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Monday, July 23, 2007

Culpepper still looking to be a starter

I know, I know, Daunte Culpepper isn't a Dolphins player anymore.

But some situations are just too interesting and beg the light of publication. This is one of those, far as I am concerned.

Seems in that brief meeting the former Miami quarterback had with Tampa Bay brass last week, he said he wanted to go to a team that would give him an opportunity to be the starter this year.

Chew on that for a second ...

The man hasn't played well since 2004 and teams aren't exactly beating his door down to sign him. Furthermore he REALLY wants to stay in Florida because it's home for him. And he meets with the Bucs who already have named Jeff Garcia the starter.

And he tells them he wants to come but only if they give him a chance to start.

It is one reason the meeting didn't exactly result in a medical exam, much less a contract offer, I am told by a Bucs source. Seems like the only way Culpepper signs with The Bay is if he swallows some reality and accepts a backup job.

He may have a chance to work the I-want-to-compete-to-be-the-starter request with Jacksonville, where the QB situation isn't exactly stable. But it says here Culpepper will be on the market for a while unless he changes his tune.

Meanwhile, Miami's rookies get on the field at 10:30 am Tuesday. I'll be there and will be blogging early in the afternoon, so check back often.


Anonymous the artist formerly known as anonymous said...

The Artist wishes to express himself at this time. The Artist feels that Culpepper is a dead issue, and should no longer be discussed on this blog. However, with Armando's recent information the Culpepper saga has actually become quite funny. The artist knew that Culpepper had a huge ego, but the Artist had no idea that it was THAT big.

If Culpepper continues to display this kind of poor attitude, the Artist believes that we won't be seeing Culpepper on ANY NFL sideline in 2007. It is clear to the Artist, that Culpepper is still living in 2004 and refuses to accept the reality he faces today. For those of you that still support Culpepper, the Artist believes you should change your minds. Coach Cameron may have said his release was due to health reasons. However, it is becoming more and more evident that Culpepper's rotten attitude played a part in his exit as well.

Daunte, the Artist believes you need a new agent. Because the one you have now is hurting your chances at getting with another team. The Artist has spoken.

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares. Daunte was never very smart. Besides, he sucks.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daunte sounds like a Prima Dona Baby to me. "I want a chance to start" and then goes and pouts in a corner. Learn how to read a defense and prove that your wounded knee is capable of running faster than a 350LB DT. Then, maybe, you'll get a chance to make a team. Otherwise Daunte, shut up and go bag some groceries!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is good luck Culpepper your gonna need it. No more Saban's out there for you to run too. Thank you lord the Dolphins got rid of this broke leg QB. It is not all Daunte's fault blame Saban for bringing him to Miami in the first place.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

I thought your blog on Culpepper was interesting. The "elite" QB thinks he should be the starter. Good luck on that deal.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous lacesoutdan said...

This makes me think Miami definately made the right decision.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous bill said...

It looks like Daunte might be battling Joey Harrington for the starting job in Atlanta. Isn't that interesting?

8:29 AM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

As we get into preseason and teams really see what they have out there, and injuries start to mount he'll have a job somewhere, now wheather he's the starter or not will be interesting to see!!!If Vick takes a leave of absence he can try and beat out Joey!!!!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous tommy a said...

This is just another stupid ploy that Culpepper is trying to use in order to dispell any notion that he isnt healthy.
This guy is as dumb as they come.
He needs to just admit that he will probably never start again, and definately cant start for ANYONE this year.
I am just surprised that his boy Jason Taylor isnt campaigning for him to start somewhere on ESPN or Sports Illustrated. lol

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yet after all this time, there still has not been one word--from anyone besides Culpepper--on what the state of his knee really is. Being cleared to practice (according to him, but not the Dolphins) is one thing; actually being able to play in a game is another. I would guess that since nothing has been said, he is taking the used-car-salesman approach to marketing his services; focus on everything but performance.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous ceed said...

this is according to
"Browns fans were thrilled when the team traded back into round one in order to stop the free-fall of quarterback Brady Quinn. We're not so sure that they still feel that way.

First, there's the suggestion that the guy who was taken with the No. 22 overall pick in the draft wants to be paid as if he was drafted in the top ten.

But, you see, he wasn't. He was No. 22. And, for draft picks, a guy's first contract is tied directly to where he was drafted.

Randy Moss accepted this reality at No. 21. Other guys who became superstars despite not being picked in the first 20 selections did so as well. Quinn is entitled to no exception here, and a holdout will only hurt his chances to connect with the denizens of the Dawg Pound.

And, as far as the Browns fans go, there's only one thing worse than attempting to gouge the team. It's attempting to gouge the fans themselves.

According to WEWS in Cleveland, Quinn was at a local mall on Saturday to sign autographs. The only catch? The minimum cost for a signed item was $75, and the maximum was $225.

Fans who brought their own items for signature reportedly weren't permitted to get the items signed.

Just as one NFL train wreck finally is unfolding in Atlanta, we sense another one coming on the shores of Lake Erie. It might not happen this year, but it's coming."

Yeah so it sounds like we really missed out on this guy I mean he can't beat out Derek Anderson or Charlie Fry for a starting job but then again who can. Yeah you guys are all right when you said Beck is garbage because he's got no arm and Brady Quinn all of a sudden does. Last time I checked the only qb in the draft with a stronger arm than Beck was Russell. Now enough complaining about missing out on Quinn because I know in about 3 years all of who bitched and whined about not getting him are gonna pull a 180 and say you never wanted him in the first place. I hope Ginn returns about 5 tds this year so you all can pull 180's on him too.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

I wish Daunte the best but I think it would be really bizarre if he ended up in Atlanta. Then Falcons fans would go from having a QB who can run but can't read defenses or throw a ball to a QB who can't run or read defenses but can throw the heck out of a deep ball. Maybe Culpepper can borrow Vick's legs since he isn't going to be needing them any time soon.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Culpepper is gone... I want to hear about the Dolphins when I come to the Herald. Especially on how certain players look, namely rookies.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Vick will need his legs to escape all the booty chasers in PRISON!!!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ding Dong the Gimp is gone!

3:22 PM  
Anonymous mike said...

Armando, DC is gone. Don't want him, never did. Should have went with Brees. That being said, please no more talk about the has-been.

For once, everyone has good insight on this blog. Some intellegance here for once, even if the creator of this blog lacks some.

Culpepper to Moss, Culpepper to Moss....that was his claim to fame. He was/is a one receiver QB, nothing more. Injury or not, he proved he can not read defenses....hell, he couldn't even read offenses!! And all the nay sayers that hated the Ginn/Beck saga had all shut up now. (sidenote - Ginn, sign and don't be a douche)

We're better off without DC, as everyone will soon see.

Cameron will either be a goat or a genius depending on how TG does this season.

For once, the Dolphins have made some right moves. I'm really excited to FINALLY see an offensive minded coach in here. We've been flat toooo long!

But remember for the years to come...defense is getting old. Don't neglect it.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous token black guy said...

I find it funny that someone so dumb (DC) can actually be his own agent.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

I find it very amusing how many of you claim to be over the whole DC thing but every chance you guys get you're hating on everything the guy does!!! OK we get it you didn't like him, but can the guy at least look for work without his every move being hated on!!! I bet if Armando said he saw DC at the Walmart one of you hating idiots would be like he so STUPID AND SELF CENTERED, HE CAN"T EVEN THROW THE BALL, HE WAS NEVER GOOD, HE'S NEVER GONNA BE A STARTER AGAIN!!! Let me ask this Why does it matter if he wants to start he won't be starting for the Dolphins!!!!Get over it , get a life , and stop being a hater!!!!

3:43 PM  
Anonymous token black guy said...

ok...I'm over him. Let's all hate j dizzle instead. What kind of name is that? duh, come on. I bet you can't throw a ball either!!

3:49 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

OH I see your just a plain old HATER!!! We need people like you to motivate the real GO GETTERS out here in the world!! So do what you do best HATE!!!!!

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Culpepper sucks. He will be a failure for the rest of hs career.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous token black guy said...

j sure are an angry fella

4:10 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Me angry ...............LOL......... LOL yeah right you wish you could get me angry!!! I can care less about you, DC, and anyone else on this blog!!! What is amazing is how much energy you guys put into hating that DC guy!!!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous token black guy said...

You're the one with HATE HATE HATE.

I don't hate the guy. He's just an over rated cry baby. And in past blogs people were putting this guy on a pedestal, and he didn't deserve it.

Everyone felt so sorry for the guy the way he was treated.

He was the one that was bent when they finally pulled him last year. He wanted to play, angry that he wasn't. Now all of the sudden he was 'forced' to play. B.S.!

So no sympathy for the guy.

And the title of this blog is DOLPHINS in depth....he is no longer a dolphin.


4:26 PM  
Anonymous token black guy said...

And don't like me!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Exactly why waste your energy on someone who is no longer with the team?? And just because people felt sorry for him isn't his fault, if you like the guy fine if not fine, But everytime Armando post anything with DC in it, out come the haters!!! No one has answered my question " If he is soooooooooooo STUPID and DUMB how was he able to negotiate these multi million dollar deals, if he is such a bad QB why would any of the two teams that he's played for give him multi million dollar deals????

The point I'm trying to make is, just because some of you don't like him personally don't jump on the bandwagon of haters!!!! First it was we don't like him because he let the team down,then it was he's a huge team distraction, now its we don't like him because he wants to compete for a starting job!! When will all the hating stop??

4:38 PM  
Anonymous j dizzle said...

Of course I like you .....If you're a DOLFHAN then you're cool with me buddy!! Just because we don't agree dosen't mean we don't want the same thing ..........Dolphins in the Super Bowl!!!!!

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like your DAD!!!!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous TampaTonyH said...

Wow! Dipstick Daunte didn't even get a tryout at the Bucs. How sad is that! Gruden, who collects QBs like bubble-gum cards; once gave a bent and mutilated Jay Fiedler a tryout and brief contract. How the mighty have fallen. Too Funny. This boob doesn't cast a reflection in the mirror. He is unable to check himself. 'Daunte's Inferno' was a comedy and a cautionary tale. From the Love boat to the Dolphins; he still doesn't get it. What a Moron!

8:39 AM  

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