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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Backlash against John Beck is wrong

The instinct among many Dolphins fans is to draw the instant conclusion, and that drive to know a truth before it is truly revealed has been supercharged recently by the current sorry state of the team.

Because things are going so poorly, everyone now instantly assumes the worst. If Jason Allen isn't on the field, he's a bust. If Ted Ginn doesn't catch five passes, he'll never make it as a receiver. If the Dolphins have the first overall pick in the draft, they'll find a way to blow it.

Dolfans are developing a sense of impending epic doom about, well, everything. Such are some of the reactions about John Beck today.

The rookie had a bad game Sunday afternoon. He threw three interceptions. He fumbled three times, losing two. He was generally over his head against an otherwise unspectacular Jets defense. And so I've already heard from Dolfans that think Beck is not the answer.

I'm getting e-mails from folks who claim to know Beck doesn't have it and will never have it. There are people out there calling for the Dolphins to draft another quarterback in the first round next year because they guy they drafted in the second round last year had one bad game.

And to that I say, rubbish.

Sunday proved absolutely nothing about John Beck other than he has a long way to go and a lot of learning to do. That is all. It didn't prove he won't be good next year or in five years. It didn't prove he is too short or his arm isn't strong enough or his vision is poor.

It was just one bad afternoon for the quarterback of a bad team. After throwing three picks Sunday, Beck is just as likely to throw three touchdowns the next time Miami plays the Jets. That is how little Sunday means from a historical perspective in this player's career.

Anyone who was expecting Beck to be a prodigy and look like a young Dan Marino learned Sunday he looks more like a young Drew Brees -- trying to learn what he doesn't know and struggling to have success with what he does know.

And like Brees, who struggled his first three years in San Diego, Beck might struggle for a while in Miami. That doesn't make him a failure. That makes him human.

The point is anyone drawing a conclusion on Beck based on one game is simply guessing. Could be right. But could be wrong, also. I say let the kid go through his growing pains. Days like this are supposed to happen.

Just because they do happen doesn't mean you should be ready to abandon hope. It is way too early to do that. It is way too early to write off John Beck.



Anonymous guitatiff said...

i don't think that beck should be thrown in the fire for this. we have twelve loses this year, and all twelve are the fault of one man...Cam Cameron! his play calling is conservative, his time management stinks, and his offensive genious is nonexsistant. if we should blame anyone it is him! i have to say 11 loses into the season i was still in favor of keeping him around for another year, but this game totally changed my mind about it. i know that we need to find a coach and keep him, but we need the right coach. cam is not that guy. maybe he will stay as the offensive cordinator (even thats a strech right now) but he is not a head coach plain and simple!

12:37 AM  
Anonymous guitariff said...

wow i spelled my own name wrong, that was stellar.

12:39 AM  
Blogger David said...

Lot's of good QBs have struggled in their rookie years.

He looked bad today, but in his first two games I was pleasantly surprised at how few mistakes he made. I'd say he's gotten off to a much better start than many expected.

It's not like his miscues were all his fault today. He didn't exactly get good protection.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous swamprat said...

One win will make a huge difference but 12 loses, wow.
Stick with Beck. He's not the problem. If you saw him play in collage you would know that he's a fighter and a winner. Cam is the problem. He anounced Beck as the starter without one single NFL snap. He played two tough teams on the road. And today, this team was not ready to play. Cam's probably a good man but not a good coach, Head or OC.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bet Brady Quinn would have led a td drive by now. Still can't get over what a catastrophic mistake that was...God I hate Cameron.

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Brandon from Cali said...

I think all of the points brought up in this article are valid, but I think its time that we stop looking at the future and fretting. All things will come to be that are meant to be. so If Beck is the next great thing in south beach then great. I just feel that winners just worry about what next. The whole one game at a time attitude. And that seems to be whats missing from this team and the fan base. Granted times are hard now but we all just need to suck it up and support our team (even if that means blind loyalty) and worry about the draft,Cameron, and Becks skill when the off season comes.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's only one person to blame for the mess the Dolphins are in and that's you, Armando. I'm quite serious.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous AJ said...

Someone is doing something wrong on this Dolphins team.

Correction, a lot of people are doing a lot of things wrong on this Dolphins team.

Cam Cameron has done nothing to prove he is the right fit for the team. But I guess I can thank him for showing Dol-Fans everywhere what not to do in your first year as a head coach, so if and when we start looking again, we'll know what we don't want.

I don't mind that Beck is making rookie mistakes, but he hasn't given us any evidence that he's going to be good. No evidence whatsoever, aside from dump off passes to -INSERT NON-INJURED RUNNING BACK NAME HERE-. I want him to succeed for us in the future, but I also want him to show flashes of ability this season. One touchdown drive is not too much to ask for from a professional athlete, rookie or not.

One victory is not too much to ask for from a professional team either, but I'm begging.

The defense.... umm.... well... the thing is... still love JT, miss Zach, miss Bell, know Crowder can play, happy about Jason Allen (kind of), but collectively all you can ask is "what happened?" And then, when you get that blank stare back from the winless multimillion dollar making players, ask again. And ask again and again until they can explain how they have managed to completely fall apart. If they can adequately place the blame on a coach, fire said coach. If not, cut or trade said players.

I'll do it if necessary, just give me their phone number. I will always love this team, but it's beyond hurting right now, it's infuriating. If there is a front office position available, let me know. I'll work for free, in my spare time, and I promise I can't mess things up anymore than they already are.

In the end, all we can do is hope and pray. A lot.

Still stuck in Boston, and everyone in this city knows I'm a dolphins fan. I hide on Sundays.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you lynch the now 6th coach under the current owners regime, you need to ask yourself some questions with a calm approach. This will help you come to a rational and intelligent conclusion. The questions that need to be asked of yourself are:

Is it Cam's fault they got rid of Madison and Surtain?
Is it Cam's fault the Dolphins never build on what they have going for them and do the exact opposite with money being the only real motivation? While real teams build on what they have and add to the good, we get rid of the good year in and year out. Why? Money!
Is it Cam's fault Madison, Surtain and Frerotte were not re-signed because the Dolphins organization didn't want to match their salaries? For that matter, was it Saban's fault these proven players were not re-signed? Frerotte was let go while we passed on 10 mil Brees for 5 mil Dumbte and traded picks for Lemmons and Harrington. All a winning team had to do is sign Brees and keep Gus as a backup. All the money whore team we are did was make every QB decision based on the cheaper player ONLY! Funny how St Louis can afford Gus and Atlanta can afford Joey as backups, yet, we can't. Especially when you consider the fact that Mike Sick was the highest paid QB in the NFL at the time.
Is it Cam's fault we did not re-sign 5 of the defensive players who helped us achieve a 4th ranked defense last year?
Is it Cam's fault the little talent he did have to work in Trent Green, Ronnie Brown, Yeramiah Bell, Zach Thomas, Ricky Williams and Jesse Chatman on this low budget team got injured?
Is it Cam's fault Booker, Hagan and former receiver Chambers can't hold on to a ball to save their life? Is it Cam's fault these players are with or were with the team, or, is he trying to get rid of these non-producers?

The only rational answer to all but the last question is: no!

Just as the trash man made every decision with his two other Florida teams based on money, he is doing the same EXACT thing here. I know that's too logical of a conclusion for most of you dimwits to come to, but, it's the facts. The same thing he did there, he's doing here.

A small minded media person or fan finds great ease in blaming a coach that has had great success in the past and has also had the greatest draft class since JJ. But, a true intellect can see through the smoke screen and easy answers.

The easy answers are, as usual, blame the coach. My question is why. While I watch the real teams around the league keep their stars and add to them with free agency and the draft, we always let our brute force go in the name of saving money.

Just looking back at the past 2 years, A Jerry Jones owned team would have kept Frerotte, Madison and Surtain, signed the better Drew Brees and continually bulid on what he has, while adding players to compliment the solidified positions.

Everytime we have a position or part of our team solidified, we never re-sign anyone. That's what seperates the contenders from the money whores. Wayne, my friends,is the biggest money whore in the NFL.

The real headline or preface should really read:

Despite working with the lowest salary in the NFL and all of his little talent gone; Cam Cameron has actually been close in 6 of 12 games. In fact, within 3 points in those games. Amazing! That's saying something! Imagine if this poor guy would have gotten the Pittsburg job... He'd be focusing on home field playoff games right now.

If you love knowledge, visit the link below and explore.

2:09 AM  
Anonymous AJ said...

I respect some of the comments you made in defense of Cam, and understand your argument against Wayne.

However, these decisions are owned by Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller:

1)Working the entire offseason under the assumption that we were a "playoff team" and telling the fanbase that this was the case.
2)Trading a 4th round pick for Trent Green.
2) Drafting Ted Ginn at number 9
3) Conservative Play Calling
4) Not resigning the defensive players is partially Cam's fault
5) Allowing Wes Welker to go to the Patriots
6) Either not doing the proper scouting on Lorenzo Booker (drafting too high) or, if he is a third round talent at RB, deciding against playing him in any capacity
7)In game play calls (excellent post Mando): The no field goal Steelers play, the Philly pitch, etc.
8) Signing a 30 year old linebacker to a five year deal at a substantially higher rate than any other team was willing to offer.
9) Not knowing what a timeout is, how it works, or when it use one.

That is not a good start for a rookie coach.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Simon Clancy said...

Anyone who feels that after 3 games, John Beck isn't the answer is deluded beyond repair.

Miami fans generally are the most fickle in the sporting world and clearly so arrogant to believe that Beck will come in and play like Otto Graham.

As for AJ's assumptions, may I respond?

1. I don't think a coach has much option than to do anything else. Cameron would have been derided if he'd come in and said 'you know what, we're going to be rubbish this season. Rubbish'. We came into the season with a 5th ranked defense that would keep us in games whilst an improved talent base on offense should have helped us make a wildcard push. Clearly not even Dom Capers foresaw the complete collapse of the defense.

2. It was actually a 5th round pick for Green. You know what, whilst that may seem harsh, over time, with the work that Green will do with Beck, I have no issue with giving up that pick. I expect Trent will become tightly incorporated into the coaching staff, perhaps to the extent of calling the plays under the guide of Cameron.

3. I don't see the problem with getting Ginn at 9. Gary Kubiak admitted that Houston would have taken him at 10 and he was a top 15 pick. Miami made the decision that they would go Ginn and Beck rather than Quinn and say Steve Smith or Dwayne Jarrett. It's pretty obvious to me that they worked them out intensively, watched them on tape numerous times and felt better with Fast Teddy and Beck than with Brady and another WR. Ginn has 75 catch, 5/6 TD's in the return game per season ability and once he gets some quality compliments, specifically getting Ronnie back and a quality tight end, we'll see that.

4. Not re-signing the defensive players? I agree that letting David Bowens go was a mistake because of his ST ability, but it was at the point where you pick one between Carter and Holliday. As for Fred evans, Cameron set out his stall over player conduct. At 0-12 and struggling against the run, I doubt he would have cut him, but you make rules for a reason. Dom Capers is one of the pre-emminent defensive coaches in football and a former HC. If he says he's happy, that makes you feel better.

5. The Welker thing is hilarious. Welker is a #3 WR. No better than Kevin Curtis or Brandon Stokely, etc. He is benefitting from playing inside of Randy Moss and Donte Stallwoth and Ben Watson and catching passes from Tom Brady. Was Welker better than Chris Chambers in Miami? No. Of course not. He's better because of the tools that Josh McDaniel has to work with. He's better because he's matched up against safeties and linebackers. Lets see him week in and week out against Nnamdi Asomugha and Leigh Bodden and Al Harris and Rashean Mathis and Champ Bailey and then we'll talk. Indy put Marlin Jackson on him for 2 and 3/4 quarters and Welker did nothing. Jackson got hurt and they put an injured Bob Sanders on him and then he catches a TD.

Ask a Jets fan who was more important; Wayne Chrebet or Kevin Mawae. Their hearts might say Mawae, but 100% their heads will say Mawae. We have what looks like a multiple Pro Bowl OC in Samson Satele for a #3 WR. That's a deal you make every time. And anyone who says you don't, is delusional.

6. The reason Lorenzo Booker hasn't played is because he doesn't know all the protections and isn't a strong pass blocker. As evidenced by not touching David Harris on the blitz yesterday when he sacked Beck. The last thing you want is an inexperienced QB, be it Cleo or John, covered by a kid who can't block. Booker will in time become a very useful weapon out of the backfield. But at the expense of getting your QB killed?

Not likely.

7. I agree some of the play calling has been questionable at times. But you don't just throw a rookie the whole playbook and expect him to execute it all straight off the bat. As for the two you mention, the FG; Jeff Read, the home kicker, used to kicking in that stadium, with the wind, to the open end of the field had just missed a shorter kick. Why would you assume Feeley would make that kick? The Philly pitch? Good call, it was just a bad sell by Beck on the inside handoff.

8. Actually re: Porter, the Bengals offered a very similar deal. He's clearly playing better the 2nd half of the season because he's doing things he was signed to do, rather than having to play end with his hand on the ground.

There is exactly zero point in canning Cameron. What on earth makes people think that Cowher or Parcells will be better? Mueller and Cameron deserve at least 2 more seasons. I think with a solid free agency - and the players are out there to help - another good draft and more time for Beck in the system, as well as getting Ronnie back, we'll be on the up pretty soon.


3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care what the Cam defenders say. The bottom line is that he has not inspired these players. They have privately questioned Cameron's decisions since the draft. I can't find any quotes, but I distinctly remember JT publicly criticizing the draft moves (of course he later backpedaled in the interest of being a team player as he should have). Other players privately questioned Cam's handling of Culpepper. If you can't inspire and motivate your players, and more importantly, your team leaders like JT, they're not going to be able to lead either. That translates to lacadaisacal efforts on game days. Lacadaisacal efforts, in turn, translate to increased likelihood of injuries. All these things lead to losses. In other words, don't try to defend this guy b/c the majority of the blame for being winless starts with him. Cameron simply doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL. I'll be thrilled when he's gone after this season...

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Xeticus said...

You say that Beck isn't the 2nd coming of Dan Marino and like Drew Brees it might take him 3 seasons to get his footing. If that's the case he's not the guy for us.
We need someone gifted enough, smart enough, blessed enough even that he can hit the field as a QB and make an immediate impact. If Beck's not the guy then I say we draft the best QB for the 2008 draft and have ourselves a little Qb competition.
Miami has had sub par QB'ing for way too long. We don't even need a competent QB. We need an elite one.
Champions find ways to win even when the odds are against them. And we need a champion now.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Simon Clancy said...

Quite apart from the fact that these players have rallied round the coach week in and week out giving good effort and playing hard. Sunday was the exception to that rule, but it's rare an 0-11 team continues to fight the way we've done, which sort of nullifies your point.

And last time I looked, Jason Taylor was a defensive end and not a general manager.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Simon Clancy said...

Xeticius, do you think that drafting a QB is going to see said QB coming in and playing like Peyton Manning from the get go? Or do you think in reality, it's going to take 2/3 seasons for him to really start to flourish?

I think we both know the answer to that.

3:50 AM  
Blogger DocMac said...

Everyone needs to recall that Peyton Manning threw alot NO! a ton of int's his rookie year, when the Colts went what 1-15 or something in that realm. Fact is this team is so bad that there is no one individual any of these losses can be pinned on, this team is bad from top to bottom talent wise.
As fans we can only be as patient as possible, because Miami has hired the hottest coach on the market 2 out of the last 3 coaching changes, and none really stayed all that long. So all we can do now is let Cam & Randy give it a full shot.
It will all start with '08 #1 draft pick & what Miami does with the pick. Right now we need Offensive fire power very bad & Mcfadden is the best option.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm...forgive me if i'm wrong, but didn't THE Peyton Manning throw 6 INTs like 2 or 3 weeks ago? Proof that the talent around the QB helps. Manning was without Harrison and Harrison's replacement got injured during that game as well as one of their key O-Lineman causing Manning to have a horrendous game. His receivers playing couldn't catch or would run wrong routes at the same time he was hurried everytime from the side where his veteran guard was...

So far, that game Manning had no receivers, was constantly hurried, sacks, forced throws to make big plays because he was playing from behind, which lead to his 6 much can you expect out of a rookie from some of the crap we had surrounding him on the field today?

4:07 AM  
Blogger DocMac said...

Hey Armando;
To many times Cordinators are hired due to their genius at their respective job, but more times than not these guys have seemed to fail & big.
I give you Norv Turner is their anyone more brilliant than he's been as an Offensive Cord., NO!. The guy has taken ordinary or subpar offenses the year before & turned them around in a years time all with the same talent.
But something happens when he gets the title of Head Coach, his team seems to bottom out & even though he's still calling the plays the offense is sporadic & each time the team has missed the playoffs, as it appears the Chargers may do this year.
I'm not suggesting that Cam Cameron is that type of coach cause it way to early, plus everyone needs to get off this guy. This Dolphins team has probably got the least talent on the field as any NFL team in history not to mention all the players getting put on IR, boy the flood gates really opened up.
Lets get off Cam & give he and Mueller a shot to get football players on this roster, then and only then can we judge his performance, we all call the Pats Head Coach a Genius & future Hall of Famer, but lets not forget just how bad he was when he Coached the Browns in the early 90's, so bad it kept him from getting another shot until the Jets/Pats moved on him.
So give it some time, I know it's painful.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous AJ said...

1) The coaching staff and the front office should have realized we were not a "few key pieces" from making a deep playoff run and reacted accordingly. And sadly, I think they did realize this, because they drafted Ginn and Beck, who are obviously both a bit on the developmental side.

And here is the problem, they did nothing for the defense. Yes, you have to blame the coaches for not seeing that the unit was getting old. Yes, there is some fault on the part of the coaches for the collapse, no way around it.

Also, Dom Capers was a failed head coach.

2)I tried to like the Green trade, I really did. But at the end of the day, he was a 37 year old coming off a season ending concussion, and contrary to what CC said, he did not know the offense that well (Redskins 6 years prior, and it had changed significantly).

As for your other point with Green, how many teams in the NFL give up draft picks for potential assistant coaches? The beauty of hiring coaches is... they don't hurt your salary cap and they don't cost you draft picks...

3) Ginn was still injured and did not work out intensely for the Dolphins. It was also noted that he needed some serious work on his route running. He is also small. He is a prototypical slot reciever, except for the speed. As for the return game, you do not draft in the first round for those 5/6 tds. No no no!

4) I personally didn't feel like the players we lost really hurt our team defensively, but I could've been wrong. So again, back to coaching: either the people we let go were integral to the team and that's why we're playing so poorly now (which is the staff's fault for allowing it to happen), or they weren't and the team is being coached so badly that they can't produce (which is the coaches fault as well). Granted, injuries have not been kind to the Dolphins this year, but to go from 5th to bottom of the barrel?

5) Welker had 68 receptions for the Dolphins last year (without the help of Moss, Stalworth, et al). We did get great value for him, but it's never a good idea to let that kind of productivity walk to your division rivals doorstep. And the problem is... we replaced him with Ginn (originally, until the team tanked and we traded Chambers and gave Ginn a starting role he doesn't deserve and can't play well yet), who was a top ten pick. So you're saying a slot reciever is worth a second round pick, then we should have never spent a top ten drafting a slot reciever.

I hate the Jets, but you're right. Mawae is a hall of fame center. Will Satele be? I hope so, but who knows.

6) Back to the conservative play calling. An explosive third down back that we cannot use because we have to play max protect all the time to protect our quarterbacks. The o-line is blocking well (sometimes) for the run game, but ask Green and Beck how much time they have in the pocket.

Another responsibility of a coach: put your players in a position to exceed. Get Booker on the field in some capacity, he might help the offense produce. I would put him in a 2 back set, or on plays designed for him to be a straight reciever out of the backfield. We know he can't block that well, but we need a spark... Or... keep him inactive, where he collects his check and nothing else.

7) No, the pitch was not a good call. Ever. We're done with that. The kick, I understand why he did it, but you talk about not throwing a rookie QB the whole playbook because he can't handle it, yet you're comfortable having him throw on 4th and 11 on that ridiculous field in the 4th quarter against the best defense in the NFL? If we're going to put pressure on somewhere there, I'll take the kicker over the QB that the coach said wasn't ready to lead the offense 3 weeks ago.

8) I think Porter will play well next year, but the little debate over whether or not he has lost a step. The $20 mil guarantee over 5 years is a bit silly. He won't be around that long, and he was not worth the price tag.

I'm frustrated. I love the Dolphins, and I actually like every player I just railed in the above post. I was at training camp, at preseason games, flying back to Florida to see the Dolphins beat the Bengals on Dec 30. But when i reread my comments, it saddens me to know I'm right. I do hope Beck develops into an above average starter, Ginn develops into an explosive number one, the team rebounds from injuries next year, we have a great draft, build a little more through free agency, and are competitive again. But change the names, and isn't that what every bad team hopes for?

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Scalzo said...

I beat Brady Quinn would lead a touchdown drive by now SHUT THE HELL UP! BRADY DUMBASS QUINN CAN'T EVEN GET OFF THE DAMN BENCH MORON! You all wanted Beck to start even though he is a rookie now you all live with it and let him grow. Miami has some of the most ignorant fans in the world. Most of you flip flop worse than Hilary Clinton. Now that's amazing. Get you heads out your asses we suck period. Quit crying about this and that. It is going to take time and more drafts sorry to tell you this. This is not John Madden morons this is real life deal with it.

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Simon Clancy said...

AJ, I take your point mate, I'm frustrated to. But the reason we're 0-12 is down to a lot more than Cam Cameron.

But to take your points;

1. I don't think anyone could have foreseen the total capitualtion of the defense from the #5 unit overall to where it is today. And to say they did nothing for the defense is skewed; they signed Joey Porter, they drafted Paul Soliai - a tremendous value pick in the 4th round - etc. As I said previously, you don't expect that unit to fall apart as spectacularly as it did. And as for Capers being a failed head coach; last time I looked, he took an expansion team to the NFC Title game in 3 seasons and as a co-ordinator, was responsible for one of the finest units of the past 2 decades.

2. So you know better than Cam Cameron at what level Trent Green's understanding with the offense was/is? Wow. Which position coach are you? Or am I conversing with Don Coryell? As for giving up a 5th rounder for a guy who knows the system like the back of his hand and can and will act like a mentor to John Beck and turn him into the sort of QB that a lot of people think he'll be......we'll have to agree to disagree on that.

3. Ginn may still have been injured, but one workout - where he ran a 4.37 forty on a gimpy foot negates a 3 year career at one of the premier schools? Not buying that in any way, shape or form. People questioned his hands and his route running; his routes have been clean in the pros, just as they were a lot cleaner in college. His hands? He's dropped 1 ball, against Pitt, that was high and inside, but catchable. As for the 5/6 return scores that I mentioned, I note that you threw that back at me without mentioning the 75 catches.

And Ginn is actually a prototype flanker. He's a Steve Smith, a Joey Galloway. Drafting Ted Ginn at 9 isn't the problem with this team.

4. You have the same defensive coaches save for Diron Reynolds in place of Dan Quinn. As good as Quinn was, he's hardly set the Jets on fire. Is Jason Taylor's decline down to bad coaching? Are Zach's concussions? Is Will Allen's Pro Bowl calibre season down to bad coaching? Or starting a career special teamer at FS, your #4 guy because of injuries, including one to arguably the best playmaker on the team in Yeremiah Bell, down to bad coaching? Is the work done on and off the field with Jason Allen that is beginning to turn him into a pretty good SS down to bad coaching? Is Matt Roth's inability to train on due to bad coaching or just because he's not a good player? I'm not in any way trying to be an apologist, just to say that there are two sides to every story. Young players like Rodrique Wright and Quentin Moses and Paul Soliai are going to be much better in a years time. That will be down to good coaching as much as anything else.

5. Your point on Ginn is skewed. First off, he's not a slot WR anyway, as aforementioned. The plan was that Chris Chambers would revert to the slot where he had much of his success the year he went to the Pro Bowl. It was clear Chambers was going to continue being one of the most overrated players in football and to deal him for a 2 was another good trade. In terms of the return game, Ginn has more TD returns in half a season than Welker had in all his years here and if you add on the 2 called back scores - both for very questionable calls - and the 52 yarder called back in Houston, then he's 4th in the league in returns.

The trade off is Satele or Welker. I know who I'm taking and it isn't Welker.

6. The problem with Booker, as I said is that he:

a) Hasn't got all the protections down. Jesse Chatman didn't have all the protections down by the time the Fins came to London, so.....

b) If he can't pass protect as well as you'd like, then when he comes in the game, you know why he's in there. Any defensive coach knows that he's either running or catching a pass and you act accordingly. Mangini did so to perfect effect yesterday. He moved his MLB to the strong side on Booker, Lo Bo ran straight past him and Harris ran untouched to Beck, sacked him and recovered the subsequent fumble.

It isn't just as simple as throwing a guy in there and expecting him to play. And Cameron's right in terms of ST play. If the kid can't contribute on ST then you can't play him. Look at the succesful 3rd down backs; Kevin Faulk is a brilliant blocker and a valuable ST player. Leon Washington similarly.

7. Not sure how you can say the pitch was a great call. Philly made a great play. Listen to their defenders in the locker room; almsot to a man they said it was a great call. Almost to a man they bit inside on an average fake. Sometimes you have to take your hat off and say, you know what, Thomas made a heck of a read and a heck of a play.

As for Beck throwing on 4th and 11 and eschewing the FG, personally I would have punted, but that drive had proved that he was loose, in rhythm, he was getting time and completing passes. He had single coverage outside and Ginn had gotten inside positioning on Ike Taylor. The Steelers were panicking and sending Harrison and/or Foote and Farrior on almost every play and unfortunately, Harrison beat Justin Peelle and we turned it over. You know what, I still would have punted, but I'm not going to be too down on that call.

8. I think Porter took a while to get over that knee injury and playing so out of position to what he was used to. Will he get all that $20 million? Doubtful. But I think he'll be a force next year if we stay a 3-4 team. Remember, for much of the season, we've been reduced to a 4-3.

9. Keep the faith my friend.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, one bad game you say? Let me try this from another angle. What is the one good play that you have seen from Beck? The current regime has shown that they know little about talent and Beck is more of the same. Sorry everyone, but if this guy was even a glimmer of hope you would have thought he would have found a way to lead this team to one TD. Keep drinking that BYU QB Kool Aid, but remember, this guy is already 26 and closer to the slide in his career age wise than the start.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Brian C. said...

Cut David Martin...NOW and I mean right FN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the game again and Martin was "supposed" to be blocking the guy that hit Beck and caused the fumbles they lost BOTH TIMES.

He cant catch and he sure as hell cant block so cut him and charge his sorry a$$ for perpetrating a fraud because he's a lot of things but acting as if he's a TE is criminal!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Brady? Anyone who even mentions this demonstrates a total lack of understanding the NFL and QB rookies. Would anyone here like to have Tom Brady on your roster. Of course. Did you also know that in his rookie year he was the 4'th QB on the roster. Yes, thats right, the 4'th. Once they drafted Brady they realized he had potential so they kept him on the roster. But he certainly was good enough to hold the clipboard or be the 3'rd QB in his rookie year. Do you understand what I am saying? You have a lousy team and a lousy OL. Not even Brady can throw when there are DL-men holding onto him.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The problem is everything else has failed. Beck has not shown anything promising in 3 games now. So we, the fans, just see him has another thing sham has screwed up on.

Can you understand that?

7:57 AM  
Anonymous AJ said...

I'll try to be more succinct
in my answers only because I havn't slept and still have a 20 page paper looming:

1) Noone could have foreseen the injuries or the subpar play, you are absolutely right. Fans pay money to be delusional, coaches get paid to evaluate and motivate talent. They seem to be failing on the defensive side of the ball.

As for Dom: The Panthers fell apart when he took control of the personnel in 1997, was fired, had a second try with the Texans, and we all know how that story goes. But you are right, he did have one "great season as a coach. His career record: 48-80. 'Nuff Said.

2. So you know better than Cam Cameron at what level Trent Green's understanding with the offense was/is? Wow. Which position coach are you? Or am I conversing with Don Coryell? As for giving up a 5th rounder for a guy who knows the system like the back of his hand and can and will act like a mentor to John Beck and turn him into the sort of QB that a lot of people think he'll be......we'll have to agree to disagree on that.

2) I am basing my opinion on Trent Green's play, which was subpar, and the fact that he was last a starter for the redskins in 1998. If you think after 9 years, innumerable hits, and a nasty concussion that he would remember the offense like the back of his hand, I'll gladly agree to disagree. I might even buy you a coffee because imagination land sounds magnificant.

3) Ginn is too short to be a "prototype" flanker. You said he was evaluated intensely, I pointed out that he wasn't. Joey Galloway proved has proven his worth consistently, despite erratic quarterback play for much of his career. Steve Smith, forever inconsistent, is an engima, not the norm. And Ted Ginn isn't Steve Smith or Joey Galloway, but we all hope that is the way the cookie crumbles eventually. I will give Ted Ginn his 75 catches when he catches 75 footballs in a season. Until then, I'm not sold.

4) If you ask Jason Taylor, he will say yes, my decline is due to coaching. For some reason (the coaches will blame injuries, acceptable) JT is not being used in the same fashion he was last year. Will Allen is not having a pro bowl season, and if I remember correctly he has never been to a pro bowl.

5) Unfortunately, the returns called back on penalty don't count. If they had, perhaps we would've won a game and these conversations wouldn't be happening, at least not as fervently. But, they were called back. Welker always left us with good field position, although he did not have the final gear to get us in the end zone. And the fact remains, that for at least this year, the plan was the replace welker with ginn. He would've played the slot. There was never a flanker discussion. Actually, CC talked at length about not playing ginn at reciever, but instead having him focus only on returns. I don't know where you got that information.

6) Patrick Cobbs is a running back with no NFL carries before his Dolphins career. He was an undrafted free agent from North Texas. Whatever the case may be, he does not strike fear into opposing defenders or coaches. Booker has softer hands and (presumably, based on draft position by the team) is a better running back. He is not a complete back yet by any means, but he is a better option that Cobbs. There are plenty of plays that do not require your undersized rookie running back to pass protect for your QB, I know because I ran them for 8 years from both positions.

7) Chatman was averaging 4.1 yards per carry, and noone is going to mistake him for a trackstar. We run well between the tackles. You have one yard, you do not pitch the ball backwards, forcing your (not so very) fast running back to make up ground against a good tackling team like Philly. You don't pitch like that in high school, in college (unless your Boise State, in which case you not only pitch it, but then run back into your own endzone to set up a 100 yard trick play to be determined), or in the NFL. It was a gamble, but so is playing russian roullete with 5 rounds in the chamber. Not a very good bet.

Beck: 4th and 11, 2nd game starting, limited playbook, sets NFL records for longest game without points, facing the #1 defense in the NFL, field is a complete mess... I'll give you the punt. I still would've tried for the field goal. Anything else, bad bet.

8) The 20 mil is the guaranteed part of Joey's contract. He will get all of it. His whole contract is 32 I believe. I think he will play on the team for 3 years. Average annual salary: 6.34 million. That makes him the 10th highest paid linebacker in the league. Zach is the 2nd.

I am moving back to Florida, and already contacted the organization about season tickets. I will always be a Dolphins fan, but I'm also not afraid to place blame where it belongs. And you have to admit, part of it belongs in Cam Cameron's lap.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did a terrible job of "being succinct"

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Ramsterone said...

Rookie QB on a very, very, very BAD ! team. No RB , one rookie receiver,no TE, patch work O- line, And a rookie coach.Thank you Wanny and Saban.

7:59 AM  
Blogger DolfanTom said...

Anyone who is blaming this all on Beck right now is clearly ignorant of the history of the NFL. This is a textbook game for a rookie QB. It happens to almost all of them - especially ones on putrid teams like this! Give the kid a break already!!

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Dolfan Ray said...

AJ from Boston- Nice posts. You are not alone, pal. I, too, live in the Boston area. I'm afraid our biggest problem stands not in Miami, but in Foxboro. When/If the Pats go undefeated, how often do you think we will hear how much more meaningful their unblemished record is over the 17-0 Dolphins? How much more ball washing will Ordway and Co. do on WEEI for years to come? I would rather Miami go 0-16 two seasons in a row than to see the Pats go undefeated. Miami is rebuilding. Let's not forget how awful Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman were in their first season before we condemn Beck. Cam's been questionable, but we need stability in the coaching ranks before we can expect any type of success. Patience to all dolfans. Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither will the next Dolphis Dynasty.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Rio said...

armando get another job& take cam, capers, randy & beck with you, none of youshould have anything to do with the NFL

8:32 AM  
Anonymous tom@jax said...

Let's face it. The whole damn team sucks.

8:41 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

Geezus folks...its wayyyyy to early to condemn Beck. He had a horrid game, no doubt, but lets face the facts here:

1) He's a rookie.
2) I counted at least 4 dropped catchable passes in situations where the drops caused drives to stall.
3) We're down to an RB (GADO), that wasn't even on our opening day roster.
4) The pass protection was not up to par against the Jets.
5) Lorenzo Booker finally makes the field, but can't make blocks to protect his QB.

Unfortunately, we as fans have been spoiled with having a Dan Marino play for us for 17+ years. He was so good right out of the gate. It is extremely difficult to find a QB like that in the draft. Nobody knew that Marino would play like that in the NFL, or he wouldn't have been drafted behind Ken O'Brien, Tony Eason, Jim Kelly, or Todd Blackledge.

You guys who keep calling for Brennan or Ryan are delusional. The next best QB in the NFL is probably someone we haven't even heard of yet or is the last person you expect.

In Peyton Manning's first season, he had more INTs than TDs, and that was with Marvin Harrison on the roster. Troy Aikman was WINLESS as a starting QB for Dallas in 1989. If you recall, Steve Walsh was the starter for their lone win against Washington.

Point is, we're rebuilding. We're losing, its sucks. Worse thing we could possibly do right now is switch coaches and waste draft picks on over-rated QBs.

I'll admit I was disappointed in Beck's outing yesterday, but he's a rookie, surrounded by fellow rookies on a very bad team. He's not Dan Marino and he never will be, but I think he IS the answer for the future.

Where's my kool-aid?

8:50 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

does anyone realize that John Beck is already 26 years old??? He's older than Big Ben and Big Ben has already won a Super Bowl. When Brees struggled he was probably only about 23. This guy can't get the team in the endzone ONCE in 3 games? After watching this jokester for 12 quarters I have not seen a bright spot.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous NCFINFAN said...

Mando: Beck has started 3 games now, How many TD drives has he orchestrated? And to play this poorly against the JETS, of all teams, a 2-9 team coming into this game, what does that really tell you!?

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Simon Clancy said...

AJ, it's not about being succint, it's about being factually correct and you're not.

Steve Smith inconsistent?
Ginn is a flanker not a slot man. To get the best from him, you move him around, but he's a flanker and certainly not a career slot guy.

You make points about Cobbs, but you ignore the fact that Booker's issues are pass protection related. Why do you keep ignoring the facts?

Why do you ignore what Capers did as a defensive co-ordinator?

You make the rather hilarious claim that Ginn wasn't evaluated intensely. I'm sorry mate, but that's just hilarious. Because he wasn't 100% at a special workout, you take that to mean that Ginn wasn't properly researched?


You claim that Trent Green will have forgotten the Cameron offense because of hits to the head. FLMAO. Have a look at the Al Saunders offense and see how minimally it differs from the Cam Cameron attack.

I'll take a Mocha.

Will Allen not having a Pro Bowl year? You'd be in a minority on that. SI had him as a mid season All Pro. He's been lauded, rightfully so, for his excellent season. Perhaps you should watch more carefully.

Your point about the Philly pitch is nonsensical. Manning outrunning Jason Taylor to the corner on a 10 yard keeper says you're wrong. I'll go with what Cameron and the Philly defense thought, rather than you.

9:23 AM  
Blogger H said...

About Beck not orchestrating a TD drive in 3 games....

Remember the year the Raven's won the Superbowl?? There were SIX GAMES were the offense did not generate a TD drive, yet Trent Dilfer possesses a Superbowl ring.

You're crying about Beck, a rookie, on a crappy team, not generating a TD in three games? Two of which had horrible weather conditions? I don't recall Big Ben marching down the field in Heinz field last Monday night either.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Zod said...

NCFINFAN this point I make for you. I hope Armando can use it for some context too.

QB - John Beck = rookie
RB - Samkon Gado = 3
RB - Lorenzo Booker = rookie
FB - Reagan Maui = rookie
C - Samson Satele = rookie
G - Rex Hadnot = 4
G - Lekkerkker = 3
T - Vernon Carey = 4
WR - Ted Ginn - rookie
WR - Derek Hagan - 2
WR - Greg Camarillo - 2

Is it any wonder why this team can't get it in the endzone?

Stop, think, and get the emotion out of your "fanatic" perspective.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous DaveinOhio said...

One of the plays that made me just shack my head yesterday was Becks first interception. The ball was being thrown to the reciever doing a crossing pattern. The ball was tipped at the line of scrimage. The recieve sees the ball tipped and KEEPS running his pattern. The defender that was trailing him stops and catches the ball. It would of been nice if the reciever stopped like the defender and went for the ball. But to him it seem like the play was over. You can't place this lost on Beck. I sall the WHOLE team ( except Booker who just seemed thrilled to be playing ) give up on this game.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hpoing when I read herald this morning the headline would say

The guy is clueless and will never be a winner as HC in NFL.Period.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Langman said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Armando in my opinion your right about what you wrote on this article, I do feel though that this time the team was not well prepared for this game, they had a terrible game plan and none of the plays seem to work, all out it was a terrible game everywhere, I truly feel that we have to start questioning the HC.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you really judge Beck with the tools he has around him right now? His best receiver was drafted ahead of him, Marty Booker is at best a number 3 receiver (he would be on the practice squad in NE). Gado couldn't cut it on his former team (also RB challenged). The last 4 games really underscore how much they miss Ronnie Brown. Let Beck play, make and learn from the mistakes, keep in mind the Fins are playing in an extended 2008 preseason right now.

10:29 AM  
Blogger anonymous said...


At the presser can you ask Cam something that I havent seen mentioned.... At the gm yesterday, it was apparent that to me that Trent Green was either a) calling the plays or b) was the person with direct helmet-headset comm with J. Beck or c)both.

If he confirms this, can you ask him for his resignation as a follow-up.

First, there is no need for an OC... Then, when Cam constantly burns To's and is slow getting the plays in he turns the keys over to... the QB coach with OC experience? NO... the WR coach with OC experience and HC experience?NO.. the TE coach with OC and HC experience?NO...

He turns it over to an active player who is injured. A head injury.

Please Armando ask Cam to make sure I wasnt seeing things on Sunday.


10:37 AM  
Anonymous jed said...

Fire Cam, already.

And Beck is hardly the answer. Draft another QB high up next year. Did not think he has "it," and after yesterday, am more sure he does not have "it."

Definition of "It" : winning capabilities, greatness.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, I have been one of your detractors early on this season, but brother, you got this team nailed.

I have come to understand that you know what the heck is going on with my Dolphins better than just about anyone. That is why you can be so negative sometimes. Yesterday was the low point. I have supported and cheered and hoped and prayed. No more.

Beck is a boy despite being 26 years old. Ginn is a ghost half the time. Cam is a rookie coach who has never won anything anywhere. I tried to believe in all of them. But right now, none inspire any confidence whatever.

P.S. I love this blog.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I did not see even a glimmer of hope in Beck. He should have, in some way, showed some potential, but he didn't. Granted he is not the main problem, but I do not think we can count on him being the Quarterback of the future. The team better plan accordingly.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Go Dolphins said...

Beck is a really good quarterback, you can't do what he did in college and not be. This is a team issue not a one man issue. The Dolphins lost 9 straight games before throwing beck into the fire. And now it's all his fault, how wrong can we be. The team is failing everywhere, defense, offense, receivers, running backs, defense and offensive lines, nothing is really going good. I say lets keep playing Beck and let him get the experience he needs now since we aren't going to make the playoffs anyway and we will have a lot better quarterback next year. This is a team show not a one man show. The best we can do is give Beck and the rest of the team encouragement and let them solve their issues as a team during the off season.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrads Armando, youfinnally told it like it is, not just a puppet of the Fins Management. I said it fro the time, they announced Beck wouldstart, it was a mistake. With a record of 0-10 you don't start a rookie Q.B. PERIOD.....I think Beck should ot be judged for his proformance against the Jets. He was over his head as a starter in the NFL..Blame Wayne...that where the buck stops. I will not buy another ticket, i swear, until the Fins put in a winning season. it is the only thing Wayne understands.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Rooster said...

Beck is not the problem. I like Cameron but believe he is the problem here. I look at it that wouldn't a good coach have at least won one game by now? It is settled on the field I know but a good coach is at least worth an extra win or two a year

12:30 PM  
Anonymous MT Rick said...

wow. what a season.

yesterday was the first time I ever remember shutting off a dolphins game before the game was over.

Its the perfect storm. a rash of injuries to key guys, a lack of talent, questionable coaching moves/decisions, and plain old bad luck (eg, kris brown hitting 3/3 FGs beyond 54 yards in the houston game).
I dont know what the answer is, but I know this: I'm embarrassed to be a dolphins fan.
If we go 0-16, I am gonna burn all my dolphins clothes in a ceremonial bonfire.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Armando, unfortunately it is very hard to be patient in a situation where the fans are desperate not to be associated with a team that goes 0-16.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando - your are spot on. Way too early to tell re Beck. I recall something Jaworski said, that no matter how good you are in college, going from QB there to the NFL is a "quantam leap" in terms of difficulty. Vince Young is still strugling and he started playing last year. Anyone think that Cam does not know this? That's why he took a chance on an EXPERIENCED NFL QB - Green. That didn't work out, but he knew Beck would not be ready this year and he had to take the chance. Now it is trial by fire for the young man.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris said...
Armando, unfortunately it is very hard to be patient in a situation where the fans are desperate not to be associated with a team that goes 0-16.

I am a Fins fan and enjoy watching and rooting for them. But my self-esteem is not affected by the fact that I am "associated" with a potential 0-16 team. Get a life. And root for the Fins win or lose.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While it itrue that Beck is learning and joins a long line of rookie quarterbacks learning the only way they can, which is making mistakes in a real game. The one factor that camueller did not put enough wieght into when drafting is that Beck is 4-5 years older than 99% of the rookie quarterbacks we are speaking of. As far as beck vs. quinn it's probably a push, except that quinn is more gifted physically and much younger. and the fans wanted quinn. Gee, I guess thats not really a push. I cannot believe we let J Garrett go. Also, it is not Camerons fault that The dolphins ownership put him into a position where he is in over his head. I feel sorry for him. I almost forgot an innappropriate personal shot a player, from some angles Beck looks inbred.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Loose Cannon said...

Please can someone tell Wayne H to Can Cam...he's had inept play calling since San Diego went conservative and stopped running LT against NE last year...questionable calls weekly, like oh I don't know: calling a time out when the officials are going to stop the clock for a measurement with 1:30 left in the half??? 3 straight runs for 7 yrds after a big int. Take the kiddie gloves off Beck. It's not as though he's surrounded by all-pros so what have you got to lose. If you want a "game manager" go sign the Trent Dilfer's of the world. Peyton had 28 INT's his first season. Let the kid loose WE'RE 0-12! Maybe entice a guy like Cowher from the studio back to the field.

1:27 PM  
Blogger D.Turner said...

You got it right! Beck, is a rookie, and every rookie is going to have a bad day! Beck, got his "BAPTISM BY FIRE" on Sunday. Beck, isnt Marino, and never will be Marino. Beck, is Beck! And yes, I do agree in the description of him being like Drew Brees in his first season. Beck, made mistakes! He's human! Not Superhuman! But! By getting his baptism by fire which WE ALL KNEW he would get eventfully, he should or will walk away with some insightful knowledge. Hell, Dan Marino learned from HIS MISTAKES! and it made him one of the greatest QB's of ALL TIME! It's going to take time for Beck to develop, but when he does he will be dangerous! I for one am glad we didn't sign Brady Quinn! Look @ Quinn...he's probably about to become the highest paid Backup Quarterback of ALL-TIME. I say this because Derek Anderson, is going to be cashing in on this season and he'll be the man in Cleveland for several years to come. As Al Pacino said in the movie "Any Given Sunday", "On any given sunday, you can win or lose, but it's how lose that makes a player great!" and I think Beck took away some wisdom and he'll learn from it and move on.

As for Cameron, I don't know what to think. He has helped turn our aling offense, but at the same time didn't do anything to help strengthen our aging defense. I love the Dolphins, I bleed Aqua and Orange. I really think this season we need to use our first and second round picks to fill holes and add depth to our Defense. Find another Wide Receiver to offset Ginn, because Derek "Stone Hands" Hagan isn't the answer.

As for WH, it is painfully obvious that he has done to the Dolphins, which he has done to the Marlins! He has destroyed a great team and franchise. WH, needs to sell the team to someone that knows Football and would help us bring our beloved Dolphins back from the depths of hell we are in.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for defending (sort of) Beck. The poor rookie has nobody to run the ball, no receivers who can catch the ball and make plays, no tight ends who can block to protect his backside and no weapons.

No human being can success with those dire odds.

But hopefully he is learning on the job, which is why he is in there taking his licks.

Ken in San Diego

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, I'm too embarrassed to make an entry that would be anything less than a spew of anger. I didn't even allow myself to go watch the game, such is my hate for the God Forsaken Jets and their ignorant fans.

Maybe I'll calm down enough to post intelligently for Armando's next blog.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Maritza said...

The players are not to blame for our season thus far. You certainly can't blame Beck & Ginn or any of the other rookies. The play calling has been horrendous. Honestly going for a field goal in PIT on 4th & 6 & then getting an extra 5 yards in penalties which might have given them a better spot to kick from & then deciding to go for it on 4th & 11 on a swamp of a field???? I still have nightmares about that call. Huizenga does not have the football knowledge to put the appropirate coaching personnel on the sidelines and the head coaches he has put in place (with the exception of JJ-although I can't stand him) have been highly incompetent at that position. Time to clean house. Huizenga needs to find a very successfull football mind & hire him as a consultant & then put the appropriate people in place. By his own words Huizenga has said he knows nothing about football. This is just a business to him, and as long as money is flowing for him it doesn't really matter whether the Fins win or lose. Sad but true.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get some perspective, people:

John Elway's rookie year: 47 % completion percentage, 7 TDs 14 interceptions.

Terry Bradshaw's rookie year: 38% completion percentage, 6 TDs, 24 interceptions.

Steve Young's rookie year: 3 TDs, 8 interceptions.

Tom Brady's first three games (in his SECOND year): 30 of 57, no TDs.

Donavan McNabb's first three games: 13 of 29 for 98 yards and no TDs.

Carson Palmer's first three games (in his SECOND year): 2 TDs, 5 interceptions.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please ask Cam why Ginn is running 5 yd crossing patterns? I thought we drafted this guy to stretch the field, instead he is running Welker's routes!

1:48 PM  
Anonymous drgiauque said...

Living in Utah, I was able to watch Beck play at BYU quite a bit. He had a good arm, was very accurate, and was well liked by his teammates. As with most QBs, the best way to rattle him was to blitz frequently and hit him a few times. He would get loose with his throws and tended to get rid of the ball too quickly. Never at any time did I feel that he would make a great NFL QB.

When Miami decided to take Ginn that early and Beck in the 2nd I was ready to renounce my allegiance to the Dolphins for the first time in 35 years. As much as I would love to see Beck turn into a Drew Brees(the ceiling for him), he was the wrong pick. From what I've seen from the QB prospects this year, I am not enamored with any of them either. They would be best served taking another QB in a later round. Use the first 3 rounds to fill other needs where your expected return is much better.

Beck received little to no help from his receivers. The practice squad RB and Booker were unable to recognize blitzes well, the O-line had a horrible game, and the Jets knew how to rattle a young QB. Even though I don't think Beck will be the long-term answer at QB, that game was not entirely his fault.

The Dolphins are truly awful. There is no team with less talent right now. Several college teams have more prospects than they do. You could put Marino in his prime on this team and they still would struggle to win 8 games. I agree with those in favor of trading every vet available for a draft pick. Trade down with the Cowboys or whoever offers the best package. Get as many picks in as possible and start over. I'm not sold on Cameron either. Young players need a coach that will get after them and ride them to work harder than they ever have. I'm not sure Cameron fits that bill.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous HP in PA said...

Simon Clancy YOU ARE THE MAN. You made all the points I have been trying to communicate. It is good to see a fan that understands what the coaching staff is trying to do or where the true mistakes are made. I hate being in this situation but look forward to our team rebounding in future years. The biggest mistake we could make is draft another QB. Look at the last few #1 picks, E. Manning, T. Couch, A. Smith, even Jamarcus Russell did nothing in his debut on Sunday. Would you want any of those QB's over a top D player?

1:54 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

OK I know I said I wasn't Cam bashing anymore but reading the majority of these post you folks are crazy!!! When will it ever be OK to place blame on Cam for the winless state of this team?? You wanna say its amazing the guy ALMOST won 6 games ?!?!? Well guess what ALMOST doesn't count for SQUATT!!! Even thee WORST teams in the NFL have won at least one game, Cam doesn't even look upset, AND none of the players out there look like they're tried of LOSING!!! At some point you must get your team fired up, no one looks fired up out there to me!! Its obvious that something isn't working!! Most teams that have a horrible record this late in the season play like they have nothing to lose showing alot of emotion!! The Fins just look like they are waiting for the offseason, waiting on that trip to Disney World!!

I'm not sure where the blame should be placed, but how much longer are you folks gonna ride this it's not Cam or Randy's fault wave????????????????

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Too early to blame Beck. I think Brady would find it difficult to impossible to win on this team.

Put the blame where it belongs: with an overly optimistic owner, front office, and coaching staff that has tried to cut corners for years and now has the worst organization in the NFL.


2:37 PM  
Blogger Poetic justice said...

Beck was suppose to be the qb that gave the best chance to win and was the most prepared. If Cam really that stupid? or was he just justifying giving Beck the job without earning it? If he really believe that beck gives him the best chance to win, I can understand why he has made such terrible decisions.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous jeremiah carpenter said...

We need to build the DEF back up! Draft o-line until it hurts! We need linemen on both sides of the ball, if we fix that, then skill positions can try to do there part! O-line is better this year, but last few weeks have shown, not good enough. No running game, lots of sacks, amd hits on QB. Were way off from being a good team, so no quick fix here. Build up DEF, and o-line then we'll think about other positions.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I'll tell you what the problem is. Marino! I know, it's crazy, but BOY, are those some big shoes to fill! Anyone that has stepped up and claimed to be a QB has IMMEDIATELY been compared to the greatest of all-time! WOW. Just think about that for a second. For a DECADE, anyone that stands behind center is STILL in his shadow! Do you think they still call for Montana or Young in San Fran? Do they call for Aikman in Dallas (albeit they have Romo, he's not of the same mold) Do they still call for Elway in Denver? What about Jim Kelly in Buffalo? Fact is, they just don't make QB's like that anymore! Manning is probably the closest semblance to those QB's! Brady, good, even great, but doesn't remind me of any of the aformentioned greats. QB's have become so scarce that 4 or 5 that we lived through pain with are STARTING! Frerotte, Feely, Harrington, Culpepper, Huard. They OBVIOUSLY weren't the answer, but they are starting for SOMEONE! I think we all need to realize what we had, and realize that it won't EVER happen again. Noone will EVER replace Marino.

With that said. It's FAR too early to tell whether Beck will be good, great, or terrible. Did he make mistakes? Yes. Do ALL rookies make mistakes? YES. Is Cam, or the front office absolved of the responsibility of burden? NO! The injuries, you can't blame them for. The lack of talent DEFINATELY falls squarely on their heads! I'm sure if Beck had McMichael and Chambers as options we'd be in MUCH better shape! As for Chambers being overrated and a good trade. You're flat out WRONG! He didn't just HAPPEN to make it #4 all-time Dolphins receiver AFTER Dan left. He's behind the Mark's Brothers and OJ McDuffie! That's quality company! Yet, we keep MARTY BOOKER, who, just so happens to drop as many, if not more catches, yet possesses not half the athleticism, and has close to the same salary....And, of all Cam's supporters who gave him praise for the O-line, which was actually Houcks doing. Where were they last week? Where have they been the last 3 weeks? They don't look GREAT to me. I could go on FOREVER, but to sum up, it's FAR too early to label Beck a bust, and far too late to think that Cam is worth his weight in crap!

3:44 PM  
Anonymous NCFINFAN said...

Hey Zod: Thanx for your insight into this Dolphis organization, understand that I am really nfrustrated with the front office of this team more than anything. I am NOT a fan of Cleo Lemon, but he did help us score some points. My Issues are from pulling for this team for sooooooooooo long, that this year really makes my heart hurt!!! What happened to us being competitive this season? Beck and his great touch on the ball (havent seen that yet) L Booker 'our secret weapon' Chris Chambers (who drops to many balls) traded? Suspect, at best, play calling? And tell me your honest opinion of Meuller, what did he do for New Orleans, or Seattle? If he was such a great GM, these teams would have fought to keep him, right? I understand this team is a work in progress, but DAMN, is showing up to play Mano E Mano to much to ask? Man up, you cant win every play, but you should win most of them, which would result in a victory. Werent these guys suppose to 'learn' their positions in college? Once again thanks for your insight, Im just blowing off some frustration, but shit if you are making MEGA $$$$ to play this game, then show some sense of urgency, speed up the game on offense, catch the other teams defense off guard. Do something TOTALLY unexpected. Openning kick off a onside kick. fake a punt, fake a field goal, do something, it cant hurt, we are already losing our asses. I remember when Wannny was the HC of the Bears, his team sucked, he came to Florida, used alot of 'gaget' plays and beat our playoff bound butts. WHAT in GODS name do we ave to lose? another game? so what, at least try. DAMN

3:52 PM  
Anonymous BCDOLFAN said...


Remember the last time we had a QB from the State of Pennsylvania? That worked out, so to will this. DRAFT MATT RYAN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Greg said...

Most rookie quarterbacks will not be succesful. In order for a rookie to start, it usually means the talent surrounding him is not very good and the team is already in dire straits. Alex Smith, Matt Leinart, Vince Young have all had poor track records recently. Big Ben is one of the few succesful rookies over the last few years because he plays with a lot of great players and a solid defense. It will take at least three years for Beck to lead the Dolphins to a winning record, and only then if they actually get a decent O-line, some real NFL running backs (and not castoffs like Chatman and Gado), quality receivers and a stout defense. Still, it is interesting to observe the success Trent Edwards is having in Buffalo with a decent receiving corps.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I can also say this. Green Bay is about to experience everything we've been going through. At least I can find some relief in that fact!

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Phins Fan in Exile said...

It is amazing to me that everyone here seems to think that Cam and Meuller are horrible at evaluating talent.. .but somehow with Beck they knew what they were doing.

I still ask the same question of all you apologists... what is the one play that showed you in 3 games that this guy has anywhere near what it takes to be an NFL QB.

I am not even talking about leading your team to a victory, I am talking about leading your team to anything... In yesterday's game the Dolphins managed 3 points on a semi legit drive... the other 10 points came on a defensive TD and a field goal when they went 3 and out (I don't blame Beck for the 3 and out since that would be stupidity).

I am not saying I expect miracles, but I do expect to see a glimmer of something that tells me this kid has talent.

To the people who cherry picked other great QB's random stats, look at the rest of the lines for them and their teams. Peyton did have 28 picks his first year, but also 26 TDs.

Beck has no pocket instincts and holds the ball so low at the start of his forward motion that he is an easy target for the kind of fumble causing hits he had yesterday.

I will gladly take any action from any of you self proclaimed "more knowledgeable fans" (including you Armando since you think judging Beck is wrong) that this guy NEVER makes it as an NFL QB.

This is not about one game it is about judging on the body of work to date, and this body has no pulse.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So everyone is saying draft the best QB in the draft. Which is......... there are no elite quarterbacks in this draft! Not one of them has a quality Beck doesn't have. Matt Ryan: Played terrible against VT. And then he finally threw a touchdown pass to win a game. Beck has done that. Colt Brennan: Great numbers. But there is something wrong when you go into overtime against San Jose State! Chase Daniel: Collapse against OU in the title game. Graham Harrel: Good QB. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous MT Rick said...

Beck's "Body of work" is an entire THREE games.
I'm as frustrated as any Dolphin fan, but please DONT put this on Beck.
Philly was his first game ever, and he did make a couple nice 20-yard throws. but no points, because of questionable play calling with a 1st-and-goal from the 1 yard line.
PITTS game cant be used to evaluate him on points scored, as the field was a mud bowl. even the steelers only managed 3 points.
Jets game, he was harassed every play, and he made alot of mistakes under pressure - go figure - its his THIRD game on a terrible team. Give him a break.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Phins Fan in Exile said...

To be clear... I am not blaming Beck just pointing out that not being able to lead your team to a touchdown let alone a legit drive agains the 30th ranked d in the league.

Go ahead and pin your hopes on this guy but I am not that naive.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous iceman said...

Yesterday, was the first time in my 25 years of being a Dolphin fan where right after the game I felt so embarrassed that I went to the store but took my Dolphins Hat off. I guess this how it feels hitting rock bottom... I want CAMERON OUT and ALL THE COACHES AS WELL....By the way, let's get a good QB in the draft as well. Enough said about what we have right now...

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Scalzo said...

Why even try to blame Beck? The OL stunk that game. What was Troy Aikman's first season record? 1-15 I think? Did they draft another QB? No they they went on and won Superbowl's. What was Payton Manning's first season record? You fans demanding quick fixes are the ones that created this mess. You got so spoiled with winning season's and no Superbowl's you got Miami's best coach ever fired. Then you all let JJ select Wanny as your next coach. Next you all demanded Saban to only get stabbed in the back. You all wanted to trade draft picks for players cause you wanted a Superbowl now! This is what your left with. The only way you are ever going to be competitive again let alone see another Superbowl again is through the draft period and not changing coaches every 2 years.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:35 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Look at the receivers.
Booker - Drops passes, average athleticism.
Hagan - Drops passes, project player
Ginn - Bad routes, poor utilization
Martin - Sucks. Flat out awful.
Peele - Not much better than Martin.

It says something when Chambers has 15 less yards for the Dolphins than Booker with half the games (6 for Chambers, 12 for Booker). Chambers and Ronnie Brown are still #2 and #3 on the receiving list. Upgrade the the receivers and tight ends before getting a solid evaluation at QB.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know what im sick of? all these fair weather fans that start crying and start calling for heads if things aint going right...beck to me has a great pocket presence...but on sunday against the jets with them having 8 men in the box most of the time and people blitzing all over the place i dont care what defensive rank you are ...its gonna cause in point 3 ints 2 fumbles the ol not protecting...i hear the same ol crap from these posts and you know gonna have to agree that the the miami dolphins fans are a bunch of fake ass fans that only support the team when thier winning..dan marino days are all you fake ass fans grow a pair and man up i aint even from miami and i think i rep the dolphins harder than any one in miami....just goes to show that the dolphins fans are fake like plastic! if you want to be fake go be a pats busters!

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Tommy said...

I've enjoyed reading these comments, especially AJ and Simon, who both have some really good insights.

My biggest concern is with Cameron. I have real concerns that he doesn't have the type of personality that you need to be a NFL head coach. I'm not talking about being a screamer. Joe Gibbs isn't a screamer, but he has a presence that demands respect. I don't think Cam has that.

Now I've heard some interesting quotes from coaches like Bob Knight that indicate that Cameron is a good coach. Knight is not someone who gives out platitudes cheaply. Take that for what its worth.

John McKay had credibility as a super successful college head coach and strong relationships with Phil Krueger, Culverhouse and others within the Yuc organization. He had the backing that he needed to survive that horrible start and eventually take the Yucs to within one game of the Super Bowl.

I'm not sure what to do about Cameron. If we finish 0-16, will his credibility be so shot that he can't get these players to play for him? OTOH, Miami does need stability if they are to get through this. How long do you wait?

9:56 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Anonymous, you're an idiot. Rep as hard as you want. Noone said we weren't fans, but I won't sit by idley while Dave Wandstadt #2, and the rest of the front staff destroy what's left of this team. Well, I will, because I can't do anything about it, but I won't stop bitchin' about it either!

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Zod said...


The Packers will not go through this. Today, the Packers are much like the 1997-1998 Dolphins. They have used Favre/Marino to support their young cast. When Favre leaves the Packers will have the same kind of young defense that the Dolphins had in 1998-2000. A young defense with skills. The Packers have something different than the Dolphins did in that day. The Packers have a young offense too. They have a QB who sat the bench for years learning from Favre.

So you don't have a miserable Packers squad to look forward to such as these Dolphins. All you have to look forward to is the retirement of Brett Favre. That's a good thing too. ;>)

10:12 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Zod, I'll respectfully disagree. Aaron Rodgers will forever be in Favres shadow. Whether they have similair success, as we did. They have leaned on Favre for 16-17 years now, and he was an old gun-slinger. They just don't make 'em like they used to. Of course, if I'm wrong, his retirement will suffice, lol.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous ucf finfan said...

anon, we arnt fake fans, we are angry disgruntled fans and we have a right to be! the day ronnie went down was the day the fins died this year.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Harry Potter said...

Salguero, I have a question for you:

I just read your article on "Can" Cameron.

What would happen to Beck being the case that in deed "Schottie" or Billy becomes the new Dolphins Coach?

Thanks for your thought on this.

2:01 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

I agree with the one comment that perhaps Quinn would have at least led us to a TD drive by now. Has anyone bothered to question this: Take Quinn in the first round and THEN grab Ginn Jr. in the second (if Cam was that much in love with the Ginn family?) This was a no-brainer, there was no chance that Ginn wouldn't have still been on the board. This is another poorly managed draft. I can't wait for the '08 disaster.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Simon Clancy said...

Ed, as already stated, Ted Ginn was being targeted by Houston with the very next pick. There is no way on earth he would have ended up still on the board at 40. That's just a fantasy.

And as for the "Ginn family" thing, that's got to be the single most misconstrued quote of all time. Clearly what Cameron meant was that he knows Ginn. He's known him for a long time. He knows his parents and he knows that Ginn is going to fall in line because of the respect that lies between them all. If he wants Ginn to buy into the off-season workout programme in Miami rather than in Cleveland, you know what, that familial relationship will work. When it comes to the kid in camp, the kids work ethic, the kids dissection of the playbook, that relationship is almost certainly going to mean that Ginn works that little bit harder. He doesn't want to let a good family friend down and, with his father as a coach, he more than anything doesn't want to let his dad down.

Cameron also knows what makes Ginn tick, he has the insight into his head, he knows how to motivate him, he knows how to get him to improve that extra 3 or 4% that coaching might not simply because of that relationship.

Did Cameron put it across verbally in the best manner? Probably not. But lets be smart people. The reasons are obvious.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is where I get off... so the comparisson that you make is that either we are preaching patience and seem rational in our thinking or we are an angry mob? My judgement of Cam and his personnel choices are not based on anger, but rather on the facts on the field.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah-Nah Nah-nah, Nah-nah nah-nah, 15 yr season tickets, good bye!!!

Thanks Camoron for ruining one of may favorite things in the world. Thanks Huzienga for ruining one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. Joe Robbie is doing backflips in his coffin.

Its not Beck, its the coaching...get a turnover inside the it up the gut three times with a one legged back in a neck brace.

Get to the 35 last week vs. the Steelers in a scoreless game with a kicker you signed because of his "poor weather prowess" and go for it on 4and 11 instead of kicking....and on and on.

Yes this team was handed over on the brink, but this idiot hasnt helped one bit. Now the locker room is divided...burn down the building to get rid of the rodents and start again.

I HATE FINS MANAGEMENT....BTW, great job with the Stadium....the people that go see the Orange Bowl and the MOnster Truck Jam should really enjoy it because no one is going to go see the Fins!

10:33 AM  
Blogger brian said...

What would happen if NE lost Brady or Dallas lost Romo or Chicago lost Urlacher or Indy lost Manning or SD lost LT?

Miami has lost how many players this it 6 is it 7 is it 8 is it 9 is it 10?

Im not sure the number but we've not only lost the best player at a position,we've lost SEVERAL players at SEVEARL positions..but that isnt supposed to matter?

You can Hate Wayne,Cam and Mueller ALL YOU WANT but GIVE ME A FKN BREAK people.

Teams lose 1 good player and its "What do you expect...look who they lost!"..We lose 6-10 players and its "FIRE THE WHOLE LOT..THEY SUCK!"

I havent a clue if Cam will ever be worth a damn but dear God..look at what hes been dealt as far as poor to mediocre talent to begin with and then compound that with ALL these injuries.

Am I the ONLY ONE who cant get my head around this this this this NONSENSE????????????????????????

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

Wow how many good Gm an couches we have in these comments. I wonder why they don't apply for the Dolphins GM or couch Job next year. We might go to the Super bowl with all of you managing the team. I think you are going to find the best QB that is going to play like a star in his first game, or the DE that is going to have 15 sacks in his first season, because you are all football geniuses. Wake up wonders of the world and realize that no matter who comes in is not going to fix the problem in one year or two. Cameron and Muller inherited a problem and they are trying to fix it. They have lost 7 starters, they have 6 rookies starting and you think they will win games. 0 wins is a shame, but that comes from many years of bad decisions, and that dosen't count Cameron and Muller first year. They
traded Welker that is having a very good year, he should pay half of his salary to Randy Moss. They let Culppeper go is riding the bench pretty well. Who else they let go that was going to give us a long term solution. I hope Beck grows to be a good QB and I pulling for Cameron to be a good coach because the last thing this team needs i another chage,

5:38 PM  
Blogger Park East said...

aj you make some good points and some bad ones
lets look at them:

1) You really got to get over this, the idea that a coach any coach or gm for that matter is going to say before the season, or even in the season, we stink, we are bad, we aint going anywhere, we suxx and we are re-building its so naive that I thought it needed no addressing.

Football does not work that way in the Pros, it might in college or HS but not in the NFL. The owner does not want the coach saying it, the coach does not want to upset the vets or downgrade his team AND then there is the issue of parity, take this season, say that they did not get Bell hurt or RB , or Greene, or better no injuries, Zach would have played all games etc. How many games of those 3 point losses (6) would they have won?

How about if some other teams would have gotten more injuries , how about for ex if some of the blocks that our TE s have muffed did get made, how about if those two run backs for TDs would have counted

In any case if you believe that any NFL coach will ever say in the pre-season he is rebuilding , or the team suxxxs I have some land in the everglades i can let you have for a song and a dance.
2. The Green trade was a gamble and Cam new it he toook it and got burnt a fourth rounder would have been OK if he had played more games I agree though I would not have done it but then He was looking at a fourth ranked defense and believed that by just scoring a few more points a game they could win a lot of games and he wanted some one who could mentor beck. but fair enough, he gambled and failed
Your 2nd 2) TG was and is another gamble a gamble that we do not yet know if it has failed. obviously he by himself at 9 is a bit ( not that much, really) of a reach but Cam and Mule gambled that beck would be better than Quinn and that by taking a burner to end all burners at the only spot they could have gotten him, they were actually getting two players for one. I , on principle alone, would never draft a WR in the top 10 picks so i agree with you, but I see their point as well
3. Here we are a lot more in agreement. Cam was a bit more innovative at the beginning and he is grown increasingly conservative as he is lost players to injury and that is somewhat understandable, but when you are at the point you are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs ( 4 games back) You ought to have thrown caution to the wind, I fail to see however how is Cam's bad play calling, in his last 6 games or so, to be blamed on Mueller, who I might I ad has done a helluva job
4. Neither of three best defensive players cut by Cam were full time starters and they are not now with their new teams either. Plus we needed salary cap and to get younger. But there is certainly blame, not necessarilly on the cuts perse, but rather in accessing that say matt roth was ready, there was also a big risk of having a lack of depth, specially once Evans was let go for his indiscretions.

But how much of a say did Cam have on those decisions, and how much were they Caper's. He was the one doing the accessing of defensive players and defensive needs. There is, though, some blame for both Cam and Mule here. But do you truly believe any of these guys would have had an impact?

I think that the biggest impact is clearly Caper's failure to answer the spread formations that forces him to put 6 DBs in the game. i mean he has not been able to find an answer for that ALL SEASON LONG. Then there is the way he is handling Porter which stinks to high heaven. Porter ought to be a pass rusher not a TE coverer.
5. Here you really lost me. No one allowed Welker to go anywhere. The fact is he was a free agent, considering that he was an undrafted free agent who scored a grand total of 2 TDs in 3 years No one could have even dreamed that the Pats were going to offer him a contract . but then when they did they included a poison pill that basically would have forced the dolphins to either make him one of top paid wide receivers in the whole league, or not sign him at all and let him go for the 2nd roun tender. it was an absolute coup that Mule got the pats , probably with a veiled threat of doing the same to them in the future, to agree to a trade in which the dolphins got a 2nd AND a 7th. you got to get over this . Welker would not be scoring TDs here he would be the third wide out (The same he is in NE) the diff is that in NE he has two pro Bowl wrs on either side when he comes out of the slot Not only that, he is a WR and wrs careers are on the average shorter than OLs and we got a very good one in Satelle for him and we also have a very promising pass rushing DE , who is now (LIKE OVER 20% OF THE TEAM BY THE WAY)on IR
6 L Booker? I think he has the talent and there is a lot of blame for Cam here. just as in the way he has handled all his rookies and even 2nd year players. That is a flaw that he will need to correct but not a firing offense. L Booker already showed last game he is got the talent to play in the NFL.
7. we are gettin closer to the problem . The FG on the steeelers game? No that was understandable due to the conditions , but he should have punted There are far more disturbing calls though and this last ganme knowing he had to increase offensive production ( he said so himself) he comes out with the most conservative game plan,worse than at Pittsburgh in the mud. That is my worry with Cam but i must admit he was not as conservative when he had a his QB , RB and Chambers so I must give him some leeway. Still at this point he should have thrown away caution and gone for broke.
8. The porter deal is not defensible. not because porter is 30 , ( he's got at least 3 maybe 4 good years, not because Porter can't play, he can , he is just has not being used like he was supposed to be used, but because you do not tie up 20 million in salary cap at the expense of all your defensive line depth. I understand why they did it, They were coming in the season with MVP of the league and the 4th rated defense, they needed Offensive help and if you look at the draft they went for that almost esxclusively, so they gambled on their defense I can't blame them because it looked like a real safe bet, but it turned out that when Capers dumbed down Saban's D he threw away the part on how to handle the spread without going to 6 DBs. I know its hard but we must try to avoid too much Monday morning Qbacking if we are going to be rational about keeping Cam or not (Mueller gets passing to good grades in my book and is not in the discussion as far as i am concerned.)
9. Time clock management has been atrocious . Worse it has not gotten better, which leads me to the one point that leads me to even consider the possibility that Cam ought to be fired.

So ... I believe that Fins should let Mueller be the GM , they should give him the power to hire and fire coaches . Why? Because not only is he a football man but so far he is been successful, on hindsight some times i grant, and he looks like he is doing good to very good here, AND Capers is a failed HC and Cam is ... well he is a system guy who was successful within that system when he had a lot of talent and that as OC not as head coach. So in short Mueller is the only one of the three that has good credentials.

Once you give him that power he should do a profound review of both Cam and Capers and decide whether rt keep them or not. by the way forgotten about in all this are our ST coach , who is horrible and our ex OC and now TE coach when our TEs have not improved at all.

If Mule says Cam and or others should stay or go we should do accordingly and if Mule proves wrong next year? Then clean house

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Rio said...

Jury is still out but he doesn't appear to be NFL material. we need to got the lose on the field & allow him to make his bones. too much at stake, if he's not it (& it don't look good up to now) there is the draft. we will have the pick trick is we need new people doing the picking i.e. get rid of CamRandy before the end of the season

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Alan said...

Armando, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Keep up the great work.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Welp...its been 20 years since we been to a superbowl. How much longer do we have to sit in the rain before we decided to come out of the rain?

Just call me a fair weather fan but at least I'm dry. Not sitting in the rain like an idiot.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Bobby8454 said...

idk how anyone can blame beck. hes still a rookie playing behind a terrible offensive line. hes also playing under a lot of pressure, playing to get one win so you dont go 0-16 is probably adding to the situation.

12:49 PM  

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