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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Front office heavy-handed and right-thinking

I was in the flock of reporters surrounding Daunte Culpepper Friday when he was talking about his walk off the field and how he was basically lied to about getting a chance to compete and all that.

I am also aware that Saturday the Dolphins former quarterback handed out a release at his locker updating everyone about his situation and talking about how he is seeking NFL Players Association intervention on the matter.

Both times, as reporters surrounded Culpepper, there were half-a-dozen players who were also listening to Culpepper and watching his every move. They wanted to know his thoughts. They were gauging his reaction to how he's handling this unseemly situation.

And this is where we have an issue.

You see, I really like Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron on a professional level. Fact is, I think all but maybe one move they've made this offseason have been well-reasoned. I didn't say all their moves will be right, but I can understand the reasoning behind ALL of them save cutting of Randy McMichael and replacing him with David Martin.

Having said that, not every move has been very well executed.

Having Daunte Culpepper go on the field Friday was a slip because everyone within the Dolphins knew he wouldn't be allowed to take significant practice snaps which would lead to the dramatic scene of him walking off the field that was on SportsCenter and everywhere else.

It sends a bad PR message to fans, that frankly, I think the Dolphins are willing to burden. But more importantly, it sends bad vibes to the other players in the locker room that the Dolphins have obviously underestimated.

Now, I am no GM or coach, but it seems to me you never alienate your players -- you know, the ones the Dolphins are relying on to win games this year and beyond? Those guys that remain are kind of important.

And those very guys have now seen how Culpepper has been unceremoniously amputated as Miami's signature arm.

Those players also saw how Olindo Mare was left to twist in the wind for weeks while the Dolphins at once signed his replacement and tried to trade him. Mare was working out with the Dolphins for weeks, knowing his future would not include the Dolphins.

You think he was saying complimentary things to his teammates about how he was being treated? You think Culpepper, who still has the ears of most of his receivers, is saying nice things now?

Players that have no future with the Dolphins need to be expunged quickly so they don't poison the locker room and the players that remain. Don't get rid of them quickly and, mark my words, the seed will be sown in every player's head that the Dolphins are a heavy-handed organization. Keep them around and you'll have players thinking Miami can do to them exactly what happened to guys like Mare, Culpepper, McMichael, and others.

Having said all that, it is only the execution of the plan that needs tweaking, not the plan itself.

If you tell me that Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller decided to get rid of Culpepper, I say that is their decision to make. If they want to get something for him, I applaud them because it is the responsible thing to do. If they want to bring in another guy that the coach has a history with and who knows the offense, I say go for it.

In that respect Mueller and Cameron are doing everything they can to make YOUR team better. They're not doing this with the intent of screwing things up. They are making strong, decisive moves to shake up the status quo, which I remind you has not been so great lately.

Give them that. Appreciate them for that. They are in the ring and they're fighting for improvement of YOUR team.

But they should also realize they can soften some of the blows (by not embarrassing players in front of other players) so that when this fight is over, they haven't bloodied themselves as well as their opponent.


Anonymous the real deal said...

Great points, Armando. I was pretty upset when I saw Culpepper on the field yesterday, knowing full well he didn't deserve to be there. Culpepper is a locker room poison and he must be dealt with quickly. I appreciate that the front office is trying to recoup something for him, but the longer Culpepper stays, the longer his poison lingers. Culpepper has bad intentions, and the last thing I want to see him do is sabotage a classy guy like Trent Green and ruin our team chemistry!


10:41 AM  
Anonymous Tampa Tony H said...

Armando, These alleged 'Fans' that think they could do better add nothing but hate and discontent to the blog. I have been a fan since 1966 while George Wilson and and son were running things. Poor Danny Thomas and Joe Robbie. I wish I lived in Miami again so I could attend every game for every minute win or lose. Time was when people went to games to see the 'other' team or on a cheap date.

The Fins are my Team, like a family member, warts and all.

I happen to believe that Cam and Randy are making a good faith effort to fix the team. Their PR accumen notwithstanding. I am a little worried about Cam picking players based on personal relationships for fear of the favoritism charge that might be leveled against him. That is my only concern about Cam. But, if that is how he beleives he understands the players better i.e Ted Ginn Jr. and Trent Green; I will withold hatred and vitriol until the season record is complete and the performances are history. I think that on balance; the plan has a chance to improve the team. Gus Ferrotte was not great, but delivered some success. Trent Green is way better than him. Harrington was , well Harrington. No shock there. Culpepper is a self-serving hanger-on; well past his prime and potential even before his injury.
A well paid hanger on whose worth is not yet proven and unlikely to be proven. While Cam is no Shula, I think he will make things better if not perfect and even money they win 9 games or more this year. Not much Saban influence left. That's a good thing.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Raymond said...


11:04 AM  
Blogger Raymond said...

Haters all of you, why are you calling Culpepper all of these names every player is saying he is a class act and you berate him, some stupid ass said he was in decline before his accedent and he had a the 4 highest quaterback rating in history the year before his accedent (big decline) you are putting your faith in a 37 year old over a 30 year old but the 30 year old is the one washed up??? Jesus you people are stupid it took 2 years for GREEN to come back when he hurt his knee for the Rams, our offensive line last year was the worse in the league (the best Kansas check it out)but self serving?? hanging on ??? why say these things...i still say (im a white man by the way) that if dante were not black he would not be called dumb (he is his own agent and has brokered good deals with Minnisota and Dolphins) so stupid is not that, ruin chemistry if they didint want that they would let him compete but instead they are handling this with no class don't hate on him for trying to do what is right for him. NOBODY ELSE IS..i wish him luck and I hope Trent does well for us but you jerkoffs who don't know shit...look at all reports on culpepper he has never been a poison and he has never been knows to sabotage a team so real deal and tampa tony if you have nothing good to say don't say anything cause what came out of your mouth is stupid and ignorant

11:13 AM  
Blogger Raymond said...

if i didint get my point accross...Culpepper is a decent person and doesnt deserve you IRE...we are getting a good quaterback nothing to hate there...Dante would be treated better buy the media and fans if he were not black...that is real i even saw a report that a gm would rather have Drew Bledsoe than Culpepper that is rediculouse its all about Perception and they are "black" balling him you are all wrong and i hope he shows you all up

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raymond=culpepper attempting to blog. ;p

Btw, Tampa Tony said:
I am a little worried about Cam picking players based on personal relationships....

Ted Ginn Jr. was randy's pick too. Keep in mind the guy is fast as hell.

And with the Beck and Green choices, I think they are focused on who Cameron and Mueller think are good QB types.
Cameron has said it in press conferences about being really really smart and on the ball. Fast release etc. etc. Two items Beck and Green shine in and thus Culpepper and Quinn do not. REad te M.O.'s on all four and this whole thing is about the right guy for the right system.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous lacesoutdan said...

I'm really suprised at the support for Culpepper on this blog. At this point he's pissed and, regardless of whether he was wronged or not, he's trying to sabatoge the team. You won't accept ANY trade? Thanks a lot jerk. He wants revenge against this team, and if you're a dolphins fan I don't understand how you can support an enemy of the team and say things like 'I wish him the best of luck'.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raymond, it is not the fans who make the decisions, so whether you like the decisions or not, they will still be made based on what Randy and Cam think is best for the team. The fans, us, are not the front office, Randy and Cam are. As a longtime fan, I'm happy to see that R&C have a plan and are not just throwing around contracts and pick players based on what they are looking for.



12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hGood points but it is very simple Culpepper is not physically capable (at this time) of playing. Sure there were stupid stuff done last year by a stupid coach. To blame this years folks for that is not fair. More improtantly Culpeppers style will not fit the current coach. Coach wants a Bob Griese type of QB who can read the coverage and get to the proper receiver quickly, not a scrambler who decides on the run. Not to say either can work, but the current coach wants and needs to get what he wants.

I hope Culpepper gets well and plays somewhere and I want something for him if possible. He needs to look out for himself, but should not be flapping his jaws like he is. It might be a team that he would like is the one that a trade can be made with, if not he can do as he wants, but he should not posion the situation as he has.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous PJK said...

Well said Armando. All of the post Shula frustration leaves Mueller zero benefit of the doubt,which sucks because he's a great personnel guy. I question the Porter signing more than the McMike release,but I agree with you that they have a good plan.

As far as the drama with Daunte,they have to roll with the punches until trade talks run out. KC was in our shoes 3 weeks ago with Green. Daunte even sounds like Trent in some of his quotes.KC put up with the drama and it's all forgotten now that they got a pick. If Pep is still here in a week,they should think about cutting him,but for now,theyre playing it as well as possible.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Trenton said...

Armando, as usual, you hit the nail on the head bro.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Rapidly Losing Faith, Kwame said...

I love when the ignorant speak out. Just reaffirms my belief that this is the Good Ol Boy System at work. While I do believe cam and randy are "trying" to fix our problem you have to question the logic. So what trent knows the system, our system doesnt have nearly the talent on the offensive line that he had in KC nor a proven RB see Ronnie Brown and his offseason weight gain, and while he was behind a better balanced line he was no where near a factor in their success. ie check his post concussed stats,LJ saved KC season. With that said we know our line is not on par with KC but we expect a far less mobile qb like T.Green to facilitate the offense with his far weaker arm strength. Let me guess your gonna say trent has a better arm too! Green lacks the delivery in his timing and his footwork is non-existent, check back with rams when he couldnt run around a goal post that got in his way, and instead ran into one of his many future concussions. At a very min Pep sholdve been allowed to compete, thats all we Daunte supports say. If green beats him out fair enough, but to have spent this years 2nd rnd pick on him and not even try to get a R.O.I thru his play is quite simply bad front office business, Period! For the acronymically challenged thats return on investment. Then to boot if Pep is so stupid how has me managed to be his own agent and produce high calibur deals for himself, you'd have to at least "think" the man understands numbers rigt!? Point is we had a liar for a coach in saban, and now cam is following the same deceptive lines, if you study history you'll see that those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat it cam's off to a serpent like slithering start with lying about "not handing" pos to anyone and he "will" evaluate Pep when hes healthy. Come on now, If it looks likes, smells like, and feels like, that is probably is! Sh*t! Youd Better Be Right Cam!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous jed said...

For sure, all of you Armando cheerleaders will agree with whatever he says on this blog. You are like sheep.

The fact is Cam is the problem. Cam is the one who personally intervened with Carl Peterson at the last minute to extend the make believe trade deadline that Peterson had announced.

Cam is the one making outrageous statements insinuating that 1) Daunte is not a leader, and 2) that Daunte is not intelligent and tough. Go ask former Vikings about that. Talk to them and they will all laud his natural leadership skills, his hard work, his classiness, and yes, the man is intelligent. For some reason, Cam thinks black people are not intelligent -- that is what I get from this. Becuase he sure has heck has nothing to back up his statements. From what I have seen of Daunte's Pro Bowl past, and his verbal and written statements, the man is far from dumb.

But Daunte does want to believe a head coach is honest, and so he believed Cam when he was told he would have a fair chance to compete for the starting position. And he was lied to, then humiliated with the way the Dolphins managed his ouster from the organization he worked so hard for. Go ask JT and Zach Thomas.

The ONLY POISION here is Cam and you wierdos who actually condone Cam's conduct in the name of victory. NO: this will not be a victorious move, either. Because when you look back at a healthy Daunte and a healthy Trent, and considering that Trent had two hall of famers on his offensive line plus a Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson to hand off to, then you begin to see the obvious: DAUNTE is far and away a better QB than Green and he is seven, count em, seven years younger.

And it was Green himself who acknowledges that he had the same exact style knee injury as Culpepper. So all of you people announcing Pep is washed up will be eating sheet very soon when he makes you weep as he slices up defenses in the future.

You will rue the day Cam was hired as coach.

The business of football should not be about the buddy system but about assembling the best players.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone saying the Daunte situation is based on race is ignorant. Whether you like it or not, Daunte is not 100% and I was a Daunte fan until he decided to be a jack ass and blame the team for rushing him out to early- he is the one who said he was ready, and he is the one who lied about the severity of his second surgery.

You people want to hang Saban for every problem the Dolphins had, yet after his first season, you couldn't sing enough praises. The fact is the Dolphins need an offensive minded coach and a healthy quarterback- btw, for those of you medical experts who say a concussion is the end, look at Aikman and Jaworski. I think this is the right direction, and until we get these guys on the field in September, all the naysayers have no credibility and aren't fans, because you don't attack a strategy before you see the end result. Finally, Daunte is making this difficult, not Miami. He is preventing a trade and being emotional instead of a businessman/agent- so much for poise and leadership.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another idiotic post by armando

1:23 PM  
Blogger winsome smile said...

If coach and a GM dont have the foresight to see what would happen when they allowed Culpepper to take the field, do you really think they have the vision to rebuild the Dolphins?

Lets not forget what Wayne did to the Don.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Taylor eats Brady said...

Yeah, this situation is no doubt ugly, but pjk made a great point that KC was in our shoes until this week. Once DC is traded or released, this all goes away. I for one think the Phins should try to get SOMETHING, even though odds are there will be no takers.

Let's not forget the reports from Hank Goldberg last season that Daunte would never play again, at least for Miami. Saban's administration had every reason in the world to want Culpepper back, and clearly they saw a QB who relied heavily on his mobility who would never again have it. You better believe that undeniable assesment was a huge factor in Saban's ridiculous meltdown. QB choices are what vindicates or buries an NFL coaches tenure, and Saban knew that it was too late to start over in year three. Daunte's knee is a huge concern still, and he is not a fit for Cam's offense. All those who want competition, the risk of an injury costing Miami $5.5 million is just too great. No franchise would take that chance on a player they think is finished.

I can't believe the insanity that comes out in these blog responses. It adds to the pain I already endure as a Dolphin fan living in Boston. We bring in a coach with a background in offense, FINALLY, and he makes this assesment: this offense is garbage, almost everybody needs to go. He and Mueller rack up some draft picks and we actually have a draft that isn't entirely made up of corners, safeties, and D-tackles. While it is true that Cam's success or failure will hinge on whether Green, Beck, and Ginn are hits or misses, that is no different than any other administration. At least these guys have the guts to take out trash inspite of all the public whining. Let's see how this team looks on the field two years from now before we decide Cam sucks. Remember- what we are now is the Cardinals, and at least we have settled our present and hopefully our future QB situation.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando I really respect your opinions. You get right to the crux of the matter.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Taylor eats Brady....

As another die hard Dolphins fan living in Boston since 1977, I agree with you 100%. The Dolphins are not going to contend for the Super Bowl this year, and Cam and Randy realized that they have to build a long term contending team that will be solid for a ten to 12 year period. That know they need solid drafts for at least two to three years and they got their first solid draft this year, and if they get another good draft next year they will be on their way. I've actually watched John Beck play college ball against Boston College and Oregon and he couldn't be stopped. The kid is going to be a star, and he is the Dolphins long term future. Chris Mortensen of ESPN has also said that Beck is the real deal. Mort is always on the money. Inside of three years after Beck comes of age, this will all be a distant memory. Just let go of Super Bowl hopes for one year, everyone, and focus on the improvement that the team make this season.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Dolphins fan. and I really really really want Culpepper to succeed in a year or two. I want him to show up Randy Mueller and Coach Cam. ahhh the frustration!!

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i actually agree with Armando on this for the most part. the moves makes sense and could work - though i can't say i agree with most of them. but the way they are going about making the moves and taking care of things has been pretty bad. from basically assuring Quinn he's there pick to stressing that the QB position will be an open competition and then basically crowning Green the starter they've been kinda bone headed. Even the explanation for drafting Ginn was pretty horrible. Should have focused that he was a pretty explosive WR and not just that he will help as a returner.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF are Pats fans doing in this blog?

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Taylor Eats Brady said...

We are NOT pats-fans, you illiterate twit. We are hard-core Dolphins fans who live in Boston. Does nobody every move away from Miami in your world? Nothing brings me greater joy than walking amongst Patriots fans after a Miami shutout victory, but that is small consolation overall. You dare call me a Pats fan but don't have the guts to use your real name like I did.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, Taylor eats Brady, it is amazing how stupid some of these posters are. We say we are die hard Dolphins fans living in Boston and this idiot calls us Pats fans. What doesn't he understand here. Also, most people will tell you that I'm more of a Dolphins fan and know more about the team than most fans living in Miami, because for 30 years I've had to defend my 'phins against the most moronic football fans in the country which are Patriot fans. They were moronic when the Patriots were the joke of the NFL from 1970-1994 and they still are, except now they have an excuse to be stupid because their team is a Super Bowl contender every year. I am more known for being a Dolphins fan throughout this entire country, and I have NEVER lived in Miami.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taylor eats Brady is your real name? Were your parents on crack when they named you?

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando (burp) should be the GM of this team. At the least Wayne Huizenga should hire him to give his coaches lessons on what to say and not say to the media.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ball is in Cam's court right now. I believe that he is making the moves that he believes will make the team better. Its not personal with Daunte...just business. Cam is either going to be right or wrong. Daunte supporters come across as hoping for the latter. No matter where you are on the Culpepper/Green saga the long term health of the franchise does not hinge on the performance of either QB, but the development of Beck. I believe that Green will be a serviceable QB. I can't blame Cam for bringing in his people.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous doug collin said...

Mare had more excuses then paris hilton for poor performances. Culpepper is a surly uncoachable qb who was exposed after randy moss left minn.He received roughly 9 million dollars last year for doing nothing at a cost of a 2nd round draft choice and could have the class to either speak to the media like a man opr keep his mouth shut.Sending out emails hardly the stuff of a leader.I applaud cam cameron for trying to get a draft choice for this slug which was the huge mistake by the sabin regime to bring this malcontent to the fins. We saw the same thing with the vikings who couldnt wait quick enough to get rid of culpepper. Armando i have no problems with cameron as i think there is alot cameron is keeping to himself re culpepper.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick Satan's stench still lingers in Miami.
DC is (was) a mobile QB that can throw the deep ball (terrible at reading defenses). He would by time in the pocket or scramble until Moss could get deep enough and out jump someone for the ball. Moss left and DC is exposed for what he is. Now he has lost his ability to move, so someone stick a fork in him he's done. Good riddens

6:31 PM  
Blogger crimsonblack said...

I think if Culpepper had kept his mouth shut without taking this to the media he might have been cut by the end of the weekend. But his mouth might have changed that thinking. He got $5 million from the phins last year for playing in 4 games. He didn't play for free.

I would personally keep the ass on the roster until the end of preseason and then release him. This way he's had no time to actually practice, get back on the field or find another team. At least his mouth would cost him a minimal of one year off the football field. When you take it to the media like this I have respect or feelings. Trent Green never bad mouthed the Chiefs in the media, he simply informed us of the meetings he had had with the owner and team. He was a total professional and eventually got the trade to Miami. Regardless of the situation Culpepper is under contract to Miami. They don't owe him anything other than getting him a paycheck. He doesn't have the right to play, get traded or demand anything. I'd pay the 5.5 million and leave him on the practice squad throughout his entire contract. You got your money, not shut up and go away.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of jerks are Dolphin fans, unfortunately.

Any person with a sense of class could see who is on the wrong side in this affair, and it ain'T Daunte.

"Taylor eats Brady.." right on, we know who you are, patsie.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I was lighting up to ease my cancer pains today, you fascist.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now all of a sudden the guy is poison?? I dont get it last yr he was supposed to be this Savior but now he is poison....People really can be STUPID!!! Look if they dont want him there thats fine but show some class!! Remember its a business so conduct your actions business like not like a cheap Soap Opra. These are men and they will remember your are dead on with that. I see alot of yeah forget that guy he sucks going around but when he was supposed to be the Best thing since Mario where was all these Big Mouths? You bet right behind him...Its been yrs since the phins have won anything and at this rate making bone headed decisions it will be even longer so sit tight. 37 yr old brain bruised QB...Wow thats the newest savior what JOKE!!!

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for the PPL that think things aren't still somewhat racially motivated in our country at your Blind and in serious denial. Its not impossible OPEN YOUR MIND

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Moss made CP sure thats why he (Moss) has been to the PRO Bowl ZERO times since he left CP.. Check you stat sheet before you put your foot in your mouth.....SO tell me again who made Who?

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam is making the right decision re Cpep for one reason, and it is not because Cpep is washed up or not "smart", or his knee will never recover. It is simply because Cam runs an offense that does not suite him. If Cpep moves on and succeeds in a system that suits him, that does not mean that Cam made a mistake. It just means that the other team runs a scheme that suits Cpep. I wish Culpepper the best in the future, I hope his knee heals up and he gets with the right team and the right system. Why not? Just wish the best for the guy - but his style of play is not a fit for this current coach and the offensive scheme he wants to run.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Tony said...

The line got a lot better after Culpepper was benched. But the main thing is this line is different all the way across. We drafted Satele in the second round, he will start, Vernon Carey at LT will be fine, Hadnot has played like a veteran probably since the day he was born. Liwienski or Mormino are also new. so why do these idiots keep talking about last years line? And yea Daunte is gone because he is black, yea right, did anyone notice Cleo is black as well? Gimme a break.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, last year was last year. I really believed Daunte will make a difference, but now I know he's not phisically ready to play football, whatever the doctors say. Now I understand why the vikes traded him. Remember he didn't want to practice at the vikes'facilities? Being a total jerk about it? Now I understand.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Jake Sullivan said...

Any self respecting dolphin fan should be outraged that DC; a virtual outsider who has never done one single thing to contribute to this organizations success; would evoke memories of Dan Marino to try and win public support for his cause.

All you DC sympathizers out there (I think some of these posts are probably DC himself, since they make about as much sense as his press releases) can go with him. I wonder how the Minnesota fans liked the part where he implied they didn't appreciate his 2004 season.

If Marino had as little class as this guy he'd issue a press release saying "my dream season in Miami has been sullied by a scrub who can't outrun me TODAY in a 40 yard dash, let alone read a defense."

Today he courts (weak) dolphin fans by evoke memories of the greates QB ever to don our uniform, next year he'll imply you dolphin fans weren't worthy of appreciating his greatness.

I'm feeling spiteful and hardnosed, I hope Randy/Cam and Wayne collectively make this guy pay for bringing Marino's good name into this circus. Release him the Saturday before the 1st game of the season. Rot DC, cuz you made your bed.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I'm going to say is, Cameron is "JIMMY THE GREEK" reincarnated

9:52 PM  
Anonymous NYScott said...

1. Childress in Minnesota couldn't wait to get rid of Culpepper.2.He called him selfish.3.The Dolphins gave up a second round pick for him.4.It was as much his fault as Sabans that he came back to early.5.He screamed at Saban (in front of the whole team)when he was benched.6. He has made 8 million dollars to play in four games and rehab his destroyed knee.7.Cam and Daunte had an agreement that they wouldn't talk to each other through the media and Daunte broke the agreement. HOW IS IT THAT DOLPHIN FANS THINK THAT DAUNTE IS BEING WRONGED?!! I think it's the other way around. What a complete waste of time and money this guy has been. I can't believe that anyone is surprised that we are trying to get something for him. Daunte should thank the Dolphins for what they have done for him and allow them to try and get at least a lousy 6th round pick for him. If he's so great, why wont any other team take him for a low round pick?!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree with Armando that this situation could have been handled better, it is ultimately Carl Peterson and KC's fault for dragging the Green negotiations into June. He got what, possbily a 4th and at least a 5th...instead of a 6th? This was WORTH causing not one but two ugly transistions?

I hope KC goes 0-16 and Peterson gets fired.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous the real deal said...

I have to say that for those of you who continue to play the "race card" in this issue, please stop it! If Coach Cameron was really a "racist" as some of you intend to claim, then why does he still have a African American quarterback in Cleo Lemon on his roster and another quarterback of Palestenian descent in Gibran Hamdan? That doesn't sound like a "racist" to me.

People, what's happening is that Coach Cameron made a desicion that was best for the team, and decided that Daunte Culpepper is not the type of quarterback he wants for his team. Instead of using logic to see why he made the desicion, you foolish and ignorant Culpepper supporters feel the need to pull the "race card" and bring the color of Culpepper's skin into the issue, when it shouldn't even be an issue at all!

You Culpepper supporters need to realize what's going on here. However, because of your blind faith and unwavering man-crush, your logic is blinded. Here is the "real deal." Daunte Culpepper is a selfish, arrogant, and egotistical human being. Culpepper, for no reason at all, shunned his new head coach in Minnesota, when the only thing Brad Childress wanted was for Culpepper to come up to Minnesota and rehab under the guidance of the Vikings medical staff. Instead Daunte decided to whine and cry and ignore Brad Childress by continuing to rehab in Florida.

After Brad Childress got mad at him, he upset a weak minded Daunte so much, he decides to fire his agent, declare himslf his own agent, and then decides to demand a trade from the Vikings through the Minnesota media. After some more whining and crying like a spoiled rich kid in a Toys R' Us, "the poison" gets his wish and is traded to the Dolphins.

Immediately upon his trade, he appears on ESPN with Andrea Kremer, to announce to the world that he would be on the field for the Pittsburgh game, and claimed that he would "prove everybody wrong." When in reality, all he was doing was foolishly quitting his rehab in order to satisfy his larger than life ego. After four pathetic performances on the field "the poison" gets benched by Saban, and in typical fashion, "the poison" yells at the head coach, not only in front of the entire team, but in front of the media as well. Daunte, comes out later and says that his benching "was the right thing for him."

Fast forward to the present and you can see that the past is starting to repeat itself. Daunte is still bickering through the media, even though he promised Coach Cameron he wouldn't. Instead of demanding a trade through the media, he is demanding his outright release. Instead of blaming himself for rushing back onto the field, he puts the ENTIRE blame on the previous regime, as well as the new one. "The Poison" is up to his old tricks again, it happened in Minnesota, and it's happening again here in Miami.

"The Poison" has bad intentions planned. He is going to try and sabotage Trent Green. Trent is a classy man, a great quarterback, and he doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. He is going to try and rip apart the team's chemistry. On March 14, 2006. The Miami Dolphins were injected with a leathal dose of "poison" that poison is Daunte Culpepper, and if this new regime has any plans on moving forward, this "poison" must be flushed out sooner rather than later.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous t.j. said...

The poison are ignorant fans like yourselves bad mouthing Daunte for trying to hold on to his dignity in the face of low lifes like Cam.

What a reality check. Yes, the only thing we have in common are the Dolphins -- but some of us became Dolphin fans not just because of the name but for what Shula's teams stood for and represented. Class was near or at the top. Since Shula, not much to be proud of. Yeah, I'd prefer to watch the Dolphins lose if they are going to act like idiots toward players like Daunte.

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the dolphins staff are amateurs and have no class,they should all leave and bring bob greise in to coach

1:11 AM  
Anonymous John123 said...

Well the Dolphins can't really argue with Daunte's whole I won't be traded because I won't restructure stance because the fins "benefited" from this same scenario when they acquired Trent Green and Joey Harrington.

I do think the Dolphins handling of this situation is quite mind boggling. As of right now I couldn't see a team giving up anything more than a 7th round pick (maybe a 6th) for him and thats not worth the problems it will cause. If the Dolphins want trade value for Culpepper then let him compete and show hes healthy.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando you are right on on this matter. I've been in management fo0r over 30 years and the FIRST rule of thumb when you fire someone is that you see him to the door right then. Working a 2 week notice never works it just poisions the work place.

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

You criticise how the Dolphins handled some problems, but you did not offer a better way to have dealt with the same problems. Teams have been, and will continue to deal with replacing/cutting/trading/ players forever, and there is rarely a perfect way to deal with it that you guys won't create controversy out of.
This is all part of being in the NFL. Daunte needs to do what he needs to do and the Dolphins need to do what they need to do while operating within the peremiters of the contract. In my opinion, Daunte has been paid a lot of money, he is his own agent, and he needs to quit crying and live with what happens going forward. From what I have heard in player interviews, they all pretty much feel the same.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all I didn't see anyone call Cam a racist but its irresponsible to think that its all about him (CP) being selfish and arrogant or having to do with past relationships. I believe that someone just said that it possible for race to be a factor and it can whether agree with it or not. Take Micheal Vick's case you think if he was bubba from up the block the Federal government would be so interested in what happen at his former home? NO they wouldn't. No w I know some one is going to say well it has nothing to do with him being black it has to do with him being a celebrity well WRONG it has to with him being a BLACK Celebrity. When Brett Farve was abusing booz and prescription drugs and god know what else there was no out cry!!!!

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Daryl said...

The solution would have been to have a completely opened competition like you said not to pull a Saban less than 6 months on the job. IF and when he loses he goes wherever second string/third string or to a new team. We all know CP is not willing to sit behind anyone if he's healthy then let him demand to be traded but don't trade him or cut him before you even know who the better QB is thats the smart thing to do. As it stands right now Green and his previous experience with this offense was well over stated the guy doesn't know it as well as he was said to to you don't know if he is going to pick it up fully either. Stay tuned Go Brain Brohm the overall Number 1 which we have pretty much already earned!

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worried about alienating the players? Are these the same players that, to a man, if they were holding out for more money would tell you that it was just business. Those players? How is it that concept doesn't cut both ways? Because frankly, what Mueller and Cameron are doing is just that, taking care of business. Culpepper needs to grow up, shut up, and deal with it like a man. Frankly his childish reaction is symptomatic of the underlting reason they have decided to hand the leadership of the team to someome else. He is not a true leader of men, despite his statements to the contrary.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

A lot of interesting posts here. A lot of passion over this situation...

One thing to point out straight up is when Daunte "broke" Marino's total yard record in 2004 the team went 8 & 8 after a 5 & 1 start. While Danny was losing the SB to SF who were playing, for all partical purposes, a home game. The point being, stats don't mean much unless they relate to the win column. Culpepper is not a winner on the pro level and never has been.

How does 41 & 49 sound to you? Go back (if you can find it) and look at Culpepper's win/lose column. 3 Pro bowls with a record like that? What this points out again is the selfish ego. When a player, particularly a QB, is so conscious of personal stats that he puts them above team accomplishments this is when you have an issue. This is why Childress would have nothing to do with him and this is why Cameron will nothing to do with him.

I also don't see what Daunte is shocked about. Cameron only grudgingly alluded to the media and the fans that Culpepper was even on his radar. Culpepper writes a letter to Cameron and Mueller asking for his release? A freaking letter? Folks come on, the guy can not even call his coach into a closed door mano-e-mano conversation? He talks through the media because in his arrogance he does not respect the coaching staff.

I certainly wish Daunte the best but the sooner he is gone the better. I don't see us getting anything more than a 7th for him and all his pandering with the press is just dropping his stock further. More evidence of his selfishness, if he makes a big stink he lessens his trade value and paves his release.

Personally I would just get him out of the locker room. Let him go, but I thought it was interesting that Cameron said he thought the adversity caused by the distraction was actually a good thing. Maybe by seeing the difference in the way Trent Green leads and the way Culpepper leads will actually grow the team toward the right kind of leadership. It's risky, but so was picking Ted Ginn.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In light of the continuous regurgitating of the party line, it appears there is no room for objections. But I am, and have been a Dolphan since childhood and my good money has contributed to the success of this organization. And I OBJECT.
I object to the mistreatment of persons under contract--Mare and now Daunte. I don't care about perceived erros in decisions (Ginn v. Quinn) because time will expose their wisdom and the administrators are paid to make decisions.
What I do hate is mistreatment of persons. If they were not going to allow Mare and Daunte to compete, then do the right thing and let them go. Thank them for their contribution, don't villify them because of the money YOU agreed to pay them.
But, justice transcends all and, although football is a game within a business, the golden rule still holds.
Treat people like crap Miami...mediocrity is the pay you'll pay.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Raymond. Culpepper is doing what he thinks is best for himself. The Dolphins have really showed little class in this situation. We knew from Cam took the job that Daunte was not his type of QB. Fine, agree or not that's his call. But surely we should have a plan in place as to how treat Daunte during all the months it took to get Trent. This guy was a legitimate MVP candidate very recently. How did we think he was gonna feel about being replaced by a 37 year old guy who was absolutely awful in his last game without a chance to even compete?

Let the man go! Hopefully he will throw 35 touchdowns for somebody, John Beck will be the next great Dolphin QB and everyone will live happily ever after.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Taylor Eats Brady said...

I fail to see how the Mare and DC situations qualify as treating players like crap. While the situations are awkward, is not a more honest thing to do let a player know he is on the way out than to blindside him with a trade at the start of training camp? Stockpiling picks, even 6th and 7th rounders, is the best way to build for long-term success. Everybody is getting paid here, and the Dolphins owe it to their fans to try and get every advantage they can.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous oscar_g said...

Does anybody here but 'Taylor eats Brady' know anyting about pro football?

And can anyone explain whats this huge loyalty to Duante Culpepper?

2:37 PM  
Anonymous the real deal said...

I still cannot understand why some of you continue to side with "The Poison." He does not deserve the support you give him, he doesn't deserve any support at all!!! Again, I ask you people who support "The Poison" what good things has he done for the Miami Dolphins?

3:11 PM  
Anonymous tommy a. said...

Bull@%$# Armando!!!!!

These guys get paid millions of dollars to play a game, that they suck at right now!!!!

Who cares about their feelings being hurt......poor babies.

It's FOOTBALL.....a man's sport, or so I thought.

Any player that may be upset needs to leave. You get paid millions, you've lost for years, and you want to complain or get upset because some teamates didn't like the way they were let loose!!?

Hey, win some games, do your jobs, go home to your mansions, and yachts, play golf at the country club, pick up your kids from elite private schools,,,,,,,AND STOP CRYING LIKE BABIES!!!!!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Lynch said...

Man, people in Florida are stupid

4:26 PM  
Anonymous doug collin said...

NFL INVESTIGATING TAMPERING CHARGES RE CULPEPPER. Pro football says one or 2 nfl teams contacted culpepper prior to fins giving permission. also that culpepper and teamshave wink wink to sign him after release with NO draft choice as culpepper will demand release, This would explain why cameron cant comment on open nfl investigation and why fins playing hardball with culpepper.Armando is there any truth to this as it explains whats going on now >

4:40 PM  
Anonymous DOLPFAN in DC said...

Very interesting...I have been a doplfin fan all my life (43 years). This starts with Wayne who I love...because he love the dolphins and wants to win so badly for the city he in my opinion loses sight that when you select a head coach you define a team. When he selected Saban, ol slick Nick brought in his guys and now Cam is doing the same thing. Great teams do not retool with every coach they bring in PLAYERS. Yes know the ones with skills to play in several different systems. I hope Trent is successful but I only have two comments on C-Pep. He risk his career and body playing hurt for this team because of a dumb coach so I don't buy the all he thinks about is himself. Secondly, remember he is his own agent so as far as I am concern Daunte has not said a word since being informed he would be traded, his agent has done all the talking. Any agent worth his salt would do everything possible for his client not the team, you all do remember that the agent works solely for the player and does not care how it affects the team or were you sleep doing that hour of class.


7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of these comments are coming from people outside of Florida, they probably are PATS or J-E-T-S fans just like your ignorant @ss

as for CAM he is JIMMY THE GREEK reincarnated hahahahahahaha I don't give a f@uck about CAM, PEPPER, GREEN or BECK

bring Marino back

7:53 PM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

Whether Daunte is being "wronged" or not isn't the issue here. The issue is that Daunte is no longer the Daunte we all saw in Minnesota heaving BOMBS to Randy Moss for TDs. Those days are long gone, over and done with. Daunte's best asset was his mobility, where he could get out of the way of the attacking defenders and heave the ball downfield to Moss. He cannot do that anymore and never will. He can't read defenses. He fumbles a lot because his hands are small. He's not a leader on the field. Okay, so he's worked his rear end off rehabilitating...good for him. We just can't take a chance on him or afford him sucking it up all over the place like he did for the first 4 weeks of last season. The NFL is a business and there are aspects of it that suck for the players and fans, no doubt about it, but if we are to continue enjoying the NFL year in and year out, this is the type of stuff that will continue to go on. Today's "savior" could be tomorrow's goat. A year from now, Green could be in the same boat he was in K.C. this year. We didn't dream of C-Pep being in this spot when he arrived last year. We still felt he had that big S on his chest...unfortunately, he's riddled with kryponite...Done...D-O-N-E.

8:45 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...


I live in NY Jet country and if you cut me, I'd bleed aqua and orange. To the MORONs who believe that just because some of us fans live outside of Miami, that we don't know what we're talking about or aren't true fans, you're friggin ridiculous.

There are Dolphins fans all over the world who don't have a zip code that starts with 33 or a 305 area code. Doesn't make us any less of a fan. If I could have it my way, I'd be at Dolphin Stadium every Sunday, but thats not reality. To those of you who can do that, thank your lucky stars. Most of us have to find other ways to support the team, don't fault us for it.

8:50 AM  
Blogger JinVA said...

WOW...some of you are amazingly blind, and some of you are DEAD ON. Kudos to "Taylor eats Brady", "the real deal", and "tommy a.". At least there ARE some people on here who aren't into BLIND faith and misguided loyalty!

"Raymond", "Jed", and "tj" guys are e-fin' CLUELESS.

To the guy who wouldn't post an identity who said "Yeah Moss made CP sure thats why he (Moss) has been to the PRO Bowl ZERO times since he left CP.. Check you stat sheet before you put your foot in your mouth.....SO tell me again who made Who?"...YOU TOO are an idiot. It wasn't just MOSS who made was Moss and CRIS CARTER. They ALSO made JEFF FREAKIN' GEORGE look all world. They also made a 62 year old Randal Cunningham look like he was 22 again! They made EVERY QB they had look like All Pros! WATCH SOME FOOTBALL PEOPLE. Learn a little more about the game! The Vikes couldn't WAIT to unload Daunte! He CAN'T READ DEFENSES! PERIOD. His ONE strength WAS his mobility which is NOW gone! For the guy who said he's a leader and his Viking team mates love him...WRONG. He had the Viking locker room divided. Some liked him (the ones on the boat with him...Fred Smoot and the boys) and one's who knew he was SELFISH. Want proof that it was MOSS AND CARTER? Go look at how they were doing when he got injured...which was btw...AFTER Carter retired. He was playing TERRIBLE! Brad Johnson came in and salvaged the season to respectable! JESUS some of you are amazing!

To "John123" who said...
"Well the Dolphins can't really argue with Daunte's whole I won't be traded because I won't restructure stance because the fins "benefited" from this same scenario when they acquired Trent Green and Joey Harrington." WRONG. They were given permission to find TRADE PARTNERS! That's a BIG difference! They didn't say from the get go..."release me".

To "DOLPFAN in DC" who said: "I only have two comments on C-Pep. He risk his career and body playing hurt for this team because of a dumb coach so I don't buy the all he thinks about is himself." You're forgetting one thing here...he's selfish, and part of that is of course...building his own stats so he can throw them in everyone's faces when he needs to he is now! He played because he believes in himself more than anything else. Which is a good thing IF he had some loyalty to others ALONG with himself. Which he's NEVER had.

12:04 PM  
Blogger JinVA said...

Further the guy above who used the Vick're WAY off base. And saying it's the same as Favre's addiction to pain killers? GET A CLUE. You're quote:

"Take Micheal Vick's case you think if he was bubba from up the block the Federal government would be so interested in what happen at his former home? NO they wouldn't. No w I know some one is going to say well it has nothing to do with him being black it has to do with him being a celebrity well WRONG it has to with him being a BLACK Celebrity. When Brett Farve was abusing booz and prescription drugs and god know what else there was no out cry!!!!"

That alone makes you an idiot. First off...Favre came out and SAID he had a problem. He faced up to it, and dealt with it like a man. Now...mind you...I can't stand Favre OR the Packers, but at lease he was a MAN about it. Vick is a worthless piece of garbage. I live here in VA, and have been watching this whole thing unfold. It wasn't his "former home" you MORON. He still owned it! He put it up for sale the minute the story broke. They've pulled 60+ fighting dogs off that property! That's not counting the dozens being unburied on the property! You're just an ASS for even bringing RACE into this. That is out and out animal ABUSE PERIOD. I hope if he's found guilty of being a part of the dog fighting ring that he's banned from the league.

RACE has NOTHING to do with it! I'd love to have MOON in his hay day, I'd LOVE to have McNabb, I'd LOVE to have VINCE YOUNG! Those guys all have CLASS!

And is it me or did Cam just draft guys with SEVERAL difference race backgrounds? Calling he and Mueller raccist is flat out unjustified and TOTAL BS.

12:14 PM  
Blogger JinVA said...

Last comments...Doug Collins you're in the Kudos list. I like the way you think too, and that part you just posted would sure shed quite a bit of light on the whole subject now wouldn't it?

Those of you bashing the Phins organization have little to NO credibility for one BIG reason. It's NOT YOUR MONEY being wasted on guys like Daunte. I HIGHLY doubt you'd be complaining about not taking the "moral high ground" if it were your MILLIONS you just shelled out to a guy who has handled things like Daunte. Yeah it's easier for all of you who say it to sit there and say "aww...poor C-pep...he's being so mistreated...just let him go find his own home". What a FRIGGIN JOKE. What if it were YOUR hard earned MONEY that was paid to him? What if it was really YOUR TEAMS #2 draft pick that was wasted on him? I mean COME ON PEOPLE. What if you weren't just a fan and you really OWNED THIS TEAM?!

I'd want to get something...ANYTHING for what I wasted on him if I owned the team!

THINK BEYOND YOUR BLIND LOYALTY to anything other than this organization you so profess to love.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

You folks are hillarious, why is anyone on this blog getting upset because there are some people out here that want to support DC. Its amazing how you're getting all worked up when really none of these statments or opinions have any affect on the real decision making..........calm down find Ricky Williams and smoke one!!!!

What you should do is look back at last years statments when we first got DC, now he's a bum, washed up, stupid , and can't read defenses!!!!!!! WOW all that because he was physically unable to perform?!?!?!I think this situation not only shows the lack of class by our team's front office ,but a even bigger lack of class by the fans who are saying "do him any kind of way cause I don't like him"!!! Even if he isn't the QB for Miami he is still a person and shouldn't be treated like he has!!!

And since DC and Trent Green have suffered the same exact injury how is it that Trent came back but DC won't?? Alot of you fans should do some research and stop just taking everything Cam and Randy say for facts!!! And you definitly don't want to just take the word of these folks on this blog cause over half of them don't know SH!@!!!!!

12:37 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

Does anyone not remember the situation last year with the Titans and Steve McNair?? He was the savior of that team for many years actually leading his team to the Super Bowl and coming with a few feet of winning it...and he found himself in the same situation that Daunte currently finds himself in. And Daunte doesn't have anywhere near the resume that McNair has.

The NFL is a business so take emotions out of this. Does anyone think Bill Belichick is a decent head coach or Scott Pioli a decent personnel man?? How many labor disputes have they had with beloved members of that team?? At least one every year...Lawyer Milloy, Deion Branch, Assante Samuel to name a few. Seems to me they've done ok under their current regime wouldn't you say?? So knock off all this crap about Cameron and Mueller being idiots / racists / etc and realize they are making business decisions that every team in the league makes.

Here comes the STFU truck...I suggest you find a seat.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Derek actually I like the points you've made and your entilted to your opinion ,but I still feel this could've been handle a little better than it is!! And the longer it carries the less focused our team will be!! Not to mention how many players this situation will affect, the way they view Cam Cameron!!!No matter how many folks support him if the players don't agree with him they are more likely not to give him a 100% (can anybody say Larry Johnson before he got with Herm Edwards)

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the moran that said, "if you cut me i'd bleed aqua and orange"
that's real deep....hahahahaha

I agree with the guy who said, why are you guys getting so upset, so what people have a different position on this than you, it's nothing to get mad about, you're not going to change their mind, so people just relax and enjoy your team this season because being a disabled veteran my passion is with my brothers and sisters in uniform in harms way.....stop getting mad at each other and just agree to disagree

JAGS are waiting on you Daunte

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

As a Dolphin fan since 1966 myself I remember the George Wilson days and the cuts and changes when Shula came in. In those days , as tampa tony says we were just a ride along team and players played for one team for there whole career. Things change. Coaches get fired if the team doesn't improve in the first year ,second at the longest. wilson played his own son at QB and we are concerned that Cam knows Green on a professional level ptior to coming to Miami?

This Daunte thing isn't being played right by either side and should be handled quickliy. The longer it lingers with or without intention on either side it becomes a poison.

From a football perspective I have sat in Dolphin Stadium and watched Daunte focus on 1 reciever without checking down or looking off the defenders which I think caused him somsacks last year but I also think he still had a major general concern over his knee getting hit again which is probably because as a competitor he said he could go when he probably should have said I don't know what do the doctor's think. akk competitors think they can play if you ask them because of the fear Daunte's living now... losing his job.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Fan for 36 yrs in VA said...

First, why do you ignorant bigots need to make this a black white thing? Second, has anyone thought that maybe Green is being used as a "get me through this year and maybe next until Beck learns the offense?" Since it takes the average quarterback about 2 - 3 years to really learn an offense, what's better than getting someone who's already familiar with it? Do I like the fact that Green is 37 and is one good hit away from retirement - NO! However, if he can help Beck learn and give us a chance to compete, why not? This is a rebuilding year no matter what the front office says. So, lets get over Daunte and move on.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, someone from VA calling people ignorant bigots

5:48 PM  
Anonymous oscar-g said...

Everybody should listen to 'JinVA'. The man speaks the truth.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Drew said...

For those who like to attribute Green's success to KC's O-Line, the same can be said about Daunte whose only good years (2) involved Randy Moss. The 7 games he played without Moss were Fiedler esque: (139/216 64.4 1564 6td 12int 72.0 rating)

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Balla4life said...

Don't give me that if it were your team, your millions bullsh@t because this organization last year went out and sought a trade for this individual knowing full well the extent of his injury and in doing so offered him all these millions, so don't try to act like this organization just got used or something, this organization is owned by a businessman who benefited from the tickets and jerseys that were sold because you fair weather fans were so excited you had the great C-PEP on your team, hell even the sports writers outside of Miami bought into the hype, predicting Miami would go to the superbowl but here we are just 1 lousy year later and you same bloggers are calling the man everything under the sun, talking about him as if you know him personally, as if you have sat down and talked with him, well let me say this listen to Jason Taylor talk about Culpepper and he paints a completely different picture, I think i'll take Mr. Taylor opinion since he knows the guy over you morans on here

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell yeah Balla4life
I agree

10:02 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Best part about this is : Had the Fish picked Brady Quinn, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Z said...

If anyone is interested, I found this page that has newspaper, sports
sites and blog feeds all in one page, I check it every day:

10:18 AM  
Anonymous jc said...

The NFL is beginning to look like the WWF. Duante wants to compete and he should be given that chance.
Thats what a sport is.
A "sport" without real competition is .....fake.


12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Florida Today
June 12, 2007

Loyalty root of Daunte's inferno

Spoiled. Pampered. Conceited. Self-absorbed. Opportunistic. Out of touch. Prima donnas.

There are many labels you can attach to professional athletes.

Just don't attach them to Daunte Culpepper.

Which makes what is happening to him all the more puzzling. Well, not really. This is a ruthless industry, pro sports. Especially the NFL, where the attitude isn't what have you done for me lately?

It's what are you doing for me right now?

Contracts aren't guaranteed. Neither is tomorrow, much less today. All of this means that in the NFL there is one label you rarely find to attach to anybody.


But that is Daunte Culpepper. Loyal. Probably to a fault, if you can find fault in such a quality.

Culpepper believes in people. He believed his employer, the Miami Dolphins, would give him a fair shot at winning the starting quarterback job even after they traded for Trent Green, and everything pointed to Daunte's Dolphin days as numbered.

Culpepper showed up for work anyway, the loyal employee that he is, even though he should've known that the word loyal doesn't appear in NFL playbooks. The Dolphins responded at Friday's minicamp by having the head of security escort Daunte off the practice field.

For what? What had he done wrong?

For sticking around past his expiration date, that's all.

It was barely more than a year ago when the Dolphins couldn't acquire Culpepper fast enough. Now they can't get rid of him with equal alacrity.

Such is life in the NFL. Think about it. Once upon a time, Trent Green was everything to the St. Louis Rams. Then, like Culpepper, he injured his knee. Enter Kurt Warner out of nowhere to lead the Rams to a Super Bowl title, and a year later Green's days in St. Louis were over.

It's a cold, heartless world Daunte Culpepper chose as his profession. For those of us who have followed his career from his formative years at Ocala's Vanguard High School, it never quite fit his personality.

Culpepper came from a disadvantaged background to become a multi-sport star (the New York Yankees once drafted him). A woman named Emma Culpepper adopted and raised him after Daunte's own mother proved too unfit to care for him after she bore him while in jail.

Growing up, Daunte kept his birth mother's identity and background secret, and you can find a measure of loyalty in that. He vowed to take care of his adoptive mother when he made it big, and he did. Loyal, again. In fact, he even took care of his birth mother, as well.

When he had problems with his high school SAT scores, all the major colleges that were recruiting him dropped him as if he were an old fling. Florida, Florida State, Miami, plus many of the other football factories.

The only school that stuck with him was UCF, then a lowly Division 1-A program, and not a very good one at that.

When Culpepper got his scores up and his eligibility was intact, all the big-time programs came calling again. Thanks, but no thanks. At a time when Culpepper could've thought about where it was best to go for a future pro career, he stuck with the Knights. Loyal. Once again. Probably to a fault, because at the end of his college career it looked like it cost him a boatload of money.

I remember watching him early in 1999, going through the paces for scouts in a private, invitation-only practice session, and coming away absolutely wowed by his workout. Then I was in New York City for the NFL Draft a few months later, watching name after name selected before his, all because of nagging doubts about his ability because he played at a Division 1-A school.

Culpepper didn't go until the 11th pick, with three quarterbacks -- Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb and Akili Smith -- taken ahead of him before the Minnesota Vikings took a chance.

Yeah, his loyalty cost him.

He rewarded the Vikings by becoming a Pro Bowl player. Then, two seasons ago, he shredded his knee, got traded to the Dolphins during the offseason and worked like a maniac to be ready for the start of the 2006 season. He wasn't. But he tried, lasted four games and then had to admit that, though his intentions were good, he rushed it.

He went right back to rehab, worked hard, stayed close to his teammates and impressed everybody. At the Dolphins' awards banquet after last season, when defensive end Jason Taylor accepted the team's MVP award, he went out of his way to laud Culpepper's work ethic and commitment.

So how do you think his teammates are viewing these recent events, watching as the head of security escorted him off the field and then hearing the Dolphins insist they are going to trade Culpepper, even while Culpepper is simply asking for his release, so he can go somewhere that wants him?

It won't sit well, and you understand better now why athletes bolt for the money at a moment's notice.

Still, it was absolutely the wrong way for new Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron to start his era. But keep in mind that Cameron works for Wayne Huizenga, who, in his first act when he became owner, got rid of Don Shula.

Huizenga immediately fit right in with the NFL culture, a culture that doesn't value what Daunte Culpepper has to offer amongst his many other talents and qualities.


2:39 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

LOL. Some of you people are total fools. What does Culpepper offer? A big arm that, with a good offensive line, can overthrow cornerbacks to one of the biggest receiving talents of all time (Mr. Moss).

Other than that, he's dumb, immobile, a cancer, immature, and did I mention DUMB, DUMB, IDIOT, STOOGE?

The fins owe him nothing. Sit him out on the porch and pray the milkman picks him up and leaves a draft pick of some level behind for him.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Micheal, and those like him if you don't have anything intelligent to blog don't blog........rant to your wife, mother, kids, dad or who ever wants to listen to you, as for the true Dolphin fans let's move on Daunte is no longer a Dolphin technically, no matter how we feel about how the organization handle the situation, I personally feel Camron will be just as bad as Dave W. and Nick S. very good coordinator, very bad Head Coach but none the less I'm a fan of this team and I will alway's be, I'm a season ticket holder and I have been for the last 10 years and of course i'm ready for this organization to start winning again but if this is another losing season I will still purchase my season tickets next year because I'm committed to the 53 man roster, I pull for players like Jason, Zach, Chris, Marty etc..... to win a championship before they leave this game. You guys can blog all day, call Daunte all names in the world and it's not going to change anything, it only make us as Dolphans look bad, because if you are a fan of this team a true fan, you are ready to move on from this by taking the high road wish Mr. Culpepper the best, welcome Mr. Green and hope the people who were brought in here to lead this team know what they're doing, if not i'm sure they'll be replaced like all the rest, but this is OUR team that we have invested sooooo many years in and we're not going to allow the way this Culpepper thing went down to change that. Remember, this will be all behind us come September and we'll be cheering loud as hell for the aqua and orange

6:08 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Why didn't your article address the obvious similarities between Culpepper's situation now and Green's a few weeks ago? Why shouldn't the Dolphins hang on to Culpepper until the first game of the regular season, seeking a 3-7th round pick for him?

I'm glad we have a coach and manager willing to be hard nosed about the business side of things and looking out for a future pick (and I'm glad we have an owner willing to back them up).

Culpepper needs to grow up and accept the business side of things. He's in an enviable position in life (earning tons of money for doing very little). Stop crying.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, stop trying to make us feel sorry for this sour puss. While I believe the team would be wise to give him a chance, and might regret letting him go, it is obvious that Cam thinks he is not the guy. WHile I disagree with him, I have to trust his opinion, because he knows more about football than both you, I and the whole 790 station put together. Maybe after I see some of his dubious decisions blow up in his face, like the acquistion of Duante did in Saban's, will I begin to doubt him, no matter how excited and disappointed I was to see Quinn there and then get bypassed. So IF you are resolute that Duante is not your guy, and that he is not that guy you keep to give a chance because he is a primadonna (proven and underscored by Duante's whinning and complaining, along with his air of superiority and inability to even conceive that he may not be as good as he thinks he is), then it WOULD BE WISE NOT TO HAVE HIM PLAY IN PRACTICE AND POSSIBLY GET INJURED OR SHOW UP LACKING THEREFORE INJURING HIS TRADE VALUE. The Dolphins are not going to get much for him, but I still would want my coach to do his best to try to protect what value he has. As far as fair, Duante made 8 mil last season for four games. We paid him to rehabilitate an injury that occurred somewhere else. If Duante wanted to be fair, he would renegotiate his contract to a performance base one, allowing the coaching staff to keep him on and battle for the job. Alas, Duante won't do this and won't face reality. The guy thinks he is as good as Marino, even having the audacity to point out that he broke Marino's all time yardage record. I think he should remeber how many times he threw a hail mary up there and had Moss do all the work for him. Duante has done NOTHING without Randy. Don't cry for Duante, he crys enough for himself.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Kevin Grierson said...

Regardless of what the Dolphins "owe" Daunte Culpepper, A.S. is absolutely right--the rest of the team is watching, and the front office is hurting morale. Even if Culpepper was a cancer in the locker room (and my impression is that he's not, at least not before he was left hanging), how you treat a player says more about you than about them. And to be honest, although the Dolphin's personnel moves may turn out to be wise ones, I think that Cameron has handled them with a distinct lack of class. You want to cut Culpepper or Mare? Fine, but don't leave them hanging for weeks on end. No intentions of drafting Brady Quinn? Don't ask for his cell phone number and tell him to stay close to the phone.

If the Dolphins are going to have another down year--and this sure looks like more of the same of what we've seen the past few years--management could at least show a little class. Otherwise, we could wind up like Detroit, where good players go to watch their careers die.

11:36 AM  
Blogger JinVA said...

Balla4life…you don’t read well do you? My POINT was that if YOU spend the money you’re entitled to do whatever you feel like with Daunte’s “rights”, and you’d deserve to get compensated. When you shell out millions you have the RIGHT to treat things like a business. Because it IS. And don’t you EVER insinuate I’m a “fair weather” fan you jack__. I’m 39 and been a Phins fan ALL MY LIFE. I’ve NEVER rooted for ANYONE other than the Phins…EVER. There are no bigger fans than I…maybe some equal to, but none bigger. As for JT’s comments…don’t’ forget…at that time he didn’t know what was going to transpire, and he was backing who he THOUGHT was going to be the leader in the offensive huddle. Sure Daunte worked hard at getting back into shape…as he should…that’s what he’s getting paid to do.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is said that the coaches and front office only try to do what they feel is best for Miami.

It's just hard to think that we got more out of the AJ Feeley trade than we are out of the Duante trade, both for a #2.

While I'm sure no new regime comes in to fail, this is going to end badly for Miami. The trade for Green and the drafting of Beck means that Miami has used 4 picks on QBs in two years.

It's a waste of good defensive talent to rebuild now. Trade Thomas & Taylor now to teams that are playing to win now. Do not let them suffer the same fate Marino did.

I beleive that giving Pep just one chance when healthy to help Miami would have been prudent. Now those bridges are burnt. That being said, we should not trade Duante if it is not fair value.

Since when is trading a #2 for a QB, let him rehab for a year, then let another team reap the benefits from that rehab considered a good move?

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish cpepper all the best. I hope it gets done soon, very soon. There is some truth to getting the guy who is sore out of the locker room. If you believe that people are people in all organizations, then there will be a negative effect on the team if it draws out too soon.

There are, however, some differences between Green's and C-pepper's situations that occur to me.

One is that there is at least the same, if not more, legitimacy in the fins wanting to get something for C-pepper in a trade. Let's face it, they didn't really get their money's worth last year.

I don't think anyone can make a case of C-pepper being the great leader off the field. He just seemed to act the spoiled mercenary, which is what one could expect from one of the regular players these days but for a first line QB, the bar is (still) higher.

All this running to the union and filing a grievance, not restructuring his package to facilitate a trade - to a team he wants to go to - smacks of the spoiled child syndrome.

Sure, the fins management could have played it more fairly, but they just fininshed paying out big mega bucks for a bust - twice if you count Ricky W. I guess they have a legitimate claim to get something in return.

C-pepper should act more mature and less slef-centered. It will help him in the long term, for what good team wants to hire someone that is acting like he is?

Leaders don't go running to the union when they don't like something, they act like leaders and help manage a win-win outcome.

DC hasn't shown that he is a class act and a leader on and off of the field in Miami. The only leadership I saw in Minn. seemed to have been summarized by his participation in maritime adventures of a questionable manner.

The fins will do better without him. A shame, because he has a lot of talent and, when he is healthy, he can really perform in an outstanding manner. But continued performance is never guaranteed.

Good luck and good bye Daunte.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous sakthi said...

Valid points Armando,It is not advisable to comment/correct players mistakes in front of other players..It'll definitely affect their confidence level...
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12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a class-less organization. Doesn't all the rehab Dante went through count for anything when considering whether or not to give him a chance to compete for the QB job? Guess not. Wonder what the other vets think about this? This is REALLY gonna be good for team chemistry, lol!

Hey Fin-Fans, good luck with Trent 'has-been/never-was' Green!

11:13 AM  

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