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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What if Nick Saban had stayed another year?

Nick Saban should have waited one more year, should have buckled his proverbial chin strap and stayed with the Dolphins and struggled and suffered through one more season. And if he had everyone would be better off.

Yes, I just wrote that. Everyone, Saban and Cam Cameron and the Dolphins and LSU and Michigan, would be better off for 2008.

How would Saban be better off? Well, the fact is he is in deep do at Alabama now coming off back-to-back losses to Mississippi State and Louisiana-Monroe. His team is underachieving and fans once loyal to him are getting the idea the guy is something of a strange bird based on comments he made Monday.

Saban described the humbling defeat against ULM inappropriately, mentioning the 9-11 terrorist attacks and Pearl Harbor in talking about how his team must rebound like America did from a "catastrophic event.''

"Changes in history usually occur after some kind of catastrophic event,'' Saban said. "It may be 9-11, which sort of changed the spirit of America RELATIVE TO catastrophic events. Pearl Harbor kind of got us ready for World War II, and that was a catastrophic event.''

Well, the losing and analogy hasn't gone over well in Dixie.

And that leads me to the reason everyone would be better off if Saban had stayed. If he had stayed, and I remind you it was HIS choice to leave, Saban probably would be struggling with the Dolphins this year. But he would likely be preparing himself for a return to LSU if/when Les Miles flies the coop for Michigan.

Think of it. If Saban were Miami's coach, Miles would almost certainly become Michigan's coach because the folks at LSU would gladly let Miles out of his contract in order to get Saban back. And it is that contract, which has a $1.25 million buyout clause if Miles goes to Michigan, that is the only thing that might keep Miles at LSU.

If Saban went back to LSU, he would be returning to a program stocked with talent -- which Alabama was not. He'd be returning to a place where he is adored and his foibles are embraced -- which he is finding Alabama is not. He'd be going back to an open and seemingly unlimited checkbook.

So Michigan would get the coach it wants and LSU would get the coach it wants.

So how would that make things better for the Dolphins? As I just stated, Saban would be struggling with the Dolphins this year as any coach would. But do you think he'd be winless? His Miami teams started slow both years, but they hit a stride midway through the season. It didn't last and it didn't make them good long-term or short-term.

But they were not WINLESS. Not even close.

And I don't think they would be winless this year under Saban. And how would that be better for Miami long-term?

Well, it was clear last year that the big-name coaches the Dolphins coveted initially -- Pete Carroll and Bill Cowher -- were not ready to move or get back into coaching. Those close to Cowher believe he'll be ready to return to coaching this year. And if the Dolphins were in the market for a coach this year, following Saban's departure to LSU, I am certain they would be players in the chase for Coach Chin.

Furthermore, I put to you that had Saban stayed in Miami this year, held out one more inglorious season, Cam Cameron would be better off as well. If Saban had stayed, Cameron would still be in San Diego in some capacity because he had only one other head coach interview last year and Arizona didn't ask him back for a second talk.

So he would not have left San Diego. He would, worst case, be San Diego's offensive coordinator, which given the talent there is pretty attractive. And if things had played out as they did, Cameron would almost certainly have inherited the head coaching job when Marty Schottenheimer was fired.

So Camerons would be San Diego's head coach and the Dolphins would be in good position to hire a good head coach with a winning track record because they could chose between a semi-retired Cowher and an unemployed Schottenheimer as their next coach.

So to recap if Saban had stayed in Miami this year, the Dolphins might not be winless and in 2008:

Saban would be coaching LSU.

Cameron would be coaching San Diego.

And either Cowher or Schottenheimer could be coaching the Dolphins.

That's better all the way around, I think.

Discuss ...


Anonymous Thomas - Houston, TX said...

A lot of what ifs... But, I'm happy with Cameron. I think he's learning just like the rest of the team. Did we expect to contend this year, really? The Dolphins' problems are directly related to the fact that (I believe) we don't have a single player on the roster from drafts 2000 - 2004. Cameron has gotten Ginn (4 TD's called back for penalties... think, if he had 5 at this point, he's be up for ST player of the year), Beck, and Satele. If he drafts well next year, plus with our decent cap money available, and Beck's developement these remaining games, the team will turn around. Cowher or Marty wouldn't have done much better this year, guys. At least Cam has the offense gearing up. Houck will be back, too. Keep the faith. Let's get through the tough times, the result will be worth it.

11:30 AM  
Blogger DolfanTom said...

Disagree totally. First off, Saban is a BS-er, and the quicker he was gone the better. Plus, we would likely be even further from rebuilding totally (which was/is needed) then we are now. I like the draft we had this year, and if that's what we can expect out of RandyCam, I can see great things beyond this dreadful season. Saban is a used car salesmen - one of the biggest mistakes we ever made!! Who cares if we'd have a few wins under him. We'd just suffer next year like we are this year.

11:44 AM  
Blogger PIEMAN said...

Too many what ifs, but an interesting thought! I'm not happy with Cameron, all the mistakes that people chalk up to "his learning" would not be happening if we had hired a coach that was ready. Cam just isn't ready and I think he gets fired after this year if a coach Wayne wants becomes available. I agree that the problems are from lack of success with the draft, but we do have players on the roster from 2004 draft, but if you go back and look at the drafts during that time we had very few picks overall, and that was the problem. We traded draft picks like candy. I am not sold on this draft yet either, no way would these rookies be starting on any other team!!

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Exactly how would Randy Mueller and the suffering staff at Dolphin headquarters be better off?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karma is a cruel mistress!

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like clarification as to why Armando thinks Saban would have a win and Cameron does not?

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I fail to see a legitimate point about the Dolphins being better off had Saban stayed.

Let's say we go 1-15 this year. What are we left with? An improved offense, improved special teams, lots of salary cap room for next year, and a rising quarterback. All in all, a plan being followed.

Lets say Saban stayed and won more than HALF of those games we lost by 3 points. That puts us at say 4-12. So what? Given his record over 3 seasons, he would be FIRED at the end of the third year. Based on his last draft, we would have added 2 new bodies (not NINE as we did this year) and one of which would not start until next year (a la Jason Allen). He would have stuck with Dante (can't read 'em, can't outrun 'em anymore) Culpepper, and per his own words, he would have FIRED Randy Mueller, who has been a fine GM.

So this year would have been lost, 6 more draft picks wasted, no qb in the making, and the architect for rebuilding the personnel would have been fired without implementing a plan to help this team recover from 9 years of crappy drafting.

Then, we get to go into next year, with who knows what available as GM, with Wayne throwing money at Cowher (who took 15 years to win a superbowl), or some other "flavor of the month" college coach or burned-out re-tread (Parcells).

So how far back does THAT process take us?

Huh? Well?

Tell me again how much better the Fins would be with Saban here.

Matt in NC

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the post that say that the team is better of without Saban. He was the one who gave up a 2nd and a 5th for QB's that are no longer with the team. Also I agree that he would not have started the rebuilding process, which means going out and getting OLD, past their prime players from other teams as stop gap measures, just a revolving door which would keep us spinning our wheels and going nowhere. True we would have won a few more games, but would we be better off? And to the post the says that this rookie class would not be starting on another team, guess what you are right, because other teams are far more talented than we are. But that is not to say that these guys would not improve any other team significantly if they were on there roster.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Saban stayed, the Fins would have made progress for the long-term. Saban made safe bets, he was not willing to sacrifice losing in the short term for the risks necessary to win in the long term. He would have kept Culpepper and probably would not have drafted a QB. Maybe this translates to a win or two this year, but what does that do for the Fins next year or the following year? We'd still have no long-term answer at QB.

Cameron is taking those risks now -- he is starting (finally) his younger players, he is building the offense. It may or may not pay off in the long term, but he is taking risks that the conservative, risk-averse Saban never would have taken.

12:29 PM  
Blogger mike said...

Saban would have kept us right on the path we had been on. Mediocre seasons that don't get us anywhere or anything but mediocre draft picks. I love this season. I said it right from the start I either wanted first or last this year. If Saban had stayed, it only would have delayed the rebuilding that needed to happen.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous UKPhinFan said...

What a nonsensical piece of journalism. We would have been better off with Saban, winning 4 measly games and suffering another season of mediocre draft picks, and several more washed up has been free agent signings on D.

Saban was an idiot, who continued the process of destroying this proud franchise started by JJ in his last year and then continued by his chum Wanny.

We had a serious lack of talent and depth on this team at the beginning of the season, and lets not forget that it is only with Cam as HC that Brown has shown he is a top RB, and Jason Allen has finally got onto the field and started to show he is not a complete bust as thought last year.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Tom@Jax said...

Armando, you are so full of it. How long did it take you to dream this crap up? Or are you just running out of Blogging sense?

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Armando, Ricky was asking where you left the pipe the two of you were hitting while you wrote this "puff" piece.

Cameron is making the Offense better. Capers has let the team down with his Defense. You let everyone down when you write rubbish like this.


12:48 PM  
Blogger mike said...

Ya, this is also the same Nick Saban who just compared his last two college losses to the 9-11 attacks and Pearl Harbor. Ya we woulda been better with that tard.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the worst posts in a while...and there are plenty of subjuects to tend to....give me a Joe Toledo update or something.


12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Mando, I liked the You're freakin' Jesse Chatman post better.

Too much wondering here. If we go this route, we could say What if Daunte did this or that, What if people with names ending in Surtain, Seau, or Welker were still here, What if we wore the orange jerseys the past 10 games and were 10-0, What if Ray Lucas didn't kill us that year, What if Ricky never lit up, What if Wanny never made it to head coach, What if Dan was still playing, etc.

Interesting topic for a chat at the watercooler, but not newsworthy, IMO.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Armando, yet another quality journalism job by you.... Now can you please go to work with Cole over at Yahoo sports ???? Come one you know you want too !!! Come one Armando we implore you please GO WORK AT YAHOO.COM !!! Please please please....

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TRUE: The dolphins win/loss record would be better with Saban. He would have hung on to Carter, Bowens, etc, and our D and ST would be playing better.
FALSE: The dolphins would be better off with a burned out Cowher or Schottenheimer.

I like the direction our offense is headed. Ronnie Brown was leading the LEAGUE in total yards from scrimmage before his injury.

Lets give Cam a chance, before we start speculating that the Dolphins would be better off with Cowher or Marty S. next season.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Stuart said...

If Saban was here, the D would still be bad, maybe not this bad, but they have gotten better since Cam decided to pay more attention to them. Second Ronnie would still have been dancing around in the backfield and everyone on here would be calling him a bust. Third we still would have picked Ted Ginn b/c Mueller and Saban did like him the year before. Fourth we'd still have 'Pep (who will be out of Oakland next year b/c of his bad play) and not have John Beck.....Overall we're better with Cam than with Saban

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cowher and parcells not marty should be with the dolphins in 2008 anyway!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

What are we left with? An improved offense, improved special teams, lots of salary cap room for next year, and a rising quarterback. All in all, a plan being followed.

Improved offense? How so? What has Cam done for this offense, except take it a step back!

We lost our top TE for a POS, #1 reciever for some unknown next year, slot reciever/PR/KR, and FB. So, he added ONE lineman, a rookie FB, and a damn good replacement to Welker. The problem with the offense last year was playcalling and not utilizing Chambers/McMichael, which we don't have anymore. I think Beck and Ginn, for sure, will develop into the core of the offense for the future, but there was no need to blow up the nucleus we had! They would have been a great augmentation. And Cam didn't have anything to do with the O-line, that's Houcks job

Plus, we would likely be even further from rebuilding totally (which was/is needed) then we are now.

Who needed to rebuild? We didn't need to rebuild! We CHOSE to rebuild.

At least Cam has the offense gearing up.

How exactly? What has Cam done?

Did we expect to contend this year, really? The Dolphins' problems are directly related to the fact that (I believe) we don't have a single player on the roster from drafts 2000 - 2004.

Yes, I did, obviously Mandy did. On paper this was a good team, WAS, until we blew it up! We needed key pieces, not the whole pie! A replacement to the Surtain/Madison tantem would have been a start

Also I agree that he would not have started the rebuilding process, which means going out and getting OLD, past their prime players from other teams as stop gap measures, just a revolving door which would keep us spinning our wheels and going nowhere.

We've made terrible choices in the past as far as free agency, but, how many of you really thought Culpepper was going to bomb? A handful? EVERYONE thought he would flurush!

If Saban had stayed, it only would have delayed the rebuilding that needed to happen.

Once again, NOT NEEDED.

We had a serious lack of talent and depth on this team at the beginning of the season, and lets not forget that it is only with Cam as HC that Brown has shown he is a top RB, and Jason Allen has finally got onto the field and started to show he is not a complete bust as thought last year.

There was not a SERIOUS lack of talent, as stated earlier. A couple good picks in the draft and a couple GOOD FA acquisitions and we would have been FINE!

Let's not forget that Brown came out the gates as a top RB, there was no question from anyone (except the guys that thought that Cam, the genuis RB developer that only ran him 20 times the first 2 games, knew something we didnt) that he was NOT a bust, except the ignorant few

Jason Allen got onto the field AFTER Bell went down, Thompson got cut, Hill went down, Darius got cut, Daniels got burnt, Worrel got burnt.
How are those a credit to Cam? If anything it shows his complete incompetance by not starting/playing guys sooner. It makes no sense that Ginn wasn't in the slot day 1, that Allen wasn't the nickle back, that Brown was "battling" for the starting job, that Beck wasn't inserted Week 4, the list goes on

Once again, what has Cam done for us lately?

He's getting credit for a Running back that was already good, a line that Houck fixed, and starting rookies because we DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!

SIDE NOTE: Can't wait to see Ricky rumblin' and fumblin'. We'll finally have a fumble from a RB this year. Mark my words....

1:55 PM  
Anonymous KRL said...

I'm glad Saban left us.

Please, no more Cowher talk or Parcells talk or some other old, tired, worn out retread coach.

Cameron will get the act together soon enough or he will be gone.

If Saban would have stayed, that would have put off the inevitable another year.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam Cameron 4 president. He would be better than Hillary. However if Rudy wanted to coach the team, then and only then would I be in favor of a change.


2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Marc-

If you have to ask the question:

"How did Cam get the offense going?" you are seriously out of touch and must not have seen a single game before Brown got hurt.

There was NOTHING even close to that last year.

To say Cam got rid of our best TE ever, you must be joking. Look at McMichael's stats this year. He ain't saved the RAMS. While Martin may not be quite as good, he's no SERIOUS downgrade and he comes a helluva lot cheaper. And good riddance to Chambers and his bloated buttery-fingery contract as well.

And for you to say this team had no personnel problems illustrates a clear lack of understanding the depth necessary to compete in this league, and a sheer willingness to ignore the COMPLETE LACK OF DRAFT CHOICES still on this team from years past.

Keep it real Marc.

Matt in NC

2:38 PM  
Blogger Mitchell said...

The only good thing having Saban for one more year is to see him abusing you poor journalists on a weekly basis. Right, I'm sure you guys would have loved that!

The last thing we need is even more turnover at the coaching and qb positions. The fact that we've had 12 different starting QBs and 7 different HCs since Marino and Shula retired are the #1 and #2 reasons this franchise has fallen so far.

The best thing we can do is see how Cameron/Mueller pulls this team up from its bootstraps. They need at least 3 good drafts to mold the team. If we're not making the playoffs by the end of 2009, then its time to consider making a change.

But ole Wayne will likely go with public sentiment and get another big name coach (Chin) or GM (Tuna) to hijack the franchise, mortgage the future with trades, get burnt out, and leave the team in disarray, yet again.


3:01 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

"How did Cam get the offense going?" you are seriously out of touch and must not have seen a single game before Brown got hurt.

I watch/have watched EVERY SINGLE game.

Are you referring to week 2 or 3 when Chambers had consecutive 100 yard+ games? Or week 1 or 2 when Brown had less than 10 carries each game? Or are you referring to when he FINALLY decided to give Brown the ball? We're averaging less than 20 points a game. 19th overall. That's hardly breath-taking and hardly a testament to Cam.

Nothing close to it last year? Isn't that the OFFENSIVE COORDINATORS job? Wait, Cam is an offensive coordinator, no, he's the head coach. So if he's responsible for the "improved" offense, but generally has ruined the team and we're still winless, what does that makes him?

Randy McMichael 24 Rec 293 Yards 12.2 AVG 29 LONG 2 TD

David Martin 19 Rec 145 Yards 7.6 AVG 14 LONG 2 TD

Thanks for proving my point! St Loius has Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce Combining for another 1200 yards. Whereas our leading reciever happens to be our RUNNING BACK that hasn't played in 3 weeks! Followed by Marty, with a whopping 321 yards!

Just for giggles, here's their respective career stats:
G GS Rec Yds Avg Long TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD
2007 St. Louis Rams 10 09 24 293 12.2 29T 2
2006 Miami Dolphins 16 16 62 640 10.3 24 3
2005 Miami Dolphins 16 16 60 582 9.7 30T 5
2004 Miami Dolphins 16 16 73 791 10.8 42T 4
2003 Miami Dolphins 16 16 49 598 12.2 46 2
2002 Miami Dolphins 16 16 39 485 12.4 45 4

TOTAL 307 REC 3,389 YARDS 11.0 AVG 46 LONG 20 TDS

G GS Rec Yds Avg Long TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD
2007 Miami Dolphins 9 9 20 152 7.6 14T 2
2006 Green Bay Packers 11 4 21 198 9.4 23 2
2005 Green Bay Packers 12 8 27 224 8.3 21T 3
2004 Green Bay Packers 9 3 5 88 17.6 35 0
2003 Green Bay Packers 16 3 13 79 6.1 14 2
2002 Green Bay Packers 8 2 8 33 4.1 7 1
2001 Green Bay Packers 14 1 13 144 11.1 31 1

TOTAL 107 REC 918 YARDS 8.6 AVG 35 LONG 11 TDS

As for Chambers:
TOTAL 418 REC 5,892 YARDS 14.1 AVG 77 LONG 44 TDS 41
I'll take those slippery-buttery #'s ANY DAY!

From Nov 06:
"As for individuals, Troy Williamson of the Vikings leads the league with nine drops. Philly's Reggie Brown, Carolina's Steve Smith, Jacksonville's Reggie Williams and Moss are second with seven. Owens, Houston's Andre Johnson and Brian Westbrook of the Eagles have six each. Owens' six drops are half the Cowboys' total. Owens has the same number of touchdowns catches as dropped passes this year. He has dropped three potential touchdowns."

You guys FAR overexagerrated Chambers drops. The only reason it stood out is because EVERYTHING ELSE FAILS!

I NEVER said we didn't have personnel problems. I said that we weren't in a as desperate of a situation as we are NOW. Nothing as ridiculous as what has transpired HAD TO happen. We didn't HAVE to destroy the team and "rebuild". That's what Cam and Mueller DECIDED to do! That's as real as it gets!

3:45 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Wonder where the problem lies:

Miami record with starting QBs since Marino

Jay Fiedler 36-23
Gus Frerotte 9-6
Joey Harrington 5-6
Brian Griese 3-2
A.J Feeley 3-5
Ray Lucas 2-4
Damon Huard 1-0
Daunte Culpepper 1-3
Sage Rosenfels 0-2
Trent Green 0-5
Cleo Lemon 0-5
John Beck 0-1

3:53 PM  
Anonymous clark said...

Saban is getting what he deserves that SOCIOPATH deserves to be hated by a group of people who up until four months ago thought he was the second coming. Alabama deserves their crappy season and so does Saban.

Marc, come on man you can't really but Beck on that list yet his first one should be a freebie! lol.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Clark, you're right, but facts are facts. Marino may have thrown 2 picks his first start, but he also threw 3 TD's and threw for 350 yards...Man, I miss that guy!

4:31 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Am I the only one that didn't realize Chatman was a Dolphin before?

Also, look at that first one, OUCH!


4/23 CB Patrick Surtain and a 5th (138th overall) round pickin 2005 to Kansas City for 2nd (46th overall) and 5th (162nd overall) round picks in 2005
8/4 DE Ronald Flemons to Seattle for CB Kris Reshard
8/29 LB Brendan Ayanbadejo to Chicago for TE John Owens and a 7th (233rd overall) round pick in 2006
10/11 RB Jesse Chatman to New Orleans for a conditional draft choice
10/18 QB A.J. Feeley and a 6th (188th overall) round draft pick in 2006 to San Diego for QB Cleo Lemon

4:43 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

IT'S OFFICIAL...WE HAVE REACHED ROCK BOTTTOM when we are having a discussion about how the Dolphins would be better off had Saban stayed another year.

God, when will it end???

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Zod said...


Ask yourself this: Would you have kept Chambers, McMichael, and Welker if you had a three year window to put a champion on the field? If you give that some thought I think you may realize that this team would not have won during the life of their contracts. The Defense is old. The offense (in the skill positions) was mature. Cam-Mueller brought a rookie in at QB. They wanted him to start somewhere in year two if Trent Green was not winning games. The loss of Trent Green threw a curve into the plan for the rookie. In one recent article, Marty Booker sat his locker and observed the truth about this team. He looked over at the talented group of rookies and said something similar to "that's your core group. They are the players you will be writing about in the next few years."

Some around here keep clamouring for Bill Parcells to coach this team. If you have never observed a Parcells takeover - I'll tell you now. He rids a team of more supposed "talent" than most. In other words, he would trade away or release just as much (or more) than Cam-Mueller have.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Why is everyone here so enamored with Cowher? He went to two SB's, won one, after many many years with a Pittsburgh. Ok, I give him credit and respect him as a coach, but he is no Bill Walsh, Don Shula, Marty S, Tony D., not in their league at all. Ok, he won the big one once, but I sure don't think he is 'the guy you go after at all costs' as suggested by Mando and so many bloggers here. I think Cam will make his mark sooner than later.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention had Saban stayed he almost assuredly would have drafted Brady Quinn.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Zod said...

And on that Parcells note, look at HIS New England Patriots draft picks through 93-96.

Drew Bledsoe, Chris Slade, Troy Brown, Willie McGinest, Dave Wohlabaugh, Curtis Martin, Ted Johnson, Ty Law, Terry Glenn, Lawyer Milloy, Tedy Bruschi

That was the core of the New England Patriot reign. It didn't happen overnight with the acquisition of Bill Bellichek.

The GREAT Bill Parcells had an 5-11 record in 93 and a 6-10 record in 1995. Bellichek took over Parcells draft picks in 2000. Bellichek went 5-11 in his first year. Bellichek cut and release all of Pete Carroll's guys in his first two season. He took free agents from the Parcell's Jets and combined them with the Parcell's Patriots.

That has been the consistant problem in Miami in the past few years. Every fan has been short sighted. Not one coach can survive a losing season. Writers think it's their job to hire or fire the coach. The simple fact is that Dave Wannstedt could not draft a quality fart. So this team's talent is barron. The message here is clear. It will get worse before it gets better. Judge the final product. You will not see anything close to a Cam-Mueller's product until the 2009 season. Until then I suggest you quit beating your head against the wall. Watch the rookies for improvement.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eaybuawZod, don't waste your time responding to Marc. You will see from his posts he is a very strange bird with no sense of normal reasoning. Don't know if he is bonging too hard but his sense of reality is beyond comprehensible.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, these last two blogs are your worse ever. I wish there were a way for me to get those five minutes back I spent reading them. Jim in Mn

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Agreed, what a waste. Armando should go write for 'The Onion' if he wants to stay on this fantasy, soap opera kick. Can't believe so many are responding to this nonsense, but now I am guilty too. Good heavans. Mando's destiny is here at the Herald, he has peaked....SI, ESPN, not a chance, ever....they have real writers that even understand what a complete grammatical sentence is.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want that loser,quitter,coward Saban?
I can agree that if Saban were here, the fins would have at least 2-3 wins, they would not be winless.

They are however winless because Cam sucks as a HC and should not be here next season. Any other HC in this league would have at least 1 win with this same dolphins team.

Cam is not a HC and never will be.

The fins need to hire a proven HC that has had at least "some" success in this league. If Wayne can't manage to find a decent HC he needs to sell the team to someone who can.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are few 'proven' HC's in the nfl. I think teams need to take the chance on new blood rather than recylce the norv turners year after year. Cam was a good bet. All you bashers take a minute to look at the records of all your favorite coaches first year.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Cubano Brother said...

I really thought about writing this because I'm about to defend someone that doesn't need defending. But the truth is all you guys that moan and grumble about this blog can easily not come back. End of your problem.

I've read on here several times that this blog is the most popular sports blog at the Herald. I don't think Armando would miss you.

And from what I read of his short bio, Gary, he's already worked for ESPN. And he's got a radio show in South Florida that is very popular. So I'm pretty sure he's a lot more successful than you ever will be.

Finally, the conversation blog was GREAT!!!! I laughed out loud for two minutes.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cubano Brother is Armando.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Falsedawn said...

I love your blog and your writing. BUT... this is the most pointless thing you've ever written. If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam-moron has been in the game long enough that the rookie mistake excuse does not apply. Wake-up--him and Mueller should get what they deserve after this season is over.

Do you want Mueller making the #1 overall pick?? Yikes!!!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man you must be reaching for straws to write this. We would have had a lousy draft and another middle draft choice for this coming year. Yeah we all are aching for a win and a winning season but I'm sick of being middle of the pack. We have had a bunch of coaches who thought the could win with a mediocare or worse than QB. Traded away draft picks for veterans on the downside of their career. I'll take the growing pains for 1 more year because I think Randy & Cam are realists and know what the team will need to turn around. I could care less if Saban rots in Bama. He is getting everything his wormy self deserves. Karama's a bitch.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that's a very nice dream Armando, but to be honest, I'm glad Cam is our new head coach instead of Nicky. Plus, I kinda like this years draft class, the best we've had in years, a class we would have never had with Nicky at the helm. With that said, being a Dolfan this year has been tough, but I do see the big picture of what kind of team the Dolphins can and will become (explosive and electrifying). With that in mind GO-FINS.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marty impresses me..... KC... he took to the play offs (looked great), jump in with winless washington took them 8-8 (looked great) and the charger well 14-2 THEY LOOKED GREAT. . . he's got what it takes, I say if he's out there grab him.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(With a Cuban Accent)Armandito, please stop smoking that marijuana. It is making you delusional. And jes, please, call tu mama

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big waste of my time. What if? Please. It didn't happen. So let it go.

Ken in San Diego

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Armondo, 0 wins, 2 wins, 3 wins, does it matter? He'd still be running the personell for the team. So Kevin Carter, Randy Mac, Chambers, all those guys would still be here, leaving the next Coach/GM to start tearing it down like They have done this year. Also, Ginn wouldn't be a Dolphin. Saban would have taken a defensive player or something. Beck wouldn't be a Dolphin either, Daunte would probably still be limping around here. The Offense would still be horrible, no young players would be playing for Miami because Saban was all about winning NOW! Yea Saban might be better off, Cam would look like a genious, but the Dolphins would be a year behind on the rebuilding process.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dolphins would not of been better off with Saban still at the reigns IMO. Cam may or may not be a good head coach. Probally is not but in fairness this is his rookie season. I personally am not impressed with many of his choices preseason, pregame, and game time. He has a long way to go to improve enough to be acceptable.

Saban was in the same boat as Cam and made horrible choices regarding personel.

We picked up jason allen in his last draft when we should of should of traded up to get cutler and grabbed steve hutchinginson in FA.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT IF?!What if my aunt grew a mustache--would she be my uncle?

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding me, If my aunt ahd balls she'd be my uncle. You idiot

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate being 0-fer. But absolutely LOVE what RandyCam has done so far. We've upgraded in key areas that needed it. We've slipped on defense a little, but even the D is starting to come around somewhat. Another nice draft like this year, PLUS, good salary cap room and you'll start to see the team rise. Excellent job RandyCam. Mature, reasonable adults can see what you're doing!!!!

11:56 PM  
Blogger dolfantimmy said...

Wow, some great posts on an issue so near and dear to all of us. First off, I have to agree with dolfantom on at least one point. Saban's departure from Miami was the best thing that could have happened. Saban flat out lied. He didn't plead the fifth and say "We'll worry about next year after this year is over". What he said was "I'm not going to be the head coach of Alabama. I'm the head coach of the Miami Dolphins". It should be noted that this quote was "paraphrased", I didn't go look it up to get it word for word. But Saban did state that he wasn't going to coach Alabama. Then, without so much as an explanation in a press conference, he bolted for Alabama. That makes him a liar. Pure and simple, a man without integrity. We are far and away better off without him.

No, with respect to Cameron. It's a tough call. I see so many good things, and so many things that make me scratch my head.

Several weeks ago, Cameron explained that he didn't start Beck because Lemon gave them the best chance to "win now". But, in the same week, he traded Chris Chambers for a number 2 pick. If the issue was to "win now" why would you trade arguably your best receiver? And secondly, if you were in a draft, and had a crystal ball, and saw the ability of Chris Chambers in advance, and he was available in the second round, wouldn't you take him? If so, then getting only a 2nd round choice makes no sense.

Cameron has also made a bunch of "questionable" play calls. Why don't you take the 3 points on 4th and 1 at the 1 against Philly?

The list goes on and on and on of calls that don't make sense. Of course, you have to temper this factor to some extent, because, if these decisions had worked, we'd consider him brilliant.

Cameron has, however, been able to find a way to keep this team unified, and close. They are 0-10. They have a chance to make the Miami Dolphins not only the only undefeated team, but the only 0-16 team in history (Tampa Bay once went 0-14). Through all of that, they work hard, and most importantly, believe in the direction they are heading.

I disagree completely with any of the posts that suggest that this was not a very successful draft. I've always thought that if you can get just one 16 game starting, high quality player out of every draft, you are doing well. Satele is going to be one of the best center's in the game. Very few "experts" in the game disagree. On top of that, Ted Ginn, Jr. has not only proven himself to be a great return man (one of the primary reasons he was drafted in the first round), but has shown he can be an every down receiver. Add to that the potential for Beck. Granted, his first outing produced no points, and was poor using NFL standards. But there were very positive things as well. I think he's already proven he is great with the team. He also has a rocket of an arm, bringing back memories of another pocket passer in Dolphin history. To even bring up the idea that Beck is the next Danny is ludicrous, for NOW. But there were positives to Beck's debut. The mistakes, though obvious and damaging, are mistakes that experience, and a simple bit of "calm dawn" can easily resolve.

Overall, I think this is shaping up to be a brilliant draft class. 2 or 3 above average, if not great players? Sounds good to me.

Lastly, I believe that one of two things are most likely to happen in the off season with regard to the coaching spot.
A) Cam Cameron and the guppies will turn it around. Maybe it will be the resurrection of Ricky Williams? Perhaps Beck will turn out to be the second coming of #13. Or maybe the steady improvement we have seen over the past couple weeks will finally take hold. But, the Dolphins will start to win a few games and look like a competitive NFL team, and Cameron will keep his job. Wayne has proven to be patient and willing to give his people a chance. Cowher ends up in Chicago.


B) The fish will tank, even worse than they already have. They'll win 1, or 2 games all season (or, heaven forbid it, go 0-16), and Huizenga will fire Cameron, knowing that Cowher is out there, probably already hoping for that great Miami life!

If this season doesn't prove that absolutely none of us on this forum are "fair weather" fans, nothing will. I have to admit, we were spoiled for a long time. For many years we were in the playoffs nearly every season. This drought is ever so much more painful as a result. But I believe that when this team finally rises from the ashes, a year or 3 from now, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

1:26 AM  
Blogger terry said...

YUP! Cameron does not appear to have the quality of a Head Coach. But will the Dolphins have the gut to say Goodby..Solong..been good to know 'ya? It's time for Dan to get off TV and take the GM job.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, we are your army of zombies. Anything you post, we will react. We will follow you and do your bidding. Tell us what to think.

Love the blog, bro.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

What a complete waste of time.
Where does it from Salguero?

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes him think every LSU fan wants Saban back? I sure as hell don't.

6:51 PM  

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