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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fans want to hear from Mr. Huizenga

The Dolphins know you, their fans, are feeling uneasy now. They know you want to hear something that will ease the sting of 0-6. They know you want to hear none other than the team's owner, Wayne Huizenga, say something, anything, that will carry you through the rest of this slippery slope of a season.

But you might not hear from the team's owner until the week ending Oct. 28.

That according to Miami's media relations department which has been swamped by requests to interview Huizenga, but so far has not turned those requests into, you know, an actual interview.

The thinking is since most of the media outlets that regularly cover the Dolphins will be in London with the team for the Oct. 28 game, that might be the most convenient time for Huizenga to knock out all the requests since he will be there as well.

Of course, this doesn't account for the idea that all the media outlets that regularly cover the Dolphins are here in South Florida. NOW.

Anyway, it is clear fans have the right to want to hear from Mr. Huizenga. You want to hear that he is hurting every bit as much as you are. You want to hear that there will be a full accounting of this team done after the season and the mistakes made (several as I see it) will be addressed so that they are not repeated. You want to know whether or not to expect changes among the personnel and coaching staff.

You want to know what the heck happened between him telling everyone the Dolphins were "Not rebuilding," and "looking at the playoffs," and the current winless situation.

I am told Huizenga will address all those questions. But you might have to wait a while longer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a bum owner lets face it..when Dave wansucks was here what did he do? Gave himm a extention!! Also cam cameron is not the problem.We wanted a offence mind and we got one.Don campers where are you??? I think we just need a better G.M., Also why have we not started to play all the young guys? Ab. Wright, Kelvin smith, Lorenzo booker?? bench booker for Ginn??? we are not going anywhere lets see what we have and start to rebuild. Cam did the same thing in san diego, and i feel he is doing the same here, seeing what needs to be fixed and he will fix it. Our O-fence is been good, its the defence that needs help and that is not cam fault.

2:24 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

Only thing we want to hear is he is selling the TEAM!!! If he wants to show the fans of the Dolphins he is hurting just as much, all of next seasons home games should be FREE!!! All current season ticket holders should get a refund for this year and let us see him hurt in the pockets!!!!!! Until he stops depending on others who have NO MONEY vested in the Dolphins and becomes a more hands on owner this franchise is going to continue to spiral downward out of control!!!!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous David B said...

I am trying to stay positive but really why should I as a fan have faith. Wayne hired Capt. Mustache, thanked Saban when he stabbed us, and now we have coach Cam. Should I believe that Beck,Brown and Ginn will be our Aikmen, Smith and Irvin, why am I thinking NOT. Wayne must have been tough to succeed in waste management, I would like to see some of that now.

2:29 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

Mando be sure to mark my words on this!!! This entire season is going to be blamed on Dom Capers, and the D-line coach, and possibly the cornerback's coach!! Which is partially the right thing to do but we also need Randy Muller's name on that list, he did nothing to improve our defense this offseason, its his job to provide the coaches with the best possible talent with that said why did he allow so many of our D-lineman to leave??? And please don't say because of the cap because we gave Joey 32million, with 20 of that smart was that ,he didn't even make the Pro Bowl last year!!!!!

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huizenga and the individuals his hired are the main reason the Dolphins SUCK.Wayne need to hire the Tuna and clean house including the G.M and the D.C Capers.I refuse to waste my sunday's cheering for these losers anymore. Jason Allen is Stealing money at this point. Allen is the worst draft pick in dolphin history.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Folks, please realize that if Randy Mueller gets fired, a new GM will be hired and Cam will not live to see the new year in Miami. A new GM will want to bring in his own coach....Unless that new GM/Coach happens to be either William Parcells or Bill Cowher. I think (although I can't stand him) that the owner might not be making a statement on purpose. Cam & Co. better win at least 3 games or he can go back to coach at University of Indiana. Wayne is not getting any younger and will either sell the team or hire a proven winner.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You f'ers are pathetic. STUPID STUPID STUPID. This owner has done EVERYTHING you jerks wanted from forcing Shula out to hiring Jimmy Johnson to hiring the darling of the moment Nick Saban. He opens his wallet and allows his team to spend against the cap and he genuinely tries to improve the game experience.

I hope he comes out and issues a great big F YOU whining fans.

How is this his, or Mueller's, or Cam's fault?

Regarding Huizenga:
EVERYONE wanted Jimmy Johnson. EVERYONE wanted Nick Saban. Half a dozen doctors proclaimed Culpepper a safer bet over Brees. And Mueller is a consensus superb GM around the league, is Dom Capers a defensive coordinator.

OK, now how is this Mueller's fault? This is HIS FIRST F'in year picking talent. He had a whole team to rebuild and chose to go with offense and special teams. NINE OF HIS TEN PICKS stuck. Best in team history. Can you REALLY blame him for stocking up on offense and kickers and leaving the "D" alone? It was the safe bet at the time. One that 99 out of 100 people would have taken. Common sense.

Has he been perfect? No, but not fireable either. Sure, in hindsight, it would have been better to keep our depth on the D line and not go after J-Porter. But admit it, at the time, it was the electric move of the offseason. WHO AMONG YOU would have predicted that J Taylor would lead the team in penalties and be a shadow of himself? So yeah, the J-Porter move was not great, but the draft was SENSATIONAL.

Fire Cam you say? You people are so stupid it makes me sick. The offense is alive for the first time in years. The O-line is the best in years, hope for the future at QB is incubating (when was the last time that happened) under a proven developer of quarterbacks, and we have been in every game until the 4th quarter. Sure, he's screwed up a play here and there, but fireable? You people are so Schtewpid. Yeah, another offensive system to learn is ALL we need next year. Fourth one in 4 years.

So get off Wayne, and Cam, and Mueller's back. The only coach that should be let go is Keith Armstrong. He never was as good as Westhoff (who was the only asst. coach with the balls to call Wanstedt an idiot) and special teams have cost us 2 games this year.

3:54 PM  
Blogger English dolfan said...

I see no American cousins are reminded of, I think it was your adage, that "...the buck stops here". History will be the judge (as it will be of that clown in charge of your country) - the Blockbuster man gets rid of the Don and the dwarf does worse. He replaces the dwarf with....who does worse. Is there a pattern here?

Sell up Wayne - you are not wanted anymore & you'll be long gone by the time we have similar greatness than that which you bought from the Robbie family.

English Dolfan (since '73)

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think capers must go. If he can get a proven winner to take the GM part then get rid of Mueller also if not give cam and mueller another year to show some improvment(which won't be hard to improve on 0-16). But I think capers must go now. The defence is pathetic and shows no progress. He has to go

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHY must Capers go now?

Is it is fault J-Porter was brought in hurt and has yet to get up to speed?

Is it his fault that HALF of his defensive line depth was let go?

Was it his fault that Tillman, Thomas, Holliday, Goodman, and Crowder have been hurt and missed games?

Is HE the one who drafted Jason Allen?

Is it HIS fault Jason Taylor leads the team in stupid penalties?

You don't go from being one of the great defensive minds over the past 15 years to inept in 1 year. The bottom line is that the strategy from a personnel standpoint was to retool and resupply the offense and special teams, and rely on the "D" for one more year.

It was a sound strategy that we ALL agreed was good at the time.

Now it ain't.

But firing Capers because the old dogs on defense can't crap gold bricks out their arses ain't the solution.

Another year, another good draft will.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous The Dude said...

Absolutely, positively agree with Anon 3. Although I wouldn't call us Fins fans STUPID. I would say most of us have knee-jerk reactions and want to see someone -- anyone's -- head on a platter for this crapfest known as the Miami Dolphins.

But as I see it, most of this is Wandstedt, Spielman and Saban's fault. NOT Mueller or Cam or Capers or even Huizenga.

(But yea, Wayne needs to address the fans and at the very least give us something to hang our hats on other than the usual bullsh** spin doctorey crap he likes to spew)

And... as ever, go Dolphins.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Porthos said...

I don't need to hear all that stuff from Huizenga that you outlined. I just ASSUME that any respectable owner will do that. And if it doesn't happen, then we have reason to grab the pitchforks and torches.

But even if he SAYS it now, it doesn't mean squat until ACTIONS back it up.

I think we have a pretty clear picture of Huizenga and Cameron's character. I have no doubt they (and Mueller) will do everything within their power to fix things. The only question is if they have the brains. And that only shows up on the field.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huizenga is not a bum owner. If you didnt think this was going to be a rough season....then you were not thinking...I am looking foward to next year and know that Cam and Randy have a plan. Both are two smart football guys and have a track record.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Triple B said...

I don't want to hear from our owner Tony Montana (aka scarface, aka Wayne H.), I want someone to light a fire under this schleppy defense, and not a coach that every freakin' news conference has a "deer in the headlights" look to him. Granted he needs time to learn to be HC in the NFL. But for Craps sake man, how about getting effin mad at somebody. Not only that but Capers needs to get fired for getting rid of the depth on this team, there's no way to recover this year from that. Stupid move signing Joey Porter, I know the fans in a majority did not want that. Stupid move not signing a DT (future Def Rookie of the year Amobi Okoye)and signing the "Ginn family." Put Mrs. Ginn in at DT, maybe she can plug some holes in that d-line. And for cryin' out loud, put Beck in now to get the guy over all the rookie mistakes he's going to make, we don't need that happening next year!!! Also props to j dizzle, his posts aren't only humorous, I agree w/most of them. Most of all, everyone think what crap we're taking to London, a team w/out a win, a team that won't win a game all season! Who The ph*ck are we going to draft in the first round next year, somebody say something about somebody's MOTHER?!?!??!? I am so freaking pissed at the mistakes made by this organization, starting w/the canning of Shula and the hiring of that bipolar JJ,to Pornstache, to little Nicky Satan, I can't even string one thought together, this looks like the scattered thought processes of the 2007 Phins excuse of an organization. Wayne, just because you made your billion in waste management doesn't mean you turn the hallowed name of the MIami Dolphins in to RAW SEWAGE!!!!!!!!!!

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Triple B writes:

"Dom Capers needs to be fired for getting rid of the depth on this team."

Really?? Since when does the DC get rid of the team's depth?


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Triple B said...

Anonymous said...
Triple B writes:

"Dom Capers needs to be fired for getting rid of the depth on this team."
Really?? Since when does the DC get rid of the team's depth?

Hey Anonymous:

Thanks for pointing that out, what I meant was "getting rid of the defensive line depth on this team."

However, millions of my future children ran down your mom's face. Thanks for reading my post!

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Wannstedt stepped down we "had" a good coach "Jim Bates". Jim did an excellent good for the rest of the season. But Wayne wanted a "big name" coach . Jim Bates (who he could have gotten for a fraction of the salary he paid Saban) was pushed to the curb and Saban (the lying pig) was hired. If, Bates was hired, i'm betting he would still be the head coach and the Fins would be in alot better shape then they are right now!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Donovan said...

anonymous said:
If, Bates was hired, i'm betting he would still be the head coach and the Fins would be in alot better shape then they are right now!

That is assuming the GM at the time (I believe that to be Speilman) would have been making good personnel decisions.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous oscar_g said...

Anonymous @ 3:54 pm is the only one in this blog who gets it.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some are saying that Cam and Mueller are blameless. I'm willing to let Cam off the hook (for the moment). He's only 6 games in, but Mueller... I'm still bothered by one thing from last year. The Nicktator was ready to fire Mueller... why? I'm thinking Mueller had a much larger role in the drafting of Jason Allen than were led to believe. Sure Saban had the final say, but has Mueller ever come clean on his evaluation of Allen? I'm thinking Saban realized Allen was a loser and was going to blame Mueller and fire him. Mando, any insight?

7:49 PM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

I'm also with Anonymous #3's statements. They are right on the money.

I don't need to hear JACK SHHT from the owner. He has done EVERYTHING under the sun to attempt to field a winning team. He has spoken through his actions and it just hasn't worked out for him up to now.

I don't think the fans want to hear ANYTHING from Mr. Huizenga. The press sure does though.

So after many years of being mediocre, our record now says that we're worse than mediocre. Maybe thats a good thing. Maybe this current group has to hit ROCK BOTTOM before they can start their ascension into greatness.

As far as I'm concerned, the owner is doing everything I expect of him. I don't care if he doesn't utter a PEEP regarding the current situation.

Keep annoying the press, Mr. Huizenga!

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Harry Potter said...

Anonymous guy, the one who supports Cameron, Wayne and Muller has written the best post I have read in this forum in months.

The headhunters rely on immediate thoughts, they do not analyze. Yes, we are 0-6, but our offense looks solid each week.

Perhaps the only real unexpected wrong they have committed was to say the Dolphins weren't in a rebuilding process. They were. They are. If the defense'd be playing at the level they used us to we'd be at least 4-2 with high expectations.

How can that be Cameron´s fault? He came here with a speciphic goal: improve the offense. Man, he's done that! And it will only get better.

Let´s see how they improve the defense for next year. They will. They are not idiotic, dudes.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know whose fault it is exactly. But look at Junior Seau, Wes Welker and Daunte Culpepper right now - wouldn't they look good in teal ? Somebody on this team doesn't know how to evaluate talent and needs to get canned. Cameron needs a chance to build a team starting with good talent.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wayne you better come out from that bunker your hiding in and make a statement that your cutting ticket prices and that you will hire the best people to run the dolphins organization end of story your two choices parcells as the gm and let him pick the coach or cowher those are the two men who can turn this mess into gold and champions in no time! bryan in ohio

10:03 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

I am afraid that you are getting people to believe that Huizenga is a bad owner. I find it odd that you and the rest of the media applaud his decisions, such as hiring Nick Saban, and then Cam Cameron, and now you criticize him now. Mr. Huizenga is a fine owner. It sounds like you want a Jerry Jones type owner. It should be noted that the only reason the Cowboys are a highly competitive football team right now is because they got lucky on an undrafted QB. It has little to do with their owner. Huizenga spends cash and goes after the person who is believed to be the best coach out there when they need one, that is all it takes to make a good owner, aside from a commitment not to relocate the team.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are morons. Look at Peyton Mannings rookie year. 3-13, You can't blame Cam for the previous years of garbage. Look what he's doing with this offense. They are actually scoring points with Cleo Lemon. Give the coach a break, he's doing well with the offense. But I do agree that Dom Capers is probably the reason why the defense is horrible.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is to quote the movie, "Platoon"..."I got a bad feeling about this one, Sarge (meaning this season). We've been kickin' everybbody's asses for sooooo maybe it's time we get our asses kicked". Hey, wake up everybody. I don't mean to be a total homer And I have never writen to this blog...but we (Dolphans) have enjoyed not only a perfect season. But also professional sports' best winning percentage (until recently). Only the Raiders were in the way as we went back and forth for best Monday Night percentage. We watched the most prolific passing trio in Duper, Clayton and Marino. The head coach that nobody can EVER match, "The Don". The "Killer Bees", that made Ditka and his "posse" look like a bunch of, well..."pussies". Sh** happens and let's deal with it. Imagine if we were Lions fans. Imagine if we were Bucs fans of the mid-to-late 70's. OMG, remember tha "Ain'ts"? Remember how we always said to ourselves, "sucks to be them". Well guess what, we gotta' take it(albeit for a rare change) and realize that our luck will turn. We finally have an offense that averages over 16 points a game and looks like it has balls at times. The adjustments will be made where they need to be and we as dolfans will one day in the future be getting in the faces of all who taunt us once again. That's all I got.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Joe, Fin Fan stuck in Buc country said...

Ok, we are 0-6, but lets be real, this is a first year coach, and a GM who hasnt been here long. Cameron was in for a rough year, we knew this, but its not right that we axe him now. If you havent noticed, our offense is good now, something we havent enjoyed since Marino. Sure, some personnel decisions have been lousy(Porter, letting go of Kevin Carter, not picking up a better TE), but give Mueller more time. This season, he decided to rebuild the offense and special teams, and he has done a good job. Look at our current offense, we have a QB of the future, Brown is a legite elite RB, Ginn is a wideout with Steve Smith type explosiveness, Chambers is a playmaker, our O-Line is blocking. The Defense has totally blown it, but if i predict correctly, next years draft and off-season will address the defense, and maybe a TE. I see the fins as a powerhouse in 2 seasons, as long as our defense improves. So, give our front office and coaches a chance, our time isnt too far away. Go Fins!!!!

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron is a total bad asss!

It's the ownership that sucks! This owner has made two hall of fame coaches look like morons.

Don't you people get it? Are you really that naive?

We had the 4th ranked defense last year. What did we do? Get rid of 5 of the players on it.

We had the baddest secondary 3 years ago and what did we do? Cut Madison and Surtain.

We were 8-8 2 years ago and what was Saban thinking of doing? Benching Frerotte to save the firm 1 mil.

Shula never had a losing season and JJ won 3 superbowls with a real owner. Cam the Man called his team to a 14-2 season while getting the best out of all his players.

What's the one common denominator to all these great coaches gone bad???

If you want to know why we went from the class acts to the class clowns... Look no further to when Waynie took over the team.

There are owners who want to win at all costs and there are owners who want to win other ways at all costs. While Jerry Jones, Joe Robbie, George Steinbrenner, and Mark Cuban want to win games at all costs, Shiiit Wayne Shiitzinga wants to win profits at all costs.

You get what you pay for! We pay for nothing and we get nothing. Simple math and simple business. Keep costs down while maximizing profits. The Shitzinga way!

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Bryan, the intellectual who said that Parcells is one of two men "who can turn this mess into gold and champions in no time!": Sure! He turned the Pats, Jets and Cowboys into champions ... NO TIME. And to the condescending intellectual who thinks everybody is naive and asks, "Don't you people get it?": Shula "never had a losing season?" Don't look up 1976 or 1988 in your media guide; you might get scared. And "J.J. won three Super Bowls..." He must have done some coaching job from the Fox TV booth in 1995. No reason to get confused with facts, eh? But my favorite of your comedy bits is the one about Huizenga being motivated by winning as opposed to Joe Robbie, who you say would win at any cost. Sure, and we're all naive.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

I'm gonna have to agree with a couple people. I really don't give a shit what Wayne has to say. You want more of his bullshit, go to and read his archives. Blah, blah, I'm right, you're wrong. We're great. You act like he's going to say ANYTHING that matters! He won't, I promise. Speaking of that, I encourage you all to go read Cameron's latest Q&A for some mild entertainment. If you were failing miserably in your job, or business, would you hold a press conference and announce your mistakes to the world? Enough of that. The last anonymous poster MOSTLY hit the nail on the head:
There has been ONE common denomonator through the last decade of TERRIBLE mistakes. Mistakes that someone that doesn't even have to have an INKLING of football knowlege to know they were mistakes. He mentioned Madison and Surtain. PERFECT EXAMPLE! This was after Marion and in unison with Knight! Was I the ONLY one that almost had a fuckin' stroke? Was I the ONLY one that wanted to know WHO would replace them for the past 2 years and 2 drafts? Would ANY of you made that decision? But, that's just ONE example. The list is so long and horrible, it's almost too much agony to list: Gardner, Bowens, Ogunleye, Madison, Surtain, Knight, Marion, Armstrong, Cox, Evans, McMichael, Morris, Welker, Carter, Maxwell, Schulters, Konrad. I could go on FOREVER! Point is, SOMEONE has to be held responsible for ATROCIOUS personnel moves, PERIOD. Being that throughout the length of these moves the only CONSTANT was.....

12:16 PM  
Blogger ukwriterm said...

Is there no way we can have this owner removed? Wayne the pain did his best to ruin the Marlins franchise and now he has done the same with the Dolphins.

The man made his fortune with garbage. He evidently thinks it appropriate to turn his teams into rubbish as well. He is not fit to be a professional owner.

Maybe we can get up a petition for Micky Arison to take over the Dolphins.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pats are getting alot of use out of some former Dolphins.
Morris,Seau, and exspecially Welker, Why we let him go is beyond me. He gose accrost the middle like no one else, and is a constant threat that opens things up for other recivers.Stupidest trade ever made.


2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




3:17 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

This just in. The Dolphins made ANOTHER, MONUMENTAL, retarded, piss-brained, IDIOTIC, DUMBASS trade. Chambers to San Diego. Lemon will now pass to himself

3:29 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I'm sitting here seriously contemplating why I'm even a fan any longer. Why should I be? Why should I invest my emotions in something that (obviously) doesn't love me back?
Why? Because before I was born (1978) we had the only undefeated team ever? Because I grew up a fan, and through those years I got to watch the greatest coach and Quarterback in history play? (Only to be discarded as if they were on the practice squad) Because there are players on this team that I've grown to love as much as the team? (Those players get cut/traded/released as often as I go through girls I meet at the local watering holes)
Because the owner decides to raise ticket prices, do MILLIONS in upgrades to the stadium, and allows it to be shared with pee-wee football and baseball players? Because we go through coaches as often as players? Because Zach said we have no identity as a defense, well, we have no identity as a TEAM!? Because I'm from Orlando? (Hell, I'm not even from Miami, I could choose Jacksonville OR Tampa and noone would be the wiser) Because I've been a fan my whole life? Because once upon a time I was PROUD to be a fan due to always being a contendor? Because for some sick reason I have loyalty to an IDEA (It's impossible to have loyalty to the players or the staff for aformentioned reasons)

Basically, I've lost almost all faith and I'm desperatly struggling, trying to find ANY reason why I should remain loyal to this team. Why I should spend my hard-earned cash to support a team that writes me off with the same frequency it does it's roster. A team, that's really not a team. Can ANYONE please give me ONE REASON?!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H.Wayne is nothing short of a full fledged WHORE!
His sole interests lie with selling the stadium to every swinging dick team and function he can to turn a buck !
As a season ticket holder I have had it with all the bull shit gimmicks and half assed promotions that his spin doctors sell on us every year about how GREAT the upcoming year will be!
We set the table for the Super Bowl to return again and again , KNOWING that the very team that plays in Pro PLayer has NO chance of ever competing in it!
TRUE, that C---SUCKER duped me out of another set of season tickets this year, but I can promise it will be the last!
This is NOT a "THIS YEAR THING" this crap has been going on for over 6 years now!
ENOUGH of the bull shit champagne toast for the "72" team and the perfect season! Do you think the 76 Tampa bay Bucs are chilling the bubbly if we win a freakin game?
As for Jason Allen, who`s dick did he suck to get drafted?
If you don`t feel used and taken in this whole confidence scheme than it might be because you were smarter than myself and the other season ticket holders!
But not anymore,
Move all the games to London!

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Algore said...

Whenever I need a little boost in sef-esteem, I come here and read Armando's posting and the comments of his 'readers' and Miami Dolphin 'fans.'

I begin to think I am the smartest person on the planet. The only difficulty is that I must return to the real world a little later on. But, thanks for the respite, and keep up the stupidity.

There is more intelligence in what Huizenga, Cameron and Mueller flush down their respective commodes than in most of the craniums leaking effluent here.

A few of you (and you definitely know who you are) would be better served by taking your reasonable opinions and thoughts to other venues. You take the risk of diluting my feelings of superiority.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Algore said...

Whenever I need a little boost in sef-esteem, I come here and read Armando's posting and the comments of his 'readers' and Miami Dolphin 'fans.'

I begin to think I am the smartest person on the planet. The only difficulty is that I must return to the real world a little later on. But, thanks for the respite, and keep up the stupidity.

There is more intelligence in what Huizenga, Cameron and Mueller flush down their respective commodes than in most of the craniums leaking effluent here.

A few of you (and you definitely know who you are) would be better served by taking your reasonable opinions and thoughts to other venues. You take the risk of diluting my feelings of superiority.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dolphins = Waste Management. The one thing Wayne does well is make a profit from trash. Karma is a bitch from the way he treated the one Championship Team he had in the Marlins in 1997, and also how he escorted a legend like Shula out the door. Nobody deserves this mess more than Wayne. Please sell so I can root for the Fins again.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sick of Huizenga bulls*#t as much as Cameron's ....TALK...TALK...TALK do what they do best....TALK

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:48 PM  

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