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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jason Taylor on Miami QBs in Sports Illustrated

Jason Taylor, the Dolphins most dominant player and one of the few guys whose opinion management worries about, is the subject of a Sports Illustrated profile this week in which he talks about trying to increase his presence in show business and even the newfound accord he has with wife Katina.

It's an interesting look at what Taylor is trying to do to follow his good friend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from athletics to show business.

But to Dolphins fans, perhaps the most interesting thing Taylor talks about is his opinion of Miami's recent decisions with quarterbacks.

On the moment the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn to take Ted Ginn Jr. in the draft: “I was sick to my stomach,” he tells SI. “On draft day I had just played golf with [Dan] Marino and was doing a radio show in Miami [by cellphone] as I was driving home. Atlanta had just picked, the Dolphins were on the clock, and I said [on the air], ‘Just walk up there and pick Brady Quinn —it’s a no-brainer.’ Right as I pulled up in my driveway, the commissioner got to the podium and kind of paused before he read the name, like even he couldn’t believe it. I was like, Oh, s---, I’m going to look like an idiot.”

Then, a week before the Dolphins completed a June 6th trade with Kansas City for quarterback Trent Green, who missed eight games following a severe concussion last September and turns 37 next month, Taylor tells SI: “This is off-the--record—oh, what the hell, it’s on the record: He’d better not get hit. One big hit, and he could be scrambled eggs.”

Jason Taylor will eventually tow the company line and talk about having confidence in Ginn and Green. But this offers you a glimpse of what he really thought of the decisions.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

JT keep it up and you will be traded for several draft picks.

-Randy Mueller

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JT keep flapping your mouth and your head will become scrabbled eggs!

-Trent Green

9:13 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Everyone was surprised by the pick except CaMue. Everyone said the same thing so why should JT be called on it. The query seems to question or challenge his loyalty. That is CERTAINLY NOT THE CASE. He will rally with his COACH and TEAM.

I'm sure Cam, JT, Zach, and other veterans/leaders have been brought up to speed on the state of the team.

WE need to rally with this NEW coach even after WE have put up with and benn let down with JJ, Wanny, and Nickie. At least there is some conviction in doing it differently.

Patience is a virtue...and not one of my strengths.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very dissapointed. In fact during the afternoon show on WEEI in Boston last week they laughed at Vonny Holliday and Jason Taylor for their comments about disagreeing with the pick. No class and no true leadership. Has anyone asked those two players whether that kind of behavior contributes to a championship approach. What is there response? Would you ask them? I am completely dissapointed.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who really cares? JT is human and, like all of us, had his mouth hanging open at the pick of Ted Ginn at #9 overall. With the on-going struggles of Brady Quinn in Cleveland's mini-camps, coupled with the fact we got John Beck in Round 2 (huge gamble that paid off), we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Now that Ginn is healthy and showing his stuff in mini-camp, all those nay-sayers are quietly eating their words (or soon will). The only concerns I have are our o-line and TE. Other than that, Cam and Mueller are looking smarter every day....

10:48 PM  
Anonymous John Michaels said...

I'm dissappointed in Jason's comments, but like every other human being, he has an opinion. However, when Jason says things like that, he should know that his opinions will be looked at much more differently than any of ours. At the end of the day, we all know that Jason will do what's right, fall in line, rally behind his new coach and new quarterback Trent Green, and be one of the leaders of this team.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Mike Flender said...

As to the Taylor being traded comment - Won't happen. He almost didn't come back this year. Think he won't retire before being traded? As to the complaint that Taylor and Holliday aren't towing the company line and spouting lies - I personally find the honesty and show of integrity refreshing. Especially after Nick "I'm not leaving, illegal high school recruiting" Saban and Cam "Lemon and Culpepper have a fair shot at starting" Cameron.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when does Quinn "struggling" in a minicamp and us getting Beck make everything better? Has Quinn bombed when it really counted? No. Has Beck become a star? Definite NO.

I think it's fair to say the jury is still out all the way around.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous JUAN CARLOS said...

JT está siendo honesto con sus comentarios, cosa difícil de encontar, por decir lo menos, hoy en día. Quienes deberían callarse y ser cambiados por otros fanáticos de casi cualquier equipo, son quienes se atreven a cuestionar la honestidad de alguien que le ha brindado tanto a este equipo.


11:25 PM  
Anonymous Sean Riley WCDOLFAN1 said...

Has Brady Bombed when it Counted. WTF. Hell Yeah he Bombed. HE Sucked against SC and LSU and any team that resembled SC or LSU. He Was 0-3 in Bowl Games and John Beck against Top 25 Teams won more games with less talent than Fady Brady Quinn. F!uck Brady Quinn. Beck will be better. OBTW John Beck won a bowl game which is more than Brady can say. I Believe in Miami Dolphins. GO Phins.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as Taylow, but it wasn't "Oh, S---," it was "Holy S---!!" I could not believe they did that. and the team is wondering why they have to keep calling me to renew my season tix!!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Juan Carlos... I understand very little spanish... but this I do know: your message made no f'n sense!

JT thinks hes the mac-daddy and his opinion is gods tuition.... but I have news for him, Cam Cameron said he will not allow a player to be bigger than the team.

If JT & Holliday keep this up they will be playing elsewhere. I like the direction Cam/Mueller are taking the team, anywhere is better than Saban, and Wanny took it.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous The Greg said...

My thoughts? Eh, who cares! Who wasn't surprised by the pick??? If you weren't surprised, you weren't paying attention! But that doesn't mean it wasn't the right pick. NOBODY knows that yet, either way. As far as Trent Green goes, he's right again. If he takes another hit like the one he took last year, he's done. Stick a fork in 'em. If any QB takes a hit that, they are definitely done for at least that year. But that doesn't mean he can't be a great QB for us, especially for a year or two until Beck is ready to take over. And is there a much better role model that you'd like your future franchise QB to follow? Maybe, maybe not; but the one thing I know is that person is certainly not CPep!!!

Yes, you are right, those were his honest opinions about those particular decisions, but I think the more telling quote about his character came a little earlier in the story when he was talking about last year... "Just 'cause sh*t is going bad around you, it doesn't mean you've got to be f-ed up too. I have too much pride to let it all go to hell in a handbasket. I've got things I want to do in this league, a mark I want to leave, and to lose a whole year because the team's doing poorly is unacceptable."

Whether he loved those decisions or not is irrelevant, he WILL ball this year. Our defense is going to be NASTY!!! I have hope Cam can make the offense even slightly palatable and, if he can do that, we will make the playoffs!

As a side note, why are people so shocked when a coach lies? That's what they do! If you aren't a liar (especially to the media), you CANNOT be a great coach. Look at Belichick, for christ's sake. Look at the Pats injury report for any given week; there is NO WAY that 47 players are 'probable'! CPep was NEVER Cam's guy, but he couldn't say that out loud until he had his guy in house. First of all, he would have lost all leverage against KC. And what if he speaks the truth and then he never gets Trent. You guys all know CPep would have spent the whole season crying and blaming Cam for his shitty season instead of looking in the f*ing mirror. Don't believe that, just look at what CPep is saying now, 'Woe is me, they forced me onto the field last year before I was ready'. BULLSH*T! He was standing on mountaintops screaming how ready he was last year. So, please people, stop saying that Cam is 'classless' because he did what he had to do. Let the man do his job before you start claiming that he can't do the job. At least he has the cojones to do what he believes in even with a bunch of morons (that know less about football than his little pinky does) booing him.

How u like them apples?

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, maybe Taylor should forget about show business and go into quarterback coaching / scouting.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, Brady Quinn got picked at 22 and he is still gonnna hold out into training camp. He thinks he is hot shit and apparently a lot of other teams didn't think as much.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that Jason Taylor is a great player. But is he a great leader? I've always felt he gets a little too "unprofessional'' in terms of his comments. Maybe, to translate that, he doesn't say the things that are going to help the team focus. I can't recall anything specific. But, you just never hear him say, "It's a big game and our team is going to do its talking on the field. Period.'' He's glib. On the other hand, I think Cameron is focused. He's not talking glibly about what he's doing (a la Saban). Yeah, Cameron may have gotten it wrong. But his attitude (Cameron's) is what the Dolphins need more of, not Taylor's.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

I agree Juan Carlos, Jason was just being honest and it is refreshing.

8:38 AM  
Blogger huascar said...

i just pray to god that the fins maid the right choice because even if he was healthy ted gin jr isn't worth the 9th over all pick and jt is right if green get knocked around like joey and duante did last season we are going to see what beck brings to the table the so called hero which i got no faith in im sorry but i think randy and cam are retards for the moves they have maid think about it the best parts of our offense which sucked last season are gone and he added a bunch of second string dudes who have never been here of so is it me or is everyone else ready for another disapointing fins season

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Beck needs to blow everyone's mind with how well he plays in the next year or so. That'll make people forget about Brady Quinn pretty quick. Ted Ginn might end up being Beck's favorite receiver ... a la Steve Smith or Marvin Harrison. Who knows? With all that speed, if he could pick up the skills of Smith or Harrison, he could be unbelievable.

Based on what I've seen on film and read about him, Brady Quinn seems like a pretty average kind of QB to me. He's not at the level of the 2006 QBs like Lienart, Young, and Cutler were coming out of college. I think John Beck actually has a better chance to play as well as those guys. Maybe not this year, but soon.

Beck strikes me as a pretty determined guy who will work his butt off year around to get to his highest levels. He has a big arm (61.1 mph velocity at combine) and accuracy along with plenty of brainpower I hear. I think he might end up surprising a lot of people like Drew Brees did last year with the Saints.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

I doubt if Taylor ever watched a game with Quinn quarterbacking. He was going with what all the sports reporters were saying and who were just repeating each other and raving about Quinn. Probably 90% of the reporters who were in love with Quinn never watched him in a game. Quinn flat out sucks. He can sure talk a good game though. Quinn is so in love with himself, it will be hard for him to ever be a star. Good for Meuller and Cameron for sticking to their guns and not doing what the reportes thought they would do. All I can say is it's a good thing reporters don't manage football teams. Just how many games did you watch Quinn play in, Armando?

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Daryl ATL said...

I say awesome the guy is human and a HUGE part of this team. By the way he echoed alot of ppl's opinion on Trent Green. So I say this is America speak you mind. If they trade JT we will have no pass rush who on that roster can do what he does.....Exactly Mueller will be fired before they trade JT

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of You guys are always calling for somebodies Head. Let at least one season unfold, then state your opinions. It seems to me like all of you want to be 'fortune tellers'. Let the games begin, all of the so called experts have the Dolphins finishing last anyway, so we cant do anything but improve on that, right?

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no problem with JT's comments. He was as surprised as all of us when they passed on Quinn...primarily because of the prognasticators. However, after we learned that Terrry Shea (Fins QB Coach) worked with Quinn for weeks prior to the draft and they still elected to pass on him, I must give Cam and Mueller the benefit of the doubt. That being said, they got lucky getting Beck.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Hank in the 4oo said...

i'm sure JT was very supprised, as was almost everyone else, at the draft pick but after watching play after inept play at the QB postion last year he probably would have assumed they would go QB 1st. He did say he was playing golf with Marino not in the war room with Cam and Mueller so he didn't have any inside info they were going with Quinn he just expressed supprise.

Where it counts he seems to be "a company man" in the mini camps and doing what he is expected. It's only we the public that care what he says on the radio 'cause he and TG can work out whatever in the locker room.

I've seen the Dolphins like this when G Myra left and Shula came in from the Colts and that went ok for a couple of years. Coaches have to play who they think can win enough to protect their jobs and get to the SB. Players frequently don't like the decisions or changes but they just have to do their job and play their own spot

As for "scrambled eggs" it isn't like TG didn't sacked anymore after he came back in last year.

I think, maybe I'm overly optimistic, the Phins are going to supprise some people this year. If we can actually pound the ball instead of throwing 2 incompletes and 1 9 and 3/4 yard pass followed by a punt, if the pass didn't get intercepted, we might be able to decrease those sacks by keeping the defense off balance.

Don't worry about JT's talk just his walk

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first read this article it really disappointed me and upset me as I looked at JT as a leader of this team and thought his comments were unnessary. However, I read it again and I see JT wasnt really dissing anybody. It sounded as if he was dissing the pick of Ginn but in reality he was dissing himself. He was sick because he was on the radio saying what a "no brainer" it was to pick Quinn and of course they went with Ginn. So he was sick to his stomach for making that comment on the radio publically (hence making management sound brainless. He was not dissing the pick so much as he was his timing of that comment on public radio. Then he went onto say how stupid he would look and he was right.

The TG thing is just a fact (maybe still should have not said) but if he gets hit he could be scrambled eggs as any QB could be, but more so to one that took a horrible hit prior year. They used to say the same thing about Aikman. I think Hollidays remarks were much worse and directed directly at peoples performance and I now have a better feeling again about JT and thank goodness as he was and still is a fave player and team leader.

11:32 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

This isn't a big deal. Jason Taylor just echoed what most of us where thinking when we heard Goodell say "GINN" instead of "QUINN." I for one, was just as surprised as J.T., but in hindsight, the fact that Terry Shea worked with Quinn right before the draft, and that Quinn dropped so far in the draft, something is not right. He may very well turn out to be the second coming of Montana or Marino, but lets see how this plays out first. Ginn is going to shorten the field for us considerably, and that will be a huge positive.

As for Trent Green. ANYONE who took a hit like he took last year would get a concussion. Its very rare to take a hit like that, which, by the way, was borderline illegal by that Bengal player. Trent Green is a smart QB with a good arm who will help us win games. It will be up to the offensive line to protect him or anyone else who steps up to play QB.

Point is...if J.T. took a hit like Green's, his head would be scrambled eggs too. Doesn't mean I wouldn't want him lined up at DE the following year!!

J.T., on your movie career, please don't make movies like the Rundown or Gridiron Gang. I'll make sure to visit the "direct to video" section in Blockbuster when your movies do come out though. Lets focus on football for now.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't that how most people feel about guys coming off serious concussions? one big hit and its Aikman soup.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the mean time, I've been to all the practices and Beck looks awesome while you read about Quinn looking lost and potentially being a hold out. Ginn, at 90%, is flying past receivers. The whole Trent Green concussion thing is old. Steve Young won a SB after his 4th concussion.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction: Flying past cornerbacks.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody posted that its not a big deal and your right. The press is just trying to stir things up to sell papers and magazines.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous JRich said...

How many teams would take Devin Hester with the 9th pick in the draft??? Did you see what he did for that no offense bears team last year???

Every NFL analyst also agrees that if you take a quarterback with your first pick in the draft and he bombs it sets your team back about 3 or 4 years. Why take that risk with Brady Quinn who was not a cant miss franchise Quarterback.

As far as Holliday and Taylor are concerned i think they should have kept there thoughts to themselves. So much for team chemistry!!!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Bob from WA said...

Athletes aren't allowed to have opinions. I find it refreshing. Who wants to a bunch of puppets spouting off the company line? That's no fun.

On a side note, maybe someone should come up with an easier way to sign in without everyone being just another Anonymous.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous bob from wa said...

On second thought, that wasn't so hard.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

J.T. got it right.

Hear this: he will ask to be traded or he will retire after this season. No way he gonna stick around to help a loser like Cam Cameron.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say in all honesty I thought the exact same thing whne it comes to Green and passing on Quinn at #9. This has nothing to do with not being behind your team or love the Phins which I do. Green is 37 and Quinn was the best player on the board whne they picked. We will not know how this worked out for at least a year. If Ginn and Beck perform well then this was a no brainer and a GREAT move for the Phins. If they both disappoint and Quinn does well in cleveland then we all know why this team has won 4 and 6 games 2 of the last three years. First passing on Brees then passing on Quinn, You have to pull your head out and make the right choice or this franchise will continue to fail.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous tommy a said...

Taylor is a victim in all of this.......


2:13 PM  
Anonymous Petey D said...

Why worry about scrambled eggs when you can make Lemonade!

2:44 PM  
Anonymous 36 year dolphin fan from VA said...

Randy Mueller is no better than Rick Spielman. Remember who traded Ricky W. to the Dolphins? Who passed on Brees and took DC? He's just another con-man who should be working on a used car lot. It's just a shame that the owner doesn't see it.

I applaud JT for speaking out.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

getting two 1st rounders for a guy you already had a replacement for isn't a bad deal. if Deuce went on to suck then you could question it. but you got two 1st rounders for a guy who played 2 seasons and has been suspended since.

and yeah Quinn has looked lost according to most reports. and when the nfl network had their show from the Browns minicamp they said the same thing. and added that Anderson looked to have the best technique of the QBs and was looking good. How many years before Quinn gets labeled a system QB in the line of the Tedford QBs that came into the league like Harrington, Boller and Smith.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Mueller decided to trade for Culp instead of signing Brees. That was Nick Satan's call. He's the one to blame. Mueller was a decorative figure when Nicky was with the phins.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JT's comments, even being on the air, aren't a big deal and shouldn't surprise anyone... least of all Cam/Rand. If they wanted JT, Holiday or any other player to 'be on board' with their first two picks, they would have included them in the decision. The players saying they were surprised by the pick, even suggesting that it was wrong doesn't show lack of team spirit or anything else negative. It means that they are voicing the opinion shared by the majority of the NFL. EVERYONE was surprised by Ginn-not-Quinn. I wasn't even sold on Quinn and I was saying that they had to take him (ie - 'a no brainer').
Right now either the Dolphin braintrust is right and just about everyone else in the football world is wrong, or the other way around.
I'm a Dol-fan, so I'm hoping to God that Cam/Rand are able to say 'told-ya-so' at the end of the year.
Seattle Bob

5:10 PM  
Blogger LaQuin said...

Honestly, I don't get what all the fuss is about. Jason Taylor had an honest moment and shot off about his huge shock on draft day. The ESPN staff went on about it for days afterwards. The interview is just old news that has been rehashed and he spoke what his true feelings were at the time. I think this is a non-issue. He'll be in uniform and bleeding Dolphins colors when the season starts like he always is barring injury. Get off him. He's done more for this team than many and can say a little more sometimes. Methinks that he and Cam and Mueller will be in bed together.
I will say that his comments about Trent Green maybe should have been kept inside, but they were exactly what many were thinking. And now that Green is on the squad he will back him like he backs all his teammates. Plus, he's a DE guys. He probably does'nt even like QB's to begin with unless they are wearing Dolphins colors (a bit tongue in cheek).
Jason Taylor is not some punk with no leadership skills. Sometimes a player of his calibur who has been so disenfranchised of past management decisions regarding the Phins offense probably makes those comments as if to say, "Hey, you guys better be right this time. I'm not just playing great football for shites and giggles. I wanna' win".
Why do some of the Phins faithful turn on JT and even Zach whenever they voice their anger, disappointment or incredulousness about the team? Have'nt these two guys at least done enough to mouth off sometimes. They're not like Moss or TO.
Trade JT? Freakin' ridiculous to even think that right now. He's in his prime, for crikey's sake( Is that how you spell 'crikey'?
I remember when some folks turned on Zach for some comments that may have meant he would just go on IR or something after some really frustrating stuff had gone on. Forgive me, I can't remember the take on the story but I remember the backlash. He made a dumb statement that mirrored some of the FEELINGS of the Phins faithful. I forgave him almost immediately because he had all ready shown his true character over the years and I knew he would be there for the team.
As far as I'm concerned, until Cam and Mueller and Green have been around for awhile and done as much for the Phins as these guys, JT and Zach are MY BOYZ! They can make mistakes sometimes and I'll forgive em'. Go Phins!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

For everybodies information: Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald in his Q&A stated Randy Meuller wanted to sign Drew Brees but Saban wanted Culpepper. So you've got to give some credit to Meuller for recognizing who has talent and who doesn't. Beck has more talent than Quinn, and he still got an explosive receiver in the draft. The OL is young, and if they can somehow get Pete Kendall for vetean leadership on the OL,the future is finally looking promising for a change.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the move for Green was a good one. The window to win it all is nearly shut and locked. I think I'd rather have one last go with this veteran team using Trent than trying to get a rookie in the mix.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are we getting second hand news from an SI article?

Armando, you've been covering the Dolphins for 19 years and you don't have enough access to our players to scoop some out of town guy?

How about getting your el cheapo bosses at the Herald to send you fly fishing with John Beck?

How about getting Zach to let you use his hyperbaric chamber and reporting on what that does for a hangover. You know, something INTERESTING and not divisive. You could get an exclusive in-depth interview and let someone else run your blog for a few days. Did they send anyone with JT and Cam to London?

I'd even settle for an interview with Lorenzo Booker. You could ask him why he thinks he didn't get more playing time as a Seminole. Anything but a story I can read in a national magazine.


9:26 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

All good points anonymous, except for the fact that I do not get every scoop, the Herald didn't send me to London because, well, money does not abound in the travel budget, and mostly because I'm on vacation and not working.

Of course, it's hard to call what I do for a living work anyway.

I'm sure all the funnyboys out there will start with the one-liners starting ... now.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous MR HIEZINGA said...

Well all I can say is im with J.T. on this one man what a let down we need a quarterback more than anyone and I think why take chances when you DON;T HAVE TOO? we had Quinn why? and we had daunte basicly the same as trent if anything get a big gunn and spend some money I geuss now we all take a chance on the coach but I can say we the fans are sick of bad ideas that really are bad ideas anyway either way we are on our way to find out if mr. cam is the man or building a team of his friends he owes ? the dophins fans want to WIN WIN WIN!

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH YEA you screw this up and YOUR FIRED and we will send you to be shower boy for NICKY SABUT

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no true leadership on this team at all. There are good players, but no leadership. The team is negative, and the reporting media are negative. I dont think Ive seen one positive thing written this off season about this team.

4:14 AM  
Blogger GADolfan said...

I can not believe that so-called "fans" are bashing JT for an honest statement. I know I have thought the exact same things about the QB moves. Heck, I even thought it would be a better move to let Green and Daunte compete, but I'm not in charge. JT has proven time and time again he will do what ever he can to help the team win regardless of his personal oppinion on any particular move made by the staff.

I myself prefer to hear honest assesments, rather than having smoke blown up my a** by the likes of JJ, Wanstadt, and Saban, to set my expectations high enough to be let down yet again.

I do applaude attempts to get the team back to it's winning ways of old, and someone has got to find the answer. Who cares if I, or anyone else thought they were wrong before they proved us wrong by dominating. I long to be wrong!!

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its old news but we all were like WTF???? it was a no brainer Quinn all the way , & why sign Trent Green @ his age. I hope things work out , but bottom line we were all stupified on draft day

8:20 AM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

I LOVE IT!!! We finally get a players opinion in the mix!! Now should we be concerned?? Everyone who comments on this blog can be disregarded , but you can't disregard the statement of a proven leader/ PRO BOWLER!!! If he has some doubt should we???

Of course we all know that when the season starts JT is going to do everything he can for us to win, but these comments clearly shows the feelings of some of players on this team!!!!!

10:59 AM  
Anonymous dubla said...

a quote from Sean Riley WCDOLFAN1:

"John Beck against Top 25 Teams won more games with less talent than Fady Brady Quinn."

this one is so patently false i dont know where to begin. quinn beat more ranked teams in a season (twice) than beck did his entire college career. quinn has six victories over top 25 teams compared to a whopping ONE win for beck. beck actually has a putrid record against top 25 teams, going 1-7. check the stats, and youll see that for all the talk about quinn "choking" against big time competition, his stats are far better than beck against top teams.

beck has not faced a lot of top competition, as he was in a creampuff conference, but when he did face the big boys, his stats werent exactly lights out (like his 1 td, 2 int game against b.c. in 2006, and his 1 td, 3 int game against usc in 2004......a ratio much worse than any quinn has ever put up against usc, despite the criticism).

sorry, try again.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Mother, said...

I like the way Randy threw Wayne under the bus the next week after the draft by telling the Herald that the ever lovable and ultra optimistic owner had approved the decision to draft Ted Ginn, jr. "Way to go, boss, now you can take some of the heat off us".
What makes this decision even more dumbfounding is WHY DID WE GET RID OF WES WELKER IF A RETURN MAN AND/OR A RECIEVER WAS SO IMPORTANT?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats easy, because Wes didn't have the speed Cam wants. He is all about speed. I loved Welker, but he can't stretch the field like Ginn Jr. I like the pick...but only time will tell.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Matt in Ohio said...

Quick excerpt from an old USAToday article on Quinn:

"Quinn went 19-6 in his two seasons under Weis, but his critics underscore those six losses, all in so-called "big games" — twice against Southern California, the Sugar Bowl to Russell-led LSU, the Fiesta Bowl to Ohio State and to Michigan and Michigan State in the regular season."

Just a reminder!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Matt in Ohio said...

ps: Can someone remind me if the Super Bowl is a "big game"?

3:01 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

who really gives a shit what jt says to the press!he's one of the only decent players the fins have and he's gonna play out his career in dolphins colours!he's right about green too, i'm still pissed they gave up anything for this guy,he would have been cut for sure!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do the Dolfinished made Marino retired at 37 and now trade for a 37 year old with scrambled eggs for a brain. JT right on, u will be better off if they trade u. This franchise has been on a decline since they forced Shula, the best coach ever, out and then forced the Man, the best QB ever, out

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trade JT? Please. Muller and that stupid CAM will be gone before JT riteres, CAM has the worst qualities of both Wanny and Saban combined.


7:58 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Has Jason Taylor lost his mind? Why does he continue to sabotage the new coaching staff? JT has put down the Ginn pick, said if Trent gets hit he could be scrambled eggs AND just stated that he liked Nick Saban! Isn't he the face of our team? Why would he want to undermine the coaches decisions at every turn? He didn't do that to Saban and Saban was an A-hole. Trent has only had ONE concussion and Jason has had two. Couldn't the same be said for him about scrambled eggs? He's mad that Cam and Mueller are running the team differently than coaches in the past. WHY!? Because it worked so well? Jason, let me tell you something. I love ya man, you are a great player and all that but have you ever heard the saying 'if it aint broke,dont fix it? Well the Dolphins offense has been broken for years now and Cam/Mueller are trying to fix it. Please stop making it harder on them.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrible leadership shown by Jason Taylor and Vonnie Holliday with those comments. Do you ever hear that kind of doubting and negativity out of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? That's one of the reasons why those teams are championship teams. The other players that play for NE and Indy, play over their heads because their leaders act like true champions and never publically dis their team . Did NE have more offensive weapons then we did last year? You never heard Brady complain publically about their crappy WR's. He never waivered from his belief that they could get back to the Super Bowl with the team they had. So much so that even his crappy WR's last year belived it too and they almost made it back. They overachieved on offense with no WR's but he never should his frustration to the public or a lack of belief in his teammates. Now you look at how the leaders on our team act and you end up with a second guessing, mediocre, negative, NO Belief attitude. That has to pass onto those other players who look up to them. Just look at his quotes. Start acting and talking like a championship team and they will end up becoming one.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Armando: I have a question that ha been burning me for quite a while. Why in the world did the NFL make the game being played in England a home game for the Dolphins? Would it not have made sense for both teams to count this as an away game? Then neither team looses an all important home game. Maybe my math is wrong, but this way it does not cost either city the revenue that is generated thru home games. Also, I have been a NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber since its inception, I am not in the 'local network area' and I do not miss a Dolphins game, unless another Hurricane comes thru. My question here is, Why doesnt the NFL Sunday Ticket televise the pre-season games? I would love to watch all of those as well. Its not like there is not a market for these games. I know you dont haver anything to do with Sunday Ticket, I am just hoping you know who to contact to make this happen. When I call Direct TV, I get the run around. Thanx, looking forward to hereing from you.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any newspaper that publishes or prints anything on Dan LebaRetards mind should be banned from the industry all together.

The herald will stop at nothing to glorify bad apples. They employ bad apples, they cover bad apples and they make a normal person want to vomit. The newspaper known as the herald should induce severe pain because all they do is promote utter filth.
Greg Cotes the gay, Dan Leberetard the sadist... The list gos on and on. This is the lowest form of reporting known to man. Anyone who works for this outfit, or, 790 for that matter should walk around in shame.. ALL THE TIME. These outlets are the lowest of the low and only the biggest low lifes around follow their reporting.
PS. If anyone has a kid they want to bring up right.. Rule # 1: Stay far away from these folks.
Good Day!

3:09 AM  
Anonymous Sonny said...

The fins ha soo many needs this year and QB was just one of them. JT and Zach are the very "Heart and Sole" of our team. JT has demonstrated the ability to take this team on his back and win games, just ask the Bears. However, a lot of the faithful had the same knee jerk reaction to the Ginn pick. In the end the picks that CaMue made will pay far greater dividends, then picking Brady and say Dwayne Jarret of SC. JT should find comfort in knowing that Brady, is nothing compared to the Gun slinger that came out of the steel town in 83, not even close in terms of talent or achievemnets in college. I also am curious as to why Brady was the only QB who had his college coach marketing for him. I did not hear the LSU, MSU, BYU, Houston coaches marketing their guys. Maybe old Charlie wanted to use it as a recruiting tool for his next class.In closing JT will do what he always does, leave it all on the field every week, hopefully CaMue's new talent will help him win more games as a team and not just JT and Zach. Go Fins!!!I have been a fan since 1970 and always believe we can WIN!!

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason taylor is right! They needed a long term quarterback and they didnt take one in this draft! They are not going to win this year again and hopefully next year they will settle the quarterback position! I cant argue with his comments!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea matt in ohio ,michigan state's d is not even tougher than the browns d, hell facve better d's with no offensive line, and without the wiz charlie weis...this gy is out the leauge in 5

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Taylor eats Brady said...

This whole thing has been way overblown. Taylor expressed the same shock and confusion that all us Dolphans felt. He felt sick at making a public statement that Quinn is a "no-brainer" just before the pick.

Anyway, all this crying about leadership is ridiculous. In the end, Green and Beck's situation remain unchanged- If they bring it, our team has confidence that the offense will pull it's own weight. How is that different than the way this team would back up an injured Culpepper or a healthy Harrington? Good, consistent play from the QB position is all that matters. Taylor's comments are irrelevant.

When Jimmy Johnson came in and jettisoned most of a below-average defense to bring in his type of players, things worked out OK, at least on that side of the ball. I would hope that this regime change would bring a drastic change in personnel and philosophy (emphasis on speed). At least we have been decisive and deliberate in the way we have gone after players. Don't let the fact that JJ, Wanny, and Saban sunk this franchise cloud your judgement on Cameron. Last time I checked the most important factor in judging a head coach/GM combo is what happens on the field.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Alexandre said...


Fiquei uma arara quando o time pegou Ginn no primeiro pick, mas como todo torcedor sou muito esperancoso. Tenho quase a mesma opnião do taylor, tinhamos que ter dado uma chance para Daunte. O negocio agora é apoiar Green.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous alex torres said...

the first person who said that he will be traed is stupid with out him we have no defense so get ur facts srtihgt

2:32 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

we gonna need you to get your spelling straight first!!!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Armando ......... Whats up we need a new topic to talk about!!! How about we talk about this new incident with the DT Fred Evans. Its funny how Cam said this will be dealt with seriously cause he's a "nobody"!! But nothing was said about the Joey Porter incident hmmmmmmmm I wonder why???

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred Evans attacked police officers and resisted arrest...its a bit more serious.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Is that the same reason Tank Johnson was suspended within a week after being released from jail, and its been weeks since Joey pled nolo and still we have'nt seen any action or statments from the commisioner or the Dolphins. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Joey Porter but if this is the new thing he shouldn't be shown any special treatment.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see...Quinn has struggled during the Browns mini camps and word is his biggest problem is with accuracy, now the browns are saying it is no big deal, which can be corrected.... REALLY! History tells us other wise. Accuracy is something you either have or don’t have and are likely not to improve on much. Arm strength, lets face it is over rated, nice to have, but over rated. Just look at all the QB's that have won multiple Super Bowls...Brady, Montana, Manning, none has great arm strength, but all have great accuracy. There must be a reason why everyone, including the Browns early in the 1st round passed on this guy. I am not saying that Beck is going to be the greatest, just that maybe the Dolphins made a wise investment in not taking Quinn and saving a lot of money. Also this was not a great year for QBs anyway. As for Ginn, I think the team made the right choice…easily the fastest most explosive player on the board, something the Dolphins have lacked forever!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is that the same reason Tank Johnson was suspended within a week after being released from jail, and its been weeks since Joey pled nolo and still we have'nt seen any action or statments from the commisioner or the Dolphins. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Joey Porter but if this is the new thing he shouldn't be shown any special treatment. "

You can't comapare Tank's situation either. Have you read everything about what went on with him? A weapons charge after a fight at a club, his house raided and more weapons found after that (a violation of his probation), and then two days later a fight in a nightclub that left his bodyguard dead...Not the same...Porter is guilty of some trash talking with another player gone to far.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

I didn't know about the bodyguard thing!! Honestly I think this whole new suspend them if they get in trouble is a bit childish. I played football in high school and they did something similar to this, but these are grown men we're talking about , not high school students!!!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous dolfan abroad said...

Great comments except for the clown ranting on the Herald. WTF man??

I think it is legitimate for JT to give his opinion on the offense, as that is what has kept them out of contention for a number of years now. THAT is what leadership is, not continuing to smile every year this organization has faltered.

That said, the picks were pretty solid, all-in-all, although I was surprised on draft day.

Time will tell, so stop pontificating and watch how it plays out.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from espn's KC Joyner using his metric system. Chambers was on the overrated list of WRs...

Chris Chambers
Chambers isn't considered a great receiver, but his metrics indicate he wasn't even a good receiver last year. Chambers had the lowest YPA (5.1) and success percentage (44.8) of any wide receiver in the NFL in 2006. He ranked no higher than 49th in YPA at any depth level, so he lacked production across the board.

Chambers was hampered by bad quarterback play, but 14 of his 24 missed pass plays last year were drops. Even if some of those other 10 passes had been completed, though, it still wouldn't have brought his overall metrics back up to a respectable level.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares if his response wasn't an approved, canned one? He's right.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous j dizzle said... he on vacation?? ARMANDO give us something new to blog about please!!! I hate this time of the year there really is very little football talk going on!!!

1:40 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

ARMANDO .........please give us something new to speak on!!! I hate this time of the year because its very slow for football fans!! Are you on VACATION buddy??

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't belive all the JT Bull everyones giving the guy a hard time but just remember TRUE DOLFANS of all the pleasure he has giving US. Everyone is so fast to pull the trigger. CPep was a dissapointment but everyone including myself was excited when we got him and very sad after the season started, Cleo has potential and Trent is far from Done. Lighten up and pray for a great season. I didnt renew my tickets this year, I have my fears nothings is gonna change.We all get our hopes up and POW A long season for us again. So be Greatful for the Our God Givin Right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH! leave JT alone and if you want to be heard speak up and don't renew your tickets! But please before JT reads all this negitivity ands really slows down just to show you he can! Be nice Cheer on and Remember all the things he has done in Miami that has let us still hold our heads high and have something to be proud of, oh! and don't forget ZT.
Cam could end up just like the last 3 coaches before him, lets pray thats not the case. Stay positive, stay hopeful and stay safe. I hope we all have something to be proud of this year!

4:31 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Jason Taylor is the best thing after Marino that could have happened to the Dolphin so ...Leave him alone!!! Cojones!!!

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason Taylor is one of those players that simply can't keep his mouth shut. His negativity is effecting the entire team, and will cause the 'Phins to implode again this coming season to lose even more games. Its time the Dolphins severed there relationship with this clown and trade him for quality before he becomes to old.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason Taylor has every right to be disappointed and every right to speak his mind: he deserves it. Form most of these comments, you guys sound like Eagles fans, turning on the ONLY good player the phins have. Before you guys talk about how wrong Jason Taylor was, think about why you're disagreeing. All of you and I, like Taylor, know that Miami has screwed us and the players another year out of a potential playoff run by passing on a young, productive QB and taking an old, headache. Bottom line: Taylor's right in every way.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh! Taylor is so right in every way! Oh God! I'm cuming! Uh!

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one blog in two weeks...awesome!

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We got a bunch of amazing veterans, and some exciting youth. I am not sure how long these veterans on defense can maintain there dominance and wait for this offensive youth to pan out. I live in Arizona were Leinart (who you see out everywhere) is someone the city rallies upon. It would have been nice to get get Quinn in that sense. But what the heck...we got Beck and Ginn...lets see how it goes. Go Canes....I mean Phins!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando stop slacking. One blog in 2 weeks? Are you serious? It can't take you more than 10 minutes to throw together a few paragraphs.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guys, around the middle of this blog, Armando writes that he is on vacation. chill out. He'll be back.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous bobby said...

How could anyone in Miami be disappointed with Jason's comments? Don't you think he, Zach, at the time Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Arturo Freeman, Junior Seau (though the end of his career) were tired of constantly carrying the team? No one wants this team to get better than Taylor, Zach and anyone else on their defense. And is he wrong to say picking up a 37 year old to solve a multitude of problems on offense is a shaky proposition? God knows I didn't like the move. From what I've read most of the guys and definitely the ones that count have rallied behind Daunte because of his work ethic and talent. No one would say a word if it was Michael Jordan complaining about a move the Bulls made or if it was Tom Brady making statements about his team.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

With all these suspensions being handed down is it safe to say that NOTHING is going to happen to Joey Porter???I hope he gets a pass, but its strange so many players have been suspended and cut from their team and yet we've heard nothing about Joey or at least I haven't heard anything!!

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patriots will win the east 3 supa bowls in 6 yrs. Jason please join the pats u deserve a ring your the the best on d, oh we want zack tooo !!!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous LDMBA said...

Isn't a blog's purpose the engagemenet of users through frequent updates? If he's on vacation, he should still keep us posted on what he's hearing behind the scenes. BlackBerries don't sleep.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did we get stuck with the worst reporters, the worst team, and the worst owner?

All of the fools in the media gave dumbass saban a green pass and give Mr. 14-2.. Cam Cameron.. No credit at all.

Let me get this straight. A non-proven college coach get's Cart Blanch treatment while a 14-2 "REAL NFL COACH" get's zero credibility?

Makes perfect sense in the land of the dumb. Makes zero sense in reality though.

Maybe I'm over reacting though. I should put a lot more faith in greg cote, jeff darlington and the new guy who runs the blogs these days.

After all, if I am seeking a return to the glory days, I should look no further than a bunch of idiots who know nothing about the REAL history of the team.

I need these morons to set me straight!!! I also need huizenga. Look how well the team has been since he took over!

You became the best coach the biggest bunch of losers have ever seen. It's not your fault, it's ours.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Bob said...


JT is expressing the truth, just what NFL executive (in his right mind) would WASTE the number 1 pick on a return specialist. I can't predict Brady Quinn's career, however I can tell all of you that Quinn would have made a lot more sense than Ted Ginn Jr. Miami, please continue this thought process and we Patriot fans will be very happy.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

WELL DAMN!!!! Don't we all wish we had Armando's job , this guy has been on vacation for what about three weeks now ..........MUST BE NICE!!! Is he on the same schedule with the NFL, that would mean he won't be back until training camp time!!!!

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"just what NFL executive (in his right mind) would WASTE the number 1 pick on a return specialist."

If we could go back in time to last year knowing what we know now, a whole lot of them would change their #1 pick to Devin Hester.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Thats a lie, thier isn't one NFL executive that would draft a player for special teams in the first round !!! NOT evn Devin Hester!!! Look at it like this there have been some great special team returners but none of them where great at their listed position. Example Desmond Howard, Dante Hall, Wes Welker, and the list goes on, out of the three I just named how many actually made an impression at the WR spot??? Wes probably is the best WR/ returner on the list and he didn't even have a 1000 yards rec last year!!! So drafting a special teams player in the first round is just BOGUS!!!! But Cam, Ted , and Trent are all going to prove me wrong this year......................I HOPE!!!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Phins suck! I've been a fan from I was born...and the only thing that we can hold onto is 2 championships in the early 70's when I was 5 & 6 respectively. JJ had the right idea, but Dan the loser Marino blocked his moves. Remedy, sack Dan as consultant, bring back JJ uninhibited. After all, it was JJ who brought in the JT era.
ps. Take the smiling Dolphin off the helmet and replace with a fierce box-head dolphin....attitude dude..attitude

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way...start Beck and leave Green as mentor/backup....its the only way to go...too much concussion thus a high risk..O-line can't protect him


7:57 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

To Bobby 6:47 p.m.

"Arturo Freeman carrying the team"

What????? Are you serious? Arturo Freeman helping to carry the team?

I must have been sleeping that year.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous lacesoutdan said...

You were six years old when the phins last one a super bowl? Wow are you old. You will be dead soon.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep up the good work trent green is old nd worth less veiw the tapes from last season we have no o line we need some one who can get out the pocket or else were out of luck daunte is the man dont cut him now

4:00 PM  
Anonymous the real deal said...

Daunte Culpepper sucks. He will be a failure for the rest of his career.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

real deal is just another hater!!!! Just to inform you buddy your baby Trent Green suffered the same injury Duante did and he has recovered, so what makes you think Duante won't?? Also what makes you think our o line is half as good as the Cheif's ??? Trent will be out before preseason is over!!!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous fake kurt angle said...

I must say, the real deal hit the nail on the head. Daunte Culpepper really does suck. Oh it's true, it's true. As your Olympic Hero, I cannot understand why so many of you worship a man who has done absolutely nothing for the Miami Dolphins. To top it all off, how can some of you worship a guy with such poor character? I mean, this guy is a big time locker room distraction and on Monday Night Football, Steve Young called him out, and he was right about Daunte! I can definatey say that Daunte Culpepper is a man that will never ever possess my three I's. Intensity, integrity (he's a huge locker room distraction, so you know he has zero integrity) and intelligence.

Boy oh boy, that is one thing Daunte definately lacks is intelligence! I mean, this guy is so incredibly stupid, it almost blows your mind! As your Olympic Hero, I encourage you all to rally around a man that truly personifies my three I's. That man is Trent Green. A man that oozes intensity, integrity, and intelligence. In closing, I want to remind you all of this one thing. Daunte Culpepper sucks!!! Oh it's true, it's damn true!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

For him to be so stupid , how did he negotiate a multi million dollar contract?? Also if he's such a bad person why do all the vetrans on the team have some many positive things to say about him?? I think you folks dogging him out really don't know JACK about football!!! What makes you think Trent Green is going to survive behind such a shaky offensive line?? WAKE UP ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

And on another note YOU'RE NOT MY OLYMPIC HERO!!!!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

All of the Daunte haters out there need to log on to and look at both Trent Green's stats and Daunte's Stats!!! The proof is in the pudding!!! He has a better overall QB rating and he is behind Trent Green by 20 touchdown passes, yeah it may seem like a big number but Trent is 37 and Daunte is only 30 so please stop hating!!!!!!

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daunte sucks. The new coach doesn't want him, and there is nothing that will change that. You Daunte supporters need to just shut up and get it over it. If you guys love Daunte so much, go support the Jaguars. Because it's apparent to me that you're not true Dolphins fans.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Your a JERK buddy!!! Being a fan doesn't mean losing your morals!! Just because you don't like Daunte personally doesn't mean you have to be nasty about it!! I bet if we would've made the playoffs last year with him behind center you be all over his nuts!!!! But we'll see what your BABY Trent Green will do in about another two months. Please leave your name so I can call you out when CONCUSSION case goes down in preseason!!!

12:35 PM  
Anonymous the vikings fan said...

Culpepper sucks. He a worthless quarterback and an equally worthless human being. This guy has an ego the size of Texas and Montana combined. He is a bad person with a terrible work ethic, and couldn't read a defense even if he was held at gun point. Brad Childress was dead on in everything he said about Culpepper. He is a "me first" player and he just proves it time and time again. The man is too stupid to realize that he could've been traded to Jacksonville a long time ago, but instead he lt his fat ego get in the way, and instead did the stupid thing and filed a grievance.

As a Vikings fan I was so glad we got rid of this selfish ass, that is too stupid to read a defense, and play the position of quarterback like it's supposed to be played. Have faith Dolphins fans, you're headed in the right direction. Your new head coach did the right thing in dumping Culpepper!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Childress being proved right by Culpepper

Adam Schein

Daunte Culpepper's grievance against the Dolphins is being heard.

As this becomes a big story in the summer months, I think it is worth giving credit to Vikings coach Brad Childress.
The neophyte coach was killed by the media and fans for jettisoning Culpepper when he took the Vikings job last year. And I was certainly one of those who questioned the decision. And to only get a second-round pick in return? Well, folks thought Childress was nuts.

A year later, Culpepper has worn out his welcome with two separate coaching staffs in Miami. He is a shell of his former self physically. And the Vikings have an exciting young quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson.

Jackson told us this week how much he loves to be coached up by Childress and Kevin Rogers. Culpepper foolishly had no interest in learning or improving under these quarterback gurus.

Yep, Daunte Culpepper sure does suck! A worthless quarterback indeed! A great article by Adam Schein! Culpepper sucks and you stupid supporters of his know it!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

I see what the problem is you guys just don't like the fact that he made MILLIONS last year and you won't see half of that your entire lifetime!!! I understand now!!! Don't worry it'll be ok!!!

Whats really funny is the fact you guys call him stupid like you've held a conversation with him or view his high school SAT scores or something!!! DUMB ASS folks aren't able to negotiate multi million dollar contracts!!!!!!!!!

1:21 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Daunte sucks. I know that, everyone knows that. I don't know why I defend him sometimes. I guess it's because I don't know any better. I must've forgotten my helmet this morning when I left to get on the short bus. Daunte is just a bad quarterback, he sucks, and is stupid.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

WOW How lame is that you use my name to post a silly ass comment like that!!! Well know this while your at home doing nothing on your summer break, I'm at work being paid to post my comments dumb ass!! TO scared to post your own comments with your own name JUST LIKE A DUMB ASS!!!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Culpepper sucks.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chambers arrested for ya got something to write get to work!

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great plays and for being one hell of a player and a human being. Like always, I believe you are right and I don't want to know how you feel when you are the one who make the plays on defense when our offense sucks.
Brady Quinn is going to be a Montana, Aikman or a Marino in the near future, sadly not with the Dolphins.

9:33 PM  

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