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Sunday, July 22, 2007

John Beck agrees to three year-deal

John Beck has reached agreement with the Dolphins on a three year contract today so he'll be on the field tomorrow. The contract may be extended a fourth season as an option and pays nearly $2.3 million in guaranteed money.

Ted Ginn Jr's contract isn't done yet, but I'm told "progress is being made."

That notwithstanding, you have to wonder about this deadline owner Wayne Huizenga imposed on his front office. No doubt it will be the policy of the team from here on out. And this is why it's a bad idea, or was this year:

The Dolphins rookies and scattered free agents start training camp Tuesday and the rest of the team joins them on the field Saturday and suddenly one feels like High Noon is approaching because of Wayne Huizenga's stance on signing rookies.

The Dolphins owner, who is otherwise a man of great business acumen, has taken the questionable negotiating stance that if rookies are not signed by the start of camp, they might as well sit out the entire season because he's not going to deal with them past that date.

Huizenga makes the case that when rookies are late to camp they don't contribute very much their first year and he uses Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen as the examples for that.

It's a noble stand on principle but it's just not good business.

With only a couple of days before rookies go on the field, the team is still optimistic top two picks Ted Ginn Jr and John Beck will be in uniform although they remain unsigned as of this writing. Beck's agent has been working to get his client in camp while Ginn's agent, Neil Cornrich, has been a little harder to move from his negotiating position.

And that creates these issues: The Dolphins owner has painted himself into a negotiating corner that sets the team up for failure or weakness in negotiations or both. Can you just see how red-faced Huizenga will be if his deadline is not met but the rookies sign late anyway.

That happened last year and Huizenga was embarrassed about it. Can you also how weakened the team is if the deadline approaches and negotiators are giving in so that their boss's deadline is met and he's not upset? Not any part of this strategy makes Miami's position stronger because, for the most part, agents aren't going to believe the team will walk completely away from negotiations for the year -- until the team actually does it once.

The owner also has set a rule that applies to everyone but leaves no wiggle room for individual circumstances.

And this year offers circumstances that beg revue of the policy.

Beck, we understand, is unlikely to be called upon at any time early this season so it is unwise to say if he's not there the first day he might as well start thinking about next year. Beck can easily miss several days, indeed weeks, of camp and still be in the same spot he'll be in come September -- riding the bench as the No. 3 QB with no chance of getting in the game unless something goes terribly wrong.

Would he miss some snaps? Yes. Would that greatly diminish Miami's chances of winning this year? Not likely.

The point is why would Huizenga put such undue pressure on his front office to get the deal done for a player that is valuable for the future but not really a vital cog for success today? Now take the worst case scenario and suppose Beck isn't signed. If that really means he's on the shelf for a year that is a catastrophic blow to a team that needs a young quarterback to start making his mark by the 2008 season.

Looking at Ginn's situation, the argument can again be made that he can miss some time and still be valuable to the team. Like this year. Because the Dolphins plan is to get the most out of Ginn as a returner at first and bring him along slowly as a receiver, I would argue that imposing a deadline on the negotiations is unwise because you threaten to lose your first round pick for the entire season based on him missing a deadline that won't really affect how much he'll contribute.

Huizenga could argue that if he misses that deadline, he won't be as valuable to the team. I would counter that it doesn't take eight weeks to learn the return schemes and the guy isn't going to be pressed at receiver right away anyway.

It would be different if the Dolphins intended to plug their two top picks into the lineup immediately and needed them to be a starting receiver and the quarterback. But that's not the case and that's why this artificial rule that apparently makes no room for fluid scenarios is not good business.

Finally, this contract edict from Huizenga says the rookies must be signed by the start of camp ... Does that mean Tuesday or Saturday for them? I would imagine if a rookie isn't in by Tuesday but gets a deal done by Saturday the owner isn't going to turn his back on that and nix the whole thing.

I would hope this so-called hardline negotiating stance would leave some room for some pragmatism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald has become the anti Dolphins rag of the USA. Every article on here is a Dolphins bash. Why don't you people go find another job as your readership, sans, nuts and jet fans, are running away in droves.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if the Owner is talking tough? As long as the guys get signed that's what matters. Hold-outs happen more than they don't happen when it comes to 1st rounders and more of late for 2nd rounders.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually like his stance. These rookies should concentrate more now getting ready for the season than money right now anyway. Let them get their pay day in 5 or 6 years as free agents.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's a noble stand on principle but it's just not good business."
Wrong this is good business.
"agents aren't going to believe the team will walk completely away from negotiations for the year -- until the team actually does it once"
This is the year that he can do that as the top picks are not crucial to winning this year.
Wise up or email your resume to the Jets. You are no dolphan.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous squidward said...

You guys are stupid. I'd like to see how many of you would actually be happy without our first two draft picks this year.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


On one hand, your blog here beats the hell out of what LeBetard and Cote wrote today.

On the other hand, it was was LeBetard and Cote you beat. They definitely hit new lows today.

Methinks Jeff Darlington did the best of everyone, and best I can tell, he wrote NOTHING.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Muck said...

Very good post, Armando.

Homers, take the rose-colored glasses off. Wayne is neutering the front office here. You think there's any chance in hell Wayne actually follows thru on this ridiculous threat? If he does, he's the worst owner in sports.

The deadline only applies to the front office, because the agents know he's full of it. Wayne is making it hard for the Dolphins to negotiate the best deal possible for the team because the agents know they want no part of such a football and public relations disaster.

And that's exactly what it will be: a disaster. Can you imagine the fallout over having your top two picks BENCHED FOR THE YEAR by the owner over some stupid deadline?

If I were an agent, I would play it to the hilt and call Wayne on his bluff. The only reason they have to work work under the Dolphins' deadline is out of pity for the front office.

Get out of the way, Wayne. Let the football people do their jobs.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

let's hope this finally puts the daunte crap away for good!he's gone and let's move on!last time i looked nearly all of the high draft picks league wide were unsigned!big friggin deal!how about who's gonna start at left guard?or right tackle?both major concerns over whether two rookies who may not even be in the picture come season opener!or how about the secondary?not even one sure-fire starter there yet!the ex-giant allen?total bust,takes at least one big penalty every game and gets burned for numerous completions,yet you think he's near pro-bowl material!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous NYScott said...

Armando, you are right. It definitely gives the advantage to the agents. I think Wayne says things sometimes before he thinks. He seems to like Cam a lot and I think Cam will let him know that it's not in the best interest of the team to have that stance. The best thing for Wayne to do is to come out and say that he was wrong (maybe with an aw shucks chuckle) and he is going to soften up on that issue a little. He doesn't have to totally abandon the idea but maybe like you said make it a sliding rule depending on the importance of that players presence in camp. With that being said I think Beck will sign in the next couple of days. Also if Ginn holds out the fans will go nuts on him. I think it is in his best interest to get a deal done. Otherwise that whole line about drafting the Ginn family is going to bite everyone in the ass. Ya know? 'Hey look,,the Ginn family that is supposed to be full of character is holding out for more money eventhough the Dolphins took a huge risk by drafting him early'.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Wayne's stance and I hope he sticks to what he said. Rookies that miss camp are worthless almost all of the time. The players and their agents have know for a long time about the dealine. Get it done if you want to be part of WAYNE'S TEAM!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Wayne said was if you're not in camp on time, they won't be playing you. That could easily be spun several different ways, among them a simple vow that you're never going to start a game as a rookie. Armando seems to be acting as if Wayne said that if you're not signed by the first day of training camp, you won't be SIGNED at all. That is just inaccurate. For all we know, if Ted Ginn doesn't make it to camp on Day One, Huizenga will follow through on his vow by not allowing the coaching staff to start him for any games at WR, no matter the circumstances. That doesn't necessarily mean Ginn never plays a down, he can play many downs, but he'd never be the starter no matter how good he is.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Miami herald has sucked has sucked more eggs for at least five years than a hungry fox in a fat nest off eggs. If you find a story in 2 weeks that is worth reading, it was first heard somewhere else. No originality, and the writers don't seem to be in good enough with the organization to get any real news. The last reporter in Fla to get any juicy stuff was Joe Schad,and he is with ESPN now, so why do any of us even come here????? Go to the Dolphins home web site.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither Ginn or Beck are important enough to the Dolphins right now to be coddled. Honestly, I think this should be the year of a hard stance. We aren't going to the super bowl anyway. Let's show some spine, in something.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous tommy a said...

I think Wayne also said that he was willing to pay more money if that is what it takes to get the rookies in.
i think the NFL needs to copy the NBA and set solid numbers for rookie contracts.
It hurts individual teams and the entire league when almost every rookie is looking to use a hold out as leverage to get more money.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the hell is joe schad? Did he play?

I like the coverage and I think this blog is pretty interesting because it engages me.

Having said that, I can't understand some posts on here because they're more into the reporters than the players.

Get it straight, guys, my interest is finding out what's going on with the team.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wayne is an imbecile. he ruined the marlins after they won a title, he fired shula after making the playoffs. he let Jimmy Johnson hire a successor after he had done nothing. he let Wannstedt hire Spielman. And then he let Saban lie to him. And when all was said and done what did he do? He got on national TV and asked the fans for advice. The guy is a dummy. A rich one, but a dummy any way you cut it.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

What is this "The Brady Bunch"? Are we going to hold Wayne to his "exact words" like Bobby & Peter did to poor Greg Brady. I'm sure Wayne is smart enough to be reasonable in contract negotiations. What he is probably trying to say is that if a player & agent are going to be stupid about it then he is going to shut down the negotiations. I agree with him.

I think Wayne has done enough to earn our respect in how to run a successful business. Just look at his bank account then look at your's.

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Wayne's edict is completely ridiculous. He has essentially clipped the wings off his own front office. Wayne didn't become a rich man by allowing some negotiator to bully him around with tough words that in reality mean nothing.

"We're not going to play you baby?" WTF does that mean? Tell me we will not see Ginn returning kicks this year because Wayne got his tail feathers ruffled by his own front office taking a hard line on 4 & 5 year contracts. Does this make sense? You ask a guy to sign a contract that locks him out of FA for 4 to 5 years and then you make an edict that he must sign by a deadline precluding him from negotiating the best deal possible.

In Wayne's world there is only Wayne... He's become too glorified in his own success to see through glasses that are not rose colored. He's the corner bully who will take his ball and go home if things don't go in his short sighted direction. Wayne needs to be a fan and allow his football people to do their job and stop making foolish statements to the press.

Now he has basically locked himself into his own words... Can the bully lose face if Ginn or Beck don't sign? I respect these two agents who are doing their job and that is to get the best deal for their clients in the face of this childishness.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There goes Mr. Pessimistic again. Armando, were you born to root for the Jets?? Becauses there is always a bad - negative - stink on your recent posts. I have a lot of respect for you, Cote, and Leby, but I strongly disagree with the stance all of you have taken into spreading the "negative vibe" amongst Fin fans.

Real Dolphin fans are already tired of reading the same ol' dead horse articles from the Herald. So please, come up with new and refreshing stories that will help renew that hope.

As crazy as this sounds & as much as I question his credibility, I even find Barry Jackson's reports refreshing; and, at least the Herald has saved some face by hiring Jeff Darlington.

Instead of meddling in the mud from past year's failures, this is a time to renew hope towards the upcoming '07 season - not taint it before camp begins.

I'm probably going to boycott this blog. Thank God for Ethan Skolnick & the Sun Sentinel!!

8:39 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...


The man just wants his players in on time so they don't fall behind the learning curve. History has shown that missing time early leads to less than favorable results on the field when the real bullets are flying.

Armando, I do not agree with you that its not important to have the top two picks in camp because "Beck won't be used right away" and "how much time does it take to learn return routes." Its not just about that. Its about team chemistry. Its about not having a constant distraction during training camp. Its about having EVERYONE on the same page from day one...a cohesive, winning unit. Like an earlier poster said, Huizenga is a hugely successful gentleman. If he had any words of advice for me, I'm listening. These top picks need to be listening and get their behinds signed and be ready for CAMP!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, your article is completely inaccurate. It just shows you wrote it to suck up the the new kids so you can get exclusive articles in the future.

I'm sick of people like you defending these soon-to-be rich spoiled brats. C'mon! They should begin negotiating the day after they get drafted. It's ridiculous. We, the fans (remember us), are the ONLY one's who lose out on this.

Ginn needs to be in camp. He's below average as a WR and needs all the tutoring he can get.

And you don't need to be a sports writer to see the obvious, which clearly you missed.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not that serious Armando... You have become very negative in the last few months...

10:23 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

So let me ge this straight: On one hand I'm being too negative and on the other hand, according to the last two posts, I'm sucking up to the people I cover too much to get more exclusive stories.


10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:47 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

The Beck deal is done guys. Three years with nearly $2.3 million in guarantees.
Ginn deal not yet done but "progress is being made," I'm told. Stay tuned.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are ABSOLUTELY correct! It's a BAD tact!!!! Well meaning , BUT BAD!
He's painted HIMSELF into a corner! Just an UNTENABLE position to take.

What's Huizenga going to DO IF both Beck and Ginn want to sign ONE Day after the deadline passes? Is he going to refuse to sign them JUST BECAUSE they missed a DUMB deadline?

Of course not. UGH!

Jim/Robbinsville NJ

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Armando, I'm glad your such an excellent General Manager. I always wondered what would the Dolphins do without your genius inputs? Then I found out you're a reporter who thinks he knows it all.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only 4 second round picks have signed with their team so far. Miami now has 2 of those 4. Huizenga is getting torn up for his vow because of negative possibilities, does anyone want to actually, you know, take a fair approach and perhaps give him credit for the positives that have come out because of the vow? Or does everyone think the Dolphins having 2 of the only 4 signed second round picks is merely a coincidence?

I still don't hear much acknowledgement that all Huizenga said was if you don't come to camp on time "We're not playing you, baby". He didn't give a hard deadline after which the rookie won't be signed period, as Armando you seem to have suggested here...

11:44 AM  
Anonymous John Michaels said...

Armando, is Beck's deal a three year deal or a four year deal? Because, I'm seeing reports of both.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

this contract has three years and an option. Obviously if the club exercizes the option they have the guy four years. But if they opt out, it's three years.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

By the way, I am not the general manager nor do I fancy myself as one. But if I were I could have gotten the Dolphins to the playoffs at least as many times as any GM they've had since 2002.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My, My , My, all these opinions, when really the only thing that matters is what Wayne, the owner, says. I dont blame him one bit, this team has not accomplished anythinf in quite some-time, so if the owner feels that him preventing these rookies from playing will help, then have at it. It seems logical to think that if you are frsh out of college, with no employment, and have a good chance to maker REAL good money, that you would tell your agent, make it happen or Ill find another agent. Now if you are already rich, and dont need to start making $$$, then you will not be motivated, so stay the HELL home anyway. All this GREED in the NFL pisses me the F off. Earn your money 1st, dont expect to get paid on potential. Show me you are seriuos about winning, then Wayne can SHOW YOU THE MONEY$$$$. nuff said. driggsdefinfan

12:35 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

I think its bad business, unless the NFL creates a rule similar to this its not going to mean anything!! I personally think that all rookies should have a set salary for the first 2-3 yrs then we'll negotiate, but to sign a rookie to a mega deal and he hasn't even stepped on the field is risky!!! EX: David Carr, Mario Williams, Joey Harrington, and many more first round busts!!! Mario isn't a complete bust YET?!?!?

12:42 PM  
Blogger Noah said...

Armando, while I have an inclination to agree with your stance. It seems irresponsible to write such things before the deadline has expired. I think you make some valid points in regards to the negotiating stance of the Dolphins. Eventually is we take this stance every year it will come back to bite. However, it seems to me you went out of your way to make a point of this before anyone had signed, and now since it appears Beck and Ginn will be under contract before the "deadline" you feel obligated to reiterate your point. Chill out on the Dolphins bashing, and let's see where we get this season is my advice to you.

1:17 PM  
Blogger TD Kurt Offal said...

Armandino, you're already backtracking - the previous 'bad negotiating' headline magically turns into 'Beck signs.' If Ginn signs in the next couple of days, you'll be saying Huizenga LIED because camp started yesterday and there were no repercussions on the Ginn signing :)

In truth, you DID have a couple of points, but if Ginn is in the fold in a day or two, then Huizenga's ultimatum (which , by the way, you fail to mention, cleverly gave him some wiggle room) will have succeeded and could be hailed as a great move. Everybody here and no distractions! Way to go Wayne!

Keep trying Armando, you'll find the controversy you're looking for eventually. We'll all be so proud :)

1:50 PM  
Anonymous The guy said...

j dizzle, how in the hell canMario Williams be considered a bust. i realize you said he isn't a complete bust but how is he even close after 1 year? everybody makes it sound like Reggie Bush was the best player in the league last year but only statistic he lead any rookie running back in was touchdowns his yards per carry were low and didn't impress much as a reciever while Mario Williams had 4 and a half sacks as a rookie which last time i checked wasn't all that terrible for a guy playing in his first year. now that that's said i wanna go on record of saying i don't think he is all that good but i just thought your comment was ridiculous. finally i gotta ask Armando what the Dolphins feel about Satele. I feel like we missed out on Kalil who was taken 1 pick before Satele. My question is where did the Dolphins rank Satele compared to Kalil hiw is universally considered the better player of the 2?

2:19 PM  
Anonymous the guy said...

oh yea and 1 more thing j dizzle, i kinda like your idea about rookies being on a set contract assuming you mean each player picked in a certain round or spot gets a set salary otherwise it would never work having the first overall pick making the same money as mr.irrelevant especially since a lot of 6th and 7th rounders don't usually even make the team. Like I said it is an interesting idea but will just never happen.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

4 and a half sacks is not that bad but when you look at Julius Peppers rookie year that guy had 12 sacks and his contract was no where near the size of Williams contract!! Rookies are paid by what spot they where drafted in,their talent is basically a educated guess by all agents,coaches ,and scouts !!! No one never really knows what they are getting until he's on the field!! Thats why I think rookie salaries should be a set amount dependent on your draft spot and the amount shouldn't go up every year!! Think about this Marcus Russell's contract will be largely based on what Mario Williams signed for last year!!! And the next # 1 overall pick's salary will be largely based on his contract when will the amount stop going up????? The best rookie out of last years class was WR Marques Colston and he went extremly late in the draft and his contract was next to nothing!!!!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

You're right Armando, just ignore these people. They're the same ones that would call me "fairweather" or "a jet fan" when I would criticize Dave Wannstedt and Jay Fiedler.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous JaxDolphin said...

that's undue pressure Armando, not undo

4:51 PM  
Blogger Dr. Zoom said...

If, as it appears, we end up with 10 out of 10 draft picks signed before the first snap of rookie camp, I would support Huizenga havings said: "If you don't aign by day one, you're eating brussel sprouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of your life."

We should be pretty darn proud of our front office right now.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really feel that Miami has made two good draft choices with Ginn & Beck. You wait and see how long it takes the Browns to sign Quinn. If we would have taken him at #9 he would have wanted #1 pick cash. If you can't be supportive of what they are trying to do then find another team to cheer for!

5:59 PM  
Anonymous NYScott said...

Armando, you're taking a beating! Wow, some of these guys really have it out for you. You better start writing some fluff pieces or you're going to get death threats. LOL. With that being said, I kind of understand where a few of these people are coming from. It does seem like you focus on the negative a lot. I appreciate your objectivity and any good reporter must be objective but there are also some 'good' stories out there for the taking. It would be nice to see you sprinkle some sugar once and a while. Observation--> You and Darlington are like good cop bad cop:)

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, it makes me laugh how some of these guys on here rip you for your coverage but read you like you're the Bible.

I, for one, love the Dolphins and it hurts when they take a pounding. But the truth hurts. They haven't been to the playoffs in years and right now they're in the same company with teams like Detroit, Arizona and Cleveland. So what the hell, people, what is there to be so happy about?


11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Florio of PFT is now reporting rumor that the Ginn deal is all but done, just clearing up some escalator clauses before signing the bottom line. Somewhere I also heard that Ginn is already staying at the team hotel. He'll await word of contract before he goes out and practices tomorrow, but this is good as done.

-Miami was the first team to sign a second round pick (Samson Satele).

-Miami owns 2 of the only 4 second round picks to have signed with a team at all.

-Miami owns 3 of the only 9 players chosen in the top 64 to have signed with a team at all (I believe it's only 9, 5 first rounders and 4 second rounders, maybe someone can check for me).

-Miami is only the 2nd team to have agreements in place with all of their draft picks.

-The team that did it first, the Steelers, did not have to sign a top 10 pick, and they had a total of 8 draft picks to Miami's 10 draft picks.

Overall, it looks to me like Huizenga's "deadline" was a STUNNING SUCCESS.

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Lost in all this grandstanding by our esteemed owner is the fact the Ronnie Brown ran for 229 yards combined in week 2 and 3 of 2005. That represents the most prolific back-to-back games total for a rookie in Dolphins history.

Wow that hold out really had a profound negative impact...

9:22 AM  

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