has to get involved in the offense. 2)R. Brown has WAY too many 1 or 2yd carries. That average has to go up. We need 3 to 5yd runs. 3)Where is Chambers? THROW THE BOMB AND LET HIM GO CHASE IT. 4)Our secondary needs work. Its entirely new from last year and its in shambles. WRs or NO WRs, Tom Brady will pick them apart.

However, a win is a win, no matter how ugly and I'm happy that the Dolphins are now 1-2. If they can somehow beat the Jets and the Patsies, we're still in this thing. I'm crossing my fingers that the team just needs time to "gel." We'll have to see.

Keep up the good work, Arrrrmando the Cabana boy!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

forget the high payed qb,and the speedster wr,the bruiser rb,the game is won in the trenches.
Ronny Brown was being hit by the first contact most time behind the line of scrimmage and he still got 90 yds.
DC had people in his face the minute the ball was snaped.
Sabin thinks that sacks aren't as important as other things and he's right. Think about if our o line got a 1 or2 yd push,Ronny B. would have gotten 135 to 180 yds, in theory.
I agree with that mularkey's play calling is suspect.If opposition puts 8 men on line of scrimmage you do quick slants and screens on first down and do it consistantly until they change there defence to stop you.I could call a run defence on 1st down too against miami ,an look like ahero if the o line lets my d line into the back field when the ball is snapped ,good job RB to get 90 yds.ALL said and done we will be fine. If we play up to our competition,in other words if we win by one point to weak teams I'll take it as long as we win by one point to the strong teams!!!!!
tim m
upstate ny

8:27 AM  
Blogger girlie said...

Neither, just a small glimmer of hope. Next week we'll see if they can step it up some more.
It is disappointing to see such talent struggling; I just hope they don't start getting frustrated with their lack of progress & start blaming each other. They had such high hopes too!
Don't believe all the hype from the national sportswriters or sportscasters next time - they are only trying to make themselves look good.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't the entire idea of getting Harrington, was that so he would be able to step in and start the season until C-Pep was healthy? What happened to that plan? C-Pep is obvioulsy far from 100%, who knows if he ever will be. The hundreds of coaches and doctors employed by Saban should have been able to figure that over the past 3 months, instead of risking the season in this horrendous fashion. Wasn't C-Pep supposed to throw the deep ball and get Chambers and McM mucho completions? This is a joke! Ray Lucas could be doing this job. This team will have a major challenge even trying to beat Houston this week. And we could have had Brees instead!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Get off Culpepper's back. Everyone is so quick to say he sucks that they don't take the time to marvel at such a remarkable recovery he's made. It takes players two years before they feel 100% after just an ACL tear, let alone all 3 major ligaments. He isn't playing like his old self, but give him time and support, he's still better than most our QB's since Marino. As for the dolphins, heck yeah I'm disappointed. I thought that even without Culpepper we were going to do great things. Ronnie Brown is everything of a stud but can't find any daylight. The O'line looks some of the coaches need to work overtime. If our line improves, our whole season improves. I just hope that the guys jumping off the bandwagon don't pull a hammy when they jump back on, because soon, very soon the Dolphins will have a break out game and raise the bar.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

I thought it was a very nice exhibition game. I can’t believe Saban played the starters all the way through the 4th Quarter. Some other observations that put a pitter-patter in my gullet…

Our secondary was letting the receivers get wide-open faster than Paris Hilton at a Camcorder convention.

OFFENSIVE line – It’s good to see that all that extra work in practice, of recovering fumbles, is finally paying off. Brilliant.

Lucky for us we’ve got one more exhibition game before the season starts. That’s probably why we’re holding back on Ronnie – don’t want to show our hand.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Cesar said...

Mirage ... they only showed that they could beat one of the 3 or 4 worst teams in the league.

Life time Fins Fan

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to say it appears that Dante is simply not in sync with his team. I saw numerous times he did not even look to the other side of the field where there were open receivers especially on the blitzes. I don't believe this hogwash about Dante not being fully recovered I just dont see him in sync with his receivers. All is not as bad as it seems.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Efrem said...

The most glaring indictment of this offense is the gross misuse of tight-end Randy McMichael... This proven, consistent, big-play producer has been relegated to grueling trenchwork... McMichael working the 8-12 yard routes which he made so exciting last year would be the quickest remedy for our ailing offense... Spreading the defenses with 3 WR, 1 TE, and 2 RB (for blocking) sets would set up the deep ball, play-action deep ball, and uncover our star tight-end so he may retake his rightful spot among the elite... Mularky must abandon these ridiculous 1 and 2 WR sets which only serve to crowd our indended air & ground space... And, in my only knock on the 'Pepper, he's got to get the ball up high to McMike... McMike lives off of 3 advantages: strength, height, and the athletic combination of the two... Throw to him low, he can only use his strength... But, throw to him high and he can combine the three to come down with the ball.. That's my opinion...

11:55 AM  
Anonymous craig ko said...

ARMANO. The only thins I can say is if the FINS gave up as quick as there fans boo them then they would be up the creek. It is terrible when you are at a home game and the fans BOO the players walking to the locker room. In no way has the season started pretty, but if you want to boo a team.....go root for Oakland

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...first let me say that I too am disappointed in the team's performance so far. And everyone has covered the bases of my thoughts on here with running Ronnie more, getting Randy involved, (Mike's play calling has been very suspect), and I'm in the camp of getting off Daunte's back. You don't throw for 4,700 yards and 39 td's in the NFL without talent. Let him heal...regain his confidence, and Jason Garrett will teach him how to read D's.

The one thing everyone here has missed...that irks me more than ANYTHING I've seen on the the WEAK, LAME, PISS POOR excuse for HOME FANS down there in South Florida. I've lived in Delray and supported the team through thick and thin. It's disgusting for me to see our stadium EMPTY for the most part and then flip the channel and see the Packers, Raiders, Arizona, the Jets, and Jills all packed houses and marginal to terrible teams. WAKE UP've heard Zach talk about energy...HELP THEM OUT! SUPPORT YOUR TEAM. And to all you "Chokepepper" types out there who are calling Daunte and Nick're frickin' idiots too, and you obviously don't know jack about football, and are the types who are more happy being UNHAPPY. Get a life, get a clue, and go follow another team. You can disagree, argue, complain all you want, but for God sakes draw a line somewhere in the sand...somewhere SHORT of berating "your favorite team" after three games. You're all the same lame excuse for fans who cried all year last year and then we won 6 straight after a 4-12 season prior. If I owned the the stadium...I'd announce on the radio that after halftime the doors would be opened for free to Dolphin fans only. (Make them carry a membership

The south florida fair weather fans suck...period.

A REAL Phins Fan

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree...fair weather fans suck.

And Armando, dispite your claim it isn't that Dolfans want you to root for our team, we simply don't want you to root against it. There is a difference.


Carl Carlisle
Coral Springs, FL.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm truly relieved to finally have a win, but as with everyone else, I found the Fins performance very concerning in this game. So many things had to go right (+2 TO differential, big special teams penalty, several missed open Titans receivers,...) for us to pull out a close win against a very bad team at home. Hardly reassuring. Obviously the offense has a lot to work on, and the defense is still threatening to give up a big pass play on nearly every snap. That being said, I was really disappointed with all the booing, empty seats and negativity at the stadium on Sunday. Daunte still looks tentative vs. scared, and our offensive play-calling and execution has been...well, offensive. But Daunte is coming back from a major injury, and has tremendous upside. This was a huge talent upgrade at the most important position on the field. Yes, he needs to improve, but if he looks nervous and uncertain, booing is the last thing he needs. Give him a chance. It's not like we were going anywhere in January with Gus or Sage back there. Call me a ridiculous optimist, but I'm still holding out hope that things will start to come together...

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

I was AT the game Sunday, and it was 4 quarters of lack-luster football as to just WHO was going to blink first! Ending as a 'luke-warm' win at best on account of a last minute 'into the hands' interception from a bobbled pass reception to kill the Titans' final drive. Otherwise, we would be 0-3 heading off to Houston.

To all those out there that keep requesting to "give Culpepper time to adjust". How MUCH time does a pro bowl post-injured QB need to come back? I say one more game to log ANY level of improvement for what HE is capable of performing. After that, pending the outcome, it's time for a change at QB as we head to New England.

Otherwise, I'm still hoping and looking to see Culpepper improve next Sunday on the road against the Texans.

Jay Wallace
Lake Worth, FL

2:21 PM  
Anonymous JC said...

Armando, this is definitely a mirage and not even a good one. Playoff caliber? This team isn't even college caliber. I'll bet Ohio State can put a 35 point Whoop Ass on the Fins right now. I don't even see them beating the Texans next week and when they start playing the good teams they'll be slaughtered. Hey my man "seamus", relax dude, Chokepepper is a good name just like Crappepper is to.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous denny said...

I had to suffer through the Culpepper hype in Minnesota for years. Pay close attention when the brilliant quarterback calls options, they usually reult in interceptions. He sure can read a defense. Cut your losses and release him now. He may be the biggest fraud in football. Good luck.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is you dont like me? Me good.

9:38 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...


I agree with your point, but your solution won't work. If you add 5 o-linemen and a QB to your - 3 WR, 2RB, 1 TE set...we will be flagged for too many men on the field. Although an extra body looks like the only way we can protect our QB. I think McMichael's decline in production is strongly correlated to the limited time given to Culpepper. McMichael's speed and size help him exploit mismatches when a linebacker or safety is matched up with him, but he isn't getting the time to seperate. Although it also looks like Mularkey is making him block more and run shorter routes.

10:59 AM  

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