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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cameron's substitution plan well-thought

I wrote about Cam Cameron's plan for using players in tonight's game elsewhere on The Herald site and in the newspaper today.

Read the story here:

The plan leaves Cameron open to a lot of criticism if any veteran on offense gets hurt because the player is being used for at least a half the first time out of the chute this preseason.

But I will not be one of those bleeding-heart dorks eating free meals in the press box and second-guessing the coach if the worst happens and somebody gets hurt. Oh, I'll be eating in the press box alright, but I won't second-guess this move if it fails.

That's because I agree with Cameron's approach.

The Dolphins, you see, plan to use Ronnie Brown as their workhorse this year. They planned to do the same thing last year. The difference is the plan last year had no follow-through.

The Dolphins wanted to do something starting in the regular-season they hadn't done in training camp or in the preseason. Consequently, Brown wasn't prepared when the real games started and coaches wanted him in there.

Well, the guy has been carrying the ball a lot in practice and he's going to get a half of work tonight when most other starters around the NFL are playing only a couple of series. I think this just makes sense as Miami preps Brown for doing exactly this in the regular-season.

And, if the worst happens in the form of an injury, so be it. It would stink. But you have to plan for the season by getting ready to play, not by holding back.

The fact the offensive line, which is a hard-hat area under construction, is also supposed to play the first half is another stroke of genius. Play the rookies the entire game, I say. Let Drew Mormino and Samson Satele get their experience now rather during the regular season. At least let them go into the regular season with four games already under their jockstraps.

That's the way Don Shula approached it with Keith Sims and Richmond Webb 17 years ago, and I believe the strategy still works today.

And again, if one of them gets hurt, it simply wasn't meant to be. Move on.

I must point out that this applies only to the offense. The defense is a unit that is filled with veterans, the system is not new, and most positions are set. So those players should not be exposed to extended playing time. The risk is simply to high for the reward.

But the offense? Let 'er rip.

Anyway, you guys tell me what you expect to see from Ted Ginn Jr., who is starting, and any other thoughts that pop into your minds pre-, during or post-game.


Anonymous CC said...

A thousand percent agreement here. Throw those rookies to the wolves- no sarcasm intended. Experience is life's finest educator. Baptism by fire baby. Let them find console in the cheer and jeer of the crowd. For few arenas may turn as quick as ol Joe Robbie or bless you just the same. And if injury stings, well, "Lo que esta pa ti, nadie te lo quita."

Can't say I agree with playing Green an entire half behind a makeshift offensive line. It seems risky. But what are we risking? The 9th pick in the draft? Lay your money down babe. This is a man's game.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous The Highest said...

What pops into my head is I think you'll be the only one NOT second-guessing if an injury happens.

Writers love hindsight. At least you're out ahead of the curve, which is refreshing.

You're doing a fine job

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Carol City Ish said...

I agree with Coach Cams approach make Ronnnie work againt a front 7 thats has good has any in the league, pound it early and let the "Ronnie Express" get ready for the season opener with touches under his belt. I think Coach Cam is trying to make it has difficult has possible for Teddy Ginn so I dont think he will move him around all too much in the formations, if he is going to be a impact player he is going to have to learn to beat the press with what he has and mold his game into that of a Steve Smith or better yet a Marvin Harrison guys that arent very big but are very effective because of there route running and speed. I`m more excited about seeing this young O-line hold up against that Jax front 4 in my book they are has good a test has any.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Armando, I remember Shula throwing Webb and Simms into the fray from the get-go. It worked then, as you said, and it will work now. Personally I would like to see the entire offensive line play the whole game. Carey, Alabi and Hadnot need as much work as the rookies.

Let's face it, Green is a wily veteran but he needs to get a learn on as well. The offense can benefit from as much preseason play as possible. But we still need to look at some of the young guys on the bubble to see who will make the team.

Unfortunately injuries are part of football. There is no way to predict them but you can avoid them by sitting guys in meaningless games. It's a fine line, but in this case I would rather see the players on the field trying to grow and learn to play together. On the defensive side I would sit a lot of guys because we know what they can do and the unit is mature.

Isn't this great! I don't care if we suck I just want to see some Dolphin football baby!!! Strap it up!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to wait for the 'RE-RUN". Sunday Ticket is useless during the pre-season, and direct tv told me i can only get my local channels, meaning, I leave in NC, so WFOR is not local. this pisses me off every year, the only team i am interested in watching is the Dolphins, and I have to suffer every F'n pre-season, hope you 'locals' see some positive stuff on the offense, and NO injuries on defense.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Ignacio said...

I know, I would love to watch the game too since I live in NJ. Is there any live stream on the internet? There should be.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm on the left coast & am cut out of the broadcast like you.

I read in a blog that WQAM 560 will cover the game on radio. Their site says "The only programming WQAM is not allowed to stream live is Florida Marlins baseball. For that, please go to"
So, let's try

Otherwise, > Scores has the written play-by-play with a drive-chart graphic.

Go Phins!! Cheers, JerryD

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

complete agreement.

Playing the players who need the practice is a no brainer. Injuries can happen anytime (Yatil Green), not just in preseason games. Should players not practice? Of course they should practice.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous FinFan1976 said...

I used to have Miami as my local channels until I moved. The said I had to take the new locals. I hate it. I get local channels with my internet access from the cable provider. I dropped Direct TV and will watch local TV and listen on Sirius Sat Radio. They also broadcast all games via local radio personalities. You get WQAM. I wish the NFL would license NFL Sunday Ticket to cable providers since cable & telephone\TV providers account for 65% of all television subscription.

I think the approach is needed none of our offensive players are Marvin Harrison type players that demand the respect that they don't need the reps.

Even Chambers while a high quality pro bowl type player he needs the work as well. Trent Green needs the reps but he is old as dirt, so we need to take care of him.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Regarding a live stream on the internet for 'Fins games...I just read that the NFL and Yahoo have agreed to partner and provide internet coverage to overseas countries, but not in the USA. What the hell is that?

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As said above, Sirius is your option. I just finished listening to tonight's game, had my pick of the Dolphins' or the Jaguars' local coverage.


10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:15 PM  

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