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Friday, April 13, 2007

Just don't see Culpepper as a Dolphin

This should not have come as a surprise to me but it did today when I suddenly realized Daunte Culpepper doesn't have much of a future as the Dolphins quarterback anymore.

It is Friday afternoon and the last couple of days of talking to people both in private and group settings has led me to that conclusion so I am sharing what I am piecing together for you.

As you already know, Culpepper is still not healthy and today made no guarantees he would be healthy anytime soon. He was told when he had his last surgery Nov. 30 it would take "four to six months" before he was completely recovered.

We are past the four month stage and Culpepper, it could be argued, has seen a setback because as late as three weeks ago he was running and then started suffering soreness in the knee. His doctor shut him down from the running and did not clear him for the current Miami minicamp.

Beyond that hazy picture of Culpepper's health, I am seeing new coach Cam Cameron distancing himself from Culpepper. It's not so much what he says about Culpepper, but rather what he doesn't say.

Not only has Cameron never said he thinks Culpepper will be healthy, he has not said Culpepper is Miami's quarterback even if he is healthy.

Instead Cameron has told owner Wayne Huizenga he's excited about the prospect of adding Trent Green. He has said Cleo Lemon will get a chance to compete for a starting job. He has said things that simply point me away from Culpepper being his guy.

Green is not a Dolphins player today but I think it will eventually happen. I know this because Green wants to be in Miami so much, he's already agreed to parameters of a contract with the Dolphins. And he's not negotiating with any other team, which is a necessary step if he were to be with any other team.

Trent Green seems headed to Miami one way or another and you should ask yourself, why? Is he so eager to come as a backup? I don't think so. I have to assume he's been led to believe he'll be the starter. And that leaves no room for Culpepper.

Another thing: I've been asking about Culpepper's cap status and have gotten the strange silent treatment from the team. Seems like the subject is taboo when typically the Dolphins are quite cooperative with such things for the sake of maintaining accuracy in the press.

But for some strange reason, phone calls and emails aren't returned when this is the subject.

Finally there is this: Even if Culpepper were healthy, there is a big question whether he's the type of quarterback Cameron would want running his offense. Culpepper, at his best. held the ball until the last possible moment, scanning the field, reading, trying to find an open receiver, always knowing he could run away from pressure if the weather in the pocket got too hot.

Cameron wants a more disciplined approach to quarterbacking. He wants a guy that can study the defense BEFORE the game even begins and knows what he's likely to see BEFORE it ever happens. That is simply not Culpepper's style. He ain't a bookworm quarterback, he's a make-things-happen-on-the-run quarterback.

And those are the reasons I don't think Daunte Culpepper will be the Dolphins quarterback.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C-Pep is not a Cameron guy. Look at his dossier of QBs in the past: All pocket QB's that can stand in the pocket and read defenses and find the hole in the coverage. What was the knock on C-Pep coming to Miami? He lacks the ability to read defenses and relies too much on his scrambling. Now that the scrambling is gone, he's useless. Buh-bye C-Pep...we never got to know you! Time to get Drew...Drew Stanton that is. We missed out on Brees. Now it's time to get Levi Brown in the 1st round and snag Stanton in the 2nd. Then get a burner WR with the other 2nd. Time for some attention to the offense!

7:00 PM  
Anonymous John Michaels said...

Armando, I agree with you 100,000%! Daunte Culpepper is finished in Miami, and if there are Dolphins fans out there that still believe that Daunte can be the man.... Well, they have the thickest pair of "rose colored glasses" I have ever seen! Daunte is finished, Daunte is done, Daunte will soon be out of a Dolphins uniform and I couldn't be happier!

The sooner Dumbte Suckpepper is gone, the sooner we can move on. Bring on Trent Green, and a rookie QB. Whether it's Brady Quinn, Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, or Kevin Kolb. We need a QB us Dolphins fans can call our own, instead of garbage QB's like Suckpepper. Trent Green would be a much, much, much, much better mentor for our new rookie than Dumbte.

I can't blame Coach Cameron from distancing himself from this guy, he should not put his first head coaching job at risk by relying on a mistake that Saban made. Coach Cameron is doing the right thing by going after HIS type of QB, that fits HIS needs, and HIS offensive scheme. So long, Suckpepper! I won't miss you!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous jimmy said...

Armandito, you are probably right in everything you wrote -- but time to add some good ole fashioned criticism to your well-researched blog item.
As your colleague Cote says, a healthy Daunte is by far the best chance for Miami to have a great quarterback. Trent Green is a year or two away from a rocking chair, he is over-the-hill and washed up and Cam's warm fuzzy feelings to his old pupil are getting in the way of good sense. I know you like Quinn, I'm beginning to feel the overhyped Quinn may deserve the benefit of the doubt and worth drafting -- but he seems gift wrapped for Cleveland from all accounts in the latest press. Daunte was once considered in the same breath as Peyton Manning. The odds are good that he will eventually regain his health -- it does not seem to be a career ending injury. If I am correct, and the odds are good Daunte will make a healthful comeback, then the Dolphins should show their support of the guy --at least for this season anyway. He has not had a real chance to show what he is made of as a Dolphin.
The problem, though, as you say, is Cam's queer feelings toward Green it appears.
End the press honeymoon and give him hell!

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see DC staying in Miami if the phins draft a QB. I would love for him to get better and come back but it's gonna take at least another year to regain full health and with his bloated salary....I'm afraid we're gonna have to say goodbye.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, you hate the Dolphins and have proven it over the years, you have never liked the Dolphins from day one and the accuracy of your reports and writing about the Dolphins equals something on the level on how a first grader could not help but fail his first grade science project. I have never ever in my life read anything postive from you about our Fins. You should try to cover your local elementary school swimming team before you go on with all of your outrageous rubbish. Take some advice you Dolphin hating football no nothing and go away! I guess you must have done something beyond humane for the editor for him to keep you around this long. Be gone you doom and gloom!!!!!

9:38 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Nice! 3 posts in 2 days... sweet.

I agree with you Armando. I've never liked Culpepper ever since he blew up his knee... and it just seems that the FO has zero confidence in him. It might be best for everyone to go their seperate ways and start fresh. Whatever we do, the QB situation is going to be shaky for a while. Getting Green and drafting a QB would be ideal. But only if we can get Green on the cheap (ie not a damn 2nd rounder!).

I just hope people don't think Cam has a vendetta against Culpepper. If he doesn't think he'll help this team and decides to let him go, then it's a football decision and has nothing to do with anything else. But I know saying that is futile. Especially on this blog comment board...

Keep up the great work Armando.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was only last year that every one were excited and chanting “DC’s” name. When DC rush back from his severe knee injury to play with the Miami Dolphins, you must remember that he was not completely healed. In addition, even former coach Saban later admitted that DC did not do his rehab that may have given him better strength in his repaired knee. For example, the Buffalo Bills kept Willis McGhee from playing the entire year because he was rehabbing his knee when he was drafted. The Bottom line it is Saban fault for putting DC in those preseason and regular season games. Saban had to know that DC was not foot ball ready; and that the offensive line were a group of stiffs.
Now Armando is making DC the weakest link on the Dolphins football team by saying, DC cannot read defenses. This is a Pro Bowl quarter back with positive stats that is being treated like trash. While Coach Cameron ostracize DC and takes a huge gamble on a 37-year-old quarter back who had a severe concussion. I believe Duante Culpepper is still a good quality QB.
Yes, I do believe the Dolphins need to draft a younger QB; and that Lemon should be given an opportunity to start. However, dumping DC like garbage is a huge mistake by Coach Cameron. and general manger Mueller.

11:15 PM  
Blogger #1 Dol Fan ACE said...

Daunte is far more better than Trent on his good day, I really think Miami should pic either Drew Stanton, or Boise state QB Zanbronski, I like Zanbronski because he is the sleeper of the draft at QB he's smart and competitive like someone we all grew to love #13, Trents OLD and confusted after getting knocked around in KC, He thinks he's got the job because of coach Cam, I really hope that we don't get OLD MAN GREEN!!!!!

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with an earlier commenter -- Armando you got a serious attitude problem when it comes to the Dolphins. And as you write about the Dolphins for the most important paper in town its time you do your job with some responsibility. Most people who read your paper and your blog want the Dolphins to succeed. One way to help that happen, Armando, is to stop dumping on one of the best quarterbacks of the last ten years. Daunte is injured, missed mini-camp, so what. Its not forever. Give this man the chance he deserves -- he has already proven he is one of the best.

2:07 AM  
Blogger dwinkinale said...

Aquiring Green will be trying to fix one mistake with another. I think most Phin fan's would have prefered Brees over Culpepper, but what is done is done. The team made a commitment to Culpepper and should stick by him. Give him the time to heal. Sure, Culpepper was not exactly a student of the game in the past. You don't think he is aware that he won't be as mobile and needs to be better prepared beforehand? What is wrong with you people? Culpepper will be back sooner or later. Patience! Adding Green will just take away a pick we desperatly need to fill other positions. At most Green will be riding the bench and mentoring a younger QB. If that is the case either wait for him to be released and pick him up for nil, or wait until he retires and add him as a QB's coach. He down't have anything left to offer KC or Miami as a starter and his playing career will be over by this time next year. Wait! Why are we so eager to go grab him now? If this is Cameron's idea of an upgrade at the QB position, I'm really worried about what the future holds for this team.

2:27 AM  
Anonymous R. Howard said...

I can't disagree with you more, DC when healthy, is one of the better QB's in the league. Many people forget about his MVP performance in 2004, instead they harp on his injured season in 2005. A 2005 season in which he was playing without Linehan, both offensive guards, pro-bowl center, as well as a pro-bowl wideout. If you were to take that away from P. Manning even he would have a terrible season.
If given the opportunity, DC will return to his 2004 form. To bad he want be given that opportunity for reasons beyond his play.

2:44 AM  
Blogger dwinkinale said...

Hey guys. I'm going to start a Fins blog with random thoughts, etc. Yeah, I know most of you are just thinking, 'Oh great, all we need is another idiots opinion about the Phish'.
Anyway, feel free to check it out and comment. Regards...

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mando, you're on a roll dude! My view is this. We put Donte on a PUP/IR list and go after Kolb or Stanton or Edwards in round #2. Have Green mentor and deal C-Pep when he's finally healthy. Or wait till next years' camp & see if he can return to form, then let him and the other guys battle it out. What say you guys?

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fish should let Culpepper get healthy because a healthy Culpepper is the best option at QB they will have for this year. If they go with Lemon or a rookie its pretty much conceding a rebuilding year, but signing Joey Porter shows that they aren't trying to rebuild.

I'd use the draft to take care of the line and WR areas and find a returner. I know his name has cooled off but Ted Ginn Jr should be on the Fish's radar. He's going to be an impact player immediately if for no other reason then his return abilities. Levi Brown wouldn't be a bad choice either, but then they NEED to get a WR in the 2nd round - its a deep year so that's good. and remember they got two 2nd rounders.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

If Miami cuts Culpepper and he's not healthy don't they have to pay some sort of penalty? Not sure about this. I'm very nervous about the future of this team. I think Cam Cameron is an O-Coordinator at best. He looks like a bumbling idiot and I'd have much rather Miami gone with a young coach than this guy. I have a feeling the next 2-3 years are going to be a disaster and we'll just have to see whose available in 2009.....Hang in there guys cause I think it's going to be a bumpy ride.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daunte doesn't fit Cam's offensive system. You can't have an effective system if you're using guys that don't fit your system - especially the QB!?! Offensive linemen? Why did we cut so many?

I just wish that we could get a 2nd rounder for Daunte - Raiders?

3:08 PM  
Blogger Chalo said...

Leave Trent Green in K.C Give C-Pep a chance once he gets healthy. Green played with one of the best backs and O-line in the game and he was awful in the playoffs, the Chiefs had no threat of throwing against the Colts, none he sucked and he's old and one big hit from retiring. Look draft a qb some O lineman and a wr a Te and bring back R williams and thats an upgrade. Give C-pep one year to prove himself or show show him the door. The D is ready all the D need is depth at every positon in case of injuries. O is hurting but a 38 yr old qb is not the answer here. He sucked with a big O-line the best Tight end a top three running back and he's coming to miami for what to compete for next years top draft choice.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

Good piece, Armando. I have one point to bring up, though: If all this is true (and I don't doubt that it is), why is Culpepper still on the roster? What purpose does it serve Cam/Mueller to have all this stuff swirling around when they know he will never be their guy?

I think they're using him as insurance on the off chance the Green trade somehow falls apart. From a PR standpoint, I'm not sure they want to go into the season with Cleo Lemon and presumably a rookie as their top 2 QBs.

I'm with you, though. If the Green trade does happen, I expect DC to be gone soon thereafter.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

yes armando daunte is not the man!it's obvious he's done!and i wish the sports writer's on this site would quit shitting all over cameron for not naming a starting qb!what's the guy supposed to do?he's been left with an abortion created by saban(and mueller!),sign carr?all those sacks were not the o-lines fault!a good qb dumps the ball off, throws it away,or runs with it!the guy wasn't worth the money!i think he's handled the situation as well as possible!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous da_man said...

Maybe they need to wait for him to get "healthy" before they cut him to avoid a grievance claim. Means Culpepper will never say he's healthy, cause they'll cut him! He'll force them to pay him off a nice sum to go away quietly.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Dolphins fans and coach Cameron are freaking out that C-pep can't work out in April when training camp doesn't start until late July. So what if he misses some mini-camps. He has plenty of time to heal. I say we draft a project QB like Stanton, Edwards, Kolb, or John Beck and Cleo Lemon proved he could at least hold his own in week 17 last year and have him as a backup.

It is meaningless that C-pep can't do some drills in April and try to rush getting back. Saban left us in a pile of crap by ruining a potential great QB. Culpepper has proven he can be good and I think Cameron can mold him into at least a semi-bookworm and the team can have success.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eIt will be sad to see Trent Green go, because you guys will be getting someone who is great with the community, respectful, proven leader. His time with KC is over but in no way is his career over. I hear alot of people saying that the dolphins need to pass on Green and just pick a QB in the 2nd round. That is fine but Cameron is going to have a very lengthy playbook that is going to take time for a rookie to get used to. KC on the other hand has a VERY pradictable offense- RUN, RUN, PASS, PUNT! A rookie QB that can learn from Trent on how to conduct himself in the NFL and QB tips will be great for your organzation. GO CHIEFS!!!!!

3:33 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

DC was Saban's biggest mistake and a current boondoggle to the Phin's offense in addition to being non-productive baggage against the salary cap. Let him go, bring in Trent Green for the short term and draft a future QB. I'm not so sure that Cleo figures into the future plans, but let him prove himself. However, letting DC go is an inevitable option. He isn't Cam's kind of QB and he isn't going to be healthy any time soon.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous eli said...

if the dolphins release culpepper to "give" the job to green it will 1) be a huge mistake, and 2) send a big-time bad message to the rest of the team that cam's so-called philosophy of player's "earning" their starting jobs is bullshit. it ain't equitable -- this is clearly the case of cam having an absurd infatuation for a player --he seems to play favorites with his past pupils, witness the growing contingent from indiana and chargers days joining the dolphins. cam IS the problem, here. he needs a reality check.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

"This should not have come as a surprise to me but it did today when I suddenly realized Armando Salguero doesn't have much of a future as the Dolphins sports writer anymore."

Poor off the cuff writing with no discernible direction does not make a blog. I know they're not too hot right now but us Dolphins fans deserve better than this.
Armando you also like Brady Quinn?
For all of you liking him, imagine for a second: "Brady Quinn, Senior QB Oregon" or Michigan or Georgia or anywhere besides Notre Dame. He's another product of the same Notre Dame hype machine that propels Notre Dame into BCS bowls they have no business being.
The same machine has propelled Quinn into being considered a Top 10 pick when in reality he wouldn't be considered more than a second rounder.

Or to put it simply:
Quinn = Notre Dame Hype

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Joey said...

Most of you on here are misinformed. You keep saying getting Green is a mistake and that a healthy Culpepper is the best QB we have and that he should be given a chance. It's a bunch of bull.

Do you realize this is a serious injury. He has had two major surgeries on his knee. I've seen reports on many different sports site that DC will not even be ready for the start of training camp. This very well could be the end of his career. I'm not sure you all are understanding how serious his injury really was. It's been about two years since his injury and he's still feeling the effects. He could be feeling those effects for the rest of his life. You all are saying we need to be patience and give him a chance but do you realize we could be waiting for 50 years and he still might never be ready. Frankly, I don't wanna wait. I'd rather get Green and draft a QB and move on and try to put a winning product on the field and not wait for a guy that might never return to the field.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Err, "Joey," you are an ignorant rat's ass.

1) many a qb and football player have come back from similar knee injuries, including cam's mistress trent green.

2) daunte is far from a cripple, he is running quite well already and on schedule to be as healthy as one can be given such an injury -- for sure, he will play football again at a high level. i just hope its for the dolphins. he is and was one of the best in the game.

err, joey, educate yourself before spouting your rat shit on the world

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC, when healthy, can be put with names such as Peyton Manning, Donavan McNabb, Drew Brees and so on. Now, like what happen last year, when DC is rushed into play while still not being 100% probably being pushed by Saban to play, he is terrible. We spent a 2nd round pick on Daunte Culpepper, why can't we just wait for him to prove what he can do when healthy? The bills were patient on Willis McGahee and look what happened.

I don't see getting Green as a smart decision, cause what can you get out of a 38 year old concussioned QB?..he's gunna come and go just like all the quarterbacks after Marino. the best comparison would be Gus Frerotte.

Why would we trade a DRAFT PICK that we so desperately need, for a 38 year old QB that may not be himself either.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

are all you guys as dumb as you sound? daunte dullpecker is coming off a TRIPLE ACL TEAR!who's come back 100% from one of those?my wife had a single tear and the first thing the specialist told here was her knee would never be the same again! and even if he does what do they have?when linehan(andmoss)left he was totally lost and had an awfull year before he got hurt!you think he's going to pick up cameron's system while trying to re-hab his knee?if he comes back i see much the same guy as last year before he was mercifully yanked!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous John Michaels said...

I can't believe it, I truly, truly, truly can't believe it. I simply cannot fathom as to why there are still supporters of Daunte Culpepper out there. My question to you people who love and adore your precious Daunte, is this. Why? Why in the world do you continue to put your faith and devotion into a guy, that has given this franchise ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! What kind of impact has he had on this team? What kind of difference has Daunte given this team? Care take a guess, as to what the answers of those questions are? Don't bother, I'll tell you.... ZERO, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY NOTHING!!!

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I don't feel like wasting another one of Jason Taylor's or Zach Thomas' precious season(s) on a gimpy leg quarterback who has spent most of his time this weekend on a stationary bike. I mean, even Daunte himself said that he didn't know when he was going to be healthy. Everytime Coach Cameron was asked about Daunte he's either side-stepped the question or was just trying to be PC.

I'll be real with you guys. I wanted Culpepper to succeed here, I was sold on the fact that he was going to be our guy, I thought he was eventually going to take us to the "Promised Land." Instead, he came in way before he was supposed too, threw stupid interceptions, stared down his number one target way too long, consistantly fumbled, and held onto the ball WAY too long which resulted in 21 sacks. Not only that, we're now just finding out that his minor "clean-up" surgery was more intensive than what was lead on and now he will most certainly not be ready in time for Training Camp. People, you call that man the "Future of the Franchise?" People, if you think Daunte Culpepper is ever going to amount to anything with the Dolphins franchise, you're sadly mistaken.

Culpepper may return form, but it won't be in Miami. He's simply not what Coach Cameron looks for in a quarterback. If you have ever listened to Coach Cameron talk, you would know this by now. Daunte has NEVER EVER been known as a "smart quarterback." Dumbte Suckpepper is the TOTAL opposite of what Coach Cameron wants in his quarterback. He's has trouble reading even the most basic of defenses, doesn't go through his reads properly, and his ball security issues are well documented.

Culpepper is a wild, reckless, and errant gunslinger who's best trait is to just throw it out there and see if the receiver will catch it. Of course if isn't lobbing passes into the air, he was taking off with his legs. Well, now Daunte doesn't have his legs anymore. He no longer has his athletic ability. Which now makes Daunte just an average QB with a powerful arm, and not much upstairs.

People the Dolphins are moving on, isn't time that you all do that as well? It's time you all do an "about face" on Dumbte, turn your backs to him and let's look towards the future. Trent Green is not here to be the savior. Trent Green is coming here to help us win, as well as be a competent mentor for our future franchise quarterback. Whether that future is Brady Quinn, Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, or Kevin Kolb. Trent is smart, disciplined, and will go through his progressions like most good quarterbacks do. Is there a possibility Trent could get another concussion while he's playing here? Of course, there's a chance it could happen, that's just the game of football. Injuries happen.

Whether you like it or not, you better learn to live with it. Because Daunte Culpepper's days in Miami are growing shorter by the minute.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC has not had a true chance to show what he can do when he is 100% healthy. I'm sure he will never be 100% healthy compared to his 04' season, but I think a healthy Culpepper will be better than a one and done year for Trent Green. Culpepper is 31, which means he can be ready by 32. Wouldn't that be better than having 38yr old Trent Green? and has anyone mentioned Trent Greens major concussion last year? Green has always been a "manager" of the game. He's always had Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson. With pro bowl tight end tony gonzalez.

why not draft a QB for the future while holding on to DC? DC when healthy has had one of the highest completion percentages in NFL history, u can check that for urself.

Now ya its a pain that he is STILL not healthy, but don't u think he would be ready if he wasn't rushed into play last year? He looked like a toothpick last year. Obviously he was also having the phsychological problems with his knee during the games.

with our luck, culpepper is released. then he gets picked up by... lets say the Lions maybe? and they will be patient with him for a year. 2 years from now we'll be seeing Culpepper with his 25-30TD with 10-15INT ratio again.

I understand that the timetable on Taylor, Thomas, and Porter are running shorter every year, but what would be the point of trading FOR trent green, for this one year, and probably failing to meet expectations. once again i compare him to Gus Frerotte.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dolphins had better keep Culpepper or trade him for a conditional 2008 draft pick. To release him would be utterly and completely foolish.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Jason Parsons - Pro Sport News said...

You know, I really have to agree with pretty much everything you said.

In fact, I made a similar post on my blog about the Dolphins situation and their interest in Trent Green. After reading what you wrote, there is really very little chance Culpepper will be wearing a Dolphins uniform in 2007. Most likely, I see them completing a trade for Green (probably for a 4th rounder) and letting him start this season. Then I feel they'll draft a QB, whether its Quinn, Russell, Edwards or Stanton, and let him sit the first year. Trent Green would be an awesome mentor, a smart veteran who reads defenses VERY well and is disciplined. Something Cameron seeks very badly.

I feel in the next two weeks, the QB situation in Miami should be solved for years to come. Then Culpepper will be released (lets face it, who will trade a draft pick for Culpepper, Houston couldn't even get a draft pick for a HEALTHY and YOUNGER David Carr)

8:33 PM  
Anonymous j said...



Everything else is just details.

This guy is the fastest football player ever seen -- he is Gale Sayers Redux at wide receiver.

Yes! TD's all season long with Ted Ginn.

Talk him up!

9:21 PM  
Anonymous da_man said...

The Lions have no interest in Culpepper. Mike Martz is the offensive coordinator and he likes the cerebral QB that Daunte is not
(that's Martz own assessment on Culpepper).

9:36 PM  
Anonymous marco ivan said...

Hey Armando; what about Green's CONCUSSION?.

Give us some comments about Ricky Williams.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can they gey any cap relief by putting him on IR?
that way he can heal another year, look good next preseason and get some value out of him

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Carr would have been a better, and less expensive bandaid than Green. He's got alot more potential and upside, than Green, who is definitely nearing the end of his career. It's going to take a while to make up for last year's blunder of not getting Brees.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you look at the whole Culpepper fiasco, you just have to ask yourself, "How bad a coach was Nick Sabon?'' Or was he doing his buddy Bellicheck (sp?) up in New England a favor by destroying the Dolphins and making it easier for the Patriots to compete. Who knows how this Green thing is going to turn out. But I'm glad no one seems to be jumping on the Cameron bandwagon and calling him a genius. His moves might very well pan out. But let's be patient.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam is a nice guy, up to a point, who did a good job coordinating an offense that had the best running back in the league, ladanian tomlinson.

in other words, he is an idiot who is in over his head as head coach of the dolphins.

he just does not have what it takes to be head coach. and mueller is trigger happy, trying to make his legacy he is at the same time destroying the dolphins.

just don't think these bumbling fools are gonna succeed.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Culpep, needs to stay... A healthy Daunte is better than an old Green. I say we draft a Stanton or Edwards, and let Daunte,Cleo, and the rookie compete for the job. I would much rather take my chances on Daunte than Green. First of all Daunte knows the players around him. He has a head start on the relationship with the wide recievers, and hes not old. We need to stop wasting on time on Quarterbacks that are washed up. Apparently Kansas saw something when they were willing to give him up for Huard! i mean come on Huard he played for us like 2.2 million years ago! Yeah pass on Green, and let the 3 QB's compete for the job...

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Paul K said...

D C was never any good even when his stats were. His numbers were good for the Vikings because of Carter and Moss. When they left so did his stats. This is one more thing to thank Saban for,pass on Drew B and take Daunte. Just think if we had Drew now with Cam as coach. Phins need to trade up in the draft and get a QB to fill a void that has been there since Dan was pushed out by J.J. And take Green to be his mentor for one or two years.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dreww Breeze looks like a steal now Saben was an idiot

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paul k.,
if what you say is true, then the oakland raiders should right now have one of the best quarterback's in the nfl. they have moss, and other good receivers, wonder why their qb can't get numbers like daunte?
are you right? NOT

a bunch of weasel football amateurs commenting in this blog.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has been healthy the whole time. The benching was a result of his gameplay and the knee excuse was at first a face saving one and is now a milking one.

He knows he won't be here so why practice and learn the new system? He hates studying and there is no need to learn two new systems.

All you had to do in determining who was the better take, Brees or Culfumbler, was look at the last year played. Brees was Awesome in 05 and Culfunbler was terrible.

James Andrews operated on both and said both would be good to go. They both were.

They both came out and picked up where they left off in 05. Why this is so hard to comprehend I have no idea but the media and fans have been so naive, it's been a joke. Remember, he was originally benched because of his shoulder then it later became his knee?

No No No, he was benched because he played horrible against the league's worst defenses and Saban didn't want to go 2-14 so he had to make a switch and an excuse.

If Culfumbler had any pain, there would be no way he could have taken 21 sacks and gotten back up.

The only certainty is that he put up the same numbers here as he did in MN LAST YEAR. This was totally expected by me but it seems most others can't piece it together.


8:55 AM  
Anonymous paul k said...

Anonymous said...
paul k.,
if what you say is true, then the oakland raiders should right now have one of the best quarterback's in the nfl. they have moss, and other good receivers, wonder why their qb can't get numbers like daunte?
are you right? NOT

a bunch of weasel football amateurs commenting in this blog.

D.C. has good arm strength making him able to throw it up high and far. Moss could get under it with his speed. In Oakland there is not anyone who can throw as far so Moss could get separation of defenders plus a different Offense.And Oakland sucks on offense and deffense and have for the past several years. Daunte is not an accurate QB, if he tried to spike the ball he would miss the ground!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous patrick said...

Too much emotion here guys... Armando you do a fine job. Look at these stats.

YR % Yrd TD Int Rt
2003 63.1 4039 24 12 92.6
2004 66.4 4591 27 17 95.2
2005 62.5 4014 17 10 90.1

2003 65.0 3479 25 11 96.4
2004 69.2 4717 39 11 110.9
2005 64.4 1564 6 12 72.0

Pretty close, I think Green gets the nod.

Now look at these stats.

2003 9-7 start 6-0
2004 8-8 start 5-1
2005 2-5 prior to injury

2003 13-3 lost 38-31 Ind shootout
2004 7-9
2005 10-6

Here's what bugs me about Culpepper. The Vikings faded every year with Culpepper and Moss. I believe it was due to their opponents adjusting to the tandem and when that happened Daunte could not read defenses or go through a receiver progression and the offense faltered.

Green on the other hand has proven to be a very heady QB who can go through a progression and use the talent around him. I think it is clear why Cameron likes Green and Daunte is on the outs.

Let this coach do his thing. He seems to know what he's looking for and we are just armchair jokers.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daunte is done , you're right but I agree with most, cut him loose. Bring in Green, build the O line with the draft and bring in a rookie QB that can learn. Doesn't need to be a 1st round QB either because it's all a gamble regardless of who you draft. Look Brady was a 6th round, Warner and others. Just as many greats come from later rounds as first rounders. Besides I wouldn't trade up because we need the many picks to build a long term contender.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Cool said...

All you dicks ripping on Armando need to get a life and a girlfriend. I think the kid does a great job. He's telling us what he thinks based on his talks with team people. When was the last time any of you talked to a team official?

Armando keep it up, buddy!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the f&^%$#*, Mando ain't negative. He's accurate. If you don't like what he rights get off this blog and go read some other suckbutt covering the team.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Dolphan said...

Anonymous said...

What the f&^%$#*, Mando ain't negative. He's accurate. If you don't like what he rights get off this blog and go read some other suckbutt covering the team.
DolPhan said....
If your going to cus someone out learn to spell. It's what he writes not rights DUH!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Clint from Denver said...

As a Chiefs fan, I've seen Green play for a while. To tell you the truth I hope you don't get him for a 7th, 4th, or 2nd round pick. There a lot of us who want him to stay a Chief. He is one of the most cerebral QB's out there. Yes he stumbled last year after his concussion, but he came back before he was ready. (Sound familiar phin fans?)If it were not for Coach "how is my next QB going down" Edwards style of play this possible trade would be moot. Green still has exceptional talent. It will be a sad day for Chief fans if he is traded. For all you nay sayers, just remember before Edwards came to KC the Chiefs were one of the best offenses in the NFL year in and year out. And that wasn't just because of our running game!! Trent has at least 2 more years of very productive football left!! Do us a favor Trent, redo your contract with the Chiefs and stay in KC. Miami, take Edwards instead. We'll even throw in a 7th round pick of our own.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous JaxDolphin said...

This anonymous guy must really be a machine. I've never seen so many posts with so many various opinions from one writer I guess what I'm really saying that anonymous sucks.

Trent Green. Duante Culpepper. Cleo Lemon. Yikes. Good thing we're supposed to have a decent defense this year.

Armando, keep up that cutting-edge journalism, guy. Who knows where it might take you.

4:05 AM  
Anonymous seajere said...

Saban's biggest mistake was passing on Brees. His next biggest mistake was not playing Joey Harrington from the beginning when Culpepper was obviously not fit. He might still be the coach had he done this, which may or may not be a good thing since he is NOT an NFL qualty coach!
The dumbest move Cameron has made is getting rid of Harrington for not wanting to pay a measly 1 mill bonus. Harrington is not perfect at this stage but he's still young and will eventually have phin phans saying,"How did we let this guy go!"

3:06 PM  
Blogger Carlos said...

Daunte has proven to be a great scrambling QB in the past, but even if he heals the chances that he gets his mobility skills back arent looking good. Trent Green is a good option (in the short term) since he has worked with Cam in the past, and probably will allow him to get in the Phins mix quicker so we dont get a first pick of the draft next year.

The most important thing in this next few weeks is to choose the best available QB in the draft, the one with most starts in college and familiar to a pro style offense, Quinn seems like a great option but the odds that it falls all the way to the 9th pick arent looking very good. So maybe a second round Trent Edwards or a Drew Stanton can be bred into the next Phins franchise QB.

Now this next QB not necessarily has to be a Dan Marino, certainly not every Super Bowl has been won by the top QBs, a Tarkenton or a Kelly can tell us that. So we shouldnt be so hard on the next guy leading the huddle and consider that Cameron was able to build one of the best offensive units in the league with an unexperienced QB. The reason for this might be the other weapons in the team, maybe Ronnie Brown isnt LT, but I think its a pretty good prospect and he might be just waiting for the right scheme; there might not be any proven Mr. Gates, but we should give recently acquired Martin a chance. Chambers proved to be a threat under Linehan's offense, and if the offensive line gets help in the draft (cross fingers on a Levi Brown or a Joe Thomas) we might just be able to be a top ten offense regardless who ends up being the passer. Add to this that Cam led a Frerrote and a Rivers into Pro Bowl criteria, and I think Dolphins fans should be eager for the games to begin..

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not about the coaching, QB's, Offense and Defense- It's the GM. What kind of guy will release Wes welker, leading reciever and special team's, and One of the "Hottest TE in the league Mr. Mc Micheal". A good GM will scout the team needs. what the Finz need is more Offensive help. Our defense is streched thin. They spend more time on the field than the Offense. That's why we're like one of the Best DEFeNsEs in the NFL. We need to man up, get a good, No A GREAT O-Line, a Threat in the backfield, and some damn good hands at WR. Just can't understand why we're hating on CP. If you can recall he was rushed back on the field. Injuries takes time to heal!!!!! Yes we should have went with Drew but let's take advantage of what we have, And that is a Pro Bowl QB. And why are bringing in new QB's? Cant we hire a QB coach that can teach Lemons, CP and who ever we draft the new system to get this team back to where we belong "ON TOP OF THE AFC?"
So Mr. Wayne "Hi-Figures", Lets go after a Good GM that really know how to scout head coaches to Parking Lot attendants. Dolphins GM Randy Mueller is the real problem!!!

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Cadmar said...

The Dolphins have spent over 6 years and over 80 million dollars trying to find QB. When you factor in signings and draft picks, both made and traded, they don’t seem to know what they are doing. Now they are talking about cutting fifty million dollar man, (QB) Daunte Culpepper, making that entire front office even more incompetent because they would still take a huge cap hit. It makes no since because the truth is there is no quick fix when it comes to QB and trading for a 37 year concuss man is not the answer. The best move for them to make is to do nothing and just let him play don’t bring in a veteran QB. This would only make for more controversy if things go, good or bad and would take away his confidence.
The Dolphins should look at the fact that Culpepper is 30 years old and must look at the draft to develop a QB to take over because the last 5 wining Super Blow had drafted and develop theirs it called continuity and you need it to win. (QB) Troy Smith is a special player and is a steal in the late 2nd, early 3rd round of the draft. He is very accurate with good arm strength and a high completion percentage. He also has excellent mechanics and is a good leader. People keep trying to find out things as to why he is not an elite QB. Many things have nothing to do with football at all everyone likes to say is how short he is. How tall is Drew Brees again? Because of his draft selection he will be cheap, but the most important thing to remember is that he knows how to win this kid beat the best teams and outplayed the guys going ahead of him that includes Quinn. Cutting Culpepper failing to draft the right QB will set the franchise back even more.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dolphins have spent over 6 years and over 80 million dollars trying to find QB. When you factor in signings and draft picks, both made and traded, they don’t seem to know what they are doing. Now they are talking about cutting fifty million dollar man, (QB) Daunte Culpepper, making that entire front office even more incompetent because they would still take a huge cap hit. It makes no since because the truth is there is no quick fix when it comes to QB and trading for a 37 year concuss man is not the answer. The best move for them to make is to do nothing and just let him play don’t bring in a veteran QB. This would only make for more controversy if things go, good or bad and would take away his confidence.
The Dolphins should look at the fact that Culpepper is 30 years old and must look at the draft to develop a QB to take over because the last 5 wining Super Blow had drafted and develop theirs it called continuity and you need it to win. (QB) Troy Smith is a special player and is a steal in the late 2nd, early 3rd round of the draft. He is very accurate with good arm strength and a high completion percentage. He also has excellent mechanics and is a good leader. People keep trying to find out things as to why he is not an elite QB. Many things have nothing to do with football at all everyone likes to say is how short he is. How tall is Drew Brees again? Because of his draft selection he will be cheap, but the most important thing to remember is that he knows how to win this kid beat the best teams and outplayed the guys going ahead of him that includes Quinn. Cutting Culpepper failing to draft the right QB will set the franchise back even more.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Armstrong said...

This confusion with Daunte n Trent is weird, both are hurt, both are good and my take is looking down the future we fixin he o-line which is work in progress Trent gets another concussion,due to the fact we have all amateurs protecting him, Daunte is let go without given a chance to prove himself, who we use then Cleo another unproven QB and have another 3-10 season? why not keep Daunte n Trent and Cleo right to last cut and see what the potential is on both and draft a QB as well u have 2 proven qbs 1st n 2nd and a up n coming 3rd string with a student. Re-work Daunte contract with the veiw that if he wins the QB spot and produces numbers it wil be reveiwed again . lets not be too haste here and let him go it has been proven we have let o good guys before and they go to other teams and become stars and come right into our house and burn us when are we going to learn.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Cadmar comments and Armstrong comments someone in the management team needs to read these blogs b4 Saturday

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a dolfan since 1990. I loved Marino (I cried when he retired because he never got that ring) As for the QB situation, I am outraged and I think other Dolfans should be too! Saban could have had Drew Breez (who was the MVP of the league last year. Instead, he opts for Culpepper. If I am not mistaken I heard Andy Cohen (who claims to not be an employee of the Dolphins but Cheers for every move they make) say that Culpepper may even break some of Marino's passing records with the Dolphins GIVE ME A BREAK! I am curious why the coaches and front office people in Miami are dead bent on giving second round draft picks for either bad or washed up QB's. Remember A.J. Feeley? How did that turn out????????? We could have gotten Breez for nothing! I think he wanted a little more money than Culpepper so Saban chose Culpepper. I am wondering why the Dolphins showed no interest in David Carr. Cam, Randy WOULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME? Again Carr would have cost no compensation, but you didn't even ask him for a visit! Again I ask WHY? He's 25 or 26 and if Trent Green were that age I would be the first to say give a second round pick. Trent Green is only going to play for another year or two THREE at the absolute MOST! And if anybody recalls, Trent Green came into the league as a 7th round pick to the Redskins in 1993. I like Can Cameron but he is infatuated with Indiana QB's for some reason. If a second round pick is used on a QB at all it should be used to move up in the first round to acquire Brady Quinn? How many Dolfans aggree with me?. Carl Peterson is a jerk and I would tell him where to take his Qb and stick it! He wants a second round pick because the Dolphins have 2 and have been stupid enough to trade 2 for QB's. I have an idea let's maybe trade this years second round pick to SD for Ryan Leaf, next years second rounder to Detroit for Andre Ware, a first or second round the following year for Cade Mcnown, a first or second for Akili Smith, a first or second rounder for Tim Couch, and a first and secound rounder for Rick Mirer. Hey, we have got to hit on one of them right. Trading a second round pick for Green would be a HUGE MISTAKE! Now if we can get Green for a 6th or 7th rounder, I would welcome Trent Green with open arms and he would be good to groom a young QB. If Cam Cameron is such a great Qb tutor why won't we DRAFT A QB and develop him. I follow Mel Kiper very closely. I know many people dislike him, but he is RIGHT! You build your team through the DRAFT! Why is it the Dolphins have only had 4-6 draft picks all these years and super bowl teams like New England have had 10-12? Ever wonder why they always win the division and go to Super Bowls and we Dolfans stay Stuck? We trade away valuable draft picks for sorry players. Miami is a "Sucker" and other teams see it now. Why not trade Ricky Williams for a second rounder? Because nobody would give that because if he fails another drug test he is HISTORY! He is much younger than Trent Green and Green will be history in 2 years what's the diffrence? We need both second round picks. Cam, there are "other" quarterbacks available. I guess you don't understand this so I will explain it. There are "FREE AGENT" Qb's available (granted no top notch ones but we only need one for a year or two)A "Free agent" means just that FREE! You can just sign him and give up NO draft picks What don't you guys get about this, and why are you so opposed to it?. You insist on giving away draft picks that are valuable then wonder why we stay stuck at the bottum of the division. . If anything wait until the draft and if you can't move up for Quinn trade down and get MORE picks then maybe you would have something to give KC for green. I also would not be opposed to see the Dolphins pick Adrian Peterson at number 9 if he is still there. Ronnie could use some help. All I hear about on sports center each night is Trent Green is coming to Miami and Carl Peterson is insisting on a second rounder. All I can say is PLEASE don;t do this. If we give up a second rounder for Green, I don't want Cam, Randy and all the other Dolfans wondering why we are stuck in the same boat 3 or 4 years from now with no QB. We need a QB,OL,CB,S,te, and WR. That means we need to hit on at least six of our draft picks. I am not opposed to "trading down" to acquire more but will scream if we give KC a 2 for Trent Green, Enough is ENOUGH!

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If I am not mistaken I heard Andy Cohen (who claims to not be an employee of the Dolphins but Cheers for every move they make) say that Culpepper may even break some of Marino's passing records with the Dolphins GIVE ME A BREAK!"

Thank God someone else sees this. Andy Cohen is a complete moron with ZERO credability. Everything he says is 100% wrong, even 100% PRO dolphins even when they were 0-6 he was saying not to count them out and he was so confident they would get better fast he said people could remind him of his column later on if he was incorrect.

NOTE: I would have but the link is broken


The Link itself
"more columns"

results are like cohens brain

404 "The Page Can Not Be Found"

8:42 PM  

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