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Friday, April 14, 2006

Donnie Edwards to the Dolphins?

Hey, the San Diego Chargers are shopping Donnie Edwards to every NFL team not in their own division. He is a linebacker.

The Dolphins are an NFL team not in the AFC West and they need a linebacker.


The rumors about Miami going after Donnie Edwards will soon take root.

But they will not bear fruit. Edwards has more tackles than anyone not named Zach Thomas the last seven seasons. He is a steady player.

But he is 33 years old now and apparently declining. He is also something of a locker room question mark, never shy about complaining about how much (or little, in his mind) he's getting paid. He signed a four-year contract in 2002 for $18.75 million and has asked for a raise each of the last three seasons.

Not good.

That contract, in part, is a reason he may not be traded because a team would have to absorb a $3.5 million cap hit. Sure, Edwards could agree to renegotiate the deal, but that would mean giving him a big signing bonus and signing him to a multi-year extension to bring the cap hit down.

Where's the logic in that? The Dolphins already took on an aging San Diego linebacker a few years ago and that didn't exactly pay off, did it?

Oh, and there's another potential snag in getting Edwards: The Chargers aren't giving him away. They want a mid-round draft pick and the Dolphins simply don't have a fifth or sixth round pick to give away.


Anonymous Faux Bear said...

What pundits have Vince Young still being available at #16 ? I agree it would be amazing if he were, but I really think the chances are slim to none that he'll be available to the Dolphins. Ok, I know you might say "well, Aaron Rodgers was expected to go top 5 last year and look how far he fell", but Vince Young is in a different class with a lot more upside. Also, there are a few teams picking ahead of the Dolphins (eg., Raiders, Ravens, Cardinals) that seem to be in the market for a QB. It just won't happen.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see your blog, Armando - keep up the good work.

- A fan from NJ

8:31 PM  

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