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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Time for Dolphins to get serious

I understand the Dolphins have to do their homework and so that's why they've been interviewing guys like Cam Cameron and Ron Turner and Ron Rivera and Joe Schmoe.

But seriously, who are they kidding here?

There are two skyscrappers out there and, until Sunday night, the Dolphins have been shopping for a two-story condo.

The two coaches Miami should scrutinize the most and should try to hire immediately are Bill Cowher or Pete Carroll. One won a Super Bowl last year while the other won back-to-back national titles a couple of years ago.

Wayne Huizenga likes them both and today he finally got around to interviewing Carroll. By the end of the week the Dolphins should, must, talk to Cowher.

I'm not saying either will be hired. There are too many variables in play like, "Will Carroll leave an easy job for the toughness of the NFL?" and "Will Cowher choose to coach again THIS YEAR after resigning from Pittsburgh Friday."

I know you guys will now set about posting the million reasons it shouldn't be Carroll or Cowher. We just had a college coach and he failed, we have to give up compensation for Cowher.

Well, just because Nick Saban failed, it doesn't mean Pete Carroll must fail. And remember that by resigning, Cowher guaranteed the Steelers he will not coach them in 2007, driving down Pittsburgh's negotiating stance in trying to extract draft picks for him.

So rather than demanding, and not getting, a first-round pick for Cowher, the Steelers would rather get something for a coach they are not going to have anyway. They might well do it for a second round pick. And who out there wouldn't give up a second round pick for Cowher?

So until the Dolphins have firm answers from both men -- and that answer better be NO -- they are only fooling themselves interviewing coach Schmoe, Larry and Curley.


Blogger The Dude said...

Armando, I think this is the first time I've ever disagreed with you.

No, the Dolphins should not hire Carroll. He's the epitome of a great college coach whose success does not translate to the pros (Nick Saban, anyone?). He's already coached twice in the NFL (in our own division, mind you) and was fired both times. He's a great recruiter (as is Saban) and he relates wonderfully with young college kids (like Saban). But that doesn't mean he'll have the same success in the NFL. Hiring Carroll would be a disaster. Mark my words.

As for Cowher: Yes he's a great coach. But don't think for a second Pittsburgh won't ask for a high draft pick/picks. They don't care if he's not coming back. Even a 2nd round pick is not worth it. Remember, the main problem is not so much a lack of a coach as a lack of playmakers. Cowher can't heal Culpepper's knee, can't make Joey throw the ball better, can't help the secondary run faster. We need playmakers. And we need all the draft picks that we can muster to get them.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Travis Anderson said...

You're on the money, Armando. I'd much rather see Cowher than Carroll, but they are certainly the best two options. I would give up a first rounder for Cowher in a second. We need consistency and respect; Cowher would provide both.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

Is there a coach that loves college ball more than Slick Nicky?

Yeah? Hey, lets hire him!

Wayne's constant obsession with the big name is becoming real tiresome. Look, I like the big name as much as the next guy, but how about a little common sense for crissake.

Slick Nicky + affability = Carroll

I have no doubt in my mind that Wayne will be able to convince him to leave USC, and that Carroll will get the job along with total personnel control.

Deja vu.

God I hope I'm wrong.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for both these guys as coaches. Carroll at least would know what he is getting into having coached twice before in the NFL. Cowher is my first choice as well but the Dude is certainly right about us needing our high draft picks. Maybe Peter King's scenario of Capers caretaking for a year before Cowher taking over in 08 works best for me.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Kurt in Tampa said...

No, No, No Pete Carroll. Doesn't anyone remember the choke sign after Pete Stoyakovich missed the game winning field goal. No freakin way do I want to have to cheer for that piece of garbage. I only wish USC were playing Ohio State tonight so he could get blown out on national tv.

8:20 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

NO Saban, he'll miss the keg parties too much. He'd rather play with a stacked deck (USC) than coach on an equal playing field with the best of the best. He's already fell on his face in a few NFL jobs. I like Cowher, but how hungry is the guy? He just walked away from Pittsburgh. After the Super Bowl win, he must have lost a little of his edge. He is a great coach, but I don't know where his heart is. Seems like he wants to spend more time with his family. We need a coach that is in it for the long hall. Petrino is gone, so now I think we need to nab Cameron

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Armando, I agree 100% with you! That scares me a little, but anyway, I say Cowher, Cowher, and more Cowher Power! Do whatever it takes. I don't think Cowher can stay away. I think that by Draft Day, he'll be chomping at the bit. It's in his blood. Cowher is exactly the type of guy you want as your head coach!

As for Carroll, I don't think he would actually leave USC, but if we can't get Cowher, I wouldn't be disappointed to get Pete.

No matter what, though, I think that Wayne has to tell the coach to just coach, and let Randy Mueller and whoever handle personnel.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Ron Rivera all the way. Puerto Rican Head Coach for the Pro Team in Miami and black Head Coach for the college team. Miami knows whats up.

9:31 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

I stumbled upon this
From John Clayton's Blog:

Huizenga looking for big nameposted: Sunday, January 7, 2007 | Print Entry

Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga tried to get a big name interested in the Dolphins job. More than most owners, Huizenga is willing to give all the football decision-making powers over to a coach. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might note that if Bill Parcells steps down.
Bill Cowher would interest Jones if Parcells leaves, but the former Steelers coach won't be on the sidelines again until 2008 at the earliest. If Huizenga can't come up with a big name head coach, he will likely hire an NFL assistant or former head coach.

Clayton is pretty accurate, so Cowher is probably a long shot to coach anywere in '07.

11:03 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

Here is an interesting articles about the Phins situation from Yahoo Sports:

11:15 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Armando, I do not understand why Huizenga would waste a moment with Carroll. He had TWO chances as an HC in the NFL and failed twice. There no reason to believe he would do any better this time. As for Cowher, the Dolphins would have to surrender picks to sign him. For a team that has a dearth of talent, why on earth would they go this route?

Cam Cameron is a terrific candidate. So is Jim Bates. The Dolphins would do well by either man.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

about cowher. 1st he coaced the steelers for 15 years and won one sb. big deal. he coached in one of the weakest divisions in football. that's why he won. he's just not that good. if it wern't for the ref's in last years sb they would have lost to seatle. armondo i can't believe you think this guy is so good. 2nd we have to give up draft picks. haven't we done enough of that? even a 2nd round coice is to much. if you give them away then anyone coming in here is destined to fail.
pete carroll is not the answer.he failed before. college is differt from the pro's. players in college pick the team they want to go to. there's nothing a coach can do. in the pro's the coach picks the players. he showed that he can't. nough said

12:23 PM  
Blogger Hal said...

Armando, with all due respect, Pete Carroll is a proven failure as a head coach in the NFL.

He took over a SUPER BOWL team in New England, with a terrific young playmaking trio in Bledsoe, Martin and Glenn, and several other great young draft picks like Vrabel, Law, McGinest, etc...and ran that team into the toilet in 3 YEARS!

Let Carroll stay at USC, where he can beat up on less talented teams. As a head coach in the NFL, his record is every bit as bad as Wanny's, if not worse.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

As usual, the Dude abides and is correct. Pete Carrol would most liely be a disaster here in Miami. He lost a national title game with 2 Heisman trophy winners on the field. He is a defensive guru who had a month to gameplan for Vince Young and could not stop him for anything. He has a ton of talent and that is why he wins at USC. Giving him total control of the Dolphins organization would probably produce the same results as giving Wanny total control.

Today's game is too complicated to have a coach who is also the GM. It barely works anymore.

I think an interesting solution might be Russ Grimm. Maybe getting him would allow the Dolphins to keep both coordinators because of the Pittsburgh ties (yes I know everyone including myself hated the offense this year but the Dolphins desperatly need consistancy).

The beautiful thing about sports is that you never know though, Carrol could be hired and turn into that hated coach in New England who ruined the Browns for a few years in the 1990s before winning 3 superbowls.

2:33 PM  
Blogger mike36fan said...

Big names don't mean big wins. Small names like Sean Payton and Eric Mangini seemed to work just fine.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Dude - I did not address the Cowher thing though. I think if you can get a coach of his caliber you do it no questions asked. Look at what Gruden did for Tampa Bay. They are terrible now but he won them a Super Bowl. The Pats had to compensate the Jets for their jerk of the head coach. I do not think it would put the franchise back too far to give up a second round pick for Cowher. He is the best long-term solution out there. Especially if he could keep Capers around.

2:39 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Thanks Joseph. I hear you about Gruden. But keep in mind that Gruden took over a team that was ready to make the Super Bow leap. TB already had all the pieces in place and just needed the right guy to get them over the hump. The Dolphins are nowhere near to being a Super Bowl contender unless they get really lucky with Culpepper next year. The defense has Zach and JT but after that, there are lots of question marks. And yes, the Bucs stink now and Gruden himself has said that it’s because of a lack of sufficient draft picks – the same draft picks the team gave up for him.

As for Cowher, I like the guy a lot. He’s the best “candidate” out there. But this team is so shell shocked after two questionable drafts by Saban and his insistence on signing older players for the defense and ignoring the offensive line – not to mention his blunders with Culpepper and Harrington (who we gave up draft picks for), that I’d rather we keep all our picks and get a personnel guy who will use those picks wisely and build the team. I’m all for having Cowher down here. But not at the price the Steelers would likely ask for him.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree wth the dude on gruden 100%. as for cowher i just don't think he's that good nor do we need to lose draft picks. he won the sb because the refs helped him.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Whoever is chosen has his work set out for him due to age and cap no defined QB and whatever else you might name and no matter who else is chosen it is a 50-50 chance of people agreeing. If you like Cowar we need to hire him as an adviser for 1 year first but if we want to start getting things together we may not want to wait a year. Bates would be good but Whisenhut is I think also a good thought.

Carroll is building a dynasty and I think he wants another national championship at USC and I think like Saban he prefers the college game and the control he has over the players. In college they perform or lose their scholarship in the NFL they dont't perform they still get paid and then they have one good year they want to double or triple their pay.
Some coaches can't deal with 50 ego's and Carroll may be one.

Mora is I think a consideration as I think he got "Vicked" out of Atlanta. I think we need a coach who will play players not just the names on the back of the shirt.

The next coach needs to be some one with enough hangin' there to say "I don't give a shit who you are every position is up for grabs and if you don't want to play you don't get to stay.

I say we look for someone with a large set and a big stick. Lets don't settle lets be aggressive

Huizenga sent out emails to season ticket holders asking who we would suggest as next coach. Maybe he should ask the writers and bloggers who are full of opinions

3:49 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

I would love to see a copy of that alleged email Huizenga sent out to season ticket holders.

If any of you are a season ticket holder and you got an email from Wayne Huizenga, please post it on here.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Lets look at Gruden, he took a Tampa team that was built by Tony Dungee to the SB but has gotten worse every year since.

The best college coaches are great recruiters but you don't recruit in the NFL you draft. You might get 1 first round pick in the NFL but you can sign 25 number ones in NCAA. It's what can you do with the ones you have.

The dolphins have never done anything great with their first round choice and have often traded it away for a player they know can produce. Why not consider t5hat for a coach who produces.

Once again I say look for a "coach"
not a "name"

4:03 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Here it is Armando:

Now that we have undertaken our head coaching search, we want you to know that Wayne Huizenga and all of us at the Miami Dolphins organization are committed to finding the best possible individual for this special franchise. Now more than ever, Mr. Huizenga is determined to do whatever is necessary to ensure your Miami Dolphins win consistently and be the elite team in the NFL.

We have identified a number of coaches we think are excellent prospects and are in the process of interviewing them now. You will no doubt hear a great deal about our progress in the coming days and, since we are all in this together, we are open to your ideas and comments. Please feel free to send us your thoughts to ideas. In addition, we also invite you to listen to the Dolphins Show weeknights at 790 The Ticket from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for all Dolphin news and events. The show is also available through

We thank you for your past and future support. We are optimistic about our future and the 2007 season.

Best wishes,

Joe Bailey, CEO, Dolphins Enterprises
Bryan Wiedmeier, President and Chief Operating Officer

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Armando, I didn't respond to the email and deleted it but I will try to retrieve it and post it.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Thanks dude

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

"The Dude" pretty much said everything I wanted to say. Carroll had his chance in the NFL and didn't have success. What makes anyone think he will now?

How many more years do we think Cowher wants to coach? Why is he leaving Pittsburg? Is that not one of the best coaching spots in the NFL when you consider the ownership and fan base? That tells me that he might just be tired of coaching. The last thing we need is a coach who realizes that he is sick of coaching after 2-3 years.

All one needs to do is look at Sean Payton at New Orleans. Whether he is the best coach in the world or merely got lucky shows you that success can come from other than "the best available." Was Zack Thomas and Jason Taylor "the best available" players at their positions coming out of college? It's all relative and subject to luck and skill and timing all rolled into one.

As "the dude" said, if we had a good QB, and some playmakers at WR and DB we would all be in a much different, and better, place right now and this discussion would be mute.

And besides.....even if I thought that Carroll could bring us back to prominence I wouldn't want him. He is a smug, arrogant, jerk who belongs in California. Let him stay. Please!

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoever he hires, let's just hope he really wants to coach the dolphins. Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban both acted like they were above the organization. They were both begged into coaching the dolphins. That's what worries me about Carrol or Cowher. Wouldn't both come in and basically say, hey, I already solidified my reputation, you guys are lucky to have me, blah, blah, blah. Let's get somebody who's hungry to succeed.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I did not read the whole commentary by Armando, and I think he is having some difficulty in reasoning lately. His remarks before saban's quitting, and now his approach on the coaching ideas. Bill Cowher, I think he would be an excellent choice, but I believe him when he says that he wants time to spend with his family. He has nothing to prove. He can take a one or two year break, and still be on the wanted list.

I hate it when i cannot remember... oh yes... Cam Cameron is a decent candidate. We can see realistically how he can make a difference here, but it still takes someone with integrity. Someone who will do exactly as he says, no ifs, ands, or buts. There is so much of this going around the NFL if you look.

The biggest problem I see arising is that papers covering their home teams, and not being completely honest with their readers. A friend of mine was saying that in Cleveland, the papers straight out said, that Culpeppers doctor's, himself, and the Dolphin's knew he was not ready for play this season, especially with the kind of injury he had. Apparently, he read that Culpepper was not going to play this year, but the hope of his recovering over this year he might have been worth the risk of picking up. I do not remember hearing such statements, and if that is whats true, why did we not hear it hear in the Miami Herald. We should have had more information than those who read their home paper. I found this upsetting.

Dude... I took some time to look at your site again... I like your humor! Saban and Carrol... one's a dick... the other a cheerleader. That's great!

Armando... because you go big... does not mean you will come away with someone or thing that you will be happy with. Someone who is walking on air will most likely leave again if he feels he is not being catered to, or gets his way. saban did things his way, and we got kicked in the teeth for it. We need someone who is a team player, willing to grow, and if at all possible he will get his popularity. Popularity does not win, as we should have just learned. Let us approach this year with the idea of some wanting to be somewhere for his career, and willing to sit back out of the lime light to make the future of this team glisten as it once did.

I know... I know... someone out there will not like what I just spit out, but it is the truth. I feel you can see the point I am making if you are open minded. And that is what we are all trying to find in a GM and coach.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

I'd like to know why Mariucci and Martz haven't been interviewed?

I personally don't buy the no retread argument. A retread like Denny Green or Capers, no. But every situation is different. Bill Belichick was a retread.

And for every Sean Payton and Eric Mangini, there's a Norv Turner and Gregg Williams and Mike Sherman and Jim Haslett and Ray Rhodes and Mularkey and Capers and Wannstache. The list goes on.

Getting a proven assistant isn't a slam dunk, either.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Gersom said...

You are so right in saying NO to Carroll. Why would anyone want to ruin their NFL team on a career college coach (Watch what happens to Atlanta in a couple of years. Petrino is always looking for more money from wherever he can get it.) Being that Miami and Pittsburgh are my two favorite teams, I have to say, I love Cowher. But, I don't think he's worth giving up draft picks at this time, given the state of the team. I've mentioned it before, either give Muller more power with personnel decisions or hire another GM and give him the power. Then, bring in an offensive minded coach, like Cameron or Whisenhunt. By the way, now that Atlanta hired their coach, Whisenhunt might really be tempted to come to Miami. It's much closer to Atlanta than any other team looking for a coach. I really don't think he'll get the job over Grimm at Pittsburgh. Oh and guys, STOP HATIN' on Pittsburgh's SB win. They got it fair and square. It came down to plays; who made them and who didn't. The Seahawks weren't good enough. Speaking of the Seahawks, has anyone looked at the division THEY play in? That's six wins in the bag there, especially that season. Later guys. :-)

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Scott54 said...

Bottom line is we need some continuity on this team. That being said, I dont think it is a good idea to hire either of these coaches. I agree with a lot of other fans about Cowher's possible lack of desire and Carroll's inability to produce on the pro level. We dont need another coach leaving in two years when he realizes he made a mistake. We HAVE to go with someone who is hungry to produce AND is offensive minded. We keep Capers to run the 3/4 / 4/3.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Here's a thought. It looks like Parcells might leave the Cowboys. How about hire the tuna, and hire cowher on as a consultant? Parcells coaches for 2 years, then Cowher steps in after that. Sounds good right?

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Woodstrocked! said...

Pete Carroll? Come on now. He's been a great Pac-10 coach, but he's in the Pac-10 because in the NFL, he was less than stellar. What makes anyone believe his success at USC will suddenly make him a great NFL coach? There is zero logic at work there.

Cowher is not the answer either. Until 2005, his teams were mostly noted for underachieving during the playoffs. So what if he won a Super Bowl? Barry Switzer won one too (against Cowher) & no one is falling all over themselves to track him down.

I for one would love to see a low-profile candidate get the job, provided he had some sort of real blueprint in mind for this team. I don't care about status or fame achieved elsewhere, I want a coach dedicated to building a winning team in Miami, right now, profile be damned. Maybe a low-profile coach looking to build a name with the Dolphins first is exactly what the team needs.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eleven years ago, The Dolphins dumped a coach with two Super Bowl wins & who led his teams to the playoffs four out of his last six seasons. They could not wait to replace him, in fact. They brought in the biggest name available, with his own Super Bowl history (with another team). At the time, no one believed this could possibly fail. It did, and the big name's hand chosen replacement fared even worse. Then the Dolphins opted to hire the very best coach the collegiate ranks could offer. At the time, it seemed like a brilliant move. Then they actually played the games.

Does anyone ever learn from history? Are the Dolphins doomed to repeat the failures of the past yet again? The name didn't work, the retread didn't work, the NCAA whiz-kid didn't work. There's a lesson here somewhere.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Vito said...

First of all, Miami doesn't have a second round pick. Second, college coaches just have a hard time succeeding in the NFL. It's a lot different adjusting to not being able to get the most talented players. Look at USC, LSU, etc. These big programs usually have far more first round draft picks than several NFL teams combined. College coaches don't have to be great talent evaluators. Each year they just bring in 15+ top recruits and wait for which ones will pan out. NFL coaches don't have that luxury.

Miami needs to go after Scott Pioli! Get a top talent evaluator, someone who knows how to build a winning franchise. Phil Savage is another guy to go after. Maybe they can even try to lure Ron Wolf out of retirement again. Get the most out of the salary cap and the few draft picks we have left. That's what's important. There is no quick fix.

1:43 AM  
Blogger NYdolfan84 said...

From Anon: Does anyone ever learn from history? Are the Dolphins doomed to repeat the failures of the past yet again? The name didn't work, the retread didn't work, the NCAA whiz-kid didn't work. There's a lesson here somewhere.

By this logic, you should never hire a coach from college, never a coach who has won a Super Bowl (or just plain big name) and never give a coach a second chance. That leaves one option...hire someone with zero head coaching experience. In this year's case, I may agree with that, but I think everyone is being a little extreme. Look everyone has their preferences, but it really depends on the individual coach, not where he came from. The fact of the matter is most coaches fail, retreads, coordinators, college geniuses, and Big Names alike. Thats why 5-8 get dropped each year. There isn't a right answer.

I do agree that Cameron and Wisenhunt may be our best candidates, and coincidentally they are coordinators. But Greg Williams, Mike Sherman, Mike Mularkey....and the list goes on were all hot coordinators at one time and fell on their face their first time. I think its not so bad to get a retread. (Not from that group though) Sometimes you need to learn from your mistakes. Which brings me to a become a retread, you were probably either a Top-notch assistant or College success to begin with. First time coaches will make mistakes, but in the NFL most organizations don't have the patience to let them learn from them. Retreads aren't always the worst thing. They have already learned from their "rookie mistakes." That being said, if you are looking for your 5th head coaching job, you probably aren't a good thing.

Mangini and Payton have had excellent years, but we were saying the same thing about Saban after last season. It doesn't take long to fall from grace, especially amongst the fans. I am rooting for Cameron to be our choice, but I'll still have anxiety over a coach with zero NFL head coaching experience. His only head coaching experience is with Indiana University. Does that make him a college coach? Saban had NFL experience as an assistant, before he was at Mich St and LSU.

Its easy to look at the past 10 years of OUR history, and say we should learn from it. But that would only tell us that Johnson, Wannstedt, and Saban failed. I don't think Johnson and Saban forgot how to coach sucessfully. (Saban did make some bad personnel moves)and Wanny should have never been here in the first place. If we want to look at coaching success historically we need to look at the situation league-wide. All that will show us is that Most coaches, from all backgrounds fail. Maybe it wasn't the coach as much as the QB play. We haven't had good QB play since Marino. Don was certainly the best coach we ever had, but we always had the great QB to work with. Its not easy to win when you have one of the 5 worst starting QBs in the league over the past 7 years. A new GM may be just as important as a new coach in our current situation.

I just think we need to remember that any coach we hire will have a great risk of failure, no matter what his background is. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope we bring in a great GM too! I appologize for getting long-winded, but its frustrating.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen: J.T. Zach Thomas are not all the dolphins have. Names like Roth,Crowder, Mcmichael,Chambers,Welker,Brown,Booker,these are not just average players here. Cleo Lemon needs time Harrington is only as good as Fiedler and worse than Ferotte. Culpepper can,t read a defense and is fumble prone. We still need a coach and a solid Qb and some players on the o-line. Draft a qb at the #9 pick and build from there. LETS GET THIS TEAM GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR ONCE.

5:33 PM  

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