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Monday, November 06, 2006

Kuechenberg's reaction to Bears win

Just got off the phone with Bob Kuechenberg -- you know, the former Dolphins great who stirred a bunch of controversy last week by saying Nick Saban should be impeached and the Dolphins, "have no soul."

Those comments made a lot of Miami players very angry, particularly Jason Taylor, and they ripped into Kooch after Sunday's 31-13 victory over Chicago, a victory Kuechenberg said would not happen.

Here's Kuechenberg's reaction:

What did you think of the game?

"Amazing, huh? Yeah, wonderful. Marvelous. Clearly everybody had their chin straps buckled yesterday. It was an amazing performance. That’s what they need to do all the time. Not many people, including me, gave them much of a chance against the Bears. But yesterday they played the game with their chin straps buckled. Zach [Thomas] and Jason Taylor always have their chin straps buckled but yesterday the entire team did."

Didn't you say you'd take Jason Taylor to dinner if Miami won?

"In response to Jason Taylor’s comment that I need a hug and a hobby, if they want I’d give him a hug and take him to dinner. If he’s interested I’d take him to dinner at Shula's on me -- and he can even have the big 64-ouncer if he wants."

Don't you wish the Dolphins played all the time like they did yesterday?

"Or at least a lot of the time. Look, I don’t want to do anything or say anything to take away from an amazing, incredible performance yesterday. They came out and when nobody gave them a chance, they took it to the Bears in every phase. Physically we took it to the Bears. The offensive line was knocking the Bears impregnable defense back on almost every down. So my heartfelt congratulations to the team because they did it. They not only beat the Bears, they beat the hell out of them."

Kooch, do you feel like you owe the team an apology for what you said about them?

"I don’t know if that’s the right question. I’m happy they played great and played together as a team. It’s a shame it didn’t happen a month ago."

Do you feel like what you said last week made you something of a villain around this team?

"On the one hand, I didn’t want to be the one to kick people when they’re down. On the other hand, that’s the only time you kick people. If they weren't down, they wouldn't be in a position to get kicked. And we all need a kick in the derriere every once in a while, including me. I’m glad the Dolphins brought their A-game, and not just the star players, but the entire team.”

I like Kooch. He tells it like it is. And he admits it when he's wrong. Your thoughts?


Blogger Kid Neutron said...

I have to say thanks Fins. Yesterday was a ball to watch. The guys came together and gave us something to cheer for.

Big hearts. Big thanks.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great being a dolphins' fan sunday!

11:46 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

nydolfan84.. you fricken whinning baby. I suppose you think we won this game because the win fairy came down and sprinkled win dust on what you call our shit ass loser players. You and certain other morons that have mush for brains kept saying how we need to rid ourselves of older washed up and inable draftpicks. Jason Taylor kicked ass yesterday, if you noticed. Hmmm... if you were not busy pushing stools, you would watched these washed up players effectively unite as a team, and win finally as a team. And they did not play any bullshit plays designed by Saban, but the basic fundementals and play schemes.

nydofan84, you were so much up Culpeppers ass in getting him here, and then when he did not produce you fell back and said we need to replace him. You are no realist because if you were you would have realized from the beginning Culpepper was a bust. Did you notice Sunday the guys finally played as a team. You and others cry consistantly how there is no talent. Well moron, or should I call you Mr. Bean, were did the talent come from to beat the best playing team in the league?

As far as this being Saban's first head coaching position... tough! We are all expected to perform at our jobs, and have only 30 days to prove it, why should this ass have more. He has been in the NFL for years, and should have a good grasp of what is necessary to win. A big head does not win. Right now Saban is looking everywhere to change his screw ups, but that does not eliminate his main problem, his big head. He knew from last year that his play schemes did not work, instead of continuing with the basics of the last 6 games of last year, he went back to his own style of football. Open your frealin' eyes you faggot assed baby.

I do not care how much talent on your team you have, if your head coach cannot utilize it you have nothing. Remember the no name defense, no big time drafts there, but they were utilized and givien realistic game plays that made them phenominal. How many players throuhout the league were dropped because everyone crying that they were washed up. If the coaching staff does not place a player where he is, or with a play scheme that enables him to perform, of course they look bad. Many of these players after being released play as they did years before because other coaches utilize their ability. I do not see that in Saban's handling of this team.

Being a fan as you claim so much, you should know who has talent on the team, but you would rather dropp players instead of a head coach who handles the team as you handle your prick. If there is a lack of fire in the team , it lies in the head coach. If the plays are not working or executed properly, it lies with the head coach. Anything with how and why a team wins or loses lies with the head coach. He controls all factors of the game. That includes his coaching staff as well. Saban has not given a reason for him to continue. If he played this team as he did the last 6 games of last year, on into this year, we would have a winnier.

So here we are again, with our team now stepping up after losing more than 80% of the games played. We need a head coach that wants to win at the beginning of the season, not when the fans get fed up on how he is playing the game.

I did say we should pick Lloyd Carr, but I did not suggest him alone. I said to get Thad Matta form Ohio State as well. If you knew anything, both these guys are head coaches of unbeaten teams. Two of the best, and consistant college teams. Thd Matta has is on a run for the second undeafed season in 3 years, what has Saban shown us in two? Every coach in the NFL has come out of college ball, these two I suggested are proven as a leader, and have the stats to prove it. Saban has been sitting on the sidelines with and without great head coaches. Bill Belichick, is a demanding coach with his players, and his coaching staff. So because of Belichick's success, we think we will have the same out of one of his assistant coaches, not.

We, the Dolphins, the Browns picked our head coaches from the Patroits thinking it will be a sure thing with having these guys at head coach. Neither of them are producing squat.

Time is the biggest factor in producing a winning team, but how much is acceptable. I would give the thought of offering more time to Saban if he proved he is worth it, but operating a team where they looked tired, no enthusiasm, and lack of performance tells me he is a waste of time. I do not want to wait for him to figure out if he wants to be a team player, or be another big headed Jimmy Johnson.

Enough with nydolfan84, for those of you who understand, and believed in the players, and their abilities, it was nice to show the other morons again how wrong they are. If there is no talent, this win would never have happened regardless of who was coaching. It is sad the executives upstairs have let Saban go this far without firing him. It is disappointing that we back our team as we do, and the higher ups lets us wait and spend our money, and do nothing. Saban should have been ripped a new ass and fired after his first loss this year, especially how embarrasing we looked out their.

nydolfan84... get a grasp of the game before opening your mouth. If you are as realistic as you say, you would not be making such stupid remarks. I have watched the game for 40 years, even when you were in diapers, though I see you have not out grown using them. Coaching is 80% of the game. The other 20% lies with the individual player, and their willingness to play as a team. Operating a football team is no different as any other business. No one in the upper management wants responsibilty for the problems occurring, but pass the blame to those in charge below him, as well as the workers (players). Though a lot of the blame runs with the owners; it still falls back on Saban because he is incapable to utilize the talent his team possesses, and to make the correct changes to enhance the talent.

You said, changing coaches is not the answer, but with the Saban it is. You think we should trade, trade, trade..., trading players is not either, and if you did, who? If Saban cannot do anything with the talent he has, what makes you think bring other talent will make a difference. A good coach brings the best out of what he has, not wishing he had other talent to cover up his lack of brains. Grow up little boy, change your pampers, and once you get all that shit off you , you may finally get that vacuum between your ears to fill up with some knowledge other than banging butt holes

12:32 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

anonymous, yes it was great, but it shows what many of us have been saying all along. There is talent; without it the win could not have happened. We need to keep focused on that if we are able to beat the Bears, why were we not able to defeaat Tenn. as bad as they are? Saban is are biggest problem. If he cannot stop himself from pushing his style of football, we will continue down this road. I seen a team that looked and played as one, which has not been the case all year. The head coach controls this, and we need to make the executive officers aware of how we feel about Saban's handling of the team, or nothing changes.

But for now, let us revel in a win that we can be proud of.

12:40 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Great entry, Armando! Seriously. I was wondering what Kooch would say about yesterday so this post was really great to read.

It was a great win and a refreshing change. Damn I miss this feeling.

With that said, obviously we still have things we need to change as a team and this season is pretty much shot. But I'm going to milk this for all it's worth and enjoy it and I hope everybody else does the same -- at least until our next loss.

Then all the Saban bashing can continue. It seems to be the only thing most commenters can do around here (other than bash each other).

Good stuff, A.S. Good stuff.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Hank in the 400... the adjustments you mentioned, and I mentioned before too, finally showed up on Sunday. A little late, but it shows to those who say there is no talent they are wrong. Saban, had no choice to make these adjustments because of his credibility here with the fans. He knows his time is running out quickly. I do not know how you feel on JT, but thise who thought he is washed up, has plenty to think about upon his performance Sunday.

I also want to say, your insight to the game is note worthy. Keep your opinions coming, we need more individuals like you here or any blog.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I did not read the full sports page in the Herald, but I find it funny that Saban's wife is unaware that this is his first head coaching position. She said, and I quote; "He has never had a losing season as a head coach." Duh? If she is that stupid, how far is he from her mental sate. He did not have a winning first season, and his second is not showing anything close either. I wonder if she is running the game, as Hilary Clinton was said to be running the presidency while Bill was in office.

I do not think we should have her opinion of his statitics offered to the press. She will be bias to his performance, and it means squat. We do not need to hear he has sleepless nights, or whatever. Excuse, excuse, excuse. We all have pressure, and it does not matter how much you make. Actually, what he is making a year is more than most of us make in 10 or 20 years. He does not have the daily worries we have, but we are to feel badly for him. As I said before, many time over. We only have 30 days to prove ourselves, and if we fail, there is no one there cheering us on. If he cannot stand the heat; get out of the fire.

We do not need more excuses. He is a big boy, and better be able to handle the heat because of his mistakes. He needs to own up to his mistakes, and adjust his thinking, and play calling to fulfill his obligation to the team, fans, and organization. He has 8 games to make proper adjustments, and follow through with them.

My biggest concern is that he might win the next 8 games, and then fall back into the same rut as he did this and last year. Screw around until he is about to lose his job, and then do his job only to save it. He needs to produce from game one, no exceptions. Either he is here to win consistantly, or he needs to go.

Saban... Produce or get out!!!!!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

the dude, who do you blame? Call it bashing on Saban, or what you want. Oh boy, we won, so just sit and take it in? That is why we have no fire in saban's ass. If this is what you are willing to accept, this will be all you get.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Oh.. yeah..., We won the 2nd of 8 games, whoopie!!!!!!! I am so overly proud of Saban.. yeppers.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armondo, I think Kuchenberg had more right to say what he did than the rest of us. Saban has made a mockery of who this team is. This team has continuoulsy has great players, and coaches that worked, and played as a team. Until the last two years. Yes, I loved the point of winning yesterday. Especially because it saved our record of being the only team to be undeafeted, but it does not remove the point of the idiotic coaching by Saban.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saban lovers... get a life. Those of you who want trading of our players..., explain how htey produced the talent we seen on the fiels yeterday. If you cannot see, and understand what you read in the papers; don't say nothing. Kuechenberg is okay in my book on his statement. If he sees it, then why can't the rest of you.

2:07 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Bloodlust, you sound like you need a hug...haha Seriously get over yourself. You sound like a Jim Rome wannabe or something.

There is a difference between losing a step and washed up. When you get in your mid 30s you lose a step. Its called life. No one is happier than I was that JT put a performance on like he did. Its amazing what a bye week can do for an aging defense. Anyways to me the lack of talent is on the offensive line and secondary. If you think our line can play that well on a consistent basis, you have an awful lot of blind faith. The secondary was very opportunistic and I'd like to see more of that. But "Homer" fans like yourself think that this performance should happen weekly. The coaching staff can't execute the plays. I don't think we need to trade or cut many people. We can address the offensive line and secondary in free agency. We should have cap room for the first time since Jimmie Johnson made wholesale roster changes. And lack of execution was the main problem in the first 7 games. To me our Receiving core should be considered as one of the league's best. But if so why do they consistently drop balls. That is not a coaching problem. Maybe it is more of a mental sharpness than talent issue. As I will continue to say, the offensive line and secondary LACK the talent needed to win consistently. Can anyone name a offensive line that has performed worse than ours? Our front 7 is great but aging, and I'm not so sure that our franchise QB is on the roster. Am i that out of whack? The coaching has been subpar this year, but I still think Saban should have another offseason to improve the roster. I never said get rid of anyone. All I said was that Taylor and Thomas can't carry the defense like they used to, and they didn't the first 7 games. They are still the best player on our defense. If you love the roster so much, then you have to give Saban credit for putting it together. You have to give the coaching staff (Mularkey included) credit for putting together a solid game plan against the Bears. Coaches don't drop potential receptions and interceptions, commit stupid penalties, and overthrow wide-open WRs. Coaches don't miss tackles and commit pass interference, because they don't look back for the ball. You and your kind are nothing but a bunch of hippocrates. You talk out of both sides of your mouth with this team. Its like the idea that the QB gets all the credit for wins and all the blame for the loss. But for you its the coach. Its bullshit. You think our players are immortal and if they are f*ing up that it must be the coaches' fault. This is the ultimate team sport. We need the coaching and players to do get to the next level. The coaching wasn't the best in the first 7 weeks, but the glaring difference in the Bears game was the execution by the players. The defense made interceptions that they were dropping the first 7 games, and we benefited from some good karma with the muffed punt. This team played with a fire under their ass that they haven't had since the opener at Pittsburgh. Part of that is definitely on the coaching staff, but at this point the veterans on this squad shouldn't need extra motivation to bring it on Sunday. Please Bloodlust, the childish name calling has got to end. I'm just voicing my opinion. In all of your ranting and raving you have yet to provide us with anything thought provoking or of substance. For the last time, my entire point that you seem to always miss is that the Coaching and Talent need to improve before we are Super Bowl contenders. I just feel its too early to pull the plug on Saban. With no great replacement in mind, if you switch coaches every 2 years our beloved franshise will end up like the Raiders.

3:15 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

BLOODLUST YOU REJECT...Thad MATTA IS A BASKETBALL COACH...that shows how little your knowledge is...are you just pulling up websites and getting names! I REPEAT YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY! ZERO CREDIBILITY! Thad Matta I cannot stop laughing. FYI Jim Tressel is the Ohio State Football coach. Never bring up my name again you reject. Clearly you know nothing about Sports period. You just read the newspaper and think you know something. You remind me of all the movie stars that speak out about Politics. Go crawl in a hole and never return

3:21 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

bloodlust, I'm not going to get into a back and forth with you. But I will say this:

You know where I stand. I'm for patience and giving Saban time. Saban, by the way, won a National Championship with LSU a couple of years back. Lloyd Carr hasn’t done that since Brian Griese was his QB. My point is – you’re naming off current successful college coaches as Saban replacements when we have a successful college coach here already – and one with NFL experience. Like NYDolphinFan said – I don’t want to be recycling head coaches every 2 seasons just because they don’t instantly turn us into a Super Bowl team. I don’t want us to be another Cardinals or Raiders or Lions or Bills … all teams that have fired and hired coaches every 2 years or so and have yet to improve or shed their loser label. When you fire and hire a head coach, the entire organization fluctuates, and we’re back to square one. Then we hire Coach X and a season and a half later, we’re calling for his head because, gee wiz, we still suck after a season and a half! Fire Coach X’s ass and hire Coach Y! See what I’m saying? If you feel Saban needs to be fired ... that's what you feel, right? Just to be clear ... then that's your opinion.

But I feel that he should be given another season to right the ship. I can write out all the reasons, I feel are rational, for keeping him. But it's all been said by other commenters here, so I won't. I know my opinion is not a popular one. But I feel that it is the most rational one. The other coaches you mentioned to replace him are not better fits for the job.

So let's leave it at that. As for my first point today -- yes, I think we need to enjoy this. It was a great upset and a game no one gave us a chance to win. And we helped preserve the '72 Dolphins (the Colts will lose too eventually) so we should celebrate that as Dolphins fans today.

3:53 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

DUDE, Its good to know I'm not the only crazy SOB who thinks we need some patience. If you are ever in upstate New York we will go out for some white russians and talk about our beloved Phins. (Great F*ing Movie by the way)

I saw Thad Matta in person when he was coaching Xavier...they came into St. Bonaventure ranked 25 and we upset them. My friend even got elbowed in the head by David West when we rushed the floor. Maybe Thad Matta's 3-2 zone will be more effective against Brady than Saban's 3-4.

3:59 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

ha ha ... thanks NY.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kuechenberg tells it like it is. The Dolphins should hire the guy and just have him hang around, making just the kind of assessments he made. Just the euphoria you sensed from some of the players, and, for God's sakes, Saban himself, and the team is 2-6 and the whole season is blown. The win against the bears is like a guy returning a kickoff for a touchdown in the fourth quarter with your team down 35-0. It's a good run-back, sure. He should be proud. But don't lose track of the fact that, in the big picture, the game is a blow out. This team, more than anybody, more than Culpepper (obviously), more than Saban, this team needs Kuechenberg's and his telling it like it is, no-nonesense approach.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

nydolfan84, oh... I made a mistake on the coach, fuck you and your credibility. You never said the older players were losing a step, you said they were unable to play their positons period, and cried about the draft picks, and needing trades. If anyone is a Homer fan, it is you. I do believe this offense and defense can be effective weekly. I do not expect 4 turn overs per game, but i do expect their all everyday. They are paid more than enough than any of then deserve to play a game.

As far as dropped passes, or the quarterback not getting the ball to his receiver, yes I agree it is more of the player than anyone else. This is not about just incompleted passes. This is about a offensive and defensive line looking like they have no idea what to do while on the field. That is the difference between yesterday, and the rest of this season. This is why it falls on Saban. This also did not only happen with Mularkey. The very same thing happened last year. Our players looked as if they never played the game in their life.

I know Saban has the capability to do something with this team, but it is his arrogance that stops him. Stop the the whole new game plan, and stick to the basics. It is what works, as it did yesterday. I am not expecting SB today or tomorrow, but at this rate it will not be acheived. We have watched a decent team play like bums, not by their mistakes alone on the field. A team does not fall apart as this one has, and the headcoach not being mainly at fault. As I said, if filling the certain positions would solve the problems you cry about, if our team is incapable of standing up to younger, stronger offenses and defenses, how did we beat the bears. Shit... they could not even beat the Titans, so explain that you idiot. it was not just the plays that beat the Bears, it was the physical individul effort by the team. A team that is tired, incapable of winning even if it was by only 3 points.

I think we need to invest in the teams future by drafting players into the second string, allowing them to work into the system, as you do a quarterback. A novel idea, giving each player ample time to move into his spot.

But no... lets dismantle our offense and defensive line that is capable of producing. This is what made New England tough. The point is, if a first string player is injured the second or third string player could play that position equally as well. That does not happen by dismantling your main offensive and defensive lines.

One win, does make Saban a hero, or correct his mistakes. Why did it take 6 games to come up with a win. You claim to know so much, without looking at old messages, old headlines tell us how a tired team that could not beat teams who are also struggling beat a team like the Bears. Tell us. We are all ears, since you have all the answers, and none of this is Sabans fault. You sit there and run your mouth, and when what you claim goes the other way, you rebuke everything you have said. Then you make and try to find excuses, by making asshole remarks. Like when I confused Matta with Tressel. Hey "the dude", how long ago was it that saban had those wins? It has been ages since his college days. Tressel is on his way to another undefeated season. I do not see that in our future, especially with Saban. Neither of you have a clue, and when your remarks are thrown back at you, you change your opinion.

The headcoach is responsible for his coaching staffs, and players execution. If he cannot get his team to execute, his coaches to run plays that the defensive and offensive lines can execute to produce scores; it falls back on the head coach. You now have said, that Culpepper is not the franchise quarterback we need, but you wanted his bone head ass here, and now knowing he cannot perform as expected by you and Saban, he is a bum. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot stick by your guns. If you do not believe in what you say, and be willing to stand behind it, don't say nothing. I'll take this offense nad defensive line any day, just give me a headcoach whose head is not shoved all the way up his ass. Yesterday said it all. It proved there is enough talent on this team, and that they are physically capable of stepping up to the job. So e can beat the Bears, but not one of the Titans. Who has also been struggling. It just does not make sense by your explainations nydofans84.

Ask Joey Harrington what is like having been treated as a washed up draft pick. Regardless of his interceptions yesterday, he played almost nothing in preseason to prepare himself to step in. Saban had Clio Lemon, the third string quarterback playing the other half of the game? Tell me moron, why would you not play your new second string quarterback in preseason to allow him to become familiar with the plays and team instead of Clio, who has been here for several years.

This is what separates Saban from coaches that win. You use, and cultivate your players, especially those who are new to the roster, or your game plan. Executing is 50% individual effort, and 50% coaching and planning. I see poor planning in the offensive and defensive schemes. One major win does not correct the mistakes of anyone, especially Saban. Kuechenberg seen the same problems, he did not place the problem on lack of talent, age, or individual effort by the players. He blames Saban for how the year is going, and did not recant his position on his remark of impeaching Saban because of yesterdays win. As everyone has said, he tells it like it is. So blow me... take all that bullshit you looked up to make it look like you have something in that thing you call your skull. Your bone headed insults, and reasoning are that of a fricken baby wanting attention. Saban is probably your old man, if not your back door buddy. Go pound yourself idiot.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey new york... you are an ass. I have heard your rantings here about how bad our team is. Go elsewhere if you are so unhappy with the talent we have here. You have no clue. I guess you never will.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree bloodlust. if it was the players being tired and untalented, we could not have won this game. Kooch hs said the same thing, and has not apologised for it. He most likely won't knowing he is 100 percent right.

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as far as getting college coaches... it is a possibility, but Saban has not proved himself here in th least bit. As far as his college history, that is what it is. The question is what is he doing today? And the answer is... nada fargen thing.

Why don;t we throw a dig ass party to celebrate our second win of how many loses. Parade our great leader throughout the NFL on how we are of his turning this team around into a contender. Let s do it and see how many jump on the bandwagon...

saban you loser bastard...

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the big mouth nydolfan84... it does not seem that you just state your opinion. The name calling and bashing seems to be something you use to prove you have some brains or credibility. You have not said anything that proves you an expert in the game, let alone removes blame from Saban, as so many have witnessed. You are too eager to shove your opinion down everyones throat, but listen to nothing others have to say, or genuinely look into what has been said by many individuals here.

You lost credibility when you said this team has no talent. No talent, no win. How can you win if there is no talent on a team? This has never been about talent, ask SI. SI claimed as many of you, that this was the best team ever put together. What happened? We have all this talent, but we can't win. Until yesterday. A no talent team is able to beat a team going undefeated for 7 or 8 games straight.

Credibility lies in the truth. In understanding and accepting our situation, but no one wants the truth, so you make your own. The truth starts with how poorly this fool Saban is running this team into the ground.

I think you and all Saban backers should crawl in a hole and die. get off this blog you idiot and those like you.

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm, didn't the dolphin's win armando? not really getting it if you are trying to be sarcastic because, to be honest with you, i think kooch's comments helped to galvanize the team. at this point i'll take about anything that gets this team to play to it's potential.

8:45 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

you guys need to learn how to read...never said "no talent" The offensive line maybe. Also i never said we needed to trade anyone. We could use some youth on the d-line looking long term, but i said we have a great front 7. All I said was Taylor and Thomas arent in their prime anymore. They are still great players, but can't carry the defense on their own. If you have done your homework, anonymous. You will see that bloodlust called me out, when i said Saban should get one more year to see if he can do it. I'm just stating my opinion, never claim to be an expert, and if you are calling for Saban's firing thats your opinion. I am discrediting bloodlust for his personal attack on me, and that he has no solution for our current coaching problem. I never said our player were shitty or losers. Just said we have some holes, which most teams do. And I am not satisfied with Saban's effort this year, but I still think we need a year to see what he has. How many times do I have to repeat my point, not sure why it keeps getting confused with me bashing our players. We haven't been to the playoffs in half a decade, and we have a little more ways to go. But I have faith we will get it right. Please learn how to read if you are going to blog.

Also, I think Kuch has every right to say what he feels, i just don't agree with it and it is somewhat a slap in the face to the organization who gave you so much. But if he thinks Saban needs to go, he has the right to express it.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:00 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Anonymous said...
hey new york... you are an ass. I have heard your rantings here about how bad our team is. Go elsewhere if you are so unhappy with the talent we have here. You have no clue. I guess you never will.

When is the last time we made the playoffs? Its called reality. Who doesn't have a clue? We don't have bad talent, I just think at this point we aren't in the upper echelon of teams in the league. We are a notch below. Do we have the talent of a 2-6 team? No we should be atleast 5-3. Are we better than the Jets, Bills, and Texans, all teams that we lost to? YES!!! Call it talent, choking, poor execution, bad coaching. I think it's a little bit of everything. Maybe poor execution is more accurate than lack of talent. Our offensive line can't execute their blocks, our secondary can't execute covering L. Coles, and our Receiving Corp sometimes can't execute catching balls. The game planning also needs to be improved. I just think its too early to make a coaching change...but this is the last i'll talk about Saban. All i know is that the first 3 weeks...everyone blamed Culpepper, now that he is out, everyone blames Saban. I'm trying to keep an even keel and evaluate this team from a non-fan's perspective. The whole idea that i think the team has no talent was fabricated by bloodlust. I really think we can make a run and finish 7-9 or better. Which is still not meeting my preseason expecations, but it would show that our men won't give up.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude... get your dumbass off this site too we see you retarded ass in your picture. when you get the drugs out of your system... then say something... You do do notdeserve further chances when you do nothing... I mean nothing, but embarrass every Dolphin fa alive. They never looked this bad, no matter how old the players were. You and that asshole ny need your heads examined. Your a freakin cancer to all fans and this team. hey dude go on and pick ny in your limo... you can blow each other... its probably what your best at... ass wipes

oh ... look the big mouth is on the air... who you blowing this morning ny? do you not work? Oh do have a job... a f**n faggot whore. Hey my dog is horny... why don't you come over and blow him too fuck head!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the moderator here? Surely you folks can get your thoughts across without profanity. I stop reading at the first profanity not because I am a prude but because I think it childish and illiterate.

Anyway, on the subject of THE GAME I appreciate the Bear's imploding on us and gifting us the ball as often as they did. I am grateful that several inane penalties (illegal formation ON A PUNT!!!) did not faze the defense; many times previously this year the defense collapsed and gave up a big drive late. Kudos to the entire team and organization.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Dolphin fans have pissed me off for 40 years. They have jumped from band wagon to band wagon. Sunday was a great win and it was awsome to watch. We had 24 hours to rejoice but now we have to see what happens in our own house against Larry Johnson and Damon Huard. Like Kooch said we need consistant play from the "O".
You know I hear people talking about heart and then when we are behind at home with 12 minutes left these "strong hearted" assholes get up and leave. Don't talk about heart on the team if you can only be a fan on the good days.
The yelling of the fans is "more important" when the team is struggling. I sit in the 400 at the home games and it pisses me off to see all the empty seats or even worse like the Green Bay game they were louder than we were in our own house.
That said...Kansas City and New Orleans have shown you don't need a 2000 page intricate play book when you are struggling you need execution on a basic playbook and you have to have the right players on the field. For example it is obvious Sammy MOrris cant catch a cold so stop trying to shuttle him the ball. as for the "old" ancient guys like Zach and JT they bring it and leave it all on the field every game. Besides their caliber of play they can teach consistent cerebral play to young players such as Will Allen. If Sam Madison were still here he would have missed 4 games with ankle injuries already. It also helps when Mularky doesn't call 62 freakin passes. Give Ronnie the rock and throw a block.
I still believe you have to earn the field with your play and not your name but I also believe that if you are making bad decisions as a coach calling plays you need to watch game film like the players do and ask yourself "what was I thinking?" If you only call 3 plays the whole day you have to call plays that puts your talent in the best place to make a catch.

bloodlust...keep or fire saban who knows but as we agree you have to adjust your coaching to the talent and not vice versa. If you have 2000 plays but can't execute the basics you are fucked. I'm not impressed with a miracle one handed catch in a crowd, which probably shouldn't have been thrown, when you continually drop the the 3rd down and 7 crossing pattern when you finally managed to get open. You also can't set and throw when your line is throwing "look out" blocks.
it takes heart to win a game like that but it takes more heart to come home and execute the next weekend and build on that win.
It seems the Wanstedt curse is still dicking us. In the NFL if you can't run the the ball don't suit up just fold up. I think Ronnie is the key and I think he is on the sideline too much and I think Saban needs to get a clue and realise Mularky's calls are throwing us under the bus.

NYDLFAN84 is waht i said up front jumping from band wagon to bandwagon loving Duante now a hater

11:35 AM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Bloodlust … I said I wasn’t going to get into a back and forth with you. So let me just finish our “talk” with this: I’ve never backed from my opinion about anything. My point about the college coaches was that you are throwing names out there and saying how they’re successful now and all I’m saying is if you hire those guys over Saban, it won’t solve anything. Just because Tressel is undefeated in college does not automatically mean that his success will translate to the NFL. Look, I understand you want Saban fired. I think we ALL understand that. But I disagree.

Now keep it classy, bloodlust. I never insulted you or your opinion. You claim to be a 40+ year Dolphin fan but you’re acting more like my 11 year old nephew. Calling me clueless was uncalled for.

12:00 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...


Let's not get confused. I must not be making my point clear, because everyone is getting the wrong idea. I wanted Daunte over Brees. I thought his previous body of work was more impressive and I thought a QB nursing a sore knee would be better than a QB with a bad shoulder. I also think Culpepper can throw a better deep ball, and that our Receiving Corps has big play potential. (if we can eliminate the drops) At this point, Brees looks healthy, Culpepper doesn't. Maybe my opinion was wrong, but that's all it is. Everyone has their own opinion. Brees/Culpepper before the season started was a close call. I don't claim to be an expert but I watch enough sports to arrange facts and form a logical opinion.

I still think Culpepper, when healthy may be the future QB. We still could draft a young QB to groom for the future. (Not even necessarily in the first round) I would rather have two starting caliber QBs (like the Chargers had with Brees and Rivers), than have one QB who may or may not return to form. If he returns to his Vikings form, I am happy with him at QB. That being said, if we don't have a line to protect him, he can't succeed. The line is responsible for probably half of the sacks, while the other lied in Culpepper hesitating to pull the trigger. I still like Culpepper, I just want to see him healthy. And if we can add depth at the QB position, I'm all for it. If Culpepper has a bandwagon...consider me still on it.

12:02 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:04 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Also Hank, it should be pointed out, that i pretty much agree with your entire post. We should all be on the same team here. We all passionately love the dolphins and we should all be entitled to our own opinions. I appologize for getting into a name-calling, childish, beef with bloodlust. I just want to talk about the team I've loved since I was 6 years old. Despite the poor start, this win felt great, and I let my buddy in Chicago know about it. I will support them if they are 0-8, but its okay to be critical of the players, coaches, and organization alike. It doesn't mean you are less of a fan or a bandwagon jumper.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Hank in the 400 said...

I think the thing to remember is that winning in college doesn't always translate to the pros, look at Spurrier. Nobody is getting fired right now so it is time to support our team and celebrate the recent victory

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

I just want to say thanks for writing the blog Armando.

To the Dude, have you ever been to a Lebwoski Fest? Halarious and great fun. I enjoy your posts as you are one of the few who actually put thought into them.

On a football note I have said before you cannot fire Saban based on this year, it just makes the losing cycle last that much longer. Give him time to develop his people. Yes, his defensive system is complicated but those are the systems that win championships, the Pats and Steelers systems are not the base 4-3 that Wanny used to run, they are complicated and it takes awhile for the players to learn.

Bloodlust, you are an idiot, Thad Matta? If you are going to write about someone at least get their name right. Anyone can coach in college, look at Spurrier, Carrol, Wanny, the list just goes on. An undefeated college coach does not definitely translate to the NFL. You really just need to stop posting.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Mars Rover said...

They should hire Kooch as a motivational speaker to come in and talk to the team every week.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KOOCH CAN SMOOCH MY BAROOCH. I still wish these old trolls would find a new bridge to haunt. Since they choose to distance themselves from todays Dolphins , get your old ass back under the bridge. I hope the Colts run the board just to put the old creeps out ofour hair.

1:58 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Hank in the 400: Well said.

Joseph: I've never been to one but have always wanted to. I hear they're crazy. I might go next year if I can. Thanks for the props!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Kooch's statements before and after the Bear game. The Phins have been unmotivated and played uninspired...Until last Sunday. It was a great victory but waiting until week 8 to put it together makes it a bit hollow.
If they can build on it and develop some heart and character to start strong in the '07 season then we may look back to this game as the turning point. If they play the rest of the season like the did against the Bills, Jets, Pack, Titans and Texans then this was just an aberration.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The game Sunday almost put tears to my eyes. THAT IS WHAT I CALL DOLPHINS FOOTBALL. Knock the crap out of the other team. JUST LIKE THE 72 TEAM! What the 72 team had was a very big chip on it's shoulders and it dared anyone to knock it off. Sunday, I saw a small picture of that. As I recall, one of the announcers mentioned that he had not seen such a hard hitting game like Sunday's game in quite awhile. Shortly there after, there was a camera shot of a Bear's player walking off the field with the C emblem on his helmut broken off. It's interesting to note that Mondays paper mentioned, I believe, Jim Langer saying that he would not have been surprised if the Bears knock the 'Fish' off Miami's helmuts. After the game Zach Thomas inspected his helmut and told reports that it was still there.

The point I want to bring up is that FINALLY, I watched a Dolphin game where players were walking around with a chip on their shoulders, DARING ANYONE, to knock it off. Lineman were knocking people around, Harrington was leading a block and delivering. Welker continued to run right into Bears without reguard to personal saftey. Thomas plastering the running back at the line of scrimmage, Taylor simply raising havoc in the Bears backfield. NOW THATS WHAT GETS ME FIRED UP.

If it takes one of Miami's alumni to piss off the entire team into action, then so be it. Kooch is smiling today because he got what he wanted from his former team. FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!!!

This team needs to remained pissed. They need to continue to feel disrespected. Hell, call SI and beg them to rank us 32nd again. PLEASE. Get this team so riled up that their next opponent is going to bring extra trainers and medical staff to the game.

But, alas, that may not happen. All I can to is sit, pray, and hope a miracle can happen.

L.A. Phinfan.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Excellenet writing hank and LA Phinfan, you are true fans who, like I, have been there in the good days and bad. Everyone is on this band wagon bit as you stated. How everyone was so ecstatic that we are going to SB because Sports Illustrated claimed so. Everypaper and sports magazine, including the Miami Herald, claimed we had more talent than any past Dolphin teams, and the current NFL. All these guys like nydolfa84, the dude, and others were jumping for joy at the picking up of Culpepper, and all the draft picks, but when they cannot perform to their standards they turn the other way. These turn coats bash the players, but have no clue on how the coaching plays the major component in how a play is executed.

Joseph.. other teams tried to leave the 3-4 game plan, some succeeded as you stated, but it is not the answer. We beat New England using the 3-4 system last year against their improved game structure. If you want to sit and wait another 10 years for this type of system to work in our game plan, go ahead. Changing to scheme guarantees nothing because the basic 3-4 can beat, as we beat it last year.

As far as you idiots, joseph and nydolfans84, who cannot get past me making the mistake of saying Matta, instead of Tressel, big deal. Apparently even you know who I was reffering to. Where do you think these coaches come from. They all started in college ball. In my opinion, what do we have to lose with the way this moron is handling our team. These men, Carr and Tressel, are winners and have the stats to back it. Lets look at the stats of Saban over the last year and a half. How long do we wait? Patience is needed, but with some kind of positive producting on his part. 2-6 this year, and the poor performance of last year warrants more time? bull! Tressel in his second year went undefeated, and is undefeated at this point again this season. College ball has more screwed up rules than the NFL, so do not say it is not possible for either to come here and do better than Saban.

I agree with the point you make with dropping and picking of coaches, dude. If and only if Saban showed promise. Winning the last 6 games in a row last year. Does not make up for the shit start, and here we are a second year going through the same thing. As others have said, along with me, that you now place the blame on the top rated offense of defense before the season started, and instead of placing the blame where it counts.

Anyone who thought just because we won 6 games in a row last year, and the draft picks with the pciking up of Culpepper is delusional. And now your bubbles have burst, you blame the players. Whether it is age, dropping balls, or whatever. It is their fault. If a play is not executable because of the lack of use, or being something thrown at the lines, dropped balls is not all that is going to happen. Look at the team as a whole. Except for yesterday, our team looked as they never played ball before. That is Saban's deal not the players. If you are pushing new plays that cause your team to look and act as they have no clue, the head coach and his staff are responsible. Mainly the big guy Saban, the control monger.

These fools who think they know football better than one who played, Kooch, are fools as well. he said out right that the problem concerning the whole team was in Saban. Even with the win, he still has not rebutted his statement. Why? Because he sees as the rest of us.

I think Sports Ilustrated is right on the talent this team possess, but Saban has no clue on how to utilize and unlease their greatness. It was there yesterday, but will he change the line ups, and plays again. It is truly disheartening having to sit and hope your team acts as a team from week to week. The possiblity of winning or losing always hangs in the air, but with us it lies on Saban's idealisms.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that the players of old should be quiet, are brainless dweebs. They played the game. Who would no better, a feakin' couch potato. Pull the gerbals from your ass, and go somewhere else. This is a blog for those who care what is happening with this team. No demented, uneducatedcrap spouters wanted. That means you nydolfan84, and those like you. keep the faith, those of you that know what Dolphins football is about.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous TiredoftheTypical said...

First, named a college basketball coach for the Dolphins head coaching job = Your a moron. Nothing, I mean nothing can change that. Not even God would forgive a name slip like that.

And for the Saban, hes a winner. His talent assestment is right on.
Ronnie amazing. We have only seen the beginning. 157yards? With this OL? DId you see the run against KC last that makes me tingle watching the hit he put on that DB. Even Ferotte was a good transition choice to make a probable crap season fun.

And last on Saban, if Miami is not in the playoffs this year, I am shocked. NOt because of Zach or Taylor or Saban, but because Saban hired some of the best coaches in the league to run his ship. Winners don't stay down for long.

Btw, watch the dolphins press can see why the press hates Saban. Because they ask questions that are so moronic that you can't help but see how he gets angry at them....How many times can you answer the question...So what scheme are you going to run against Chicago on Sunday without saying Stop asking me that F**king question, i am not going to answer that. The press play down to us fans like we are 8 years old and thus ask questions like, what did you feel when you caught that ball. ANswer: I just thanked god man.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

tireofthetypical... your the freakimg moron... i might have confused coaches, but you have no clue thinking we will make the playoffs. How many 157 yard runs has Brown run this year, or the previous? None of our guys are playing up to potential with Saban's stupid game. That is why he is asked the many times he has, because he has no clue to what he is doing. Just as you know not a damn thing about this team or football. You rely on one game, and that proves nothing. If Saban is as good as you say, we should be playing 100% better than we have. Two games? Wow! impress me and others with more stats moron. My wife knows more about football than you, and she has just started watching it since we married. Go find the same hole ny crawled out of, and kiss each others ass. That is about all you know how to do. Intsead of reading only what you choose, read the whole thing, and listen to his idiotic self righteous babbling. It means nothing as your opinions.

God... I cannot believe the fools who claim to be fans here. I feel sorry for those of us who truly want something for our team other than embarrassment. Shit.. I will not waste another word on you or ny. idiots.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous TiredoftheTypical said...

I am still laughing Bloodlust...God still has not forgiven.

Miami is great, full of diversity and drunk fans=bloodlust who attack people from NY. I love jets games. I just hate taking my kids to see the Dolphins just to see bloodlust pound his overly red man boobs.

Now, I like Miami against KC with the momentum and Brown rocks so simply put, they will win this Sunday.

After that, the chances of them running the table to face an unbeaten Indy are not high but GOD i hope that happens. What a game that would be! 9-6 hoping for the playoffs vs 15-0....come on Kuch!!!! you can bring home more mouth watering perfection.

So, I am optimistic....thats why I blog. But if your smart, which a lot of you when Saban talks about winning and how he gets to people. The man has never had a losing season for a reason. Whether you think its luck or just not applicable to the NFL is your own opinion, but history and last year weigh heavy against your argument.

Again, Phins are going to the playoffs!

9:33 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

For the record, bloodlust, I was never on the Culpepper bandwagon. I've always prefered Brees or finding our future QB via the draft (and still do).

I don't bash the players, as you claim. I'm as passionate about this team as the next guy. That's why I waste my time reading blogs like these. I love the Dolphins and I live and die with every game as any true die hard would. Just because I differ in my opinion on how the team should be handled doesn't make me any less passionate or die hard for my team.

Turncoat? Bandwagon jumper? Why? Because I believe in Nick Saban? Because I don't agree with you?

Dude, you don't know me or anything about me. Don't question my love and loyalty for this team. So I'm asking you again -- keep it classy and I'll do the same. We can agree to disagree. I have no problem with your opinion for wanting Saban fired. It's your opinion. But don't question my loyalty to the Dolphins. Ever.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous TiredoftheTypical said...

Btw, I bet bloodlust rapes me in the english language equivalent for my man boob comment on his next reply! :P

9:37 PM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Manboobs...HAHAHAHA TiredoftheTypical, don't worry about bloodlust, he is just a little cranky these days. HEY I GOT IT! Maybe Coach K will be interested in our head coaching position. He has a great college track record. As did Saban. Saban is still yet to have a losing season as a head coach! But I'm sure everyone knows that. Although he needs to improve his effort. As far as Kooch and any other players speaking out...they can say what they want. AS can anyone, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I can understand why some people want Saban gone. There certainly some reasons for both arguments. I can respect a difference in opinion. What i don't respect is being called a "fag" or disloyal fan, because I think we need to give Saban another year to prove that he is capable. I am as loyal a dolfan as any, but I'm open-minded enough to form my own opinions. I don't need the herald or Kooch to tell me what to think. Don't question my loyalty. We should all be on the same team here! All of us have a crazy passion for the Dolphins. I have spent many Decembers in Buffalo, freezing my ass off, in enemy territory cheering this team loud and proud. If any of you have been to Buffalo you know that you can't even take a piss without looking over your shoulder. When I was in 5th grade i got a beer chucked at me. They are still bitter from the 20 straight losses we handed them. The trailer-trash Bills fans are for another day though. You think its hard being a Dolphins' fan in FL, try being one in your rivals backyard. I will always be on the Dolphins' bandwagon, as I have been since I was old enough to say Shula. Go Phins!

10:23 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

yeah ny and tiredofthetypical... freakin cry babies... you really show how much brains you have by using one game to prove you know it all. You two faggots have no clue. If you do not like the name calling ny, don't use it.
remember saying this ny: I love Zach and JT, but they are two or three years removed from their best years. Zach can't escape blocks like he used to. How many times has he been barried this year when he tries to rush the passer? JT seems like he is always limping with some injury. He is still a top pass rusher, but can be exploited if you run at him at times. Both are still valuable, but can't carry the defense like they used to. Why are you now not crying about how our guy are losing their step? Apparentlythey have not lost it completely if they played as well you now now chabged your opinion on again.

Tired players cannot do as they did on Sunday, but you give credit to Saban. you are such an ass,along with your no found blow job buddy tireofthetypical.

Our loses, our execution on the field is the most embarrassing this team , no matter who playing, has ever looked. And it is not Saban's fault. Bullshit. Coaches have been fied for less, and we are to believe in this moron. Oh.. he has not a losing season. last year and this year are something to brag about. So he won the last 6 games of last year. Did it change anything this year? Hell no! We look like hell again during the first half of the season, and now we expect to go to the playoffs. Saban has to produce wins, not like this blow out, but wins showing that we can play any day, at any time, not midway into the season.

You brainless turds. You are buried so deep in th shit you babble about, cannot get anything right other that how to blow one another.

If you know so much, show us all the fantastic statistics in running, passing, controlling the ball, and executing the plays. I am sure everyone here wants to know how you came up with your bullshit. I am sure we all would like to know where and how you got all this information telling us we are playoff contenders, or how great Saban has bettered this team in any fashion. Instead of running your mouth with the name calling, and telling everyone we know nothing, back it up. The stats we have from this and last year back up our facts. Show yours. Oh.. and not one game, but through the full season of last and this year. Go on prove us wrong. We are waiting. Or are there going to be more name calling.

The Dude, I do apologise if some of the things in my last post you thought were directed to you. I have read most of your posts. Many I agree with, and you have the right to your opinion.

Here is the situation, tiredofthetypical, just get on the blog, and goes off like a baby because I gave the wrong name of the Ohio State Buckeyes coach. That is crap. It is a shame when you have people who say they are fans, yet flip flop during the season. When we are winning, all praise to the players, but when we lose those same players are now too old, lost their step, or whatever.

I think Saban has the capability to make a winner of Miami, but not the way he is going about it now. He has a big head, just as Jimmy Johnson. Look what he went throught to get his ring. What a 2-16 season, along with how many more before he picked his choice players. Is that what we want. A shit season to guarantee first draft picks next season. it does not always work.

If Saban wants my backing, and others, he needs to show more throughout the season, not at the end. We need consistancy. That's how it was when he was in New England. There was no playing like cripples, so why do it here. I can give anyone the opportunity, so long as he proves he is deserving of it. How we played this year, and the beginning of last does not show much of anything.

We cannot live game by game, and sit here and run our mouths by using a one specific game to prove someone's worth, out of how many embarrassing loses. If you hired a guy to build you a house, and you watched the frame work crumble everytime he placed it up because of a poor foundation, would you keep him. hell no. Like building a house you need a strong foubdation. That foundation is in the coaching. Without solid leadership, this team will never perform, or execute plays as they should. This what the rest of us are talking about. Do you really want to wait until he figures out how to build a strong foundation?And how long is enough, or will it take him. I certainly do not see it. Even with this win Sunday. It is a repeat of last year. It is probably a sign of what is to come.

If he stays I hope I am wrong.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god... first this nt guy, and now this other d**khead, tireofthetypical, running his mouth causing trouble here. it is a great name because we are tired of the typical idiot coming here. you were nowhere here earlier, but you join our blog and start attacking others. no credibilty to your opinions, but you jump on blodlust for an error in a name. we all knew who he was talking about, including you. who's the idiot here. there is a lot of opinions here. some i agree with and other i do not. I can see who does know what is going on because you can see it on the field and in the papers.

same thing with kooch. now he is a has been. when did you last play on the field that makes you more of an expert than him. sitting on the couch and watching the game makes none of us guru's of the game. if marino, kooch, greise, or anyone that played here has something to say about what is happening in the game, or how it is now being coached. You are darn right I will listen to their point of view before any of the dilusonal people here, as of you two.

12:11 AM  
Blogger The Dude said...

I appreciate it bloodlust. No harm, no foul. I apologise if I sounded a little jerky there.

I do hope we can all stop attacking one another. I'm all for spirited debates but when the insults start, it really gets dumbed down and makes us Dolphins fans, as a whole, look stupid. Instead of thought provoking, intelligent points and arguments, we get guys here whose only point of argument is calling another guy a fag or a moron. Real intelligent.

We're all Dolphins fans here and we all want the same thing -- we may not all agree with the direction of that thing, but the bottom line is we're Dolphins fans -- through thick and thin. I think we should save the fag and dumbass insults for Jets and Patriots fans.

Although I'm confused as to why Armando deleted one of my rebuttals to Anonymous and yet Anonyomous' insulting rant against me -- that I'm on drugs, am a dumbass and should blow NY -- is still here for all to read. What's up with that Armando??? A guy calls me a fag and a dumbass and his remark stays. I respond to it and I'M the one who gets deleted?


Anyway ... this is a great Dolphin blog and one that deals with the ins and outs of OUR team. I say we make our points, disagree with one another, even angrily if we must (without the insults) and show the rest of the world that Dolphins fans are made up of smart, football savvy, knowlegable, passionate fans. Instead of idiotic fools making junior high insults to one another.

I hope I'm not alone here. I come to these blogs to debate intelligently, not to read how some guy should blow another guy. There are websites for that kind of fetish for you, Anonymous (you know who you are).

Ok ... made my point. Hope it sticks.


12:54 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

No Problem dude... and I agree with your point. Both of them. Same thing I basically told tiredofthetypical. To just get on the blog, and act like he did because I gave the wrong coach. That is what bothers me. I do not follow college as I used to because of how they pick the Rose Bowl teams. If a team has gone undefeated, or as Ohio Stae lost one game to the Wolverines, and get knocked out of the Rose Bowl... it does not make sense. The best teams in college belong in the game, and it becomes easy mixing up coaches when you are not watching regularly.

ny brought up the Raiders, and the coaching dilemma there... no one was picking them at that time to go SB. They never looked as abd as we have during the past year and ahalf, since the Cowboy's 2-16 season. Even then we still looked. I can live not getting another ring, though i want this team to be there once again, but not to look and play as they did most of this year, and early last year too. It must change, and it does start with Saban, and then down.

7:35 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Bloodlust, I still feel that Thomas and Taylor are not in their prime? Taylor had a great game, they are still great players, but they aren't in their prime. They are still valuable. You copied it right in your post. They are just getting older, it happens. We still need them, but I just think they aren't as good as they were 2-3 years ago. It happens when you are that age unless you take HGH. AGAIN, just my opinion. But look, I really don't want to fight. I'll let you get your last insult in on your last point, because these is really getting old. (I assure you that I'm not gay.) Can we please keep this civil? We both just want the Phins to succeed. Your point is well taken with the Raiders. But I was misunderstood again. By turning into the Raiders, I was not comparing our talent to theirs, we are bar none better in that department. I was talking about the volatility in the organization, from switching coaches so often. To me Al Davis runs the organization more like a fan and makes impulse decisions. Dude also brought up the Bills which was right on target. Whenever there is a coaching change, especially with an older team, the team ussually takes a step back, before having a chance to move forward. There is a certain amount of roster turnover as the coach needs to try to bring in players to fit their system. I am hoping that this year is part of that adjusting and that next year we can come out of the gates like we should...playing our best football. Plus like him or not, Saban probably is safe for at least this year. Look how long it took Wayne to get rid of Wanny. I'm going to try to rally around the coach we have and hope he can turn it around. There are no stats to prove he has turned it around...because he hasn't yet. But I think with another offseason he may be able to turn it around. Lets try to remember, that we may disagree on some of the details, but when it comes down to it, we all want the same thing, A successful team, that shows up every week, and has a chance at winning a Super Bowl!

8:14 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

ditto ny... I agree on letting all past statement against each other drop.

I know what your saying about bouncing coaches. I live in MI now, origianlly from Cleve, I have said the same thing to the Lions fans, but theyt still have not played as poorly as we have. A team cannot function at consistant coaching staffs, and numerous player changes.I just see a pattern developing here. He is allowed mistakes, but he needs to learn from them.

Changing the way a team plays is a long journey, not something over night. Saban needs to slowly make these changes in game plays because it is hard to change how you have played for years. this is why our guys look dumbfounded on the field. That is also why I suggested building the second string to move up into the number 1 spot when ready. Pittsburg made their change from the 3-4 game plan over years. Towards the end of the Bradshaw era. Improvements, no matter what they are, need to be done realisticly. That is something we can all agree on too. I am sure those of us who feel Saban needs to go will agree on how I am explaining it to you. I am sure you also can see our point, as we do see yours too. As you said, we are all on the same team, so we do need to work as one too.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Koch is right! Fire Saban and get
C. Weiss. One feel good game ain't
gonna change the funk of this season. Anyway the Dolphins didn't
beat Chicago....the Bears beat the
Bears. Grossman is the weak link,
much like the QB situation is Miami's weak link.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I think we should listen to the Dolphind of old because they played the game. For example, I was reading some of Greg Cotes writings, and i believe he asked Dan Marino who he still would like here as quarterback. Dan replied, that he still would have kepy Huard, who is now statisticly the second best rated QB behind Peyton Manning. Remember Dans success was also due to the prepartion he recieved from working with Bob Greise, and Don Strock which I believe empowered dans potential even more. We do not have this now. We are still hanging to Culpepper who is not even practicing.

I would love a new Marino here, but I think it will be a long tiresome wait. So we need to listen when players, as Dan, when they point out whom they believe could be our next potential player in any spot. In my opinion, Peyton Manning , Tom Brady are another Terry Bradshaw. Terry was not the greatest QB in the game, but his team made him look good. In every sense this is what we have to focus on now. Along with changes in playing the game, we need to get a QB, and build an offense around his ability. This kind of methodology worked throughout the years. Bernie Kosar in Cleveland, Dan, and many others had offenses designed to enhance their ability, and since Dan has gone we have yet to do this because we have not picked the man we want in the QB position to do so. Unfortunately, we will not get Huard back, or get another chance for Drew Brees. Culpepper has to show up, or we need to keep Harrington in play and pick up someone in the draft, or free agency and create ann offence that they can enhacne both of their abilities.

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