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Monday, April 10, 2006

On Will Allen

The first player the Dolphins brought in for a media interview today was recently acquired cornerback Will Allen.

Allen seemed very guarded during his press conference, maybe an outgrowth from the time he spent with the Giants and dealing with the New York media. Being gunshy is not a good trait for a cornerback so I hope that demeanor doesn't translate to the field.

Allen admitted he has, "big shoes to fill," when he was added to the team to fill the void left by Sam Madison's departure. Allen also laughed when I asked if he saw it ironic that he is replacing Madison in Miami and Madison is replacing him in New York.

That twist to this scenario will almost certainly lead to comparisons between the two players this year. Allen admitted it would. And it will because I'll keep track on how each is doing and compare that.

My opinion is the Dolphins upgraded at the position.

Although Allen isn't a huge playmaker, he's consistent and the attention Nick Saban pays to DBs will help him. He's also three years younger than Sam and may have his best seasons ahead of him. Sam, who was much better than Allen when he was in his prime, simply isn't in his prime anymore. His best seasons are behind him so the Dolphins seem to have made a wise decision.

We'll just have to see.


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