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Sunday, October 01, 2006

McIntosh moving to guard

The Dolphins have moved Damion McIntosh from tackle to guard and he will start and get extensive playing time at the position today against the Houston Texans.

The move which has been in the works the entire week is meant to relieve the pressure teams have been putting on quarterback Daunte Culpepper. He has been sacked 15 times this year, tied for most in the NFL.

Jacox, a journeyman who took over the starting spot when Bennie Anderson went down with a triceps injury earlier this season, has struggled. He has yielded a minimum of three sacks in the last two weeks.

Jacox is nonetheless expected to be ready to platoon with McIntosh if the former tackle struggles at the new position or needs a breather.

Watch for the Dolphins to also make a greater use of the shotgun formation and use the play-action pass a lot less. This is also meant to help Culpepper avoid sacks.

Finally, as reported earlier this week in The Herald, Travis Daniels is making his first start of the season at cornerback.

Watch for the changes during the game and let me if you think they're working.


Anonymous finndolpfan said...

first play of the game for miami offence SACKKKK! LOL a long year awaits the diehard phins fans! first play for houston pass completion!same old same old!will take divine intervention to win this game lol!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will see...

1:59 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

offensive line can't block for the run or the pass against league worst defence,defence once again looks vulnerable and slow! the season is doomed!sky is FALLING FAST! NEWSFLASH! DOLPHINS IN CONTENTION FOR FIRST OVERALLPICK! MY PREDICTION 3-13! SABAN FIRED!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

studies show that sacks aren't that critical a stat in determining the outcome of a game!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

again i say Saban/Culpepper=Wanstadt/Fiedler.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous James T said...

This is getting embarrasing!!!!

McIntosh to Guard did not work....

The O-line stinks, Chambers couldn't catch a cold and Daunte must start warmimg the bench soon. Basically the whole offense isn't working from top to bottom (except WW!!! although he was quiet today..)
The defense is the only thing keeping this team ticking over and the season is all but over now. After the next road games at the Jets and the Patriots, can anyone see us not being 1-5!!!

Forget moving McIntosh, start moving Daunte!! or we are looking at a complete embarrasment of a season!!!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! Saban should have told the coaches to open up the offense after the 1st quarter not with 7 minutes to go in the game when you are down by 11. That's what separates the good teams from the crappy ones. Play to your strength. From this point on the offense should work out of the shotgun because the o-line is pitiful!

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daunte is not the problem people. No one can throw consistently behind that weaka** offensive line and conservative play calls to start the game off. This is riduculous. I blame poor play calling and the week offensive line for the past 3 weeks. Harrington is garbage and would throw more INT's instead of TD's if he was in the starting lineup. People that's reasons teams did not lineup to get him when he became available in the spring!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous James T said...

OK, may have been a bit harsh on the "drop Daunte now" rant, but let's be honest, he isn't on form, is he??. True, he may still be "getting to know" his receivers, or that he just hasn't built up his confidence in them, as well as himself, but things need to happen now to help him get over it.

The O-line is incredibly bad which isn't helping Daunte or Ronnie. This is the major, major problem and must be addresses immediatley!!!

From now on it has to be shotgun (agree with anon above..) and it has to be a 2 minute drill.

Keep the opposition defense on the field, keep 'em guessing and keep them away from Daunte and Ronnie. It won't always work, but it has to be better than what is being offered now... Coaches DO YOUR JOB!!!!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed!!!! O-line sucks!!! And when will Mularkey be fired? I'm finding it hard to understand why he still thinks that Pittsburgh type play calling works everywhere else. If he thinks he has a proven system, why isn't it working?

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUE PASA MIAMI??????????????
get rid of Culpepper!
get rid of Saban!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It didn't work in Buffalo either. By the way, didn't they win today? Who got the raw end of the deal this season? Us or them? I'm not too sure he wasn't pushed out of Buffalo.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"studies show that sacks aren't that critical a stat in determining the outcome of a game!"

WRONG. Just because Nick Saban said it once doesn't make it true! Learn to think for yourself.

Look at this link:

Sack Ratio raises the ante. Good teams protect their quarterback. Good teams record quarterback sacks.
What is most important about sacks is that they end drives. Normally after a sack occurs, a kick — either a field goal or punt — is just a play or two behind. Sacks directly affect third-down conversion rates. They often cause turnovers and change field position, too. Sacks are some of the most important plays in football, which is why Sack Ratio is so relevant.

***Only one playoff team (Tampa Bay) had a negative Sack Ratio.***

Another link:
"It's funny, but I was having this discussion just the other day," Pasquarelli said. "A lot of coaches will tell you that sacks aren't as important as we all think they are compared to just getting pressure and buzzing around the quarterback and getting hits on the quarterback. But you talk to players, and in addition to the play itself, the sack itself, players will tell you that it raises the emotion of the team. A lot of guys I've talked to have likened it to a big windmill dunk in basketball, where all of a sudden the crowd is on its feet and your teammates are energized by it. It's a very emotional kind of play."

4:38 PM  
Blogger Phinscholar said...

The problem is not Daunte. Two weeks in a row, no interceptions. His passes, when he has time to get rid of the ball (granted he still kept it to long several times) have been on target, often in places that gave a receiver a shot and not the defense. Offensive line sucks. Why did no one seem worried about it in the pre-season? Running game was no better today than the passing game. The only thing that worked was the hurry up. Basically, no one on the offense seemed to care much about the game till they were down by nine points. With intensity, this team can be good.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

look u retard,i was lampooning saban for his previous comment about sacks being unimportant!another 5 today? this team and this management are a joke! we as long term fans deserve better!it really burns me to have to turn my back on my team this early in the season!my heart burns for zack and jason to have to give up their salary to support saban's freakshow!

5:04 PM  
Blogger Phinscholar said...

I'm also a long term fan who absolutely hates to give up on the season this early especially when I finally got direct tv. So I will dream. My dream is that the offense has finally woken out of its stupor, they go into New England, who loses to Cinci today, shocks them with an upset, and then turn their season around. What sucks is how many opportunities the defense has given them. They have yet to be blown out by anyone, bad as they've played.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Phinscholar said...

One more thing in defense of Daunte -- he's played better each game. Today no interceptions, 260 yards and a touchdown. Those are very decent stats, especially given the crumby offensive line.

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE O-LINE SUCKS!!! How can you start off the game giving up a sack. This is the fourth straight game that this O-Line plays the majority of the game with a lack of discipline (giving up sacks and false starts). We should have known this O-Line was in trouble when the key acquisition is a left tackle that the Arizona Cardinals did not want to re-sign. Saban suckered us into believing that this O-Line was an improvement from the previous years. Dolfans, you have to admit that the O-Line is a total mess and the O-Lines in the Wandstedt era were even better. I don't see things getting better. This is suppose to be the easy part of their schedule.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous DannyBoy said...

Things are just not working for the Phins on any level, O or D. This has got to be a coaching problem. There's simply no way the talent on this team could perform so badly if not for bad coaching.

7:25 PM  
Blogger John said...

Did you know in Houston's first three games their defense game up 98 points, which averages to over 32 points per game they gave up.

The first three games Houston's defense gave up 483.7 yards per game, which is dead last in the NFL and 100 yards per game more than the team that was 2nd to last.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

I have been saying it since the beginning and I am glad to see the idea buidling momentum. Mularkey is HORRIBLE. If we could move the ball like we did on the last two drives, why do we wait until the last two drives to call those plays? Mularkey is the main cause of the problems. We have the talent, and effective play calling can help cover up the deficiencies of the QB and line. Look what we did last year with less talent. Mularkey is the problem. Saban is responsible for not correcting it.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Mike R said...

This team appears to be accepting their opponent's will rather than effecting their own. There has been an obvious lack of confidence and enthusiasm shown by most every player on the roster. These facts usually point to how a team accepts techniques or schemes being taught them as well as the environment in which the teaching occurs. Has the game simply ceased being fun and become a chore after only 4 weeks? Now in more detail, the o-line has not exactly been a strength but then again neither is that secondary that seems to have a penchant for giving up the big play at the most inopportune time. More effort and less acceptance woud go a long way for both of these units. The next game will be a true indication of how much desire this team actually has. Will they continue to just go through the motions and accept the results or will they actually begin to impose their will on their opponent? Anything less than 9 & 3 the rest of the way will be an absolute failure for both the staff and the players.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

it's not Saban's fault

12:20 AM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

sorry... couldn't resist. ;)

12:21 AM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

Seriously though anonymous, I feel your pain and I am really pissed off, but I seriously believe that the single biggest problem right now is Mularkey! And I absolutely blame Saban for not fixing it. Since you can't get rid of anyone at this point in the season, and expect the season to improve, I would expect Saban to become more involved in the Offense and mandate that Mularkey 1) cut out the Bull**** trick plays until he can create an effective conventional run/pass game, 2) call more plays designed to slow down the opposing D and help the line, like screens, and maybe roll him out every once in a while, 3) Ram Ronnie Brown down the D's throat early and often, and 4) throw the deep ball a few times a quarter. I know the "it's not there" excuse but dammit, SOMETHING is ALWAYS there. It is about calling the right plays at the right time. The line wasn't a lot better last year. Opposing Ds just knew that Linehan would make 'em pay for being too aggressive. I don't buy that "the game is being called correctly but the players are not executing" garbage. I've seen PopWarner coaches call a better offensive game. And when the game is on the line, don't get cute. Go with the high percentage play. The fade to Chambers would be my pick.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the same comments I heard every week in MN. These are the same comments I'll hear next week, and these are the same comments some of you will still be making at the end of the year. Take a step back and be honest with yourselves, Culpepper will NEVER BE A WINNER. Please don't come back with quarterback ratings, it's really all just about wins and losses. The sooner you move on, the better your Dolphins will be.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say this, Saban looks like a fool with his "sacks aren't a problem" many 2nd and 18's will it take before we realize it IS a problem...

Our OL is absolutely did it go from atrocious in '04 to more than adequate in '05 back to atrocious in '06??? RG that much of a problem because of the injuries???

Our playcalling combined with the poor line play means we don't sustain drives and we can't cash in when we get into the redzone...we are really, really not good on offense despite having good's got to change, doesn't it???...but I'm running out of hope very quickly...

Andre Johnson dominated our DB' is it Belechik can get guys off the street/offensive guys to play better pass defense than we can our regulars??? the talent disparity that great OR is the system (the almighty Saban system) either too complicated or just plain ineffective???

I love the Dolphins and like Saban...but I'm mad at myself for drinking the Kool-Aid...this is a 7-9 football team and I really expected better...

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Tom In CT said...

My neighbors are from Minn and they warned me that I would not like Culpepper. It didn't take long for me. Dante seems to run to the defense instead of away from the defense. I don't understand why they don't try to use Joey at QB before it is to late. In the preseason I thought Joey was the best QB. Saban needs to have balls and do what is right for the team.

9:11 PM  

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