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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time for answers to Miami's questions

Ok geniuses, you figure it out.

Your team is 0-4. Your defense can't stop the run. Your offense has an aging, inconsistent quarterback. Your special teams isn't special.

The roster is what it is so you can't really go out and trade for Tom Brady or Randy Moss or Kevin Williams.

So what do you do? How do you salvage what remains of this season?

And please don't tell me play John Beck because he's just not ready and that would be feeding him to the wolves at this point. In November, maybe, but not yet.

Ready? Go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your idea of trading Jason Taylor. At this point, I'd trade any veteran, and rebuild, rebuild, rebuild. Get rid of Porter after this year. Cross fingers. Perform an exorcist. Somebody's got to be able to turn this around, but that somebody is likely going to be someone young. He's clearly not one of the so-called leaders of this team right now.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as the offense shows some signs of life, the defense turns vanilla and awful. Such is the Dolphins historically, good only on one side of the ball.

The defense is a total disaster. It's time to trade to collect draft picks. Get rid of the fat cats who aren't earning their mega-salaries. Start with Joey Porter and Jason Taylor.

You have to start playing the youth, the rookies, sophomores and juniors, to find out if they can learn on the job.

You have to sit Green. Put in Lemon for now, to see what he can do. Let Beck start mopping up in the fourth quarter, then start him by Thanksgiving.

Ken in San Diego

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(1) Demote Green to #3 QB. Plug Lemon into the starting job and begin giving Beck practice reps. Then put Beck in as the starter sometime following the bye.

(2) Run the ball more than 20 times a game.

(3) Play more of the young guys in the front seven -- especially the Wrights.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Tom Olividatti back with the dolphins?

9:20 PM  
Anonymous adam from jacksonville said...

Here is what I have seen that last four weeks. The defense has lined up with a base 4-3 and tried to rely on Traylor plugging the middle. When teams spread three wide they are forced to pull a LB for a DB. Obviously it isn't working. So why don't they use these backups that they felt good enough about in the first place to let Carter, Bowens, and others go for. Put Holliday and Roth at the ends and flip Chase Paige, Solai and Fifita at DT. or some combination of three down linemen. Put Put Taylor and Porter at OLB. Both are capable of playing the "Jack" position, which will create questions the offense will always have to address. "Who's the jack this time, is porter blitzing or dropping back, maybe its taylor" etc. Crowder and Thomas in the middle, use Pope or Spragan until Thomas is back. Let teams line up three wide. stay in the 3/4, send taylor AND porter off the ends and cheat up one of the safeties to cover the quick pass. Force the quick throw or take a sack. Or try dropping one of the quicker "LBer's" like taylor/Porter/Crowder into a soft zone and have Darius play a robber position over that "free" slot receiver. Basically, my point is that every week they are showing offenses the same look on defense. And in four weeks it doesn't seem like Capers has done anything to change that. That is why teams have followed Washington's game plan... spread the WR's out wide, force the phins to use a smaller, pass coverage package, and smash the ball down their throats. I love Traylor, be he is getting mauled... its time to trying something different. After all i can't get much worse than 300 yards rushing. Any thoughts??

9:23 PM  
Anonymous We are better than we are playing said...

We can't release Porter because we are on the hook for 20 mil. As for trading away our better players, you would put too much dead money on the books by doing that and we are not in an enviable salary cap position.

I think that we should focus on trying to run the ball. Put chatman and ronnie in the backfield together and mix it up with ginn and chambers on reverses and screens. Cam seems to have a book full of creative plays, he should call them more often. Open up the play book and let the players have fun, take the burden off green. Once you have opposing defenses confused and on their heels you can use the play action stuff.

The defense needs to man up and blitz hard. Go after them every down. Even if you get burned its better than getting your ass handed to you. They are spending too much time on the field and are exhausted by the 4th quarter. Play aggressive and get the other offense off the field as fast as possible. That is the only way these old guys are gonna last.

To summarize my plan, Run the ball, Have fun and tell the defense to grow a pair.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition changing personel, one thing we need to do is change the defensive philosophy. Capers is blitz happy and our blitz is ineffective. How many times a game do we see a corner or linebacker rush and get stopped short or get to the QB too late? It is leaving our defense exposed.
Blitzing a lot would make since if we had Kevin Greene or Greg Lloyd, but we don't. The dolphins defensive focus should be stopping the run primarily by stuffing 8 men in the box and keeping each player centered on his gap responsibilities. Keep it simple! Wasnt Jim Bates' defense fairly simple but highly effective?

9:34 PM  
Blogger Scott Baradell said...

Play Brady Quinn. Oh wait -- nevermind.

At least we have Ginn's 3-yard returns to get us pumped up about the future.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trade for DeAngelo Hall.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets be real here! this team is downright awful, so try and trade anyone with value & plug in some new faces. Maybe we will get lucky and find some players we can build around.... say by 2010! Start Beck Now! Start Ginn Now! Throw the darn ball downfield! Blitz Porter every down! and pray for 3 Wins! Oh,and by the way..Huizenga needs to sell to a Football Man!

9:50 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Use Ginn, put him in the slot EVERY chance you get. Make the opposing team respect the deep ball. Last time I checked there was no position called PR/KR, he was and IS a WR.

Bench Green. He's done. As I said before, I don't give a damn WHO you put in his place, but he's NOT the answer.

I have an idea. Every player, everybody always talks about how "complicated" Dom Caper's D is. Jason Allen can't learn it, Porter's still learning, Darius had the edge cause he's familair, etc. If it's too complicated, DUMB IT DOWN. These guys are football players, most aren't that smart in general!

I KIND of agree about the 3-4/4-3, we don't HAVE a 2nd DT since we pooped away Zginina and Carter, it seems we have no choice but to run out of a 3-4. Paige stuffed the run a few times this game, but could he consistantly do it? I don't know.

I say give Jason Allen a chance, even if it's in Nickle or Dime, he CANNOT possibly be worse than the bunch of losers we have in the secondary. Who is Lehan? Who is Will Allen? Who is Andre' Goodman? Is he still hurt? Wouldn't matter! Traveres Tillman? Darius was one of the ONLY smart moves we made, it's a shame Bell had to get injured to make it!

Someone needs to light a fire under JT's ass! I don't know WHO, or HOW, but you can't become that unproductive overnight. Yes, for most of his career he's had help in the middle (Bowens,Gardner,Carter, etc), and the other side (Armstrong, Oguleye, etc), but they are just shoving him around like a little b!tch.

I also agree, run Ronnie as much as possible, use him the way we used Ricky and hope he doesn't retire! I think he has finally silenced just about all the critics, FINALLY

Ditto with Chambers, get him the ball, find a way, drag patterns, SOMETHING. He's also shown he's good for some YAC

I also thought there would be tons of possibilities with Brown, Chatman, Cobbs, Booker, and Mauai, as far as packages, but that has yet to pan out.

Well, at least that's where I would start, in fantasy land.

Armando, since you have some insight, I have a few questions that would placate me for the time being

1. Is Jason Allen THAT terrible?, you obviously see them in practive and such
2. Is Lorenzo Booker that terrible?
3. What makes you say that Beck is not ready? It's not like he's a spring chicken
4. Why do YOU think they aren't using Ginn as a #3 reciever?

10:04 PM  
Blogger David said...

You blow the team up. Trade everyone with any value before the deadline. Load up on picks and spend the rest of the season playing the young guys (excluding Beck.... You wait until later to do that).

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

of the players who were taken after the 16th pick, who should the dolphins have drafted in the 2006 draft...keep in mind that safety was a need:

17 Minnesota Chad Greenway - OLB
18 Dallas Bobby Carpenter - OLB
19 San Diego Antonio Cromartie - CB
20 Kansas City Tamba Hali - DE
21 New England Laurence Maroney - RB
22 San Francisco Manny Lawson - DE
23 Tampa Bay Davin Joseph - OG
24 Cincinnati Johnathan Joseph - CB
25 Pittsburgh Santonio Holmes - WR
26 Buffalo John McCargo - DT
27 Carolina Deangelo Williams - RB
28 Jacksonville Marcedes Lewis - TE
29 New York Nick Mangold - OC
30 Indianapolis Joseph Addai - RB
31 Seattle Kelly Jennings - CB
32 New York Mathias Kiwanuka - DE

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Chopper Riding Fin Fan said...

No need to call for Cameron's head just yet. Armando, you call me a genius, I respond with sensibility:
Get a QB in there that can chuck the rock more than 20 yards (Lemon), tell Jason Taylor that the regular season has indeed started, get Thomas healthy, use Porter as a stand up rusher, don't put Daniels on the field...ever. I love my Fins and will support anything they do. Culpepper didn't win this game...the run d lost it. Let's go Fins!!!!

10:32 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Armando, there is no practical answer. Trading your veterans away leaves the young players directionless. They can't do that.

Fact is, a third of this roster has a year or less of experience. When you play young guys, they're going to take their lumps.

This is price you pay when you rebuild.

Would it have been better to keep Kevin Carter? Yes, of course. But it's over and done with now.

Still, no one saw this coming.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

buy a bullet, and rent a gun?

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 Words....Bill Cowher

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

if i was playing in that game i would have messed up culpeppers other knee, he was acting like a real ass hole!!

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lemon in - review the 4 games of of no-run defense - make the neccessary changes, we have solid players, lets not forget Zach will be back. We need to tell Ted Ginn to run not prance around and Cam needs to get him involved in the offense.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Lou from Niagara Falls said...

Disagree Armando

Jimmy Johnson started Troy Aikman immediately behind a young Dallas OL. Start Beck and tell him this year is for him to learn the basics and don't worry about winning. As for you Armando and the other sportswriters down there..lay off the kid and give him least for this year and next.

Also, make sure that Ginn is on the field every down. I want to see what we have drafted #1.

Finally....Fire Cam...just for being a complete jackass and drafting Ginn over Quinn.

Circle the Cleveland game. If you think the CulPep revenge was bad, wait what will happen if Quinn happens to start against us up in Cleveland. In fact, if Beck is on the bench and Quinn kicks our collective asses....Cam should be fired on the plane ride home.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fire Cam for Ginn over Quinn. Quinn is an overrated QB from an overrated program. When was the last time Notre Dame put a good QB into the pros?

Now, do I agree with drafting Ginn? The research on first round WR's making an impact on a team is not good historically. This team needed either an OL stud or an interior DL stud and they passed on both.

Cameron is in over is head. And if Ginn wasn't the first sign then his reluctance to give up play calling while concentrating on his head coaching duties, was certainly a sign of his naviete.

When this sked came out I said this team was going to be 1-15. Then we managed to keep all our draft picks. And I thought we'd be a 6-10 team. I went into the season wanting to see weekly improvements.

And somehow this team has continued to sink.

Dumping C-Pep for the ancient Green???? And the shoddy treatment they gave him to boot? I'm actually kinda happy for C-Pep. The Dolphins got what they deserved.

Let's face it folks, we've become the very AFC East teams we used to laugh at as kids: the Bills, Colts, Jets and Pats.

I'm gonna go cry now.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you are all pathetic. The best "solution" that you can come up with is to fire Cam? That's not a solution. How about actually going into who you would replace him with rather than making blanket statements. I also find it funny that you seem to think that Wayne doesn't care about winning? I fail to see a connection between failing and the want to succeed. Dan Snyder certainly has had bad seasons, but I doubt that anyone would legitimately think that he didn't want to win.

11:55 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I believe the question was "What do you do NOW?", not what mistakes we made, not who we passed in the draft. At least stay on topic people.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous ceed said...

Anonymous said...
of the players who were taken after the 16th pick, who should the dolphins have drafted in the 2006 draft...keep in mind that safety was a need:

17 Minnesota Chad Greenway - OLB
18 Dallas Bobby Carpenter - OLB
19 San Diego Antonio Cromartie - CB
20 Kansas City Tamba Hali - DE
21 New England Laurence Maroney - RB
22 San Francisco Manny Lawson - DE
23 Tampa Bay Davin Joseph - OG
24 Cincinnati Johnathan Joseph - CB
25 Pittsburgh Santonio Holmes - WR
26 Buffalo John McCargo - DT
27 Carolina Deangelo Williams - RB
28 Jacksonville Marcedes Lewis - TE
29 New York Nick Mangold - OC
30 Indianapolis Joseph Addai - RB
31 Seattle Kelly Jennings - CB

...i was praying for greenway and was pissed when it didn't happen. the other guy i wanted was ko simpson believe it or not. and buffalo of all teams gets him in the 4th round too. he is so much better than allen.this year i couldn't complain because brady quinn sucks ass and after 2 or 3 years of terrible play all of you will be saying the same thing.

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't beleive Cam told Wayne we have a excellent chance of making the playoffs! Ted Ginn? Why? I can understand why we didn't want Brady, but why not D. Bowe? He is 6"3" and runs a 4.4, thats TO like attributes. Not trying to play monday morning qb, but I seen this kid play at LSU and I even know he was gonna be special (I'm no football expert)! Lets face it, a 1st rounder should come in and contribute right away. I hate to say this, but I think, the last two first rounders are gonna be a bust (Allen is probably already there).

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here’s how this Raiders fan see’s it. Don’t panic guys at least based on this game alone. Fact is the Raiders aren’t nearly as bad as their recent record indicates, and Miami was in the game with them until late in the fourth quarter.

Last year the Raiders had one of the top defenses but their offense was horrid. That was mainly a seriously bad offensive line and coaching problem and those things have been addressed. Two weeks ago the Raiders lost to Denver in Denver in OT, after their own winning field goal was disallowed. Had that gone the right way they’d be alone in first place in the west instead of tied for it. The Raiders should be a playoff team this year.

The Raiders were third in the NFL in rushing BEFORE playing the Dolphins. Just keep it in perspective.

Now getting rid of Culpepper like that, going for an old man with no future like Green to take his place, drafting Ginn instead of Quinn; well stuff like that would get me a little worried.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando your the genius who has been covering South Florida sports for 25 years. Unfortunately it appears you haven't learn much. Didn't you predicted the Dolphins would not only win (Miami 24 Oakland 14) but they would sack Daunte 21 times? After 25 years you should know the Dolphins Playbook. Why don't you replace Trent Green (QB rating 72.9) in the line up? You couldn't be much worse!

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando the Genius also predicted the Fins would have a winning record!

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unless there's a complete turnaround by the end of the season fire Cameron,Mueller and Capers and bring in someone like Cowher to return some semblence of order to the franchise.Let JT and Zach retire.Draft an offensive and defensive linemen with the first 2 picks in the draft and build from there.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous its game time said...

With the first pick in the draft dolphins select Jake long from mich.6"6 320 LT and move carey to right tackle and our oline will be alot better.By week 7 we need to start john beck! See what we got. Time to move Ginn to the starting lineup(lets SEE if he has it or do they not want him to play). Also why not play all the rookies? Abhrham Wright and Kelvin smith?? lets see. also try to cut as much cap as possible this year. go get new free agents and young players.I think cam is a good coach the problem is Randy muller sucks! he was bad in new orleands and he is bad now.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wowow?... trading veterans for draft picks?? I DONT THINK SO..
this management has no idea about managing draft picks.. we could have gotten excellent players by having the 16th pick 2 years ago, 8th pick last year.. and what did we get????
jason allen whom was supposedly awesome and could play safety cornerback and now we know that he cannot play anything... lost pick
ted ginn whom was awesome quick whatever... and he gets 3 yards every retunrn.. does not start at wr... lost pick
so we now need another WR, another safety or cornerback.. we need everything..
I dont want any more draft picks with these dumb men in charge of them...





3:28 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Don't start Beck. Leave Green in for at least another game or two before considering Lemon. The offense actually is playing decent. If Green can stop throwing INTs, the rest is fine.

On defense, Miami should bite the bullet and put the young guys out there and let the chips fall where they may. It will probably take all season to get it right, but you will be better off next year.

On special teams, play some of your starting defense like you did against the Raiders. Will Allen and others made some plays. I think the rookie "MILES" forced that fumble. That seems to be working.

Forget a good season this year. I'm sorry to say this, but it looks like a 4 - 12 season.

3:45 AM  
Blogger Scalzo said...

First I think this season is a wreak and there is no need to salvage it. Trade the veterans for all that you can. JT I think you can get at least a 1st or 2nd rounder maybe both. Other expendable old player's try to trade them if you can. Get the #1 overall selection of the draft and trade it down. Don't care if you think you don't get the right points of some old point system. (the draft points for trading) This is about getting draft picks.
This team needs to get young again.
In some kind of way try to get Shula back into the organization. As a president, GM, in my opion head coach if he would like to come back. Shula must be really ashamed of how the Phins turned out after he was forced out.

4:10 AM  
Anonymous edswood said...

First off, I dont understand why people are attacking Armando because the Fins suck? He is not the GM or coach and has nothing to do with the horrific mess that Miami calls a team. He bought into the horseshite that spewed from Cam's mouth at the beginning of the season. But as I remember so did alot of people. I predicted 6-10 but that looks way too high.

As for salvaging the season its almost impossible. Miami is a horrendous mix of aging veterans with tanks on empty and very young green players with limited talent. In a way, this teams total collapse could be a good thing. That is if it finally teaches Wayne that the only way to make a championship team is to completely rebuild. It takes several years and you have to stockpile draft picks. Of course you also have to use them wisely.

The only way that is going to happen is to fire Cam and Mueller. Start sending feelers out to established coaches and GMs with a track record of success. Start doing it now so they can bring them in as soon as the season is over.

Coach Cowher would create a winner by building what wins football games. That is a run defense and a physical running attack. The only piece in place but a good one is Ronnie Brown. If Cowher doesnt want to coach again then bring in Schottenheimer who has the same mentality. I will take 14-2 any day of the week. At least its playoffs, something not seen in Miami for a long time. Remember it was Cam's playcalling that lost that game last year not Schottenheimer. They went away from the run because they didnt want to play "Martyball". As for GM, AJ Smith might be available by the end of the year. Great talent evaluator and knows how to accumulate draft picks. Of course he wouldnt work with Marty but he would with Cowher. Parcells is another possibility it being no secret that he wants to be a GM. I trust his evaluating skills any day of the week.

As for the ever dwindling Cam supporters out there what more does the guy have to do? Sleep with your wife? Somebody please tell me one good decision he has made since becoming head coach? Dont tell me that offense is improving crap. The QB decision was terrible,(and cost us a draft pick) the receivers still drop passes, the deep ball is nonexistant, the OL is still "a work in progress", and if you recall he wanted to start Chatman over Ronnie Brown. The only reason we are scoring more is that Ronnie Brown is running his ass off. Many players have breakout seasons in year three. CamMORON has totally lost control of the team. He has no idea what to do next and is in total denial. Mark my words, he is going to lead us to our worst season EVER.

Finally, the only other questions that need to be answered are; is John Beck the future, and do Zack and Jason want to retire as Fins or be given a chance to play with a winner. Beck needs to start as soon as he is comfortable with the playbook. He will sink but I want to see if he shows progress. If not then we have to add QB to our long list of Draft needs. I say Tebow in 2010. This year is ruined. As fans we can only pray for the future and hope Huzienga wakes up, or Robbie comes back from the dead.

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Armando. All of this talk that Beck can't start now because he isnt ready is B.S. Did you happen to watch the Bills and Jets. Well in case you missed it Trent Edwards, a ROOKIE QB, stepped in for injured J P Losman and actually beat the jets. Imagine that, a rookie QB coming off of the bench and leading his team to a win. I guess that start will just ruin Edwards carreer, he might as well just retire now, since it is a know fact now that rookie QB's arnt ready to play their first year. Beck not ready?Leaving Beck on the bench is the reason we are loosing. WE WILL NOT WIN A SINGLE GAME WITH GREEN AT QB.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The SUN IS GOING TO COME OUT TOMORROW??" Is that all Cam-saquared has to say about this catastrophe? What is this, Little Orphan Annie? Bet your bottom dollar, tomorrow, tomorrow is onlyyyy a day awaaaaay? Is he going to show up at a press conference with gold curls, a small dog, and Daddy Warbucks (played by Wayne Huizenga)? Okay, enough of that ridiculousness. Beck isn't a child, and the season is a wash. Play him, get some experience, maybe he'll have (good lord) ACTUAL LEADERSHIP SKILLS and can eke out a couple of victories in preparation for '08. But the grand experiement of Trent Green and His Band Of Idiots has crash landed BAD.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

With all due respect. You do play Beck now, because he will be backing up Brian Brohm next year and Brohm is not going to sit. Thats the first move we make. #2 We get Ginn into the offense. He was the best WR in camp and Cam is just being silly with his new players. They are big boys and they get paid a ton of money. Losing on the sidelines or losing on the field isnt going to be any more or less damagin to their prescious minds. #3 Boy would Evans and Carter look nice on this line. You think that might have something to do with our bad run defense? I think this might be the worse NFL team I have ever seen and that includes some pretty pathetic Cardinals and Jets teams over the years. The Trade for Green was an outrageous waste of a draft pick. He is absolutely worthless. And we have been screaming that since the trade, not just since the season started.
Beck and Ginn have got to start. Brohm has got to be the pick in the first round and he has got to play in 08 as the guy. Beck will be a nice back up and trade bait for 09.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have posted repeatedly since early last season that the defense and the wide receivers were the problem. Everytime the offense gets any points the defense allows the opponent to drive the length of the field on the very next drive. I don't care with the run d stats were last year. When it counted the most this defense hasn't made a stop in the past two seasons. As for the receivers, they are truly mediocre. They are often shutout and they drop too many balls. Even with two good games by Ronnie B, our production at the receiver position was pathetic. I thought running the ball effectively opened up the passing game but it sure hasn't worked in Miami. There is no recovering from 0-4 so I do think a plan needs to be put in place to ease Beck on to the field my mid-season and Ginn needs to be out there now. Go four wide with Chambers, Ginn, Booker, and Booker and lets see what happens. David Martin hasn't shown anything to this point so lets give some young guys a chance.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first thing I would like to see is a firm commitment to rebuilding through the draft by the owner and coaches. Send the deal makers home, THEY SUCK. Next, boost your scouting organization in preparation of next year.

When it comes to this year, I like what others have said in this blog.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to know what Ted Ginn Jr and his family are doing to help our team win games?

The moment Coach selected him during the draft, I just knew it was all over. Another season of complete nothing.

Coach Cameron you have done absolutely nothing to make our team competative.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous joe y said...

People here have gone completely mad, to wit:

1) Have you all forgotten how horrible our offense has been for many years now? How Ronnie Brown has been inefficiently used? How the OL has been a disaster? Well, this year, with very little upgrade..well, none, really: Losing R McMichael, shifting Vernon C to OT, rookie center, elderly QB, etc.,--the Offense is the strength of this team and Ronnie B is heading to the Pro Bowl. Cam did that; imagine Saban with the same personnel.

2) In regard to rookies. Let's give Ginn a chance. When he's gotten the ball, and somewhere to run with it, he's done very well, considering his rookie status. He catches the ball, and he shows more toughness than our receivers.

3) I was as upset as anyone with Cam's not running Ronnie enough, but after consideration, he's right. Why destroy the guy this season? With all that Cam's done with the offense with so little to work with (see above), we're a draft or two from a league-leading offense.

4) The defense blows; everyone got old in a hurry.

5) Finally, re: Cam. How's the SD offense doing without him.I would say that Cam has already proven himself the 2nd best coach in Miami history based on what he's done with the offense alone.

9:46 AM  
Blogger H.C.D. said...

I agree and disagree with a lot of the posters on here.

First off, lets get the guys we drafted ON THE FIELD and contributing. START GINN AT WR...USE BOOKER as a 3rd down back, or in relief. Mix in some young guys on both sides of the line. At this point, we've got NOTHING TO LOSE. Armando, I wholeheartedly and completely disagree with your comments on Beck. He is not your average rookie. He's 26, mature, and is ready to take the reigns of the offense. Implement some slants with Ginn & Chambers, some 3-step drop stuff, if we're worried about Beck getting pounded. Beck is mobile. He's not a running QB, but he can get out of the way if he has to. It makes me sick to see other rookies out there making huge impacts for their respective teams, while ours ride the pine. Green has been given four games against mediocre opponents to get it done and he's failed. Time for either Lemon or Beck, but I say Beck. The future is NOW.

Secondly, forget the Bill Cowher talk. While I agree that a lot of Cam's decisions have been questionable, its wayyy to early to abandon supporting him as head coach of the organization. Cam will be here at least another year. While I believe Cowher would be a great coach, I firmly believe he is taking two years off and staying away from coaching until the 2009 season.

Lastly, I cannot believe that Zach Thomas makes such a difference with his presence on the field, but he does. We need to learn how to play defense without him, because he won't be around forever. Bench Porter and continue the rehab on his knee. He's worthless unless run at. No speed.

Finally, if we do have an early draft pick next year, DO NOT waste it on Brohm. We need defensive backs and offensive line studs. We've got Beck. Let Brohm go elsewhere.

P.S. If we can trade ANYONE right now for value, lets do it. I'm all for rebuilding....because lets face it, we are in a deep hole and thats all we have left is to rebuild.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would hate to see Taylor and Thomas go, but lets be honest here. We are not winning a SB any time soon, we're not even good enough for a playoff game so with that said, let them enjoy the end of their careers with a winning team before one of them has a heart attack...

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




WHERE IS LORENZO BOOKER!!!!!!?!?!?!? WHY IS HE NOT PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1???


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Joseph said...


Here are a few "fixes" I would like seen done. I know none of these things will make the team great, but at least it looks forward to next year.

1. Play Beck a few series a game. The Titans did this last year with V Young. I think it would be a good, no pressure way to bring him along. Let him work in practice on 20 or so plays and just run those. Let him play the 1st series of the 2nd quarter and then the 1st series of the 2nd half. I know it might hurt the chances of winning the games, but at 0-4 next year is more important. Additionally, they have to know what they have in Beck because with a top pick next year, there will be some QBs staring them in the face so they need to know what they have in Beck.

2. Go back to the 3-4 on defense. I know with the linebacker injury issues, that will be a bit tough, but they do not have the personel to play the 4-3. If they went to 3-4 and had Taylor and Porter as the outside linebacks, maybe something would happen.

3. Put Porter and Taylot upright and let them blitz the QB.

4. On defense, blitz. I know it backfires a lot, but the defensive backs get ruined if there is no pressure. They will probably get killed out of the blitzes too, but maybe 2 or 3 big plays can come from the blitzes as well.

5. Play Ted Ginn more on offense. Run him deep, fake reverses, flanker screens, whatever it takes to get the ball in his hands. He was drafted to be a playmaker and they are not putting the ball in his hands to make plays on offense.

6. Lastly, play Cleo Lemon. What does the team have to lose? Lemon seems to have a better arm and he is a bit more mobile. Maybe you catch lightening in a bottle like Romo and he can make them competitive or the Dolphins can trade him in the offseason. Can he play any worse than Green? If the answer is no then there is no reason to not play Lemon.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Raymond said...

TO the idiot who said Play Brady Quinn...Get over it he is not a good quaterback he has shown nothing, You are probably one of the idiots who wanted to get rid of Dante Culpepper who just torched us for 5 touchdowns 3 of them running, Brady Quinn can't even start for clevland NO MORE QUINN TALK he is not a GOOD QUATERBACK ok.. or least he has not shown that he is

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what this tep coaches opinion, start on Defense, Capers, do the 3-4 D and move porter and JT around. thats what helped the D Last Year. Jack Back will help us. Offense isnt doing bad but needs some spark. brownds doing great he doesnt change. WR get Ginn in there respect the deep ball. (they are goin to start pounding 8 in the box, chambers is hot and cold so its tough call w/ him. QB, ive been w/ green all year but i think you put a spark and start lemon for a game and see what he does. the line is doing more than expected so keep them together let the gelling continue. special teams, just a not did you all see the open feild tackle by GINN? SPT's go both ways so thatas good to see. next years draft just a thought for D-line LSU Glenn Dorsey (we very weill might be up there. ) just a couple of thoughts.


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zack** =Jack.. my bad


11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




WHERE IS LORENZO BOOKER!!!!!!?!?!?!? WHY IS HE NOT PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1???


11:51 AM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

OK the verdict is in Trent SUCKS and Culpepper's knee is fine!! Now how long do the Trent/ Cam / Muller supporters want us to wait before we see something from their horrible offseason moves???

1. We all clearly saw that DC's knee is fine!!!
2. All I've been hearing is Trent is best suited to run Cam's offense doesn't seem that way to me!!! What is the TD vs INT record at now??
3.Every rec. taken in the first round of this years draft is currently contributing to their team with the exception of our first round pick Ted Ginn Jr, and family!!!!
4. Deffensive linemen that where available to us during the first round are looking real good CONTRIBUTING to thier teams!!!
5. We have yet to see any of Cam's picks make any impact or show any signs of doing so with the exception of C Samson!!!
6. Is it just me or does Cam always look lost during the post game interviews, like he just doesn't know what to do or say?!?!?
7. Cam seems to be the offensive coordinator we needed but as far as him running the whole team he's in over his head!!!!

Last but not least, I don't wish to see Cam/ Randy come up with anymore trades cause they don't seem to know what they are doing.

Example: We traded our 5th pick for a QB that was going to be released, the guy wasn't even particapating in team drills with KC which means he was on the verge of being CUT!!!

Example #2: They traded Wes Welker
(no more needs to be said about that)

Example #3: Instead of keeping as much talent as possible at the QB spot they let DC go to bring in someone who can't seem to command the offfense either!!!

Example #4: You add a HIGH $$$$ linebacker when your real need is at DT??? You need defensive backs, and I don't recall any being taken in Free agency or the draft!!!

I have many more examples of these guys and there terrible decisions but I'll stop with these and see how the supporters defend thier guys!!!!!

One last thing I read a poster that said DC was acting like a real ass yesterday, did you expect anything less after the way the guy was treated????

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I welcome you all to come and join the Jags, Listen Jaguars are the new Bandwagon get on before its to late. Your tam is the worst in football history, I beg you jump ship and join a winner,,,

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Dolphins Rule said...

Here's what we've gotta do, gang. Forget about the fact that Griese broke his leg against San Diego. Morral can do the job! Let's line up Warfield and Briscoe wide, and bring Twilley in to mop up in the slot! Forget about Kiick on 1st or 2nd down. His rushing average is too poor. As a runner, he's only a good short yardage back. We can use him for that. And we can use him for dump offs on 3rd down passing situations. But we've gotta give Mercury the ball more. I really think if he gets it enough, both he and Csonka can rush for 1,000 yards this season.

On defense, I've got a great idea. Let's use Matheson's mobility and really confuse opposing offenses. Let's sometimes use him as a linebacker and sometimes as a down lineman. It will drive defenses crazy. Do you hear me Arnsparger? When the opposing quarterback - Namath, Plunkett, etc. - snaps the ball, Matheson can engage the offensive lineman and then drop back into coverage. Meanwhile that frees up a blitzing linebacker. I really think it'll work.

Let Buoniconti work his magic in the middle. Let Scott and Anderson knock the stuffing out of any receiver coming across the middle. Yeah, all three are slow and white, but they've got great football instincts.

I still think we can have a great year. Maybe even go undefeated.

Oh, a big thing is Larry Seiple's gotta be aware when punting that teams often back off and don't rush hard. Take advantage of that, Larry. Don't be afraid to run from a punting formation on 4th down. You never know when that's gonna help you. Maybe even in a conference championship game.

Oh, and Garo, you Cypriot tie-making fool. NO PASSES!!! Just KEEK your touchdowns. Don't throw for them!

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real classy Fish fans, pelting Raiders team busses with rocks and bottles. Very nice way to advertise your city as a tourist attraction... Kind of reminds me of Denver.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the roster and what I would do:

77 Mormino, Drew (Injured Reserve/Shoulder) C Keep
64 Satele, Samson C Keep
66 Hadnot, Rex C Keep
21 Goodman, Andre' CB Trade/Cut
22 Lehan, Michael CB Keep
25 Allen, Will CB Field Trade Offers
29 Daniels, Travis CB Field Trade Offers
32 Allen, Jason CB/S Trade/Cut
93 Ninkovich, Rob DE Cut
98 Roth, Matt DE Keep
99 Taylor, Jason DE Trade
60 Fifita, Steve DT Cut
90 Wright, Rodrique DT Keep
91 Holliday, Vonnie DT Keep
94 Traylor, Keith DT Cut/Retire
95 Page, Chase DT Cut
96 Soliai, Paul DT Keep
45 Mauia, Reagan FB Keep
61 Love, Marquay G Keep
76 Liwienski, Chris G Keep
63 Mruczkowski, Gene G/C Keep
3 Feely, Jay K Keep
58 Smith, Kelvin LB Keep
50 Miles, Edmond LB Keep
52 Crowder, Channing LB Keep
53 Wright, Abraham LB Keep
54 Thomas, Zach LB Retire/Trade
55 Porter, Joey LB Trade/Cut
56 Pope, Derrick LB Keep
59 Spragan, Donnie LB Cut
92 Denney, John LS Keep
4 Fields, Brandon P Keep
9 Beck, John QB Keep
10 Green, Trent QB Keep
17 Lemon, Cleo QB Attempt to Re-Sign
34 Williams, Ricky (Reserve/Suspended) RB Trade/Cut
20 Booker, Lorenzo RB Keep
23 Brown, Ronnie RB Keep
28 Chatman, Jesse RB Cut
38 Cobbs, Patrick RB Keep
37 Bell, Yeremiah (Injured Reserve/Achilles') S Keep
35 Harris, Tuff S Cut
24 Hill, Renaldo S Keep
26 Tillman, Travares S Cut
27 Thompson, Lamont S Cut
40 Darius, Donovin S Cut
44 Worrell, Cameron S Cut
47 Bryan, Courtney S Keep
-- Dukes, Marion (Reserve/Left Squad) T Cut
78 Rosenthal, Mike (Injured Reserve/Shoulder) T Cut
67 Toledo, Joe (Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list) T Cut
69 Esera, Tala T Keep
65 Wilson, Julius T Cut
70 Shelton, L.J. T Keep
71 Lekkerkerker, Cory T Keep
72 Carey, Vernon T Keep
79 Alabi, Anthony T Cut
80 Halterman, Aaron TE Cut
87 Peelle, Justin TE Keep
88 Martin, David TE Trade/Cut
16 Allen, Marvin WR Cut
15 Reed, Kerry WR Keep
18 Williams, Chandler WR Cut
19 Ginn Jr., Ted WR Keep
82 Hagan, Derek WR Field Trade Offers
83 Camarillo, Greg WR Cut
84 Chambers, Chris WR Field Trade Offers
86 Booker, Marty WR Trade/Cut

I would consider adding as free agents: Bryant Johnson, WR (ARI); Bryan Fletcher, TE (IND); Albert Haynesworth, DT (TEN); Tommy Kelly, DT (OAK); Gibril Wilson, S (NYG)

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too Late to fix it now, season is a wash. What team on the remainder of the Dolphins schedule are they going to beat? Starting to look like a 0-16 season to me. 'Whew" how depressing is that???? NCFINFAN

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cant fix it this year. They started to add some offensive players last yr,do the same this yr with the first pic. Jake Long! Sign Alan Faneca if he makes it to the open market. Our line would be J long A faneca Satele mormino Carey.Trade Cleo lemon get what you can. move Beck up to #2 so he can get some reps before you put him in. In weak 8 or 9.They ( coaching staff) need to find out if he can play (Brian Brohm) Trade Chambers and Taylor near the draft combo package for a top 6-7-8 pic. Draft Glenn Dorsey,Michael Jenkins,Calais Campbell one of them should still be on the board.Start Ginn and all young guys find out who can play.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Chris - 28-year season tix said...

First thing to do is get Zach back and see if that helps at all. We all know that they're not going to make a move in Week 5, so pretty much you just have to sit with what you have and see who can develop.

I'm not happy with the production out of the defense, but from what I've seen it seems scheme-wise we've taken a few steps backwards. I can only think that what they've been worried about with what they're doing is that the secondary will get beat if we're more aggressive - or perhaps the interior line is not quite quick enough (in their 50th and 48th seasons respectively) to stunt and roll.

At any rate, defensively they have to cheat more now, because EVERYONE is going to be hitting the middle of that line. Zach will help with that. Really, we haven't had him but for one game, and that game wasn't very good either run-wise. I think Washington put up 191 yards against us. Then again, we did go into a rather odd nickel package in OT against them when they just pounded us.

So what would I do? Get Zach back, wait it out a few weeks and see what develops. I'd also like to see a more aggressive defense. Considering we're more than likely going to get beat anyway (see - soft zones being exploited by lack of any kind of 4-down pass rush) in the secondary, we may as well get there and force the issue. You give a guy all day, and he's going to tear you apart, be that Manning or Grossman.

I think it's time for a scheme change on defense. Coaches are defined by their ability to get more out of what they have by putting their guys in the best position to make plays. I don't think we're doing that right now defensively.

Offense? I think we're progressing as expected. It's nice to see Ronnie Brown working in this offense.

Trades? If you try to trade right now, teams will bend you over the proverbial barrel, sans-kiss, and take you like a pirate raiding party in a whorehouse. Colorful, yes, but quite frankly, if you push the panic button right now, you won't garner anything that's worth what you give up.

Getting rid of Taylor is not an answer for us. It MAY give us something in return in the draft IF we hit on someone. We could also get Eric Kumerow or John Boza too, which would net a total of crap for losing a premiere defensive end.

Wait it out. Come Week 9, if we're still this bad (a stark and glaring possibility) then consider starting Beck and the other kids, and put a bunch of cash into college scouting.

If that happens, we're two to four more years away from anything.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Wow, to the guy that posted the roster...I'm glad YOU'RE not in charge. You're gonna get rid of JT, Zach, Porter, Page, and Traylor and get 2 DT's, a Saftey, a WR, and a TE? Not even ONE O-Linemen? Are you gonna run a 5-2 defense? That's pretty terrible

jdizzle, we ALL know what went wrong, we want solutions, come on man, you're better than that

2:41 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

Marc you right, but our team just seems HOPELESS right now and you know what happens when I team falls to that state........SOMEONE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! Cam needs to get some advice from a former NFL head coach cause he just doesn't seem to know how to get the guys motivated, he's taking that "I'm gonna let them figure it out ,because they are vets" attitude!!! And thats NOT WORKING!!!! Even after the game yesterday he just looked confused and dumb!!!!

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First there's nothing to be done for this year. You may not like it but you at least have to start getting Beck a series or two every game if not a half.

Yes it will appear as if you are throwing in the towel but who is kidding who? We aren't going anywhere so might as well get reps for the future.

As for 2008 the first thing you need to do is admit that the Fins are in long-term rebuilding. No more BS about "winning now." Once you admit you have a problem you can work to resolve it instead of wishing it away.

So then you do explore the trade market for Jason Taylor -- picks only please.

Third you start taking offensive linemen early and often alternating with defensive linemen. You must explore getting as much young talent as possible at every position except for QB.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Keith said...

First, don't try to completely hogtie us by telling us we can't play Beck. He needs experiance and now is the time for him to get it and also get some continuity with the rest of the offense. Green has not been sacked too much but Beck should be able to be even more mobile. Green has not been able to keep from making mistakes so why not let the rookie make his now?
Secondly, play all of the rookies to see what they are capable of. That means Ginn in as the third receiver, Booker in on third downs, Soliai in for most of the game with Traylor spelling him, and Mauia in as the bloking back on the first team offense.
You are kidding yourself and doing the readers an injustice if you don't believe the Fish are in the middle of completely rebuilding now!
I would also fire Dom Capers, as it is clear he had nothing to do with the success of the Defense last year. I hate Nick Saban as much as everybody else but we now see what he brought to the table and that was his expertise on the defensive side of the ball. Capers has no creativity and can't make adjustments on the fly.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea, play the kids that have HEART, and come from a good Family, maybe they can save our team. OOPs shouldn't have said that, TOOO Late. Really, it all comes down to motivation, Capers is not a motivator, see resume from the Texans. The Dolphins players have too EZ. They make BIG $$$, live in Miami when the rest of the US is COLD, then if Miami gets rid of them, they come to Miami and kick our ASS, cant wait to see what Wes Welker does to us! Hey Wayne; SELL your majority of the Dolphins, keep the stadium if you want to, just sell the team to some-one thats not that easily snowballed into believing that we dont have to 'START OVER' We must rebuild, Fire RANDY M today!!!!!! demand a refund from his pay!!!!!!!NCFINFAN, I would clean house!!!!!!!!

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could try to pursuade Mike Shula to give us another chnce to hire him as Head Coach. At least he could go and talk with his dad if he needed some advice. I would not have a problem with keeping Cam as Offense Co-ordinator. Need a real Defense Coach. Whew, what about special teams? No idea, needs improvement too.NCFINFAN

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't we bring in Bill Cowher as Head Coach with Cam as Offensive coordinator and Capers remaining as Defensive coach?

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Nothing can be said about this team right now. There is no quick fix. The horrible drafting of the past 6 years has finally caught up with us.

Gutting the interior defensive line; Carter, Wilkerson, Bowens, Zgonina, and Evans without adequate replacements is looking more boneheaded than many of the decisions being lamented here. It all starts in the trenches and we are woefully over matched. There is nothing that can be done. Taylor, Porter, Crowder and Zack will have no impact because we are getting killed at the point of attack.

The secondary was also virtually ignored in the off-season. It will take 3 drafts to rebuilt this team so we might as well get some top 5 draft picks. Just lose baby...

Whoever reminded us that Cameron told Wayne he thought this team could make the playoffs epitomizes how truly inept the choice of a coach is turning out to be. But I would still like Armando to ask Mueller why he let all but one of our interior defensive linemen go? We all know the game is won in the trenches and we just wholesale dump them and bring in Joey Porter who can never be any good without some protection up front. It makes no sense.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can't f-ing cut Porter LOSERS...we paid him a GUARANTEED 20 MILLION REMEMBER??? Why is everyone ragging on the offense, they have played well enough to win every game, even with Green throwing pics....they can't do anything when they watch the ENTIRE 4th (over 12 min), Jake Long is not the answer, our o-line has been much better this year...get the best DL, DE in the for now, play young kids on defense, Rod Wright, others, get GINN on the field every chance you have, get him the rock every chance you have...Culpepper did nothing, he did not win that game or do anything to win the game...Fargas rushing for over 100 yards in the 4th quarter alone may have had something to do with it...JT needs to get some guys going on D...INCLUDING HIMSELF....this is DUMB....from one of the best to the worst in the NFL...I am from up-state NY....going to the Browns game in Cleveland and Bills game in Miami and am going to back out of both....I will end up getting my ass kicked in Cleveland, will be there with my old man and 5 uncles that are die hard browns fans, in the dog pound....Great, all 5 of them will watch me get my ass kicked too...look for me, I will have a Ronnie Brown Jersey on and a bag over my head!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 5 Step Program to turn Miami from a 1-15 team this year to a 6-10 team with future promise for their sickened and disgruntled fan base:
1)Bench Trent and start Cleo immediately. Do what the Titans did last year with Vince Young and get Beck 1-2 series a game starting this week and add a series each game for him. Start Beck beginning in game 9 after you get back from London and the bye (unless Cleo has gone 3-1 or 4-0, then stick with him).
2) Trade J Taylor and stock up on draft picks. We're not going to be a winner while Jason is playing for us, so trade him to a team with a chance to make it to the Super Bowl (who needs a pass-rusher? Dallas? Tennessee? Packers?).
3) Re-invent your defense into a version of the Bears 46. I know, I know, we're NOT the 1985 Bears, but what I'm saying is be almost a goal line defense on every play. You're going to get absolutely burnt 3-5 times a game on long passes, but you might force turnovers, get the QB...force the action. We currently are giving up 199 yards a game rushing. Embarrassing...
4) Play the kids. Activate Booker, put Ginn in as the 3rd WR and get him deep, run reverses, etc. Dump the old guys and activate anyone who is under 30 years old from the taxi squad. The current 47 man roster is decrepit, shake it up
5) Ronnie Brown gets a MINIMUM of 30 touches a game. Every play is designed with him in mind. Build the entire game plan for this season with #23 as the focal point. Do what the Chargers did back in 2002-2003 with LT, then they went 12-4, 9-7 and 14-2 the next 3 years (of course, that was with Marty and that is a whole other conversation).
5A) And, then hope that Wayne Huizenga sells the team, a hands-on owner comes in who knows a little about football, hires Jimmy Johnson to be GM/director of player personnel and finally hires Bill Cowher as head coach

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the shit with Bill Cowher? He has already said he is not interested in coaching this year or next (08). Jimmy Johnson might find some talent, he has been out of football 'trenches' for awhile now. YOUNG HEAD COACH with credentials. MIKE SHULA... GM no doubt should be Bill Parcells. Offense Co-ordinator, ok with CAM, face some peoplr arew not cut out to coach, ask Norv Turner. Cam reminds me alot of Norv, just cant push the team to perform at the highest level, but can come up with some VERY good miss matches, which tells me they are both Offense Co-O's NCFINFAN Again

5:41 PM  
Blogger tom said...

1Start making calls to Cowher.

2Bench Green so we don't lose a 4th round draft pick for him taking 70 per cent of the snaps. Better to lose a 5th than 4h.

3 Buy sell trade steal whatever you have to do to get an offensive line.

4 Send Ted Ginn running a post pattern at least twice per half just to make them THINK we might actually do a play like that.

5 Start Lemon, put Beck in for some series, just as they did with Montana when they were bringing him along. Find out if he's useless before next years draft.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Flogged Dolfan said...

I must admit, I'm not understanding not using Ginn on a streak route once or twice a game, even if we just heave it out of bounds.

I think we're looking at the stark reality of rebuilding, and this year, it was the offense. Next year, we'll draft defense, maybe sign someone here and there.

It's going to be ugly for awhile.

With our defensive losses before the season, it's obvious that rebuilding was on the mind of Mueller from the get-go.

We were absolutely pounded up the gut by some good running teams, and one average one. The quality of depth has declined, and the offense can't keep up with the WAC numbers that we are going to need to put up to win football games.

I think that Dom needs to shift philosophies. He's trying to sculpt something masterful with a bucket of warm pudding right now - no matter what, it's not gonna stand up long. However, it would be nice to see SOME effort in scheme changed.

I think that if we don't see it this week against an ailing Houston team, then we can just go ahead and trade away our No. 1 overall pick for more draft picks in the 2008 Entry Draft.

That's what I'd be willing to part with. I don't want to get rid of Jason or Zach. I also didn't want to trade Marino back when Scott Mitchell was doing so great back in, what was it, '93? (Just an FYI, his rating was 84.2 that season ;) ).

Keep the core, everything else is expendible. Trading away the core for a hit or miss draft pick is not a good way to go, and if they do that, then they've really gone berzerk.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been dissecting the tape of the Raider game and guys we are in deep trouble. Two players that have to be pointed out are Porter and Roth. They both are taking plays off. Especially Porter, who is always easily blocked by anyone. Roth needs to get off his blocks. The real problem is our Tackles. Fifita is always on the ground, and when he is not, he never looks up for the ball runner. Wright is getting overpowered by guards, tackles, centers. Page is a not a real tackle. Then comes the linebackers. All I can say is absolutely no instincts. They are always late, not because of hustle, but because they always take the wrong route to the ball. I now know why Zach is so good. These linebackers are just awful. Guys, like I said we are in trouble. We are going to have to draft D-line and Porter better start getting dirty. Imagine if we would have taken Willis with our first pick. That would have helped. Lets keep the faith, but I think its more about personel than coaching.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys want bill cowher? he's a freakin bum. he coaced in a divsion that had crap teams . he won one sb & you think he's great? hi stinks. if you want to do that then get bill parcells. you guy's have no idea waht your talking about. can't you see armondo is mocking you guy's b/c your all stupid?

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are the 6 million reasons Green won't be benched this season.

$1.5M Base Salary
$1.0M Signing Bonus
$3.4M Roster Bonus
$100K Work Bonus

9:36 PM  
Blogger JaxDolphin said...

Culpepper is the best QB cut by Miami this year. You won the bet dizzle, but I don't think you're too happy about it.

Why he wasn't allowed to compete for the job still has me mystified. But aside from all that, the problem is not on offense. Our QB clearly out-passed theirs. Culpepper completed five passes. But he ran all over us, like all our other opponents.

As stated here before the season began, the defense needs to win games for the team if they're to deserve their #3 ranking from last year, at this point it looks like they deserve a 33rd ranking.

I never would have thought that the offense would be playing better than the defense. Ronnie Brown is becoming LT in front of our eyes. What a waste. What are we paying head-coach money to Capers for? Arm tackles? He took our (only) team strength and turned it into a liability. Not everybody on our defense is over 30. So what exactly, is the problem? Is his scheme too complex? These guys act like they couldn't spell cat if you spotted them the c and the a. I read where a fan suggested dumbing the defense down, but how dumb can these guys be? If your opponent is running with the ball, tackle him, ok?

Traylor needs to retire today. Right now. How can a guy his size and supposed ability not clog the running lanes? Age has officially beaten the truck. More hindrance than help.

The Steelers knew what they were doing when they cut Porter. The man is washed up. What a waste of 20 million bucks.

As for the rest of the defense, I don't know how to fix it, other than having them play sound football, pursuit, flying to the ball, gang tackling.

It certainly has been painful (and humiliating) being a Dolphins fan the last ten or so years, but this is the worst by far.

The Texans lost to Joey Harrington and the Falcons yesterday, so I guess anything's possible, but I'm left wondering when (or even if) we will get a 'W'. Supporting a team that is bereft of defense can make one think this way. My love for the team won't change. No matter how bad it gets, I'm not a quitter. We will see who remain stormy weather fans. Go Dolphins.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer is the one you dont want to hear. Start Beck. Let him learn the defenses he's going to see. If you dont it will be another year for him. Get rid of Porter. That was a waisted experiment. Trade Taylor for at least a #1 pick, or a #2 and #3. Replace Zach at middle. Just for health reasons. Draft a starting #1 receiver, Chambers is a #2 at best. Trade booker or make him your #3. Ginn...What a mess. Now we are drafting because we know their famalies. Are you kidding me? Bring in a tough minded coach. Iknow before you get started Cam is good, but head coach...No. Lastly quit living in the past. Let the undefeated team, and Marino go. Look to the future.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Athos said...

Cower had 15 seasons to win a superbowl in Pittsburgh. Cameron has had 4 games. There were many times the Pittsburgh faithful were calling for Cower's head on a platter. But he eventually got over the hump and won the championship. Does that make him a better coach then Cameron? No, it only means he had a longer leash. Every time you insert a new head coach, you blow up EVERYTHING you have accomplished. Continuity is all that Cameron needs. Everyone saying that this years draft picks are busts... earlier this year that's all I saw about Ronnie Brown, and now after 2 games everyone is swinging from his Jock. So, after all that, here is the answer to your question;

1) Keep Cam for the next 3 years at least. Expect baby steps.

2) Feed Ronnie Brown the ball 30 times a game, either catching or receiving.

3)re-sign Kelvin Smith (rookie LB) (If he is still available.)

4) Sit down Green before that 5th round pick elevates to a 4th. Lemon outplayed Green in the preseason, but Cam couldn't make that call or he'd lose face. Now's the time.

5)Videotape the opponents plays. It worked for the Pats, it can work for us.

6)Insert Jason Allen (yes, Jason bust Allen) and play him EVERY down so we know whether we will be forced to cut him or whether he has a chance to grow.

7)Find somebody.... ANYBODY... on the roster willing to plug the middle on D. Feeley and Ronnie Brown have the heart and would probably try if asked... not sure anyone else on our team does.

8) Finally, NO MORE MESSING WITH THE OFFENSIVE LINE! Ronnie is getting 5 yards a pop... Let them continue to gel for a couple years (unless we land a beast.)

Problem solved, the bill is in the mail.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous edswood said...

My God there are still CamMoron lovers out there. 2nd best coach in Dolphin history? Say that with a straight face after the fins go 2-14. That is a best case scenario based on our brutal second half schedule. Even Art Shell won two games last year. 0-16 or 1-15 gets you the hall of shame not second best coach ever.

As for this improved offense where is it? We have scored 13, 20, 28, and 17 points against teams that are not defensive powerhouses. One game over 20 point. The Pats and Cowboys are scoring close to 49 a game. Yet the poster said we are only a draft or two away from having the best offense in the league. Really? Especially when we need the next two drafts to fill virtually every position on defense? Also Cam was given credit for Ronnie Brown's success. How is that possible when Chatman was given the majority of carries the first two games and CamMoron only switched due to fan and media pressure. As for the San Diego downfall that is more on defense than offense according to the statistics.

So the choice is that Cam and Mueller can continue to lead us down the path of disaster; or get
a coach and GM with a clue. But hey Cam says the sun will come out tomorrow and bet your bottom dollar Daddy Huzienga will raise ticket prices for more stadium improvements. The upside is you will get to sit on a nice toilet as you drop something in the bowl that resembles what is playing on the field.

So true fin fans get your paper bags ready and Cam's Mom please stop posting on this board.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous edswood said...

Typo: the Pats and Cowboys are scoring close to 40 points a game.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people do not want to hear it or believe it, but we need to trade Taylor, Thomas, Porter, Chambers & Booker ASAP. We need to trade them for whatever we can get, or cut them shortly after this season. It's time to finally put an end to the failed Johnson/Wannstedt era. Carey and Hadnot, both obtained via Wannstedt's last draft, are probably the only two Wannstedt leftovers who should survive the upcoming purge.

If we lose the next two games, we might as well pull Green and get Beck's feet wet. At 0-6, the season will be lost (Not that it isn't already). Beck may or may not be ready, but if the season is lost there is really not a whole lot of harm in throwing Beck in there to see how he handles it. Many great QBs struggled as starters in their rookie season. Just because a QB is a starter his rookie season does not mean he will never grow into a capable starter.

After this season, obviously Cameron needs to be put on notice that anything less than 8-8 in '08 will lead to his dismissal. Anything less than a playoff berth in '09 is unacceptable.

If we end up with the first or second overall pick next year, obviously we ought to try to trade down. We have a lot of rebuilding to do. If we are unable to trade down, which is extremely probable, we need to strongly consider drafting Brohm or Brennan even though we have invested a second round pick in Beck. Having two potential franchise QBs on our roster would dramatically increase our chance of finally filling our hole at QB. Why put all of our eggs in one basket? Beck is far from a guarantee. We have certainly not been much of a franchise since our last franchise QB retired, and we will probably not be a proud franchise again until Danny Boy is finally replaced with a rightful heir.

In a word, we need to end the failed JJ/Wannstedt era by finally cutting ties with Taylor and Thomas; dump players who are not living up to their salary, such as Chambers, Booker and Porter; play our youngest players as much as possible; and truly rebuild next off-season.

We can rebound. We will rebound. But only if we face the fact that this team needs to really rebuild, not try to win with aging leaders who never really won anything. It's time to move on and focus on building a new era in Miami.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous edswood said...

By the way Armando I loved the article on Huzienga. It was almost like I wrote the article except for the lack of fecal references. Keep up the fantastic work and keep writing the truth. Call a spade a spade no matter how much criticism you get.

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One last thing...

If we are still posting a losing record when January of 2009 rolls around, we need to bring Shula back into a lead role within the organization and either talk Cowher into coaching again or talk Tressel into leaving Ohio State.

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is with this Cowher talk? What the Dolphins need is a turnaround specialist. They need The Big Tuna. Look what he did in New England, New York and Dallas. He comes in, takes control and turns the team into a winner. What this organization needs is his no bullshit attitude. Tell Wayne to break the bank and land the Tuna in Miami!

7:45 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

The Tuna is tired. If you want to get the best, you gotta go get BB from the Pats. Maybe spygate has gotten under his skin and he can be convinced to leave...not likely but BB is the best. The best guy in college would be coaching USC right now and not likely to leave that paradise for this train wreck either. You get JJ in here as the GM and Marty in here as HC, now you're talking some sense and a definite possibility. You know JJ has got to feel horrible for leaving the Phins he built in DW's hands.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous IBdolphian said...

Give Cam a chance. There is going to be some growing pains. You have to admit that the offense is already looking better now that they did in week #1, which is improvement. As for trades, you might be able to get a #1 for JT, but what happens when it turns into another Jason Allen? You'll be wishing we had JT back and will be cursing Cam even more. If JT wants to leave and try elsewhere, let him. We owe him that for what he's done for us over the years. Don't force him out to take a chance on a rookie.

As for Zach, we wouldn't get anything for him. He's getting old, slowing a bit, has been battling injuries the past few years, and is fighting his latest concussion. Kinda sounds like somebody we traded FOR this year, huh? The same guy everyone says needs to be benched and was a complete waste of a draft pick. Think about it. If we traded a 3rd for someone like that, we would be calling for Cam's head even more. Porter didn't even cost us a pick, and look how well that's working out!

Yes, I know fans, 0-4 is terrible, and I am beyond disappointed. But change takes time. If it takes a couple more years and some more gutting of the roster to turn it around, then we have to wait. Look around the NFL right now. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that teams like the Pats, Colts, Bears and Bengals where the whipping boys of the league.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My god, there are still morons saying trade Porter...what do you not get about a GUARANTEED 20 MILLION....we can't F-ING TRADE HIM, STOP SAYING THAT....also, had I seen this video earlier I would have predicted Jason Allen would be a bust. I checked out some Ronnie Brown highlights last night on youtube, and there is one of him absolutly running over Jason Allen when he was at Tennessee, knocking his helmet off and romping into the end our first round draft pick was a guy who got mowed by our first round pick the year before!

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a simple game. you control the line of scrimmage, you win. you don't, it doesn't matter who else is on the team. simple as that. but we don't get it. we draft everything but linemen. look at the patriots last 10 drafts. this year, we passed on Amobi Okoye, who has a sack in every game. how much would he have helped on sunday. satele is a good start, but we should be adding much more linemen in the coming drafts. until we do that, the rest is just for a good argument

8:57 AM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

Jax you're a man of your word!!! I hate that Duante got to shine on us but its almost like it was meant to be!!! But to a degree I lost as well cause DC just got the start recently, but you have to admit the guy's knee looks fine!! And we can see that Trent can't run Cam's offense as perfect as some of you suggested back in training camp!!!

As for what to do now, really I'm lost!!! If you see our front office during interviews on NFL network they just seem confused, and lost!!! Me personally I'd like to see Randy get the axe and we bring in the BIG TUNA as GM. We know he won't let Cam take players in the first round just cause he know's their FAMILY!!! And just as another poster stated we can see it was all Nick Satan that had our defense at the top last year, it may be time for Dom to get the axe as well but who do we bring in??

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blow the whole thing up.

Fans will take the pain if they know that the team is rebuilding.

Trade everybody over the age of 26 for young developing talent or draft picks.

Bring somebody in who can evaluate talent and have them draft for you, i.e. new general manager. This may require Wayne H selling the team, since it is clear that he is incapable of hiring anyone competent.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Rod said...

To all of you talking about trading everyone away, try to keep in mind that this is not a video game and cap hits can't be turned off. The offense isn't looking that bad. I have no issue with putting in Lemon and waiting for Beck if and when it's decided that the season is a wash. Of course, if they lose the next game and are 0-5, I think it's time. Adam from Jax did a great job addressing the issues with the defense. Teams don't have to force us by spreading out receivers. NE plays a 3-4 almost all game and they seem to be doing OK. Get pressure on the QB and let those linebackers you have create havoc. Who would have thought that Thomas, Taylor, Crowder, and Porter would equal ANYTHING this bad? I wouldv'e told you we had the best linebacking corps in the NFL on paper! I still feel that Capers is the issue and is calling a terrible game. He coached Porter in Pittsburg and is playing him as a down lineman? I miss Nick's defensive playcalling and I hate missing Nick.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Tommy said...

An open letter to the assclowns that run the Miami Dolphins:

Dear Assclowns,

You suck. Seriously. You're worse at your job than the kid that works the drive-thru at McDonald's. I have been through thick and thin with this team, as a fan, and it's getting harder and harder to do. I haven't been witness to a playoff birth in five years. A division title? Even longer. A conference championship game? I was in high school back then!!!!! I actually am having a hard time remembering the last time Miami had an over .500 club.

That's pretty bad.

And the worst part? There are no silver linings. There are no rays of light on the horizon. Bad draft choices, bad trades, worse free agent signings and horrific decisions made on the staff that runs this team; this has sealed the fate of the Miami Dolphins. Now we are stuck with a head coach that is in over his head, an owner that doesn't care, a trade happy GM and a wide receiver and his entire family. That's what I have to look forward to.

When Miami does make a signing that is worth something of note, they don't have the patience to ride that signing out. Is Daunte Culpepper that all-star that was under center for Oakland this season? Probably not. But he's a hell of a lot better than Trent Green. Younger, more athletic, better arm. Last time I checked, championship teams need good leaders under center. Trent Green isn't one of them.

Normally I might be excited about John Beck. The coaching staff raves about him. And...the people that drafted Beck also drafted Ted Ginn Junior in the first round. The same coaching staff that spent mucho dollar on Joey Porter and then moved him to defensive end where he's tanking game after game.

You'll have to excuse me if I'm on the side of the coin that reads "I do not trust you." The way the rest of these players are coming around, you know the ones brought in by this staff, I'm sure that Beck is the next coming of Ryan Leaf. Or worse.

It's not so much the losing that I am tired of. It's the lack of hope. I do not have anything to be hopeful of when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. The owner sucks, the coaching staff is right behind the owner and the players that they have brought in can't get the job done.

But, hey. Love the jumbo-tron and the plasma TV's in the Club Level (which I obviously can't afford to access). Cool additions to the stadium that my hard earned money is paying for. I am sure fans of the Miami Hurricanes will love that stuff when they start using the stadium next year. The Miami Dolphins fans? I'm not too sure you'll see a lot of them in the stands on Sundays.



Suck my dick for wasting season after season. I'm tired of it. I'm getting old. I would like to see a winner. Or at least have the hope for one.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flipper’s new lyrics for the Dolphins Fight song:


Miami has the Dolphins,
The league’s worst football team!
We dream about going to the endzone,
A place we’ve never seen!
We're in the air,
We're on the ground,
We play like we are sick.
So when you say Miami,
You're talking first draft pick!

(Chorus 1)
Cause we're the Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number 31.

(Chorus 2)
Yes we're the Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number 31.


1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green has to go, put in Lemon. I know Beck is the future(although he is already 27), but if Lemon plays well we can atleast get some value for him after this season. We should also try to find some places for Jason Allen to get in the action, if he proves he can't play cut him after this season. Ginn needs to get some touches, he looks like a scared little girl out there on returns.

For the run defense they need to get Darious close to the line, put 8 in the box every time, our secondary can't cover anyway. Let JT and Zach play this season out, they don't need anymore pressure, I am positive they put enough on themselves. But, the team should seriously consider moving on from both during this offseason. Zach should seriously consider retiring, I love the guy and I am sorry we couldn't get him a ring.

1:18 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

WOW Tommy

I guess when you're fed up you're fed up!!!

Hey my fellow Dolphin fans, lets just look at the cup as half full!! At the rate we're going we are going to end up with the # 1 pick in the draft.............lets just pray Wayne releases Randy before we get there!!! I'm starting to think Cam could work out if he has a GM that is not affraid to tell him when he is making a mistake and won't allow him to do so!!!!

Armando do you know or can you ask why we released so many of our defensive linemen and didn't get any solid replacements???And please don't say it was because of CAP space cause if that's the case we should've never even went after Porter, let alone guarantee him $20 million!!!!

I think Randy is to blame for our D line looking so bad right now!! He was the main one saying we are feilding basically the same defense from last year........and we all see that's BULL!!!

1:24 PM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

There is only one good thing about the Dolphins this year and that is the fact that on John Madden 08 Duante is still our QB!!!

I guess this is the only winning form of the Dolphins I'll see this year is on Madden!!! I'm 4-0 and I'm putting Beck in every fourth quarter!!!!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buffalo started Trent Edwards... so why cant we start John Beck? We obviously wouldnt be the first team to switch qbs. But personally we have some serious problems on D.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Cowher! We should be going after Bill Cowher for next season and REBUILD this team... It's been too long since Shula and we need a coach who knows what to do.

Like the late Jet's owner said in last years... I'm 96 years old and want to see a champship.

It's time to bring in the people who know how to fix the team.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definately fire sCAM ("we drafted the Ginn family") and Mueller, they have NO IDEA what they're doing in thier positions, i.e.- the aformentioned Ginn and the seond comming of Wienke (Beck).

Bring back Ricky, what do you have to lose at this point? Swallow your pride idiots.

Trade ANYONE with value- Taylor, and um, well.

I hate to play second guesser,(and has NOTHING to do with last game) BUT, CAM you just had to have your boy (or is he your dad?) Green, couldn't you at least EVALUATED Pepp before dismissing him you prick?

Well, at least we have the 1st overall pick to look foward to, but CaMORON will probably draft Hillary Clinton, and hope for a village.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't suck..........


Raider Man.

By the way, we will remember the bus incedent. Come on in to Oakland baby.....

11:38 PM  
Anonymous miami1463 said...

Hey fellow fin fans,

Here it is we let Welker go (ouch!!!), Sammy Morris (ouch!!!)good back up, Culpepper (ouch!!!) better than green right now, Draft Ginn (ouch!!!) Brady Quinn lost, No improvements in off season on front line defense and offense, lose Carter DT (ouch!!!), No defensive backs who can cover (ouch!!!). All this adds up to GM decisions and how about turnover in coaches for past 10 years (ouch!!!). Get rid of GM and bring Shula and Son to the Dolphins!!!


12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Start Beck soon, even if he's going to struggle. I don't think he'll make the team better, but we'll probably be drafting very high next year, high enough that you can draft a top QB prospect. We need to know whether we're set at QB or not. Worst case would be to sit Beck all year, because he's not ready, pass on a top QB prospect at #3 or #4 or #5, and find out when Beck gets in next year that he's not starter quality.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all fire Cam Cameron, anybody who drafts a punt returner who averages 5 yards a punt return. Is a real idiot. Brady Qiunn please forgive us, we are sorry.

8:45 PM  
Blogger fan since 72 said...

HEH MR. H/ whats up you know you made a big boo boo now what ? you better get someone else involved in this before you really lose seats buddy you a business man so act like one make those big desicions like bring in SHULA OR DAN MARRINO OR BILL COWER something to let the fans know you are still trying to fix this team cause right now we see a team that has no spirit and a bad leader . you hired a salesman not a coach he thinks he can win with his old friends like green come on never let a coach hire his friends he gave away better players then he brought and we beleived in you now you need to be a man and either sell this team or bring in someone like ole shula or dan to fix it we the fans beg for the dolphins spirit we had if you want true dolphin football bring back true players and let them build you a team I know it seams like this cameron just ain;t what he said cancel him talk to dan and shula about what they think bill cower is ready fo a florida vacation

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is one answer from a 45 year-old Dolphin fan. Never rooted for anyone else (pro), NEVER WILL. But after watching Culpepper taunt us, IN OUR HOUSE, you ought to be ashamed. Somebody should have plugged him, and taken the suspension.

FIND YOUR HEART BOYS! The defense is embarassing. Our DMVP looks like a rookie this year. Trying to strip the ball instead of tackle, can't figure out where the line of scrimmage is and then stay on HIS side of it. Horse collaring. Are you trying to get traded or what? Where is your heart man? You are a great player who needs to pop his head out, and LEAD! Yeah we're banged up, but that doesn't cause DUMB penalties. Perhaps it is time you get PHYSICAL and HIT somebody. I will admit your beating of a Dallas Cowboy banner showed great strenght. I love watching you play, and have followed your entire career. Get your head out JT, your too great to look like a school boy. Right now, you look like a school boy. HIT SOMEBODY!
You and Joey both TALK too much this year. How does it feel to have th NFL laughing at you?
Even if we go 0-16 HIT SOMEBODY. It all starts with the Texans.

Gary, Forever a Fin Fan

1:40 PM  
Blogger muckdog said...

How to salvage the Dolphins season?

Get Heat season tickets and look forward to the 2008 NFL draft!

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Raul said...

My thoughts:

1) Make up our minds this and the following 2 years are going to be REBUILDING YEARS, if we think we can still win we will never put the young players on the field and we will never stop the critics, articles, blogs like this one, etc.

2) Since we will not be a playoff caliber team, start shopping Taylor and Thomas and even Porter as a package. Taylor and Thomas deserve to be playing for a winning team with a legitimate shot at the SuperBowl. Maybe the Bengals, San Diego, Titans, Packers, Phily, Indy, Giants even NE may be interested. Get a combination of young players and draft picks, because we do not draft very well.

2) The most difficult: DRAFT BETTER. I know it is better say it than do it, but trading our best players and drafting in the Top 5 won't mean anything if we keep drafting Jason Allens and Ted Ginns

3) Start playing the young guys, Beck, Booker, Abraham Wright, Ginn on the offense, etc. at least we will know if they are good or not, like Paul Soliai (we already know he is light years from being good).

4) Get a proven coach with a proven program, Huizenga keeps hiring "football-mind coaches" not "football-program coaches". This means like Parcells or Cowher or Schottenheimer, for the ones who are not employed right now. Remember Point #1, we will not be winning right now and we do not need these coaches to win the SuperBowl, what we need is to build a foundation.


7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We going to finish 0-16 because of Cameron, Green, Ted Ginn and his family.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason Allen can stop the run

7:12 AM  

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