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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dolphins Ronnie Brown out for the season

The Dolphins have now confirmed what I reported four hours ago and that is that Ronnie Brown is out for the season. He will have surgery to repair a torn ACL in seven to 10 days according to coach Cam Cameron.

This following an MRI that confirmed the team's worst fears this morning.

So Brown will be out the rest of the season, but that is not the worst part. The affects of not having Ronnie Brown the rest of this season is minimal considering the team is 0-7.

The problem is what this means for Miami beyond this year. It means the Dolphins might not have the guy who would be their MVP perhaps into next training camp, and even then questions would persist about Brown's availability for the 2008 season.

Cameron said he expects Brown by next spring and that recovering from this type of injury is a virtual certainty at "90 percent," according to Cameron. But who knows? Things happen and often do to the Dolphins.

So a season-ending knee injury to Brown casts a shadow into the draft. Suddenly a team that thought itself set at running back, might have to look to drafting another running back -- perhaps not necessarily in the first round, but definitely at some point.

This injury also raises another issue. The team was fully intentioning to get rid of Ricky Williams in the offseason, if he were to be reinstated by the NFL. Suddenly, the addition of Williams in November or December might seem more palatable in the absence of Brown.

It also might serve as a way of showcasing Williams for the offseason.

Brown finishes his third season -- the one in which he finally showed promise for the future -- with 602 yards on 119 carries. That is a 5.1 yard per carry average.

One more thing. With Brown down, this means Lorenzo Booker will be active in games from now on. It doesn't guarantee he'll play, but he'll be active.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:22 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Armando, I agree with you. The Dolphins would be dumb to waive Ricky outright. Depending on when the NFL reinstates him, I expect that he will return to the Dolphin locker room.

What will be interesting to watch is if Cameron becomes enamored with him the way Wannstedt and Saban did.

As you know, Ricky is an excellent worker and a great locker room guy.


12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dolphins need to get something in return for Ricky, they need to stop wasting picks and personnel. He just smoked a lil weed, he didnt shoot strippers!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mando you gunna keep us posted on any mri news?

12:26 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

He's out for the year. Sad.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5 yards per carry after he was limited to 65 yards the 1st 2 games. Yes Ronnie Brown is our 'Franchise" RB, but, from what I saw of Chatman on Sunday, he did not do too bad himself. Its time to activate L Booker, anmd lets see him play some.

12:54 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

This does create an interesting scenario. It will be very interesting to see how Randy and Cam handle this one. If they are supposedly rebuilding this team through the draft , they should be awaiting Ricky's return!!!! Why you ask, because if Randy and Cam don't even acknowledge the fact that Ricky is reinstated and waits till the offseason and try to pull off a trade it isn't going to happen, but if they let him back on the field and he shows he still has that gift then it could result in a pretty high pick.

We have Nine games left if he plays in seven of them and gets close to a 100 yards a game then I think we could get a 3rd rounder for him, then at the same time if he gets close to 100 yards a game, would we really want to get rid of him then?? I think not especially considering Ronnie's injury, and the fact it took him getting hurt to force Lorenzo Booker's activation says he's not ready to carrier the team.

We ALL know what Ricky is cappable of doing question is, Is he still that Ricky we used to have?!?!?! I say yes, if you look back when he came back after retiring and shared time with Ronnie he still had the gift!!!So I think its worth the risk , hell its not like we're fighting for a playoff spot, this move can only help us and most of all IT'LL COST US NOTHING!!!!!!

One last thing Armando do you know what the hold up is with Goodell reinstating Ricky ????

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Bensmokin said...

What?!?! Damn, When bad goes to worse. I can't believe it, this is the worse season I have ever seen. I hate to say it but now we need Ricky Williams or maybe we can see what 3rd round Lorenzo booker can do. Let's just see how bad it is and if Ronnie can comeback because that would be a worse loss than when Ricky quit on us. Just please don't say we have to draft McFadden.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isnt out in the main stream news yet.. make that happen mando you have the break in your hands

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

terrible news... terrible, armando do you know if it was a complete tear? or just partial...

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Tom in Nashville said...

I agree. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let's bring Ricky back as a band-aid for this horrible season. Maybe he helps us win a game or two and prevent going 0-16. Meanwhile, we can show him off to would-be suitors in hopes of getting something for him.

We also need to find a way to get Lorenzo Booker on the field. What good does a speedy 3rd round pick do if he doesn't dress? C'mon Cam, offensive guru that you are, it's a wasted pick if the guy never sees the field...

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts on Ronnie being done for the season can be summed up in one simple four letter word that you can't print.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Darn it...How are we going to win anymore games without Ronnie Brown??? Oh wait, we haven't won any games. We lost with him..we can lose without him. This team is a joke...I can understand rebuilding but c'mon...If they go 0-16 everyone is gone.

I agree regarding Ricky...Let him play. Can't be any worse so they have nothing to lose by letting him play.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Cam if you are reading this....Ricky may be a flake off the field, but he has ALWAYS been a dedicated monster on the field. Cut the guy some slack, he is a good person and can help the team.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ESPN website has a Picture of Jason Taylor talking to Bill Belichick after the game on Sunday. It looks to me like JT is about to cry, do you think he is asking Belichick if he can come play for him next year? That is what I see. NCFINFAN

1:18 PM  
Blogger mike said...

this sucks

1:22 PM  
Anonymous MiamiMike said...

What up from a Big Blue Fan who wishes he was going to London this weekend.

I would be VERY surprised if you guys picked McFadden. The guy's a stud, thats for sure, but I think you have more pressing issues. You have booker, you have beck (both of which seem like they wont develop until about 2 years)... So, with that in mind, I would think that you would go for a stud LB or DE with taylor and ZT in their later years, or an OL to help solidify your horrendous O-Line to protect Beck and booker.

Booker needs to get thrown into the fire. Its the best way to learn. Bring in Ricky and let him mentor booker. ANYTHINGS go to be better than what you've got to work with now.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous BD2K said...

Maybe one positive is, this season was gone anyway and next year only so much can be expected. So worst case Ronnie can work his way back sometime next year and hopefully be back at 100% in 2 years. By then the Fins should have a better team and be ready to compete in the AFC. Get all of the bad out now.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous jed said...

dckjzSad moment to a sad season.

Ronnie's injury is the lowest point.

Bring back Ricky and treat him better than they did Daunte. There is such a thing called karma.

We all know what I think about the Cam Randy show, it stinks, and Mueller's deconstruction has set back the Dolphins at least 3 years minimum, probably more.

Time to clean house from top to bottom. They need a coach who puts the d back in discipline, someone who will build a winner. I just don't see Cam as anything more than a sometimes good offensive coordinator. Lets stop being nice and see things as they are. Time to make the tough decisions, learn from mistakes and move forward.

The management of the Dolphins has been a disaster since your hated Saban left. Nuff said.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the info on Ricky and reinstatement?! It seems as though no one is covering this. That receiver from Seattle, I believe his name was Koren Robinson, got re-instated and he was suspended for drunk driving.

While marijuana is illegal, drunk driving is extremely dangerous. I don't know how Goodell could draw a line there.

In any event, someone needs to call up the NFL (for example, a Herald reporter who could get some answers) and see what the status of Ricky's application is.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love tha Dolphins, but I got 2 say it "man they suck".They really just need 2 take the rest of this season of and just practice and look 4 some new player 2 fills in tha positions in which they need help.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be Fair Dofans, don't expect too much of Lorenzo Booker. He is a 3rd down back, a receiver out of the backfield. He is too light and slightly built to become a full time RB. he already proved that while he was in FSU.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still, a combination of Chatman and Booker, running behind the improving OL, should keep the ground game decent.. Without knowing more details about Brown, even a torn ACL can get him back in 8 months or so, so he should be almost ready by the time next season starts... There are too many glaring weaknesses on this team to add RB to the shopping list for the draft... Stay the course - focus on draft day should be Defense, specially the secondary... Only if Beck looks bad in the games he plays this season do we turn to Brohm.

1:55 PM  
Blogger funkyj said...

Armando, you say "The Dolphins are currently examing MRI results that state running back Ronnie Brown suffered a season-ending knee injury" in your blog.

If the doctors think it is season ending then they must have an idea what type of injury (e.g. MCL) it is. Please share this info.

P.S. I love the blog. Keep up the good work.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"intentioning", dear God, is that even a word? I'm sure you were intentioning to write intending.

You are forgiven.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw Ricky - Play out the year. Trade our #1 08 pick to Dallas for their #1 and the #1 of Cleveland (they received via Brady Quinn) and rebuild that way.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if Ronnie is back in pads come minicamps, we need to draft the best player available in the draft, Darren McFadden.

Let's not be the Texans and get Mario Williams because of a 'need' at the position. We have needs everywhere.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Jones has already said that McFadden is his #1 Priority. What Jerry wants Jerry gets. I say we help him out.
How about the distinction of being the only team to go undefeated and defeated. No their is a record worth cheering for!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Alex R-- Orlando said...

There are no words to describe the "loss" of hearing this news. Ronnie brought the passion and excitement to the offense that has been lacking for so long. He made each Sunday more enjoyable despite our losses. The way he broke tackles and charged the seconday was astounding. He was our chance to victory this season.

I couldn’t watch the interview with Zach. He is one of the most optimistic players on the team and to see him down brought me down. He is the spirit of the defense but he cannot do everyone’s job.

Now, as Sunday rolls around, I will continually lose hope, especially now that Ronnie is gone. Each year though, I try to find pockets of hope. From our 4-12 season, to our 9-7, to our 6-10, I try to find positives in our recent team history. I can no longer say our defense can win games, which was a complete shock for me.

There are two things that I am looking to find out now. One, what these “studies” indicate to be our problems for the last several seasons, which I hope are made public. I’m sorry, we cannot blame past coaches for today’s season. This is due to recent decision making. Defenses don’t go from #4 to dead last in a season without bad decisions being made in the office.
Two, John Beck playing will get me to watch the dolphin’s games. The surge of young talent is what I want to see now. Give the fans what they want. Seeing Ginn play was great. John Beck needs to be a “professional” and understand that this is going to be a great opportunity to prove that he can play football and make mistakes this season. I don’t want him making those mistakes next year. I rather see Beck lose games then Lemon right now. We can excuse Beck because he’s a rookie making rookie mistakes.

What do you guys think?

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dolphins cannot afford to let ricky go for nothing. The only positive thing out of the ricky williams experience would be to actually get something in return for him. Get him ready to play. He can produce in this offense and costs us nothing. USE YOUR BRAIN front office, stop making decisions based on ego; many of us in business have to keep employees we don't like BECAUSE THEY PRODUCE. Say what you want about Ricky off the field, but on the field he has produced more than many players, including chris chambers, joey porter, marty booker, every safety on our roster since 2000.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not suprised that Brown hurt his knee on another interception by Lemon! Why do they start a guy that probably wont even be with the team next year?? They thought Beck was better than Quinn so i think it is time to find out!! Is Beck better than Brian Brohm???? We better find out.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Larry said...

Is Larry Czonka available?

2:29 PM  
Blogger Karl said...

sounds to me like we're shutting ronnie down because this is a lost season. armando, had we been playoff contenders would we have put him on IR or just waited out to see if he could come back at the end of the season?

also, while it would be nice to get ricky back and get some picks out of it, these guys are going to blow any extra picks anyhow. just remember the following words:

"with the ninth pick in the nfl draft, the miami dolphins select ted ginn, wr, ohio state."

furthermore, i know you - or maybe it was one of your colleagues but i'm pretty sure it was you armando - mentioned this recently, but why am i supposed to trust a front office that felt this team could be a contender with just a couple of additions? what genius was it that failed to realize a defense which averages 78 years of age will experience significant decline?

whatever man i can't talk about this anymore it's depressing. at least cam's doing a good job designing our offense. will the guy plz play jon beck so we don't miss out on this ridiculous qb draft coming up? he's already 29 years old chrissakes.

i think i just had an aneurysm. i must go now.

2:38 PM  
Blogger myalias23 said...

Did anyone notice that both Ronnie and Hill got hurt when their foot got caught in the turf? We just redid the whole field with a new turf since last game. You have to wonder if that is why both those injuries were caused. We need to get rid of that infield crap and get a real field. Getting caught in seams or poorly sodded fields a week after they have been planted is way too common in the NFL. We are idiots for still having a field that has to be replaced in between home games in a season. I am mad!

2:41 PM  
Blogger James A said...

is there a press conference coming up?

2:46 PM  
Blogger Eli said...

Well i gues now its time to whip out cam's so called secret weapon ,lorenzo booker, and see what he can do

2:48 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Maybe then can play "The entire Ginn Family" on offense.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My god.. we really do have the WORST luck in the league. Ricky should hopefully provide some relief. Now we will probably see Booker as well... do the Fins draft McFadden now? God...

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is there such a dark cloud cast over this franchise?
Where did the bad karma come from?
This season has gotten ridiculous, to go along with the past five years ... is this all Jimmy Johnson's fault,. perhaps?

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually...this has not been confirmed. i hope armando is blowing smoke or smoking with Ricky. FYI this is not official. And I'm sure that Armando would love to sink us FinFans into further misery!!!

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Bryan J from SF, CA said...

This is by FAR the worst news this year. Brown may never heal 100%, any QB in there (i.e. giving Beck time) is now going to be a punching bag, and we have to address RB in the draft in 08.

I can't think of a single event happening that is worse than this.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from what I gather this is not a full torn acl. I think they'd rather save him for next year anyway. I'd like to find out if it was an actuall tear or not. Even if it was he'll be back next year.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is karma dating back to how the firing of Don Shula was handled. Shula was actually pushed out the door before that 1996 season started. Wayne had an agreement with Jimmy during that whole season that Jimmy would be the Dolphins next head coach. Shula knew this but chose not to say anything about it. The players knew it and many of them didn't even try that year because they knew it was Shula's last anyway.
All this karma is coming full circle. Shula had to step aside but it was the way Wayne did it.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Timeb0mb said...

Been scouring for news on the extent of the injury- does anyone know how bad Brown tore the ACL?

3:04 PM  
Blogger smrzzy said...

I knew this team was going to be bad this year but hey let's keep passing up players in the draft and go for the Eddie Moore's of the world or Jamar Fletcher!! Where are they now?? Probably out of football... This team has more issues than Time Magazine! Channing Crowder is going to be a stud and is there a way to get rid of Joey Porter, this guy BLOWS!! Bring back Ricky and let him run!

3:06 PM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

Holy SHHT...and the hits just keep on coming, don't they?

Wow, I never thought that being a Dolphins fan would EVER suck this much.

What makes this injury to Ronnie Brown even worse is that it happed on an interception return by the Patsies from a crappy Cleo Lemon throw, when it should have been JOHN BECK at QB!!

Seriously now...WHAT THE F is Booker's status? WHAT THE F is Ricky Williams' status?

The Dolphins organization should apologize to the Brits for fielding such a poor product in London on Sunday. At this point, Manchester U could suit up and beat this team.

Its time to bring back Ricky bones about it now....we need him. In the meantime, its going to be hard to get used to Chatman & Cobbs, since Booker will be MIA.

Unbelievable...our lone bright spot on offense, aside from the OL, is gone.

Armando, your "ground floor" analogy is perfect....just when you think you've hit ROCK BOTTOM, that bottom disintegrates, and there's still so much further to fall. I wonder how much further we've got.

Oh the humanity

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Losing Brown is no big deal. Ted Ginn, Jr. is more than enough to take up the slack.

3:26 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

LOL Really!?!?!?!

3:35 PM  
Anonymous bc said...

If this effects him next season, and in all likelihood how could it not, this is disastrous. The Dolphins at this points are a dangerous team, to their own players. The only good news is that Brown won't waste the next seven games being thrown to the lions for nothing. AT this point, they should play nothing but rookies. The team's disoriented. They are hapless. Football is too violent of a sport. you don't just go out and play for fun because guys are teeing off on you. Perfect time to put Ricky back in the line-up, although if his talent isn't all used up, I would want to waste him, either. This is a time for Beck, Booker, Ginn, and every rookie.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea, Maybe, at the end of the season, The Dolphins can have a playoff game with the Rams for the right to have the 1st pick in the draft. This way you actually have to win to get that pick. NCFIFAN

3:45 PM  
Blogger alex said...

I cant watch anymore, the only bright spot of the 07' season is gone. Ricky is making pennies compared to everyone else, I would definately keep him and place him at safety, can someone please get the message to the dolphins on playing the BALL!!!!!! I think Jesse Chatman is great, He's grateful he's even in the nfl, and he's running for his life, that gives him an edge.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ricky Williams ran for over 1600 yards one year and the dolphins still didn't make the playoffs. My solution is go to another conference.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeremiah Bell, Ronnie Browm, R Hill, Trent Green, whose next? Lets try to think positive, maybe all this bad luck is good luck in disguise. Remember when Bledsoe got hurt for the Patriots, Brady got his chance, and never let go, maybe we'll find some other talent, Diamonds n the ruff, if you will. I hope Ronnie comes back 100% healthy and NO XTRA WEIGHT on him next year! The diamond in the Rough I am looking for will be on Defense!! I really think Cam has the Offense going in the right Direction, yeah I will miss Chambers, but it is actually a good move for him. He will get a chance to play in the playoffs, if not this year, probably next. NCFINFAN

3:54 PM  
Anonymous robbie frisch said...

Torn is torn....have had two myself they are VERY AGGRESIVE these days with rehab and whatnot hes should be back by next October and he is young enough where it shouldnt pose much of a problem...

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

The bad karma was placed on the Dolphins when they renamed Joe Robbie Stadium... The man personally built the Dolphins and personally built the stadium when the tax payers wouldn't ante up. The man should be revered and respected in this town. There should be a statue of him outside the stadium.

When Colts lost the super bowl to the Jets way back in 1968 Carroll Rosenblum was so angry at Don Shula for losing the game that he was willing to part with the coach. Joe Robbie jumped at the chance even to the extent of being charged with tampering and having to give up a 1st round draft pick. But Mr. Robbie knew what a good coach was and knew he would bring success to the Dolphins.

When Wayne Huizinga bought the Dolphins he unceremoniously dropped the name JRS to get $20 Million in revenue from Pro Player apparel and named the stadium Pro Player Park. Wayne's blatant disregard for the icon that Joe Robbie was to this community is the cause of the bad karma.

Think about this... JRS revolutionized the economics of professional sports when it opened in 1987. Inclusion of a Club Level, along with Executive Suites, helped to finance the construction of the stadium. Season ticket holders committed to long term agreements and in return they received first-class amenities in a state-of-the-art facility which is still used as a model for new facilities across the country (wikipedia).

Joe Robbie was a genius and the grounds of that stadium are hallowed. Until the man is given his due the bad karma will continue...

4:06 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Face it, next year will be a rebuilding year too. We drafted Booker and we have Chatman Cobbs and Mauia. They can handle the load for a team going nowhere before Brown heals. No we don't draft McFadden, we draft defense and Ronnie Brown will heal in a year or so. No reason to freak out unless he never recovers, then you draft one in 2009.

4:14 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

Patrick man you need a job at the herald!! Your post are always good and provide plenty of facts!!!

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Ram said...

People come back from ACL injuries to 100%. Brown will be back next year and will not be at 5.0 per carry but in 2009 he will. Of course everyone will be complaining that we need another back. The Dolphins need to push the league to reinstate Ricky and use him for the rest of the season. Get the draft picks in the off-season for him.

I gotta say I like the idea of trading the top pick for two later #1s. We don't need to get another RB or another QB...DEFENSE, DEFENSE...DEFENSE!!!

Hopefully we can have Beck starting after the bye week and Ricky getting some carries. Give Beck the entire 2008 season to prove his worth. If he's no good Tebow should be ready to move to the NFL

4:22 PM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Come on people, we drafted a RB in the 3rd round, we have Chatman, who is good!


4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Derek Said...I am supposed to come down to the Miami Buffalo game November, I just called my boy and US Air to try and cancel the ticket. Ronnie was the only reason I watched games...I hope he can come back health next year, but the reality is he will probably never be the same....this sucks...I am done with this reason to watch I do no care what Jesse Chatman does or Cobbs....Ronnie was the only player that gave fans a reason to NFL season is over....and to make matters worse....he was on my Fantasy squad!!!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see it coming now,Cameron and Mueller and the other bums are going to blame their horrible season on injuries to cover their behinds!!!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, well at least we dont have to mask anything anymore, we should start rebuilding now - First off put in Beck and booker, throw him to the wolves, search the waiver wire. we definitly need safeties, and a shutdown OLT, we should have some decent cap space with draft picks, go for that guy from LSU (dorsey). We need to start Beck he is older or go after B Brohm

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please show us Booker, please. Even if just ends up proving why he's been inactive for seven games please give us something from this guy we spent a draft pick on!

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mondo, why must you always toot your own horn. Yes, we saw you posted it 4 hours ago, you can have a gold star now. If you want to be so childish, then kindly point out all the stories that others beat you too, like the Chambers story....puhlease, its nauseating the way you love to inflate your ego.

5:24 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

People give it up Booker isn't the answer!!! He was on the practice squad for a reason!!! This guy is no more than a #2 back, he doesn't have the weight to carrier the load. He'll look good back there with a guy like Ricky but he won't ever be the #1 RB!! And as far as us drafting a RB its not going to happen, we may pick-up a free agent like Micheal Turner!!! But our first round pick should be a defensive player!!!

I keep hearing we should trade the 1st pick to get two first round picks.......actually if we end up with the first pick we will have two first round picks. Remeber the Pat's forfeit their fist round pick if they make the playoffs, so our first pick in the second round will actually be pick # 32!!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous ramon - beverly hill, ca said...

I don't blame Cameron for this year or Mueller. I have to say its been the past regimes that has made the Dolphins of today the way they are... Its too bad for R.Brown on his knee since I drafted him as a rookie in my fantasy league and was looking to be the next LT. We may have to draft McFadden next year to replace him. But I say give Cameron another year or two. We have to rebuild/retool the defense and Cameron's offense is getting better each week. At least we're scoring points this year instead of leaning on the defense. Although I am a Die Hard fan, reality is we have to wait. Let's not fire Cameron, I really like the offense he brought over from SD. We just need to build through the draft and free agency.. We will get better. I predict when the new stadium is up that will be the year we shine. But until then, we'll have to just have to watch this dismal season and just have to be a real fan.. Like they say... "win loose or tie, Dolphins til I die"

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now can we please get rid of lemon?!?! its his fault ronnie is gone for the year with his stupid fade away int. he isn't steamin' willie beamin and this isn't any given sunday!! kill him now!!!!!! or at least bench him

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad news! He was looking like having a monster year. In fact, he was the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal season.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, Brown was the only reason I wasn't depressed about this season. I knew that guy would be a guy that you could build a team around. Now he,s gone for the season. I think it generally takes 2 seasons to "fully recover" from the ACL injury is that correct? I know most people know come back after one but their second season back is generally much better than thier first.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous finfaninGA said...

Wow.. It is just a crying shame that this franchise who (at least for now) boasts the only un-beaten season, a QB who at one time held all the passing records, and a former head coach that is still the winningest coach in league history has sunk to this low point. I just don't get it. All I can say at this point is go Colts.. beat the Pats!!

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is from the dolphins website

"Head Coach Cam Cameron said in his day-after press conference that he and General Manager Randy Mueller are actively looking at the practice squads of other teams and scanning the waiver wire to fill between and three or four roster spots. Safety is the primary concern, but Cameron also pointed at quarterback and receiver."

QB and WR?!?!?!?!?! WR?!>?!?!?!?!?!? WR!?!?!?!?! WTF, could of swore we just got rid of one. Great, lets find a practice squad qb before we start Beck.

funny, my verification word is SADfp. yes it is sad to be a finphan.

6:46 PM  
Blogger muckdog said...

Ugh, who cares about Miami's season? This kills my 6-1 fantasy football team! I have Ronnie Brown and Travis Henry!

The Dolphins will go from the worst defense in the NFL to the worst defense and the worst offense in the NFL. No more injuries. Just forfeit the rest of the games. Or send the practice squad out there on sundays until the end of season. Get ready for the draft and 08.

Say, does the practice squad win against the starters in practice? Armando???

And of course, you draft the RB with the #1 and add linemen on both sides with the rest of picks.

Trade Jason. Trade Zach. Get picks. Get as many young 350 lb. athletic guys as possible at the line of scrimmage. That's the key to making the players behind the line of scrimmage looking better.

A strong pass rush from the front 4 helps the backs.

A great o-line makes any QB or RB look good.

7:01 PM  
Blogger mike said...

We need depth at those positions. Any QB would come in as a 3rd stringer. Don't worry, you will see Beck soon enough. And ya, we got rid of a wide receiver who I liked, but honestly hadn't produced a whole lot. 19 Passes to him against Cleveland and only 6 catches. No TD's since late last year. We are on the right path. Please keep Ricky though.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:03 PM  
Anonymous ukdolfan said...

For gods sake what is wrong with some of you guys! Yeah Ronnie's injury sickens me to the core, he was heading for an outstanding season with a losing team and a surefire pro bowl shot so i really feel for Ronnie but people are already writing him off. Willis mcgahee had a much worse injury but he seems ok now, Ronnie will come back next year stronger and more determined. I do think we should play RW if he's reinstated and shop him in the offseason for hopefully a high pick cos we'll get jack s**t for him right now. Lets see what L Booker has now too, and I do agree the only thing for the real Dolphins fans amongst us to look forward to is to see John Beck play and then look to the draft, I still believe Beck will be the man but he's gotta play for christ sakes and after the Wembley game and bye week i'm sure he will. Why do people want to fire Cameron, hes turned the offense round big time we just need a QB (Beck, maybe Brohm) but we need to address the defense which is embarrasing but god have we had the worst luck with injuries although Buffalo have also suffered and managed so lessons to be learned. To all the negative so-called fans please piss off and bug some other team, leave our fins to the real fans who will follow them no matter what, the good times will come again it just needs something you guys just dont understand and that is patience.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Martin said...


Since I'm a solutions oriented guy (like Woody Paige), I'll straighten you guys out. It's okay to start Lemon for now, let's see if he can be a solid backup, if so he has value, either for us or for a draft pick. Let him start at least 1 more game (in London). I would actually let him start against Buffalo, at Philly and at Pitt. That would give 6 starts in a row (only 7 total). He is inexperienced and we have to see more than 2 starts from him, especially since we suck. That would give Beck 5 starts to end the season (vs Jets, at Buffalo, vs Ravens, at Pats and vs Cincy). A 5 game sample should give us some feel for his ability. As for the skill players - Ginn knocking out Green (thank you Ted) by itself justifies his draft pick - you did what the coach needed to do but wouldn't or couldn't. No offense to Green either. He will be helpful teaching Beck, whatever his coaching title may be next year. Back to the skill guys, let Hagan continue to play, let Lorenzo play some slot receiver, run some WR reverses, that kind of stuff. He is not an everydown back, but he provides a vertical threat. Let Kerry Reed get some reps - see if he can play in a real game. Cut Dick Williams (Ricky, get it?). He couldn't do poo in the CFL, he cannot be trusted, his social anxiety will always keep him close to pot (sorry, pot). His trade value is not real high - Scott Linehan might want him, but Linehan might be canned before Williams is reinstated. Also, Williams takes up a roster spot and I'd like to see young guys on the field, not him. Marty Booker won't be here next year. Enough said. Chatman can do an alright job until Ronnie's healthy. Cobbs, well, does anyone really care if he's on the team? He is a valuable special teams player. Really? That's going great for us. Ronnie will play next season, but we're not going to sniff the playoffs until the '09 season. If you want to draft a RB in the mid to late rounds, ok, but McFadden (although he's great) should be out of the question. We have glaring needs, RB would be a want. If possible, we should trade down in the first to the 4 or 5 spot, and pick up an additional 2nd round pick. There will be some really talented Juniors that come out, so we'll get one of the top Defensive players at 4 or 5 - Dorsey, Chris Long, whoever - that guy will play right away. We would then have 3 2nd round picks (ours, Chambers trade and moving down). We can find 3 starters in the 2nd round - safety, corner, d end or interior lineman. Trade JT for a first day pick. Zach Thomas won't command much at all, so I'd keep him unless he wants out. Let Cam and Mueller stay - I think that they hit on their draft picks this year, especially the early ones. Give them through the '09 season and then we'll talk. Admit mistakes, cut Porter. Although,we may not have to because he could get arrested when we play the Steelers because of an outstanding traffic ticket. Steelers fan will probably pay the ticket though just so they can make fun of Porter during the game. Find some quality secondary and o-line people in the offseason. Finally, I think we should sign the big JT statue outside of Wembeley Stadium in London - did you guys read about him? He moves 4 - 5 mph (faster than any guy we have on D) and he's like 26 feet tall.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear Dolphins fans let me say this is the most exciting time to be a fan. We should all be ecstatic and excited about what is happening. This team is finally going to be good, we are finally going to make it back into the playoffs and eventually win the Super bowl. Disappointment is about to turn into great joy and you will once again be proud to call yourself a fan. This is not a delusional pipe dream and I’m not smoking the gange with Ricky either. This team finally has what it hasn’t had for over 30 years. It finally has what kept Marino from the promise land. The missing pieces have arrived. Randy Meueller and Cam Cameron have done it, they really have. You see my friends this team finally have the men that make it happen, the unsung heroes of success of all great Football teams. You will never find a successful team without them. You can look as hard as you want but you’ll never find it. The foundation has been set and the cement is settling and the wave is about to turn. Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to announce that my beloved Dolphins of 35 years finally have a good “OFFENSIVE LINE”. I know what your about to say. We had one for all those years Marino was here. The Richmond Webb years, Right? No way. We didn’t and that’s the reason Marino never got a ring. If Marino played with the horrible offensive line of last year and the three previous years he would have been just as good. You see, it was Marino’s ability to quickly read the defense, find his target and fire quicker then any quarterback in history that made the offensive line look good. If you ask anyone why Marino never won the Super Bowl, 9 out of 10 times they will answer either he didn’t have a running game or the defense wasn’t good enough. Wrong! He never had an offensive line! It was all a mirage and you easily know that because they could never run the ball. You see a great team starts with those guys up front. When the offensive line is great a good quarterback becomes great, because he has a lot off time to wait for a receiver to get open. Good receivers become great because they have the time to get open. Good running backs become great because they can gain three yards before they are even touched. Why do you think Ronnie Brown who in the first 2 games only had 65 yards was able to average almost 5 per carry in the next 5? Was that because he got better? No it’s because the offensive line got better. When you have a great offensive line all off a sudden a mediocre offensive is great because it’s balanced and can control the pace of the game and when they can control the game a good defense becomes great because the other team doesn’t have as many opportunities to score and the defense never gets tired.

Now I’m the first to admit that this offensive line is not yet great but I believe they will be and as bad as the defense looks, I believe with another good draft coming up they will get better and with that our Dolphins will be on their way to success.

Mark these words

Frank Rizzo

8:34 PM  
Anonymous zopfygp said...

holy god o mighty fu!k someof u guys take a lot of space to say what's been already said a dozen times!coach cam can only be regarded as a total failure as a head coach so far,sure the offense looks better but the defence looks worst than ever before and the special teams are the worst in the league! the undersized and over valued booker get;s his shot big deal he likely would of not beendrafted if not for cammmmrrrrooooon! that mauia is atotal stif at fullback, looks almost allergic to contact! the so called studs left over from saban roth and crowder look like total busts as well!holy godamm fu&k this team is badddddd!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone better get fired for this miserable fvck of a season!!!!!!!

We will be remembered as the only 0-16 team ever! Thats will destroy our undefeated record without a doubt.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That field is a freakin joke. We have to deal with the baseball infield and next year the Canes will be tearing up the field on Saturdays also. Why doesn't Wayne also rent the stadium out for Monster Trucks and Motocross since it is all about the $$$ with him. Well that s*** we call a field just tore up our franchise RB.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:06 PM  
Anonymous A season in the abyss said...

It is what it is. They better not waste a draft pick on a running back next year. They have too many other needs. They need to give Lorenzo Booker a chance, he should be a good fit for Cameron's offense. They had better use every single pick on D lineman and DB's.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous jlovesphinsphanphilly said...


What smart guy brought that wonderous football player to the Dolphins while simultaneously jettisoning Wes Welker, Sammy Morris, Kevin Carter, etc, etc...


Did you hear him being interviewed? REPORTER: Cameron, what did you think of Wes Welker today? CAMERON: Welker is almost impossible to stop.

Welker is impossible to stop. Good lord, what the hell you doing in a football uniform if you don't think you can stop Wes Welker Retard Cameron Worrell??!?


10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just spoke with an orthopedic surgeon who said that the MRI can't really reveal the extent of the ACL injury. It has to be determined during surgery.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Timeb0mb said...

Worrell was brought in a special teams ace from Chicago. If you go back and look at the analysis of the signing, it was purely for that purpose- A Larry Izzo type. I think most everyone, even Cam, realizes that he doesn't have the chops to be a starting SS or FS, but I give him an A for effort. A D- (the Gentleman's F) for execution, but he tries really hard.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Timeb0mb said...

As a Trailblazers fan, I have dealt with teams hitting rock bottom after years of terrible management and signings. Would everyone be more satisfied in the Dolphins continuously finished 6-10 for the next few years? Of course not. The team has to start over. I like what the O-Line is doing, and that's were winning starts. I wouldn't mind if the Dolphins took Jake Long (OT- Michigan) with the top pick. Move Carey back to LG with Long at LT and it would be the BEST line in the game. Also, as for drafting DT Dorsey from LSU, how often does taking a DT in the top 5 really bear fruit? It's an important position, but just like everyone says you don't draft a guard in the top 5, I don't think taking a DT is the best choice. DE is more of an impact position if they want to go D. Personally think the should try and move out of the slot if they can, but of course that takes a trading partner and value, and thats real hard to do.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Pete's sakes! Marino is RETIRED. Joe Robbie is no longer with us. Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstadt, and Saban are no longer our head coach. For all of you that INSIST on bitching about stuff that happened 20 years ago, please give it a rest and focus on THIS year, ok? I've been a fan for 30 years and can recount most of the things that have gone down on the Fins in that time. I'm tired of your lame ass excuses about karma or this or that. The team is old, worn out, and LAME. If this sounds bitter, you're right. I'm tired of having the NFL season ruined as soon as it starts...but griping about shit that happened 2 generations ago does NOTHING but prove you can't make a valid point.

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, about THIS team...if you look at what the offense has accomplished in the 2 years since Hudson Houck has been coaching the O-Line, and since Cam Cameron has been head coach...we actually score touchdowns! Admittedly, we're in a crappy situation now that Ronnie Brown is out for the year...but at least we have SOME good news to go forward with. Trading Chambers for a 2nd round pick was a GREAT move, he's made plays over the years but has consistently led the league in dropped getting a 2nd round pick was a good deal.

As far as the D goes, Zach, you're my man. I love the way you play...I won't hold it against you if you hang up the cleats. You deserve better than this team.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


English may be your second language. Regardless, you are a professional journalist. When you invent words such as "intentioning" it does not reflect well upon your profession. Now, if you were, say, president, you would get a free pass to make up words such as "misunderestimate." But you, sir, should know better.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you happen to have an address or e-mail address where fans can send get well cards for Ronnie Brown? It takes a huge heart to continue to fight and put up the stats Ronnie did on a winless team. If we could have 22 Ronnie Browns starting on offense and defense, I would bet my paycheck the Dolphins would not be winless. As I listened to the game on Sunday, I kept on thinking how much desire Ronnie has displayed this year. Then he got hurt. I felt really bad for him and wanted to thank him for his contributions to the Dolphins.

10:58 AM  

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