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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Miami's cornerback situation still a problem

Free from the outcry that typically follows a football team's weak links, the most fragile piece of the Dolphins defense has largely been ignored by critics, but more importantly, by the team's front office this offseason.

The defensive backfield in general and the cornerback spot in particular was an area of great disappointment the last 12 months.

First round pick Jason Allen, who played both cornerback and safety and mastered neither in his rookie year, was a non-factor.

Andre' Goodman, a pleasant surprise of a free agent acquisition, finished the season on the injured reserve list.

Will Allen, acquired in free agency to help us forget the ball-hawking exploits of Pat Surtain and Sam Madison, was OK, but hardly a star.

And despite the fact the defensive backfield was Nick Saban's responsibility, the position he actually coached personally, the Dolphins managed only eight interceptions all season. That, by the way, is the lowest mark in franchise history.

Yes, despite having good pressure from the defensive front that included an MVP caliber year by Jason Taylor, the defensive backfield couldn't deliver game-changing plays with any consistency.

That has led to very little activity this offseason to improve the situation.

So Jason Allen has now been settled in at cornerback where presumably his inability to learn all the calls and assignments of the safety spot won't hinder him. But in adding Allen to the cornerback corps, a move that offers no guarantee of working, the Dolphins have serious doubts about perhaps their best CB.

Goodman has undergone another shoulder surgery, the third for him by my count, and could very well miss the start of training camp next month -- maybe even much of the preseason.

So the Dolphins are down to Travis Daniels and Will Allen as their starters. That's no better than where they were last year when, I remind you, the defensive backfield had a franchise low number of interceptions.

So what's the big deal?

Well, while the Dolphins defensive backfield has failed to graduate from suspect status, the chances of things getting worse around them has improved. The New England Patriots, a division rival, have added not one, not two, but three starting caliber receivers, one of whom is named Randy Moss.

The Jets did their part to keep pace with New England by using their first round draft pick on a cornerback. But the Dolphins, aching on offense, could afford no such luxury.

So what is the point? Well, in the world of hindsight critics and second-guess journalists, I simply want to point out this GLARING issue that is bothering me now in June so that when it becomes a problem in September, none of you guys say I didn't bother to tell you this was brewing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should give Courtney Bryan a try at cornerback. They signed him as an undrafted free agent as a saftey, but he played corner in college and was in the top ten of passes defended in Div 1 for two years in a row. He does not have top speed, but is a good cover corner, knows the position well, is big and quick; if the situation is as bad as you say they should give him a try.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give the secondary a chance to succeed this year. Remember they were playing under Saban's complicated system Travis Daniels once said takes 2 years to get it down. You also forgot to mention Will Poole, i think he will be a good corner. Ease up on Jason Allen too. His holdout last season really hindered his chances of playing well. Another point, the secondary improved as the season went along. I'm more worried about the OL than the secondary

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The team can do only so much in one off-season. Give it time. That being said, you failed to note that Dom Capers has simplified the defensive scheme that Saban-- I hate to use the word "taught"--imposed on the DBs. You've discounted or not mentioned players who will end up contributing. I also think there's at least one vet that the team will sign in the secondary before the season starts.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

I thought Daniels played good his first year (for a rookie) and has been hindered since by his bad ankle. With his experience, and hopefully a sound ankle, I expect him to be a quality contributor this year.

I don't see it being as bleak of a situation as you are making it out to be. However, there is little room for injuries, and all must be at the top of their game for the defense to be one that can carry a team.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

will poole doesn't play for the dolphins anymore. I think he signed with the Titans.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous John said...

who would you have liked them to sign? they can only plug so many holes at a time. don't just say they didn't do anything to improve the secondary- offer an opinion on what should have been done. I think another year in Dom Capers system is really going to help. That being said, they still won't be a top 10 unit.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miami had other glaring needs besides the secondary (although I'm not sure those were necessarily addressed either). Sure, they weren't world beaters last year, but they weren't terrible either (INTs are not the only measurement...look at coverage sacks, run support, forced check downs by the QB, etc.) Joey Porter and a breakout season by Matt Roth should help this current secondary more than any CB other than Nate Clements and Dre Bly could have and we weren't in the market for them. I also think you're going to see some solid play out of Jason Allen. Miami was right to wait one more year to see what truly needs to be addressed with this current secondary.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous thedayafter said...

Your POV only continues to prove the local media reporting on the Dolphins lack basic knowledge of the game and the development timelines of productive NFL players. Furthermore your assumptions are nothing more than pure speculation and again only reflect on the lazy way you go about your reporting responsibilites.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most GLARING addition to the Dolphins secondary is the subtraction of idiot Saban! This alone will make this position twice as good. We may not have pro bowlers at corner, but this will be a top 10 defensive unit this year.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

even though we havent shown big plays in the past from our backfield, our LB core and the 3-4 should make even new england pass more which will open up more opportunity for some good plays. Our corners will either thrive on that or show that they were only one hit wonders in college.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have legit concerns, but with Little Nicky gone, Capers has a much better chance of forming this group to his liking.

I don't think the'll be great this year, but I do think they will be much improved.

I never saw anyone teach so little, and make such a mess of a position they were supposed to know so much about than Little Nicky.

I bet Mel Phillips was a basket case the last couple of years.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drafting Ginn over Revis (CB Jets took in 1st round) was a big mistake. CB will be a major problem for 'fins this year and should have been addressed, otherwise, 'fins just wasting the talents of Taylor, Thomas, et al.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The CB spot will be fine. Jason Allen will be at the spot he's best at full time and the difference in his play this year will be night and day. He's going to be a good starter at one spot. The 2nd spot will be just okay with no matter who starts at that spot: Daniels, Goodman or Allen. None of those guys is that good, but none is horrible either. The Fish can win with those guys. I think the safety play is what needs to watched more than the CB play.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous DZ8 said...

We have Jason Allen now at cornerback and Travis Daniels ( a starter as a rookie) back from injury. Thats two potential starters to add to our returning starters from last year. Plus the experience gained from last year we should be good at CB. More worried about safety on defense.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Anyone who thinks our secondary will be fine is nuts. That part of our team is as pathetic as our O-line.

2. The reality was there was complete garbage available this past year in free agency. Nate Clemons cashed in on a record spending spree by teams looking to over-pay for moderately decent talent.

Miami was stuck between a rock and hard place trying to clean up Saban's mess.

As long as the front 7 continue to be strong, this weak ass secondary has a chance to look good.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Israel said...

Corner is a position that can be covered up by a strong pass rush and an offense that can score.

I think that's what was done this offseason. Improve the offense, add pressure with Porter for the Defense and hope the DB's can get better with a simpler system.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Armando, couldn't you fill in a number of different positions in that title? Safety, OG, OT, C, QB, TE, WR, P. CB play wasn't costing the team games as much as the poor QB play or the poor blocking or the lack of targets on the outside or the lack of help from the safeties when it was the responsibility of the safety to be helping.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Guys, you guys are underestimating the depth of this situation.

Let me remind you that CBs allowed J.P. Losman to complete 11 of 18 passes (nine of those completions to WRs)in the first meeting. The CBs let Tennessee's average receivers run free most of their game and got lucky Kerry Collins couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. The CBs got abused by both Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds at Houston. Donald Driver and Lav. Coles had great days against Miami's CBs. Roy Williams caught 6 for 126 against Miami CBs. Average Matt Jones abused Miami's CBs with 6 catches for 128. In the second meeting Losman completed 13 of 19, which means he was 24 of 37 without a pick in two games vs Miami. And I'm not even going to mention what Manning and Co. did in the season-finale.

This is an area of serious concern given Goodman's health. Oh, I forgot, you're banking on Jason Allen to be the answer. My bad.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

All good thoughts, I agree for the most part.

Capers has simplified the coverages. I believe Saban's was far too complex. Yes, you want to confuse the opposing QB but if your own players make mental mistakes and otherwise fail to execute such a complex scheme - what's the benefit? Sometimes, simpler is better and we should see some benefit here.

Other posters alluded to the secondary's best friend - a great pass rush. We've still got Taylor, resigned Holliday, and dumped some dead weight like Carter, etc. Then we add Joey Porter. Our front seven is very strong, and Capers will generate a nice pass rush with this mix of players. In his scheme, you don't need a shutdown corner like Surtain/Madison. Run support is more important, as well as capable coverage skills. I believe we have at least "capable" players in the secondary with Bell continuing his development into a true playmaker.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Mando, but we were still in those games into the 4th quarter. I think that some relief coming from the offensive side of the ball could help the defense especially the DBs. They were on the field forever in all of those games.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Armando -

Please don't attempt to dazzle me with some lame regurgitation of statistics. Everyone knows there are three things to never believe: lies, bigger lies, and statistics.

Even a blind fan knows that our problem last year was our pathetic offense. No defense can be relied upon as much as ours was and overcome such a consistently poor effort from the other side of the ball. Even still, as a whole the defense was very stout for us last season - and not the primary reason we suffered such a horrible record.

I still don't think our problem lies with the players. Saban and his special blend of micromanagement, belittling style, and overcomplex coverages combined to field such a poor unit. I guarantee with the same players this year, we will see better performance in coverage - you can take that to the bank.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous DZ8 said...

If we draft Oliver from Georgia in the supplemental draft will that prove to you that they're trying to improve? Pay too much for a free agent? Injury (Daniels) and position change (Jason Allen) adds to the position, IMO. O-Line, QB, and Safety are bigger concerns in my opinion.
Please write more about those four crazy islanders who are going to change the attitude of the Dolphins.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, you bring up the Colts game, but the Colts do that to everyone. Manning passing for 282 is pretty much expected. Previous game against the Jets Pennington had less than a 50% completion percentage and of his 239 yards 105 came from Leon Washington. He wasn't catching those against CBs. And that 2nd Bills game? ZERO points from the offense. McGahee 28 carries and Losman 19 passes. Numbers like that make it clear that all the passes thrown are going to be favorable/safe passes - even the deep ones since it will be off play action which should work when you got a RB running it 28 times in one game . The CBs didn't cost us that game. The 1st Bills game is a joke to bring up since Losman through for 83 yards that game. And I noticed you didn't bring up the Patriots game where Brady was also less than 50% passing and finished with 78 yards passing. The Tennessee game? zero TDs given up by CBs and one INT made by a CB - Collins one TD was to a TE. The big difference last year in the secondary came when Bell took over for Tillman at Safety. The team was 5-4 with him as a starter and 1-6 before that - it wasn't the only reason but definitely an overlooked one.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Leon said...

I can't believe this guy has a blog. I don't think he knows anything about football or the workings of how a football team is ran.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...


The Pats were able to address the WR issue by adding 3 guys. The Jets were able to use a 1st round pick on a CB. Why? Because they are playoff teams with few holes! Yes the Dolphins secondary is bad and needed to be addressed but you are looking at it all wrong. This team had a lot of holes to fill especially on offense. The Dolphins had so many holes to fill that there was no way that they could solve every problem at once.

The way I see it as bad as the CB position is we at least had some youth and potential there. Allen and Daniels are young and we still have a chance. We had nothing at O-line except Carey. We had no Young WRs worth anything except maybe Hagan if he can hold onto the ball. We needed a DT because we are ageing there. It makes no sense to sign older FA's until we solve those issues. Next year hopefully the Dolphins will have fewer holes to fill and we can address the CB position.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, people aren't banking on Jason Allen to make the CB position great. We are expecting him to play good. Big difference. Dude you ever watch him while he was in college? He's a player. Big, fast, tough, and good football instincts. Didn't someone just write an article where Bell or Tillman talks about how good Allen is going to be this year? Other players can recognize it. You're the type that probably will hope he doesn't do good just so you can be right - for once.

And on the whole "its illegal" thing from a while back. It wasn't that long ago where it was illegal for Cubans to come into the US on boats, rafts, planes or whatever. And I'd think Castro deserves thanks for that since if it wasn't for him being able to withstand assassination attempts Cuba would just be another piss poor nation where the people weren't allowed to enter the US legally - like most places with US approved dictators/leaders.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I offer a loud AMEN to yur blog? At the merciful end of last season I began to preach that the Fins needed only to improve in the secondary,on the defense,and everywhere else on the AWfense.But,the beloved Fins saw things differently,signing Porter and ignoring the glaring holes in the secondary.I pray that they knew what they were doing!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Bart DePalma said...

While the INTs were very low, the secondary was #6 in the NFL in passing yards.

I would expect an improvement with another year in this system, the return of Daniels and having Bell start the whole year.

On paper, the Pats newly purchased WR corps looks darn good. However, the key will be whether Brady will have any more time to throw than he did the last game - especially with Joey Porter in the mix.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think saban must have pissed in your corn flakes once as you obsess in criticizing him when we all know you are an insect compared to saban when it comes to football.

are you serious?

will allen in most football minds had a great season last year. on the other side, travis daniels was injured all year. he is healthy now, and jason allen is, according to insiders at the training sessions in recent weeks, playing inspiring football. when a high number one draft pick starts getting high praise its time to raise the hope bar.

the issue is offense. on defense, i think the main need right now is finding a backup defensive end who can rush the passer. even if roth does an ok job, who will be there to back him up or give him relief?

that all said, i think a fair question to ask the dolphinworld is what responsibility do peons like armando have for the recent dolphin collapse with their unsound analysis, petty critiques and outright false statements???

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who can really predict this? Will Allen improve considerably and live up to his first round expectations? Maybe, maybe not. Will T Daniels come back strong? Maybe, maybe not. R Hill is servicable, maybe he'll play better, or not. How bout that playmaker everyone talks about at safety, Y Bell i think. Maybe he'll play really well this year as a starter, or maybe not. Just way too difficult to predict. And Will Allen - pretty good if not great. Aside from individual play a big key for any unit and especially the backfield is to play well together - to get the checks and calls right and not get burned by blown coverages. It makes sense that the past year together, a more simplified scheme, another blitzer in Porter and the absence of a yelling Saban will help these guys. But who knows? We can just wait and see.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

will poole?he's not even on the roster!i think he had to retire after the knee injury!yes you've hit the nail on the head armando!not a single corner drafted,i thought for sure they would address the matter early in the draft or free-agency but alas it was completely ignored,the situation at safety is just as troubling!tillman re-signed?the pats and jets must be in tears!it was almost painfull to watch wil allen try and cover the no.1 receivers last year,daniels has no speed,goodman could be finished,and jason allen is totally unproven as a corner,yes armando it could be a long year watching the db's try and cover anyone!

5:03 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

So the Dolphins were supposed to address the CB position in the draft? What pick would you have given up for one? None of the corners were worth the number 9 pick, plus last year we used the #1 on the secondary. 2nd round, we needed a QB. We needed O-line got that in the 2nd round. We had no backup RB so Booker filled that hole. We needed youth at DT and got that in the 4th round. no 5th round pick. and 6th and 7th round picks I don't think you necessarily look for need there. You take players that can make the team regardless of position.

My point being if the phins would have address the CB position in the draft then we would be talking about another position on the team being neglected. The Dolphins did not have enough picks to fill every hole on this team.

FA? I don't think you bother until you have a team that can or is at least close to making the playoffs. We didn't even have a QB at the time (still really don't) so why bother spending money on FAs? Save the cap space for when you have a core of players who can play and a QB. Thats exactly why I didn't really agree with the Porter signing.

If the Dolphins rookie class does well and last years class actually plays then you can start talking about signing FAs to solve problems. You don't build a team through free agency. You supplement a good team with free agents.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Scott Secules said...

I think Jason Allen can be a similar player to Patrick Surtain.....I know, I know(give me a second here). He has similar measurables though and produced at CB in college. Why Saban decided to convert him back to S after playing CB his senior year is beyond me. Remember Surtain took time to develop. TBUCK started over him for a few years while he worked the slot. Allen will do well in that spot IMO. The Problem? Switching positions for the third year in a row including college. But look for Allen to be kind of a poor man's Surtain or like SUrtain when he first started out...I don't know if he'll get any better than what Surtain was early in his career but I see HIM BEING PRODUCTIVE. 5 Int's for Allen this year.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

i think samson satele and booker were both reaches where they were drafted,both would likely have been available later on, there were several good corners available at those spots in the draft,not that those two players won't go on be good picks but neither is what you would call a "value pick",especially booker who obviously lacks the size to be anything but a backup\third down guy.

8:57 AM  
Blogger TD Kurt Offal said...

Armando ~ I'll defend against your critics you when you're right about things. This isn't one of those times. Miami's overall defense last year ranked #4, passing defense #5. Overall offense based on yards per game - Not impressive, can't recall the number - twenty-something; scoring offense fourth from the bottom!

I think the Dolphin brain trust addressed the needs of the team - and did it with style. Yes, the secondary looked very weak at times. If it stays the same or improves a little, we'll still probably be a top ten defense or better. If the offense scores even one more touchdown a game than it did last year, we'll be 10-6. If the offense really takes off, well, it'll be exciting.

Don’t forget some of the crappy calls the secondary got from the refs last year, either.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous tommy a. said...

Simply put: the conerback position has become one of the most important positions in the league. And the Fins are average at best at the position.

I say we put our number one pick to use and play Ted Ginn both ways. CB is his natural position and we have a glaring need.

Bringing him in on nickle and dime packages would be perfect.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

I don't think the Dolphins intentionally ignored the corner position. I don't think the cards fell well in the draft to get one. Landry was the only top ten DB and he was a safety taken by the Skins. At nine there wasn't a player worthy (thought I didn't think Ginn was worthy either). After the Quinn bomb they had to draft a QB in the second and Cameron said he would build around a center, hence Satele... Now we're in the 3rd round and who could we pick up to contribute right away at CB?

The FA market was overpriced. I think we are somewhat weak at CB but I don't see where we had many improvement options this off-season.

Rome was not built in one draft. We have a lot of improvements to make after years of mis-management. It is going to take 3 years so be prepared for some pain fins fans.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

I would have to disagree with CB being one of the "most important" positions in the game. The Denver Broncos had the best CB in the league in Bailey and still managed to have one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Why? because their pass rush was awful. Don't get me wrong, you don't want scrubs playing CB but a good D-line can makeup for your corners.

The Colts also disagree by letting their two starting CBs go. You want good CBs but I think most teams rather have a good front line than a good secondary. This is exactly why you don't see many teams taking corners in the top 10. Although you will see Safeties going high but most of those guys are more of a hybrid CB/LB player making plays at the line and in the secondary. I also heard numerous times before and during the draft that teams have really devalued the CB position because the rules in the NFL are so against them that its difficult to get a shut down guy.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your article. We were three and out during a lot of our possessions during the season. How tired was the defence the in the fourth quarter? Our kicker also missed crucial field goals at critical points in games. Our qb threw the ball away at critical points. How many games did that cost us? The only way to win in the NFL is to be strong on both sides of the ball with a sprinkling of a few superstars. The NFL is an emotional hard hitting game. Miss a crucial field goal, three and outs, interceptions and fumbles will eventually deflate and tire any defence and someone will find a way to beat you. We were 4th or 5th overall last season on Defence. Just think if the offence could have been 25% better and had placed 15th overall. Less chances on defence would have made our defence even better. A better offensive performance and we would easily have been 10 and 6 or 11 and 5.

Telling us to remember that you said it in June????

C'mon dude you are taking your blog much too seriously and that is why you made an error when you wrote this article.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Ceed said...

Why is it that nobody mentions anything about our weak safeties? They are also part of the secondary and are still a glaring need, but maybe i'm just not as big a Yeremiah Bell and Reynaldo Hill fan as the rest of you. The only quarterback that struggles against our secondary is Tom Brady and that's because he isn't capable of throwing the ball over 20 yards and we seem to be the only team that has caught on to their screen pass gameplan. Our secondary is young but our best players on defense aren't. I have a feeling it's gonna take a while for this unit to be all around good and take some great draft picks because Thomas Taylor and Porter's careers are just about up.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

tommy a i love that idea!ginn is probably more ready to play corner than wideout,so let him play both and return kicks too ala deion sanders!use him to cover the really fsat guys(nobody else on the roster has the speed!)and let him be the deep threat on for the guy who thinks cornerback isn't that important why do you think the pats put the tag on samuel?denver lost because of more than a weak pass rush,the young qb wasn't ready and they lack playmakers on offense too!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Pete said...

You can't fix EVERY position in 1 year's draft/offseason. If Cam can get the offense to at least "respectable" level, then the D won't be pressed so heavily.

And if JT, Porter, Roth, Holliday can continue the level of pressure, more chances can be had in the secondary.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous whateverittakes said...

"tommy a. said...
Simply put: the conerback position has become one of the most important positions in the league. And the Fins are average at best at the position. "

This is a 1990s mentality when the 4-3 was the en vogue defense, and shutdown corners were mandatory.

Quick; name me 3 shutdown corners in the NFL today? I can think of one right off the top, champ bailey.

Since the 3-4 has become the defense of choice in the NFL, and the league has changed contact rules to further favor the offense, teams have been making due with average corners (pretty sure the pats played Troy Brown at corner in one of their superbowl runs). Safety play has become the more important position on the Def. side of the ball, not CB. See the last few drafts and how many safeties have gone in the 1st round while 5 years ago the average gm felt safeties could be found easily in the later rounds.

All in all, our defense was pretty good last year, and by all witnesses is posed to improve this year. Take notice, "defense wins championships" is no longer so universally accepted. If it were true, zach and JT would both have rings. 7 of the last 10 SB champions were the stronger (or more highly ranked) offensive team. The exceptions were Tampa Bay (which happened to score 38 points that SB), Pittsburgh (which wasn't all that bad on offense that year) and Baltimore.

Only Baltimore above played a 4/3 with press corner coverage. TB and Pittsburgh, while playing mostly 4/3 relied heavily on their safety play.

Lets put this antiquated notion to rest. Cover Corners are becoming extinct as the copy cat league that is the nfl relies more and more on zone type schemes.

Armando, since you clearly are whiffing everytime you write a blog post lately, you might want to look into this phenomenon, I won't sue you for plagurism.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

you guys make some valid points here,but the bottom line is that the secondary of this team needs some work!who are the starters?is hill gonna play safety again at 190 pounds?can allen play corner when the only time in college he looked real good was at safety?can they get by without a real hitter at safety?is goodman finished and if so who starts?daniels can't cover anyone past 10 yards,i think ha was flagged more than any of the other db's when he was in there!a good pass rush can only take you so far!and the two top pass rushers are both near the end!

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The secondary should improve with Nick Saban's overcomplicated reads a thing of the past. Plus Daniels will be healty, and Allen could really develop with a full training camp and finally being assigned just one position. Keep an eye on Shirodonya Mitchell, he has been a bright spot in NFL Europe. He was an undrafted free agent that had 4.3 speed before a knee injury kept him from getting drafted in college.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Miami's quarterback situation still a problem"

No Shiit! Let's get Green in here already! He's a lot more proven then any 4th rounder which is all it cost to get him. As it stands now, we have two back ups and a rookie who needs to be trained right. Why wait? Let's get this done already. Are we waiting for Atlanta to pick him up? Are we proving a point? Get the guy in here practicing with the team. This is flat out dumb already.

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many years did we have the best secondary in the NFL? How many Super Bowls did we win? 0. Back when we had Surtain and Madison, we still couldn't stop Randy Moss so there is nobody you could add now to stop him at corner back. Rome can't be built in one day and when the smoke clears on this season, I will be excited to see what holes are left for Mueller and Cameron to fill. Cornerback is not a big concern, I think the guys will be better as a unit and we will find out how good the unit is as a whole this year and the unit can be addressed next offseason.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder what the Chiefs want in trade for Pat Surtain?

12:34 PM  

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