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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not too early to think about the draft

It says something about the Dolphins current state that I have started looking at the possibilities for the April draft. I don't believe I'm alone.

On the bye weekend, a weekend in front of the TV for me, I watched a lot of football and I have come to this conclusion: The Dolphins, should they have the first overall pick, would be wise to try to trade out of their pick and augment their chances of filling holes in several position rather than just one position with their first-round pick.

This, of course, is not scientific and could change 15 times between now and April.

But that doesn't change the fact ESPN's Chris Mortensen "reported" today that Miami will have multiple first-round picks coming to them if they get the first overall pick as they seem capable of doing. That's because at least one team with two first-round picks, the Dallas Cowboys, have a serious player-crush on Arkansas RB Darren McFadden. McFadden rushed for 323 yards Saturday while Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, a former Razorback, was in the house.

It's possible the Cowboys would yield their two first-round picks for the right to draft McFadden.

So why would this be palatable to the Dolphins, considering the Cowboys' picks are likely to be middle of the pack at best considering they're a good team and the Browns, whose pick they also own, are also playing well.

Maybe the Dolphins could swindle a 2009 second round pick out of the deal also.

So why is this palatable for the Dolphins? First, the Dolphins have soooo many needs, one player isn't really going to turn things around for them. They need a DT to replace Keith Traylor, a pass-rushing DE to replace or add to Jason Taylor, a shutdown CB because they don't have one, a TE because David Martin's history is always being hurt, and help at MLB to guard against Zach Thomas's decline. Oh, and they need depth just about everywhere.

So the more picks Miami has, the better.

Also, tell me what sure-fire superstar will be available at No. 1? McFadden maybe but if the Dolphins have a good feeling about Ronnie Brown's return and re-sign Jessie Chatman, they can get by at RB.

LSU DT Glenn Dorsey? He played great against Nick Saban and Alabama Saturday, but he's generally thought to be up and down. Matt Ryan, the BC quarterback, is quite talented but he didn't exactly light up the Seminoles and the Dolphins have a pretty high pick already invested in quarterback John Beck. OT Jake Long or DE Chris Long? Don't know either is a first overall pick type of player.

So as we get started on the second half of the season, the Dolphins have eight games to consider their situation -- because they already are on the clock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure our fins have their eyes on a few promising long snappers and holders from the MAC conference with those first day picks. I'm psyched.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Batman1113 said...

One person they should look at hatd is MLB Ben Moffitt of USF. This guy is a player and a Zach Thomas clone. Everytime I watch this man play I think I am watching Thomas.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Joel said...

Mando, give us a history of RB's w/ ACL tears and how long it takes them to come back and how successful they've been after the injury. On here or on the radio show.

I'm worried about that injury w/ Ronnie.


8:56 PM  
Anonymous special needs coach said...

We must trade down to the #5 or #6. Teams with player crushed on McFadden/J.Long/C.Long/Dorsey/
Ryan/Woodson/Brohm will gladly sell their souls for a guaranteed shot at those guys.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous earl said...

one things for sure, the dolphins will do anything but the right move. They will break our hearts again just like last year.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it matter what they do because you know it will end up being the wrong choice anyways... If they trade the number one pick to Dallas, McFadden will end up being the greatest running back in NFL history, but if they draft him instead, he will become another Sammy Smith... If they trade the number one pick to Dallas, you know those two first rounders will be busts, they just will... This team is cursed, and I really think that all the people Huzeinga wacked during his time in the garbage business up in the Northeast is coming back to haunt him through his business interests, especially the Dolphins. We will continue being the worst team in sports until he sells the team... Period!!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fins better trade the pick with a team with 2 first round picks, as well as trade Jason taylor to aquire a second rounder for him. that would leave us with 2 firsts and 3 second rounders. that would fill plenty of holes. They could even trade 2 of those 2nd rounders to get back up into the first round again. getting 3 first round choices might ease the pain a bit.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our drafting abilities are just as good as the jets in the late 80's.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous save_us.x29 said...

Some of you are guys, are outright ridiculous. Man tries to have a serious blog, and all we have are a bunch of "jokey jokemakers" get a life, losers.

Anyways, Armando has got a great point. Jerry Jones has always had a crush on Arkansas players. Jerry Jones is probably salivating at the thought of a Marion Barber/Darren McFadden tandem. Getting Dallas' two first round picks would be exactly what the Dolphins need in the rebuilding process. If we can get a second out of the deal, as well that would be simply outstanding. Consider the scenario, if that was to happen.

We would have two first round picks, and three second picks. That's FIVE picks in the first two rounds! How awesome would that be? The team damn sure needs them. With all the holes this team has. I like the suggestion of Ben Moffitt, he really does look like a Zach Thomas clone. Moffitt is always around the football, and has been praised for being a "film room junkie." As far as shutdown corner's, Indiana's Tracy Porter has really stood out, as well as USF's Mike Jenkins. As far as TE's go, Missouri's Martin Rucker and Kentucky's Jacob Tamme are two names to keep an eye on.

As for DE's, I really like UCLA's Bruce Davis and Auburn's Quentin Groves. The DT class, after Dorsey is kind of weak but there are some names to keep an eye on. Maybe Frank Okam of Texas, Maryland's Dre Moore, or perhaps Jason Shirley of Fresno State. Nope, it's never too early to talk about the Draft.


10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If McFadden really is so great, why would the Dolphins trade out of that pick? Just look at Adrian Peterson. That's a team that didn't need a RB but they drafted him and no regrets there. This team needs speed and playmakers. While it's good to have multiple picks, we really just need to pick the right players.

11:03 PM  
Blogger PIEMAN said...

Sorry, even with two first rounds and a second I don't think it would be enough according to the draft point value chart because it looks like the two Dallas picks will be in the twenty range and they don't add up too enough! I hope we don't get the #1 pick, but if we could trade down to 5 or 6 and draft either Calais Campbell from the U or Kenny Phillips from the U as well, the some more o-lineman and d-line in the second - that would be a great draft!! We don't need a replacement for Zach, crowder will\can take his place - we need help on the outside at LB

11:39 PM  
Anonymous ceed said...

Armando the first overall pick is worth a lot more than what the cowboys 2 picks with be. the pick value chart says the top overall pick is worth 3000 points where lets say the 14th pick is 1100 and the 20th is worth 850. thats about 2000 points. i know it's 1950 bet let's round up. that means it will take the following year's first round pick in order for this trade to be fair for us. a second rounder as an added bonus for the following year is not a bonus at all but a rip off. this is why you don't see teams trading out of that spot, because teams generally don't have what it takes pick or player wise to give what's necessary. therefore if we have the first overall pick, then we are drafting with it. the top 5 players i would like to see us draft are:
1) Dan Connor-OLB Penn St
2) Jake Long-OT Michigan
3) Mike Jenkins-CB South Florida
4) Sam Baker-OT USC
5) Antoine Cason-CB Arizona
i don't think any of these guys are number 1 overall type guys per say, but do believe we will have the number 3 overall pick. jets then rams then us.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Per the comment above...I'm not sure Abraham Wright isn't going to be a good OLB in the future. If we weren't paying Joey so much I think he might be playing more NOW.

As for the down is a good idea, but NOT if we trade out of the top 7 or 8 spots. While it's TRUE we need quantity we also need some blue chip players as well. Our team needs more future pro bowlers. We draft in the top ten so rarely...that we NEED to take advantage of this opportunity.

I'm concerned about the Rams and Jets losing more than us as well. I really believe we still have a chance to log some wins.

Ideally IF we get the #1...I'd try to trade down not once, but twice! Trade down to #3 ish with say...the Rams, and then draft down again with the Falcons so they can take Brohm. Two trade downs would be a GREAT way to REALLY stock pile picks.

I know I all depends on how the rest of the season shakes down.


1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mcfadden is special. i love what r. brown was doing but you can not pass on mcfadden. draft him, trade brown for a 1st and a fouth, trade j. taylor for a two and resign chatman. and also get a gm who knows how to draft. beck,mcfadden. and ginn.sounds good!

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are speaking like a bunch of losers. Drafting players is not rocket science. It isn't like GM's have blinders on. With all of the testing in the combines, the number of games and genetic testing there aren't a lot of surprises in the draft.
Armando, maybe you should read Sun Tzu's Art of War or play Chess. Would you trade a Queen or a knight for 2 pawns? How many pieces of silver does it take to get one piece of gold? When you are weaker than your opponent do you trade to him your best warrior? This stuff has been covered throughout history.
We all cheer for the diamond in the rough but reality is the underdog rarely wins. TAKE THE TOP PICK. That is the gift the NFL gives you if you suck. You need a chance to get to the top. You just have to pick the right player and never second guess.

8:19 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

Why do so many of you have this player crush on Brian Brohm? We drafted our QB of the future THIS year. If we draft a QB next year, its not going to be in any of the early rounds. Get over it...NOW.

We have needs at so many positions that will take precedence over the QB position in the early rounds.

I for one, am not to quick to trade away the possibility of acquiring a player like McFadden. We don't know the true severity of Ronnie Brown's injury and there is no guarantee that Chatman will resign here to be a backup if given the opportunity to start elsewhere.

Its certainly intriguing to have the possibility of multiple picks in the first few rounds, but as well all know, anything can happen between now and April.

Something tells me we won't own the first pick of the draft. We can't possibly continue to suck as bad as we have for the next 8 games.....CAN WE?

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brohm is an overrated system quarterback. He will flop in the NFL. Matt Ryan has more potential and better measurements. Either way, we are crazy for a QB. For every P.Manning or C. Palmer drafted at the top there are three busts (R. Leaf, T. Couch, Ak. Smith, R. Mirer, T. Dilfer, H. Shuler, K. Boller, B. Leftwich, etc.) Same goes for RB. (C. Enis, B, Thomas, C. benson, C. Williams, W. Green, L. Philips, etc. Meat & many O-Line or D-Line at the top completely flop....not as many as the skill positions. Trade down into the 5-10 range for a 2nd rounder and grab whoever falls to us (J. Long, C. Long, G. Dorsey) after other teams take McFadden, Brohm & Ryan is the smart way to go

9:22 AM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Anonymous 8:14 AM:

One thing you omit when talking about pieces of gold and silver and chess and the art of war is that you assume the pieces have aset value that never changes. The fact is having a chance to getting two high round players is usually better than one because you can't guarantee the one will be a star or never get hurt or have any off days. While you can't guarantee anything about the two players, either, your chances are mathematically better. Jimmy Johnson's greatest strength in drafting was that he acquired a lot of picks. So even when he missed about 50 percent of the time, he had more hits than most GMs because of the stockpiled extra picks.

By the way, I believe Sun Tsu is the chinese art of war. Yet China employs the Jimmy Johnson strategy in a sense. Its military neither technologically advanced nor thought to be elite in any way, except the fact China can field an army that will soon number 200 million. Numbers is what makes that country such a threat in the 21st century. It's about numbers. Same with drafting, it's about getting the most numbers early in the draft.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

Armando you are right. McFadden is the only sure-fire stud at the top and we already have our running back in Brown. Trading down is the best option for Miami. Just getting two 1's at the bottom of the draft isn't good enough though. They need to get a little more.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous sjs said...

The point system is crazy, two 1st round picks and a 2nd are way too much for even the first overall pick, there is no way Dallas would offer that. Dallas also has no need for a RB when they could really shore up their defense with those picks.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, everyone in the front office knows you are a quack so please stop calling. BTW, McFadden is a rare talent and the best player in the NCAA. You're choice would be to trade one bar of gold for two bars of copper, which makes no sense. The goal should be to draft the best player available, period.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On yeah, and we just picked up Samkon Gado so dont tell me that the RB is all well and good.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Maritza said...

I'm a die hard Fins fan, but have never really followed college players until this year. (I guess maybe that makes me not such a diehard fan).
Anyway, I have a question. I've been watching Hester FB/RB (I think) from LSU. Would he not be a good pick for us if we did indeed trade down from the top 3 spots (depending on where we fall based on the rest of the season)? Why or why not?

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:05 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

I don't know. I'm no draft expert by any means. I don't even watch college ball...What I do know of the draft, it seems to be a crap shoot. Even in Madden I always trade my picks for young, PROVEN talent (cough, DeAngelo Hall, cough). Of course, this back-fired because Ricky was a loser, pot-head, but assuming he DIDN'T screw us, I believe it would have been worth it. My point being I don't think you'll find any corner in the top 10 of the draft that will develop into a better corner than young (23) DeAngelo Hall already is. Of course, with all the errors, and mental mistakes we've made, even if we sign 10 more picks, I don't think it would benefit us much because the coach obviously doesn't reinforce fundamentals AND they'll be rookies. At this point, who cares?

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hester is not an NFL caliber player, he is a product of a good team with a good O-Line and wide receivers. he might play special teams but that is it.....why does everyone think Mueller is such a bum? Saban made all the old decisions. He had good drafts with the Saints and made good personnel decisions. This is the first full year and so far he has done a good job...

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Too many questions to speculate on the draft as yet. Whatever happens we should be in the top 3. The one guy's silver for gold analogy is pretty good, but the gold could be a QB, which most people here don't think would be a wise selection or McFadden, which we probably don't need either if Ronnie Brown returns healthy. So that leaves us either stretching for something, picking a position not considered a need or trading out.

If I was to break down those options I would throw out stretching, that never works. I'm not averse to drafting the best guy even if it comes at a position that we don't necessarily need. And finally the trade option...

The problem I have with trading, beyond using the value chart, is position in the draft. It seems the top 5 drafts spots usually are the studs. 5 to 10 is where most teams go for the best player at a need position. The rest of 1st round after 10 is scary territory. There's a reason why those guys are not in the top 10. So when considering the Dallas trade and getting 2 firsts from the 16 to 30 range it scares me.

If I trade I only go down to 5 and pick Mike Jenkins from USF. He's the man, a great shutdown corner. Then trade the 2nd first rounder and get as many picks as possible in the 2nd and 3rd round.

It sux we're taking draft half way through the season.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:05: Thanks for bringing some much needed comedy to this blog. Bill Cowher over Randy Mueller? That's great ... Cowher who didn't choose his players in Pittsburgh. Or did you mean you wanted Cowher to coach? Notwithstanding that our own new coach won't be replaced after a single year with mostly lousy talent leftover from previous administrations, it's funny to think of Cowher taking a Miami job so he can golf and enjoy life. How many Super Bowl winning coaches have EVER won a Super Bowl for a SECOND team? That's right, ZERO.

Ah, Super Bowl winning coaches in new jobs, and ZERO ... what does that lead to? Who else, Bill Parcells! And that's where your post is funniest! Parcells, who ACHIEVES LESS in EACH career stop, starting with the Giants, where he won a Super Bowl and stole a second, thanks to the Bills' kicker missing a 47-yarder. On to the Pats, to lose one SB badly. Then on to the Jets, to lose one AFC Championship game. Then on to Dallas, to just lose.

Yeah, let's hire old man Parcells AND Cowher, what a golf-fest that would be! Thanks for the laughs, Anonymous 11:05. And thanks for swallowing and regurgitating whatever the mass media says about its overrated darlings Cowher and Parcells. I bet you love Brady Quinn too!

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True true...good stuff Patrick.

There is another issue everyone is missing...the cap! I don't think it would be a good thing to have TWO runningbacks picked in the top 5. That would KILL our cap as they mature into their prime. Sure there are teams with two good RB's, but they were usually picked in later rounds, or are years apart in age. Having that kind of cap and cash in guys who "share time" is NOT a good thing. We'd have to do something like what Buffalo did with Willis and M. Lynch. BUT...after the way Ronnie played this year...I don't want to trade him. I LOVED watching him run over people. Even in the game he got hurt in he was playing his butt off. Didn't you all see him bouncing after his long runs? Giving that vibe of..."just give me the ball and let me run over these guys!".

I, for one, believe in Ronnie. Jessie can carry the load until he returns. We DON'T need to spend this next high pick on a RB OR a QB in my opinion.

It's time we drafted another Richmond Webb or Tim Bowens. We need to find a franchise guy at either of those positions.


12:05 PM  
Blogger Maritza said...

OK, I'm just thinking out loud here...But someone give me their 2 cents... don't like Mueller, and I listen to Sirius NFL radio all the time. I like listening to Pat Kirwan. He really knows his stuff player wise & financial-wise. Here's a stupid question/thought: Wouldn't he be a good fit for GM & is there anything that would entice him to leave his posh radio/analyst spot?

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is with the Randy M. bashing, what has he done wrong to this point? Draft wise so far so good, how many other draft classes make an impact the first year. Second, don't you dare say anything about the defense and not seeing this coming because we ALL were surpised by the injuries and collapse. Going into this season most people thought our biggest needs were to improve the offensive line, add explosiveness to our offense and "tweak" our defense. They did that. Our offensive line is better, more explosiveness on Offense, our defense is the train wreck...please someone tell me what he has done wrong?????

12:31 PM  
Blogger jayrand said...

We are going to waste all the upcoming low draft picks if we stay with Mueller and Cameron as GM and Coach. As posted on by Peter King:

It's surprising the Pats were able to filch Wes Welker for second- and seventh-round picks from Miami, after the Dolphins stupidly failed to put a first-round tender offer on the restricted free agent. Welker led the Dolphins in the rare trifecta of receptions, punt returns and kickoff returns last year. The Pats gave Welker an offer sheet, and Miami awkwardly tried to save face on the deal by taking a final-round pick from New England.

12:54 PM  
Blogger jayrand said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Maritza said...

Wes Welker was going to be my first point. To let Welker go for 1st & 7th rd picks? At the very least a 1st & 3rd round in my honest amateur opinion. Preferrably 1st & 2nd.

From the moment he was hired he didn't have player-personnel decision making authority, so although the '05 & '06 drafts fall squarely on Saban's shoulders, if memory serves correctly, Saban said any picks made would mean that he & Mueller were on the same page & in agreement. With that being said, of the 12 players drated in 05 & 06 only: Ronnie Brown, Channing Crowder, Derick Hagan, Alabi, R. Wright, Roth, & T Daniels. And of those 7 only Brown, Crowder, Roth & Daniels are starters.

Even on the Culpepper decision. Even if Saban was gung-ho on Daunte, didn't Mueller supposedly weigh in? And if so he must have been in agreement or the deal wouldn't have gotten done.

Let's talk Harrington: I don't know who's crazy idea it was to give up a 5th rounder for Harrington, who has shown he's not worth that much, but Mueller must have been in agreement or it wouldn't have gotten done. There are still pretty decent quelity players in the 5th round. Zack Thomas (7th rd) ring a bell?

I'm not saying he's incompetent at what he does, or obviously he wouldn't have a job, but his track record, at least with Miami would be questionable.

I know they increaased his authority after Saban left, but whether or not he can still make player-personnel decisions with Cameron as coach I don't know.

I did question their selection of Ginn at 9th overall this year (I mean, kick returner with a sparined/broken foot at 9th overall?) But I will be happy to eat humble pie if Ginn's flashes of greatness continue, and I'm hoping with Beck at the helm that will indeed be the case.

So in my defense, I wasn't "bashing" Mueller, I'm just saying some of his decisions appear to be questionable at best.

It is without a doubt rebuilding time, and it's not an overnight thing. So we have to refrain from playing the blame game, especially with Cameron, and Mueller. They're doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Let's hope Huizenga's analysis includes Huizenga himself.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make some fair points, but I really can't hold him liable for anything during the Saban error since Saban ultimately had the final say. There was talk that Randy would be gone if Saban stayed since they did not see eye to eye (on what decisions I would love to know. Wes Welker I disagree with. I understand how good he is this year, but he is a third receiver in possible the best offense in the history of the NFL. You look at Brandon Stokely who has similiar skills and he was great as the slot receiver with Indy when Peyton broke the record. He has done little since then. How happy do you think the Colts would be with a 2nd & 7th rounder for him? Seriously, I loved Welker because he made the most of his athletic ability but he is not worth a first round pick

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I injured my knee playing football. I tore my ACL while playing RB. While in California, I literally stumbled across a sports therapist who helped me get back to 100%. I had to pay out of pocket for the minimal care this therapist could offer and I returned to sports successfully. I'm sure Ronnie Brown will be fine. It's a long road, but he'll be fine. Trade down for several picks because Brown was unstoppable. Draft bulk this year, it has always been the most succesfull way of building a championship team. Don't pass judgement on C.C. yet. He's sweeping up the mess of the past and it will take a bit. He might be making a mistake in starting Lemon, give him some space to coach. If you don't want to go to the games, don't...that's your choice. When a team has this many injuries, you're not going to win unfortunately. We all need to wait with patience

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could give Cam and Randy a boatland of draft picks and these two clowns will screw it up. They are wanna-bes. Neither Randy or Cam have done anything in their careers. Mueller supposedly put together a good Seattle team and swindled a few teams while with New Orleans, but the truth is neither of these teams won jack. So like I said, these two boobs will surely screw up the draft once again. Hey, maybe they can draft another running back and quarterback and shelve them for the rest of their careers? Draft guys that actually won't see the active game roster. Yeah, that's how this tandem of dopes handles the draft. What a joke. They make Matt Millen look like Einstein.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous ukdolfan said...

I hate to say this after watching Ronnie breakout this season but with his injury and after watching Adrian Peterson light it up then draft Darren McFadden and trade Ronnie for a No1 Pick, I've heard McFadden is rated higher than Peterson, can u imagine that, oh and by the way Cam finally in my eyes is lost after not starting Beck this week.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous sonny crockett said...

1ST PICK-GLEN DORSEY-The main reason Miami is 0-8 is because it cannot stop anyone; while the offense is ranked 13th, the defense is dead last, surrendering 30.5 points per game. Glenn Dorsey has played great almost every game this year. The Dolphins' decrepit stop unit needs help everywhere, starting up front. Dorsey can instantly improve a 10-sack defense ranked 26th against the run.

2ND PICK-SEDRICK ELLIS DT USC. The DOLPHINS can't cover anyone. Things will change when they move to their four-defensive end formation, Once that happens,miami will need to bring in a pass-rushing defensive tackle like Sedrick Ellis, especially if zach or jt finally decides to retire/leave.

3rd pick- TERRELL THOMAS USC CB. More help for a miami secondary that has looked horrendous in the preseason and the first eight weeks of the year.our db's probably wouldn't make many NFL teams right now, while cam worrell is nothing more than a practice-squad guy, given how terribly he's playing right now.

4th pick-Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU Derek Anderson dissected Miami's secondary en route to 41 points. The story of the 2007 Dolphins. They lack a true No. 1 cornerback

5th pick-ALI HIGHSMITH OLB/DE LSU. Newsflash: Joey Porter is old and overrated. Meanwhile, Jason Taylor, while still solid, has lost a step(hurts me to even say that!). I really don't want to spend another offseason writing about how ancient Miami's defense is.
there you go, our defense just got young, athletic, and FAST!, overnight. please!, i hope they dont screw with the o-line, everytime they change the rotation, its like starting all over again, let the o-line gow together! ronnie brown and chatman, and at some point booker(who will be our k. faulk will be a nice triple threat, recievers are solid, hagan has stepped up. we just need an athletic tight end then we will have a threat at every level of the offense, keep justin peele he has been very solid, as a blocker and backup.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan, even posting "anonymous" I can tell it's you with your mindless, tired point of view, all in caps... Cowher and Parcells epitomize "has beens" and should have no place in the Dolphins future... as for Welker, he scored all of one TD in two years as a receiver in Miami... he is no doubt helped by the level of talent he lines up with in New England; getting those 2 picks was a great move on Mueller's part... saying he should have gotten a 1st and a 2nd is using hindsight, pure and simple... on drafting, I like the trading down with Dallas scenario, that would give us 4 picks in the top 60... with so many needs, the more picks we get, the better... the only way I would take McFadden is if we trade Ronnie for a pick or two...

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me! there is no way in hell we should trade out of the first draft pick and give anyone else a chance at mcfadden.. The guy is a VERY rare talent that you just dont pass on. When you watch him run, Adrian Peterson just pops into your head.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do i have this awful feeling in my stomach that us dolphin fans are going to have a feeling that resembles that of the texans fans a couple of years ago if we do indeed inherit the 1st overall draft choice in next years draft

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David said:

First, I don't think we're drafting #1. I'm guessing between #3 - #5.

Maybe I'm full of crap, but if Mueller sticks to his philosophy of drafting the "best player available" then I think he has got to take Jake Long if we indeed pick between 3 & 5.

Randy, please, do not take Dorsey over Long.

I've watched every snap that both of them have taken this year. I have not once seen Jake take even one play off. I think Dorsey takes about 1 of every 3 plays off. Like I said, maybe I'm clueless, but from what I've observed, Jake Long is A Monster.

8:37 PM  
Blogger radiohead said...


IF we do draft McFADDEN then we would have 2 TOP RB'S and we would be paying them probably 40 MILLION GUARANTEED FOR ONLY 2 players out of 53 FOR THE SAME POSITION??????????


NOW, you guys who are against DRAFTING McFADDEN, you act like this team is going to be good next year and only a few players away AGAIN, we are atleast 3 YEARS AWAY, now if we get the right draft picks and 3 STUD free agents then maybe 2 years........

if we do draft McFADDEN #1, we still have 2 #2's, let's say DT,CB, then we trade JT for a #2 and grab TE, also let's not forget FREE AGENCY which I say is GOING TO BE BIG AND VERY IMPORTANT TO MAKE UP SOME GROUND FOR ALL THE WASTED DRAFT PICKS IN THE PAST.......


we still need DE, CB, FS, SS, OT..still have rds 3-7 and like I said we are 3 years away, WE CAN'T GET EVERYTHING IN ONE YEAR....

ALSO trading down would be great, to pick up an extra #1, then we have 2 #1's; 3-#2's if we trade JT...

but I heard the greatest saying (from ANONYMOUS) WOULD YOU TRADE A KING OR QUEEN for 2 PAWNS or a bar of GOLD for 2 bars of SILVER, also he said this is what the NFL is about if you suck YOU get the 1ST PICK, yes we are so many players but we need SOME STUDS/PLAYMAKERS and if you have the #1 pick rather than trading down with maybe DALLAS FOR 16 AND 30 your chances are less likely, especially with the FINS drafting??????????

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but how about James Hardy, wide reciever out of Indiana. He's IU's all-time recieving leader, stands 6'7, great speed and even better hands. We've all seen with Plexico and Moss what a difference a reciever that size can make. Moffit is also a great suggestion. Trade Hagan and a pick for a shutdown corner in trade/ orfree-agency, using a pick is too risky ( i.e. Allen).

5:26 PM  
Anonymous nostradamus said...

THE SEXY PICK: Having the possibility to draft Darren McFadden from Arkansas excites me! The ability to have Ronnie Brown (Very versitle) and D. McFadden (Stud!) will make us unstoppable, Id like to see us role into Foxborough in December with that offense next year!

Draft with the first pick;
Chris Long (Howie's son)
Glen Dorsey (LSU)
Calais Campbell (Miami)

We draft:
1. Darren McFadden ,RB(ARK.)
2. Sedrick Ellis ,DT(USC) or
Dan Connor ,LB(PSU)
2a. Antoine Cason ,CB(ARZ) or
Terrell Thomas ,CB(USC)
3. Dennis Dixon ,QB(OU)!
Xavier Adibi ,LB(VT) or
Tracey Porter ,CB(IU) or

We sign these FA:
1. Albert Haynesworth ,DT -look how good the Titans' D has been this year!
2. Asante Samuel ,CB -the patriots are not going to franchise him again and you know the history of the Patriots with cutting stars and having young guys step up (W. Mcginest, Deion Branch, L. Milloy etc.)the Pats will also have 3 other CB up for FA, i say we snatch them up and maybe get some good info on the side (wink wink)
3. Paul Spicer ,DE - very underated defensive end for Jaguars.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous John123 said...

RBS: Who have had knee surgeries and had great years:

Jamal Lewis: Posted 2k and 5.3 ypc 2 years after his knee injury. I believe he also had a knee injury (or two?) at Tenn which hurt his draft stock.

Edge - Posted some solid numbers after a knee injury.

Gore - He had 2 knee injuries at UM. Did alright last year.

Deuce McAllister - He had a solid year last year after returning from a knee injury. Although he has a bum knee again.

So there is hope for Brown although he has very little trade value with the injury so I don't see the Dolphins taking McFadden.

Trading the pick? looks a lot less likely since the Browns are playing well. Right now Dallas would hold picks in the 22nd and 30th position. No way the Dolphins would deal for that.

I don't think anyone will be looking to trade into the Dolphins draft spot. I think their first pick will be a D-lineman. Their O-line is playing well enough that they won't reach for Jake Long at the first pick. They have a desperate need for D-line help especially if they trade Taylor. Especially at DT where they are getting crushed. So look for Dorsey with the first pick.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you people honestly think Cam is going to pass on one of the best offensive weapons coming out of college in years.. Mcfadden can run like adrian peterson, catch like reggie bush, and even THROW like LT... Remember cam IS the dolphin's O-coordinator.. If he has a shot at Mcfadden he should be licking his chops. You cant find a stud like him in free agency. All of you need to stop looking at him as just another runningback, and start seeing his rare ability to make a "house call" in Cam's words. He is the only player in the draft that will immediately make an offense better and more electrifying.

Also keep in mind mcfadden is used to playing with another great runningback. Felix Jones is probably the next best runningback in the league after mcfadden. We might even be able to run the mcfadden offense, which is with mcfadden at quarterback which gives him the option to run, pitch, hand off, or throw... NOW TELL ME HOW YOU CAN PASS ON A PLAYER LIKE THAT!?!?!?!?!?

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just watch this and all of you will know what im talking about...


10:46 PM  

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