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Friday, October 13, 2006

Truth or consequences

Sometimes football coaches lie, I mean, stretch the truth a little bit.

Nick Saban is a football coach.

Sometimes he, er, stretches the truth.

That's how I see his statement about his 2006 draft class not being a big disappointment. Yes, there is some disappointment that only Derek Hagan is contributing, he admitted, but not a huge disappointment.

Sure Nick. And I can run the 40 in 4.3

Saban said the rookies are not a disappointment because he has veterans playing ahead of them that are doing very well and he's not trying to bench.

Are you kidding me?

This team is 1-4. Saban should be aching to bench somebody because if you've got a 1-4 team and you're happy with the way folks are playing, something is definitely wrong.

You telling me that the Dolphins are not disappointed first-round pick Jason Allen can't earn his way onto a defensive snap? Even one?

Saban said that doesn't disappoint him because he's not looking to bench either starting safety now. That's interesting because league sources are indicating that the Dolphins have made cursory contact with safety Troy Vincent, recently released by the Bills, to gauge his desire to return to Miami.

Saban said on his radio show Thursday night that Vincent was not on the radar from a "business standpoint," which translates to salary cap reasons. Well, we'll see in the next couple of weeks if Saban indeed has no interest in Vincent.

We'll see if the coach was, shall we say, stretching the truth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see, the dolphins had a 1st 3rd, 4th and 3 7th round picks, jason allen showed up late, derek hagan is playing and according to the press-"looks good", toledo gets hurt so you can't count him but according to the press before the injury-"is playing well and looks like he could start", and the 7th round picks are a manor of speaking...7th round picks who are all long shots anyways....its amazing evans is on the team and they have a pretty decent guy waiting to join the team next year.
Is Saban happy? I am amazed that they have gotten this much production out of the draft.
When the beat the Jets, perhaps the negativity will slow a bit.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the first posting, and Almando are you kidding with this blog? Allen will be a bust only if he is a poor performer next year. Palamalu for the Steelers barely played as a rookie and when he did he was TERRIBLE. Now he is an all pro. Historically WR's do not fare well in their first year and Hagen HAS played well when he has been in there. He has the look of no worse than a really good number 2 WR. Toledo is the starter at RT the second he is healthy enough to play and next year the DT rotation could be the two 7th round picks Evans and R. Wright. Too early to tell, but it is a REAL possibility. That would make 5 starters from this year and 4 from the prior year. NONE may be all pro players but ALL look like they are good or have a chance to be. The first poster also makes an excellent point that Saban has been handicapped (self inflicted in the Culpepper instance) and hasn't had the ammo that the other teams have had the past two years. If these guys pan out next year then he will have done an incredible job drafting!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Joseph said...

I think the previous two anonymous posters missed the boat. The 2006 Dolphins team was assembled to make an impact in the playoffs. The defense is getting old very quickly and it needs to win this year, not have draft picks be successful next year. The 7th round picks, I will agree that anything you get out of them is a bonus. Allen, however, needs to be a contributer. Look around the league at other 1st round picks and most of them are playing. Just a quick glance over the list shows Jay Cutler, Chad Greenway, and Bobby Carpenter as the only people not playing (as far as I know) and Cutler and Greenway have a good reason. 1st round picks should be able to make immediate impacts on a team and Allen has not done that, hence Armando's comments. I understand that we will not fully know whether or not this draft was a success for a few years but this is 2006 and the Dolphins needed help now with that pick and so far they have not gotten it.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so that I understand the situation, you are judging Jason Allen on the basis of the Dolphins contacting Troy Vincent. It is far simpler to grab a veteran and teach him this complicated system that Miami uses then teach a rookie. Patience, I understand the Dolphins are getting older on defense but we need to develop players. Not every safety is Ed Reed, some are like Palamalu and need time to develop. As for Hagan, let the man have some time on the field. Chambers has disappeared on the field and he needs to show up to help the rookie out. There is no need to play Evans cause our run defense is doing pretty good. The defense as a whole is coming along, they did a great job stopping the Patriots. The team is 1-4 because of the offense, leave the poor defensive rookies alone. Lets go and beat the JETS! They are the team I hate the most after the BILLS! We lost to the BILLS, please MIAMI don't do this to me again. GO DOLPHINS!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I disagree with your article...but then again I usually do so no big deal.

It is hard to appreciate a writer with such an obvious anti-team, anti-coach agenda.

What would it benefit Coach Saban to stand before the likes of you and admit that he were disappointed? I don’t believe you are actually naïve enough to expect him to so. Therefore the basis for your latest “article” is the next most convenient opportunity for you to spew your typical anti-Saban comments.

Here is a typical outline for one of your articles...
1. Anti-Saban comment.
2. Point out the obvious comment.
3. Anti-Saban comment.
4. Anti-Saban comment.

When was the last time you actually reported something useful that we wouldn’t have already seen for ourselves on or read on the common internet sites?

We deserve better media coverage.

High Five,

Carl Carlisle
Coral Springs, FL.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...

Actually, in defense of Armando, I feel like he has been critical when criticism has been needed. I am a life long Dolphin fan, and it is not fun to read negative press about them. I would much rather be reading about how they are in the running to sweep the Pats this year. Unfortunately, most sports writers are paid to write "opinions based on facts", and the facts right now are that the Dolphins are not a good football team, and Saban (how was dubbed the second coming of Shula) has made some questionable moves/non-moves this year. Armando's opinion may take a negative slant, but it is absolutely based on facts. Remember, Armando is not suposed to write like a fan drunk on Dolphin Kool-aid, and I am so sick of hearing the same old, tired patter coming from Saban that I am glad Armando is calling a "spade a spade". While I agree that it is not fair to entirely judge a draft class based upon their first season, I absolutely could not believe Saban drafted a safety in the first round, and am absolutely disappointed that he is not contributing on defense in a big way today. But let the season play out, and let's see what they do next year before passing judgement. In the meantime, thank you, Armando, for giving us your opinion about the goings on in Dolphinland, even if it rubs some people the wrong way.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy that the media is critical when criticism is needed. But the overwhelming amount of it lately is a bit much.
The 1st 2 posts speak volumes. Jason is not a bust and may develop into a stalwart on this defense for years to come. The Phins bring in veterans and free agents all the time to gauge their ability in case an injury occurs. If Daniels were to go down with yet another injury, we could use another DB. And a veteran DB would be more helpful than an inexperienced free agent. He's worth the look. He played well against Miami last year on a bad Bills defense.

12:57 PM  
Blogger scott said...

I don't think it's a secret that Saban's relationship with the media has caused this wave of negative feedback from the Miami writers. This should have been expected. Writers like Armando were just waiting for the Dolphins to fall, so they could berate Saban with criticism. Is this only speculation on my part? Yes, but it's no different than what these Miami writers are doing.

I'm willing to be patient with Saban this year and next. He came into a difficult situation. Teams have to build through the draft, and Saban was left with few. All of our picks from last year are still on the team, and our first 4 are major contributors to our team. Is Ronnie a bust for a no. 2 pick? I don't think so. The line doesn't give him much room to display his talents. Also keep in mind, last year's draft was very weak. Look at the first round, none of the other players have contributed more other than Merriman.

This years draft as stated earlier contained 2 first day picks. It'd be nice to see Allen contribute now, but I agree that it's better to groom him till he's ready. The season is still young. By throwing in all our rookies, you're telling the veterans that we're giving up on the season. We as fans need some patience. In less than 2 years we went from sailing into a black hole, to being Super Bowl contenders. It would've made a good movie, but let's be realistic.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous LeftCoastPhinPhan said...


Absolutely agree about being patient and giving Saban this year and next. When Saban first arrived I had it figured for a 2-3yr rebuilding process, but I really got sucked into the hype this year like everyone else. The biggest concern is still stability on the O line. I had hoped to see them put together the right group this year so that the same guys next year would be tight. As it looks right now, there is still going to be another new O line next year and we they will (again) need the first part of the season to gel. This is an area which, I think it is realistic to say, has not be adequately addressed by Saban, Joe Toledo's injury notwithstanding.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

Ahhhh... slowly the South Florida media is turning on the Nick-tator. After TWENTY ONE games. TWENTY ONE!

You gutless turds sat by as Wannstache & co. ran this franchise down the shitter, and all because he was such a great guy. Hey, he was kind to the media and loyal to his assitants, didn't matter he could't coach his way out of a paper bag.

Anyone know what Jimmy Johnson's record was after his first 21 NFL games? What's that? Oh, 3-18? He must've been a shitty coach.

I don't blame Saban for treating you guys like dogs; you deserve it.

I happen to think the media has just run out of ideas. 2 different South Florida papers basically ran the same piece on Ronnie Brown being a bust within 2 days of each other. Wonderful reporting there, ace.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It strikes me funny that Sabn is so defensive ... criticizing the fans for booing and the media for asking the tough questions. The emperor has no clothes, it seems.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Papo from calle ocho, Miami said...

In my opinion, we live in a sports world which is divided by each and every one of our introspective viewpoints ... the proverbial fence exists ☻☻☻ Some sit on top, others climb up, others made it to the other side and are on their way down, some hop right over it, some just look at it and wonder, et cetera ... perhaps a reality upheld by many, is that Nick has had disappointments along the way? I dunno ... wish I knew ... However, Armando has posed an interesting loaded question--'Are you kidding me?' And, is Jason Allen a 'disapointment'? People have twisted that into 'Armando said Jason Allen is a bust' ☻☻☻ folks, their is a difference, and what is noteworthy is, is that it has furnished an argument in the tiresome philosophy of sportstalk semantics. Is Jason Allen a disappointment? Yes. Somewhat according to Nick? I dunno how to quantify. In a relative manner? Perhaps. Search me. The question is, are loaded questions 100% of the time relevant, and, does Jason Allen and Nick's picks overall give birth to controversy? If you categorize all of Nick's judgments & doohickies into one category -- the category of failure, does that and will they be embroiled in controversy? I dunno ╬ I've pondered ☺☺☺ with a humble heart││is it true there are consequences for telling the truth? Why is it wrong to tell a white lie? Stretch the truth, and be called a phony? Does everybody have to know each and every detail of everything always everyday? Et cetera ... I dunno. Nick has expectations, like all of us, and a disappointment simply is -- a falling short of what they hoped would occur, but there still exists hope, an esperanza. Not a bust. Being influenced by others is not Nick's style, it is disadvantageous otherwise ... I respect that. Nick gets called out all the time everyday. Do you think it chaps his manhood? Are you kidding me ... huh?

11:05 PM  
Anonymous neerav said...

I think the media needs to lay off on the criticism of Coach Saban. As a head coach, he has never had a losing season. The man works hard and has been successful.

Give him atleast 3 seasons to bring in his players and revamp the roster. He will turn it around. The man doesn't know how to fail.

11:51 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

I've been avoiding this blog because it had become a sounding board for irrational idiots calling for Saban to be fired today and making other unintelligent remarks. But everyone's comments for THIS post are well thought and rational. Good to see the real fans (the smart ones) coming out of the woodwork to give their take on our beloved Dolphins.

I agree that the media needs to take it easy. But when the local team is 1-4, what else are you going to write or talk about? Get an interview with T.O. like LeBatard? No thanks.

I'm not sold that Armando is anti-Saban, anti-Dolphins just yet. So the conspiracy theories will be just that -- theories -- for now.

I've rambled on long enough, so let me just say that I wish Allen wasn't a Dolphin. I've never liked him and I wish we had spent our pick on someone else. BUT I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope and pray that he proves my doubts wrong in time and become the next Palomalu. Too early to say he's a bust, although it's certainly easier to say it when the team is 1-4 and he's yet to get a start.

But we'll see. And I say no to Troy Vincent. He's washed up and has a lingering hamstring problem.


2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First round picks should win a starting spot right away. QB's are an exception. Ronnie Brown at least starts, and would start for at least half of the teams in the NFL I believe. He is therefore not a bust. Maybe not worth #2 overall, but not a bust. For #2 overall, you really want Barry Sanders or Marshall Faulk, but I guess it doesn't always work out like that. Some people say you should not pick RB in the first round since their career is short, they are injury prone, and you can get guys in the lower rounds that can do a decent job if the blocking is good. This sounds sensible to me.

As far as Allen goes, many people say that you should not use #1 picks on safeties either because it is easy to find low cost guys in free agency who can play now, and lower round picks who can develop later. If Jason Allen is the second coming of Ronnie Lott, this is of course an exception, but this remains to be seen. Allen should have been taken in the second round, where most draft experts thought he belonged. Saban claimed that he was a top ten pick who "fell to us" but his holdout ruined everything. I refuse to believe that 10 days of camp killed the whole year for him. What exactly was covered in those 10 days that he couldn't catch up on in the following months? This sounds like crap to me.

A team with as many needs as the dolphins have should not be picking RB and safety in round 1 in my opinion anyway. But who am I to question a 20 million dollar coach like Nick Saban?

What about the QB position ? Trading the second rounder for Culpepper was a good move. But why does it take four preseason games and 4 regular season games to find out that he hasn't recovered from his injury? The 20 million dollar genius is supposed to be burning the midnight oil with his 200 assistants breaking down all of the film etc. More likely Saban just waited four games for the "rust to shake off" and it never did. Now he is floating this injury story with "explosion therapy" or some such nonsense.

Why shouldn't Culpepper have had to win the starting job? What do the Dolphins owe him? Ferotte was not the answer, but at least produced a 9-6 season, and he wasn't given a chance to compete, nor was Harringtion. The job was handed to Culpepper without competition and he gets to keep it until the season is shot. He is coming off a very serious injury, and gets to start even though someone else is playing better. I sure hope thet next time he has to earn his way back on to the field.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

People, two things:

I never said Jason Allen was a bust. It is too early for that. It is, however, disappointing Miami's first round pick is not playing. I've talked to the guy and he himself is disappointed he's not playing. Anyone argue that point?

Secondly, you guys are making something simple seem very complex. I have nothing against Nick Saban. I like the guy. A lot. I think he's going to win eventually. But that doesn't suspend reality. The Dolphins are 1-4 right now. So you want me to write all is wonderful in Dolphinsland?

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is time to play the younger guys because they will play with a hungry heart or I am sorry the vets are so much better thats why we are 1-6! Do you know the difference between Nick & Bill and don't say superbowls, He knows when to put the new guys in and does't ever think about feelings over hunger.

11:57 AM  

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