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Monday, December 10, 2007

Wayne Huizenga should step in now

This season is a perfect example of why Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga needs to become more involved in the daily operations of his team.

An NFL team is not a hobby. It cannot merely be a fanciful expenditure that gains amazing equity every year. It is hard work for everybody -- players, coaches, staff, and yes, the owner.

That is why I look at the Dolphins and am shocked Mr. H isn't more involved. As I have reported the last few days -- including in today's column seen here -- the Dolphins are broken from within.

Yes, they have MAJOR talent issues galore. And yes, the coaching of rookie coach Cam Cameron is rife with, well, rookie mistakes. But one of those very serious mistakes -- his alienating of veterans, specifically Jason Taylor -- could be addressed before the season ends if Huizenga were involved.

And maybe that might salvage a victory. Maybe that might derail Miami from its tracks to winless.

Here are the facts: Cameron, a Bobby Knight disciple resolute in thinking he knows the right way to do things, wants everyone to fall in lock step with his program. Except players are people, not robots. And some guys need nurturing and extra attention. Jason Taylor happens to be one of those guys.

And because Cameron hasn't seen fit to defer to Taylor, to embrace Taylor, to make an exception for an exceptional player, his relationship with Taylor has suffered a divide so significant, I've been told Taylor probably wouldn't want to play for Cameron next season.

So where does Huizenga figure in this ugly picture? Well, if the owner had an office in the team facility like Jerry Jones has in Dallas and even Robert Kraft has in New England, he would have caught wind of the friction by now.

My goodness, I'm on the outside looking in and I've gotten wind of the friction. So how could folks inside the organization not? How could Huizenga not if he were rubbing elbows with his employees everyday?

Anyway, if the owner were in position to know what's going on, he'd be in position to make peace between the parties. He could tell Cameron, "Coach, I respect your approach, but sometimes you have to do the uncomfortable thing, the irregular thing, to make a team work. Taylor is a leader and a pretty good player. Defer to him a little if you must. Just make it work for him so he makes it work for you."

Huizenga could also address Taylor and tell him he sees the divide and is working toward bridging it. That would make Taylor feel all cuddled up and better. And that would lead the player to lead in a positive way, rather than leading an insurrection of discontent. Maybe having someone with as much juice as Huizenga coming between the parties would alleviate, if not eliminate, the problem before the season ends.

But the owner cannot do this because unless he hears of the problem from people like me, I doubt people in the organization are telling him what is really going on for fear of being the bearers of bad news -- which most folks don't want to be with their boss.

It sounds like a simplistic answer to a complex situation. But sometimes right-thinking people who have the same goals -- as in winning at least one football game -- can smooth over significant differences and work together toward a common good.

Unfortunately Huizenga is not really in position to mediate now. He might do it after the season when he actually has long conversations with the parties involved. But by then it might be too late to avoid 0-16.

And that's too bad for the Dolphins.


Anonymous Danny said...

I think Cam began losing the veterans on this team before training camp even started with the way he treated Duante. I am not saying he was the answer at qb, but you heard veterans like Zach and Jason say how hard he worked to get himself healthy again. I think Cam should have given him a shot to compete with Trent Green and let the best man win. At least the players would see that he is fair. They could have overlooked this decision if Trent had done well and the team started winning, but as we all know that did not happen. As the losses started coming, the complaining began. I was all for giving Cam another year but I am not so sure anymore. It looks as if the players have given up on him. When Beck is in the game, it seems as if the they line does not try as hard and the plays called for him are horrible. Let him air it out and make some mistakes - that is how he will grow. I really don't care if they don't win a game this year I just want to see if we need to draft a qb. I think that is where Cam needs to be honest with his veterans. Let them know that they might not win a game this year but, by playing Beck, he is doing what is best for the Miami Dolphins organization as a whole.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Gus said...

Let me get this aside from being a horrible manager on and off the field, Cameron has lost the veterans on this team? How much more evidence do we need to realize he needs to go IMMEDIATELY! Players will never try their hardest for a coach they don't respect.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous earl said...

Who cares if JT and Cameron don't get along, they're both gone in a few weeks anyways. This organization has much bigger issues than an over age DE and a coach living on borrowed time.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to bother Wayne with this one. I'm sure Cameron has already come up with HIS perfect solution to this problem, trade Taylor for a bag of peanuts in the offseason.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous CC said...

In my opinion, Cameron began to lose these guys as early as April 29th. There was a rumor that a fan walked passed Zach Thomas later that very day, I forget where, and asked Zach, "What's up Zach?"

Thomas replied with a frustrated, "John F@$king Beck."

Then there was the admission of Vonnie Holiday on feeling baffled after receiving a phone call from Jason Taylor to report the decision to pass on Quinn.

I was very much a fan of Ted Ginn coming out of college. Before draft day, I hoped Miami would select Ginn. But the day of the draft, I leaned over to my buddy and told him, "We gotta go Quinn." He was astonished, seeing as I'd been trying to sell him on Ginn for the entire month (Ginn’s college highlight reel is quite convincing). I realized that the entire fan base and organization needed to be re-invigorated. We needed a spark of hope for the future. Brady Quinn would have supplied that spark. It was as much about a feeling as it is was about talent.

The moment we passed on the top 5 ranked QB, the collective sigh of grief from the fan base could be heard from Davie to Westchester: “Here we go again.” Imagine how the players must have felt.

I’ll say this- the change in hustle was evident when Cleo was inserted in the game. They went out and battled for Lemon, they were comatose for Beck.

No one can say for a fact that Brady Quinn would be performing much better than Beck. One can only wonder. And it wouldn’t be prudent to give up on a rookie quarterback after 4 games on an atrocious team. But today, it sure feels like John Beck was the wrong choice.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never mind that Taylor has busted his a$$ for us and has been the franchise's face for the last decade, he hasn't earned our respect yet! Another five years of pro bowls might do though, ah Earl?

7:21 AM  
Blogger mike said...

I hope to god we don't lose Taylor, but to flip the story a bit here....TAYLOR was pissing me off last offseason because all he seemed to be talking about was how he wanted to open his smoothie business and how he and his agent were trying to get him on a path into the entertainment business much like his friend 'the Rock.'

7:31 AM  
Anonymous CC said...

JT was great in "300".

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam should have been fired already as should most of the front office.

Folks, this is largely the same team that did far better last year. They didn't go from a team most thought could compete for the SuperBowl to a team that lacks the players to compete in the NFL in one year. They were missing a few pieces and Cameron not only didn't pick up those few pieces, he eliminated a few more.

This team with a good draft and free agency could be right back at the top. But... we need a new coach. Someone along the lines of a young Jimmy Johnson while at the UM. Someone fiery, passonate, unwilling to accept losses and pissed if someone offers an excuse for losing... someone who is irreverent, willing and able to slap a player upside the head or who will throw down with an opposing coach. Someone who will jettison an underperforming player, who will bench ANYONE who can't play disciplined football, and more importantly - someone who instills a swagger, anger, and confidence into this ballclub. Until the cute Miami Dolphins become the Menacing Miami Dolphins, players won't matter.

BTW, Armando. Quit with the middle of the road and wussified approach. You attack Cam, then you are an apologetist. Your point out his many failings and then offer excuses for them. He isn't a rookie coach, he is a failure as a coach. How would Wayne know what to do if he read your column.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Robert from Cheyenne said...

I'm still amazed where in a live blog Camshaft had the whereabouts to actually respond to Armando. I mean if you're coaching at this level I would demand you focus on your resposibilities to your job and profffession. Yet, Camshaft thought he would respond to Mando with an idiot comment. What the hell are you doing coach? No wonder your team is sucking eggs, you're worrying about the media and live blogging. You belong home with your computer playing dungeon and dragons you stupid nerd.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how bout ginn and beck? dumb fuck should have drafted quinn like everyone with a brain bout them blocking schemes? david martin on a DE??? Gado on a DT?!?!?! Please FIRE CAM NOW!!!!!!!! let zack thomas and trent green coach the rest of the year.....they might have to anyway if the players toss cam out on his puffy self righteous if we drafted the ginn family why don't we stick old dad out there at LB....we need the depth

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous irv said...

Armando: Isn't the situation between JT and Cameron eerily similar to the one between Marino and Jimmy Johnson? Maybe Wayne doesn't know how to step in. He has shown this before with another great veteran and a new coach.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No decision here, Wayne must wake up this morning and FIRE Cam, don't waste a minute. He must show the team that he cares and will take all steps necessary to get the Dolphins back under control. It must start at the top NOW.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not easy being a Dolphin Fan. It never is, but this year...C'mon have a heart Wayne! Please, get us a coach!! It breaks my heart to see these guys suffer thru loss after loss. I grew up with the Dolphins, I live in Redskins territory now and refuse to give up hope for my Fins. Cameron's got to go. Should've been gone weeks ago, hell, months ago...Let's get back on track and focus on next year. The sooner the better.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wayne sucks by letting this crap continue. cam and wayne deserve each other. freaking losers. hoping they get so many empty seats for the last two home games that it hurts wayne in the pocketbook. ultimately that would be the factor for wayne to finally make the decision on the coach.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Ron said...

What a silly and trivial article. You offend JT by making him sound like a baby that needs a pacifier. Secondly, man you are clueless. You are talking about highly paid professionals here and citing water cooler problems. Ridiculous. We all don't like everything about our bosses. You follow the leader or you don't, and you are getting paid to follow the leader, like it our not. You think all of Parcells players liked him? You think all of Bobby Knights players liked him? Nope, but they won by following the leader. Should Bill Walsh have been fired after a 2-14 start? Armando you are as pitiful as the fans letting trivial emotion cloud your judgement. In all fairness, the injuries this team has faced have been far beyond anything normal, 3 starting running backs, and how many starters on defense have been out each week? You add that into 10 years of Wayne's piss pour leadership and you got what you got. Anyone who thinks another coach would be doing much better is hallucinating. Remember, Belichek was fired at Cleveland, without Brady he was a loser.

8:48 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

As a frequent contributor to Mr. Arrrrrrmando Salguero’s blog, I find myself completely scatterbrained this morning about this whole mess with the team. Not having a win and getting blown out in consecutive week certainly amplifies everything and its getting worse and worse every week.

All I can do right now is list the positives and the negatives and see where we’re at. I never imagined in a million years that being a Dolphins fan, that I’d EVER have to see a team that was this bad from top to bottom with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Our offensive line was projected to be the worst in the league and while it’s not the best, it certainly is a surprise and they are solid. Priority here is to resign Hadnot.
Even though Ronnie Brown went down, we’ve learned that if Jesse Chatman can keep his weight under control that he’s a force and a dependable back up.
Our running game, even with back ups has been productive

We’re winless.
We can’t stop anyone.
We can’t score enough to keep up with anyone.
Our receivers can’t get open. When they do, they can’t catch.
We’ve been snake-bitten with injuries. (R. Brown, Y. Bell, T. Green, Z. Thomas, R Hill, etc.)
Any coin-flip decision that CAM has made has been wrong. (He should turn into George from Seinfeld at start going against his instincts on decisions)

I’ve supported CAM up to now, but my support is crumbling and crumbling fast. He has got to show me SOMETHING from now until the end of the year that can reverse my current train of though, otherwise, I think Huizenga’s decision is clear. Thing is, if he’s fired NOW, who becomes interim coach? Does it even matter?

If Cam does get let go, who is out there and available to be the coach NEXT year? I keep hearing you guys mention Cowher or the Tuna. I’m convinced that Cowher isn’t coming back to coaching just yet and I have to believe that the Redskins are going to court him very strongly to succeed Joe Gibbs. Cowher lives in N.C. and that makes the most sense, unless the Panthers fire John Fox. As for the Tuna, I’m not sure he wants to be involved with football operations anymore. He’s got more money than he knows what to do with. The only thing I could see is that he has a chance to build a team from the bottom up. As for other coaches, I don’t know if Wayne will hire another college coach since he got burned by Satan.

The real sad thing is that I look at all my Dolphins paraphernalia in my house, my miniature helmets, my Jason Taylor jersey, my Ricky Williams jersey, my old Dan Marino jersey, and it used to excite me to wear that stuff and go watch the games at a bar with friends and cheer the team to victory. Now I’m actually embarrassed. I have a Dolphins license plate frame on my car and I’ve actually seen people point and laugh at my car. It sucks to be a Dolphins fan right now, but I’m a Dolphins fan nonetheless. Always will be. I’m willing to suffer the embarrassment so I know how it feels and not forget that feeling when we (hopefully) start winning again.

Looks like it’s a shoo-in for the Dolphins to have the number one pick in the draft next year. I really hope they don’t screw THAT up. Here’s a chance to rebuild.


8:53 AM  
Anonymous Waldo said...

Peter King addresses our situation perfectly here and it makes sense...worth a read for sure:

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Waldo said...

Peter King addresses our situation perfectly here and it makes sense...worth a read for sure:

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Waldo said...

Friends the link below wouldn't print with an underscore, copy the url below into your browser, add an underscore between peter and king, example: peter(underscore here)king, then press go.

Peter King addresses our situation perfectly here and it makes sense...worth a read for sure:

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I echo your sentiments. You took the words right out of my mouth right down to my Dolphins trailer hitch. I too have seen people point and laugh, and you think that gets attention? Try having a black leather wallet with the Dolphins logo on it! You should hear the comments at check out lines. My only remark these days is..."yeah...we suck...but I still love'em".


9:13 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

Peter King's column about the coaching carousel makes a LOT of sense.........just seems hard to justify keeping a guy who can't win a game, but maybe its more damaging getting rid of him now.

I'm hoping that we'll all be laughing about this mess in a year or two when we're finally kicking some ass.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that we are letting washed up players dictate what happens to the franchise. This is sad. You really think any respectable coach would want to come here if the owner is afraid to piss off the players and the fans !!!. You really think Parcells or Cower are going to accept being told what to do or what not to do ?? Folks this is where the rubber meets the road, do you want a franchise is about winning football or high paid players ??? Make the call

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if the President should be fired along with the GM and Coach. Total upper mngmt shakeup

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... what has JT done THIS YEAR?

Are you telling me that he only plays to Pro Bowl caliber if he's being coddled and when he gets his butt kissed by the coach and team? If so, he's the one who should go.

We have all had to deal with bosses that we do not agree with. JT is a professional. If he cares more about proving that he was "right" than busting his ass to make this team better regardless of any friction with management, then he's as selfish a player as T.O. and Michael Vick and all those others we revile.

Cameron has had his share of screw ups, no one can deny that; but if it is true that veterans are working against him in the locker room, then the Dolphins deserve the 0-16 record.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Newcombe said...

Who cares if Jason is upset? How many Super Bowls has he won? I've always loved Jason, but he quit on this team early this season. He is clearly not the same player he was as recently as last year. And what about everyone who has been clamoring for Cowher or Parcells? You think Parcells is going to defer to the great Jason Taylor? I don't think so. JT needs to man up and let his play do his talking. Most people in the working world don't love their bosses, but you know what we do? WE DO OUR JOBS. And what is Huizenga supposed to step in and do at this point? He has demonstrated time and time again that he knows nothing about football, so any interference would be poorly received by everyone! Credit the guy for letting the football people do what they've been hired to do. All he could possibly do at this point is fire people, which ain't gonna happen until after the season, folks.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The owner is the culprit with ALL losing franchises. I used to laugh at the helplessness of Ford in Detroit, Bidwell is Arizona, Brown in Cincinnati, and Irsay in Indy. Well, Mr. H look in the mirror because you have surpassed them all. He is going to ask for advise throughout the league on how to fix this?? I'm sure Kraft, BeleCHICK and Pioli would like to sit down with you Mr. H and show you how it's done. All I need is your credit card number to set this up.

Turd Ferguson

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't the coach or any player. It is losers disease.
After downplaying Ricky's suspension I think that it affected the team a lot more than one would think. The pot wasn't the issue, it was the suspension and the quitting. And we kept bringing him back for more punishment and he would light up and away we go again, with no competent back. He would quit and the fans and all the players would be happy to see him show up. Now the cycle of quitting has caught on.
This team is a bunch of quitters and of that there is no doubt. Quarterbacks who can't hold on to the ball. Receivers who won't catch a simple pass at a crucial moment. At the start of the season there was always a little slip up here or there and then we'd lose. Now it has turned into a big mess with mistakes on every play.
Changing coaches might work but I think it is going to have to start from within each individual. Not liking your boss is something we all share, but it doesn't mean that I don't do my job to the best of my ability.
How hard is to run 10 yards and make a cut, then look the ball into your hands. How hard is it to make a tackle? How do you hurt yourself bumping into a wide reciever. How hard is it to study a playbook when you are hurt?
These guys play like a bad union employees. Veterans don't support coach my butt. Veteran leadership if it is truly worth it goes out of its way to win every game. That is why it is called leadership.
Call a team meeting. Give them an opportunity to quit. Right now. If they choose to leave release them, right now. Move on from here and move up. Show some balls.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Harry Potter said...

Armando, please develop on this:

Is it legit to start thinking about drafting a new QB if Cameron goes (as he should) after the season?

I was a supporter of being tolerant towards Cameron, but I've watched every single Dolphin game and we go from bad to worse. It's really shameful.

Cameron could be a nice human, but I'm also and I'm not running the fate of a Football team.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous CaneFin13 said...

Was it just me or did anyone else have absolutely no clue who half of the players were playing for the Fins yesterday? I was seeing jersey numbers I haven't seen in years out there.

What a debacle of a season, and it just keeps getting worse. The worst part is, we haven't really learned very much from it so far other than the fact that Miami is awful.

Cameron does look in over his head as of late, but at one point, early on, the offense looked pretty good. Then Ronnie Brown was injured, Green got scrambled and Chambers traded away. At this point, the offense is in shambles. Is it Cam's fault? Sure, but any coach would be struggling with this personnel. There simply are no playmakers on offense right now. Ginn will be but he is a rookie and its gonna take sometime. Chatman, Gado, Hagan, Booker, Peele, Martin, Lemon, etc. just aren't elite players.

Is Beck the QB of the future? IMHO, its way too early to tell but, really, what do we know about him? He has certainly struggled but what rookie QB wouldn't with the supporting cast, or lack thereof, Beck has to work with. Moreover, he has played only 1 game in decent weather. Sure, he was bad in the Jets game, but how much of that was on him? This kid has been thrown to the wolves, starting 3 of his 4 games on the road in terrible weather conditions. Not an ideal situation for a rookie QB and certainly not ideal to get a read on what type of QB he might be.

This season has been the perfect storm of things going wrong. Nothing has worked and the injury situation is bordering on lunacy. Cam has struggled, for sure, and if he has lost the locker room, as it seems he has, there is a real chance he gets canned. 0-16 is pathetic and the buck stops with Cameron. I once thought it was crazy talk to ax him after only one season, but I'm not so sure you have to pull the trigger at this point. Clearly, this team has little confidence and unfortunately, the players simply won't play for a coach who goes 0-16.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Harry Potter said...

To newcombe...

No, Parcells is not going to defer to Jason Taylor, but Taylor will to Parcells. That's going to be the difference.

Authority is a recognition of someone's wisdom or skills that comes from the subordinate alone without any mediating imposition. So, you follow orders and advises confident. We've all being in a situation (at school or home or job) where you simply refuse to produce or act according to your obligations as a way to protest against what you feel is wrong. You might think Taylor is a professional and he should give his 100% anyways, but you'd be blinding your eyes to the fact that he is a committed Dolphin and has delivered his heart and body for more than a decade now. He's in the same level of transcendence for this team as Nick Buonicontti, Mercury Morris, above The Mark's Brothers and just one small step behind Marino and Shula.

Wouldn't you pay attention to these guys protests in their time? Huizenga already preferred once a coach (Bigote Wannsted) over a Dolphin Institution (Marino). Take a look at the results. Would you commit the same mistake twice?

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, everyone is reeling as much as the team. This is really awful! I have watched Jason very closely this year. Many, many times I have seen him rush up the field creating a running lane inside and the back going for big yards. Many times I have seen him easily blocked out of the play. Sure, he has made some good plays, but nothing like he has show he is capable of. I honestly don't he is playing as hard or as well as he has in the past. I don't undertand how his talent could have fallen off this much in a year. I think it has more to do with desire and attidude than talent.

Zach is another player that I have watched closely. He has often been easily blocked out of plays due to his size. He has played at much more of an elevated level than Jason, though. I believe that his attitude and desire are the reasons for this.

All the other problems and injuries are just plain rediculous. Cam has made way to many coaching mistakes, the qb play and injuries has been awful. The O-line played well early and is now falling apart. We have never been able to stop the run this year. Man, do we need a lot to help this team turn around. Forget next year, it won't happen then, maybe the year after, more likely in three years.

Okay, here is my offer. I have the same last name as that guy "Scott" up in New England. I will offer to come in and spin the same personnel majic as he is and I'll work the first year for free. I have been a fan of the Dolphins since 1969 when I played a game at halftime against another Pop Warner team from Miami (we won, by the way). Trust me, my heart will be in it!

So, if anyone has any way to let Mr. H know, I am ready, willing and able to go to work for the Dolphins.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Harry Potter said...


As I was watching the game yesterday I could even see the future documentaries with those humiliating funny images of how clumsy the plays and the players of a certain team were. Couldn't you?

The fumbled punt by Ginn, the one of Beck recovered for a score and their inability to get the ball on the surprise kick-off were the perfect picture for them.

This humiliation must stop.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

This small population of Men need some different direction. I say small population, because they are not a "team" or a "group". They have shown a couple flashes of that the past couple years but there really isn't any connection. There's a lack of moxey on the sidelines as well. I was at the Bills game yesterday and I didn't see one Miami player get excited out there. These guys forget they are getting overpaid to do something they're suppose to love. Win or lose. I don't have the physical abilities to make an impact on a NFL Football team, but if Wayne is reading this....... Look me up. I think I can help you out on the next draft or help you out on finding the next coach. YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING VERY DRASTIC SOON. There has been way too many obvious mistakes made in the last few years with coaching, drafting, and marketing within the Dolphins organization. If I made mistakes like that in my job, I would be fired. I know Cam was given a shitty team but he's not the answer. You should've pick JIM BATES........ He was it! Malurky has to go as well. I wouldn't let him coach my kids pee wee football team and I don't even have a kid!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a Dolphins fan since 1968...I didn't become a fan when the team was winning...I became a fan because I saw a team I could love and support.
Even then they only won a couple games but you saw hope and a I only see a owner that cares about money and a coach that looks like he's dead and stinking on the long as fans keep going to the games and keep paying and buying...nothing will change...if you love this have to stop supporting Wayne and his pocket, it's the only way you'll get his attention.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bobby Knight way of doing things MIGHT work in college, but no way will it work in the NFL of today with the prima donas like Jason Taylor with their big egos and monster salaries.

Saint Cam's holier-than-thou attitude irks many people in the locker room, too. Not everyone can be as virtuous and pious and saintly as the Rev. Cam, nor would most people want to.

It's just like the fanatical religious right of Iran, or the GOP for that matter, that wants to cram their religious beliefs down everybody else's throat, instead of being Christ-like and tolerant and welcoming and loving of people who come from different places in life.

Saint Cam and Pope Wayne may be of similar religious persuasion, and swear their allegience to God Almighty, but the locker room is filled with believers and non-believers, and people who practice religions that AREN'T Christian.

I think this is another huge part of why Saint Cam has lost the team and why his record is 0-13.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Michael said...


11:47 AM  
Blogger DocMac said...

Thing is Mr. H would have to have his head burried in the sand to think he doesn't know what's going on here. Jason Taylor & every other Vet has voiced that they arent' happy with how things are going, has anyone stopped to think that maybe this is the bed that Mr. H has made & now he has to deal with it.
Mr. H & Executives made some fatal flaws when hiring a new Head Coach, first is when you bring in a new Head guy it's a little hard to feel like your the man in charge when you staff has been hired for you and to top that off your Associate Head Coach in Dom Capers was given his title by not you but your employer & to cap that off he's being paid as much as you are.
I think Cameron wont have to be fired, he'll step down realizing he stepped into a situation that was doomed from the start. The team was void of talent before any injuries, the Defense which had been counted on for over 10yrs to save this team had finally gotten old. Jason Taylor as we all know isn't going to be here in '08 no matter what the Phins record was, JT gave us fans his last deep breath in his Defensive player of the year last season. The only thing that can breathe life into a players career at this point and time is a trade to a team with a playoff shot, something Miami hasn't had in what 7-8yrs really.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Step in?! Now?!

The Dolphins don't need a meddlesome owner, which is what HWH would be at this point.

HWH should wait until the season ends.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron has been making bad decisions since day one.I knew he was a bum when he pursued Trent Green and passed on Brady Quinn and Trent Edwards on draft day for John Beck.How could a guy who played QB in college and coaches offense for a living be such a bad judge of talent at the most critical position on a football team? Cameron needs to be fired immediately!!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How quickly you all forget what Cam did for San Diego. He made those guys stars that they no longer are under Norv.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Raz said...

Great point about H Wayne Highpockets. A person that owns something as important as the Dolphins are, should be more involved than it appears he does. He almost treats this like an investment in sports entertainment, rather than in sports competition. Makes you think all he is looking for is a profit, and that the product will always deliver a winning bottom line regardless of the result on the field. If you think about it, the upgrades to the stadium to make it a "better fan experience", fits within that context. I read in a blog or a comment field somewhere in the Herald, that the only way Wayne would pay attention is if its hurting his wallet. Problem is, we the fans love our fish so much, we will not give them up even for a second in June and walk away to make the hurting on his wallet begin. The investments in his team (with the exception of Wannstache), have always ended up playing to the fans. Even though Jimmy at the time was a good choice, he was the one we were asking for to replace the coach we wanted to get rid of, Shula. Same with Saban (we wanted Saban) and even to an extent Cam (We wanted offense). So in the end he gives us fans what we clamor for and we reward him with more money in his pocket (higher ticket, parking, concessions, etc.) When it goes south, he remains quiet, we yell and still give him money. It just sounds more and more that he runs the Dolphins like a business and that all that talk about winning football games is just that talk. I think he is more about a winning bottom line.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Losing cultures breed losing players and ultimately losing teams. When your team is coached and led by proven losers (Camoron, Randy Mueller, Dom Capers, Mike Mularkey, Keith Armstrong)you don't have a chance at winning. If you want to win, build a team with proven winners.

The sad part in all of this is the fact that no winning coach is going to want to take this job, assuming it's available in the near future. Who has the energy and motivation to want to turn this sad-sack franchise around? I mean, with most coaches working under a win now or else mantra, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that any coach worth his salt would want to walk into this mess. At best, you get two years at the helm before you get booted. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, it's just the facts.
So, is there any real solution out there? It didn't happen with Jimmy Johnson. It didn't happen with Wannstache. It didn't happen with Nick Saban. And it sure as hell isn't happening with Camoron. What makes you think anyone can make it work again in Miami?

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Truman said...

The NFL is nothing more than basically another branch of the entertainment industry, and nothing more. Who wins or loses only means nothing more than who sells more tshirts. The players are nothing more than highly paid actors. I don't sweat it a bit if Tom Cruise's latest feature flops. Same deal here. These guys get paid BIG bucks, and win or lose, they then retire on easy street at a relatively young age. Big deal, Marino didn't get a ring, but he did get a multimillion dollar bank account. Why weep for them????

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Elliott said...

I could have the Dolphins in the playoffs next year. End of story. If Wayne wants to turn this around, he can reach me.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

>>>I've been told Taylor probably wouldn't want to play for Cameron next season.<<<

You obviously haven't been watching many of the games. Jason Taylor hasn't been playing for the Dolphins *this* season. Did you see him make any big plays yesterday? His biggest contribution was a 15-yard penalty. JT can complain all he wants, but he should look in the mirror before he starts pointing fingers over subpar performances.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Jan Blanchet said...

I absolutely adore this blog. It has all the best information and dish. Great job on here.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Where is Wayne "Happy the Clown" Huizenga while all this plays out? Looks like he quit on his own team as well. The mistakes are from top to bottom and can only be fixed in the offseason by starting with a whole new approach to selecting the next head of football operations who can then replace Mueller and Cam. If only the fans could replace "Happy"!!!!

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wayne must hire parcells or cowher at season's end but right now he should fire cameron and put don shula in as coach to get us a win!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would any coach have to "baby" a player making millions? I just don't get it. When does personal pride come to play Jason...WAY too much talk and no action from him this year. Boo hoo

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Lenny said...

Sorry Armando but saying that if Cameron kissed Jason Taylor's butt more we would be a better team is one of the most ridiculous things you've ever written.

We weren't winning last year when Taylor got tucked into bed every night by Nick Saban either.

Winning coaches don't defer to their players, winning players defer to the system.
Look at the Patriots. Nobody kissed Randy Moss's behind, they told him to fit in to the system or get out, and look at the results.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous SSgt. ATM said...


I've been a Dolphins fan for the better part of 17 years now and I can't believe how low we have sunk! People was quick to get rid of Jay look at what we have?!!! Jay won nearly 60% of his games and had us in or on the verge of the playoffs every year! That wasn't good enough for some of us...we got spoiled! Now we're wishing for the days of first round playoff losses! It hurts to see Miami look so bad. Just win one guy's...don't go 0-16 please!

2:48 PM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

I DO agree with you MICHAEL.....

This is WAY minor in light of the current situation, but I do agree that there needs to be a change in attitudes AND appearances.

This may be sacrilege to discuss, but I think its time to dump the aqua and orange as primary colors. We need to get meaner colors, use the dark blue that was added to the latest iteration, getter a fiercer looking logo, maybe keep the aqua and orange as accent colors, but no longer as primary. Get darker helmets.

Like I said, this is minor stuff, because a turnaround depends on the players IN the uniforms and a coaching staff that is competent to lead those players....but lets have a makeover that also makes you look lean and mean and ready to kick ass.

Get the fans involved with the SOMETHING to liven up this team. My goodness.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Lenny said...

The Dallas Cowboys were 1-15 in Jimmy Johnson's first year. Troy Aikman was the rookie QB who looked overmatched.
They had the league's worst offense, and only 3 teams were worse on defense.

What if they had fired JJ because of that season? I'm sure the pundits were picking apart his play calling and saying he didn't treat the veterans right either (nobody like rookies more than JJ)

Also, tell me how many NFL teams would be winning games with their 3rd string QB, 3rd string RB, two 3rd string starting safeties, and missing thier All Pro Mike Linebacker?
You simply can't blame Cameron and Mueller for this year. This is the season that would have gotten Saban fired. He saw it coming and ran away like a little girl.
Next season is the one where we can start to judge Cameron and Mueller.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Lenny

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Byami said...

Sell the team, move the team, change the name too... Be done with it. Miami is a cesspool culture and therefore have a cesspool team. Miami has been on the decline for decades, and as well the team.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous lcw said...

Yah right. Call on the person who hired Jimmy Johnson, David Wensted, Nick Saban and Cam Cameron to solve the problems?
Not to be disrespectful but what ever style he is using is not working. A savvy business man like him should have changed course by now unless he could careless about our beloved Dolphins. Who ever thought the day will come where we loose to the Bills and Jets 8 years in a row.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Zod said...

First you want John Beck to start.

Then you wonder why veterans are unhappy.

Now you want meddling ownership.

The fact is Jerry Jones got out of Bill Parcels way. The fact is Robert Kraft got out of Bill Bellichek's way.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Ken in TX said...

Can anyone tell me why we are not running the same defense and utilizing JT like we did last year?

I agree if players are taking plays off because they don't agree with the coaching philosophy then they need to go. That is an integrity issue. It is obvious we are rebuilding and making the team younger, but if I didn't know any better I would swear they are under utilizing players in order to a) preserve them for trade bait and b) garner higher picks in the draft. Do we really want the top pick? It doesn't look like the draft has a player that would justify the money the No. 1 overall will command. I would rather win at least one game so we don't make history and have the number two pick. Even winning one game still gives us the 1st pick.

One thing to think about is that Coach Chin wants personnel control in his next job. I am not sure Wayne is willing to digress back to the days of Wanny.

I hope Beck gets another opportunity to prove himself.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

The statement made about April 29th being the date Cameron undid this season may be right on the mark. I hope what we’ve seen is rookie jitters but plainly John Beck is not ready for the NFL. He looks completely overwhelmed out there. Who knows if Brady Quinn would be any better right now on this team, but he certainly could not be any worse. That takes us back to April 29th, the day all the second guessing began. Taylor said that day he was shocked by The Dolphins passing on Quinn and picking Ginn. From that point forward the veterans on this team have second guessed everything Cameron has done.

Staring at 0-16 these players had to know from practice that Beck was not ready to play and that Lemon gave us the best opportunity to win. Yet Cameron second guesses himself and inserts Beck for what can only be deemed as experience, when all along he preached that he would not play the rookie until Beck was ready. Beck clearly is not ready and what is the message sent? Cameron is a waffler. He does not have strong conviction in his own decisions. Based on handing the play calling off to Malarkey and then waffling back after the media maelstrom he has solidified the perception of himself as person without conviction.

Players like Jason Taylor will not respond to a coach like that but still I cannot help but think Taylor has some responsibility for this charade of a season. A coach can only do so much to prepare a team to play. The players who walked on that field Sunday did not care and showed little if any emotion. Beck was swarmed on the very first play and folly continued until Lemon was inserted. So does that mean the players are dictating who should be playing in the game by giving up if they don’t like the player who is playing? What does this tell us about Beck and Cameron? They don’t like him that much that they would be willing to go 0-16 to prove that April 29th was indeed the day the music died?

Taylor should probably shut the “F” up, but as Armando pointed out, Wayne Huizinga needs step in and step in now. There are 2 winnable games left and I for one do not want my team being thought of as the worst team that ever played in the NFL. I certainly don’t think Huizinga wants to be known as the owner of the worst team in the history of the NFL. Time to get involved Wayne and unfortunately the carousel should go on because Cameron should be fired today, not at the end of the season.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous ATM said...

To add on to my comments, at what point does manangement take some of the blame? The front office is so busy trying to make Dolphins Stadium (or as some of us still know it as Joe Robbie Stadium) into the home of the Super Bowl rather then get some decent talent to make the home team a winner again. Why did we let Welker go, why did we go for Culpepper (bum knee) instead of Brees (shoulder), Ginn over Quinn? Why do we continue to hire unproven coaches? This season is the curse for all the bad moves Miami has made for the past four years. I will stay loyal but it's hard to watch when you think back on some of the bone head moves this team has made in recent years!

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam is just trying to make something happen.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Chew said...

You can point to all the individual mistakes made by management over the last ten years and in the end, Wayne has to take responsibility for it.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous TCR said...


The way I see it, the only way Wayne should get involved is to hire Bill Parcells (a true footbal man) to run the entire football operations. Wayne seems to know nothing about how to run a footbal operation. He should be smart enough to realize this and hire someone who does!! Cam and Randy both seemed flawed. Someone has to evaluate them. Who is the most qualified to evaluate both a GM and a coach...Parcells! This franchise is flawed from the very top on down, and unless the structure of this organization changes there will be seasons like this. Do you know if there talk within the organization about completely overhauling this obviously flawed franchise???


4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'd rather the fins lose all 16 than the Patriots run the table.

Sure Cam has made mistakes but this is a rebuilding process, which takes time. Removing a coach
after one season to implement his plan would be foolish and you wouldn't be further ahead down the road. John Beck was the first qb the fins have drafted in a long time. Sure, he looks like crap now, but he needs time to develop. Even Derrick Anderson had 2 years before this one before throwing td's all over the field. Give Beck a break and let him develop. The only reason he was pulled sunday was for his ego, which would have gotten worse had they left him in.

The Dolphins are 13th in salary cap space next year and have some nice draft picks. If they can trade the 1 pick for multiple picks, they can add a lot of talent with a deep draft. Rebuilding takes time even though noone wanted to admit that's what they were doing. The depth on this team is appalling, which noone realized before all the injuries. Even though Cam told Huizenga they could be a playoff team before the season, he must have realized this wasn't the case once the season started. There are glaring holes on this team. Safety, LB, D-line, WR, CB's. Things take time. Give Cam another year. All this #$#$@%@ about veteran problems with the coach are masking the real problem with the team, which is talent and inexperience(at QB). Yeah, this is one tough year, but if the Colts beat the Pats in the playoffs it won't sting so bad and a strong draft with some young carefully picked free agents will make a difference. Time folks. Suck it up.

Are the Patriots the luckiest team in pro football history or what? That game against the Ravens was mind blowing as to how lucky they are.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much a Dolphins fan I am, I'm even a bigger Jason Taylor Fan! Jason started the new breed of lineman that can go from rushing the passer to dropping back in coverage on RB's, TE's, and WR! Have the fans forgot what he has done as a member of this team. He was DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR last year and you'll are acting like he just robbed you. Cam has him rushing the passer ONLY this year and it's changed what made Jason so dangerous! In high school we called Jason position the ROVER...basically he could move in and out the linebacker position causing problems for the other team. This year for some reason they have decided to make him a pure rusher only; meanwhile he's going against guy's damn near 200 pounds bigger then him and you'll what him to produce the same PRO BOWL's not going to happen!!! I can't see the defense without Jason and Zach and those wanting Taylors head for being mad that the team sucks must haven't seen the record lately. It was him and the defense surrounding him that made Cam come to MIAMI in the first place! This unit was fouth in total defense with Jason Taylor and now I'm hearing we need to get rid of him and he's not producing. With the team suffering major loses on defense HE's been the one player playing through all the bullsh*t! I WOULD BE COMPLAINING TOO IF I WAS JASON!

5:07 PM  
Anonymous NumberOneFan said...

I have been a Miami Dolphins fan for 40 years and I am totally in agreement that Wayne Huizenga should step-in now. I agree that being a team owner is NOT a part-time hobby as Wayne Huizenga appears to be treating this.

Wayne Huizenga needs to pull-rank and have the team unite around John Beck or get the heck out of a Miami Dolphins uniform. Without that support, John Beck is doomed.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't "losing the veterans" one of the reasons you bring in a new coach? We're not San Diego where the Veterans needed to be catered too.....we should've known from Day 1 that this thing needed to be torn down, apparently Cam and Mueller didn't, which is because their blinded from the truth because their afraid they don't have time to rebuild. Well, look at where that has gotten us. Sorry guys, but we have to lose the veterans that the financial situations will allow's just time.....we're freaking 0-13.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Noah said...

I think Cameron should be fired regardless of what happens. I'm not convinced he can't be a head coach in this league, but i'm fairly certain it's never going to happen with the Dolphins. He's had some tough breaks this year but has made pleeeenty of avoidable mistakes as well. I agree with the person who said he started to lose the vets when he dumped Daunte like he did. I always thought that was a classless move and wasn't surprised at all when Daunte got his revenge. As for the person who suggested drafting Quinn would have made a lick of difference. You have to be kidding me, Quinn would have been in the exact same situation as Beck and would have failed as miserably. No QB on this roster is being given a chance to succeed. I could argue that Quinn might have reacted worse today this type of situation since he thinks the world of himself and his abilities. Regardless this situation has to be addressed and I for one am hoping Huizenga steps in. He should have done it years ago.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media needs to stop giving advice on running a football team.
The whole reason Cam gave Beck the reins was because of the media torching him for not playing Beck after the bye week vs. buffalo.
Cam KNEW Beck was not ready -- thats why he didn't play him.
Then the media, and fans via the media, were calling for Cam's head unless he started Beck.
Well you all got your wish.
We're 0-13 now, we still dont know whether Beck will be any good with a supporting cast, and now Cam is stuck with the decision to keep playing Beck and losing, or attempt to avoid infamy by playing Cleo.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think that Cam should be booted. Rather, some of the high priced, egocentric players who aren't performing should be sent packing.

After Jimmy, Dave and Nick couldn't win here, isn't about time to look at the players as being the problem? Obvoiusly the head coach is the easy scapegoat when things go wrong, but the players have to shoulder some responsibility.

If they don't like Cameron, too bad. They're getting paid to play football, not take windy walks on the beach with the coach. At the NFL (or any) level, you play to win. Sadly though, these guys are getting paid win or lose and some of them no longer are playing to win for one reason or another.

They need to grow up and do their job, not pout because the coach makes a decision that they don't agree with or doesn't ask their opinion. Any player, regardless of their star power or ability, that doesn't play their hardest regardless of the circumstance does not belong on the Dolphins.

I say, keep Cameron another year or two, let him and Randy Meuller clean the infectious, ego-ridden players out of the locker room and bring in players who want to win. Then judge him.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

My Christmas wish is for Mr. H to sell the Dolphins to someone who wants to own and run a winning organization. Clearly Wayne just doesn't get it. For as much as I can't stand the Cowboys or Jerry Jones you have to give him credit he clearly is a hands on owner committed owning a winning franchise. Wayne if your reading this please, please sell and end the senseless destruction of a once proud organization

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Bobby F said...

The answer is simple. Had Miami waited 2 more weeks they would have had a coach renowned for turning losing teams into playoff contenders regardless of his inability to win in the playoffs. That man -- Marty Schottenheimer. He even took a Jeff George led Redskins team to 8-8. The man is a miracle worker. Where have the Browns, Chiefs, Redskins and Chargers been since he left? The answer is simple. Fire Cam and go get Marty and let's play MARTYBALL!

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you dol fans what to get mr h attention. boycott the games. dont go to the stadium. what to you got to loose. you will just have a bad time if you go

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Zod said...

Do you realize how long this team sat on the market the last time it was for sale? It took two or three years for the Robbie's to find a buyer. It will probably shock you to learn that Wayne Huyzienga is noted around league circles to be one of the top five owners in the league. That's right, top five!

I suggest you stick to other topics that are answered behind closed doors. You know something like "the owner should step in and take charge". Your previous statements prove to be just plain dumb.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Robb said...

So if J.T. is nurtured, he'll be able to beat one-on-one blocks again?

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Steve - AZ said...

I know everyone is upset but lets not completely loose our minds. This might may put things in a better perspective.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

Face it, JT needs to go. He’s a locker room cancer. He is NOT a leader.

If he was a leader, he’d stand by the team publicly.

If he was a leader, he’d be more of a mentor to the rooks.

If he was a leader, he’d hustle every down and every play and do everything he could to notch a win.

Sure, it’s understandable for Taylor to be frustrated. He’s been so good for so long and now has to endure this disaster of a season and a coach. However, he should do his griping behind closed doors.

In the end, the team needs to re-build and the team needs new leaders. Miami needs to trade Taylor while he still has value.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:58 PM  
Anonymous Ken in TX said...

Been watching Monday Night Football and Kornheiser asked Arthur Blank, the Falcons owner, if he agreed with Bobby Petrino's views about drafting a QB and having him sit for at least a year to learn and grow. Blank said he did agreed and was willing support that philosophy. That is what Cam was trying to do with Beck until succumbing to media and fan pressure. If he was have stuck to his plan he would have been better. I love what JT and Zach have done for this team, but I think we need to be prepared for a major purge this off season.

It took Wanny and Speilman a few years to screw this team up, give Cam and Randy at least this season to get the shipped turned around in the right direction.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

When QB is one of the most glaring issues on this team if Beck was not ready its the coaching staff's fault for that. They should have been preparing the kid for this season not next. Look at the Ravens who inserted 5th round pick Troy Smith into the game versus the Colts and he promplty drove the hapless Ravens offense to a TD score. Beck being unprepared, not ready, not talented enough, or whatever, is an indictment of the preparation he has gotten from this coaching staff. The fact is that this coaching staff also tore apart a 4th ranked NFL defense for no particularly good reason and now they want to ask the remaining players to play out of position and they scratch their heads as to why the heck its not working. The incompetence of this coaching staff that predicted a playoff caliber team and now cries about lack of talent is reason enough to fire them all. Bottom line, the players have not turned on each other because they all share the common notion that the front office management and coaching staff is full of boobs and buffoons.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous JerryD said...

What? Huh? Como? Que va?

I thought we were supposed to wait before passing judgment on Cam.

I said we don't have to ... Cam's his own worst enemy becoming the GAFFE-Meister.

What could Wayne "O=Fer" Hire-Zingers do? He's a bigger dolt & got us into this mess.

3 Responsible O-Fer dudes, in order:

1) Cam .. virtually impossible to go O-Fer
2) Randy Mueller .. took an average team & made it bad
3) Wayne "O=Fer" Hire-Zingers ... 10 years of dumb management (& signs of getting dumber)

Objective my friends & proven by actions.

Go Phins!! Cheers, JerryD

11:03 PM  
Anonymous JohnDB said...

H. Wayne,
Give Don Shula the 40% of this franchise that is rightfully his along with complete control. You know about getting rid of gabage, it really smells now.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous GeorgeBanks said...

Armando, seriously how many people prior to now, have told you that Wayne should hire you for your keen insight? It really seems that you have the heart of the team in best interest, while dipomatically walking the very thin line of calling the tough plays that need to come into effect. My vote is for you to work for Wayne. Go Phins.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous JohnDB said...

I'm in favor of replacing Cam, but it would have to be after the season now, I mean this is his. It's like a pitcher throwing a no-hitter, you can't just yank him. It wouldn't be fair to possibly have to share the infamy, it should all go to Cam.

Draft a Quarterback

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Harry Potter said...

To JohnDB:

Outstanding, man. Yes the responsibility has to be on Cam and it'd be unfair to anyone else to invite it to such a banquet.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous nick said...

"SHULA" is the best chance for the Dolphins to win a game. The players would actually respect and respond to him. Shula built the Dolphins history and there is no one who wants to preserve that proud tradition more than him. The only problem is we have an owner who is too proud to admit that he made a mistake and was wrong for letting the greatest coach in NFL history go. He is quite a few years younger than either Paterno or Bowden and not much older than Joe Gibbs. Please Wayne give Don Shula a chance to save this organization!

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Cam should be fired ASAP. I absolutely hate how satisfied and calm Cam appears after losing week after week. I would be for him coming back if he wasn't such a wussy with his play calling and game managment. Hes probably the worst coach of all time, and a good reason why is because he acts like we won after losing week after week. Where is the Dennis Green style blow-up, or Jim Mora profanity laden tirade. It actually appears as if he does not care if they win because he sure does not get upset with losing. If the Dolphins coach (and should be leader) doesn't mind catching a loss or 12, they why would the over-paid players get fired up enough to actually play hard. The team has quit and Cam should be fired right now. I have as many wins as him. He better hope the Ginn family plays well these next few games.

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could be that neither Cameron nor Huizenga like the leadership style of Jason Taylor, and the most PR-friendly way of getting him out of town and developing some new leadership among the players is to create a scenario in which he appears to WANT to leave.

Cameron's not showing enough respect for Taylor's leadership would be a pretty simple way of getting to that point, wouldn't it? And Huizenga's not stepping in to rectify things may be a sign that he's on board with Cameron, not Taylor.

I don't think either Cameron or Huizenga are stupid enough to not know what's going on and not know what they're doing here.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous PJK said...

I love how every time Armando wants Wayne to be more involved,he points at Jerry Jones as an example.Jerrys best years came when he stayed out of Jimmys way. When he hit rock bottom,he hired Parcells and got out of the way again.
Armando ignores the fact that Al Davis and Daniel Snyder are the textbook hands on owners,and their franchises suck.
In fact,Marty was hated by the veterans in Washington and he was fired by Snyder after 1 year.Just like Cam here,right? Well,look at the Redskins since. They've been worse under Gibbs,the big name coach they had to replace Marty with.
When Marty left Washington,he went to San Diego and built the Chargers the same way Cam is building here. Brees sucked as a rookie,just like Beck.All Marty had was Tomlinson,who was there when he was hired,like Cam and Ronnie.
Give the man some time,dont tell a man who made enough money to buy us all how to run his business,and quit acting like a bunch of girls who didnt get Hannah Montana tickets. Every team goes through rebuilding years,Cam just has the balls to do what Saban shouldve done.

And Jason Taylor needs to grow up or grow a pair. Warren Sapp has won on every level,he's played for Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden. He's now on a bad team,playing for a young rookie head coach who has never been a head coach at any level.His highest position was offensive coordinator at USC. Sapp still plays hard and doesn't undermine his coach.

Jason Taylor hasn't won anything and he wants to tell his coach how to do things? I see why his wife wanted to leave him. She probably got tired of being the man in the house.

5:42 AM  
Anonymous LC99 said...

the owner should have stepped in after the Jets blowout. Honestly folks, he is the reason we are at this point. We can bring in whomever we like to coach or play, and it wont matter. Sure it might win us a couple of games every year but we will NEVER win a championship with W.H. at the helm. Untill he realizes that this is no longer fun, and that he has spent too much money on this "hobby" of his he will not sell the team, or quit so stop asking him to. Bottom line Phin fans, we WILL be 0-16, we WILL be voted worst team ever, and we WONT win a single game for a while. My advice, pick up another team, wait untill this team is sold and then hope for luck, unless you love loosers and bums.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous rob said...

Huizenga is part of the problem no doubt. Tough to teach an old dog new tricks, maybe he should sell the team to someone who cares. If he really cared we wouldn't spend the first six weeks of the season playing on a baseball field.

Cameron was not the right hire, he is still acting like an offensive coordinator, and he would have been a great hire for that position. Does he even talk to the defense or the defensive coordinator? Dumping Culpepper for Green simply cost us a draft choice and stained the franchise's reputation with the players. This was more baggage Cameron brought to the job.

Randy Muller is not getting the job done. John Beck? A 26 year old relatively short unathletic rookie is the future? You have to look back pretty far to find a quarterback who is not tall or athletic that has won a superbowl. Joey Porter? What about resigning Kevin Carter and getting another defensive free agent in the bargain?

In short, the whole front office from owner through GM and head coach, needs to be purged and we need to start over.

9:28 AM  
Blogger brian said...

When JT refused to come off the field and out of the game,Cam shouldve immediately called a timeout,walked out on the field and proceeded to kick his PUNK A$$ in the A$$ all the way to the sidelines!

He is a mere 30 whatever year old PUSS who is acting like a 3 year old child who had to be "begged" to come back and play this year.

He didnt want to play then and he sure as hell doesnt want to now so I would oblidge his sorry a$$ and cut him IMMEDIATELY!

And if Cam wouldnt do it then if I were Wayne,I would wait till our next game,wait till we were on D and walk onto the field and hold my hand out for his helmet..FK JT!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and with the #1 pick in the 2008 draft the dolphins pick long snapper joe blow and his whole family.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

First of all, I am not asking Wayne Huizenga to be Jerry Jones. Jones is the General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys. I don't think we want Huizenga to be that in Miami.

But I don't think being totally disconnected as good. Fact is, it is worse than being too involved. I am asking for some wise middle ground. The owner can keep his hands out of the pie, but when the pie is burning in the oven, step in and take it out. I don't want the man to draw game plans, or make selections in the draft. But I don't want him to show up to games and nothing more. I want him to solve problems he can solve. This is one.

And get your facts right. Marty Schottenhiemer did not build the Chargers. They were built by GM A.J Smith and the two did not get along which is the reason Marty got fired.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Tommy said...

Zod, I'm glad you conducted a poll of best NFL owners and Huizenga is top five.

He should do as Armando suggests and maybe he could rise to top 3.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous southflaboy said...

Lenny, last year when Saban "tucked Taylor into bed every night," he was the NFL Defensive player of the year and the team won six more games than it has this year.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous tiredofjasontaylor said...

Okay, I might get really blasted here, but I'll take a shot. I think based on Jason Taylor's really bad attitude he needs to go and now. Maybe he is a great player......we don't know that. HE WAS, but he hasn't shown that this season. He has been playing poorly, and to top it off seems to be the one directing traffic among players to have a whiny complaining attitude against a coach who, even though possibly misplaced, is only trying to clean up the mess that Saban left behind.

Seriously, Jason Taylor seemed to be a total class act for the team, but his angry arrogant the midst of playing reallyk, really awful, makes me think he should go and take his attitude with him.

He beleive's he has the right to affect the entire team by undermining the coach and not caring what the fans think.

They call it a team, because your supposed to be FOR the team... that icludes the coach, WHILE HE IS THE COACH. If you don't like him keep your attitude to yourself.

Otherwise, go sign up to play for the Crimson Tide. If you don't want to do that shut up and play football or leave the team.

11:13 AM  
Blogger AtlantaDolphin said...

Does anyone know what happened with the so-called "assessment" the Dolphins supposedly conducted at mid-season? I saw a lot of media coverage about it at the time, but never heard anything afterwards. Were the findings ever publicized, or were the results too incriminating on those who are still in the organization?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Jim said...

We really need to get rid of Cam. Who in their right mind would let Mike Mularkey call plays ???? The guy was a flop as a head coach and is moving down the ranks, head coach, off. coordinator, tight ends coach, what's next ?? WATER BOY

12:17 PM  
Blogger AtlantaDolphin said...

Ok, I’ll ask again. Back in late October and early November, Huizenga repeatedly talked about conducting an “internal evaluation” of the team’s moves over the past five years. It was a big deal in the press – except for the fact that I never heard anything about the results. Did I completely miss it, living in Atlanta, or did the story fade away? I know from talking to other Dolphins fans up here that they have wondered the same thing. Our thinking is that the results pointed the finger at the ones still in charge, and thus were never made public. Armando, if you can shed light on this, we’d appreciate it.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Gmoney said...

It all started with the hiring of Jimmy Johnson. He couldn't see the rift then when Johnson took the best QB ever and grounded him. Then quit on him and passed the reigns onto another looser in Wannstadt, and Saban???? I think the best thing that Wayne can do for the Dolphins is sell them to an owner who has a clue and wants to win. One more thing I said the same thing when Jimmy Johnson quit and Wanstadt took over and everybody laughed at me saying I was crazy. What do you think now????

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Lenny said...

What's the difference between 1-15 and 6-10 other than getting a higher draft pick with the former record?

Nothing really. Coddle the veterans all you want, kiss their butts, let them play every down of every game so you can win 4 games instead of 2. At the end of the year you haven't set yourself up to be any better next year.

The vets get upset when the rookie QB starts and they can't win games. The vets want to win as many as they can now because they're running out of chances, the coach knows he can't make the playoffs so wants to build for the future.
That's where the rift is between the vets and the coach, and on this one I side with the coach.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Jimma Johnson era was marked by mediocre drafting (great defense, terrible offense) and ended in a mess when Johnson quit TWICE. The Wannstedt/Speileman era was much worse, truly incompetent. Little dick Satan ... a quitter, a liar, a terrible drafter, and like Wannstedt, he chose not to grab Drew Brees. But a lot of the posters here are right: The real low-point when Cameron and Mueller chose not to draft the big star QB from the school half of the nation considers its alma mater. Sure, Brady Quinn would have us 13-0 right now. We KNOW he's awesome because ... well, because he was a big star at Notre Dame, right fans? Hey, at least they used to beat Navy when mighty Quinn was there. They never beat a decent team, but hey, Quinn looks good in commercials. He can't get on the field in Cleveland, but he had a great pre-season against fourth stringers!

PLEASE, people, STOP pining for that little nothing QB unless you can offer solid evidence that he can even play in the NFL, which you certainly can not. My God, maybe another decade of 3-9 seasons will shut you honorary ND alumni up. (And maybe 99 years in the slammer will teach The Beav a lesson, for you SCTV fans...)

5:13 PM  
Anonymous ag said...

I think Armando is on the right track with this. Wayne, as the owner of the franchise, is ultimately responsible for everything. In my opinion he needs to be held accountable for the consistent downward cycle and failure of this franchise since he took over. The business may make money but this business is different. Us "fans" should be treated like "shareholders". You don't buy a sports franchise for economic fruit alone. It is because you the love the game, the team and you desire to win. The fans want/need to win and when it doesn't happen that can be determined a failure, which is what we now have. He should either get involved more in the operations or sell the team to someone who will be invovled intimately with these critical decisions, like coach hires, free agency and trades. He has failed on all of these fronts and needs to figure it out ALONG with the experts, consultants, etc. and not depend on them alone. Until that happens, us loyal and dedicated fins-fans can only expect more consistant failure. I'm about you?

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few things that Wayne needs to do next year:

1) Day after the last game of the 2007 season

- Fire the entire coaching staff with the exception of Hudson Houck.
- Fire the entire scouting staff.
- Fire the entire front office.

2) Coaching/Scouting/Management

- Do whatever it takes to get Bill Cowher out of retirement. Otherwise, do whatever it takes to get Jim Tressel away from Ohio State.
- Do whatever it takes to decimate the staff of Scott Pioli. Try to get Pioli to leave New England for Miami. Try to steal as much of his scouting and management staff as possible. Use the warm weather of Florida and its significantly lower taxes as the key selling point. Focus on the scouting and management staffs of other teams that have also been very successful the past seven years (i.e., Colts, Ravens, etc.)

3) Players

- Trade or release every player over the age of 27 with the exception of Jay Feely, Jesse Chatman, John Denney and Ricky Williams. There are also a lot of younger players who also need to be shown the door. We cannot bring back most of the players who have led us to this debacle of a season.
- With the possible exception of a veteran QB, do not spend substantially more than the veteran's minimum on any free agents over the age of 25.
- Land at least one, preferably two, franchise free agents under the age of 26 (DeAngelo Hall, if he becomes available, for example).

4) Draft

- Trade down two or three spots if possible and then draft the best available player. Otherwise, draft the best available player with the first overall pick. Personally, I like the two Longs and believe either one would help us dramatically.
- Draft Colt Brennan (QB - Hawaii) with one of our two second-round picks. Beck may or may not be the future of this franchise. However, adding Brennan will increase our likelihood of filling our hole at QB sooner rather than later.
- Try to trade down as often as possible. We need as many picks as we can get.

5) 2008 Season

- WIN AT LEAST ONE GAME, preferably against the Jets, Bills or Patriots.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous PJK said...

Armando,I wasn't disrespectful to you at all,I'm not sure why you come back with "get your facts straight"

First,you said if he had an office at the facility,he would've caught wind of the problem. How do you know he hasn't caught wind of it? How do you know he didnt sit down with Cam and Taylor and decided 1 is gone at the end of the year?
He saw this team quit on Jimmy in a playoff game,why wouldnt they quit on Cam?
I know you don't want him to be GM,you want him more involved. My point is hands off owners are best.

As to AJ Smith and Marty,Im well aware of them not getting along,and Im well aware that Smith is the GM.
The problems between them started when Smith wanted Rivers,not Brees. Marty wanted Brees. Looking at Rivers play the last 2 years,Marty was right,further proof that the coach should be the final say on players,not an owner or GM.

And since I don't have my facts straight,maybe you can explain something to me: Tomlinson was drafted in 01,Brees in 02. AJ Smith became GM 2 weeks before the 03 draft. Everyone knows Tomlinson,Brees and Gates made that team,so why does AJ get the credit and Marty gets the boot????

Marty benched Flutie to play Brees,so Brees was clearly Martys guy.

I didn't mean any disrespect and I'm amazed that people come on here dropping the f word and you single out a guy who disagrees with you.
I was citing examples off over involved,trigger happy owners and how they dont make their team better. After Spurrier and Gibbs,are the Redskins any better than the day they fired Marty? A little patience goes a long way.
But keep doing your thing.
Thanks for your time.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Randa said...

Can I ask a question? Since when do you think Wayne Huyginza gives a crap about the Dolphins? Never has. Since his takeover from joe robbie, this francise has gone to the trash truck. Wayne did it to the marlins, the panthers, Waste Management and Blockbuster Video. He doesn't care. All he cares is about dollar signs. I don't blame these players one bit for giving up on cameron. I don't. A coach who plays favorites (Trent Green, Ted Ginn) gets rid of Daunte Culpepper, Wes Welker, and the other people since then and on top of calling stupid players, like not having your kicker kick in rough weather(which is why he was picked in the first place).. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole team quits and says screw it. While they're at it, get rid of losers Randy Mueller & dom capers. their records prove they lost more games in the past 7 years than won them. The problem is with the owner. It should be his job to look after his corporation with pride but instead thinks that us fans will pay anything (like watching a winless team in 2008) to sit in dolphins stadium. I don't think so. South florida needs to not buy any season tickets or any tickets for that matter for the miami dolphins. Also, turn in your jerseys and other miami dolphins memorabilia and send it to wayne with a message- GIVE IT UP & GET OUT NOW!

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hire back Shula.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally think (as it is with every person) that owner Wayne H. is to proud to say I goofed in picking Cam as the head coach. He can't swallow his pride and fire him or it will make him look bad, especially the way he went around persuing him. Same thing goes with Cam, if Trent didn't get hurt and was having the same type of turnovers that are happening now do you think Cam would bench him for either Lemon or Beck, no it would make him look foolish after not giving Dante a chance to be a starter. Yes it's true that the injuries have hurt the offense, but there seems so much resentment towards Cam from the players that I don't think it can be turned around any time soon they lost all respect for him. Every assistant coach longs to be a head coach but some asst. coaches aren't good enough to be a head coaches, Cam is not going to swallow his pride and say I'm not good enough to be a head coach and Wayne H. is not going to swallow his pride and fire him. So my guess is were stuck with Cam.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

Why are you jerks jumping on Jason Taylor? He (and Zach) have been merely the heart and soul of this team for the past decade. Are you just Jets/Pats fans trying to start a controversy so that we can lose our best defensive player. There is a reason that these two have survived 3 idiot coaches. The dolphins would have been 0 for the decade if it werent for those two guys. J.T. deserves better fans than you morons.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Brian C. said...

Do you hear Zach flapping his gums?

NOOOO..he puts on the Coaching shorts and proceeds to pull them up to his ears,puts a whistle around his neck and jokes and plays around.

On the other hand,JT acts like an arogant a$$hole,whines and cries because the others around him that made him look good are gone and now hes expected to perform and cant do it so he blames the Coach.

Who do you think Traylor was talking about when he said "I dont know who or what some people are playing for!"?

He was talking about the cancer whos lack of desire was evident as he had to be begged to come back and play better known as JT!!!!!!

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come Cam hasn't been fired yet.

Name one owner that would keep a coach with a 0 - 13 record.

I just don't understand this !

Please do something.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Chunk Diesel said...

We can't keep changing coaches every year, b/c then they are going to clean house again, and then we're stuck with a bunch of guys who know nothing with each other. Look at the Boston Celtics, Doc Rivers is probably one of the worst coaches in the entire NBA, and they win. I heard a comment once, a genetic-freak player is worth more than 100 coaching geniuses. I'm sorry, but until we continue to draft and develop players, it doesn't matter who the coach is, we will continue to see the same result, and pressing the 'reset' button every year just brings us back to square one b/c that coach will clean house again, and we'll be doing this cycle like a revolving door. Draft, develop and grow... that's it, period.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

PJK, how to say this so you are not offended ... please understand that sometimes words can be read a certain way that conveys an impact they were not meant to have.

I was not attacking you. I was not firing a volley at you. You had an incorrect fact in your first post. I said you should get your facts right. By the way, your first post still has more than one incorrect fact.

You stated Jerry Jones got out of Jimmy Johnson's way in dallas. Not true. The two worked sided by side and practically wrestled for credit on the subject of who built the Cowboys dynasty of the 90s. It is what led to their breakup.

As to your questions: Huizenga, I am quite certain, did not know of the internal problems between Cam and some players until he read the stories I wrote about it. No one else has really written anything about this, which seems curious to me. Nonetheless that is the fact.

And no, he has had no meeting with the two men. Trust me, if he did, I'd find out one way or another. That is my job.

Have a merry Christmas.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, dream on Armando. H. Wayne did not step in when Wanny ruined this team slowly, week after week, season after season. He did not step in when Nick Saban lied to his face. H. Wayne is too nice. I'm not saying he needs to be Steinbrenner, but I would love to see him pissed off once. Just once. He should have fired Scam Cameron on draft day.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hire Shula, the son not the dad.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Chunk Diggity Diesel said...

Quite frankly, I would really hate to start over. However I do see a bunch of former offensive coordinator that are making unuccessful Head Coaches. I think Cam Cameron can put together a great offense, I mean earlier in the season we were scoring around 30 points per game with a decent amount of people healthy. However, other decisions that have to deal with football operations like the letting go of McMichael, the signing of Porter to a talent heavy linebacker system, the trading away of Chris Chambers who is now capitalizing at San Diego, and the absence of trying to keep a guy like Wes Welker(an obvious talent) and draft and READY TO GO RIGHT NOW guy like Brady Quinn for a maybe-guy like John Beck and a decent WR like Ted Ginn Jr... I mean it seems as if his offensive play calling mind, should be left at that. As much as I HATE to see the Dolphins keep switching coaches and starting over AGAIN... the sad thing is, we just might have to make that decesion. I'd say, Hire a Head Coach and move Cameron to Offensive Coordinator role, get rid of Mularkey and draft someone for the QB, DL, and CB/FS/SS, and definately WR.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Fan in VA said...

Wayne doesn't need to get involved in the day to day. What he needs to do is stop hiring used car sales (Jimmy, Dave, Nick and Cam) men and hire a real football coach.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

until wayne gets rid of this team we are going nowhere. if he does get rid of cam then he will go on another mickey mouse coaching search. you all remember who was the runner up to this job before cameron got it.... chan gailey!! he is not doing to well at ga tech these days! its like the blind leading the blind around here.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Pretty bad when the headline on the "Dolphins" page is about FAU....

10:32 AM  
Anonymous TRUE DOLPHIN FAN said...

please COPY and PASTE the link below. It is a petition to FIRE this poor excuse for a Coach. PLEASE, I IMPLORE you to sign this PETITION that will be delivered to Owner Wayne Huizenga.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous D-fan in Van said...

Wayne should have stepped in at the last draft and drafted Brady Quinn. No excuse in passing him up. Even if he struggled in his first year, at least Dolphins players and fans would have some hope for the future.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just because the Dolphins offense is on vacation, doesn't mean that you should be as well. Give us some NEWS!!

How's Jesse Chatman? Cleo's starting, but nobody's whining. Ted Ginn has sucked all year except for one kick return. He's dropping passes and punts left and right and has no one to mentor him.

By the way, it looks like the Dolphins use brand new footballs every game. Why don't they beat them up to give them a better grip? Grip has been an issue all year for our QBs...


2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep Cam, fire Mueller.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Ken in TX said...

I think Wayne needs to ask advice from Arthur Blank.....just kidding.

It sounds like a bit of the same problem...Petrino is accused of ignoring input from players. ATL's team was full of dissension also. Surprising that Cam has let it get this way. He has been in the NFL for a while so I am surprised he let this happen.

JT, regardless of his disgust and lack of respectful for Cam, needs to remember all of his teammates, the fans, and exactly what he is getting paid lots of $$$$$'s for. You needs to put is Big Girl Panty's on a find some integrity.

I hate to say this, but maybe a good house cleaning from President down is in order. If the Phins plan on making a change they better start dialing some agents now. I see a chain reaction coming with coaches jumping ship to be first in line at the interview room for some vacancies. Might want to take a look at Singletary if a) SF doesn't fire Mike Nolan and promote him or b) ATL jumps grabs him up or how about Josh McDaniels. That was be awesome steal him from NE. He was been Brady's QB coach for a while, he was in the personnel department so he has scouting experience - no let me rephrase that, he has NE ideology scouting experience and he has/is being groomed by Darth Belichick. Two other options might be Jason Garrett or Urban Meyer.

Dom and Mularky need to exit also.

Armando, keep up the good work.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Fintastic said...

A losing team, loses fans, corporate sponsers and most importantly money.

The team needs a coach and more money to get better players, better management, etc... soo... I say we give reality tv a chance. Get a show going. A coaching contest with the grand prize of a season head or assistant coaching position with the team. ANYONE who can do the job should apply. What do we have to lose? Chances are we might find some average joe who can do a better job then the last 3 "so called professionals". I've seen better volunteer pop warner football coaches then Cam. At least it would give us fans something good to watch during the off season!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...


Our moles who were in the Georgia Dome on Monday night tell us that, at one point during the game between New Orleans and Atlanta, Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall was overheard telling Saints coach Sean Payton, "I'll play for you for the minimum," or words to that effect.

Hall was fined $100,000 for his conduct in a game earlier this year against the Panthers, and the general feeling in the wake of the incident has been that Hall won't be back in 2008.

Prior to that, Hall made clear his desire to test the open market once his rookie contract expires.

It's unlikely that Hall would actually play for the Saints, or anyone, for the minimum player contract with four years of experience. Still, the broader point is that Hall clearly wants out of Atlanta. He'll likely get his wish.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

The Miami Dolphins are hoping another quarterback switch will help spur the team's first victory of 2007.

Cleo Lemon will start Sunday against visiting Baltimore, has learned. Barring a last-minute change of heart, Dolphins coach Cam Cameron is expected to officially announce his decision Wednesday.
Lemon has regained the position from rookie John Beck, who struggled in his first four NFL starts. Beck failed to lead Miami's offense to a touchdown and was replaced by Lemon in the first quarter of last Sunday's 38-17 loss at Buffalo.

The Dolphins (0-13) also didn't win in Lemon's four starts before he was benched in favor of Beck. But Lemon's four years of NFL experience make him better prepared to handle Baltimore's blitz-heavy defensive schemes.

WHY AM I READING THIS ON A NATIONAL SITE POSTED 14 HOURS AGO? EVEN MANDY DIDN'T TELL US THIS! We're seriously gonna start Ray Lucas again? Thank god this isn't televised. I can't watch that crap!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Fan in VA. said...

The house cleaning needs to start with the GM and his scouting staff.

Then Wayne needs to find a head coach who grew up and played in the NFL (i.e. Mike Singletary) not used car sales men from the college ranks.

After the GM staff and coaching staff is taken care of then Wayne needs to sit back and begin rebuilding through the draft with picks and trading for picks. It might take a few years and yes the Dolphins will go through some tough seasons but the pill needs to be swallowed.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

"ayne needs to sit back and begin rebuilding through the draft with picks and trading for picks. "

I believe that has already started.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous JohnDB said...

Fintastic, I actually like your idea. But if they don't do the "reality" thing then I say look at Dick Vermeil as President of the team and let him bring in "football" people.
Even though I beleive the future of this franchise belongs in the hands of Don Shula.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sooo sad how gulible people are. Here you have a team with zero talent and an owner who already dismantled two previous teams even after winning big.

That's the saddest part of all of this is you folks actually have something to compare things to and you still don't see the light. When he won the World Series, he still gutted the team the next year.

So, you folks have the real fortune of actually being able to compare his business dealings with the two other teams that he has owned and you STILL argue his case? You still say he is Mr. Big Spender? Why? Because he told you so? Because a brown nosing media guy won't let you in on the real deal so you assume otherwise?

He doesn't even go to games unless they are cutting the ribbon to a new restaurant. Is it all the talent this team keeps and builds on? Is it Joey Porter and Trent Green? This team cut or let go half the team including the punter and gave you Trent Green and Joey Porter?

How does this ever compare to going to the AFC Championship game and then adding every awesome free agent out there when you already have Tom Brady and a well paid staff packed with talent?

The people that argue Wayne's case are one of three things:

Misinformed and not knowing of all the facts
Friends of the basstard

That's it. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, takes a step back and says: Why are they always letting good players go. Why are they always the pits even with the best coaches in the business. Why are they doing everything the total opposite of how "win" hungry teams do it.

There has to be a point where you just give it the old common sense approach. This team has no talent. This team has no talent because they spend no money. Have you ever seen a business where the owner didn't control the money? Do you think we have as high as payroll as the Patriots, Colts, Cowboys and Steelers? Do you see the same caliber of talent? Start to think and stop being a talking head who knows nothing.

Think of it like this. You own a circus and Jeff Zgonia and David Bowens aren't big names. They might have juggled the shiit out of some balls but no one really knows or cares. Joey Porter on the other hand, people know he can juggle and will bring people to the show. That's what this is all about, bringing people to the show. It's the worst show in the league but they throw you a few big names to get you to the booth. That's all it is folks. Step right up cause you've been suckered.

My heart go's out to all of great coaches that have had to take the fall so the head clown could line his pockets.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how long Coach Cameron will last under the reign of Bill Parcels! And, I wonder how long the reign of Bill Parcels will last under the reign of Wayne Huizenga? Because if either of those two guys messes with the Tuna and doesn't let him have that reign, Bill will be like like a long line of disappointments since Jimmy Johnson started the trend with his early departure. How many coaches have we gone through? It wasn't long ago I remember only 2 coaches in this franchise in Wilson and Shula. Counting Cameron there has been 5 head coaches of the dolphins since.
There is something going on, above those coaches that would make them want to leave so soon. I suspect it has to do with Huizenga, a little more than we all know.

As for the team, Z. Thomas, Taylor, and Porter are the only three play makers left. Wes Welker was probably traded for peanuts, along with Madison, Knight, Gadston, Chambers,
for some of those high class quarterbacks that came through for a short stint and now the team is left with virtually nothing! The linemen of the dolphins are nothing to boast about so there is no protection or hole making ability for any star running backs, or qbs to do anything with. Dare not draft a star linemen as your top pick though! This team is screwed. I think it's best hope is that it can build a veteran team like Oakland with a bunch of famous dinosaurs and slowly get in the young guys to fill in the gaps. Other than that, I hope Bill fires everyone that doesn't have a "pre-payment penalty clause". Send them packing Bill!

6:26 PM  

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