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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jason Taylor defends Nick Saban

Some of you, check that, a lot of you have in one form or another called for Nick Saban's firing.

Former Dolphins lineman Bob Kuechenberg agrees with you, telling the Chicago Tribune this week that, "if coaches could be impeached, he should be."

I disagree. Now is not the time. And I am not alone.

Jason Taylor disagrees as well.

“Come on man, the man’s been here a year and a half," Taylor said today. "We won six games at the end of [last] year and we talked about it all offseason, ‘Don’t get all excited because we won six games at the end of the year.’ We’re close. We haven’t made the plays and we’re not playing well enough to win the games right now, but your giving the guy a year-and-a-half and then running him out of town?

"When you brought him in as if he was Jesus last year with the palm leaves and praise? Give the man some time. It’s amazing. People are going to have an opinion and I understand that. People expect a lot and they should. In New York they want to beat the Dolphins twice a year and that’s about it. Down here people want a winner and they should. I appreciate that and myself I expect to win. So I’m disappointed, too.

"I know when the stock goes down at Microsoft I don’t call Bill Gates and say impeach him. You have to be patient and hopefully things will work out."

Your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be patient with Saban? Why was Don Shula fired after all he did for us? He was fired for 9-6 as I recall. I don't think he ever produced a losing record, yet he gets fired. He's the one who should be compared to Bill Gates, not SABAN. What has Saban done for us? Its one thing to bring in a "scrambling QB with his leg shot off" for a second rounder, and another to award him the starting job without competition. What an idiot. And look how long he kept him in. Now lets talk about using a high first round pick to draft a safety who cant play. No one projected Jason Allen to go that high. Next he signs a left tackle who cant play to a multi million dollar multi year contract. The sadest fact is that despite his poor selections, this team has enough talent to win at least a few games. He can't coach either. The team was playing better when Wanny quit in the middle of the season. Saban should resign and give the money back.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I understand in giving time to any head coach or coaching staff member, but in Saban's case it all lies in his demeaner. You cannot design all these playing schemes not knowing if htey work and use them weekl to week on the field with no success, and continue using them in hope one day they may work. It is great when you can bring new ideas to the playing field, but you cannot live on them. The fans of the Dolfins do want a winner, and they have been patient, but how long do you expect them to sit and watch their team play like a bunch of drunken bums.

Jason Taylor, who I think is one of best defensive ends in the league, but under Saban's game plan he is unable to perform to his ability. How unfortunate, because people are saying that he and Zack Thomas are washed up and in need of replacement.

Did we get rid of Marino when he did not bring us the ring, of course not. We knew of the difficulties we had in getting a defense for over a decade, and through those years we lost players like Clayton, Nathan, Duper, and how many great offensive line men that protecttd Marino so well.

Remember when Dan was the least sacked quarterback in the league? Still Shula produced with all our inequities. Yet he was fired for a season that was much better than what we have today. Shula's time came and went. It became hard for him to produce under his game plan. So, if Saban wants a chance, then he must give up on his personal goals, and become a team player as the rest. If one man decides to play his own game on the field, it hurts the rest of the team because he did not cover the player, or run his pattern in order for the play or team to execute as a winner.

The sign of a good or great coach or head coach is his ability to make changes that work, not excuses why he thinks it did not work. Don Shula shown his diversity throughout his career here at the Dolphins. Saban has shown no diversity in his plan it is his way or no way. He is too eager to place the blame on his coaching staff, though you may hear him take some blame. We just got Mularkey this year, and everyone is blaming him for our team playing exactly as they did last year.

Saban is known for being a control freak, and I see it here. We need a coach with some vision, but a vision that is in reality. As we are in search for a franchise quarterback, as Marino, we need to be searching for someone we can entrust our teams future as we had in Shula. That will not happen in this roulette wheel of coaches and head coaches running about in the NFL.

I have said in this blog before, and I stand by it, that we should look at some college coaches. As the coaches from Ohio State, or Michigan Wolverines for these guys are proven in colleg ball as producing in the top ten teams in college yearly. The available coaches here roam the NFL seem to have no fire, or lost reality when it comes to the game. As I said, if they were producing, they would not be available.

Another way to examine the situation is that just because you are on a great team, and you are the defensive or offensive coordinators does not mean you can run a team. There have been many who tried and failed to change from offensive and defensive coaching, yet still roam the NFL looking for the head coaches spot. Either you have or you do not. How many Heisman trophy winers went on to success in the NFL? I can only think of one, Joe Thiesman. This is how we need to look into correcting our problems today, and those uo and coming. There is no quick fix, otherwise why do we not have a ring.

The bottom line is it starts and finishes with the head coach, He is responsible for their actions, as the commanding officer is of his men in the service. No excuses. If you did not perform on your job, would you have one? We have only 30 days to prove our worth why does Saban need years. Yet we do not get paid the money he does. This is the real world; either he produce a Super Bowl team, or get out.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep him. But, a new offensive coordinator is needed. What did this guy do for Pitts and Buffalo when he was there?

9:04 PM  
Blogger babycheetah2001 said...

Keep him but a new offensive coordinator is needed. What did this guy do in Pitts or Buffalo?

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, you can't blame Saban for the current lack of talent on the roster. Go back the last 10 years and look at the first round draft picks. The reason Shula was canned is the same reason Spurrier was sent back to college, the ability to evaluate talent at the pro level. JJ and Wanny boy had the same problems. Saban has done an excellent job drafting players. You will allways have some players that wont work out, but your first and second round picks have to produce. The 05 draft was the best the Dolphins have had in a long time. I wish the Dolphins were undefeated right now, but the reality is untill the roster has been replenished, the Dolphins are not going anywhere. Give Saban a couple of years, and allow him to rebuild this team. By the way, you should really watch last weeks game. Allen isnt a bust. He may be a little slow to learn the defense, but he has a killer instinct that is lacking in our secondary.

5:12 AM  
Anonymous lacesoutdan said...

JT is awesome! I liked his little rip on New York, and the hug and a hobby thing was hilarious.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JT's comments were hilarious...

but I'm with Kuch on this one, not even a remote chance...

10:42 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Hire a succesful college coach? Like Saban?...Lloyd Carr? That's a first. I think we need to give Saban at least one more year maybe two. He took over an aging team. I love Zach and JT, but they are two or three years removed from their best years. Zach can't escape blocks like he used to. How many times has he been barried this year when he tries to rush the passer? JT seems like he is always limping with some injury. He is still a top pass rusher, but can be exploited if you run at him at times. Both are still valuable, but can't carry the defense like they used to. (They also had help with a great secondary) I'd love more than anything to win a ring with those guys, but we may be looking at 2-3 years before we have a shot. Last year's success was a tease, mainly due to a soft schedule. I blame Saban for thinking we were closer than we are and signing a band-aid like Shelton to play LT. Shelton has been such a disapointment. Culpepper obviously hasn't worked out so far. Armando...since we traded for him, Do we owe him any guaranteed money? Just something i've been wondering for a while.

What the Dolphins Lack:
1) Offensive Coordinator
2) LT
3) C (move Hadnot back to RG)
4) FB that makes some impact
5) Shutdown CB
6) FS (maybe Jason Allen)
7) SS
8) Quality, Youthful Depth on the Front 7

In my opinion we aren't that close and never should have expected to be S.B. Contenders. If you thought we were, you must have had the aqua and orange beer goggles on. I honestly thought we should be a 9-7 team. Although I think I bought into the hype a little. Looks like we aren't going to meet that mark. There are not any good excuses for losing to Buffalo, Houston, and Green Bay. I'm not pleased with Saban this year, but the man need another year or two to prove whether he can get the job done. Switch coaches now and we are looking at even more time to rebuild. If we start rushing judgement on every coach/player our beloved franchise will end up like the Oakland Raiders. Whether Shula was ran out of town unjustly, that is irrelevant to the Saban situation. The teams are totally different.

12:39 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

I suppose QB should be added to that list. Although I'd give Culpepper one more shot once "the knee" can no longer be used as an excuse, then send him to the glue factory.

12:41 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

I say keep him. Jesus, people -- patience. What other solutions are there? Charlie Weiss is not leaving ND any time soon. Sorry. After that, there really is no other person we can turn to and even if we did, that's another 2-3 years of losing seasons and whiney bitches calling for the new coach to be fired.

What Saban needs to do is fire his OC, fire himself as GM and leave that job to Randy Mueller and focus on fixing the X's and O's.

Jimmy Johnson started his career with the Cowboys with a 1-15 record and then a 7-9 record and the 7-9 record came once they drafted Emmitt. Then they turned it around.

Before that, EVERYONE was saying about Johnson what is now being said about Saban -- that he's only good as a college coach and that he should be fired, etc.

It takes time and I think Saban is a good coach. He needs the right players and right now, this team is just not good enough.

I do appreciate JT coming out and defending his coach. It shows leadership and it shows that he's not giving up on Saban. Neither should we.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Kid Neutron said...

Give-em-hell JT.

As for Nick - There is no way you fire him during this season. That would be worse for the team and the players than a losing record.

Should grumpy Kuch go back to his den? I don't see the team playing with enough heart (Sorry JT - you can't do everything) to beat the Bears this week. As a team, the fins show very little confidence and can't seem to shake the mistakes and sloppy play.

But I'll still be cheering them on again this weekend.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'll be inviting some flames, but let me preface what I'm about to say with I'm a Dolphins fan ... been one since I was growing up in central Florida. I loved Don Shula. I did not approve of the way he was handled, nor for that matter how some other greats were shown out the door (Landry).

But the problem is we all want a winner and we want it right away. Look how long it took Shula to build a program and became one of the premiere teams in the NFL. The fans are too often caught up in the moment and I find it amusing that Tampa did away with Dungy so quickly for what? One Superbowl and now Tampa looks like the Bucs of old.

I say wait for Saban. Give him time ... but also keep this in mind: I always felt that Marino held back Johnson. How was JJ going to rebuild the Dolphins with the legend that is/was Marino. I did not want to lose Marino, but I also wanted the Dolphins restored. No one in Dallas liked what Jones and Johnson did originally ... but they were quick to jump back on the bandwagon when it paid dividends.

While Thomas and Taylor aren't Marino ... they will be remembered as greats, of that I'm sure, but if we want a champion, we either get a coach that's capable of building a system friendly to veterans and free agents (which won't be easy given the salary cap) ... or we give a good coach time to do this thing right ... no matter how long it takes.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dude:
Jimmy Johnson was 1-15 his first year, 8-8 his second year, won 2
Superbowls 3 & 4 years.
Saban started 9-7, went 1-15 his second year. If he stays we'll be
0-16 come his 3rd year.
Let me ask you this and be honest.
If WE COULD get C.Weiss as well as
Brady Quinn....would you be down to
fire Saban then...? Let us know.

As far as Saban goes....the reason
everyone is so pissed & calling for his head is because no one came in with more hype & glory than
him...Saban is the equivalent of a
bust along the lines of RYAN LEAF,
except as coach. I personally feel
we got scammed by this moron. I'm
sorry but I definatly feel he is a
moron with a capital M. If this guy comes back in 07' we will be
put in a situation that will take years to get out off! All you people saying it's not Saban's fault don't know shit when it come to football. Saban is not only responsible for bad player hirings
but also for decent players that he let go. Also bad asst. coach
decisions as well. If we were winning everyone would say how great Saban is...but now no one will blame him when we lose...? I
don't know why Jason Taylor said the things he did about the Bears
but he will eating crow this week when the fins get beat. Boy, did he put his foot in his mouth and will have to come up with a bunch of excuses come Monday. This will
piss of alot of people as well as
not listening to anything he has to say anymore. Saban is an ASSHOLE and must be fired at seasons end. By the way Charlie
Weiss is ready to leave N.D......
especially if B.Quinn is the 1st
round pick and Dolphins have it.
He wants to square off agains his old mate Bilichek . Fire Saban and
get Charlie Weiss at any cost!!!!

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Nick Saban and the scam he rode in on. This guy is a punkass
bitch and Bob. K. is right! I'm glad he had the balls to say it!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol ... Charlie Weis ... and when he doesn't work out ... let's move on to someone else ... i just want the rollercoaster to stop.

A coach you drop everything for would be Bill Belichick ... he's a proven winner.

A quarterback isn't this team's only need ... this will be a work in progress unless the salary cap situation improves or you wait patiently.

4:39 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Anon ... look it up: 1989 Cowboys went 1-15; 1990: 7-9.

Either way, my point was we need to be patient. To answer your question, yes if somehow we could get Weiss down here, I'd take him over Saban. Back when we fired Wandtstedt, Weiss was actually number 1 on my wish list for replacements because I always thought he was Belichick's best assistant. But there were always the whispers that he really wanted the Notre Dame job and that is, or course, where he ended up. And yes, I'd love to have Quinn. I've made that clear on my own blog.

But, with that said, I still like Saban and still think we need to be patient with him. I think it was NYDolfan who said our record last year was a result of an easy second half and that this year the expectations were way overblown. I don't excuse Saban's season. But I'm not ready to fire him as the head coach.

Like I said earlier, he's proven that he can't be a GM. So he needs to leave that position, in my opinion. But he's always been a winner and he's a good coach and I'd like to give him at least one more season. Because, again, Weiss is not going to come here and the alternatives out there will only prolong our wait for a winner down here.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

nydolphin84, first of all Saban has been in the NL for years. In fact he was with the Cleveland Browns and did nothing. The only reason he has this job is because Belicheck is just as much of a contriol freak as Saban.

Yes and no, on the positions you claim to need replacements. It is not one player hurting this team, it is the lack of execution on offense and defense that is causing our problems.

All you and some of these idiots have on your mind is trade. Trading is not the answer to everything, especially here. You are too busy looking at the players numbers, rather than the plays run. Mularkey is not running the show, Saban is. Saban states his game scheme and pushes it on his offensive and defensive coordinators. Listen to his statements to the press, and you will know. But all you know is trade, trade, trade! Go trade the moldy green matter in your head for some brains.

I'll give you an example of replacing players with new drafts or experienced. In 1993 Marty Shottenheimer drafted Joe Montana and Marcus Allen. The pick up of these veterans aided their playoff berths, but it did not get the ring Shottenheimer wnted since Cleveland. Again, here is the talent, yet it did not do what Kansas City wanted. I was born in Cleveland and the Browns will always be apart of me too, but they are going through what we are through as well.

I live in Michigan, and their answer has been trade, trade, trade, and then remove the whole coaching staff for the last five years. This is why Harrington has not been able to perform in Detroit; the constant changing in players, and coaching staffs.

I would back Saban if and only if he gets off his pompous ass, and gets back to the basics. There are how many plays in the offense, and all I see is the deep pass, and the run up the middle every play. We need to run some of the older plays, like the down and in, slant patterns that utilied the area before the first down marker. Montana was a ten yard passer, he utilized these plays, which opened up the deep passes and the running game.

I could go on and on, but I will not waste my time on your ignorance. If you do not believe there is talent here, find another team. Otherwise, find replays of the games from last year and this year, and you will see the same problembetween the two seasons problems. Mularkey was not here last year, so who caused it last year, the last offensive coordinator? I find it odd that two offensive coodinators play the same stupid plays and make the same exact mistakes as the other. This only leads to what most of us are saying; it lies with this moron Saban.

Also, if not a coach fron college, who should we get? Apparently these head coaches that are out of work are not there because they produce, so what is the reason. Come on... tell me why these men are not coaching a team right now, and I will remind you of what I and others have told you.

As far as Culpepper, I remember you jumping on the band wagon to get him here, and now to you he is a bum? I wrote all the writers here at the Miami Herald on not taking this useless idiot. I have been yelling Drew Brees since he became available, and everyone wanted Culpepper. Well, you got the bum and now you cry about it. Tough shit. Saban was the idiot who picked him. Doesn't he have the ability to see how poorly Culpepper executed on the field before signing him. If Saban has that poor of judgement in picking players, how can you trust him hiring coaches, and designing his own plays. You were most likely on the band wagon with Sports Illustrated in Saban taking the Dolphins to the Super Bowl. If he is as good as everyone claims; we would have won more than one game this season. Cheer him on now. For the great team he built to take us to the Super Bowl. Well can you? SI was stupid enough to think this as well. Who's the brains in their outfit. They must have called a fortune teller by phone to get their information.

As far as Taylor, and Thomas being removed from their best years... pull your head out of your ass! They cannot do their best when others are not performing to their best. As I said about the last 6 wins of last year, when they went back to the basics, Taylor and Thomas playedd to their expectations. Of course, you will see thomas, Taylor, and other defensive players limping off the field, especially when they are out there 80 to 90 percent of the game.

Both offense and defense need time to rest, and neither have been able to allow hte other to have the time because of lack of, and preventing of scoring against the other team. Harrington, I give credit for stepping up. He is doing a hell of a lot better tha Culpepper, yet he only played several plays during pre-season. Our third string quarterback played more on the field than Harrington. How dumb was that, especially if we need to put Harrington in, as we have, and epect to to play and produce as well. This is Saban's mistake as well. Is Saban your faggot friend that you defend his stupidity? How many times has he drilled you in the ass that you cannot see how he operates. If I could go and find the early clippings fron the herald, telling us how diligent, demanding, and overbearing Saban is. You need to read, and watch the game without snorting exhaust fumes. You might witness how ignorant you are.

Listen to all the other people in here seeing who is at fault, and grow up. If you do not know what you are talking about; do not open your mouth.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have faith in Saban and I'd really like to see what we do next year after our first REAL draft.

So yeah I'm liking Nick as Head Coach.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

it might be a little different if this was a young team in rebuilding mode,but this team is old on defense and the window to win with these players is quickly closing!i have to question every move saban has made so far!i think wayne h. should strip him of his his absolute authority and give it to his so-called gm! this cleary is not working so far!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous finndolpfan said...

first real draft? he's already had two! and the only thing he has to show for it is a running back who so far has to be labelled a disapointment!crowder has been decent, but i still haven't seen him make a big play! does he have any sacks or int's so far? roth is looking like a complete bust and may not even make the team next year!daniels will never be a quality pro corner because he's too slow!hagan shows some potential but could also be a bust,time will tell!how can we expect this guy to draft any better next year?

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

What I don't see happening is adjustment. Don Shula was what he was because he always adjusted his system to fit the talent he had at the time and not force a very difficult system on a group that can't manage it.
If what you have isn't working you have to look at the strengths of the talent and form fit the system to that talent. McMichaels can't block and catch at the same time. Chambers needs motion to help find seperation.. and they all need to catch the damn ball. One miracle one handed catch doesn't make up for a drop on a crossing pattern on 3rd down.
Stop the stupid mistakes. It appears the line doesn't ever know the snap count. Pay freakin attention in the huddle. It isn't just a place for respit.
Play like your payed. Ive seen more drive out of players at Pop Warner games.
The fans need not be so fair weather. take your but to the games and cheer. We have to accept the losses just like we gloat over thwe wins.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

You can't count on the draft and sometimes you take chances like we did with Daunte. If Marino had not injured his knee at Pitt and missed so much senior time we wouldn't have gotten him, and even then paople said what the hell are you doig he goesn't have but one knee.
When george Myra was gone and shula came the talk was he can't win inthis league because of the Colts/Jets superbowl.
Saban needs time but it's time he started playing the players that show they want on the field not just the ones that usually palay that spot. At 1 and 6 they need to earn the spot every week

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the idiot that says you can't blame Saban because we have no talent on rooster....this is his hand picked players. No talent.
It's shithead Sabans fault.
FIRE HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:49 PM  
Blogger ray means said...

The problem with Mr. Saban is that the team is losing - it's how he's handling it: Ricky William? Give me a break. What was the 2nd overall pick in last year's draft for? Making excuses like that is, well, inexcusable. And how can he say that he cant correct (read: be responsible for) players making mistakes on the field. Um, you're the coach, right?

Having said all that, I wouldn't fire the man either. But if I were Mr. Huizinga, I'd certainly sit his overpaid butt down and give him a good talking-to.

3:57 PM  
Blogger ray means said...

The problem with Mr. Saban is that the team is losing - it's how he's handling it: Ricky William? Give me a break. What was the 2nd overall pick in last year's draft for? Making excuses like that is, well, inexcusable. And how can he say that he cant correct (read: be responsible for) players making mistakes on the field. Um, you're the coach, right?

Having said all that, I wouldn't fire the man either. But if I were Mr. Huizinga, I'd certainly sit his overpaid butt down and give him a good talking-to.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Dickhead Duante Culpepper is
about to go on injured reserve.
To think this guy started the season is beyond belief. To think
he was signed to begin with by this jackass coach goes to show you this idiot Saban does not know what he is doing. What a wasted season. What a bunch of bad signings and bad draft choices. Does anybody still believe this idiot knows what he's doing? We need to get him out of here as soon as possible. Let him go coach
the Raiders or something...just get
him the fuck out of town already!

6:05 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Bloodlust...this is Saban's first NFL gig as a head coach as i'm sure you know. When we signed him he was the prize College coach. All I am saying if you want change you have to go with something different. Michigan's coach has historically underachieved. When you recommended Lloyd Carr, Armando should have banned your from this blog right away. You lost all credibility with that one. If you are going to bitch about the problem, come up with a better solution. If Saban is to be replaced I would rather do it with a guy like Jeff Fischer or something. Bobby Petrino would probably be one of the few college coaches worth a shot, but I still feel that that is the route we went when we hired Saban. Saban is cocky...but look around the league, most of the great ones are. Belichek, Billick, Parcells, Holmgren. Even guys from your era like Lombardi and Landry has some swagger. They all have egos bigger than the players and the media. It's there way or the highway. Thats what Wayne H signed us up for when he chose Saban. For the record, I never said that I am pleased with Saban's work this year. I didn't say he hasn't made mistakes, so get your facts right. Also I don't feel Saban isn't as involved in the offense as you make it seem. He has been a defensive coach all of his life. He is involved in the game planning of course, but he doesn't call the plays. I do hold him accountable for not "vetoing" some of the play calling. (The Ronnie Brown pass) Perhaps that is why I blame the offensive woes on this terrible offensive line and Mularkey mroe than Saban. The breakdowns in coverage are on Saban. I am not satisfied with the coaching this far, but I'm willing to give him a little more time. This team has talent, but the secondary and offensive line could be the worst in the league. WE were 3-13 two seasons ago!!! Have you forgotten. We have good skill players, but there are definite holes that need to be addressed. Part of that is Saban's fault too. You still think Thomas and Taylor are still in their are such a homer. At least I can evaluate this team without blinders on. You are old and past your prime, much worse than they are. You don't even make sense..."In 1993 Marty Schottenheimer drafted Joe Montana and Marcus Allen" Just retire from this blog you jackass. Your ancient butt probably thinks that if we bring back Shula this current roster could win the Super Bowl...Get with the times!

I did support the Culpepper signing over Brees, and if you could read you would be able to see what I wrote: (I suppose QB should be added to that list. Although I'd give Culpepper one more shot once "the knee" can no longer be used as an excuse, then send him to the glue factory.)
I didnt call him a bum. I said I would give him a chance! If his knee never returns to normal, then we will have to make a change.

Sorry, I'm not going to be like all the fans who want heads to roll whenever shit is going bad. I'm as pissed as the next guy, but coaching change isn't always the best idea. Stability in the organization starts from the top. I'm a realist, and looking at the talent thought our team could compete for the playoffs, best case scenario. I knew going into the year that there were too many holes to be SB contenders. (Although I couldn't have imagined that we are playing this poorly) Welcome to reality bloodlust. We are at least 2 years away, with or without Saban. Let this be a lesson, don't drink the preseason kool-aid, douche bag. and Try not to get your depends in a bunch over this. You friggin Dinosaur!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Miami fans! You are thye most unrealistic fans in the world! Fire saban ? Why? You have one other anonymus saying we fired Shula after a 9 and 6 season. Are you that short sighted? IS YOUR MEMORY THAT BAD ? OR ARE YOU SO SELECTIVE WITH IT?

Shula was forced to resign because he had not won a super bowl in over 2 DECADES!

Saban has been here for 23 games! he was left with no salary cap and 6 years of awful mismanagement and terriblle drafts


Fire Him? NO He cannot be blamed like senile Kooch is blaming him for Gus Ferrote leaving . Gus wanted 6 MILL AND a starting job. We had no money to pay him and a starting caliber QB at the same time. Could we , perhaps ,had paid him 6 mil and use our draft picks in the 2nd round for a QB? Whom? Which is better than a healthy Culpepper , among 2nd round draft pick QBs for last years's draft?

Culpepper over Brees? Bum shoulder over Bum leg? Three time pro Bowler with a cannon or one time pro-bowler with a pea shooter an affordable contract or bankrupt the franchise?

Lousy free agent pick ups? WE HAD NO SALARY CAP PERIOD Allen? Give the kid TIME. The other Allen vs Madison? Madison is 32 Will is 26 it was a $ & salry cap move and Madison is not lighting up the NFL

Culpepper, Big Mistake? No the one serious mistake with him was not testing his lateral mobility more throughly and not seating him down sooner. O line 4$ right guards go down and Yes the play has been lousy, specially by the one free agent left tackle now guard, but what happened to Hadnot? He has failed at center.< Keno james? He certainly has not lit a fire either

The media is dead wrong in pilloring Nick as they have and YES THEY HAVE! He is as open with the press as Bellichick and talking about the 'Genious' Wasn't he 5-11 before he won the SB?

I am ashamed of many dolfans , they are nothing but band wagin jumpers , to them I said its you that s---- noT Saban

1:15 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Good Stuff Anony...Give Nick a chance to build and repair this team! We should have some cap room to address the o-line and secondary in the offseason. In my opinion we need some solid vets to get this line to play cohesively. If Saban fails to address our shortcomings in this offseason, whether it be through the draft or free agency, then we should have a beef. I really think Ronnie Brown is a future stud. Let hope we catch the Bears sleeping today. GO DOLPHINS!!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

nydolfan84... grow up you little faggot pickle sucking idiot! Football is not about playing with yourself. When you graduate from pre-school and can read more than curious George; pick up a newspaper, read other reports on Saban, his quotes, and all criteria before opening your mouth. All we haer is noise from a baby who just wants attention, but with nothing to say.

12:47 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said... are the one that started with the name calling. If you keeping buying what the media is selling you'll always be unsatisfied. Sorry, but I can use my own mind to evaluate the situation and form an opinion. You clearly aren't capable. I read the same paper you do, but I seperate the bullshit from the truth. You are entitled to your opinion on Saban, but don't consider everyone who thinks he deserves a chance a moron. I'm not on hear to fight like a elementary student, so just keep my name out of your mouth. And try to post something insightful for a change. Instead of fire Saban and all of our problems are solved.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the amount of rampant STUPIDITY I am seeing. Those of you calling for Nick Saban to be fired are a DISGRACE to all Dolphins fans. Pull your IGNORANT heads out of your behinds and do a little research. Nick Saban is one of THE MOST respected coaches around by football insiders. I am just as frustrated as anyone with the team this season, but it is NOWHERE near time to think about replacing Saban. The Cleveland Browns fired Belichick back in the 90's, how did that work out for them and the Patriots?

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mkay all you immature assholes, being a member of his family, which im not saying which member i am, i think you all need to keep your shitty comments to yourself, seriously. dont you have something better to do than putting people down? come on, grow up and get a damn life. the dolphins are doing much better now, so please, shut the fuck up :)

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets make a commitment to never forget this Saban guy next year ,

To the Crimson Side , careful what you wish for you may get it..

1:39 PM  

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