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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ireland reveals (really little) nuggets of information

Jeff Ireland just talked for 23 minutes and there were parts that were interesting. Here they are initially:

The Dolphins have fielded calls about trading for the first pick, according to Ireland. Nothing apparently is imminent if anything were to happen at all.

"People are interested," Ireland said. "People are always interested in the first pick. I'm not going to tell you what people are asking or offering. But I would think the talks would heat up next week."

Ireland slipped when he was talking about what he expects from the first overall pick. "This guy is going to be the pillar of your defense," Ireland said of the first pick.

Really? Defense?

"That was a Freudian slip," he said under his breath.

Someone then asked if it was a smokescreen. "I'll let you guys decide," he answered.

I've decided it was not an intentional attempt to mislead. The guy simply misspoke. Don't know if that means he was saying something he shouldn't or simply let words fall out of his mouth without really measuring them first.

I asked him about the speculation the Dolphins might pass on the first pick. He initially waved off the question, but when pressed whether he could put that rumor to rest, he said, "yes," as in that is not happening.

Finally there is clear indication that Reagan Mauia's status with the team will depend on what the team's internal investigation reveals about his recent arrest for battery at a local Ale House. Ireland said he needed all the details before making an "intelligent decision," which obviously means a decision is pending.

FYI: Ireland would not discuss what he called strategy, so there was no talk about Jake Long and negotiations and a deadline in those negotiations.


Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Anyone who watched this press conference knows two things:

A.) Armando thankfully didn't ask any of the stupid questions

B.) The Dolphins are drafting Gholston or Chris Long, it appears to be Long, Ireland's slip of the tongue not withstanding.

Also he stressed "Face of the Franchise" for years, gut with excellent make-up, character, etc. It has to be Chris Long.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Timm said...

Lets trade down and still get someone in the top 6!!! preferably Gholston or one of the Long's

1:35 PM  
Anonymous FINSFAN said...

I think Ireland was told to throw out a smokesceen out there (By Parcells), when it comes to Chirs Long. I mean the ONLY negotiations going on right now is JAKE LONG. So i dont see how its going to be Chris Long, unless talks heat up fasttt within the next few days.The fins are going to have the first pick signed before the draft.

Read how you want to read it, its going to be Jake lOng or a trade is in place ALREADY.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The face of the franchise is a QB.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

It's not a QB dude. Face it.

Oh and that slip by Ireland wsa not a smokescreen. He slipped and you could see it on his face, he f'ed up and he knows it and Armando knows it and I know it.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Ron;

Dude? The face of a Franchise is a QB...only when you have a lousy team do they use a position sell tickets.
It's either going to be J. Long or trade down. We may also see the Dolphins select Ryan for another team...say the Ravens...and then try to pickup Rivers or Albert if he is still there.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron in Charlotte,

Where did you watch this? Is it still available, I would like to see it. I really do believe the Dolphins want C. Long. I hope they take him.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous FINSFAN said...

Ok Ron,

So if its not a smokesceen, then why are there noooo negotiations going on with Crhis Long then?? You would agree, the fins will have the first pick signed by the draft right??? Chris Long name has not been mentioned in nego iations.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knows what the Freudian slip meant? Maybe it means the trade proposals he's fielding are regarding a defensive player (like Glenn Dorsey). Keep in mind: Atlanta has THREE second-round picks -- their own, Houston's (Matt Schaub deal) and Oakland's (DeAngelo Hall). Why not take one of those picks to move down two spots, still take either Chris or Jake Long, and NOT be on the hook for an additional $5 million-plus in guarantees?

Or maybe Ireland intentionally said defensive player just to get everyone talking.

It's all fun and games until 4/26.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...


Maybe to you but in the context of what Ireland was saying that doesn't make sense not mention the slip when he SAID defense. It looked like he honestly SLIPPED.

It's on

The ravens will not give up the draft for Matt Ryan. They will take him if he falls, but believe it, only Media and Fans like Matt Ryan to go that high. He is not an elite QB prospect, just the best of a mediocre crop of QB's

You don't draft a guy just in hopes that some team will be that stupid to trade the farm, esp when th ewhole league knows you don't want him. WHat if the ravens traded down and drafted Flacco? Then what?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Yeah Finsfan, thats what the media has reported. Who says that is true? Nobody in the Trifecta has said that directly to the public. Just "reports". Maybe the negotiations with Jake Long are just togarner interest in the pick for a trade. We don't know.

I am only going by what I saw him say and the absolutely guilty look on his face when he said that. I saw that with my own eyes.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous FINSFAN said...

Homie thinks, just becaus he wears a tie and a suit, that all of a suddan he becomes CLEO. DUDE YOU , ME AND NO ONE KNOWS WHAT MIAMI IS GOING TO DO on raft day, lets face it. ONLY PARCELLS AND COMPANY KNOW.

So you have the right to a opinion, but you make it seem like you know exacly and buddy , YOU HAVE NO CLUE NOR DO i.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous FINSFAN said...


Am going to go with those reports from the media and listen to reporters like mando and othrs, before I listen to RON IN CHARLOTTE, you feel me?

The reports are out for a reason, so you trying to tell me, the Jake Long reports get out, but not Chris Long. No mater how much you hide it reports are going to come out. And when beat writers like Mando, say it, I listen. o those reports have some sort of legs to it. Not what RON SAYS.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Actually I do have a clue, Ireland gave us a big one today by accident. You have it too. It's not like Ireland isn't prone to slips. That "open for business" remark probably got him a Parcellian talking to.

I will say that I think there's a good chance he is taking Gholston, based on the early remarks in the presser.

I wear a tie and suit because I am a smart and successful.

I never beleive the stuff spewed this time of year, but I beleive that was a legitimate slip.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

FINSFAN, Watch the freaking press conference. Make your own conclusion.

And if you wanna believe media speculation over your own eyes then feel free. You are missing the whole point. I have seen this enough years to know. You should too.

At least watch it and make a judgment.

2:21 PM  
Blogger PingusTheGreat said...

Honestly sure it did slip his tongue, but come on , if i had a defense mentality i would say defense also as an anchor, is a honest mistake, it doesn't mean jack spit about who they are going to take. If you don't think that $$$ will factor into this decision, you're blind.

If you look at history, it shows they won't and they will draft a defense of player, i kinda agree there, they can get o linemen in the second pick. So in saying that i think they pick C Long or Gholston. But it will be hard to pass on a franchise Tackle.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

>>>Chris Long name has not been mentioned in negotiations.<<<

Maybe that's because the Dolphins already know that negotiating Chris Long's contract won't be a problem. Or maybe because his agent can actually keep a secret (unlike Jake Long's people). Or maybe because they're hoping to trade down a few spots and still hope to get him. There are way too many intangibles to say for sure that the Dolphins are or are not interested in Chris Long -- or any player -- just because we've heard *rumors* about what's being done with Jake Long but no one else.

And just because Jeff Ireland said "defense" doesn't mean it wasn't a slip of the tongue for a guy who thinks defense by his nature. He could have been just as embarrassed for the goof-up because it looks bad for a GM to misspeak, as he could have that it gave away real draft strategy.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pingus the great said slip of the tongue. good one...

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you are so smart and successful why don't you learn to spell believe?

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Greg said...

Ireland is a dumbass!!!!! You can bet the house that Parcells just tore him a new one for that f'up..
after he came with the "open for business" quip at the Senior Bowl I should have been worried. Who let him out of the board room?
Are any other teams letting their brass speak? Unbelievable..

2:59 PM  
Anonymous FINSFAN said...


I saw the Press Conference. I beleive you are reading to much into this. I mean as soon as the press conference was over, you wrote on here, the fins will draft Chris Long, then minutes after you said Glolston, reality you are as confused as ireland is.

I mean you can take these comments and run with it if you want, but I think this is part of the plan, if you think for one minute parcells does not have something up his sleve you are wrong. They asked Ireland after, is this a smokesceen his responce was " YOU TAKE IT HOW YOU WANT TO TAKE IT".

And thats exactly how am going to take it.

Answer my ???, how come theres no negotiation talks with Chris Long or Gholston yet??? If you Ron cant answer that ??? then the fins will NOT take either guy.

Thats why Jake Long is the guy , because the fins will not go threw the drama the raiders went threw last year will J. RUSS.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

That is not because I cannot spell. It is because I am typing quickly while not working. If you see the next post, it is spelled properly. It is called a typo.

You actually formed a run-on sentence and did not properly utilize a comma where it was needed.

So bite me, douchebag.

You say things like that is because you are bitter and really have nothing relevant to add.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous ufourya said...

Ron, I agree with your assessment. It was a real slip-up, no doubt.

To your A (Although I don't know Armando's voice from Harvey's) and B I would add a tentative:

C.) The Dolphins have real trade-down prospects and are targeting a CB or something of the sort. But this seems a little less likely.

Other than that, I agree and made the same observation over at the Phinsider a while ago.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

And Fins Fan, you don't know who is negotiating with who as other posters have added, and you are clearly unable to process the information I wrote because you are saying I went back and forth when in reality I say I believe it was a true slip. There fore it will be defense. I posted I thought it would be Chris Long, but later posted that at frist some of his comments led me to start thinking Gholston. So I THINK it is Chris Long, but I am truly convinced Ireland is going Defense.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy Ron... you're a run on sentence mispelling machine.

3:07 PM  
Blogger wyoming85 said...

I sure hope your wrong ron
we need o-line help more than another de

3:10 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Don't you mean "misspelling"? ;)

It's a blog; I type my thoughts. I don't check all of my spelling cuz it doesn't f'ing matter. I am horrible on a keyboard. Oh well.

When people point out a misspelling as a retort to a post, they are mindless. It isn't relevant.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't you guys see, the Dolphins are trying to get the Rams to trade up one pick so they can draft Jake Long.....Orlando Pace is done and J. Long is strongly coveted by the Rams. That would put the wheels in motion to draft C. Long and pick up an extra pick in next years draft.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous ufourya said...

For you guys who can't wrap your head around the idea that the real smokescreen is the ongoing 'negotiation' with Jake Long, here's some thinking from my favorite mock-drafter, Walter Cherepinsky:

"Is Chris Long still an option? Absolutely, though it's not the popular opinion among Internet draftniks. If Parcells truly likes Chris Long, he's a genius. By offering a contract to Jake Long and threatening to do the same thing to an eager Gholston, Chris Long's agent would have to encourage his client to sign the contract. Unlike Jake, there's no guarantee Chris will be a top-three selection; the Virginia hybrid linebacker could conceivably slip down to the Jets at No. 6.

I find it suspicious that the Dolphins haven't spoken to Chris Long yet. They're either really uninterested in him, or really cunning. It just doesn't make sense to me that Parcells would show his hand and lose all leverage by declaring Jake Long is above and beyond his No. 1 choice."

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Dro said...

I did not have the opportunity to watch the press conference as I am at work, but based on what I read it appears that the first overall pick will and SHOULD be Chris Long. It has to be that or they will trade that 1st round pick to get a defensive player that is truly a disruptive force to opposing offenses in the league right now. If that were indeed that case, I would just hope that it is a player with youth and great stats on his repertoire, as Long has a lot of potential to becoming a great NFL player for any team, and above all has youth and talent. Perfect example of this Texans' M. Williams! I say draft Chris Long or trade for a player that can add immediate impact to the secondary. Then again, dolphins were ranked last stopping the run last year.....

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Lary King said...

This just in: Chicken tastes good!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Nick B said...

Well, someone asked my question lol, I don't know who it was though...

Haha, his face turned bright red when he said 'defense' and he realized it. That was not an intentional slip.

3:40 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

OK let me insert my two cents.Has anyone thought that the whole Jake Long negotiations was a smoke screen?? I think it is ,even though they are really in negotiations with CL's agent. Scott Linehan has said and I qoute ''he's one of the best tackles I've ever seen.'' Now keep in mind the Rams pick second if they think Bill is after their guy it may just motivate them to trade up!!

All in all I love the way the current regime has kept pretty much everyone in the dark!I can't wait to see what transpires on draft day! GO FINS!!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Dolphins themselves dont know what they want to do with the pick yet because a lot of it will depend what other teams offer for the 1st pick in the draft. I really think that if they cant move the pick that and I am sure they will they will be forced to draft Jake Long he is the only one that will give you quick results

3:44 PM  
Anonymous SOB said...

I think its funny so many people are bashing Ron... did you idiots even SEE the damn interview? I am willing to bet, NOT.

Theres no way Miami takes a QB 1st overall. Get this out of your thick, dull brain.

Second, he DID slip up and he DID say Defense. I watched it too. Ron knows it, Mando knows, it and I know it.

The pick WILL be Chris Long. I don't care what agent they are in talks with. Im telling you, they are blowing smoke. Look at his face after he slipped! He was red, and dodged the question when he got called out.

God, some of you are mindless nitwits. Someone comes in to tell you what happens and you slander him telling him he doesn't know what he's talking about. He saw the same damn thing as anyone who WATCHED the interview.

My God people...

Now that my chest is cleared, great work Mando as usual! I look forward to reading your article :)

3:49 PM  
Anonymous AM said...

I think there's a possibility that he "slipped" on the defense talk, but not as a smokescreen for other teams, rather as a smokescreen for Jake Long and his agent. I think they are trying to give them the impression that they are looking at defense and are unhappy with the way contract negotiations are going. To me, it's a threat to Jake, basically saying that he better drop his price. I think at the end of the day, they are still looking at Jake Long as the first pick. Tricky tricky tricky.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Ok, I just had to add this...

Lasst year the whole world (except for a few of us, I never bought it) expected the Dolphins to draft Quinn if he fell to us. NOBODY saw Ted Ginn coming (or his family). I was bummed because I thought Goodell said "Quinn", then it was all smiles when he said "Ginn" and I realized it (I would trade the ninth overall for Hester in a heartbeat).

Two drafts ago everyone was wondering whether Houston would take Bush or Young. The night before Mario Williams signed a contract out of nowhere and NOBODY saw it coming.

Last year Russell was the obvious choice for Oakland but still the smokescrens abound. Rarely do you get a slip like Ireland's today. That is a precious nugget! Awesome. Hope it doesn't mess up the plans for the Trifecta, but I love knowing what I think I know know.

Nobody in the Media ever had Willaims going to Houston. Nobody had Ginn going to Miami.

But if you want to believe Media reports as the real deal, go ahead. I will take the slip of th etongue that I saw over that vrap any day of the week.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous am said...

ron what do you think about my last post, since you seem to be the regular here...

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think SOB needs a hug. So much anger inside...

4:17 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...


I don't think I agree. They are not treating Jake like "take an unreasonable lowball offer" or else".

I think if Jake Long is a smokescreen is it is to entice the Rams to move up a spot. I don't believe the only way to fix our line is to pick a tackle number one. It could be a good thing but a good line can be built without$35Million tackles. Also this group is known for their abiblity to develop line talent, and there is planty in this draft. I think you go with who you think is your best player at a core position (i.e. not RB).

It's not like if you don't draft Jake Long that you will Pinnochio playing LT or just field a 10 person offense.

I have also been laughed at for saying this before but the end of the presser confirmed my feelings about Chris Long being the pick. I really believe as an organization, when you have a pick and an investment like this you also factor in intangible things like how a player will represent the organization to the community and to the world. This is a business and Chris Long, son of Howie Long, would be a valuable asset to Mr. Ross, Hizenga, Parcells, Ireland, and Big Tony.

If Gholston and Long grade out the same, I think his pedigree, character, and his incredible motor tips the scales in his favor.

The only way I see Gholston getting chosen is if Parcells starts getting a hard on for the next Lawrence Taylor and can't see past it. I imagine Ireland doesn't want Gholston though.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous SOB said...

I get angry because theres far too many stupid people who post... and to be honest I am not good with dealing with "less than intelligent" posters.

Poor Mando has to deal with it daily... seriously, theres a handfull of posters who are sensible and have a clue, and the rest are still off talking about Ted Ginn. That's how little half the folks here keep up on things and know. Its funny how Sparano is praising Ginn like he's the next big thing.

Its just really too bad that Mando can't set an IQ requirement for readers. Poor guy must be tired of reading half this shit.

To Ron, and the few select few who actually KNOW the sport and the team, keep going!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous am said...

cheers -- good color.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Thanks sob, much appreciated. I get ripped all of the time. It's nothing new. I am wrong nearly a third of the time but that is still a good ratio.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't any of the above. They haven't decided for sure. It is Jake Long if they can get an agreement and don't get offered what they really want. They want 10 cheap potential pro bowlers. Whatever they have to do to get them they will do. A good draft would bring them to 4 wins and then 8 or next by year two. Then on to 12 wins by year 3 or 4. Remember Jimmy Johnson had a couple of great drafts.

Kevin in Halifax

4:42 PM  
Anonymous NeilVA said...

After the Ireland press conference today it sounds like the Fins will go defense first. IF this is true I think that we would be nuts to pass on Chris Long. Damn...... In the middle of typing this I just heard an interview with Chris and he just said that he is not worried about money.......... sounds like what we need. 9 days to go!!!!!!!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous SOB said...

I get ripped all the time too. Its only because the knowledgable ones are usually a bit different in thinking and don't just follow the media circus. Because of this, our opinions are worse.

I love the comments of "oh your a loser and live in your parents, thats why you can sit around all day on blogs". Ummm no. I have a home and a wife and I sit around all day because Im very successful and I'm self-employed. I'm smart, something most people who aren't even our of their teens fail to realize. Funny... I can't wait till they get a real dose of the real world.

4:47 PM  
Blogger doug collin said...

armando. what i am sure of now is that sedano your cohort on 790 is an idiot and has diarrhea of the mouth. Ireland and parcells are sly as a pair of foxes in manipulating the media and light weights like sedano when saying no 1 pick will be on defense.All smoke and mirrors. The scenario i see is the fins dangling matt ryan qb boston college to both the falcons and chiefs.Armando next time ur at 790 get irelands fish hook out of sedanos big mouth

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Sam T. said...

i saw the press conference.. and i still hope we take j. long and a guard somewhere in the draft.. we need more o-line help than linebackers at this point.. and we need a good line as to not ruin Becks career (ex: Carr in Houston.. hes too worried about getting hit and not looking at his receivers).. Groves should fall into the second round now that his heart problems has been disclosed..

4:55 PM  
Anonymous NeilVA said...


DO NOT let these people get to you. The post that are ripping on you are the ones with nothing better to do than bitch about people who do not agree with them... Same thing as the posters that like to rip on Mr. Sal, who lets us express our thoughts, have no class. DO NOT let it bother you buddy!!!!

5:00 PM  
Anonymous SOB said...

Good point NeilVA... I totally agree with you whole heartedly my man!!! :)

Just frustrating that Mando and other good posters who have something good to say has to get a black eye because of the moronic posts that show up here on these forums daily.

Im out! Good to see more great posts from fellow Dolfans!


5:03 PM  
Anonymous NeilVA said...

Your welcome!

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not believe the slip was intentional, he mumbled that it was a "fruedian" to mess with our heads. If they want a true face of the franchise the pick will not be Jake Long. Chris is a stand-up guy, and he has every quality that Parcells loves in a football player. But I guess you never know, no point in speculting, just have to be patient and wait until the 26nd

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heard the audio/saw the video. Ireland is an idiot. He's a Kicker. Nuff said. As far as, Sedano Doug Collins. You may think he's an idiot, but you're listening. Obviously.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron In Charlotte - you spend WAY too much time on this blog

5:42 PM  
Anonymous KyleL said...

Hey guys, this is my first post but I am a 21 year old student from NY and I am a huge phins fan and a very knowledgable sports fan and I would love to share some of my thoughts...
I really dont see a scenario where we can trade out of the first pick because no one player has shown themselves worthy to cost of being picked number one... I think its safe to say that DMC is the best prospect in this year's class and I would love to have him (off field issues I think have been blown out of proportion, watch this past weeks E60) but that is our strongest area, barring Ronnie's health... remember last year Belichick said Ronnie was the best player they had seen on tape all year...
I really dont know where we will go with the first pick... I know a great offensive tackle would be a safe pick but listening to experts like Kiper and McShay say that he may end up being a right tackle sooner rather than later makes me cringe. Chris Long is a great character, high-motor guy but what is his ceiling in the NFL... I have gone back and watch some tape of him and I dont think he quite matches up to Mario in Houston. As of today I think Gholston is worthy of the #1 pick... his potential his higher than Chris' and although his biggest question mark was not being consistent I trust that the new regime can really mold him into a great player... I think he fits the 3-4 scheme better than Chris, more of Ware kind of player with enormous potential... I hope we hit the jackpot in what seems to be a crapshoot draft at the top... give Beck a year to see what he can do, I wouldnt use a 2nd round pick on a qb with so many glaring needs on the team esp. with some praises for Beck... pretty excited for next Saturday

5:45 PM  
Blogger doug collin said...

To set the record straighti listen to rush, oreily and monitor both wqam and 790 in the afternoon for updates. i just heard chris long on fox and he said no contact yet from fins. unless hes providing misinformation too.If i were making the pick i would choose mcfadden as hes a game changer and i always thought ronnie brown ran like a fullback. For what its worth.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to Rush & O'reilly huh? Than you're used to being a sheep and believing what THE MAN tells you! HA!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous FINSFAN said...

Well there must be a reason why you so called smart guys are NOT working for the fins organization.

Reality is nor you so-called smart guys or me or any one on here knows exactly, who the fins will draft.

But to come on here and say, you guys are smarter then others because you are self employed is laughable.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous stop stop screaming said...

Who is this sedano guy everyone is talking about? I live in Hollywood and never heard of Sedano. What the hell can he know about the dolphins?

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By definition, a "Freudian slip" would suggest...

...Jeff Ireland wants to sleep with Chris Long's mother!!!

7:23 PM  
Blogger doug collin said...

Simply put ireland was sending a message to jake long re his comments about drafting defense with first pick.And the media fell for it too lol Anonymous hail president mccain.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ron i called ginn and during the draft gil brandt called it as well so you can't say nonone saw it coming i can proudly say i picked correctly the last two drafts and even won preseason tickets when o'saban bin lyin' took allen throuh a conctest on the team website

8:04 PM  
Anonymous MartinK said...

Ok, I watched the presser... and Ireland is hot!! Seriously, I am really torn on what the 'Fins should do. A case can be made for J. Long because we clearly need a tackle (and a guard). And a case can be made for C. Long because of the pedigree, motor, football IQ, etc. And a case can be made for Gholsten because he looks the part of a menacing OLB. Months ago I was upset because C. Long wasn't be talked about as a #1 pick. I thought it would be great to get a player like him. But I think we'd be forced to pick a tackle at the top of round 2 if we pick C. Long. I like the idea of J. Long at #1 and taking the best player available in the 2nd. It gives us more flexibility later if we take J. Long first. And I think C. Long is better suited as a 4-3 end. With that being said, I believe the 'Fins want to take C. Long. And Ron, I remember reading a column last year right before the draft that we really liked Ginn and Levi Brown. Levi went before we drafted, so I expected Ginn or Quinn - so not everyone was shocked.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Zolo said...

Lets not overlook the fact that Scott Lineham could be smoke screening just as easily. Maybe he wants Miami to pick Jake Long so that is why he is raving about him. Not likely he would show his cards that easily either.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous CitizenK said...

Chris Long is another Zach Thomas.. Problem is that the D during Zach's career was never ever able to stop the offense when it counted. 'A' for effort just isn't good enough for the NFL. Need results. I say Gholston or Jake Long, maybe the surprise pick will be McFadden.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOB, read back through the posts and you will see that only one person "bashed" Ron. He (anon) annoyingly pointed out a typo as being a misspelled word. And then he wrote something about Rons run on sentences. But everyone else was just disagreeing or asking questions of Ron. No harm right? Until you came in and started calling most of the posters "idiots with thick dull brains" and "mindless nitwits". All because their opinions differed from Rons. And the fact of the matter is, ALL of the posts are opinions because NO ONE is sure of anything right now. So you (and the spelling guy) were the only "bashers". MY OPINION is that there are a bunch of different scenarios going on behind the scenes and we should all just wait until draft day to see what they do. What a silly waste of time it is to argue over which opinions are more valid. Also, for someone who claims to be intelligent, the name calling is a bit childish don't you think? We can all get our points across without the insults. NYScott

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Zeo said...

NYScott - take a valium and chill out. Are you personally offended that some blogger called you and idiot? Well if so you are an idiot. Get a life.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK - I admit I am excited to see what happens with the draft. There is so much smokescreen, it is anyone's guess. I think some people (Ron and AM for example) have provided insight. However, I would say no one would bet their house on what will happen.

Also - why can't we keep it to football. Someone bags Ron about a misspelling, then ron bags him back. Next someone calls Ron a run-on misspelling machine, then Ron says something about how sad it is that someone resorts to such tactits on a post. Come on Ron - you just bagged someone for the same - talk about a change of attitude! (although I agree with Ron, who check spelling or grammer on a blog, unless you have too much time)

I love all the comments from Ron and others as I said, it makes the lead-up to the draft so much more exciting.

I mean come on, maybe the fins are trying to shop the first pick and they want defense or Chris Long in particular. With so many options, it is so exciting!

Kedric in Denver (life long fins fan)

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HMM to you all. Guys have you not learned anything yet? regardless of what ireland said didn't say, slipped out or amoked screened there are undeniable underlying facts
that tell you what is by far the likeliest scenario as far as the # 1 pick

One no one wants to pay 35 mill plus picks and maybe players to get a shot at an above average prospect

Two the fins have no RT and No LG in the roster other than scrubs with very limited experience
Three they are not enamopured with the best qub in the draft.
4. They have depth at OLB
5. Chris Long is undersized to play 3/4 DE
6. They need to sign the pick BEFORE the draft
7. Almost all the other OTs would be at best 2 year projects at LT and we need an starting caliber LT unless we keep Carey there even though we know that he is much better RT
8. All the talk about JL: not being to play LT in the NFL is garbage First he played yhe position at a mjor college for two years and he dominated , second for a gauy supposedly vulnerable to speed rushes he gacve up one sack and in that game he then proceeded to shut down the same guy whio is rated as the best speed rusher in this draft

9. It is very convenient that Ireland who is a pro has drafted before and is ubnder the tutelage of BP would just make a faux pax now I just cant buy it

OK that last one is not a fact but pretty close to it LOL

In any case if they keep the pick and it looks like they will J Long will be a Miami Dolphin with his family of course!

11:26 PM  
Anonymous get a grip, sedano said...

Sedano is a tool. That guy deserves a severe beating. I can't stand that guy.

2:09 AM  
Blogger Warren said...

Isn't a Freudian slip saying something you shouldn't while sleeping with your mother?

That must have been one hell of a press conference.

6:48 AM  
Blogger doug collin said...

Isnt it curious that nobody in the third estate has taken the time to find out which defensive players the fins have contacted. Heres some inside info, the falcons want either a qb or off tackle and jake long high priority. the rams may take jake long if fins pass. the dolphins are targeting atlanta to trade down.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trade Down?!?!? Wow, what a great idea!! How has nobody else mentioned this yet Timm?

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think the fins will take Jake Long with the first pick. The reason being is because the fact he said defense. He knew not to say offense so out of instinct he said defense which was the logical thing to say without revealing their choice.

Dolphins select Jake Long with the #1 pick.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more one reads of these posts, the clearer it becomes that doubt of what the Dolphins will do abounds.

Good job, Bill and Co.

11:21 PM  

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