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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The coordinators at last

The Dolphins have a policy of not allowing assistant coaches to speak with the media, except for rare occasions. Today was a rare occasion.

Got to meet both defensive coordinator Dom Capers and offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey today and here's a quickie rundown of what they said:

Mularkey, who will be running the offense previously installed by Scott Linehan, said he is now, "completely comfortable," with the scheme and the terminology of the system.

In fact, as potential draft picks and unrestricted free agents have visited, Mularkey said he's been able to go through last season's tapes and explain to those players what the calls where and what the team is trying to accomplish, where the mistakes happened and what the philosophy is on that play.

Capers, formerly the Houston Texans head coach, said he was impressed by Miami's use of both the 3-4 and 4-3 defense last year and said we should expect to see more of that this year.

Capers said that running both schemes causes problems for opposing offenses because very few teams do that. By the way, that is exaclty what he did when he was the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator before he got the Texans head coaching job.


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