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Thursday, January 11, 2007

My leaders in the clubhouse

OK, in the next few days you'll be hearing that the Dolphins are in the process of checking their facts, reviewing their data, and poring over the information they gathered during those 12 interviews they just conducted.

They will then trim the list from 12 to whatever number of candidates actually excite them so that those guys can come back for some real football interviews with guys such as Don Shula and Dan Marino in the room.

I was not in on any of those interviews (Wayne didn't ask) but I'm going to give you my top four out of Miami's 12. We'll see how my top four compares to Miami's list, given that I had absolutely zero to do with the interviews.

1. Dom Capers. The devil you know is often the choice over the one you don't. Plus, Capers has been a coach and he's solid. He has the trust of his players. He knows how to coach defense, as proven by Miami's No. 4 overall ranking despite obvious limitations. And he offers some continuity and an ability to retain most of the current staff.

2. Mike Martz. The guy is bright ... sometimes too bright for his own good. I'm told his interview was unorthodox in that he pulled no punches, whereas other coaches might have been more diplomatic. I know the guy has issues running the ball and he isn't in love with Daunte Culpepper. But he knows offense and I think he might have learned from his failed experience in St. Louis.

3. Mike Tomlin. Surprise, right? Look, the guy seriously is a year or two away. But he is a star in the making. He took all the freaky personalities on the Minnesota defense and made them into one very competitive unit. He tells players what they have to do and WHY. That works in today's NFL. Plus he has great charisma. He's a long-shot right now, but I say the guy will be a head coach in a year or two if the Dolphins or Steelers don't snatch him this year.

4. Jim Mora Jr. Granted, the guy made a BIG mistake opening his mouth on that radio show and talking about bolting for Washington if the job opens up. That, more than anything, got him fired in Atlanta. In Miami, Wayne Huizenga would give him a hug and ask for suggestions on how to improve the team. The fact is Mora did a pretty fair job in getting the Falcons to the NFC title game three years ago. What? He forgot how to coach since then? As long as he doesn't bring the Atlanta offense with him, he deserves a second interview.

I left off Pete Carroll because he probably doesn't want to coach in the NFL -- not this year. Plus, you don't hire a guy who just said he is definitely staying at USC. Everyone here got peeved when Nick Saban said he wouldn't coach Alabama, then bolted. We shouldn't be hypocrites and take a guy who just said he's not leaving USC.

I also left off Cam Cameron, but that can change if the Chargers lose this weekend. The Dolphins are in a competitive situation here. They cannot wait until February to hire a coach. They would have to do exactly that if they want to hire guys like Ron Rivera and Ron Turner and Cameron. Sorry guys, but this is a case of success hurting you.

We'll see how I do. What do you think?


Blogger Jon said...

Hey, interesting article, I think the Fins have no shot at hiring Carrol and i think hes a nice fit at USC

just wondering, arent you a little cautios with Capers after what happened with the Texans? That team didnt exactly do to well.

Has Wayene ever thought of getting a GM first? He has tried the "one voice" policy before and it hasnt worked, Mike Holmgren didnt win that much till he quit being a GM and Coach.

I like Tomlin alot and if what you say is true, that he is a star in the making, it would be a good hire, the issue i think is, Wayne wants to win right now and can Tomlin do that?

Also just wanted to get your thoughts, if Quinn or Russel fall to the Fins, are they in the market for a quarterback? Do they have faith in Culpepper? If mike martz is hire, wouldnt he love Quinn?

Last idea, how about the Fins getting randy moss? He and Culpepper were great for the Vikings, why not a reunion, and at what i've read, it should only take say a third round pick and Marty booker or something around there.

great read, keep up the awesome work (also i saw you on Cold Pizza last week when saban quit, nice job)

1:33 AM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

Dom Capers is a good man and great defensive mind, but he's not a good fit for what we need right now.

This franchise needs to be rejuvenated.

I prefer Tomlin. Might as well take a chance on a rising star instead of settling for the same ol' crap. He could be our Mangini.

1:59 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

I agree with the same commments that of the last poster, franchise needs to be rejuvenated / could be our Mangini.
but like to see Brian Shottenhiemer instead..

5:02 AM  
Blogger DwinkinAle said...

I like the possibility of Matrz or Mora. With the present state of our team, I think they are the best canidates to build success.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I am still leaning toward Cameron, but Capers might be a possibility as well. Cowher was special team coach, and then defensive coach before going to Pittsburg. It worked there, but it does not always follow suit trying it elsewhere.

I would think it best to keep Capers at defensive coach, and find an offensive minded coach as everyone is expressing. Why touch something that isn't broken.

I understand your point on getting someone into the headcoaches spot as soon as possible, but to let the option of having a better choice in February of coaching candidates is wrong. impatience could cost us dearly, just as procrastination.

And as Jon asked, how about the GM position? Do we have other men in thought of that spot. Clearly we need men that both can work dilligently together to make this work. Neither headcoach and GM can come here big headed, and expect to build a winning team. A big name GM can do as much damage, as did Saban and his ego. A GM with an ego will not permit him to be objectable with the headcoaches, and teams needs.

I also think Huzeinga was very smart in asking Dan and Don to be a part of the recruiting process. It shows how much Huzeinga is determined to do the right thing. Sitting in the office does not give good onsight to your needs, and getting opinions from your past successful coaches and players can be a positive approach in hiring the right coach for the job.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Ron Rivera. If not Rivera then Tomlin, if not either of those than Cam Cameron. The Fish don't HAVE to hire a guy right away. Just be patient and let the scouts and Mueller and current coaches do the scouting of college guys in the meantime. Better to wait for the best option than just go with the best of what's immediately available.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts on who the candidates should be.

I'll start off with my list of Under No Circumstances guys. They would be: Dom Capers (Exhibit A, his record in Houston. Exhibit B, his record in Carolina without Bill Polian.), Ron Turner (never really thought he was head coach material), and Tim Lewis (who just got fired from the Giants).

This leads to my next list, the I'd Rather Bring Back Shula guys. They are: Ron Rivera (how much of Chicago's success is him and how much is Lovie Smith?), Pete Carroll (I think he's a good coach and respected his work with the Pats and Jets, but he's a better college coach), Mike Tomlin and Brian Schottenheimer (I think both need a little more than 1 season in the NFL as a coordinator before they're head coach material), Mike Martz (appreciate his candor, I don't like his clock management skills or his approach to defense and the running game).

This leaves my list of finalists being: Cam Cameron (sure LDT makes anyone look like a genius, but he also helped develop Brees into a pretty darn good NFL QB), Ken Whisenhunt (he'd be a great fit coming from a "run the ball and play great defense" team), Jim Mora (once the Eagles exposed Vick's shortcomings in the NFC championship game, you knew it was only a matter of time before Mora would take the blame), and Chan Gailey (a little too old for what I want in an NFL head coach, but he's one of the best at X's and O's).

11:36 AM  
Blogger umi said...

go phins

12:07 PM  
Blogger umi said...

The main thing that I have said all along isn't mainly the offesive or defensive coaching, or playcalling. I think that the main reason for our 5 year playoff drought is an upper level problem. Specifically the fact that we cant find any legitimate talent. The only other pro bowlers we have left on this team is chambers, thomas, and taylor.

Honestly those were picks from JJ. Since then nothing. Granted there were others in the JJ era but, none that we have drafted or signed since then. Now you can say all you want about the cap and penalties and all that other stuff. But Jerry Jones as much as I hate him always finds ways to work it out.

The other thing is Mueller is not the right man for the job. Remember now he only got the job because Marino didnt want it. I seriously wish Marino would reconsider his taking the job. He could really make a difference in the level of intensity of this organization. He knows what it takes to play at this level and certainly could bring along a young qb.

Lastly, I am from hawaii, but a dolphins fan for 30 years. There is a qb down here who may enter the draft this year. If he does he could be someone who could sneak under the radar of some teams and could be a qb of the future. See for yourself.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as everybody keeps talking
about Daunte Culpepper being the man, I don't care who the coach is,WE'LL LOSE!!! Culpepper needs to be cut and dumped immediatly!
His signing was probly the worst gaffe in Dolphine history. The fact that he was a bust is exactly
why Sabin is gone! He was a terrible signing. His best days are long gone. Cut him and lets move on! Colt Brennan and John Stocco are the best QB's available,
although I thing Brennan is going back 4 his finale year! PLEASE, PLEASE everyone...stop talking about Duante Culpepper being the QB! He not...just a busted & broken
down shadow of his former self trying to collect a million dollar
paycheck....all you idiot Culpepper
fans need to re-direct your loyalties back to the fins & winning and away from this broken
down and pathetic loser. He will never get us to where we wont to go......THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as everybody keeps talking
about Daunte Culpepper being the man, I don't care who the coach is,WE'LL LOSE!!! Culpepper needs to be cut and dumped immediatly!
His signing was probly the worst gaffe in Dolphine history. The fact that he was a bust is exactly
why Sabin is gone! He was a terrible signing. His best days are long gone. Cut him and lets move on! Colt Brennan and John Stocco are the best QB's available,
although I thing Brennan is going back 4 his finale year! PLEASE, PLEASE everyone...stop talking about Duante Culpepper being the QB! He not...just a busted & broken
down shadow of his former self trying to collect a million dollar
paycheck....all you idiot Culpepper
fans need to re-direct your loyalties back to the fins & winning and away from this broken
down and pathetic loser. He will never get us to where we wont to go......THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Excellent take Armando, I even agree on the order from 1-4. If I was the decision maker and I had to pick right this minute, I would hire Capers.

The WILD CARD in all this is Bill Parcells. Parcells still hasn't told Jerry Jones if he intends to return. He is reportedly frustrated with Jerry Jones, T.O. and that whole circus in Dallas. Parcells enjoys having total control and Wayne Huizenga would give it to him.

12:41 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

No, no, no on Capers or Martz. I don't care that Martz is smart. I don't care that Capers is a familiar name to the players (what are they? little leaguers?).

We get either of those guys as our HEAD COACH, this thing WILL NOT turn around.

I do very much like Mike Tomlin. Like BP said, I'll take my chances with a rising star over a retread any day. Because that's what this team needs. This is not a team that is one guy away from getting over the hump. This is a team that needs a few years to recover and retool. And a Tomlin-type is the solution.

My list includes Cameron and Whisenhunt, even Rivera. And I'm willing to wait for Cameron because somebody is going to give him a job.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like many of you, I do think that Miami needs to hire an offensive coach. My pick would be for Cam Cameron, however, if Cameron is not available, I would go for the Defensive Coordinator from the Vikings. I know he is a defensive guy, but he is also a young and rising coach. Tomlin would be my darkhorse or sleeper pick.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous R'Rich said...

Sure hope they're not POURING over anything. (The correct word is poring, Dude).

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

I think we need to keep one perspective here and that is offense. We don't need two defensive coaches when we already have a coach that lead us to a great season defensively we need an offensive mind. If the new coach wants to do two jobs instead of GM let him be head coach and run the offense as well. Somebody mentioned Parcells but if he leaves Dallas he won't coach unless he can be coach and GM at the same time.

We need Cameron or Schottenheimer or maybe Tomlin even though he is defense, but someone with youth, brains, and teaching skills.

I agree with Armando that these players today can't seem to buy in to what you are telling them to do if you don't explain why. That's why some great college coaches can't do the NFL because you tell them what and they do it or sit.

We also don't want someone to coach 2 years while they wait for the right college job to open up.

I think we are at a crossroad right now...wait a month for the best candidate, who might not take our offer, or hurry up and take some one now because he is available.

I think in reality Mora Jr is a good fit, when his mouth is closed, especially without a Vick problem except like Armando said he can't bring the Atlanta offense with him.

As we pick a coach we have to decide if C-Pepper is the right fit. I say we like I'm participating in the decision but you know what I mean. I think that defcision determines the direction we go for coach because it is instrumental in all the other offensive decisions that are made.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I think you make a good point Hank and Dude. I mentioned earlier that if we proceed to quickly we lose options of the better candidates we all seem to agree on.

Big name guys bring big problems. Either their sought by other teams (college or NFL), have tremendous ego's, and refuse to work under someone else's phylosophy.

A perfect example was the problems between Shannahan and Elway (it not the issue of GM and Headcoach, but runs in the same venue). Elway caused many problems in how the offense ran in Denver (Elway did not like what he was instructed), this is why Shannahan left Denver. We cannot afford players, coaches, and a GM that are unwilling to listen to one another. The break down in communication brings forth situations that put our development on hold.

Retreads, showoffs are nowhere we need to be. It will not be an overnight change this time around either, but we need to see improvement in every game played. And that means citiqing your plays, players, and yourself every week the retreads do not think as this. They are like a horse with blinds , so they only focus on what they see ahead of them, not what's going on all around you.

We can all give success and failure stories about these candidates, but there is a proper way to look at the situation. If these retreads (big names)in the NFL were building and keeping great teams, they would still be where they were. Do you think NE will let Belichik just up and walk away? No, because he is keeping NE in winning status. NE organization will do whatever it takes to keep him there until he becomes a washout.

Parcell has been headcoach on how many teams now? I cannot remember. Martz, and other retreads are also within the ringer on their teams because of issues relating to not working with a GM.

A headcoach cannot take care of offense, defense, special teams, and other fassets of the team, and do his job correctly. How do they believe they can do the GM's job and theirs. A company has how many management levels to make a factory work, why would a headcoach (who would act as a plant manager) think he could do it all. That is why they have personnel departments to hire qualified individuals. It is the samething that we are all talking about here.

I give Wayne credit for going beyond what I think most Owners would do by asking Don and Dan. I think they would look at the situation as we are. Especially, in finding someone who will remain with this organization for a long time, not until he gets the first offer from another team or college.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

i think it's vitally important the next "man in charge" is more knowledgable about the offensive side of the football than has been the case here for like, forever!with a decent offense this year the phins are deep into the playoffs!it's goota be an offensive type coach whoever that may be!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with capers. the others you just don't know. my second choice would be jon gruden and keep houck, and capers.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Hey asshole anonymous...
Mike Shananhan left Denver in 1992 to go to the SanFransico 49ers. From 1989 to 1990 he was the QB's coach, then went on to offensive coordinator in 1991. In 1992, he became offensive coordinator for San Fran until 1994, and then returned to Denver as Headcoach.

Go check this out before opening your mouth. Anyone who knows about Elway, and how he wanted to run the game his way remembers the bullshit between him and Shanahan. Which had a lot to do with him leaving. If you opened your eyes instead of your mouth, I never said Shanahan left as a headcoach, but you cannot fucking read. Can you idiot.

Your so fucking smart... go check it out. I am sure you should be able to find the dates I read off to your sorry ass.

Maybe if you got off the steroids your mother takes, you would grow some ball asshole,

11:45 PM  
Blogger finnman said...

you fucking asshole people who come in under anonymous are dickless worms. always something fuckin dumb to say without giving any words of wisdom of their own... why because theirso fucking stupid they need to start shit with people.

i haven't been online in a while and these fuck heads come on here the last two blogs and start shit. i do not know this guy bloodlust, but he makes sense, just as the dude, hank,and a few others. no one here deserves to hear bullshit from fucking idiots like the so called anonymous. i guarantee its that fucking low life findolfan signing in under anonymous because his pussy ass is afraid she might get her ass kicked.

i mean... here is a real intellegent insert by our great know it all finndolfan:

finndolphan said...

i think it's vitally important the next "man in charge" is more knowledgable about the offensive side of the football than has been the case here for like, forever!with a decent offense this year the phins are deep into the playoffs!it's goota be an offensive type coach whoever that may be!

oh... my fucking heart has stopped with his intellectually , well drawn out plan for next year!!!! we gotta winner now!!!

let's hear it for finndolfan... he has given us the answers we all been looking for, and we should have turned to him for all our answers. just like his butt fuck buddy saban, atta boy.. he sure showed us his greatness.

fucking assholes... either write something worth while or say nothing. That is all i see on hear is screw us running their mouths, and saying nothing to help the situation along

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't like peoples opinion on this blog or what armando writes go to another blog & sprool your jailhouse talk or grow up and be civilized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

10:53 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Hey anonymous...

Cat got your tongue? If you need more proof to what I said, look at Denver's Team page, and look up Shanahan. It will tell you everything I did. I do not need to back my personal opinion to anyone here.

No one here knows it all, and nor do I. Yet, everyone called me an ass or worse when I told you all of what a low life, and liar Saban is. Looking at the blog now... noe he is an idiot and more. I should recheck on what I say to a point, but if you know who or what I mean, I am not going to worry about it. Everyone here babbles just the same amount of bullshit.

Finndolfan, anonymous (probably the same person), your childish bullshit of running your mouth shows your true intelligence, none. You want your opinion noted without bullshit, but do it to others. The worst part is you never say anything that is not a repeat of someone else, or nothing worth a rats piss. Grow up, become a man, woman, faggot, or whatever you choose to be and learn to respect opinions of others, as you wish yours to be.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Dude... what is your outlook on Schottenheimer? Do you think he will be a duplicate of his dad, or do you see in him where he will take that chance, or extra step for the win?

11:13 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Hey guys, I've been remiss in allowing some words that are too colorful for a family blog on here. So here's the deal, you can critique, argue, namecall all you want. But NO profanity. Otherwise, I'll just delete your post.

12:23 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Bloodlust: I like Brian Schottenheimer. I think people look at his name and automatically think of his Dad.

But Marty is a defense guy. He started out as a linebackers coach and defensive coordinator and is from the old school thinking of run, run, run and play conservative.

Brian is an offense guy and I think he did a lot with very little in NY this year. I wouldn't mind him as an option. I don't think he'd be like his Dad at all.

Armando: Thanks!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Point well taken Dude...

I am glad you are finally stepping in. everyones ability to voice their opinion, regradless of giving the wrong name, or because someone does not agree with another here.

I appologize if I offended anyone in my last blogs with the cursing, it is aggrevating when everyone trys to play know it all on you. I may have given wrong names, but everyone knew whom I was speaking of. No reason for the interchange of negative remarks.

Everyone else has made remarks that were incorrect as well... none of us are perfect in our ideas, and can learn from what we all want the next GM and headcoach to do... and that is lose the ego.

2:35 PM  
Blogger The Greg said...

Alrighty then, I'll go ahead and give my 2 cents and disregard those last few posts except to remind all you guys that fighting on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded.

I generally agree with you Armando, but I must say that I believe you're wrong on this one, especially in light of yesterday's resigning of Capers as DC. We definitely need an offensive minded coach in that case, for obvious reasons. I agree with a few previous posts that we really shouldn't feel like the Fins need to rush to get a coach. If the front office hadn't rushed 2 years ago to make a "big" signing, we might have had Charlie Weis as our coach right now. Not that I disagreed (then or now) with getting Saban two years ago, but hindsight is 20/20, huh?

I think it might be worth waiting for someone like "Malcolm" Cameron. But if we need to get someone soon, I am starting to like the idea of Brian Schotten-whatever, although I admittedly don't know his middle name, so what do I know? I mean he did a whole lot without too much for the NYJ. I don't like the idea of Martz, he's a bad clock manager and doesn't like to run the ball, and I think Ronnie should be a focal point of our offense. Generally not too sure about Mora either. What if the Wash U job comes up??? I don't think he was really joking...

We'll see what happens, but I for one, will be (begrudgingly) rooting for the Pats today...

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree on taking a chance on a rising star other than a retread. U cannot compare Brian Schottenheimer with his father marty. Someone already mentioned that marty is old school defense minded coach and Brian is all offense minded. Brian was also a backup QB at Univ. of Florida. He didn't play much but as I recall, he was pretty much a player-coach during his years. It may be too early for him but I say what the hell. After Wannstedt and Saban, it can only get better. I would say Brian Schottenheimer should be the next coach. 2nd-Jim Mora.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

I think Schottenheimer is a solid consideration though if the media is right it will probably be Mora or Bates but nothing is decided until it is decided. Brian S is the coach that took the Jets (projected last place in division) to the playoffs while Mularky and Saban took Miami (projected in the super bowl) right to the bottom and he did it with innovative and philosophical changes to the Jets game plan like no huddle and believing your running back shluld carry the ball while he is running. If you use your rnning back just for pass protection then put a 300 ounder in a RB number so he can block.

Mora, Bates, Scottenheimer, or Fred Flintstone we need someone with an eye for talent, the ability to motivate and the the ability to give a shit. I thoght saban did but if he really had he wouldn't have left with unfinished business.

It appears wayne H is willing to give the new guy the "keys to the palace" so lets hope he doesn't run off whats good now.

12:06 PM  

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