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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Salguero's predictions for the 2007 season

OK guys, you read it here first. I think YOUR Dolphins are (drum roll please ....)

10-6 this year. That is with the usual caveat that a hail of injuries doesn't befall the team.

I know you're thinking I'm crazy, but what the heck, it's my opinion. And no opinion is wrong except the one that doesn't agree with ME.

OK seriously, here's my column about why I think 10-6:

Read it if you like then let me know what record you think the Dolphins will have this year and WHY.

I have other predictions not in the column for you to mull so here they are:

Ronnie Brown: 1,020 rushing yards this year.

Jesse Chatman: 740 yards.

Trent Green: Completes 57 percent of his passes. 2,900 yards. 16 TDs. 9 ints.

Jason Taylor: 11 sacks. 2 forced fumbles. 2 recovered fumbles. Zero interceptions.

Joey Porter: 6 sacks. 1 forced fumble. 1 interception.

Matt Roth: Breakin' out with 8 sacks. Looking for big things out of him.

Zach Thomas 147 tackles. 1 interception.

Ted Ginn Jr.: 27 receptions. 2 TDS. I'm up in the air about his returns so you tell me.

Chris Chambers: Big rebound year. 64 receptions. 950 yards.

Marty Booker: Solid as usual. 45 receptions. 600 yards.

Offensive line sacks allowed: 18.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. the ultimate Dolphin hater decides to try and make nice-It's cool 'Mando, "she thinks I'm crazy cause the Dolphins make me cry". Been an easy team to hate for the past 20 years, hope you are right about improvement, though I think 10-6 is stretching it a bit. Would rather see steady progress from Beck, Ginn, R Wright, Roth, and some of the other young guys, and some gelling from the O-line...

12:37 PM  
Anonymous ceed said...

sounds possible but anything can happen in the nfl that's probably why they play the games. i don't think trent is done like most others do and he is the best qb we've had since marino so here's hoping everything falls into place. i think final cuts have to be made soon so please keep us updated on who we decide to let go and if anybody around the league that could help us gets cut like perhaps byron leftwich.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Die Hard said...

Predictions are worth $h.. when the football leaves the kicker’s foot come 1pm Sept. 9th.
I will say this, our team needs to win the first half of this season, the second half is brutal.
Back to back road games at Philly and Pitt.
Ending the season with vs. Balt. at NE and vs. Cinncy.
Wow that’s tough even without mentioning vs. Jets and 2 games vs. Buffalo ( The road game at Buffalo will be Cccold ).
If we don’t play well the second half of the season… 2 and 6 will crush all our optimism.
Yep the second half of the season is going to be make or break; but the first half will tell us a lot about our team.
Washington, Oakland, Houston and Cleveland are not very good teams, good teams, playoff teams win these games, home or away, without exception. Losing just one of these games is the difference between playoffs or not.
Home vs. Dallas and Giants, both considered to be avg. too good… a good team, a playoff team wins games at home vs. avg. too good with comparable talent.
Away vs. Jets ( I love to beat the Jets ) a good team a playoff team would be competitive in this game and it could go either way.
At home against New England… this game says it all. NE is one of the teams to beat in the AFC
( can’t leave out the champs ). Win this game and finish the first half of the season 7-1 or 6-2…we can all remain optimistic because 4-4 in the second half gets us into the playoffs.
10 and 6 we’re in, 9 and 7 we’re out of the playoffs.
8 and 8 with home wins against division rivals and no losses to bad teams at home or away… our optimism was justified.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey die now, you say predictions are worth crap and then proceed to make a load of predictions. I trust Armando more than you.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous John Michaels said...

Armando, I love your optimistic outlook, and I hope you're right! However, I think this team will probably go 8-8. It's going to take some time for the offensive line to be fully functional, and there's still going to be some timing issues between the quarterback and his backs and receivers. However, at seasons' end we will have reasons to be highly optimistic for next year!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous BallPlaya said...

You sound like the Miami developers scamming with their false promises.
The offense doesn't scare anyone and once again that will prove to be a liability.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Die Hard said...

Anonymous said...
“Hey die now, you say predictions are worth crap and then proceed to make a load of predictions. I trust Armando more than you.”
Wow, your reading comprehension is what… on a third grade level.
Look up the meaning of the word “critique” then ssslowly and carefully read my post again.
You might realize I was “critiquing” the Dolphin’s season schedule and the teams on it. Then voicing an “opinion” about what gets us to the playoffs.
Jezz, I hope you’re smart enough to realize that anyway.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous oscar_g said...

My prediction is 8-8.
But I wouldn't be surprised if they can pull out 10 wins.
In 05 they won 9 games with G. Ferotte. And Satan coaching.

So 10-6, in my opinion, is achievable.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous SWFLA fan said...

Sept. 9 at Washington Redskins: Miami's vanilla offense porves to be melted and runny, but Washington sucks even worse and our Defense shuts them down.
Dolphins 13-10

SEPT. 16 DALLAS COWBOYS: Cam starts Chatman due to R. Brown's poor performance in the first game. Jesse has things to prove and has a great game.
Dolphins 28-17

Sept. 23 at New York Jets: Dolphin Offense finally clicks. Matt Roth sacks Pennington and takes him of the game. We all find out how weal the Jets are without Pennington.
Dolphins 32-6

SEPT. 30 OAKLAND RAIDERS: Daunte gets sacked 6 times. Nuff said.
Dolphins 18-0

Oct. 7 at Houston Texans: What happened guys? Everything goes wrong. The favorite Dolphins come up way short.
Texans 28-0

Oct. 14 at Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn gets the start due to their other QB's really suck. He wows everybody with 330 yards passing, but can't get it in the end zone.
Dolphins 28-15

OCT. 21 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: The Dolphins nearly pull off the upset of the year. Feely hits the right goal post with 20 seconds remaining from a 50 yarder.
Patriots 24-22

OCT. 28 NEW YORK GIANTS: Taking a home game away from us fans creates too much bad karma.
Giants 42-13

NOV. 11 BUFFALO BILLS: Wow, the Bills really do suck this year.
Dolphins 39-9

Nov. 18 at Philadelphia Eagles: Dolphins still riding on their big win last week pull a 4th quarter comeback. Down by 21 at half-time they put up 24 unanswered points in the second half.
Dolphins 38-35

Nov. 26 at Pittsburgh Steelers: Trent Green gets knocked out of the game. Cleo Lemon does absolutely nothing.
Steelers 27-3

DEC. 2 NEW YORK JETS: Green is still out, Pennington is back in. This is a defense only game. Dolphins cause 5 turn-overs.
Dolphins 9-3

Dec. 9 at Buffalo Bills: The Bills win their first game of the season. Green is still out and Beck gets the start. He wasn't ready.
Bills 27-14

DEC. 16 BALTIMORE RAVENS: Green is back in, but he gets sacked 5 times and throws 3 picks.
Ravens 33-10

Dec. 23 at New England Patriots: Nobody knows why, but the Dolphins always seem to pull of these kinds of upsets.
Dolphins 28-21

DEC. 30 CINCINNATI BENGALS: The Dolphins can get a wild-card with a win today. They choke!!!
Bengals 17-14

So, there you have it. Dolphins finish 9-7 for the year. They had some excitement and did show some improvement. The fans and media are now demanding Cam's head on a silver platter. We all get to blog "I told you so". Culpepper's and Quinn's records are often refered to. They actually sucked this year too, but that doesn't even matter to our die-hard Dolphin fans. The rest of us fans say, once again: "Wait until next year". Our draft picks did show some potential this year so we all get excited about the next draft.

This prediction is guaranteed to be acurate. At least that is what the phone phsycic told me before she charged my credit card $500.

HaHa have fun with it and go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Tampa Tony H said...

Oscar G,

Now that, IS fantasy football!!!!

$500 for that though is too steep.

Plausible, but not likely.

I think they beat NYG in England
and reverse New England win; occurring at home. McSlab in Philly will be injured by then and A.J. Feeley throws 3 pick sixes.
Other than that; I agree with a winning season. The Bingos could flop too: 51% probable.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is proof that Dolphin fans and writers are the stupidest people alive. The Dolphins will be lucky to get to 4 wins. They are HORRIBLE!

You're all playing for 2nd place anyway. HAHAHAHHAHAH


9:20 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

This is my first post (I know. Who cares?), and I think it's cool that you are giving the edge toward optimism Armando, but with so much being new about the offense this season, there can be no honest way to guage how this team will fare.

Of course, if we're being optimistic, why not go with Trent, and shoot for the stars? 19-0? Why admit defeat before it happens.

This is the time to dream, so I say revel in it. Hopefully, reality will meet us somewhere between a top 3 pick in next years draft, and football Heaven. A Super Bowl victory.

34 years is an awfully long time. Let's get it together Dolphins! It's time to bring back the glory.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hay pat fan get of the dolphin web blog and on your own. dont forget if bradys down who you got. also tom brady always sucks against the dolphins remeber last year 21-0 beat down when the exuse was they cheated by buying film boo hoo. DOLPHINS OWN BRADY AND PATS.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hay Patriot fan did you get the news Seymour on PUP and moss is still injured. better get of the sinking ship. Dolphins rule

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Patriots fan, if I knew who you were, I would murder you with my bare hands.

Seriously though, I think the Dolphins will be lucky to get 3 wins this year. Too new, too much of a change. Next year will see the improvement we talk about today.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salguero, you are smoking crack.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous DX Dolphan said...

Offensive line only allows 18 sacks??? Wow Armando, that's being really generous. I was thinking more along the lines of 23 sacks.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Einstein said...

Armando, if you had posted this 5 weeks ago people would have been calling the little men in the white coats ... but you would have beaten them to it and had yourself committed :-)

I too hit the 10-6 button, with the usual caveats. It will take a herculean effort to make that score but the opposition can help us out with a few bad breaks on their side.

We will have some very hot games this year. In addition to the typical nemesis games in the division, we will be able to enjoy some real eye-poking with Oakland and Cleveland.

I hate to say it, but I do hope C-pep and Quinn are starters on those days. Lest they forget, if the D stays healthy, we will have an awesome defense ready for them.

I look for the D to be the dominant D in the NFL and the O to start clicking in the 2nd half of the season.

I look forward to 2008, when Green starts to hand over to Beck. I really hope Green does not get injured, he deserves a good exit.

1:25 PM  
Blogger chu-bacca said...

I bleed teal and orange but Trent Green will flame out this year; one or two good games and when defenses figure out his predictable "Dick Vermeil" role players style he will wilt, just like Kurt Warner did years ago. Lemon and/or Beck will come in and we will see a "Don/Strock" type of situation for a year or 2 then one or the other will emerge. As far as this year for my beloved'fins? I say 7-9, last in the East by an inch unless Buffalo chokes; otherwise 3rd.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Ruzzle said...

My sister was bit by a Moose once...

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way. Why ?
New coach. New system. New QB. New OL (even returning players at new positions).

Ditto most of the other problems and question marks posted already.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Moose said...

And I spit her out. Yuck, tasted like rotten fish.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous finndolphan said...

mando,your making me really chuckle now!i just read the fins signed three guys who were never even drafted as free-agents!this happened just as a whole slew of experienced veterans and highly drafted rookies hit the market!two of the players have ties to cameron from san diego,mormons perhaps?have another martini and think about 6-10 instead!

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Ruzzle said...

No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies!

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moose bites are pretty nasti.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey pats fan,

No you just proved that Patriots fans and writers are the stupidest people around because you're on a Dolphins blog making fun of a team that even when they were bad last year (at 6-10) and in 2004 (4-12) still beat your steroid popping Patriots ( how's Rodney Harrison's comeback this year working out for you?)21-0, and 29-28. In fact whether the Dolphins are bad or good they still find some way to humilate your team. That must really set you off. Why don't you get off a Dolphins blog and go get on some New England rag like the Boston Globe where all the writers are a bunch of shills for the Patriots and Red Sox because they are all making money off the success of the teams. Typical Pats fan, they all have no lives.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patriots are 7-5 against the Dolphins in the Tom Brady era, kind of hard for to say that Dolphins 'own' the Patriots. And one of those games was when the Dolphins beat the Patriots 3rd string and Matt Cassell was ordered to throw the 2 pt conversion out of the endzone.

I'm sure Belichick and Brady are just agonizing over some meaningless loss to the Dolphins while they're walking by all that Super Bowl hardware in Foxboro, aka Titletown.


10:03 PM  
Anonymous Sven said...

I fear the Moose's in the frosen North..

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, forget predictions. It's not a matter of where he grips it, it's a matter of weight ratios. A five once bird, cannot carry a 1 pound coconut.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bloody hell, I meant ounce.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous scott said...

I'm predicting 9-10 wins. Of the 6 division games I expect the Fins to beat Buffalo twice, the Jests once and NE 0 or 1 times. For the 6 non-division games before the bye the Fins will win 4, after the bye the Fins will win 2 of the 4. That's 9 or 10 wins.

Ronnie will gain 1,300+ yards rushing and 350+ yards receiving with close to 300 carries, barring injury. Regan Mauia will be knocking fools down for Ronnie.

Jesse Chatman will be used mainly on special teams, barring injury to Brown. Why? In 2002 as a rookie, Jesse led the NFL preseason in rushing for 234 yards. And was given the ball 6 times that year during the regular season. And 8 the next. And a whopping 65 times in 2004. Cameron may take the same approach here instead of a 2 back system.

Ted Ginn will soon be too valuable as a receiver to risk him on kickoffs and punt returns. His main role will be to scare the hell out of opposing defenses and have them back up a bit. The Fins receivers and tight ends will love this. So will Ted Ginn's family.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My names is James England I been a Dolphins fan since 1970. They are the only team I care about. When they don't make the playoff I don't watch it. I study every game the Dolphins play. I look at every play. Over and Over again. Most of the time I can tell if it gonna be a pass or run. On defence I can most of the time I know if they are gonna bliz or if they are faking a bliz This year I believe we will go 11-5 or better. I know it was preseason when they play Tampa, but when anyone who can hold the ball over 9 minutes and go 63 yards 18 plays something there.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Oscar Wilde said...

My prediction is that Armando Salguero finally will forgo the foot-tapping, the sub rosa hand thrust below the stall, the late night incognito appearances at South Beach's TWIST.

I predict that Armando Salguero will burst out of the closet this year and once and for all, confess to the entire South Florida Cuban community, "I am a homosexual and I am proud."

As for the Dolphins, well, they'll finish 9-7, tantalizes us with playoff possibilities until the very end, and then devastate us, as always, when they fall short.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If everyone in this blog says the dolphins suck, then why are you reading it. Face it... you love Armando as much as you love the fins.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando... Love the optimism, but I think someone may have slipped something into your coffee. 5-11 or 6-10 at the best... Brutal final 8 games, and they may not win one of them.....

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, 10-6! I thought 8-8 would be generous. We have to take into account that the AFC "beast" might reawaken this year. I expect the East to once again be competitive, but I might be blinded by preseason luster. I thought JP Losman looked pretty good and Buffalo might be a mighty contender this year as they've been building over the last two years. The Patsies will probably own the division this year again and who knows what the Jets will look like this year considering Pennington's health. Someone posted the second half of the schedule above and it looks rough, 7-9 might be more promising.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Brian Beecher said...

The real FANTASY...

After Green's third concussion in game 6, he is forced to shut it down. Cleo lemon starts game 7 against the Pats and suffers a broken fibula, ending his season. John Beck finishes the game and starts the following week vs the Giants. He throws 7 picks in the two games and decides to retire and go back to Utah. The Fins head into the bye week at 3 and 5, sinking fast...

During the bye week the media speculates on what the team will do next...

During the introductions before the game vs the Bills, the sports world gets what it thinks is a joke. Starting at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, #13, Dan Marino!?! At the age of 46, Marino starts the game and Miami trails 17-3 at the half, with Marino 5 of 11 for 70 yards. The second half comes together like a storybook. Marino leads the Dolphins to a 31-27 win, completing 6 of 6 for 81 yards and a TD on a final drive ending with the clock showing 0:03. Final stats 19 of 29 287 yards and 2 TDs.

Miami 27 PHI 21 Marino and McNabb exchange touchdowns in the 4th with the game ending on a J Taylor sack with under a minute remaining.
Marino 21 of 28 267 yds 1 td

Miami 39 Pitt 16 Playing in prime time in his hometown, Marino doesn't disappoint. 21 points in the 1st quart pretty much puts it away. Marino takes back the career TD record from Favre (for good) with 4 through the air.
Marino 18 of 25 309 yds 4 tds

Miami 47 NYJ 41 Like a flashback to the old days, the FIns and Jets battle to a 41-41 tie at the end of regulation with Marino twice driving the team to tie the game in the final 6 minutes. With 4 miutes remaining in OT, a Marino bomb to Chambers for 62 yards is the winner.
Marino 32 of 52 414 yds 3 tds

BUF 21 Miami 13 In a bit of a letdown game at Buffalo, Miami rushes for a total of 9 yards and has 4 turnovers.
Marino 17 of 31 180 yds 1 td

Miami 24 Balt 9 Trailing 9-3 at the half, Miami scores 3 unanswered tds in the second half and recovers 3 fumbles to bring home a win.
Marino 22 for 28 267 yds 3 tds

Miami 35 NE 31 Needing to win to stay in playoff contention, the Fins come back from 31-21 with under 9 to play with a couple of the most suprising play calls in history. With 6 minutes left, an 11 yard double reverse option touchdown pass TO Marino brings the score to 31-28. On 4th down with 0:31 to play, Marino scores on a naked bootleg, diving to the corner for the win.
Marino 27 of 39 347 tds 2 tds (1 rec 11yds td) (2 rush 7yds 1td)

Miami 38 Cin 35 With both teams knowing they need a win to make the playoffs, this game is one for the ages. Palmer and Marino combine for 901 yds and 10 yds. After a Marino to R Brown pass of 8 yards puts Miami ahead 38-35 with 0:14 left, the Bengals get a good return on a squib kick to midfield with 0:04 left. The subsequent hail mary is caught on a deflection by Chad Johnson, but he is kept 2 yards from getting in the end zone.
Marino 30 for 44 461 yds 5 tds

Miami 10-6

Marino 186 of 276 (67%) 2532 yds 21tds 6 ints
9 car 19 yards 1td 1 rec 11yds 1td
(Voted Pro Bowl Starter despite playing in only 8 games)

Miami 22 Denver 14 Miami wins in a game played at home in a torrential downpour. An ugly win, but a playoff win nonetheless.
Marino 15-26 202 yds 1 td

Miami 28 SD 24 Marino answers Tomlinson's late td rush with a 93 yard drive in 3:44 ending in a 13 yard td to Chambers. Miami converts 2 4th and 8 tries to keep drive alive.
Marino 28-42 338 4 tds

Miami 27 NE 23 In a snowy AFC championship game at NE, the Cinderella story Dolphins keep the dream alive by outscoring the Pats 20-7 in the second half. A blocked first quarter PAT comes back to haunt NE as the have to go for 7 on their final drive and are intercepted in the end zone by Zach Thomas with no time remaining.
Marino 19-31 255 yds 2 tds

Miami 42 NO 41 In the Super Bowl featuring the NFC's top air attack vs the comback story of all time, everyone got their money's worth. A Brees td pass and a Reggie Bush punt return td takes the score from 35-27 Fins with 5:11 left to 41-35 Saints at the 3:00 mark. In an unbelievably fitting end to a storybook season, Marino drives the Dolphins to the NO 18 yard line with 0:28 left. After a tipped pass and a short pass for no yards and a timeout, Booker makes a catch at the 4 but is ruled out of bounds after a replay. On 4th and 10, Marino gets the pass away just as he gets leveled by the oncoming rush and Chambers makes the catch between 2 DBs for the win.
Marino 26 of 41 404 yds 4 tds

Marino re-retires following the season and in 2010, the story is made into a movie witch becomes the highest grossing sports movie of all time.

It could happen...

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love idiots that go to ANOTHER teams blog site to talk smack. True during the Brady era that the Pats have more wins, but it has to really get under your skin that no matter how terrible the fins are, we still manage to beat the pats. You better hope that 1 game doesn't cost you home field cuz you know we are good for it. At any rate don't you have anything better to do than blog here. The only reason you do it is because you have never had the balls to say things to people's faces your entire life, but you are as brave as can be behind a keyboard. Not to mention you only want to make people mad and get a rise out of us. Go on and blog away, I encourage everyone here to simply ignore this guy. Besides how can you respect anyone who ends their message with "HAHAHAHAHA." Let's go fins and raise some eyebrows.

P.S. just remember pats fans, brady and bellicrap won't be around forever. Enjoy it while you can....

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Cam's system, Ronnie should get about 1,300+ yards rushing this year and 600+ receiving. Just get the ball in his hands! Give him around 20-25 carries a game and we usually WIN THE GAME. Just look at Ronnie's 157 yard game against the Bears last year. Ronnie is going to have a huge season in 2007. You heard it here first.

I can't wait to see what he's going to do against this below average Redskins Dline. Sunday can't get here fast enough. :D

10:26 AM  

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