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Monday, October 30, 2006

Some quick fixes to Miami's problems

I don't know everything. You guys tell me that all the time.

But just watching the Dolphins it is clear there are some problems Miami has been having that can be solved, like, immediately.

They don't require another draft, they don't require a firing of any coaches. They do require some conviction. And since I have that, here's my list of things the Dolphins can do right now to help this team.

1. Move Chris Chambers around more. Their leading receiver is Wes Welker because he's in the slot and other teams are scheming to not let Chambers beat them. Well, adjust to the adjustment. Put Chambers in motion, use him in the slot so he matches up with the other team's second or third best CB instead of the best. Move him around so you take the defense out of its comfort zone. Scott Linehan did this last year and that's when Chambers got hot in the second half of the season. Yet it has not been done this year.

2. Bench Travares Tillman. The guy is solid in run support and makes the right calls most of the time. He's also usually in position to make plays on receivers in coverage. Problem is he NEVER makes the play. If there's a jump ball to be had, he'll lose the jump. If there's an interception that flies into his hands, he'll let it go through his grasp -- as he did for a TD against Green Bay. Play Yeremiah Bell at SS instead, I say.

(Tuesday update: The Dolphins finally did this Monday and I reported it in today's paper.)

3. Give the ball more to Ronnie Brown. He has been underused the first half of the season so make up for it in the second half. Press the issue and give him the ball 25-30 times a game. I don't know if Brown is one of those guys that gets stronger as the game wears on ... because he never gets the ball enough to prove it one way or another. By the way, Larry Johnson got 39 carries for KC on Sunday. I'm not saying give the ball to Brown 39 times, but the 17 or so times Miami is averaging are too few.

Those are three quickie fixes that can be used right now. I'm sure you guys have others. What are they?


Anonymous Simone, Italy said...

I agree 100%, I would even use more our young defensive linemen

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would say blitz less. We don't have the secondary to prevent the big plays if we don't get to the QB and we haven't been on the blitz.

Throw down field more, teams do it on us and they get pass interference calls easy.
I can handle an INT alot easier when it's on a deep pass rather than a short out b/c the QB was staring down the receiver.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree.. Blitz Less.. Move Chambers around.. Spread the field more.. and Give all of them a super dose of coffee to wake their asses up just before the FIRST kickoff!

SteveEJ, NW Florida

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to fire this sorry ass
Saban. WE don't need him making
anymore picks. He screwed up big
with Culpepper & Harrington. Get
his lame college-minded ass the
FUCK out of town. Hire Charlie
Weiss. He's already hinting he
wants back in the NFL. Saban is
one of the biggest bust in NFL
coaching history. Does his fucking
wife Terry also design the game
plan as well. FIRE HIS LAME FUCKING ASS NOW!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy must be on roids or something. Why are you picking on his drafts picks? He only had a few in his first draft, 3 of the 6 in the 7th round (wow). This year's draft shouldn't be judged for at least another year. Rodriguez Wright might be a stud. Derek "hands" Hagan might actually become consistent. Joe Tolido is still injured. Fred Evans made the team! Dante as a 2nd Pick (only time will tell, I hope it works, I have my doubts) But talk about the honeymoon is over. The next blog I see might be calling for a lynching. I see a team right now that could be over-coached. And for anyone who knows football, it's obvious Scott Linehan was instrumental it putting together a good offensive game plan. I don't get what Mulurkey's doing yet, and I think Dom Capers should be calling a defense that his players are capable of playing. But even with all that said, I'm still for giving Coach Saban more time. Let's see what he puts together in the next draft (with pretty much a full complement of picks) Remember Bill Belicheck wasn't so successful right out of the gate.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

your right on there armando! tillman is the most useless safety i've ever seen!matt roth needs to start for them to see if he has any future value(i kind of doubt it!)they need to play fred evans too!this is all about evaluating what limited young talent they have!jason allen should be starting instead of bell,as he has the most to prove!cleo lemon should get a legitimate shot as well!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that brother! I completely
agree. Even Marino has turned against him as well as J.Johnson.
They don't think he knows what he's doing or can't make the cross-over to the pro's. Fire him!!!!

6:46 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I have said numerous times, it is not the players, but the idiot running the team. Everyone wants to change and move players, fire offensive coaches, but not get on the person mainly responsible for our problems. Saban did last year as he is doing this year by trying all his new plays. These plays did not work last year, and it is definitely not working this year. We have so much talent, but if they are confused by Saban's play scheme they will look like a bunch of idiots. The last 6 games of last year Saban went back to the basics, and we played and looked like a Super Bowl contender. It will never haappen here unless Saban stops acting as the guru of the game and stick with the fundementals.

Remember the no name defense? None of them were big time drafts, but they played and executed the game. They knew what was expected on the field, so they were able to act upon it. Our offense and defense look so dumb founded of the field. How can they expect to win when they are lost in execution? And lastly the bum they picked for quarterback. Are they that inexperienced that they could not see his inability to execute on his own. Come on... the exectuve offices should be banging Saban's head against the lockers to get off his high horse and coach the team as he should.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh you people and your saban bashing

2:13 AM  
Anonymous chris said...

I just read at another site (PBP) that Tillman has been replaced by Bell. One down, two to go...

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...


Saban's Decision to draft Ronnie Brown was primarily based on one game where Brown started (in place of Cadillac Williams) and had a great game. Let's stop this "Ronnie is great, but he hasn't been given a chance" routine or another classic, "Ronnie is great, he just has to learn the pro game" then there's my all time favorite,"Its not Ronnie's fault, its the O-Line's". Here is a list of backs all of whom have been in the league 3 years or less:

Frank Gore 65th overall draft pick
in 2005 currently ranked 5th in rushing, ypc: 5.1

Julius Jones 43rd overall draft pick
in 2004 currently ranked 6th in rushing, ypc: 4.2

Tatum Bell 41st overall draft pick
in 2004 currently ranked 7th in rushing, ypc: 4.5

Steven Jackson 24th overall draft pick in 2004 currently ranked 9th in rushing, ypc: 4.0

Willie Parker Undrafted/walk-on currently ranked 11th in rushing, ypc: 3.8

Ronnie Brown 2nd overall draft pick
in 2005 currently ranked 20th in rushing ypc: 3.8

Said it before - say again; Ronnie Brown seems to be a good kid who, at best, will prove to be a decent utility back - that's it.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every Dolfan by birth knows what is going to happen this Sunday. Chicago 6-0 and Miami 1-6?? Doesn't matter. It's a big game- '72 record, '85 game, yada yada- so Miami will rise to the occassion and manage to lose by about 2 points. Great thing to know if you're a betting man but sucks to be a fan.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Stop living in a made-for-television world in which your focus extends only as far as your next deadline.

God, blogs suck.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous exile said...

I'm sorry, but what point are you trying to make here? As far as where Ronnie ranks among running backs, he's not likely to crack the top 10 or 20 if he's not getting 20 runs a game. And what exactly is wrong with "It's not Ronnie's fault, it's the O-line?" I would direct your attention to Denver, where you can just about climb off a city bus, walk into the stadium and peel off 120 yards. O-line's kinda important, and the fact that ours is a patched-together catastrophe isn't exactly a minor detail.
I'm not saying that Ronnie's the next Walter Payton and he just hasn't had his shot yet. I'm just saying that at this point, nobody has any way to make a full evaluation.

10:58 AM  
Blogger The Dude said...

The difference between Ronnie Brown and all those other backs listed there is an Offensive line. Dallas, Denver, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, even San Fran all have very good offensive lines. Put Brown in any of those teams and he's producing. Put him behind Miami's mess and, well this is what we got.

But Armando ... why bother fixing any problems now? What difference does it make? This season is OVER. I say we tank it the rest of the way and get the number 1 or 2 overall pick in next year's draft.

What's left to play for? Another meaningless 7 game winning streak that's just going to falsely stoke everybody's expectations and get us another mediocre SEC player in the middle part of the 1st round?

11:15 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Hey Anonymous... then explain the situation if it is not Saban. You seem to have all the answers. You need to ask yourself... who makes the final call or decision, who has broadcast about his offensive and defensive schemes, who made the final choices on draft picks, who hired the offensive coordinator, and who is responsible for how the team executes? There is only one answer moron... Saban. If he was doing as he should we could win just as we did last year after this over egoed coach gave up on playing his scheme and played the basic fundementals of the game. You and those Jimmy Johnson lovers need to wake up and look at what is happening in the game instead of your drug induced visions or illusions....

Also... if the offensive line cannot protect the quarterback he is not going to get the passes to his receivers, or pen a spot for a running play, and I cannot accept an INT or a dropped pass by a professional paid a million or more a year. They are paid to execute as a perfessional, and so is Saban. Show his execution of providing a Super Bowl contending team. I sure the hell do not see one. Bottom line.. the talent is there, put the basics back in play like we did last year, and we will most likely win a few games. As long as our players are not beat to death by the time Saban opens his eyes.

Do not give any stupid line about bashing. Look at the stats, at the remarks by Saban about his ideal playing scheme to which he went back to the year knowing it did not work last year either. Do you think that Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas are that washed up that they play like bums, and cannot put pressure on the quarterback? They looked and played as shoddy last year in saban's perfect game plan, they look the same now. How do you explain the change from playing like a bunch of drunks, to be come a winner of a 6 games streak? We did not change players, offensive coordinators, no..., we stopped playing saban's bullshit. Open your eyes, and stop whinning about what is not important. To let you know..., I have been a Dolphins fan since 1966, seen all the changes, and heard all the dumb shit from people who cannot tell reality from fiction.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Unfortunately there are only a few regulars that make any sense on this blog. There are quick fixes, it will not make you a playoff team, but it will improve things. Tillman has been horrific, a change needs to be made there. I would actually prefer Jason Allen bc I see this season as lost as far as playoffs go so why not find out what the young guys have. On that note, I would like for the younger defensive linemen to get on the field more. See what Roth and Evans have this year.

Getting Chambers the ball more is another key. Look around at the great offenses and all of them except the Colts have something in common, they find creative ways to get the ball to their playmakers. Putting Chambers in the slot would cause defensive confusion, or at the very least make the defense a little less comfortable. I think Hagan has some ability but he has concentration issues, he should play more over Marty Booker who is a fine receiver but is probably not part of the long term solution.

Lastly, I completely agree that Ronnie Brown should get the ball more. He was taken over Cadallic because he is supposed to be a workhorse back but he is not getting worked hard enough. He catches the ball well so use him in the screen game, that would at least take some pressure off the OL a bit.

On another note, Mike Mularkey was known for his imagnatitive paly calling in Pittsburgh, that is what got him the Bills job in the first place. I have not seen that yet from this offense and hopefully that will change.

Finally, for those of you who think Saban should be fired, what will be gained? Is Charlie Weiss going to come here and immediatly win? No he will not. Rarely is there a coaching change that leads to immediate success. I have said it before but Saban needs to be given a chance. Look at the complete teams in the AFC, the Pats, Colts, Broncos, Bolts and what do they all have in common? They have coaches who have been there for many years. Give Saban a chance.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saban's had his chance Jackass!
He blew it. Signing Culpepper was
the nails in his coffin. This idiot
gave his 1-6 team off and then comes out and said he had no choice.....HIS WIFE MADE HIM !
Didn't anybody catch that? This
moron needs to be laughed out of town. His wife made him? That's even worse than that pansy-girlie
red flag throw @ the Pittsburg game. Could you ever imagine Parcells or Bilichek ever saying something like that? I think not!
Ask Gus Ferotte why he didn't come back. You know what he'll say?
Saban is an idiot who talks down to
you like your a college player. You
people that want him back next year
better realize there will be a new
offensive coordinator if he does.
Three offensive coordinator in 3
years? Doesn't that tell you something about Saban? Nobody likes
him except his wife. And thats only
because he puts her in front of the
team. Fire his ass now and get Charlie Weiss. Along w/ Brady Quinn we could be on a comeback to the glory days. Stick with Saban
and we'll be another Detroit Lions
or Arizona Cardinals!!!!!!!

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...


Let's just focus on Miami vs. SF

SF 2-5 (ARZ, 1-7)
Miami 1-6 (HOU, 2-5)

Gore 124
Brown 122

SF 833
Miami 617

SF 174-4.8
Miami 155-4.0

SF 111
Miami 131

SF 40
Miami 30

SF 37/84 (44%)
Miami 39/103 (38%)

SF 2/6(33%)
Miami 5/8 (63%)

SF 2176
Miami 2264

OFFENSE (Plays - Avg Yards)
SF 398 - 5.5
Miami 461 - 4.9

What's my point? Ronnie Brown was a wasted pick, wasted $10.0M signing bonus and wasted salary cap space (just as Jason Allen will prove to be). Saban will be stripped of his personnel duties (sooner than later) but by that time the damage will have been done.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous exile said...

Frank Gore shredded the mighty Oakland a few weeks back and had decent numbers against the Bears this weekend mostly because of one 50-yard run that I believe happened in garbage time. That helps the statline, but it doesn't make him the clearly better back. He's been just what Ronnie's been - a running back who can't prove himself one way or the other because he's on an offensive unit that's got problems.
Again, I'm not saying Ronnie's proven that he's the answer. He's just not proven that he's a bust, either.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, hand off to Brown 25 times and put Chambers in motion. Wow that was easy. All our problems are solved! NOT!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both Chambers & Brown are way
over-rated. Remember all the
smack Chambers was talking before
the season...they definatly thought
they were Superbowl bound. Now they're acting like they knew this would be a losing season. Fire Saban, get Charlie Weiss, and draft
D.Culpepper = broken down & washed up!
J.Harrington = NFL Bust from day 1
R.Brown = hyped running back who sucks
J.Allen = wasted 1st round pick

N.Saban = mastermind of this crap.

Solution = Fire Saban & clean house for 07' !!!!!

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...


The beautiful part about dealing with raw numbers, is that you don't get wrapped up in emotion. Allow me to give you some more numbers. Against mighty Buffalo (18th against the rush), Ronnie Brown had 70 yds; against the impenetrable Packers (9th against the rush), Brown had an eye popping 59 yds and most sorrowful of all, against the "Brick Wall" that is Houston (26th against the rush), all-pro "to be" Brown achieved a stratospheric 49 yds (never mind the 30 yds he got against Pittsburgh). This Sunday, Brown will get a chance against the Bears. We'll see how well they'll let him run, late in the game when "it doesn't mean anything".

Now, back to Gore. Frank is no superback, but he didn't cost SF the second overall pick nor a $10.0M signing bonus nor is he blocking much needed salary cap. With all the pressing needs Miami has (DB's, OL, QB, etc.) you can't justify Brown's draft position, salary or his mediocre performance.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Hey Anonymous, I said these are things the Dolphins can do to improve. I never said these are solutions for all their problems ... Neither are they solutions for your stupidity.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fire Mularkey. It is apparent that there is a lethargy to the offense in general. You pointed out the lack of use of our two best players (Chambers and R. Brown). The under utilization is compounded when Ronnie is taken out on 3rd down as he was repeatedly in the last game so that Sammy Morris could come in.

This shows a stunning lack of insight and creativity on Mularkey's part that appears to be fatal. The question is, are we prepared to let these qualities stick with our team or should we cut off the diseased limb?

10:36 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Bravo Armando... bravo!!! Half these fools think the problems are so simple, We know the problems, it is how and when we can make the correct changes or adjustments. I still believe it all starts with Saban, but whi will we replace him with. I am tired of playing the odds with most of these coaches flying around out there trying to make a statement. I think we should offer some damn good money to get the head coach and his coaching staff from Ohio State or Michigan Wolverines. They both have outstanding records over years, and continue to produce high caliber players and executing teams. The head coaches and other offensive and defensive coaches we see dancing around the NFL looking for a home or team for years doing the same thing over and over, and no franchise or true football lovers what these men because they cannot produce consecutively, or not at all.

12:53 AM  
Blogger AB-MIA said...

The offensive problems start and end with Mularkey, as a coordinator and a play-caller. Ronnie Brown option pass in Houston?? No WR screens to Chambers when defenses are blitzing?? Ronnie Brown out on third-down situations?? No moving Chambers around to get him more catches, like Linehan did last year?? Didn't we get Barnes at FB because he was one of the best blocking we give the ball to Ronnie and let Barnes lead the way behind Shelton and Carey to the right?

What did anybody see in Buffalo's offense when Mularkey was there to make us feel like this guy is an offensive genius?

10:19 AM  
Blogger AB-MIA said...

The offensive problems start with Mularkey as an offensive coordinator and play-caller. Everyone felt that since he was running the same "system" as Linehan, everything would work fine. But this guy is incapable of making needed ADJUSTMENTS! Is he incapable of moving Chambers around to get him the ball?? Do we throw WR screens to Chambers when teams are blitzing? Then there's the game decisions...taking Ronnie Brown out on third-down?? Ronnie Brown option pass in Houston??

What did we see in Buffalo's offense the past few years to make us believe this guy was the answer?

10:24 AM  
Blogger Lab_3003 said...

I agree with the suggestions. If I had any say I'd consider moving the pocket on deep pass plays or even bootlegging Joey Harrington to allow deep passing plays to develop. Sure running the ball could help however Miami's problem is driving down the field quickly, i.e. in less than 10 plays. They average 6.5 yards per passing play, that must improve unless the Dolphins would like to go 1-15.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous exile said...

Hi again Ed,
Okay, I think this is going in circles, but I still fail to see how any of these numbers prove that it's all on Ronnie's shoulders rather than at least somewhat on the offensive line's.
Quick quiz: How do we know that Denver has an excellent offensive line? Because of the stats the guys behind them rack up. Stats may be emotionless, but they don't tell the whole picture about any one player. What stats are there to illustrate how well or poorly an offensive line is playing? (Okay, you have those ridiculous "pancake" stats, but other than that ...) I'm not saying Ronnie's setting the world on fire right now; obviously he's not. I'm just saying that with all the position-shuffling and general poor play up front right now, it's tough to tell how much of the mediocre stats are his fault and how much of it needs to be laid at the feet of the guys blocking for him. Maybe next year Saban brings in one or two new linemen, guys don't switch positions mid-stream, Hauck works his magic and Ronnie still rushes for 3.8 yards a carry. Then we'll all be able to agree he was the second coming of Sammie Smith. Until then, I'm willing to have an open mind.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

ab-mia... in buffalo Mularkey did not have Hitler as his Head coach who is known for his strict and my way is the only way idealism. People can produce as long as the whole team works and executes as a team, but Saban knows it all. Listen to his weekly remarks... the offensive and defensive plays are all based on his agenda; not Malarkey's or anyone else. Until Saban steps down from his throne and allows Mularkey and others to do their job as best they know, nothing will change here.

joseph.. if it were but quick mere changes in offense and defense you would see the key players still making plays. You must need that quick fix to get those gears, if any, moving in that thick skull of yours. Maybe the fumes of what you are snorting are quite not strong enough to wake you from your coma of stupidity. Quick fixes my ass. Why noy put Bozo the clown in as head coach , and hire Homey the clown for quarterback; who knows they may play better than the clowns we have in there now.

Here is a thought. Two of our best defensive players, Taylor and Thomas, cannot execute their position properly in this game plan saban wants to run. Explain who you would place in their spot. I see no one that can execute their position better than themselves, and again they had problems last year because of Saban's game plan. I sure do not remember Mularkey coaching last year, yet we are doing the same stupid things we did last year until the last 6 games when we went back to the basics in play schemes. Wake up..

Both you and ab-mia should look back at all the games, listen to pompous mouth of Saban and you will then and only then know what is gong on. Just because some have not been on this blog before does not mean they are ignorant, it is just that the big mouthed ignorant individuals who have been whinning here now have some people here that do understand, the game and problems, and cannot handle the truth and knowledgeable insight and information given here. One game does not show the caliber of any player or coach; it is the many games and crap coming from their mouths that define them.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, your suggestions for fixes are exactly the types of things that point to the opinions of fans that Saban and other coaches on the staff should be fired. All of the things you mention are blatantly obvious, probably to many fans who are just CASUAL Dolphins fans. That brings up the question, "Why didn't the coaching staff recognize these things and correct them WEEKS ago, when something could have been salvaged from this season?" Here's another example: When Saban made the call to move McIntosh back to LT, that was a good move, but AT LEAST 3 weeks too late, when it was painfully obvious to most of the Dolphin nation that Shelton was not the answer! Saban may have good ideas, but is way too slow to implement. I want my head coach to be a hell of a lot more decisive. The Yeremiah Bell situation is another. It's been talked about for a few weeks, but Saban just pulled the trigger a few days ago. Too slow.

Neil B.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Griff said...

Mike Mularkey is not the problem here!! As a die hard dolphin fan, I feel when he is aloud to icoorperate his own offence and have control (like he did in Pittsburg) He will be succesfull. Untill saban lets him do that there will be problems. GO FINS

12:11 PM  

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