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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Calling all 'experts'

Sometime around 4 p.m. today the Dolphins will either make their 2006 first round pick or trade down for the chance to add picks, and thereby, extra players to their roster.

NFL sources are telling me the team is hoping BIGTIME for a trade down because Nick Saban has apparently identified a handful of players who could be available as many as 10 picks after No. 16 that he would be happy picking.

Unfortunately, Miami's trade fate is tied to some other team's desire to move up that will materialize only if certain players those teams are targeting (Jay Cutler for example) drop.

Having said all that, it'll be tough for Miami to get a deal done. We will see today how aggressive Saban is when he's on the clock -- my sense is he'll be very aggressive.

So who will Miami pick? I predicted Santonio Holmes is The Herald today and here's why:

The Dolphins have targeted the front 7 -- people that rush and affect the quarterback's comfort -- as their priority. They LOVE Kamerion Wimbley of FSU, they LIKE Manny Lawson of North Carolina State, they LIKE Bobby Carpenter of Ohio State. But Cleveland, Baltimore and Philadelphia also like some of those those players. So it's possible at least one of those guys -- probably Wimbley -- will be gone when Miami picks.

If he's there, I think the Dolphins will take Wimbley. I just don't think he'll be there.

I believe Miami's next greatest need should be cornerback and there should be a run on CBs where the Dolphins pick. Kelly Jennings, Antonio Cromartie, Tye Hill will start coming off the board anywhere from No. 11 to No. 28.

The Dolphins like Cromartie and Jennings. Hill, who I love, is apparently too small for Nick Saban's tastes -- go figure size being something he regards negatively.

Having said that, NFL sources are telling me the Dolphins aren't prioritizing the CBs as highly
as I think they should. It's probably their third priority.

It could be a smokescreen but those sources are telling me Miami's second most important priority is wide receiver. In my humble estimation, that will leave the Dolphins looking at another weapon for Daunte Culpepper -- especially in a week he lost the chance to have Ricky Williams in the same backfield. Soooo.

Which of the two receivers -- Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes -- will the Dolphins take? Both could be available if Denver trades for Javon Walker before their pick at No. 15. If the Broncos don't consummate that trade before their pick, they may well take either player, and more likely Jackson.

That would leave Holmes for the Dolphins. I hope it doesn't happen that way because I think the team would get more immediate impact from a rush end/linebacker. We'll have to see.

Meanwhile, I'm sure all of you think I'm absolutely wrong on everything here, so feel free to correct, chastise and otherwise ridicule me with some responses. At some point, though, come strong with a draft pick prediction and your reasons for that pick.

You have until about 4 p.m.

Oh, and another thing: The CFL is dog pooh.


Blogger The Dude said...

Shameless plus: Get some pre-draft coverage at my site:

We have mock drafts,scouting reports, predictions, and more!

I do like Santonio Holmes. But the fact that so many people are predicting him to be the pick makes me a little suspicious that the Nick-Tator will do something totally different.

And here's my surpise prediction:

Manny Lawson, DE/OLB NC State: the kid is a beast. He was over-shadowed by teammate Mario Williams, but Lawson is a stud. He can play both OLB and DE. Perfect for Saban's system.

Talk to you guys soon... GO FINS!!

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's get Chad Jackson ... He was in the wrong offense last year, but he will be a stud in a pro style offense

12:39 PM  
Blogger Chic N. Chickenson, Famous Golfer said...

Hi Buddy ... this is your pal out at Joe's beer sloppin place ... good writing ... like it ... keep it up ... The Ricky remains a complete disaster, unfortunately for the Dolphins and his family. Sad to say, but they better look long and hard for a running back because they simply cannot count on him ... at all. Frank O Sommons

9:42 AM  

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