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Friday, December 29, 2006

My votes for the awards

I am one of the Associated Press voters for the All Pro team and post-season awards.

I voted for Jason Taylor as The Defensive Player of the Year because he was simply amazing and I agree with him that Shawne Merriman should not be rewarded for testing positive for steroids.

Anyway, what follows is my entire ballot. Let me know where you agree or disagree.


WR (2): Andre Johnson, Chad Johnson

TE (1): Tony Gonzalez, KC

T (2) Jammal Brown, NO; Willie Anderson, Cin.

G (2) Steve Hutchinson, Minn., Alan Faneca, Pitt.

C (1) Jeff Saturday, Ind.

QB (1): Drew Brees, NO

RBs (2): LaDainian Tomlinson, Frank Gore, SF

FBs (1): Lorenzo Neal, SD

Place Kicker (1) Nate Kaeding, San Diego

Kick Returner (1); Devin Hester


DE (2) Jason Taylor, Aaron Kampman

DT (2) Kevin Williams, Minn., Tommie Harris Chic.

OLB (2): Adalius Thomas, Baltimore , Lance Briggs, Chic.

ILB (2): Brian Urlacher, Chic.; Zach Thomas, MIA.

CB (2): Champ Bailey, Rashean Mathis

S (2): Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu

Punter (1): Dustin Colquitt KC

The awards

Most Valuable Player: LaDainian Tomlinson

Comeback Player: Javon Walker, Den.

Defensive Rookie: Mark Anderson, Chicago

Offensive Rookie: Marques Colston, NO

Defensive Player: Jason Taylor, MIA.

Offensive Player : LaDainian Tomlinson, S.D.

Coach: Sean Payton, NO


Blogger Bloodlust said...

Armando, I agree with about everyone you picked, except for the comeback player. Drew Brees was traded based on his injury, and due to his performance, he deserves the award. Regardless he came back on a different team.

Are their going to be a list of biggest screw ups for the year?

10:54 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

I almost wholely agree with you. I wouldn't take Andre Johnson over Marvin Harrison. Johnson has a few more Rec. but Harrison has more than double the TDs and a few more yards. Hard to ignore the TDs. (I acknowledge Johnson has less help.) I also think Adrian Wilson may be the best safety in the NFL, but he gets no credit because he is in Arizona. He should be in over Polamalu. I hate to give any Bill credit, but Moorman should probably be the Punter. I'm not sure about J. Brown over Walter Jones at Offensive Tackle, but I'll go with your pick, since I haven't looked at it as closely as you have. I'm really glad you picked Lance Briggs, he sometimes gets overlooked playing next to Urlacher. I'd like to give Comeback player to Jeff Garcia, but he hasn't played enough games. I'm with bloodlust, I would probably have to go with Brees. I'm also glad you gave Colston some love, although Vince Young is doing some special things. To me Colston is the right pick.

I'm a little excited to see what Cleo can do with a full-work week preparing with the first team. If he does well, perhaps we can copy Green Bay, but be Lemonheads instead of Cheeseheads. We need to find more ways to get the ball into Chambers' hands. (and pray he holds on) I still think he can be a top tier receiver.

Mando, if Nick leaves, who are some likely candidates to replace him? If he leaves, I would like to see an offensive-minded coach. It seems like there are a lot of good Defensive Coordinator candidates to handle the play calling on that side of the ball. It seems like we haven't had a great offensive-mind on our coaching staff in a while. (Maybe Linehan, but that was for only 1 year) If we go to the college ranks, I think Bobby Petrino from Louisville is our best bet. (Assuming Charlie Weis is staying put)


11:29 AM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Nice work, Armando. But I disagree with rookie of the year. I think Colston's injury hurt him there and I think Vince Young is surging right now, making him almost a shoe-in.

As for comeback player -- I'd give it to Steve McNair. His career was considered over and done with and he's made Baltimore a legit Super Bowl contender.

And I, like NY Dolfan, would like to know if there are possible replacements out there is Saban does leave ... just for hypothetical/peace-of-mind purposes. And please don't say Mike Mularkey or Dom Capers...

11:32 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

McNair certainly deserves to be in the discussion.

Here is a quick list of screw-ups I thought of...QB Eli Manning
RB Lamont Jordan
RB Cadillac Williams
WR Randy Moss
WR Antwan Randle El (huge contract)
TE Ben Troupe

I tried to avoid guys recovering from injuries(i.e. Culpepper) Obviously he is the player that hurt us the most, but we knew there was a chance he wouldn't be healthy. I'm sure I missed some other big ones.

12:01 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

"let-downs" may be a more appropriate tag than "screw-ups"

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason Taylor needs to keep his mouth shut. First,...he never said anything when Shanwe Merriman was selected to the Pro Bowl. Second, that he and Shawne are both being considered for the DPOY, now he cries.
What he is saying is true, but it shouldn't be coming from another peer within the league. And Shwne paid for his misdeeds, you can't come back later and say, "Hey we need to add this to Shawne Merrimans rap sheet".
Third,....SINCE when did Jason Taylor become concerned with the youth of America, I'm sure he'll be backsteppin' on this one. "IS" there any Jason Taylor programs that involve the youth, anything? Well, whether it's wrong, right, whatever...Jason Taylor is going to be labeled by other players now, mainly "Crybaby".

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY Jason, how does that "Lights Out" T-shirt fit?
Quit your crying.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't say I disagree. I might have taken someone like Manuwai at guard, however.

As great as Colston's been, I gotta take Vince Young ahead of him.

And leave it to AFC trolls to take this thing off topic.

BTW - Champ Bailey jumped on the "cheaters shouldn't prosper" bandwagon today too. Fact is, clean elite players don't appreciate it when dirty kids place a blanket of suspicion over all of them. Tell Lights Out to be a real man like JT and do it the right way.

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nydolfan84... you once gve shit because someone on here said go to the college coaches, but now your pointing out individuals. why is it okay for you to say pick from college and when other say it you whine like a fuckin' baby? go cry in your soup now... your wonder boy saban really screwed up and now your turning coat? fuckin asshole!

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck cleo. why not use vick in the QB position? all the claims about him being equally or better than his brother, then why do we not put him in. he is supposed to be one hell of a mobile QB, and receiver. yet he has not been on the field.

another thing. changing QB's will not fix the offensive lines problems, as giving the QB time to throw the ball. cleo did fairly well in preseason, after all he threw the ball more time than harrington in preseason.

i say let harrington finish out the season, and protect the young guys on the bench for next season. why let them get beat up on a screwed up year. let the screw ups get hurt, and maybe they won't be back next year while the young talent we bench most of the year can start the new year fresh and unspoiled.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

My question to you Armando is... there are many individuals out there who are available for the headcoach position. I agree with nydolfan84, and the dude, but which of the guys out there will come here with their heads grounded instead of coming here as if they walk on water.

I believe a good headcoach needs confidence, but not to the point that he becomes oblivious to his mistakes. Headcoaches are human too, and I can deal with a mistake, but not ignorance.

These headcoaches are like the young guys out of college wanting the big bucks, but are not producing. We don't need someone worrying about a winning season, but someone more interested in producing a solid team that will be winning for years to come. The winning seasons will come naturally with the commitment to building such a team.

I still feel if we go into the colleges for a headcoach, it should be from Ohio State or Michigan Wolverines. The headcoach from Ohio State would be a long shot because of his commitment to the college, but money talks.

Armando, how do you feel about these two coaches? I do not think I asked you before though I brought it up in this blog before. Even though I was told I was an idiot for suggesting taking a college headcoach.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In regards to the Vikings picks, I think Pat Williams was the better of the Williams Twins, and how anyone can pick Hutchinson, with all the struggles that left side had all year is beyond me. The O-line up here sucked all year, made me feel like it was Miami's, if he was one of the better ones this year then it was a bad year for Offensive Guards.

10:10 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Hey retard...I'm not jumping ship. I still think Saban should stay, but if he leaves we need to be ready to replace him. I don't think that Carr will make a good head coach. I ripped bloodlust for mentioning Thad Matta who is the basketball coach as a candidate. But that is water under the bridge. I don't know if Tressel, the OSU football coach, is a good fit in the NFL either. At least he knows offense though. But we can agree to disagree on all of this. All I was saying is that I like Bobby Petrino if we have to find a new guy. And I would rather see an offensive-minded coach, than a defensive-minded one. I didn't say I want Saban out, I said if he goes...
Learn how to read and comprehend. I'm not crying about anything. I'm one of the few people that didn't think we could win the Super Bowl, with our o-line and secondary. But lets not get into that again. If you want to blame the coaching staff for the 60 yard screen pass in the closing moments of the 4th quarter go ahead. I don't think Saban is a wonder boy, but I don't think 2 years is not enough time to change the attitude of a franchise. I only say he needs more time, I'm not putting him in the Hall of Fame. I'd say 2 out of 3 posts on here are at least thought provoking. But the other 1/3 is ridiculous. I can't believe some of you even know how to turn on a computer. Anonymous who gets off on ripping me, get a life! Anonymous Chargers' are doing the exact thing that you are calling out Taylor for. Would you normally be on this blog if not to complain about Taylor? Since you brought it up...I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think its bullshit that if you test positive for steroids that you are only out 4 games and that people would elect him to the Pro-Bowl. On the other hand does Taylor really care about the youth or is he just lobbying for an award. I hope he genuinely cares, but its hard to tell. I'll give JT the benefit of the doubt on this one.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous william smith said...

The only thing that matters now is the draft! If Saban gets it or not. He must draft OLine-men. Look what a differance Debrickashaw Fergason made to the Jets... It is an absolute imparative that the "mighty Fish" draft OLine 1st and 2nd and Dline 3rd. No argument No discussion
If you don't agree then you don't deserve to be coaching, the Dolphins.. If you don't get it go to Alabama...Please!!!
William Smith

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nydolfan84... you have no right for ragging on anyone you fuckin asshole!!!!!

bloodlust gave the wrong name, and you you fuck head still knew who he was talking about. you are a turn coat... you just do not like to be wrong. you would have not said anything about this if you knew you were a freakin lying bastard.

you do not know if the coach fron Ohio state will fit? what about the idiot you mentioned? at least ohio states coaches are producing a team that is almost undefeated yearly. I'd give him the opportunity... there is no fucken way he would do worse than your boy saban. face it... you ragged big time on people and now that what others said is in your face you try to fall back and say i ain't giving up on saban... it is only if he leaves. and why would he leave? because he is a total fuck up, and fucked this team from the ground up.

get a fucken back bone asshole (nydolfan84), no one here has been more critical of anyone as you, and now your predictions, outlooks, assumptions show the thoughtlesssness of your feeble mind. you are a fuck big mouth that just wants to push his stupidity yet unwilling to listen to people who have something important to say.

you even kiss the ass of armando when he too is saying nothing but babble. just get your fuckin ass off this or any blog if you think you are so fuckin smart. hey your guy is losinghis job, why don't you take it smart ass. since you know it all. come on you idiot son of a bitch, nydolfan84,you got all the answers and love saban so fuckin much ask him to get your dumb ass in.

fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!! i hate assholes like you!

5:18 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

One of the most storied college football programs is offering Saban $40 dollars to run their show. At least someone agrees with me that he isn't a total fuck up. While I'm not satisfied with the job he has done so far, in my opinion he needs more time. You are entitled to yours. But this is all repetitive I'm not sure why it is so hard to understand my opinion. The fact he may leave is a reality. John Clayton from ESPN said he thinks Saban will take the offer. If that ends up being true I like Petrino as a replacement. Thats the last I'll say about Saban. It also sounds like the only job Charlie Weis would be interested in is the Giants. I haven't heard any talk about Tressel and certainly not Carr. Kirk Ferentz is the other big name, but he would be like replacing Saban with a lesser-experienced Saban.

9:01 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

I may be wrong at times, but so is everyone here. I was certainly wrong about Culpepper, although the jury may still be out. Where were all the expert prognosticators calling for Saban after last year? I don't think he changed that much.

9:04 AM  

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