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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What I think of what you think

If I read you guys correctly - through your posts on this blog and emails sent to me -- you're not too keen on the idea of hiring Pete Carroll to be Miami's new coach.

Something about him, "failing," as an NFL coach before.

That amazes me. I am not going to campaign for Carroll because I don't think he's the best available coach out there -- that would be either Mike Martz or Mike Sherman, in my estimation, as long as neither has personnel authority.

But you guys are saying things like, "I prefer Cam Cameron," or "Mike Singletary is a star in the making." That's crazy.

You guys don't know anything about these people other than what you know about them today. How many of you out there know Cameron's real first name? ....

Still no answer?

It's Malcom.

More importantly, how many know that the little kid on the skateboard down the street could get the San Diego offense to score points? Cameron may someday be a great head coach, but I know the last time he was a head coach anywhere he compiled a 18-37 record at Indiana.

Ron Turner make you tingle? He had a 35-57 record as a head coach at Illinois.

Ron Rivera? Never been a head coach anywhere.

Ken Whisenhunt? Never been a head coach anywhere.

Mike Tomlin? Never been a head coach anywhere.

So how can you rip a guy like Carroll -- who took teams to the playoffs two of the four years he coached in New England -- and tell me one of the other guys is better?

Now as to the best candidates out there? Remember I told you Martz is the man. He's bright, he interviews well, he's offensive minded which Miami desperately needs, and he was successful for the most part in St. Louis.



Anonymous Phillip said...

I thought the media disliked Saban for being arrogant and self-aggrandizing. Martz has shown himself to be an excellent offensive mind (though it would take him a couple of years to get talent here that would fit -- read: speed), but was a bit of a pill by all accounts in STL, especially when things didn't go well. Can't see that resulting in more than 3-4 years of some excitement, a playoff loss or two, an alienated team and a firing. Now, I understand a playoff loss or two would be a big improvement, but if H. Wayne is serious about Super Bowls, all Martz is going to do is bring us back to the days of Wannstedt in terms of "decent team, not good enouh, coach goes." Just a sexier, more interesting flavor.

How about we sign Tony Gonzalez and get Mariucci in here? Just a thought.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I like names of successful individuals, but Saban was supposed to be great at LSU, so why look at individuals with just great records. I know I have said it would be nice to get the headcoach from Ohio State, what a great season to only humiliate themselves the other night. having a great record in college ball or in NFL does not guarantee he is the one.

I find it hard at times to find trust in many of the men out there because of their arrogance, or their performance with their team. We are now looking for someone who is grounded and wants to be part of an organization that he will put first. Rather than keep building his ego.

Everyone has said, that we need not just a headcoach, but a GM as well. Cameron is hungry. I am sure part of it is in his status, but as you said he has the capability with the right team. Why not ours?

Cameron had to deal with who the scouts recruited, and possibly he might have done the recruiting. I doubt it though. If you have the right personnel to make the right draft picks, it allows the headcoach to focus on his main job. Get the team properly prepared. Which was part of our big problem here with Saban making all the calls. Saban was already considered a star without proving himself as a headcoach, and he had the numbers in college.

Cameron is in the same boat the Dolphins are, the making of a star. I would rather be on the same page coach and player wise, than to have someone walk in and say I can work miracles, and nothing happen.

It's a gamble, and it always is. Giving Cameron the opportunity is more sensible than blowing big bucks and having the same chance we will run through the same thing again as we did with Saban. Saban ran because he knew he was in trouble. No one seems to respect someone who acknowledges he was wrong in thinking he could do it all himself. That was his biggest mistake. If he could have shed his ego for even just a moment to allow us to know he was over burdened, or has difficulty picking talent, the problem could have been fixed. he was too proud to admit to it. That is what you get with a star, and the sports media makes excuses for his mistakes. Everyone had or made excuses for the failure of Saban, and I am sure we all do not need this any futher. How many coaches have we gone through this with now? We want and need integrity, and a star will never admit to his failure, but blame everyone else.

Cameron will have the eyes all over him because you, as well as, many others expect and want him to fail. That is the fire that will make him a great coach, and this a great team. His only way to become a star, as you put it Armando, is to take a team with problems such as ours, and turn it into a great team and keep it there.

We are not looking for just a quick answer here, but one that will bring us back for years to come. Getting a big time guy too, will take from what we can spend on new players in the draft, which is equally important. I believe with him we can have the best of both worlds, and keep opportunity on ourside.

And Armando, that is kind of childish with Cameron's first name. Maybe we should look at your first name in being a sports writer. His name could be Eugene, Wilbert, Jed, or even Jethro and does that make the individual? Some of the names of the best players are silly as shit, so don't recruit them on their names? Come on now... I know it must be upsetting that most of us here are not in agreement with you on your picks, but this is unprofessional.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Armando, I like you provoking us to think. The reason I do not like the thought of Carroll is plain and simple I would not want to give anyone coming in complete control of all football operations. There is too much going on in the NFL these days for one person to do it all. Carroll was a failure in New England and New York but so was Bill Bellichek in Cleveland. Carroll seems to love his job at USC and I would hate to lose another coach back to college in 2 more years. They need to bring someone in who is going to be here long term because that is what allows a team to build.

That is why I would be in favor of a cooridnator or another old NFL coach. By all accounts, Mike Sherman was a good coach in Green Bay but did not handle the personnel side well, same with Martz in St. Louis (although some of Martz's in-game decisions were a little iffy).

I told a friend I would love to bring in Martz and Randy Moss and see what happens. Worst case, next year they go back after Bill Cowher, best case Martz is able to convince Capers to stay and the defense improves and Martz makes his offense good, just look what he did with Kitna in Detriot.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Bloodlust, let me defend Armando here. His point about the name was that everyone wanted Cameron because he is the next hot guy but we knew nothing about him except he has LdT on the field.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Wisenhunt and Rivera have never been a head coach. So what? Neither had Sean Payton or Eric Mangini.

Your really want to give COMPLETE control to Pete Carroll? Because that's what it would take to get him. He won't leave USC unless he has it.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Gersom said...

I'm willing to agree with just about any agressively offensive minded coach to head the team. Martz could be a good pick if he doesn't flake out like he did in St. Louis. For the brass to go to his hospital room to tell (implore) him not to come back says alot about how bad things had gotten there. I would venture to think there might be a valid reason why he is called the mad scientist. I still wouldn't say no to him coming here. I just believe that the team needs a GM to handle all personnel issues, not the head coach. Even though we may not know much about Cameron, I believe the main thing he would bring to this team is hunger for the title. That's something I think the head coach has been missing since Shula left.

8:50 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Mike Holmgren: 49ers offensive coordinator 1989-1991. Prior head coaching experience before being hired by the Packers: ZERO.

Andy Reid: Packers assistant coach 1992-1999. Prior head coaching experience before being hired by the Eagles: ZERO.

Brian Billick: Vikings offensive coordinator 1992-1998. Prior head coaching experience before being hired by the Ravens: ZERO.

Sean Payton: Cowboys assistant coach 2003-2005. Prior head coaching experience before being hired by the Saints: ZERO.

I can go on: Eric Mangini, Marvin Lewis, hell even Bill Cowher … all with ZERO head coaching experience prior to being hired as head coaches. ALL excelled as NFL assistant coaches or coordinators. All have either been to a Super Bowl or won Head Coach of the Year (or were finalists like Mangini) as head coaches. Because someone skipped over the “big name” or the retread coach and took a shot at a rising talent waiting for a chance.

We’ve already seen what Pete Carroll has done in the NFL. Two jobs, fired twice. Besides that he will only leave USC if he’s given full control. Enough said. Mike Martz? He’s a flake. A record breaking Super Bowl winning squad completely fell apart under his watch as head coach. No more college guys! No more retreads!

We want NFL experienced guys. And we want NFL experienced guys who are currently doing a good job. The reasoning here is simple: We don’t want another “big name” (Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Pete Carroll) or a retread coach who’s failed miserably elsewhere (Carroll, Sherman, Martz). We’d rather have an NFL assistant who has been in the NFL the last few years who has proven he can coach successfully.

Cam Cameron, Ken Whisenhunt, Ron Rivera … all of them are currently very successful assistant/coordinators for their respective teams. Let’s forget the big names and the retreads and let’s hire one of these guys. There’s an Andy Reid, a Mike Holmgren, a Brian Billick or a Sean Payton in one, if not all, of them.

C’mon Armando.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Martz: His assistants told him NOT to come back while he iwas n the hospital. What team has ever said let's win one, but not for the Gipper? WOW...Fuhgettaboutit

Cam Cameron: Next hot name because he has the best player in all of football. This is kind of like saying let's hire Tex Winters because the Chicago Bulls of the 90's were great offensively. Star players tend to make their coaches look really good.

Bill Cowher: Let it go. We need the picks. He's tired and searching after winning it all. It was clear he and his team did not have the fire this season. He needs to recharge his batteries. Maybe he's the coach several years down the road.

Carroll: Another college coach prima donna. He's going to put himself above the organization and he's always got the college game to go run back to when he FAILS on another AFC EAST team.

I say let the interviews play out and take these things into consideration:

A young coach/asst. coach that is HUNGRY to rebuild a team over the course of several years.

A coach that is willing to play people based on performance, not because their name is Culpepper, Chambers, and McMichael.

A coach that is willing to let smarter people help in the draft and personnel decisions.

A coach that has had experience in a winning and struggling NFL situation.

A coach that is not somebody else's used goods like Carroll, Capers, Martz, Mora Jr.

And the final recommendation:

Get somebody from the PATRIOTS organization. An ASST COACH would be awesome. The Jets made a major move by getting Mangini and they look like a Jr. version of the Patriots. The guys on that staff know how to teach and find players with attitude and toughness. I CAN"T STAND THE PATRIOTS. But let's be honest, we need to attract some talent from that coaching staff and weaken the opponent or else the Jets and the Patriots are going to keep going to the playoffs with inferior players and superior coaching. I don't like the way the JETS and PATRIOTS play, but they kick Miami's ass...

9:53 PM  
Blogger ChicagoJohn said...

Martz was so successful? He basically was handed a pretty good team and ran it down.
Here is a name for you - how about Jim Bates? I know - not a real flashy choice - but haven't we had enough of that? What he is, is a solid pick for an organization that needs some stability.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous ev said...

i agree that carrol, cameron, gailey, mora and the others suck. i also agree of the people interviewd sherman is ok not great. i would prefer dom capers or jon gruden.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

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1:15 AM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

With all due respect, dude, Bill Belichick was a retread. So was Mike Shanahan. I'm not advocating Martz, but I don't think we should just discount everybody that's coached in the NFL before.

I'm not particularly thrilled with any of these candidates to be honest.

The more I look at Cam Cameron the more he seems like Norv Turner v2.0. Plus I can't get over the fact that he was an absolute failure at his only other HC job. I know it was only Indiana and it's hard to win there, but an 18-37 record... that's just awful.

Both Carroll and Gailey have winning records at the college AND pro level, yet Cameron is a better candidate? Not sure I follow that logic.

I like Whisenhunt but it's not a good sign when your own team passes on you. Not to mention the list of former Cowher coordinators that have failed as HC's -- Gailey, Capers, LeBeau, Mularkey.

Rivera I like but I'd prefer an offensive coach and he's a 4-3 guy and I'd prefer keeping the 3-4, as that scheme best utilitzes our best player, JT.

Tomlin is too inexperienced and runs that godawful Tampa 2.

Cowher is a pipe dream. Forget it.


This process is too grating, and it's brought the pessimist out in me. Please make it stop.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

and for what's it's worth, i still think huizenga's #1 guy is carroll. i imagine he'll be offered the job at some point in the near future, then it'll all come down to if he decides to stay at USC or not.

going by the comments he made today, it would seem that he's more than a little intrigued by it.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Brigadier Pudding said...

It should also be noted that USC message boards are in full meltdown mode. The main vibe I'm getting is that while they'll be surprised if Carroll leaves, they won't be shocked anymore. Just a few days ago everybody was 1000% sure that he'd never leave SC. It's a distinct possibility now.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous narvell said...

why don't we look ahead of the game,instead of always recycling old coaches. why not hire chris petersen at boise state. this guy is going to be on everyone's a list with another top 10 finish next year, his offenses have rank at the top of ncaa division 1 football over the last 5 years, he is creative, unbeaten as a coach with less talent than other big time college programs(good fit for aging dolphin team)have developed average quarterbacks into highly efficient passers, is young and has a bevy of statue of liberty plays for immobile quarterbacks(culpepper). but seriously, this coach has the makings of someone special, why not be innovative in our thinking and see beyond the obvious and look at the future. Boist st goes undefeated again and guess what coach is at the top of everybody's list.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just because you looked up cameron's 1st name makes you an expert on coaches? i think we should let wayne figure this out.....and carrol's record as head coach in nfl speaks for itself. his teams were not very good.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Bill Belichik... did not win in Cleveland because he worked with Art Modell to move the team to Baltimore. Which was a low blow for anyone.

To many of these coaches are like the daily specials in a restaurant, here today and gone tomorrow.

To many ego's floating around not realizing why they were released. They blame everyone, but themselves. The headcoach has to be willing to be critiqued by himself, and others to keep him honest. Not this conversation with the press stating: well I kind of messed up, or I do not knoww why the players could not execute on the field. That is no answer.

There is a commitment on the whole organization to its fans, and making excuses does not solve the problem. All these retreads have done nothing, but made excuses for everything. I am not saying they will be undefeated, but we need someone who will learn from their mistakes.

Martz, Carrol, Gailey, Capers and others repeatedly continue to follow their past mistakes, and that is why they are not the best candidates for the job. They do well for possibly the first two years, and fall apart. Their plays are to readily exploited because they cannot adjust from their old playing styles.

Shula, as great as he was would have trouble today because he would have difficulty changing from his style of thinking. Though we are looking at twenty years of coaching in a certain fashion that did work in those days. Parcell, himself, you find making the same mistakes he did years ago, and that is why his job is threatened in Dallas. Sure Parcell has won years ago, and many of the guys mentioned has, but they do well over a two year period and we do not need that here.

We have seen the accomplishments of Martz, Carrol, Gailey, Capers, the guys everyone else wants, and their roaming the NFL for a home. We are best at giving someone who shows the ability that has not been given the opportunity than these opportunists.

We want consistancy, not a revolving door of coaches coming here as it is going on every where in the NFL. Bring up names as Shanahan, who has spent years in Denver, or even Belichik who will not be leaving NE in the next year or two. Their jobs are not in least bit in trouble.

To many ego's floating around not realizing why they were released. They blame everyone, but themselves. The headcoach has to be willing to be critiqued by himself, and others to keep him honest. Not excuses to the press exclaiming he has no answer, or I did not forsee the problem. That is a mistake a new headcoach might have, but after his first season he should have learned to avoid not planning or thinking ahead. All these retreads have done nothing, but made excuses for everything. I am not saying they will be undefeated, but we need someone who will learn from their mistakes. This is the commitment on the whole organization to its fans, and making excuses does not solve the problem.

If we are to start fresh, lets start from the bottom up. Finding a GM and headcoach that will work together with and for the team. Using these past headcoaches has one big problem, they do not work well with new GM's. That is my opinion, but these guys seem to only want things done their own way. Being a headcoach means having control, but not to the point you cannot see past your own mistakes. Their unwillingness to change is their biggest enemy, and our worst nightmare.

We all want a change for the better, than why take someone elses garbage. Really, if they were all that good, would they be roaming the NFL? Of coarse not. It is time to be opened minded to opprtunities hidden by other teams problems, or headcoaches that cause situations that make everyone look bad.

11:03 AM  
Blogger The Dude said...

BP: I here ya, man ... BUT ... Shanahan and Belichick are the exception -- not the rule. Sorry I don't see a Belichik or a Shanahan when I look at Mike Sherman or Mike Martz.

Belichick and Shanahan are the only 2 names that come up when the topic of retreads pops up. But that's it, really. I named 7 assistants w/zero HC experience that went on to be great head coaches. I'd rather take my chances with an up and coming guy than with a lame duck coach who has already proven he sucks.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Hal said...

RE: Carroll's two playoff appearances in four years.

He took over a Super Bowl team, and that team declined each year for the three years he was there.

Barry Switzer took over a Super Bowl team too, and made the playoffs 3 times in 4 years. Think he warrants consideration? :)

Dave Wannstedt took over a playoff team here and made the playoffs his first two years too. Hey, there's an idea!

Seriously, Carroll's teams got worse every year he was in the NFL. That's why I say he's a proven failure. His style is much better suited to college.

Martz did a much better job taking over a young, talented Super Bowl team in St. Louis than Carroll did in New England, but his teams were just as sloppy and undisciplined after a couple of years. The special teams in St. Louis were abysmal under Martz. Also, if anything he's even more pass-happy than Mularkey---granted, Martz does at least throw the ball down the field instead of sideways.

In terms of my preference for a first-time hire instead of the NFL version of Pete Carroll, well, look at it this way: you have two choices, one is a complete unknown, the other, you KNOW can't do the job.

I'll take the unknown.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

Right on "DUDE"... as i said you did a remarkable job on researching what you wrote, and no doubt is it not correct. As the old say goes: "in every dark cloud there is a silver lining."

the truth of the matter is, in anyone we take there is a chance of failure. So why keep taking these guys that are going through the headcoach of revolving doors. They all had a chance to prove their ability, and apparently they cannot fit where ever they go. What do we have tolose giving a chance to someone who has not been given an opportunity to use their knowledgte of the game.

I am really enthused in the idea of Cameron getting an opportunity here. The way you wrote on your site about him made so much sense, I am kind of blind sighted his way.

I was trying to set a point in my last two coments, but I do not think I have been clear enough on what I said.

Keep up the good work...

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the story with Jim Bates? Will the Dolphins even consider interviewing him?

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone missess the point completely, everybody is looking for a single silver bullet to fix our problems. I think that our need for a good offensive coordinator and a good talent evaluator will require a coach that can work well with everybody and get the engine running smoothly. If we can get a coach that brings with him someone that can meet one or more of the other needs, great! My lesson from the Saban era is that there is more to the game than just talented players - most in the NFL have talent today. We need changes throughout the organization, we need to make dificult decisisons and we need a men (plural, not just a coach) that have the guts and intelligence to execute them. It seems that the former mentality of having a single driver, navigator and mechanic for the Dolphin does not promote a good organization and it reflects in the team's performance.

12:58 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

I agree 100% with you, Bert.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also agree with bert. would be great to have J.J. on board as a draft advisor. he has a great eye for talent.


3:13 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Umm hey Armondo, who did Lovie smith coach before he became a head coach? How about Jack Del Rio? Hey That guy for the Bengals is pretty good to you know. What do they all have in common? First time head coaches. Obviously, this is the way to go if you look at recent History. The only retread coach I would look it is Jim Mora Jr. He's young and said some stupid stuff that got him fired. Also, his Receivers were garbage, and thats not his doing. Vick is a qb killer, like his dad said and Reeves found out first hand. Mike Martz though? OMG are you serious!!! He got out coached by Wannstedt in 2004, remember what Miami's record was? Remember his brillant play calling in that playoff game against Carolina? There's no way. IMO, there's a dark horse canidate out there, someone that hasn't been mentioned. It just has that feel that the GM search had a few years ago when Marino was Named VP out of the blue

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Matt in WV said...

Anyone thought about Marino? ust a thought...

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mando, if you're going to suggest a kid on a skateboard could coach that San Diego offense, then what preschooler would you get to run that Rams offense when Faulk, Warner, Holt and Bruce were running the show? I'm warming to the Pete Carroll idea but Martz strikes me of a right place at the right time guy more than an 'offensive genius'. That 'genius' lost in the SB with a 14-2 team that could seemingly do no wrong till that point.


9:22 AM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

I don't think he Dolphins will talk to Bates because they didn't consider him wen he was already here and that makes you look like you "really" made a mistake last time which makes the Saban decision an even bigger mistake.

It's time for some deep considerations. I like Brian Shottenheimer as a consideration above Martz unless you want to see Ronnie carry the ball 3-4 times each half and Culpepper toss it somewhere 50-60 times a game. martz runs twice and if they don't go well says piss on that and abandons the run completely. Brian also likes an "aggressive" offence to match an aggressive defense. Something he gleened from years on the sidelines before he could play or coach.

A lot of the winningest college coaches like the subserviant attitude of college so they don't do as well in the NFL (Saban, Spurrier, Wannstache)due to the fact a lot of NFL players are difficult to coach/manage (Owens,Moss,Vick)

We need a coach with youth like enthusiasm that can associate with and seperate from the players as needed (Mangini, Payton)

If the head coach isn't the GM he has got to have some input into the talent so the talent and the philosphy match either way is just as disruptive.

We also need a coach , like Mangini, that is a salesman and can sell his plan and his philosophy to the people that matter most...the ones that you ask to execute these things..and that isn't us because if they started playing in drag and with bows tied on their crotches we wouldn't give a shit as long as it converted to SB victory

10:12 AM  
Anonymous josh said...

I agree that Martz is an innovative coach who always puts pressure on the opposing defense. But I remember him being a terrible game day coach who refused to run the ball at the end of games, called gadget plays at the worst times, etc. I remember him being a pretty arrogant play caller. I also don't think, and I am not saying this should be a factor, that Culpepper is the best fit for Martz system, which requires lots of reading the field and 3rd and 4th options.

I don't know much about Marty's son or Whisenut but what appeals about both is that they are both offensive coaches and have worked on teams that run a 3-4, which means they can probably poach some of the staffs from which they came.

Whisenut plus keeping Capers seems like a good deal to me.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Cameron's first name in SD is "coach". In 1996 it was QB Coach when he coached Gus Ferrott to the probowl with the Redskins. At Indiana he coached Antouine Randal El and he seems to know how to play. He also coached Tomlinson to 1683 yards with SD and he seems to have done ok with an inexperienced QB like Brees.

At Indiana his Big 10 team averaged 266 yards rushing.

As a QB coach he helped coach Elvis Grback, Jim Harbough.

The man has some credentials a little better than "the kid skateboarding down the street"

At Indiana his teams avreaged

10:55 AM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I think you are correct that Schottenheimer could be a good coach. I do have some reservations. Marty did a great job @ the Cleveland Browns, I grew up in Cleve., and I remember that he choked at the real difficult situations. The two double overtime games in the playoffs against Denver, is an example. I mean, he is a good coach, but was unwilling to take that extra step in the end. I am worried that his son will follow in that aspect.

Everyone believes because a father was great therefore the son will be equal, or better. If that was the case, why didn't we keep Brian Greisee?

I am not saying your wrong, or truthfully disagreeing, but just trying to give another view point at giving him or any other son, brother, or cousin brfore making your choice.

Heck, I did not realize Marty had a son, let alone coaching. I do not have the time to do research as some of you have, but by listening to your reasoning, and facts brought into the picture, I can make a reasonable choice of who we should get.

I still like Cameron the best, but I misht be willing to give mark Schottenheimer a chance.

My biggest worry is finding a GM that will work well with the headcoach. As you said Hank, these guys have to come to understand the needs in talent, and bending of wills. Both men will no doubtedly be on the same page consistantly, so they will need to be able to be opened minded, and able to listen to each other. Otherwise, we will be right back where we started.

I have no clue who is available that would fit into our organization where we stand now. That is bothring me the most. I do not just want to grab the first guy we come to.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pete never had real success as a head coach. If you look at his record with the Pats, the team regressed each year for three straight years. Thats the wrong direction. Don't get me wrong I think he has done a super job at USC, and thats where he should stay.

Chan Gaily was not very good with the Cowboys, who regressed under his tenure as Head Coach. Matter of fact in dallas at the time he was known as the only head coach who didn't take dallas to the super bowl.

Mike Martz, he has no love for C-Pep or Brown. So I don't feel he would make a good fit for Miami.

really I'm not excited about the idea of hiring another NFL retread. Miami should try to find a young exciting coach who will give everything he has to make the team successful.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one am glad they gave Brian Schottenheimer an interview. Despite his lack of head coach experience, I like what he's done as QB coach in San Diego and this season as OC with the wretched Jets. He has as much experience as Mangini did, and Mangini certainly turned things around for the Jets. If he interviews well, he should be included in the mix. I'd rather go with a young, and somewhat unknown quantity with potential and his coaching pedigree, rather than a retread with well-documented flaws and failings.

My biggest opposition to Carroll: he is demanding too much power. I don't want another coach with final say over personnel.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...


I agree with your assertion that many of those who post comments here haven't a clue what they are talking about, possibly me included. However, I think anyone who is reluctant on hiring the latest college coaching "star" is right on target and thus part of our reason not to want Carroll.

You used Ron Turner as an example. As the former University of Illinois coach Turner had some very good seasons and some poor ones. The alleged knock on him was that he couldn't recruit, the bane of many otherwise good college coaches. As a resident of Central Illinois and follower of the Illini I always respected Turner's X's and O's knowledge. If you removed the burden of recruiting, and in his case in Miami, allow others to make the personnel decisions I think he could be as successful as any of the other candidates.

As I said before, I bet many would not have wagered very much money that Sean Payton would have been as successful this year as he has been. There is a lot of luck involved in any successful coaching reign. The biggest factor to me is the ownership and personnel men. With the right people most coaches will be successful. Mariucchi was a genius for a while with S.F. until the ownership and front office anchors fell apart. Where is he now?

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Hank in the 400 said...

Martz lost his job in St Louis because he forgot to run the ball. Even Manning,Marino, and hell even dan Fouts under Don Coryell had to run the ball(anybody besdides me that old) to keep the defense off the QB. It seems that all the "retread" coaches have problems that don't match up with the Dolphin programs. Wil they get along with Capers who coached us to the number 3 defense, will they keep Mularkey who is every bit as consistent as J Harrington, almost.

I don't care what the real name is I care more what their philosophy is. Someone that has been involved in the building process like Cameron at San Diego, Mangini in NY with Brian Schottenheimr is the key. The coach doesn't need to be a good recruiter but has to be able to analyze and use the talent that he has around him.

These guys think Wanny was bad can you say George Myra?

Energy, inteligence, drive, and willing to teach. Some of the best talent never had a head job before but doesn't make them not the perfect candidate and having NFL experience doesn't make them right either

3:28 PM  
Blogger Davey said...

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3:48 PM  
Blogger Davey said...

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3:50 PM  
Anonymous Scott/NY said...

Before I read your article today I was in complete agreement about Martz. The only thing that scares me now is the thought that he could abandon a run game to go with more passing. We do not have the players to be a good passing team and I would like to see them have a quicker turn around. I think we've waited long enough.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Scott/NY said...

Armando, If you figured out that we dont like PETE CARROLL then you should have also figured out that it has to do with our perception with him as a person. Yes he was a mediocre to decent coach in the NFL but I dont think I will ever get over the choke sign incident or the running up and down the sidelines jumping around like some teenage cheerleader. I think that most fans will agree that we want a coach that will bring a certain amount of class to the Dolphins. Also, we just lost a college coach because he wasn't getting results and wanted to be the man again. What happens to Carroll in two years when he hasn't produced? He is more likely to run back to the college game just like Saban and that would be devastating to this franchise.What's to say he wont produce? Well just about every sports writer and coach in the NFL has said it's going to take a while for the Dolphins to turn it around. Stability is key in my mind to the future of the Dolphins.We need and want a coach who will care about our team as much as we do.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy f&&k bloodlust you must have a wicked case of carpal tunnel syndrome,all those rambling,incoherent,spaced-out blogs that you post are a total waste of space!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Bloodlust said...

I hear nothing out of your mouth that makes a bit of sense. You write just like the others, nothing. You run your mouth stating shit about nothing, no point of view, just bullshit. You do not like what I write, tough shit asshole.

If you had something of value to put in, then where is it. I at least give my point of view on things written here, by Armando, and the mediaa. You are the idiot who comes in here saying not f*&ing thing. If there is a point to make then make it. As I wrote to Hank. It makes sense to look at the idea that individuals were hire on the point of being siblings, or some relation that dod not work. Apparently your too stupid to see that.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here we go again... you fucking cry baby bastards... you anonymous... blooodlust did not say anything different than most of you, but someone here has to waste space on this fucking blog.

Joseph's comment to Armando made little if any sense.

Anonymous said...
So Wisenhunt and Rivera have never been a head coach. So what? Neither had Sean Payton or Eric Mangini.

Anonymous said...
just because you looked up cameron's 1st name makes you an expert on coaches? i think we should let wayne figure this out.....and carrol's record as head coach in nfl speaks for itself. his teams were not very good.

And of course your bit of editorial bullshit. the people here are voicing their opinions, not being an asshole like you, so shut the fuck up asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like cameron too, and thinkshottenheimer would be a possibility, but bloodlust is right about how many failures or exact duplicates of the wrong things come form hiring relatives. we all though brian greisee would be great like his dad, but he is not with us is he? So bloodlusts point is well given. if marty s. choked on the big games... it is a good possibility his son will too. Not 100%, but there is the input from dad into brian's coaching career. as in all. do you think that the vick brothers did not work together, and that ones mistakes were not picked up by the other, of course it can. it does not mean one of them or both could get over it, but they will share the same problems in their thinking.

so asshole why do you not tell me about wsting space you motherfucker... i'll kick your fucking ass if i knew your name and address... big mouthed asshole.... i hate fuckers like you just to start shit, and nothing to say....

for the most part this single blogging was nothing but repetitious on everyones behalf, adn you come in say nothing about football, and start fucking shit like that finndolfan, or maybe it is you? i hate the dumb fuck too...

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloodlust is now posting anonymously as if he has some "fans." Delusional at best.

2:57 AM  

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