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Monday, August 06, 2007

First depth chart of the season is out

Below is the Dolphins first depth chart of the season. Some interesting things to note?

*It's amazing to me that Rex Hadnot isn't making any headway along the offensive line. He hasn't overtaken Drew Mormino at right guard after two weeks of camp and isn't even in the picture at center.

*I've told you guys several times that L.J. Shelton simply isn't the answer. He's an afterthought player and as long as he's one of your five best, your offensive line is putrid. Well, the good news is he hadn't been able to wrest the starting right tackle spot from Anthony Alabi after two weeks and that was even while Alabi was clearly not 100 percent.

The bad news is Alabi limped off the practice field today and Shelton took his place.

*Kevin Vickerson doesn't look like he's going to make this team unless he simply plays out of his mind in the preseason.

*Joe Toledo is starting to be something of an injury disappointment, especially given the fact there are jobs open at guard and tackle. Also note that Andre' Goodman isn't on the depth chart because of his injury.

*Robert McCune has been pretty good as a backup to Zach Thomas during camp. The backup job is his to win if he shines on special teams. Rookie Kelvin Smith seems headed to the practice squad unless he goes crazy in the preseason.

*The battle for the fifth receiver spot -- after Booker, Chambers, Ginn Jr. and Hagan -- is going to be interesting.

*Looking at this team on paper, one gets the feeling they'll be fine if they can avoid injuries. But if they're hit with a couple of injuries the Dolphins are in BIG trouble.

Your thoughts?


WR 86 Marty Booker /19 Ted Ginn, Jr. /81 Az-Zahir Hakim/
15 Kerry Reed /83 Michael Malone.

WR 84 Chris Chambers/ 82 Derek Hagan /14 P.K. Sam/
18 David Sutton /16 Marvin Allen/

LT 72 Vernon Carey /65 Julius Wilson/

LG 76 Chris Liwienski /69 Tala Esera

C 64 Samson Satele/ 68 Johnathan Ingram/ 73 Dan Stevenson

RG 77 Drew Mormino /66 Rex Hadnot/ 63 Stephen Parker

RT 79 Anthony Alabi/ 70 L.J. Shelton/ 78 Mike Rosenthal/

TE 88 David Martin/ 87 Justin Peelle/ 80 Aaron Halterman/
49 Courtney Anderson /85 Jason Rader

FB 30 Cory Schlesinger /45 Reagan Mauia/ 89 Tim Massaquoi
40 Kyle Eckel

RB 23 Ronnie Brown /28 Jesse Chatman/ 20 Lorenzo Booker/
38 Patrick Cobbs /33 Ray Perkins

QB 10 Trent Green and 17 Cleo Lemon/ 9 John Beck /7 Gibran Hamdan


DE 99 Jason Taylor 93/ Akbar Gbaja-Biamila /74 Mkristo Bruce

DE 98 Matt Roth/ 95 Chase Page /92 Kevin Vickerson

NT 94 Keith Traylor/ 96 Paul Soliai/ 61 Marquay Love/ 60 Steve Fifita

DT 91 Vonnie Holliday/ 90 Rodrique Wright /75 Brian Soi/

LB 54 Zach Thomas /51 Robert McCune /58 Kelvin Smith

LB 52 Channing Crowder /56 Derrick Pope/ 48 Edmond Miles

LB 55 Joey Porter/ 59 Donnie Spragan/ 57 Jim Maxwell/ 53 Abraham Wright

CB 25 Will Allen/ 22 Michael Lehan/ 36 Derrick Johnson/43 Geoff Pope

CB 29 Travis Daniels /32 Jason Allen/ 27 Shirdonya Mitchell/

S 37 Yeremiah Bell /26 Travares Tillman/ 47 Courtney Bryan/ 31 Christopher Vedder

S 24 Renaldo Hill /44 Cameron Worrell /35 Tuff Harris/ 41 Chris Harrell

P 4 Brandon Fields /6 Ryan Flinn

K 3 Jay Feely /1 Matt Prater

PC 97 John Denney/ 99 Jason Taylor /80 Aaron Halterman

KC 97 John Denney/ 99 Jason Taylor /80 Aaron Halterman

H 4 Brandon Fields /6 Ryan Flinn

PR 19 Ted Ginn, Jr. /86 Marty Booker/ 81 Az-Zahir Hakim

KR 19 Ted Ginn, Jr./ 23 Ronnie Brown /20 Lorenzo Booker


Anonymous the guy said...

Why is rosenthal so far down the list? I thought he was a lock to make the team the second we signed him but according to the depth chart he's not even close. I'm a little surprised to see chatman ahead of booker, but that doesn't mean anything I mean it's not like he'll get cut plus chatman is more of a complete back than the booker man anyways. So yea on paper it looks OK but has several holes and i'm not just talking about the offensive line either, our secondary is horrible. bell is only ok at strong safety and i'm not a fan of hill at free safety and hate our corners except Goodman who is hurt. I think we should call up the Raiders and inquire about Stuart Schiewgeirt since Huff is most likely going to push him out of a starting position regardless of how he plays and i think he'd be a great addition and a starter right away. I think you're right abput Shelton to an extent. I think he is a pretty good guard but not tackle kinda like Leonard Davis. He should start at left tackle and give mormino a year to learn. I'd rather see Mormino as the center than Satele since i think Satele would make a better guard then mormino and that Mormino would make a better center than guard but they really aren't that different of positions so it doesn't really matter. Well here's hoping we stay healthy even though preseason hasn't started for us yet and we're already hurt.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous the guy said...

I meant Shelton should start at left guard not left tackle I think Vernon carey will do a fine job there for us

8:28 PM  
Blogger Edward said...

This is a bad team with no offensive depth what so ever! They blew the draft and now we can suffer through another losing season. This offensive line is a turnstyle at best! 8 - 8 will be a gift from the gods this is more like 4 -12. Welcome to Detroit with sunshine!

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we only keeping 5 Wr's??? Why not 6...if it's 5 I think it will definitely be Hakim because Cam brought him over from SD...he's not gonna leave his boy out
If it's 6 you let P.K. Sam and Sutton battle it out, but I like Sutton better...HUGE target at 6'6...and the guy has a big upside since he hasnt been playing football for that long

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defensive backs and o-line are scary, also not really any depth at d-line. We are more than ok at LB and running backs, QBs and WRs are not a weakness. this is a transition year, we need at least a couple of very good drafts.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't read into the depth chart too much. Coach Cameron said it was only meant to show where the players are practicing right now and that it will change as positions change.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This depth chart doesn't mean much right now. Now, when the FINAL depth chart comes out, that'll probably spark a lot interest! I will say this, I'm not surprised that the team is down on Shelton. Shelton has been inconsistent throughout his career, it's Anthony Alabi's time.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous IPSE DIXIT said...

Armandito, another pointless comment: " But if they're hit with a couple of injuries the Dolphins are in BIG trouble."

This could be said about ANY team. It depends on who gets injured. The Dolphins were in BIG trouble last year because they had no offense with your buddy CPep doing his rendition of the Tour de France.

They had what appears to be a good draft with the majority of the draft class poised to make the team. It's a good beginning.

Why the constant drip, drip, drip of negativity?

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This line will be vastly improved over the last two years. We hit rock bottom and it won't be difficult to improve over the last two years. This blogger sounds like a Jets fan. He calls this team crap and he's talking us vs. him. I don't get it. You would think a Miami paper would have a blogger that could at least be a fan of the team.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see our number one pick so high up on the charts. Please fire Cam now. Worst draft pick in NFL history

2:44 AM  
Anonymous John123 said...

Edward, This team won't be bad because of this draft. This team will be bad because of the last 5 drafts. There was no reasonable combination (don't tell me we could have gotten calvin johnson and russell) of players in the draft that could have fixed this team this year.

Out of the 24 starters (I'm being generous and including 3 wr/Nickel packages) only 9 were drafted in the last 5 years or so (not including this past draft). Only 2 of them are first round picks. Only 1 of them has been to a pro-bowl. This season should be judged on the progress of the 10 picks it in this years draft. Everything else is irrelevant because those 10 players will decide how long its going to take to get the phins back to where they need to be.

I also don't understand how you can call the phins draft picks the worst ever. Look at the past drafts. the bar isn't exactly high. If we get two starters out of the 10 players its already better than most of them. The key to the draft is Beck and he has yet to disappoint. Yes its only training camp but if you can't handle training camp you can't handle a game. Brady Quinn busy is sitting around signing autographs at 75 dollars a pop crying about money. Not to mention he looked awful in rookie camp. Its also how ironic how Ginn had a red flag because of his injury and Meachem was the top WR. Yet Meachem showed up overweight and already has a bum knee. Sounding like Donte Stallworth all over again.

I'm probably in the minority but in my opinion this draft class is already a step ahead of the rest. First we got 10 players compared to the usual 4 or 5. Complain about Ginn and Bekc at 1 and 2 all you want but you should keep in mind that this is just the 3rd time in the last 9 years that the Phins have had a 1st AND 2nd round pick in the same draft. Second, they are actually all in camp on time. Third, it looks like some of them will actually play this year. All 3 of those are improvements over the previous years.

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the draft. I like what we are doing with the personel decisions. The coach is coaching not ripping everyone. It just all makes sense.
It only takes a couple of games to see the holes and adjust or fix them. The D line can make the secondary look good. A good quarterback can make the O line look good. A couple of good wide receivers or backs can make the whole offence work better.
Ginn is a speedster. He is going to burn people and he is also going to spread out the defense. That opens holes for Brown and other receivers.
In my humble opinion nobody makes opposing coaches change a game plan like a game breaking player. The defense was great last year but you can attribute a lot of the success to Jason Taylor.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous FLPD said...

Hey ispe dix, most rookies on most draft classes make the team nowadays because of the salary cap. It has nothing to do with quality. All of Nick Saban's draft picks made the team in one way or another last year and it was the worst class in team history, comparable to the 1995 class.

I know you post on here like you know something, but dude, you don't know anything.

But stay positive OK, because we guess you can't handle the truth.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The depth chart doesn't mean much right now? Try convincing Rex Hadnot of that.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous NYScott said...

For those of you saying that this draft was bad all you need to do is read what Zach Thomas said. He said it was the best draft we have had in years and he is very happy with Booker,Ginn,Beck, the rookie o-linemen (because they're are dirty and that's what we need) and the guy who is backing him up. And don't say he has to say that because Thomas has always said exactly what he feels and everyone knows it. This is without a doubt the best draft we have had in years and more than a couple of these players will be around for years to come.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous NYScott said...

Also, I would like to state that a lot of these ridiculously negative comments about our team are coming from Jets fans that have caught wind of this blog and are trying to spread the seed of doubt about our team. I saw them talking about it on Jets talk back. If you guys want to get them back just go to NEWSDAY.COM and go to the sports section. Look for an article about the Jets and it will have a TALK ABOUT IT/TALK BACK option that will bring you to their forum in TOPIX.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Deeznutz said...

Worst draft ever?!?! Check the depth chart again, because I see....

-Rookie Starting Center, Samson Satele
-Rookie Starting PR/KR and 4th WR (maybe you don't know that most rookie receivers don't start their first year, except for a few rare players)
-Rookie backup Fullback
-Rookie backup RB (who's been a beast against our D so far in camp)
-Rookie 3rd string QB (who has been sharp in Camp, and would be 2nd if we hadn't just resigned Lemon)
-Rookie backup NT (name a Rookie that can come in and push for time behind a vet at NT in the 3-4 scheme)
-Rookie starting Punter (who is built like a brick shithouse at 6'5, 236)

Looks to me like we got alot of building blocks for the future. Complain all you want about Ginn, but at least he's in camp on time and making improvements as a WR. We know he can return the ball, and he's made plenty of nice deep catches already in camp. Reminds me of someone who burns us regularly during the season.....Lee Evans. If you think you're smarter than Cameron & Mueller regarding front office deals, YOU can't face reality.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Reed continues his strong performance during training camp and preseason I would really like to see him make the team. I would have no problem seeing Reed on the team over Hakim

11:47 AM  
Anonymous ceed said...

Anonymous said...

"Nice to see our number one pick so high up on the charts. Please fire Cam now. Worst draft pick in NFL history"

Are you kidding? Have you seen the Jets drafts the last 15 years or so. How about Ken O'Brien for worst pick of all time or Kyle Brady or wait I got an even better one. The browns trading their first round pick next year (number 1 overall in all liklihood) for Brady cock sucking Quinn who not only won't sign, but is being outplayed by derek Anderson and Charlie Frye. Last time I checked these guys weren't exactly uppertier QBs. But no I guess you're right we shouldv'e took Quinn what was Cam thinking. damn you're dumb now lets hear you whine because you're prob a Jets fan anywyas who will be talking superbowl because you are to blind to see that they had the easiest schedule in the league last year and have no chance of finishing above fourth in the division this year.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

I also don't quite understand who the Phins were supposed to take at #9 that would have satisfied all of these "worst draft ever" posters.
Quinn? get over it. We got a QB and he has been tearing up camp. Quinn has been on the sidelines. The best statement I have heard came on the Jim Rome show yesterday: Quinn is like Paris Hilton. What is all the hype about? Hes done nothing in his career.

CB/S? Yeah we did that last year. What do you want us to turn into the Lions of the DB position? Allen looks ugly but he was still on the team and there was (maybe is.. but I don't think so) still hope he could turn it around.

DE? Yeah not exactly a need right now with Roth and Taylor. Obviously the phins have to think about replacing Taylor but its not time to cross that road yet.

DT? Holliday/Evans (at the time)/Trayor/Wright. Not exactly an immediate need.

LB? Crowder/porter/Thomas? Surely the 1st round pick wouldn't start...

RB? Oh yeah Ronnie Brown? Maybe if Peterson was there I would buy it.

OL? Um yeah another OL didn't get taken until after pick 20 or so. Way too high for the OL that were left.

WR? Stone hand hagans? Old Booker who the staff didn't like? Yeah I would say we needed help there and we picked that position.

TE? One gotten taken in the first round. 2nd to last pick. I like Olsen but hes not a top 10 player.

Also on the DB position. You do realize that the second CB taken in the draft got TORCHED by Ginn in the Ohio state/mich game.

So for all of the Ginn haters please tell me who the phins were supposed to take that was going to help them at a position the Dolphins needed? You can argue Bowe and Meachem. Although Bowe just now got into camp (bad news for a WR) and Meachem showed up fat and already has had an operation on his knee.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous oscar_g said...

I believe the Dolphins first option in the draft was Levi Brown.

And the second option was Ginn.

An obvious attempt to improve the offense in needed areas.

Cam is rebuilding the offense from scratch, so it is going to take a little time to develop.
But there is a bright future ahead.

7:36 PM  
Blogger JaxDolphin said...

I guess all this negativity is in anticipation of another dismal Dolphins season. Granted, there is some reason for this, having a team that sucked the last five or so years. Things are changing now Dolfans. Try to keep an open mind, guys. True, they haven't won any games yet; but by the same token, they haven't LOST any games yet either.

Lighten up, people. We're going to do all right. Wait and see. I'm asking for patience and hope that cool heads will prevail and all that. I'll support my team. Go Dolphins rah.

Aside to Ipse: you keep posting any way you see fit, don't be 'policed' by a critical poster
(sorry, my resistance to authority got chafed).

Armando, I take it all back. You really are a fan, aren't you? Your posts are starting to show you really care...awww.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with John123, this team has no depth and a dearth of quality players on offense because of the last 5 drafts, not this one. One draft cannot ressurect a team. As for this draft? I'm taking the word of Zach Thomas when he says this is the best draft class he's seen since he's been with the Dolphins.

12:07 PM  

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