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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The future of the Dolphins offense

When Randy Mueller did his evaluation of the Dolphins offense after last season he saw a plodding, slow, ineffective unit that had to rely on either a defensive mistake or a 12-play drive to score points.

What he wants to see is a quick-strike unit that has speed on the outside and strength up the middle.

"We don't want to play electric football anymore," Mueller told me today, "where, you know the game, you line up all the guys and they sort of try to push the pile. We need to get away from that."

So what does that mean?

It means the Dolphins will try to continue the trend today to add speed.

It means any player that is good but not fast or quick is expendable. That is why Marty Booker is on the trade block if anyone wants him (not even a call for him so far, by the way.)

That is the reason the Dolphins are needing a quarterback that is assured of being able to slide in the pocket -- that is not Culpepper in the Dolphins' eyes -- so he can buy time to get the ball deep.

By the way, the Dolphins haven't really talked to the Chiefs in two days about Trent Green but are still optimistic Green can be acquired today if Carl Peterson comes to his senses. If it doesn't happen today, the Dolphins seem willing to wait until Green is simply released.

And the speed issue, the quick-play issue is the biggest reason the Dolphins took Ted Ginn Jr. in the first round yesterday. Yes, he's skinny, he probably isn't a threat across the middle and may have trouble getting off the line against press coverage. But he's lightning about to strike on the outside.

"I think I'm a big-play guy," Ginn Jr. told me a couple of minutes ago. "I'm here to stop that stuff about those 15- 16-play drives."

Your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he's right. I guess Terry Shea worked with Brady Quinn quite a bit. Either they suck at evaluating talent, or they saw something they really didn't like.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it would be good for the team to become more of a two demensional offense. But, you still need a QB with the arm strength. The team is going to need some good hands across the middle, whom will they throw it to across the middle if Booker is gone? Does it mean there will be another TE brought in? They still need some depth for the OL. I believe that will provide the best outcome. Booker could be used in the middle .

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, two reasonable responses in a row! That's a new record! :)

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando is on fire with great blogging!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 2 words for all you Ginn haters... Brian Brohm!!!! He can win big games like when he beat THE U last season.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why settle for a second round talent this year for first round money meaning Quinn.. We need to build up our OL this year, screw trent green we can deal with what we have for another year until we can draft Brohm next year?????

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beck is accurate 70 yards down the field. Ginn can out run EVERYBODY! Lorenzo Booker is the perfect speed compliment to Ronnie & Ricky's inside pounding. Satele is a blocking beast that can play G or C.
I think Cam/Ran are doing a hell of a job. L.Booker & Ginn Jr. are both lightning bolts that will be very exciting!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is wrong with everyone complaining about the first day draft.we need help sorting out our offense and coach cameron knows what he is doing(san diego the last five years)he has just added players he thinks will be good players for the fins,so lets trust in him and cheer them on.if i hear anyone booing ginn jr i will boo them,idiots.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Isabel Sanford was way older than Sherman Hemsley, and the fact that Esther Rolle was way older than John Amos accounts for the fact that the Dolphins are awash in a sea of mediocrity where African-American men are symbolically emasculated by heavy-set African-American women of greater age and/or girth.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Culpepper can't slide in the pocket?

I hope the Dolphins aren't that stupid and that this is just you being a moron again..

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good draft, finally some speed with Ginn and Booker. Bulk up front with G/C Satele. Hey just cause "draft experts" as they call themselves have Quinn higher than Beck doesn't meen he is better. Beck is a smart QB who puts the ball where it is supposed to be when it is supposed to be. Good job Cameron!!!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I think Beck is a solid pick, the thing that bothers me is his age. Sure, maybe that hes about 26 years old makes him mature, but if it takes about 2-3 years to get him ready as a franchise QB , the kids going to be close to 30. That gives about only a 4-5 year window of being they guy.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the 4th round pick, the only thing that has been done to address the OL is to get Satele. I read a report in which Cam asked RT Carey to be next yrs LT. Then who will play RT and what do we see as our new and improved OL with the changes from the draft. This said knowing that 6th and 7th rounders will take more development time and that we have only taken 1 OL (BTW and NO CBs - which means that we are planning to be the Minn. vickins of 2007 where other teams will say oh.. we can't run it then lets just thow it and keep burning the hell out of you secondary) Any replies??

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE Beck, there is another guy that came into the league late as he served in the Navy. He turned out pretty well and had a long career. His name is Roger Staubach. I see Becks age as a plus, equaling maturity.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Whether Ginn and Beck are right or not, at least Cam and Mule have a coherent plan, which is more than Nick and Wannie ever did. Cam knows one hell of a lot more about offensive football than I do - or any of you, for that matter. So far so good. I'm optimistic.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Cam draft Quinn, then get a speedy guy in round 2 and have the fans be happy. This was an idiotic move and even Cam realizes it now based on all of South Florida's reaction. Even Wayne was caught shaking his head after seeing the vehement disapproval of the pick at the draft party. I guarantee you Cam was tossing and turning last night. Great start Cam, you've dug your own grave already. You don't stand a chance in South Florida, we will run you out the building.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

I guess we should fire all the coaches and let the angry mob run the Dolphins. Quinn didn't drop to 22 for nothing.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a reason every scout had Quinn rated ABOVE Beck...because he's a better football player. Everyone knows this including Cameron and Shea. The mistake they made was OVERRATING Ginn. Face it, as informed as coaches are, they make mistakes. This was a monumental one.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To above...Quinn dropped to 22 because no team after us needed a QB.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous oscar_g said...

Hey, "Mr. Anonymous" that wants to already run a coach that has not coached his first game out of town.

We dont deserve your wisdom, please blog were your valued opinion will be more appreciated.

To true Dolphin Fans, lets give Cam a chance to build his team and get results from his decisions.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland (who gave up the house at 22 to get Quinn), Tampa Bay, and Minnesota would have leapt at the opportunity to draft JaMarcus. Why not Quinn? I agree that once he fell past the Dolphins, Quinn's fall became precipitous because of a lack of need, but if Cleveland hadn't overpaid at 22, Quinn might have been the fourth or fifth QB selected. And you don't make draft picks to please the fans; face it the fans are stupid. If they weren't, they'd be getting paid millions of dollars a year to run football teams.
Ginn probably was a reach as the ninth pick, but in the context of a coherent plan to bring speed and quick-strike capability to the Dolphins offense, I think it was justified.
And if all you "anonymous" posters out there had Cam's and Mule's testes, I'd know your names.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Quinn was rated higher then Beck by every scout how come he dropped to 22? Beck was rated by some scouts higher or just as good as Quinn. Nothing is a guarantee in any draft and we all know that! I like was Cam is doing. He's blowing up a team that has been mediocre to bad for too many years. All coaches before him have done tweaks or adjustments to this team of underachievers. We have a coach now that is making a team "his" image!! I'm sick of the status quo as every other Dolphins fan should be!! I'm glad to see that today cooler heads seem to out numbered the voices of idiocy!!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 2 issues with all this. 1 is risk vs. reward. You have a franchise QB fall to you. How can you not draft him because you have another QB rated slightly higher. That other QB might not be around when you decide to draft him. Then what would you be left with? If Beck wasn't around, and it was feasible that he wouldn't be, what would you have been left with? The bottom line is the risk of losing the chance to draft a franchise QB does not match the reward of getting one rated slightly ahead of the other.
The other issue is all this speed talk. The Raiders are famous for drafting speed over need. Ask them how that worked. Just because a guy is fast doesn't mean he is a football player. After this draft is over the Dolphins are officially on the clock for the 2008 draft.
I really hope that Green can sustain another concussion, because if he comes here, he is going to be killed due to the lack of an offensive line. So Beck will be playing a lot next year.
Okay, so I have more than 2 issues. You don't build a football team from the outside in. You build it from the inside out. Start with the people that are closest to the ball, the o-line and QB and D-line. Adding a C/G did not shore up the O-line. Adding a 4th round D-line did not shore up that position. We wasted 2 picks on luxuries, a speedy return man and his back-up/3rd down back. How can anybody rationalize that as being smart football????????
PS. the reason I am anonymous, is because I don't have a blog.
Steven from Atlanta

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a Superbowl championship run can redeem Cam's mistake of passing on Quinn. Anything less, and the fans in Miami who have been tortured for the past 10 years while enduring the desperate search for the next Marino, will continue to ask "What if?" Even if Quinn doesn't flourish in Cleveland, the question will always loom "What if?" Had he taken Quinn we would've known, and even if he didn't pan out, we would have at least been able to say we tried. Unacceptable on a brand new coach's part. He just doesn't understand the pain of this dolphin fan base. You don't upset the fans that generate your salary like that your first day on the job. It's not the he is bold and fearless, it's more that he's just clueless. His entire career in Miami will be judged on this decision. Facing a fork in the road, he certainly chose the more dangerous and unforgiving path.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Steven from Atlanta. Hi, I'm Stephen from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, CPO, USN.
Thanks for your intelligent and reasoned comments.
1. You're assuming that Quinn is a franchise QB - I don't agree. That's unknowable. It's also unknowable for Beck. The Dolphins took a chance and got their man, Beck.
2. They drafted Ginn and Booker to give him weapons. They drafted Satele to add meat to the O-line. I agree, the O-line doesn't seem to be there yet, but I have a lot of confidence in Hudson - the dude knows what he's doing.
3. You make a good point about the Raiders drafting speed over need, but let's face it, the Dolphins have NO speed on offense, and Booker and Ginn provide it. Look what Taylor's speed does for us on defense. Plus, it's a philosophy change - as one poster put it, Cam and Mule are "blowing up" the offense, and it needs to be done.
4. Check out this (years!) potential offense (and I admit, the O-line better be tight for it to work): Ronnie and Rickie running with Booker to mix it up (and remember that all three are great receivers), Chambers in his natural slot position with Ginn stretching the field. An old but experienced Trent Green making it work. We could be a playoff team in 2007 while developing Beck and the rest of the rookies for a future Super Bowl run.!
My bottom line is that the risks need to be taken to bring the Dolphins back. Enough with caution! Blow 'em up!
I'm excited.
And by the way, you don't need a blog to post under a name, just a Gmail account.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And we just picked up yet another RB and from that powerhouse football factory that is the University of Hawaii!! Another wasted pick!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Yes, it seems that this is Pacific Islander year for the Phins. Reagan Mauia, a 348 pound fullback! Good Lord! There's your O-line beef! He's an extra OG!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

The RB we picked up is a FB. Just look at Cameron in SD. FB is going to be an important position for this team.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

search youtube for Reagan Mauia. He runs through walls.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando.. do you remember writing this:

MOST LIKELY SCENARIO FOR GETTING BRADY QUINN: The Dolphins desperately want Quinn. They want him enough to give up picks in the second round to get him. So if Quinn falls past Cleveland at No. 3, the Dolphins will be on the phones trying to get up to Arizona at No. 5 and Washington at No. 6 to get Quinn. This is fact. By the way, this scenario still happens if Washington and Chicago swap linebacker Lance Briggs for the No. 6 pick. The Dolphins will simply try to make the trade with the Bears.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians get elected and paid on their ability to discern the mood of the masses and play off it - many times to the detriment of the people for who's wellbeing they are supposed to be taking care of.

Wayne H. chose Cam Cameron to be a leader, not a politician. He hired Cam to use all of his knowledge and ability to build the team the best way Cam knows how. How can we hold Cam responsible for the team he builds if he is just doing the will of the masses. All that does is give him justification for failure in the future - a mediocre strategy used by most herd-mentality managers today who only care about self-preservation, not risking unpopularity for the opportunity for a huge success. I am glad Cam is not a puss that just wants to cover his ass.

I admire the fact he put his balls on the chopping block to truly do what is according the vision he has for success. The difference between this draft and some of the past is that Cam actually drafted people according the vision he has for the BIG PICTURE.

Negative Jackasses that want to judge Cam for this one pick are the same idiots that settle for mediocrity because they don't know how to take a calculated risk. They are the same jackasses that would rather see the dolphins fail (and do everything they can do to facilitate it), than see the dolphins succeed because it would prove they were wrong.

ON ANOTHER NOTE JUST FOR FUN: I was impressed by Cleo Lemon last year. I wonder if Cam thinks he can do something with him.

3:48 PM  
Blogger simnon says said...

We just selected a 350lb FB from Hawaii of all places. I bet he can put down 10 hot dogs faster than he can do the 1 yard dash. This draft will be rated a O+. It would be a O- if not for at least selecting a possible decent QB in the second round.
Wanstedt drafted better than this.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Love Beck said...

He also wrote this scumbag:

If the Dolphins can't get Quinn by making a trade in the first round, they know they have to pick up a quarterback soon thereafter, if possible. Everyone says three will be available in the second round when Miami picks but I have my doubts about that because Oakland, Detroit and Chicago could go shopping for QBs in the second round and all are ahead of Miami. Look for the Dolphins to try and trade up to get their targetted player. The guy the Dolphins like most out of BYU's John Beck, Michigan State's Drew Stanton and Stanford's Trent Edwards is (drum roll here) Beck.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

We just drafted 6'3" 301lb center Drew Mormino from Central Michigan. More beef. Cam and Mule have made a commitment to the Dolphins offense. I see a punishing running game with a speedy, slanting passing attack up the short middle (Lorenzo Booker), a possession game in the middle (Chambers), and a lightening threat down the sidelines (Ginn).
Repent naysayers!hpwapk

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brady Quinn = next Marino. John Beck = next Jay Fiedler. It's as simple as that. Those who want to believe "Cam risked unpopularity for opportunity at huge success" are delusional. There will be no huge success with Beck. Tell me which is the more sensible decision...popularity AND a potentially great qb OR unpopularity and a potentially mediocre qb. I'm sorry, Cameron blew it.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Luis said...

Dolphins: Hey let's draft this fast, potentially great WR with our top 10 pick. I'll bet that'll make New England a little nervous.
Patriots: Ok, let's use our 4th Rounder to pick up RANDY MOSS.
Dolphins: :(

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first football game I ever saw was at during the Doplhins first year at the Orange Bowl. And I personally beleive they should have stayed there as they've sucked every year since. But this draft doesn't seem like a bad one. With a little bit of luck this could turn out to be the most balanced offense the Dolphins have had in years.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Fins used the pick we got from STL for Donnie Jones on another punter!!!!


Who pays a punter $1M/yr??? I am convinced they made this pick just to say F-U to Linehan & the Rams....

5:00 PM  
Blogger Joe Cushner said...

Mega dittos Armando. I like the addition of speed with Booker and Ginn and I think Beck will be a good one.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Jose said...

Armando, all month you were writing that the Dolphins "deperately" wanted Brady Quinn. As the Dolphins beat writer, you were convinced of that. As a guy who is supposed to know what's happening around the Dolphins organization, and has the resources and credentials to interview players and personnel within the organization, what made you so convinced of something that was obviously so wrong? I guess either the Dolphins intentionally misled the media, or you were just being a hopeful and opinionated fan during some of your articles and blogs. I'm just curious, what made you so certain of the Dolphins interest in Quinn?

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a major Buckeye fan who has watched Ginn in nearly every single collegiate game, I can tell you he will bring something that we have not had in a long, long time and that is a threat on the outside that can take it to the house every single time he touches the ball. I am not so sold on Booker as the second pick - I really think we could have held out and got Bush from U of L later - remember him, he will be the next big time rusher in the NFL - similar to Larry Johnson. Overall, I like the philosophy change in moving to a fast team. It just might take another year of good drafting though to get us where we all want to be.

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam deserves the support of loyal Dolphins fans, rather than being ragged on by all of us amatuers. At least give the team a chance before second guessing him and Randy. That way, you would win in any case: If you're right and the draft picks suck, you win by being right, and if the Fins win and you're wrong, you win by being wrong and having your team win.
Christian in TN

5:33 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

"Wanstedt drafted better than this." Its amazing how you can judge the draft without playing a game. Is Brady Quinn going to be better than Beck? NOBODY knows that answer. A recent study on ESPN found around 50% of 1st round QBs were busts. A little less for WR. Both were risky picks. But the great thing is we will find out in the next few years. But I don't know how you can judge players that have yet to put on the pads in the pro game. The NFL draft is a crap shoot. You get guys like Marcus Colston and Charles Rogers that prove that.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous bill_braskey said...

What gets me is we didn't really address the offensive Line. We used only one pick to help our failing o-line. I understand that when our pick at number 9 came around the two left tackles that we were hoping for were gone. But trade down and get anouther 2nd round pick and use it to get a LT or use our newly aquired mid 1st round pick to get joe staley or if they like Ted Ginn so much take him later. He still would have been around.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous smurf said...

a new coach already thrown in the burner. the way i see it, yeah we need a qaurterback, but we need one now! the organization wants victories now! and who is going to be able to produce sooner. look at chicago last year. the upgrade for special teams alone took'em over the top and put them in position to win close games. i would have loved if we drafted Quinn, but im not willing to see if 3 years down the road he becomes the next harrington!!! the QB john beck we drafted in the second i believe may be the safer and more well suited individual for our problems. so what if he was not put on this pedistal cause of the public eye from a big name school like notre dame. the guy is pretty impressive. kinda reminds me of rich gannon. plus he has the slide in the pocket style we need to allow our recievers to get deep plus he can throw the ball close to 70 yards. hes mature and i think we did a good job of correcting our mistake the best we could in the second round. i bet once september comes around and Ginn is putting points on the board and we're winning games you wont question Cameron and the rest of the staffs actions.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

armando is it just me or does religon play a major role in almost all the draft picks so far?i mean what three or four mormons(cameron's religon?),ginn jr.s family is deeply religous too,what's your take? i hope they got the best players available!oapuha

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The draft is now over! I don't have a big problem with the draft. If Miami did not believe highly in Quinn that is fine but you probably could have traded down and still got him (or would the draft value chart yell at you?)

Beck seems like a good pick, despite his age. If he works out (which I will give him the benefit of the doubt) then 7-8 good years of QB play is worth a 2nd round pick for me.

I like the picks on the o-line (although I REALLY would have liked Kahil out of USC taken one pick ahead). We added depth but Carey at LT makes me REALLY nervous.

With this draft, I can see a plan in place. That is something this organization has seemed to lack for awhile. I just hope Mueller and Cameron picked the right people to execute that plan.

--Matt in CT

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

culpepper will have a buddy to hang out with on injury team. Ginn will be lucky to make training camp this summer, i have had similar injury and it takes time to heal and rehabilitate, and in the process the main thing you lose physically is speed! i don't see Ginn playing anything other than maybe pr all year, what a waste on a 9th overall pick, we needed a starting cb and starting DT, why not okoye or the best CB? i don't see one draft pick the dolphins got that will make any at all impact this year and only a few will be with the team in two years.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for all of you who think because "clueless" cam cameron ran an explosive offense in san diego and got good draft picks for his offense, that he will do the same for miami, but it was the GM in san diego that makes the picks not the offensive coordinator. cameron doesn't know how to evaluate talent and the dolphins can't wait for him to figure it out!

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To many people say Beck is to old...All forget Joe Montana was 26 or 27 out of collage! So take that out of the mix...Give them time it will work out...Its the best draft we have had in years...

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:57 PM  
Anonymous jaxdolphin said...

I don't have a blog either, but I'm not 'anonymous'

7:12 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Jose, the short answer to your question: Lies.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous D - LHP said...

Thanks for the draft coverage this weekend Armando... great blog. All in all I think we had a good draft. We needed speed, we got speed so maybe, finally, we will become less predictable with the football.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Montana wasnt 26 or 27
Did he take 4 redshirts?

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Bob Baumhower's Jock Strap said...

Dolfans...Remember OJ McDuffie? A foot issue brought him down. Remember Yatil Green? His wheels also brought him down.
If you're thinking he will be ready at the beginning of the year (or ever), you are presumputious and niave.
Nothing is for sure in the NFL - especially health.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Smoove B said...

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7:58 PM  
Anonymous jimmy said...

You see folks, Armando is just making things up when he writes about the Dolphins. Check out the press conference yesterday with Cam and Mueller -- Mueller said that HE NEVER TOLD ANYONE THEY WANTED TO PICK QUINN. So friends, what does Armando base his lies and crappy writing on?

Armando is also the same guy who yesterday, immediately after Miami passed on Quinn wrote up a bitter news report with the lede to the article comparing Quinn to Marino, i.e. implying that Miami passed up its chance to have the next Marino?!? This guy is whacked.

Moving past Armando, I did see Beck get interviewed today and the guy is very sharp. He's going to be a good one. I can see why they liked him more than Quinn -- he is super bright.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger Staubach started his NFL career late, and he had a nice long career. Beck will be alright.

Good draft, Dolphins!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jimboob, you got a prob with Armando? If you hate the guy so much, why you always reading his stuff like it was the Bible?

chill out fool!

8:21 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

I doubt there were many teams interested in Miami's pick. It's obvious nobody wanted Quinn and if you were going to deal you could do it in the 18-22 range, the WR position was untouched except for Calvin Johnson, and it was stocked w/ multiple DLs and LBs that probably graded out similar. There wasn't anyone that really stood out that made a team want to go all the way to #9 and pay the increased contract demands.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fiedler was an ivy leaguer, he was pretty bright also.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Smoove said...

Jimmy needs to get a new lightbulb. He's in the dark.

Smoove out

8:32 PM  
Anonymous 6bucks7games said...

Armando its obvious you,and by extension all of us,were mislead by the Miami Dolphins prior to this years draft.Beck was Miami's man at QB all the way and they were going to lean their choices more toward need and away from best player available.It looks like they got their men at QB and KR,added some flash and beef in the backfield and picked up some possibilities on the offensive line.I was very disappointed at first when they passed over Quinn but upon further review Im beginning to believe Randy and Cam did a masterful job.What do you think?

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando's weasel writings compared to the bible, dude, you're a freak.

Smoove, only a fool believes what Armando writes nowadays, you obviously are a fool -- turn on your brain..

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ihope it works out but I have my doubts. But look at it this way we now have a injured WR to go along with our injured QB. Another year down the drain and it hasn't even started yet.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised nobody has made the comparison or at least I haven't seen it yet. But Ginn = Desmond Howard.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Fusion said...

Good reminder about Staubach - I'd forgotten that one.

For those who wonder - Staubach went to the Naval academy. He was drafted in 1964, but due to his military commitment, did not begin playing until 1969 as a 27 year old rookie.

Montana, on the other hand, was 23 when he started playing for the niners.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ted ginn jr. must have sucked cam's dick pretty good for the past 10 years to be a #9.....Chambers likes him but he ain't a very good WR either....he dropped atleast 7-9 passes this year that were open...looks like annother wannstedt only this time on, we should have gotten bill cower

9:48 PM  
Anonymous VA said...

You guys are already running Cam out or town and the season is still months away. Let me ask this....would you rather still have Wanny or Sab(t)an around drafting? They couldn't 'find their a** with both of their hands', offensively. They were defensive coaches who didn't have a clue about offense. We now have an offensive coach, so yes, his draft picks will seem odd because we've been stuck in the same rut for the past 8-9 years now. Change (hopefully) is good. Got to give him benefit of the doubt. None of us are pro coaches/GMs/scouts, etc. If we were, we'd be making the decisions not them. My only worry is that we've used up a good defense for years without an offense the way we used up Marino's years without a defense. He didn't address the D as much as he needed (offensive coach mentality) same way Wan/Saban hardly addressed/mishandled the offense. It just goes with the territory. All in all, don't think we can get much worse than 6-10. We have a good enough defense (although older) not to let that happen.
Take a chill pill folks. GO DOLPHINS!!!! - Atlanta Dol-Fan!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was curious if the Dolphins even tried trading down from the 9th pick, to get Ginn Jr. then PLUS a few more draft picks. Or were they just cock sure of their plan to get him at 9, regardless of the reach?

Either way, I trust them more than the fans, who are reacting soley on poor recent history of other regimes, and the buy in hype that Quinn IS the man. He may be, he may not be.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the picks.

FINALLY some athleticism in a Dolphin uniform. Six yard dump passes won't cut it. Our amazing defense has gone to waste because we haven't had any playmakers on offense. Finally we have one, and Beck looks like a polished QB ready to go (and with a 70 yard arm).

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rookies give this team weapons that have been lacking for a long time.
1) Speed and big-play ability. Ginn - who will be the fasted person on the field most days, and has the ability to score any time he touches the ball. Hester proved last year how important returning can mean to a team. I liked Welke but he's no Ginn.

2) Short yardage ability!!! How many times has Miami failed on a 3rd-and-1 or 4th-and-1 in the past five years? Too many. The 350 pound kid from Hawaii gives Miami another much-needed specialist.
I know this doesn't address all the needs -- but Cameron has covered two big areas on offensive to help get more points.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Cleveland hadn't come back into the first round and took Quinn, he would have probably fallen into the second round- they overpaid. It would have been easy for Cam & Randy to take Quinn, look like hero's and call it a day. Everyone was expecting it including much of Dolphindom. But they let logic prevail... It took big cohones for Mueller and Cam to pass on Quinn and take Ginn Jr. I for one am impressed and hope they are rewarded for it. From what I'm seeing, they went with speed, smarts and size. From what I'm reading, they got it. NICE JOB.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

You can only trade down if teams want a player that will go in the next pick or two. Its quite obvious nobody wanted Quinn. So you are left with Okoye, Willis, and Lynch. You only had 1 team besides buffalo looking at lynch. I'm not sure anyone was jumping up and down to snag Okoye. About the only pick there that maybe got people interested was Willis but you still had Beason and Timmons there. Teams aren't fond of jumping up into the top 10 unless they are getting a special player because of the draft pick compensation and the player compensation. The Dolphins with nobody worth moving up for. Had Peterson been there it would have been a different story.

Its hard to say that how far Quinn would have fallen. KC would have tested how much faith they have in Croyle's future but I think they pass. Baltimore needs a QB behind McNair but they are trying to win now and have to take care of that O-line w/ Ogden playing his last year. Chicago could have been possible but do you really take a player who doesn't help you immediately when you were just in the SB? They didn't endup taking a QB the whole draft. I think TB would have picked him in the second round. Instead Cleveland drank too much of the ND koolaide and traded Darrent McFadden for Brady Quinn.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Cam and Randy had the best draft in years. Fellow Dolfans need to do some more research into the picks, and they will realize the value. They addressed the need for speed, the O-line, LB, DT, DE, and of course QB. Do Dolfans realize that Beck stats in coleege are far superior to , whats that clowns name in New Englan, oh yeah Brady. By the way Beck has the 2nd strongest arm at the combine. He is far more accurate tahn the other Qbs. It is only a matter of time before we trade Marty Booker, Daunte ( because he is not a cerebral QB which is what Cam's Offense requires, hence the pick for Beck over the other options). I love the mean streak with the Samoaon connections. Its high time we got a real mean streak on our team. They have been soft and we have been losing to the AFC East for years. Ted Ginn will be healthy, and Beck will start this up coming season by week 6or 8 at the latest. People need to understand the value of Ted Ginn. The division rivals have been loading up 8 in the Damm box. Ronnie cant run. I challenge those AFC East clowns to put 8 in the box with Ted in the line up. I gaurantee you the saftey will have to be at least 20yds back. Expect Ronnie to have a 5-6 yd/carry ave this year. He may not be the most polished route runner, but can the opposition afford to leave him open, with Chambers on the other side, Ronnie, Ricky or Lo Booker coming out of the backfield. Fo you honestly think the opposition has the LB's to match up, is Rodney the "Gimp' Harrison going to come up to the line with the Ted at one wideout. I am in total support of the outstanding Job Cam and Randy did this weekend! Go fins!! If there are any of you who see it otherwise please post your thoughts.

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look guys, Quinn is no longer going to be the QB of the dolphins, get over it. Quinn is going to bust big time and Beck is a hell of alot better QB than Quinnie. The coaches went after the needs, got it done and we need to move on with what we have. If this season turns out to be better than a 6-10 season it will be an improvement B/C we are not going to the superbowl yet. I think the foundation is starting to be rubuilt and it is a work in progress, time will tell how far we can go with what we have now.

Armando, my only quetion is the O-line, where do the dolphins go for improvement there?

Free-agents, undrafted rookies?

B/c without a strong O-line were not moving the ball.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

All the Mensa members in the peanut gallery who are already calling for Cameron's head are probably the same ones who wanted the Dolphins to give up big draft picks for Randy Moss so that Culpepper could regain his mojo.

He was had for a 4th......and will poison the Pats.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C A M C A M E R O N . . .

Playing career
A multi-sport athlete at Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Cameron was an All-American quarterback at Terre Haute South Vigo High School in Terre Haute, Indiana. His favorite receiver at Terre Haute South Vigo High School was Chris Dezelan. He won the 1979 Trester Award for Mental Attitude as a guard on the high school basketball team which went to the state finals two years in a row. He played football and basketball at Indiana University under coaches Lee Corso and Bob Knight, respectively until a knee injury ended his playing career. As an undergraduate he was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He graduated from Indiana in 1983 with a degree in business.

Coaching career beginnings
Cameron spent the first ten years of his career at the University of Michigan, where he learned from long-time Wolverine coach Bo Schembechler. After two years as a graduate assistant, he became Michigan's youngest assistant and was responsible for tutoring quarterbacks and receivers. He was instrumental in the development of many future NFL players, including Jim Harbaugh, Elvis Grbac, Todd Collins, Amani Toomer, Derrick Alexander and Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard. [1].

Professional coaching beginnings
Cameron was the quarterbacks coach for the Washington Redskins between 1994-96. He's credited with guiding quarterback Gus Frerotte to his only Pro Bowl appearance in 1997, and also played a key role in the development of Pro Bowl quarterback Trent Green[2].

Return to Indiana
Cameron returned to his alma mater to serve as the head coach for Indiana University in 1997 - a position he held through 2001 where he compiled a record of 18-37. Despite his team's struggles, Cameron helped quarterback Antwaan Randle El develop into a 2001 first-team All-American [3], during which time the Hoosiers averaged 435.3 yards per game.

Back to the NFL

San Diego Chargers
Cameron is well recognized as one of the NFL's most gifted offensive innovators and play-callers [4] From 2002-2006, he served as the offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers. In 2004, San Diego scored 446 points, third-highest in the NFL and the third-most in team history. Following the 2004 campaign, Sports Illustrated named Cameron its Offensive Assistant of the Year. In 2005, the Chargers averaged 26.1 points per game - good for fifth in the NFL in that category. In 2006, the Chargers offense amassed a team-record 494 points while paving the way for League MVP LaDainian Tomlinson to break the single-season touchdown record. He recognized as the mastermind behind the development of Pro Bowl quarterbacks Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, as well as all-pro tight end Antonio Gates.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Jose said...

So the Dolphins misled the media, and by extension the fans, into thinking they were interested in Brady Quinn. Honestly I dont see the point in this deception in that it has only contributed to the public relations nightmare and the feelings of betrayal and incompetence that many (most?) Dolfans are feeling right now. If the Phins had been upfront or at least distanced themselves from the Brady Quinn hype, it may have tempered some of this backlash that we witnessed at the press conference on Saturday. It makes no sense to me. Furthermore, it makes us less able to trust a lot of the information that reporters like Armando try so hard to aquire. I think a lot of the disappointment I'm feeling (and perhaps a lot of you too) has to do with the fact that we were so convinced that Quinn was the guy for us if only he somehow managed to drop to us at #9. Once he was available, and then passed over, it felt like a punch to the gut in large part because we were deceived. I guess what I'm saying is the strategy of deception does not seem to have been worth the public relations fiasco that it has caused.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm all for beef clogging up the middle on defence, but if your agenda was speed, wouldn't Randy Moss accomplish that? New England sent the 110th pick for Randy Moss. We used the 108th on this defensive tackle (an area we have 5 other young guys). Perhaps he'll be a starter for many years but Randy Moss is proven talent. Just wondering if anyone would have preferred Randy Moss instead of DT Soliai? The combination of Moss, Ginn, and Chambers would have been unstoppable. Now he goes to a division rival. Lets hope this guy does more than Moss.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not have a problem with going with Beck, but, it seems Ginn at the 9th pick is foolish. I do not know if the Dolphins could have traded down, but Ginn would have been available at the 15th spot (Plus we could have additional picks). Ginn is a burner, but he is to small to fight trough man to man coverage and go over the middle. He will be one dimentional. Skill wise. This is not a number 1 receiver. He can be productive, but he does not merit the 9th pick.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous steve said...

Everyone keeps saying about Ginn being a reach at #9. I agree. But don't criticize about trading down...I am sure Cam/Mueller tried to trade down but didn't get a fair shake.

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

There is no way that the Dolphins could have separated themselves from the Quinn hype. We needed a QB, and Quinn was the big name. It doesn't take a genius to make the connection.

I also question whether the media was ever directly misled by the Dolphins. I would magine that, because the media too had fallen into the Quinn hype, that he was the only QB even considered by THEM were he available. I imagine that much of the problem was the media, national or local, misinterpreting "we like Quinn a whole lot" as "We will take him if he's available." There is a huge difference between these answers.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The draft is just one big gamble,but Ginn & Beck sounds to me like a bigger risk than Quinn & say Steve Smith. The pressure on Ginn to produce from day 1 is going to be huge!
Most new Gms and coaches get a free one or two year pass from the media and fans I'd sat Randy and Cam have just torn theirs up after Saturday.
Time will tell!

2:45 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I am one who agrees on passing on Quinn. Don't think I would have taken Ginn, but I think Quinn is an overrated QB from an overrated school. His 1st 2 years at ND were below average and he was the product of Weiss' "system" the last 2. Cameron interviewed Quinn a couple times and wasn't impressed. I think Beck will prove to many that this was an excellent pick. Again, I would have looked for some O-line help with the #1, but you can't teach the speed that Ginn brings.


8:00 AM  
Anonymous ukdolfan said...

Mark this date guys, OCT 14th 2007, Miami at Cleveland. Quinn vs Beck, both these guys may be starting by then very possible. I actually think Beck is the better QB but this could be the first pointer, only thing that concerns me is his age and size but time will tell, if he starts this year at 26 then we get value, if he takes 2 - 3 years then he's nearly 30 before he starts, Ginn for me a reach at #9 but reports said Houston were gonna take him at #10.

8:07 AM  
Blogger mtc2 said...

The bottom line is that our lack of talent behind center has caused us to be completely ineffective on offense. After 17 years of Dan Marino, we were spoiled and have high expectations for that position. An outsider like Cam Cameron comes in and basically tells the Dolphin fans to F*** off.
Who has a better chance of coming remontely close to taking over for Marino, Beck or Quinn. Even leaving Quinn out of the picture, how in their right mind would take an under sized punt returner who is so questionable to begin with. He was a late first rounder at best. He is STILL recovering from a sprained foot? Won't be ready for another two months? What gifted athlete takes 7 months to recover from a mere sprain?

Great choice Cam; you are an ass.
Good riddens; the door can't hit you in the ass fast enough. And take theat idiot Mueller with you. Thanks to the two of you the Miami franchise is THE laughing stock of the NFL. Ande Wayne, you have no backbone! What happend to that comment after Saban left; " no matter what it takes or cost". I didn't know you meant it would cost us an entire draft and another year as a schmuck coach desicrates this taem even more.

I need to find antoer team

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 350 kid does NOT weigh 350? Read the backgraounds

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure Cam is real concerned with all our comments as we the fans do pay his salery, oh, wait... Anyway, how many QB's have gone in the first round and are supposed to be the second coming of Bart Star or Elway and end up being Dan Maguire. Does anyone one remember Cam's hand in the Eli for Rivers trade... Who got the best part of that deal? by FinFanFireMan

8:41 AM  
Blogger Maurice said...

peygukcI laughed at all the "FANS" the bought into the hype of the ND Sports Information department and the Draft Gurus. I guess I watched a different College Football season than they did. I saw a QB ,Quinn, that looked like aa world beated against mighty powers such as Navy, Army, Air Force, North Carolina but disappeared against Michigan, LSU, and USC. Congratulations To Cam and Randy for a Potential Great draft and Good Luck in turning the team around

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay... the fishfans get to vent their displeasure. Totally understandable, given that the "experts" at espn said we should have drafted Quinn. Can we move forward now? I mean think about it, I watched as many of you and went ballistic when they announced the pick. The interview with Quinn prior to the pick was telling to me. Quinn loved Cameron and his qb coach, he said how much coach liked him yada,yada,yada! Cameron interviewed this guy thoroughly and didn't pick him. Sounds to me that coach did his homework, got his play maker in the first and his future qb in the 2nd. Sounds pretty smart to me. Besides can someone tell me a better receiver that was picked after Ginn? They MUST have evaluated his injury before the pick. Give them a chance guys!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. If Brady Quinn was such "The Franchise QB" then why didn't Clev take him @ # 3......let alone the Vikes @ 7 ????? and after Miami passed he slid all the way to 22 !! Come on, if Clevland didn't trade up, he would have slid into the 2nd Round !! So yes, it looked good on paper and we've all be waiting for the big name QB since Danny left, but let's get the "team" on track here. And lets not totally give up on DC, let him get healthy and see what he's got before we ship him off to another team and he gets back his old form and Miami looks even worse.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all you haters...

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Bubba said...

First off , the 350 lb. kid, Reagen Mauia, weighs about 270 now, I think. He's a converted lineman. There is a video on youtube showing him carrying a ball through a wall.

Secondly, if you are feeling weird about the #9 pick, check this out:

(For those who are computer challenged, highlight the link and copy then paste into your browser's 'go to' spot, then 'go')

9:50 AM  
Blogger Herb said...

I was drinking the cyanide kool-aid with everybody else, which I prompted spit out with loud "WHHHAAAATTTT???" when I heard the commissioner say we drafted Ginn instead of Quinn. After my initial angry reaction, my cooler head prevailed and I thought about this carefully. Quinn was extremely over-hyped. He comes from a school that has a LOT of fans and a LOT of money to promote the kid. He had an excellent receiver in that Jeff Smarzidinja or however you spell it. I have to admit, I never saw Beck play one snap, but after hearing this kid talk, watching Jaworski's analysis of Beck, and learning that this kid is 25, I think he's more NFL ready than Quinn. If Ted Ginn can be this year's Devin Hester, then we got a steal. I think Ginn will have more opportunity to touch the ball than Hester did, so it will be positive. Just hope his foot is ok. Time will be the only indicator that this draft was a success or not. Its way too early to string up the coaching staff. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cleveland chose a farnchise LT, which outside of the qb position is the hardest position on the field. Quinn slide down because the teams after #9 already have qb's or made investments in new qb's last year. Cam dug his own grave by drafting a injured 5ft 10 wr in the first round, If Quinn turns out to be the next Montana at least Miami will have a Devin Hester wanna be in Ginn Jr! Cam screwed up, Please stop annoiting him as an offensive genius, he has 0 championships, Mueller has 0 titles, If he were so great why did San Diego get shut down at home in the playoffs?. Cam and Mueller don't buy tickets either.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Herb said...

oh...and mark my words, Randy Moss will be a poison pill for the Patriots organization. There are just too many people who will want that ball and Randy won't be happy. Winning will keep him quiet initially, but when things start to go wrong, watch out.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are forgetting what really is the point here. Cameron coached up Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers. The guy knows talent at the QB position and especially the QB it takes to run his offense. Cameron and his staff personally worked out these guys in person. Its obvious from what he saw that he thinks Beck is just as good or better than Quinn. If Beck had played at Notre Dame, whose to say that he wouldn't be the glamour boy with all the hype? Cameron's expertise is in having an offense that is un-predicatble and capable of attcking a defense in many ways. We are finally on our way to having an offense that Def. coordinators will respect and not know what to expect.

10:05 AM  
Blogger goodwinfx said...

Ted Ginn reminds me of Steve Smith
I hope Im right.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love our draft. Ginn will be awesome.He will make chambers better by demanding double coverage on the outside. Imagine him lined up against a linebacker in the slot. Mismatch nightmares for opposing teams. Beck I believe is better then Quinn.The only problem I had is that the dolphins could have traded down and picked up some picks and still got ginn.In one draft we just rebuilt our offense and the future of our team. Well done Randy and Cam.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone read about "the mighty Quinn?" I guess not. The reason why we passed up on him is.... He's a inaccurate QB! Beck's strong suit is his accuracy!!! 62.4% as a matter of fact. His qb efficiency rating 169.1!!! 2nd in the country as a matter of fact!!! The most impressive # though is his wonderlic score 30/40. I wonder how "the mighty quinn" stands up to those?! Why spend 1st round money on a second round QB? I realize that Ginn was a reach at the 9th overall, but there weren't any OT's there, so that was the mostt logical pick after getting rid of our punt/kick returner in the offseason. If your going to post a comment have the intelligence to do some research. At least then someone will respect your OPINION.

10:54 AM  
Blogger juggernut1976 said...

I love the picks. New coaches + New players = an explosive offence, which we haven't seen in many years. To all the so called fans who keep bitching before the season has even started, FIND another team to root for.The Dolphins or real fans don't need you

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luckly I was able to watch the games where Ted Ginn Jr. went against against Leon Hall of Michigan and Aaron Ross of Texas. All I have to say is that he SCHOOLED these guys who both were 1st Rnd DB's. A lot is made of his small frame and possible inability to break free off the line. I believe it was against Ross where he broke free from him on line completely clean, then blew by him to get a touchdown.
I, just like everyone else, thought the Fins were gonna take Quinn. In my opinion, Quinn would be great in a West Coast style offense where a lot of shorter accurate passes are required. Quinn is great and accurate in short passes, but is not quite so accurate in the long passing game which is something the Fins want. Ginn provides that deep threat with blazing speed (he doesn't usually like to go across the middle) and Beck provides the future long term accuracy the Fins want, which Quinn doesn't really provide. I totally understand the logic in the pick although I was initially stunned. My only question is how well Ginn is recovering. Despite what many "experts" say, he is not a project at WR. Seeing him school Ross and Hall, among other games I've watched, shows he IS a great WR. The punt/kickoff specialist is just an added bonus. Relax everyone, we'll be just fine. Plus, Quinn won't start this year anyway. Ted Ginn will, and provide a HUGE impact with speed.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one thing I wonder is why we did not trade our number 4 (two above New England's) for Randy Moss.

Even if we didn't keep him, it would have been a sweet deal.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was only one franchise QB in this draft and the Fish didn't get a chance to take him. Quinn looked great against weak competition and looked bad against the good teams they faced. And he threw his teammates under the bus when people said Russell did better in the head to head match up - eventhough that only explains Russell's numbers being real good since he was going against Notre Dame's defense. Quinn had a good OL, TE, WRs and RB and still struggled against every team with a good defense. I'm glad we got Beck at 40 and glad we got Ginn - though in an ideal world we get him at 15 instead.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we couldn't trade our 4th rounder for Moss since he wouldn't restructure his deal to come here. That's why the Packers couldn't get him. He did it to go to the Patriots since he wants to win a title.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think Ginn is a "project" WR? Ross and Hall are not considered "project" DB's and Ginn schooled both of those First Rnd DB's. People need to watch film and not just go with what they hear about Ginn. When you do that all you hear about is his return ability and not his WR ability.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arm strength only covers one of the things a pro qb needs. ACCURACY!! Look at tom Brady. Wht made Danny so great? Strong arm for sure, but he could hit the target time after time. That's why I like our QB choice. Word is he's very accurate.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

What's amazing is that so many of these fans are upset with the coaching staff because Cam and Mueller didn't listen to the so-called "experts" at ESPN. Didn't those bozos and other sportswriters predict that the Fins would win the Super Bowl last year with Culpepper?!?! Their accuracy is piss poor at best, so why do we care if our draft wasn't rated highly by these "experts"?

Beck was a good, solid choice and Ginn was a surprise. We needed more beef on our O-line, and the acquired center and 350 lb (!!!) fullback should help us out. It's much to early to start figuring out who had the best draft. Only time will tell on that one.

12:52 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Neither Russell, Quinn, Beck or any of the quarterbacks that have came out the past 5 years are going to be the next Dan Marino. There probably never will be. But if Beck is like Drew Brees, who he is compared to, I will be happy with the pick. Cam was a quarterback and has coached quarterbacks and knows a little more than us. I was disapointed that we didn't take Quinn, but I'll give Cam a shot. He has a good track record in developing young QBs. He clearly thinks Beck has as good a chance to succeed as Quinn.

We were all bitching about needing speed on offense, so Booker and Ginn should be welcomed additions, no matter where they were drafted. Chambers may be the biggest beneficiary of the Ginn addition. He will stretch the field and open things up for Chris.

And despite the fans buying tix, he shouldn't give a shit what we want when it comes to personel. Safe, popular picks typically don't get you a championship level team. Cam and Muel need to do what they think is best for the team, and they seem to be on the same page. If they put a winner on the field the fans will come. While it is okay to criticize picks, the real fans will support whoever suits up for us. Why on earth should we boo Ted Ginn? He didn't draft himself. We need to be patient for 2-3 years. Face it we are rebuilding...something the previous regimes forced us to do!

1:10 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

oh yeah and about 10 years back I'm sure everyone was saying who is this 6'6 235 LB Defensive End from little old Akron that we are drafting in (I believe) the 3rd round. We need to let the talent evaluators do their jobs and reserve judement until after they perform in the NFL.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

people keep saying we should have gotten OL help with the first pick but who was available at 9? The Cards took Brown at 5. With the 2nd round pick we take a QB and i doubt anyone would have wanted to see Ryan Kahlil taken over a QB or if we had taken Quinn I doubt anyone would have wanted to see Kaklil over a WR. This was a weak year for OL help overall, but at least the guy from Hawaii is pretty good so that should help at Center or RG. And Joe Toledo being back from injury is a bonus since he'll probably take Jeno James' old spot and be an upgrade.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that nobody actually expected this ONE draft to be the "franchise changer"... I am in agreement with the majority I didn't neccessarily want Quinn but, I didn't think we got the best player value with Ginn... Now with that said does anyone feel that they would have been happier with say P.Willis or A.Okoye??? Of course not there would've been people lined up with sniper rifles if the Dolphins went defense in the 1st... We tried to trade back but the best that was offered was a 4th, & Mueller/Cameron didn't feel that was enough to possible miss out on an electric player..

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ginn won't matter on offense for atleast a year if ever...but remember he can have an impact with out making a ton of catches. He will stretch the field and keep safeties honest, and out of the box. So he can be effective if not a major contributor...

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ginn may immediately take over the 3rd WR spot. Is Hagan gonna beat him out for it?

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan in Daytona - to all you football experts and so called Dolfan fans - there will NEVER be a replacement for a DAN MARINO - he will never be duplicated. Beck has the maturity Quinn does not and will develop into a productive quarterback - in my opinion - much quicker than Quinn - time will tell - personally and unfortunatally for Culpepper to be a productive quarterback, he will have to learn to step up in the pocket which is something he is not known for - I believe we can thank the coaching staff for his decline last year, he clearly was not ready to play and it showed. As for this draft - give the new coaching staff the benefit of the doubt....go FINS.....

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With their first pick of the 2009 draft, the Miami Dolphins select......QB - Tim Tebow - University of Florida.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Camueller selected Ginn, I was really angry. Why we didn't trade down and get some extra picks? But analizing the draft, I'm sure the 49ers with the 11th choice would have drafted Ginn. If Camueller really wanted Ginn they have to saty put. Also, I relly think they made the right decision by skipping Quinn, another over hyped ND Q (a la Rick Mirer).

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"electric football" - push the pile, long drives, eatup the clock, gain yards etc etc wins superbowls!

We had quick strike offenses for all the Marino years with no rush and limited defense - Got Us Nuthin!

Remember, those lean super talented fast teams that were always getting pushed around by the more stable BIIIG lines and bigger NFC teams ?

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Realistically speaking, you couldn't had asked for a better comobo than (Ginn & Block).. If you think about it, this is much better than a Quinn & another receiver combo.. I do like Quinn, don't get me wrong, but after watching Block's highlights on the very same day of the draft, I was super impressed by his QB skills... they look sharper than Quinn's.. and by the way, don't be misleaded by Mel Kiper or the ESPN crew 'cause the only reason they're upset the Fins didn't select Quinn was because it ruined their predictions and made them look like fools... If Cameron & Shea believes that Quinn is better than Block, than I and you should respect that and be patient. But regardless, I rather risk my 9th overall pick on a proven receiver than a too-risky QB who is not even considered a "franchise" quarterback... There was no one better than Ginn at the 9th positions, at least no one that deserve the spot or a position we needed... Lets be realistic Fins fans and give Cameron & Co some patience... Quinn is only good to sell tixs and be used for PR purposes for the first 2-years of his football career...

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ESPN & all its drafts mocks are a bunch of lias... they first considered Ginn the 2nd best receiver and then criticized the Fins for taking him at that position, when he's not considered a no. 1 receiver.. My question was, if you don't consider him a #1 receiver in the NFL, then why would you rank him as the No. 2 in the draft... they juse contradicted themselves... this is the reason I believe in Mel Kiper, jr... He doesn't make sense... Go Fins... Great Draft. A+ - the best thing is that we're going to put Chambers at the position he actually deserves - the No. 2 receiver.. finally!!

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i watched the NFL Network coverage of the draft. Schefter broke news before Mort and Mayock did a better job of breaking down the prospects than Kiper. Plus I thought Faulk's input was more interesting and of value than what Keyshawn and just about everyone else outside of Jaws was giving at ESPN. Mooch didn't have too much good info to add, but still gave some good info here and there.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its almost a farce the way Armando reports on the Dolphins.
The guy is obviously mentally challenged when it comes to analyzing football. Quinn, this year's Mr. Hype, becomes the next Marino in Armando's eyes so he creates a fervor among Dolfans that the team is going to "trade up" for him?!? What an idiot. Either that, or he was completely duped by the team's ballboy.
Whatever the case, thankfully the Dolphins don't respect his cheap, poor opinion on football. Whew, where is Edwin Pope when you need him?

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

but if people are gonna complain about a trade that we could have made I'd complain about not trading for Darrell Jackson. A 4th rounder for him would have been good for us plus he actually would have come here unlike Moss.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were the laughing stock of the entire league and we still be the laughing stock this season...Passing on Brady Quinn, I cannot get this...

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Dolfans Anonymous said...



Think hard, and give us an uncommonly (for you) straight answer.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

I wonder how many of you guys have actually seen Beck play? I have seen both Quinn and Beck play and I really think Beck is the better of the two. I saw him in a conference campionship game against a pretty good rival, down by 5, with less than a minute left, and 80 yards to the end zone. He took them all the way down the field and scored the winning touchdown on the last play with no time left on the clock. And it wasn't just an easy throw and catch either, he created that play all on his own when the original play was broken, and for those who don't think he has an arm he threw the ball accross his body, almost the entire width of the field, to nail the reciever between the numbers in the corner of the end zone. Now I ask anyone, have you seen Quinn win any meaningful games or better yet a spiral? Great pick with Beck and plus it won't cost us nearly as much.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ginn was the best offensive player at number 9 so that is who they took with the plan to get Beck in the second. I think If levi Brown or joe thomas were available then they were the choice but overall a great draft and congrats for not taking the fan favorite Quinn who looks more like a Rick Mirer/Joey Harrington type.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a local boy from Maui and was very impressed on how a lot of our Warrior boys made it in the draft. I have seen a comment about Reegan Mauia being able to eat 10 hot dogs before he finishes a 1 yard dash.If you look at his stats at 275 lbs he ran the 40 at 4.8.

Always been a very long time Fin fan and it makes me feel prouder to be a Fin fan now that we have some Hawaii boys on the team.

We did make the right move on passing on Quinn. Beck is just as talented and maybe rated a little higher than Quinn but a much cheaper price.

With taking Ginn we addressed 2 positions that we needed. With Ginn we got ba quicker punt returner and a deep threat on offense.

Cam & Randy good job in the draft. I am looking forward to this season.


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say Cameron is a brave brave man, he is sticking his neck out for the future of this franchise, something I wish I could say of Saban.... Anyways drafting Ginn I think was the right thing to do; why? Cos he can outrun and outmanuever all of the CB's in our division, can you imagine Chambers on one side Ginn Jr on the other with Booker/Hagan as 3rd reciever thats a good WR set.
Know the QB issue, why didn't Cleveland, or detroit ot Tampa Draft him? Cos' they know something we dont its that simple, I seriously believe Beck is the future of this franchis, and in case Culpepper isnt healthy and Green never gets traded or released, Lemon might get a shot and who know he might do something big with this team. I admit however the OL line is an issue. And something else I didnt like from the draft why didnte we get a CB?!?!?! or safety!

Lets face it guys the Fins wouldnt be in this mess if Saban and his staff would've chosen Bress over Culpepper... know thats a big mistake!

Come on guys lets give Cam a chance

6:04 PM  
Blogger Luke said...

"Great start Cam, you've dug your own grave already. You don't stand a chance in South Florida, we will run you out the building."

First, let me start by commenting on remarks such as these. All you guys replying as "anonymous", making those types of remarks, absolutely disgust me. You guys are the ones that second guess every decision that your team makes, but then as soon as the teams decisions pan out, you are out there saying you were with them all along. Just a bunch of fair-weather fans who have no idea how to support a team.

With that said, my take on Miami's 2007 NFL Draft.

First, I was never really sold on Brady Quinn. He just never really impressed me during his games. However, with that said, the only reason I was upset with Mueller and Cameron was because they took a big risk in waiting for their man (Beck). They had a "potential" franchise QB fall to them & took a risk in hopes of getting someone they ranked as being a better player. But they still got their man & their gamble (at least for now, may have panned out).

For those of you who second-guess their decision, let's take a trip back to a couple of previous drafts.

1997 NFL Draft
It was a two-way race amongst the two best QB's available, some guy by the name of Peyton Manning and another by the name of Ryan Leaf. The Indianapolis Colts drafted Manning & everyone second-guessed that decision. San Diego then jumped all over Leaf, thinking they just got a "gift from the Gods", because he was one of the two 2 "expert-rated" QB's in the draft that year. Now, how many years did Leaf play? He was out of the league after a few years and never became anything good, yet alone great.

An even better example:
1983 NFL Draft.

There was a kid out of Pittsburgh who was rated as the 5th or 6th best QB in that draft. He fell to the bottom of the first round because some "experts" had questions about him. They though 3 or 4 others were better than him. Do you guys remember his name? Oh yeah, it was DAN MARINO. And can you name me any QB taken in that draft (minus Elway who was ranked as the best QB available) who had a better career than Marino did?

You don't have to agree with Cameron & Mueller's decisions, but let's at least give them a chance to prove they made the right decision before you start criticizing.

Let's see what happens during the season (once Beck gets his chance to start) before deeming the decision-making body of the Miami Dolphins as idiots.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Optimism is one thing but stupidity is another. C'mon fellas, I am as die hard a Dolphin as you are but being motivated about the next season is ridiculous. I hope it works out but it still won't change the retarded decision to take a guy, Ginn, as the 9th pick in the draft. If they really wanted Beck he still would have been there and Ginn would still have been there later as well. Nobody was that interested in him. We could have used our pick or traded in some fashion to get a more needed and more valuable 9th pick. Someone who deserves the title of 9th pick. Sure Ginn is fast and he is expplsive but that doesn't make him a 9th pick. Damn think about that for a second, (th. That is really high. You are basically saying that he is the best player in the country. I mean, really, that is stupid and can not be backed up with any type of facts. Picking asomeone like that is like playing the lottery. Cameron picked the most retarded player just so if it works out in the future he can look like a genius and say I knew it all a long. Sorry fellas it does not work that way. Look at what the other teams did. We are going to suffer this season. It is a disaster. New England did some crap this off season and then rips in the draft. Indy, Jets, and buffalo all did ten times better than us at filling their needs. We rated the worst team in the NFl this draft along with Green Bay and Washington and that is only cuz they had 1 pick in 6 rounds. That is embarrassing. Point blank. DISASTER and no recovery. The guy Mueller should be fired for being that stupid. You talk all month how great and what a miracle if Quinn were to fall in your lap at 9th. They never thought it would happen. Then the heavens open up and it does. So what do they do, they take a guy that is not even on the radar for anyone and someone that they pulled out of their asses. Why the big secret on this guy. Why keep stating that you chose him because his dad is nice and you have known the family for years. This is the strngest comment of the decade.What the hell does that have to do with his ability on the field and his ability to help our team.ANSWER: NOTHING. Does this comment suggest a blackmail of some nude raunchy photos they might have of Cameron or Mueller, or worse ( Of Mueller and Cameron together) Hmmm. One can only ponder and wonder what this disaster will cause our team. No matter what happens in the future the 9th pick was still a bust. There were many other players of greater quality that could have been taken. Offense and Defense. What a shame.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous woodstrocked said...

Hey now, obviously it is WAY too soon to determine how this draft really went.

BUT...Ginn is INJURED! He may not be ready for training camp! Sure he has upside, but it's a big "if" at the moment. The Dolphins are in NO position to be drafting projects with pick # 9. I could see the logic if he was a complete, blue-chip WR ready to come in and start. But he's not.

I am not a huge Quinn fan, but no matter how you look at this, he's a far safer pick than Ginn. Even forgetting about Quinn for now, there were plenty of other holes to fill with that pick.

Hopefully, Ginn works out and becomes a contributor sooner rather than later. But again, it's a huge "if". I just don't like the idea of spending a top ten draft pick on such an obvious "maybe".

It is VERY easy to understand all the anger and venting of hostility among Dolfans right now. The team has been flopping around in mediocrity for what seems like forever now. On draft day, it is tough not to be reminded of picks like Shipp, Bosa, Kumerow, Smith, Hill, Green, Avery, Hampton, Allen, plus the other day one busts I'm forgetting. With all the disappointments of the last decade, patience is wearing thin.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Leon said...

Great Draft! Beck is better than Quinn and Ted will be a huge factor this year on spec teams. Cam WILL coach him up to become a good receiver too.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

you can bet the farm that we'll be picking a top the draft again next year. the won't go QB considering they'd want to give Beck at least 2-3 years solet the Jake Long Watch begin. (Next year's Joe Thomas)

8:34 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

i think we need to give mueller the benifit of the doubt. he picked some nice QB's in his years with the saints. (jake delhome, aaron brooks, bark bulger) the biggest thing that hurt us in the draft was not getting Levi Brown.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along and wait to see what happens towards the end of the season before we run anyone out of town and or call our first round pick a bust.

Geeez!!!! No one can predict what the outcome of the drafted players will be so let's not kill each other before the season even starts.

I've been a Fin fan through good and bad. Loved Marino and he can never be replaced nor can he be duplicated. He was a great QB that never had the second chance to get to the big one Why? He had no running game and an average defense at best. If Marino had Brown,Ricky,Chambers,Zach, and Taylor during his reign believe me he would not have enough fingers on his hands for all those rings.

Peyton was a great 1st round pick, but look at how long it took him to win the big one and that included trading edge to the Cards.
Then you look at Leaf and these other 1st round Qb picks that were so highly rated as franchise QB's but are now sitting at home working at probably McDonald's or some other fast food chain.

I agree that patience is growing thin but how soon do we forget that years ago we were chasing Shula out to welcome Jimmy Johnson in. We Fin fans knew how far we went with him. Also when dumbass Wanny said Marino would have to compete for the starting QB job.

We all make stupid remarks and decisions at times, but we won't know if it's stupid until the results of are actions are done.

Let's all start a blog in late December to judge the outcome of the draft picks then and only then we can talk all kinds of crap whether good or bad about the draft picks.

bigdaddyhpd (for those of you who follows me on covers experts )

9:21 PM  
Anonymous eli said...

The Dolphins are headed in the right direction with this draft.
Beck looks like an intelligent young QB. Ted Ginn is going to be a great one, I see this guy being an All-Pro by Year 2 in a Cam Cameron offense. He will get a lot of work. Am still concerned about TE and the Offensive Line, but there is time to fix that. QB, I think the solution is a healthy Daunte and getting an experienced backup to ride the bench with Beck. Lemon should be cut loose in favor of a Trent Green or other vet, and not Daunte.
Ricky should be welcomed back. If these things fall into place, and injuries don't hurt us, I see this team having a good year and surprising a lot of teams.
Patience with the Dolphins!

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never posted before and just started reading these commentaries, and I just want to say that alot of people are complaining but do not see the whole picture. Football is not JUST about the QB. Like a engine everything has to work or it will not run right. I know what I am about to say is like blaspamy, but Marino never got us a ring either! maybe because we did not have all cylinders working (think about it). I say give Cam and Meuller a hand for trying to fix the whole picture, and stop worrying about THE NEXT MARINO. I seem to remember him whining alot about loses. all you arm chair coaches need to shut up and stop being so critical. i have been a Dolphin fan since the beginning and for the last 10 years hoped for more BUT i never give up and know that at the end of the day i got what i paid for, entertainment some good, some not so good.

Mike in Germany

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again dolphin's organization,team members,and fans
Smellichick and the pusstriots make
a couple of moves which have a direct negative affect on the dolphins.First of all,if they hadn't had thier grubby little
paws in our pot in the first place.
(Wes Welker and Sammy Morris),we
would not have had to use our first
round pick on a speed returner,or
our third round pick on a third down back.(although i think the players we got will be better than
the ones we lost!)This is one dolphin's fan who couldn't make
himself root for a Q.B. with the
name BRADY! anyway so i say no great loss.!! Overall i think COACH CAMERON AND STAFF did a great
job and addressed many needs.Even
though the closest we came to MARINO was DREW MORMINO in round 6!

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Kurt Offal said...

Armando, re Dolphin pre-draft strategy:

Armando Salguero said...
"Jose, the short answer to your question: Lies."

Armando, you really want to characterize what you were able to find out from whatever sources as "lies?" Why in the name of reason and common sense would anyone wishing to keep plans (quite understandably) secret spill them to a member of the press?

This isn't about life and death matters. It's about playing a game and the game includes diversion and misdirection. I truly hope you don't feel mistreated because you weren't number five on the list of insiders who knew the draft strategy.

Now,if you meant lies in the sense of liar's poker, I guess the word applies.

You'll have to admit it's all part of the game, won't you?

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted Ginn Jr. is a playmaker. Does anyone remember watching him in college. He is dangerous every time he touches the ball. That means the dolphins might actually score a special teams touchdown and get to keep there defense on the field more which is more or less what we want considering how good the defense is going to be. Now granted he needs to work on his route running but that will come with time. This guy is not only 40 year dash fast he is football fast and he is going to run by some people and if teams don't respect him he will burn them deep and if they do respect him that will open up some other good receivers like Chris Chambers and Marty Booker to make some big catches.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting back to the draft,BLOWACHUMP AND THE PUSSTRIOTS.Even though i've
had this sick feeling in
my stomach for the past several
months, about the greedy bunch
going after MOSS. WHY NOT?,they
already hurt us by signing WELKER,
and by sweeping out from under us
take a chance on him,at worst
he don't pan out,he didn't cost
you a high price,and you got a
little inside information right
from the horses mouth on DOLPHIN'S
AND WHAT NOT.?? After all who knows
DANTE and his tendancies better than RANDY MOSS.??? To MOSS AND
you so called dolphins fans who on
ALL!! For some reason when i heard
those cheers i got the urge to throw batteries???? oh well!! maybe
now that they have stocked up on
WR's for sissy boy T.B.he'll once
again look better than he actually
is.Hell,maybe they will even be able to score a single point against J.T.,ZACH,PORTER AND COMPANY.!!!!! GO FINS!!!

1:43 AM  
Anonymous A-dubb/Andy Watson Jr said...

This pick hurt me because I was a fan, as a General Manager I see this pick as a successful one.It was very hard to experience the pain I felt with me being inside the draft party practice bubble when they picked Ted Ginn Jr, but thet made the choices they thought were right.You and other football fan know that there had to be a reason why the dolphins didn't select Quinn,You know there had to be a good reason!!!, Ginn gives us great advantages and Beck Is Near Quinns level and has more accuracy so I feel the dolphins will do great this year, they should rank top 5 in defense and Top 15 in offense, I'm a true dolphan even if they were 2-14 I would love them just as much,when a pick doesn't go our way we should dilike our team or it's coaches ,because when you look back at it there's will always be a reason why the dolphins didn't select quinn when they had him they had no excuses so it's a reason,just think about that. If you want to express your opinions with me email me at

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knows what this team will look like by the start of the season. One little prediction though; I will be pleasantly surprised if they finish at or above .500. I won't put any money on it, though. No decent QB prospect, aging or untried OL, weak receivers, aging DL and middle LB, untried return team and on and on.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you all would get off the Beck is almost Quinn's caliber BS. Look at collage games and stats. Beck is clearly the better QB. BYU is better known for producing QB's than Notre Dame. Though they give Montana. Name a big game Brady won? Quinn is just a propect people. He needs more work than Beck IMO. Beck has a way better arm than Quinn. The stats don't lie people.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my take on the Ginn pick. Calvin Johnson might get 9-12 passes or touches a game as a premier WR. Ginn can get that plus every Punt return figure 4-5 per game. hopefully only 2-3 kick off returns per game, an occasional reverse. He could have 16-20 opportunities a game to make plays. Assuming the injury heals he has more upside than people think. Plus the dolphins were slower than molasses last year. We needed to add team speed. We may have to put Ginn at Corner. He was an All American High School CB.
Dolphin Fan in NY

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miami drating is looking like the Arizona Cardinals every year-You need a friggin qb. Wake up! How many years will it take to get a new Qb to learn the system. Time will tell-losers

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a third down back over a QB- Interesting! Team is to old to win. Need youth and players that can play every down. Do you have a Qb that can play? No! Do you have a young offensive line that can block and play a full game without passing out? No? Losers? Yes!

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beck vs Quinn
2006 Common opponent Air Force
Beck 23-31 258 0 TD's 0 INT BYU Won
Quinn 14-19 207 yd's 4 TD 0 INT ND Won

They played against one another in 2005. Not too pretty:

26-45 2 TD, 2 INT
32-41 6 TD, 0 INT

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Anyonymous, do you know why beck was picked two times in the ND game? Did a ball bounce of a WR, was he hit when he threw or were they bad passes? And, is BYU a powerhouse, BCS team like ND? Not the last time I checked, nice to see that Quinn could throw 6 td's against BYU, why don't you try posting his numbers from the big games he played in....oh yeah, he forgot to show up for those games!
Last I checked this was not designed to bash the dolphins over and over again, face it we do not have Quinn....become a Browns fan if you love him so much...we have Beck and Ginn, you have no clue what they will do at this level....I would love to hear what you have to say if both are super stars 3 years from now!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here it is two days later and the Dolphins are still the talk of all sports radio stations. They are the laughing stock of the NFL. Had they taken Quinn and he failed people would've said "At least they tried." But, if Quinn even has moderate success the phins will be srutinized for years to come.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was shocked by Ginn and not Quinn. However, I like Beck. I think he could start much sooner than Quinn. We do need some speed so Ginn then Beck may have been genius.

I just hope Cam and Mul are not about to trade Ricky. I can't see any reasonable trade including next years first. We all know Ricky can help a bad offense. I imagine he can really help open up a good ofense. i would start him over Ronnie.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all you doubters out there, here is a link to a Ted Ginn Jr. Highlight reel on youtube,

after seeing this you will change your mind about this pick and see why Cam and Mueller got a steal at picking this guy at #9 as he was progected as a top 5 pick before the foot injury and after seeing the video you see why.

Go Fins!!!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Tooze said...

A calm look at the draft class shows (in kind of a loose consensus of draft rankings) one of the top five QBs, top 5{actually 2 or 3} WRs, top 5{actually 2 or 3} Cs, top 5 Ps, top 10 RBs, and one of the top 10 DTs. This isn't the kind of draft to wring one's hands over, it looks pretty good.

If we add in what looks like a REALLY solid FB, and a couple of probable special teams guys, we might have 8 of our draft picks make the team. If they do, and even if Beck doesn't prove to be the answer at QB eventually, it would still be hard to characterize the draft as anything but a success.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous John B said...

I too thought passing on Quinn was a big mistake. But after reading articles on Ginn & Beck and understanding the logic behind these picks and passing on Quinn, I am seeing this draft in a different light. I think it just might work out, only time will tell. And for those of you who are concerned with what the so called experts say, remember names like Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Jim Drunkenmiller, Rick Mier...... all high round picks that were busts and names like Tom Brady, Trent Green, Drew Brees and even Dan Marino who went 27th in the first round! That jerk Zimmerman from SI said in 1983 after Miami drafted him: "I don't know who will caoch this kid out of the issues he has had in the past". He only re-wrote the record books. So Dolfans, have faith and see what happens.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Last time there was this much disapproval over a team shunning what the fans perceived as THE player and voiced this much displeasure was when Philly selected McNabb instead of our very own R. Williams. Look how that turned out. AS for Mel Kiper and his so called expertise....this is the same guy who berated Bill Polian for not taking Heath Shuler in the first rd way back when. Some expert!! Think going against what the so called experts think worked for the Colts. Lets let this play out b4 we crucify Cam and Mule. Mules drafting record deserves respect! GO PHINS!!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SHAME on all you nay-sayers!

For the first time I can remember, we drafted 10 players that actually have a shot of making this team!

I believe 5 will be stars (or at least outstanding)at some point. Ginn, Beck, Satele, Booker & Soliai.

And 3 OL's that we picked up as FA's have a real shot; Tala Esera,Stephen Parker & Julius Wilson.

Compared to Wannstache & Satan's drafts, this is an AAA+++.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


John Beck, BYU, 6-2, 216—Sixth-year senior who spent two years after high school on a Morman mission…Full-time starter the last three years who completed 812 of 1,273 passes for 10,157 yards, 74 touchdowns and 29 interceptions…His 11,021 yards and 17 300-yard games are second only to Ty Detmer in BYU school history…Named Mountain West Conference MVP in 2006 and left college with conference career records for attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns and total offense…Seemed to play his best against the best teams…Smart player who is adept at reading defenses…Good arm strength and zip on the ball…Accuracy very good on short/intermediate passes…Is not a speedy player, but has good movement skills in the pocket to avoid trouble…Has a three-quarters release and gets too many passes tipped or batted down…Doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the deep sideline route and needs to get air under very long throws…Is not viewed as having much more to bring to the table…Is skinny and has an injury history (broken passing hand throwing shoulder injury) that could be a red flag for some teams…Ran a 4.76 40 at the Combine with a 9-3 broad jump but a 28½ inch vertical jump that was the third worst for his position.

PROJECTION: It’s hard to invest too much in a rookie who is going to be 25 years old, but Beck has a lot of positive intangibles in his favor. Kind of a Brooks Bollinger type who could be an ideal backup because of his ability to grasp an offense and operate it efficiently. But his chances of being a NFL starter seem a little remote so he’ll likely be a seco

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But his chances of being a NFL starter seem a little remote so he’ll likely be a second -day pick who has a chance to compete for the No. 2 job at training camp.

John Holler, Positional Analysis: Quarterbacks, April 9, 2007.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Phelonius Phish said...

Everybody keeps talking about how skinny Ginn is. Ginn - 5'11"/180 lbs, Marvin Harrison - 6'0"/190. Seems like that Harrison dude has done pretty well.

Saw one dude said we should boo him when he comes out on the field. Whole lot of people saying they will be turning in their season tickets. Sounds like a bunch of J-E-T-S fans to me and anyone who wants to give up their tickets, let me know because I'll take them all.

Smoove - too funny. Can't tell you where to find that perfect lamp, but like the Stones said "You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard you just might find, you get what you need."

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize i may be living in the past, but culpepper to moss was about as 'quick strike' as you could get. Is culpepper's arm done? Can Green get the ball down the field?

10:36 PM  
Anonymous KDEE said...

Long time (early 70's) Dolphins fan here. All I can say is wow, about the passion re: 2007 draft. So, here goes from an older gent who wants the Fins to win, and soon.
1. Like all of you, nearly choked on my Cheetos when they announced Ginn over Quinn. They needed a QB, or even Jerry Rice would not be able to haul in a pass....
2. Saw Quinn a few times, not too impressed, but he did seem to have all the makings of a good one. Read lots that had Beck rated well, but who the hell knows..T. Edwards, D. Stanton, K. Kolb..all these guys were "Draft Gems"
3. Have done some research, and he is the real deal on film. I hear he comes across as smart as a whip.
4. Ginn..hey, most every mock draft analysis I saw had him as #2 WR...and if you got to watch him on film, you just know he is the real deal..electric. I hope his foot is ok.
5. The other guys, OK, intriguing..but all seemed to be understudys to the real guys to get on day 2...missed Kalil, missed B. Patrick, TE from Deleware, missed Ugoh, Blaylock, Sears, Grubbs, and all the other nasty OLs...all bigger and faster than our guys. So, good thought ant coverage, but I would have liked to see more wheeling and dealing of picks to get the real guys.
6. NET. Ginn will suprise the comment that talks about his WR,KR,PR touches adding up..he will put the pig in the zone and make lots of NFL types look foolish..hope his foot is OK. Beck..put him in the weightroom, strap a playbook onto his head, and throw him into it as soon as possible. We do need the OL stud, the TE, the DL, and mostly a CB that we missed most in this draft rounds 4+...Its the beginning of a rebuilding period, there is a plan from the new team, so I am now back on board and looking forward to a 8-6 year and more aggressive drafts for a SuperBowl ring in 2009

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the biggest positives that came out of this draft are two-fold.

1) There was evidences of a plan, a vision of pieces of a machine crafted in the makers detailed assessment of specific needs for a certain style of play. Right or wrong they executed it successfully.

2) There can be no doubt that these pick did not lack conviction. I dont believe for one minute that the lack of popularity that would surround these picks were lost on the the decision-makers.

This is what effective leaders do. They commit to a plan and follow their own conviction to success or failure. But they do not allow outside influences decide their fate no matter the cost.

And for the record, Kiper and all the rest of the analysts have a tough job. Talent evaluation is treaturous. But there are no report cards for these folks. So Ryan Leaf assessed to be in a dead heat with Peyton Manning does not cast a shadow on their profession. What do you think would have happened if Leaf had fallen to 22? Kiper would have razed every GM that passed on him, and Klingler, and Shuler, and Akili Smith. Its a show. They are entertainers and nothing else. If not, they would be in highly caffinated war rooms on draft day instead of being in front of a camera leaking copious amount of emotion.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all of you who think the Dolphins made a mistake, I have 2 names for you:

Ryan Leaf and Tom Brady. Ryan was a first round pick, taken much higher than 9, and Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. Bottom line is you never know.

If you wonder about Ted Ginn or John Beck, go to and look them up.

The Dolphins chose wisely in this draft. Period. Stop your wining and crying. I can't wait to here what you so called Dolfans will say about Quinn the first time Ginn returns a punt or kick off for a touchdown.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello everyone! I love th Miami Dolphins!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Scheiben Honig said...

Armando is O.K. He's just like everybody else - right some of the time and wrong some of the time. He's got to write it down which makes him susceptible to criticism

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dolphins front office and Cameron are handling the team design with purpose and conviction. The pick of Ginn in the first round wasn't a popular pick but may end up being the right one. Beck will be the guy next year. Did you see Manny Wright was picked up by the Bills. I hope we didn't miss something there but drafting Soliai takes care of that. Wright was a project and it doesn't seem the current regime is confident he'll come around. Overall, the Dolphins draft was very solid, adding dangerous speed and some beef on both lines. Thumbs up all around. You definitely see a purpose unlike years before.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

A pat on the back goes to those who have been quite honest about their own anxiety problems (on a football blog, mind you).

As someone who has had a recent battle with anxiety/depression, I can understand what Ricky's going through. That's why I, personally, can't get angry with him or call him greedy, selfish, whatever.

Anxiety is quite debilitating, and I can't even imagine how being in the public eye adds to its grip.

I really feel for Ricky, not as a Dolphins fan but as a normal dude who can relate. Regardless of his future with the team, I'll be routing for him.

"Battlefield of the Mind" is also a great book.

9:17 AM  

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