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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What to expect from Beck once he starts

I know everyone is calling for John Beck and you might finally see him this week because, as we speak, Cam Cameron is giving the decision some deep thought.

But when (not if) when Beck finally starts this season do not expect Dan Marino.

Marino, as many of you Dolphinphiles may remember, was a stud from the moment he stepped on the practice field at the old St. Thomas University training camp and his studliness (I jsut made up a word) continued into his first start, all the way through the end of his career.

John Beck is NOT Dan Marino. So don't expect him to come in when he finally gets his chance this year and turn the NFL's worst team into a dangerous club. The chances that will happen are simply not that good.

Peyton Manning wasn't great as a rookie. Drew Brees wasn't good his first couple of years. Derek Anderson bounced around before this season with Cleveland. Even Tom Brady struggled for, OK never mind, bad example.

The point is unless Beck is SuperQuarterback he is going to struggle coming out of the gate. Most rookie quarterbacks do. If his first start is against Philadelphia's blitzing, attacking defense, his deficiencies will look much bigger because he'll be constantly under pressure and duress.

So all I am asking you is not to expect the Dolphins to simply become a fine team once Beck is inserted. Don't expect tooooooo much of him because you've been asking, begging, demanding that he play.

If he struggles when he gets in there, it doesn't mean he's a bust. If he has flaws in reading defenses it doesn't mean he's slow. If he doesn't make great decisions right away it doesn't mean he is dumb. All it means is he's a rookie.

So be happy that Beck is getting playing time to work those kinks out now. But be patient, because all those kinks are likely to be quite pronounced at first.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just need some reason to keep waking up at 10 am to watch my Dolphins game. Let the rookie play, and while you are at it, give the ball to Booker (rookie) and leave Cobbs on the bench! Everyone at the bar laughs when i wear my dolphins shirt.

Kirkland, WA

10:59 AM  
Blogger Ted Hill said...

There is one thing I want to see from our offense regardless of who the QB is. Have Ted Ginn run 50 yards down field and have someone launch the ball and hit him in stride. Why do we not attempt any passes over 20 yards?

11:04 AM  
Blogger Porthos said...

Great post with great perspective. Why is the same apologetic applied to Ginn, though? Shouldn't he get the same, "Hey, rookie years are hard. Don't expect him to be great out of the gate" treatment?

11:16 AM  
Blogger j dizzle said...

Good post Armando

I hope he does well, but like you said chances are he won't!! Its going to be ALOT of mixed emotions on this blog following his start!

And to Porthos

The same treatment isn't applied to Ginn because his position is alot less important! Beck has to be a leader!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Ron in Charlotte said...

Another thing people need to realize, Mando, is that even if Beck looks horrible, there is no way that Miami is playing him to "see if we need to draft another QB". Beck will be here in 2008. Regardless of his 2007 performance.

Cam will live or die with Beck. If Beck is a stud, and Miami wins 8-10 games next year nobody here will complain about Cam.

People don't expect much and remember that Beck being in there may give us 7 more losses. Let's hope not, but be prepared and don't complain about Cam if Beck throws three picks in one game because once Beck steps in, there is no going back.

Good Luck John, we are all pulling for you!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe Ginn needs an apologetic. He has had 2 KO returns for touchdowns called back as well as several returns near 50 yards. Ginn has been 3 steps behind the defender on several occasions only to not yet be hit in stride or even have the ball close to him. A better quarterback who can throw a deep pass and special tems that can block without holding and we'd have 2-3 wins thanks in good part to the abilities and speed of Ginn.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he will get at least two quarters before someone calls for him to be benched.....

11:48 AM  
Anonymous TexPhin said...

It's pretty sad to think that all of the football geniuses here will be calling Beck a bust when he throws his first pick. Give the guy a chance and let's see what he can do before you all try and run him out of town like you attempted to do with Ginn.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Duh, gee what an insightful post. Nobody is expecting another Marino and anyone interested enough to read this blow already knows every obvious comment you made. Do you have a quota for cranking out articles? If not, please wait until you have something remotely engaging to say.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As is the case with many other dolfans, I do beleive we that the team should start Beck with adequate time to provide an assesment of his ability, especially since all hope for a winning season is gone. Regardless of how Beck performs, playing him will bring some value to the team. I am surprise however that so many of you think so little of Cleo Lemon. He has been around but has only started a few games. Yet the fan base is being asked to display a little patience with Beck, but where Cleo is concern the same patience is not extended. I am a dolfan, I have been one for more than 35 years and I will continue to be one.

Let support our team regardless of who the starting QB might be!

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel we made a mistake passing on Brady Quinn and when Beck starts playing, it will become even more obvious.I feel Beck will be nothing more than a back-up in this league.I saw him in preseaon and he didn't impress me at all.He is short and has a sidearm delivery and will struggle in this league.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I agree the 'fans' have been far too harsh on Lemon. Cam says he has continued to improve, and he knows better than us. Why not take a look at the first seasons of Troy Aikman, Steve Young and other HOF QBacks for perspective. Just because Cleo wasn't our 2nd round pick, doesn't necessarily mean he is not serious starter material. Let the coaches determine that, not jack off fans who don't really know squat.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Tom@Jax said...

I don't care about some bad decisions
or perhaps a couple interceptions. It's his overall play I'm interested in. Can he make some deep throws on target (our other qb's couldn't). Can he get the ball off when the Eagles blitz and avoid the sack? Is he tall enough to see downfield (silly question)? I want to see the possibilities for our offense for next year, but I don't expect a world beater out there. If Lemon starts, I will be watching the Indianapolis game. If Beck starts, I will be watching the Dolphins game. It's that simple.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Jeff S from LA said...

It's simple, I either hope the Dolphins lose enough to get the top pick in the draft, or see Beck play (both will probably happen). No one is stupid enough to think that Beck playing will propel the fins to a pile of wins this year. If QB was the only problem position, I'd be more optimistic, but a team doesn't go winless more than half the season just from one position.... and they won't suddenly start winning games from one position changing. We just want to see a little sliver of hope that's all. Not wins, not magic, just a little hope for the future. Simple.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous PJK said...

He doesn't have to be Marino,or even Rothlisberger.
Let him take his lumps and learn now so next year he's not like a deer in the headlights.
Great post though Armando.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The defense looks much improved, and a new QB will get us that first win for sure...LEMON sucks at to many thing, Beck will suck in less things a get us the win...
Go dolphins

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Dumb post. Sounded like he was addressing 5 year olds. By the way, don't touch the fire or you might get burned, and remember, even adults have to look both ways before crossing the street.

1:03 PM  
Blogger mike said...

well Gary if you read the blog enough you will see he pretty much is addressing lots of 5 year olds.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post armando, everyone saying that of course we wont call him a bust but truth is this is miami and the city as fans has always been like that never willing to give anyone more than a year to show their goods. hell everyone will be calling ted ginn a bust till he scores... o wait hes already scored 2... and were called back yet people still think hes a bust. ive seen very few passes thrown to him and of those i think he has dropped once and over/under thrown 2 or 3 times.. the rest he has caught.


1:10 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Fair point, Mike. Just another indication of the degradation of our society. This just ain't the same place I grew up in....

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just hate how we keep reading that coach Cam doesnt want to put Beck in just yet, cuz he doesnt want it to look like to the veteran players that he is giving up on the season..JESUS CHRIST!!! We are 0 and 9!!!! What the freak is the difference! Put the guy in, maybe we get a win, and then the vets will have something more to play for.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoting Another Worshiper: "I feel we made a mistake passing on Brady Quinn and when Beck starts playing, it will become even more obvious.I feel Beck will be nothing more than a back-up in this league.I saw him in preseaon and he didn't impress me at all.He is short and has a sidearm delivery and will struggle in this league."

Wow, the insight! You saw Beck in pre-season and he didn't impress you! Well that settles it. But wait, there's one part I don't understand: How, exactly, would Beck's potential or lack of potential prove that Quinn is worth anything? I'll ask again the question which none of you Notre Dame worshipers ever chooses to answer: Exactly what makes you think Quinn is any good at all? All those heroic wins over Navy? The big pre-season of fourth quarter screen passes against fourth-stringers? Exactly what makes him any better than the loser who couldn't throw downfield and got his ass drubbed every time he played USC? Please, somebody tell me what Brady Quinn has EVER done to warrant your love, loyalty and seeming lust?

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anyone who is pretending that this blog doesnt apply to them is lying. I've read the Miami papers and am the biggest NY Dolphins fan and will continue to be forever. Im more loyal then most FLA fans. Fact is if the Patriots or the colts were dealing with the injuries and lack of depth the dolphins are everyone would be "aw, poor patriots, they'll be a force next year when they're healthy." Instead all the writers and fans here keep saying how untalented Miami is when they havent had a fully healthy roster since the second quater of opening day. So excuse me for being skeptical of those who say they wouldnt jump on becks back if he messes up early. To all those Brady Quinn worshipers, how many yards does he have this season that is leading u to believe he would be better than Beck. Fact is our defensive quarterbacks have been different everygame including on opening day. On top of that, our Defenive leader and captain has missed four games and the underrated Vonnie Holliday has missed six. We lost our veteren QB and our MVP candidate running back. U remember him right, the one everyone was calling a bust last year and not worthy of his #2 pick. Our coaching staff has messed up in using Joey Porter na dshould have him pass rush with JT and not one at a time. The team has talent. problem is, they're all on the sidelines. That includes Beck. Truth is this never team never gets a shot or any defense from its own fans. As soon as it gets tough all u fans and writers start pointing fingers. I have faith in this team and I understand what they're going through and why. I wish them Goodluck and hope John Beck shutd up all the critics.

Brett from Long island

P.S. yes the Pats have overcome injuries, but they also have depth...another thing we dont have and is why we're on our fourth pair of safties.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just want to evaluate players for the future. We need to see alot of Beck, Booker, & Ginn ... so they can grow & judged.

Beck is facing long odds to be a QB in the NFL .... as even the highest picks do.

We just want the scratch-off to see what our lottery tickets show!!

Go Phins!! Cheers, JerryD

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Trenton said...

Chris, you are a tool. All you can add to the thread is that the post was not insightful? And then you come back with more garbage? Go away, loser.

Meanwhile, Mando, do you think if Beck fails fast forward, the Dolphins will draft one of the stud QBs in the first round?

2:42 PM  
Anonymous finheavenblows said...

Sorry we can't meet your high standards Gary. Maybe you should go to the symphony while diversifying your portfolio and solving the global warming problem instead of being on this blog with us schlubs that don't meet your expectations.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Don't feel bad Alberto, I get laughed at too! We'll have our day again...

The all or nothing approach seems a little risky and foolish to me because there is simply no reason for it. Cameron should have been scripting a series of plays (as Bill Walsh did with Joe Montana) for Beck to run in every game. As the season progressed and Beck became acclimated the number of plays could have increased with his progression. Now we are left with tossing Beck into the fire. Another questionable decision in my opinion.

But that said, I have a feeling the team will become energized behind Beck. This team just needs something to hang its hat on and that could be John Beck

Watching Cleo play it is clear that he is limited in his ability to read defenses. When he drops to throw he is given only one side of the field to read because of his limited ability. There were several occasions where I saw Ginn running wide open down the opposite side of the field. Buffalo became increasingly aware of this during the game and the safeties were cheating to the side of Lemon's focus.

Cameron is well aware of this also and I think in his mind he knows that Beck can do no worse and may be able to read through 3 or 4 progressions instead of just 2, which is the case with Lemon. We know Beck is a rookie and I don't think anyone is going to call for his head if he does not play well.

The Buffalo game was very winnable and Cleo just does not have that instinct for pulling games off. Miami needs to learn how to win again. The players need to have faith in the QB and in themselves as a whole. Instead of thinking about how not to lose, they need to be thinking about how to win. John Beck showed some of this tough mindedness during the preseason, granted he was playing against scrubs or whatever but you don't teach that kind of mental toughness and I think he has it. He does worry about losing he thinks of ways to win and the whole team can learn from it and jump on his back.

He doesn't need to be Marino, there is only ever going to be one Marino. John Beck needs to be John Beck, tough, scrappy and smart. That's his MO and he will be what he is. Let's get behind him as fans and show him we are ready to jump on and start a new tradition even if he doesn't play well early.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Trenton, I don't think the Dolphins will draft a QB in the first round, but they likely will pick a QB at some point.

Anonymous, I can speak for myself thanks. Thus your comment goes bye-bye.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armando, thank you for stating the obvious. And here I thought that Beck was going to come in here and be the second coming of Marino. In my mind the Dolphins were going to win the rest of their games with Beck. It's a good thing you cleared that up for me. Great column, keep up the amazing work!

4:28 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

I think 130 yards passing, zero touchdowns and zero interceptions should be enought to outdo our current QB....I'd rather have Jack Lemon lining up behind Center.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch it Ken jack lemon is dead and one of my favorites. I see hope in this discussion. I agree with the level comments about this article. We should expect rookie mistakes and wait for Becks greatness to mature. I watched him play in college and he really has all of the tools. I would like to point out that unlike Fiedler, Lemon, griese ....Beck looks off/away from contact receivers. He is excellent in timing patterns and even better with the long ball. Give him a chance. He is the real deal guys.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beck just control the game clock and try a couple of Deep ones now and again....take it 1 snap at a time...

6:27 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Anonymous, forgive me if you are offended by what you call an obvious post. Here's more obvious stuff from me: If you think this blog is written exclusively for football savants such as yourself, it is not.

Have a coke and a smile.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous KurtInTampa said...

Yo Armando,

Are you flip flopping?

First you blast Cam for not starting Beck against Buffalo, because Cam wanted to win the game more than evaluate and grow a rookie.

Then you go and say 0 and 16 is unacceptable.

Then you go back to wanting Beck to start, knowing he is going to screw up a lot more than Cleo.

Perhaps you should run for office and leave coaching to coaches.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Olde Faht said...

Hey, Armando, how about throwing the savants an occasional bone while pandering to the lowest common denominator? You know, every 7th post or so you could dazzle those who know something about football. I'm sure Cam and Randy would start reading and participating in our little confab then. We might all learn something.

Since you quoted an e-mail recently explaining how Walsh brought along Montana, how about persuing that in depth and educating us all - cognescenti as well as the 5 year olds? Don't forget to mention that Montana didn't become the sole starter until midway into his second season and that Walsh went 2-14 that first year. I think Montana 'played' in all 16 games his rookie season and completed 23 passes. Is that right?

Thanks for you kind consideration.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous olde faht said...

Excuse me, all. I just read my post and realized that I misspelled BOTH pursuing and cognoscenti. Pardon.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I just hope you know something I don't....I can't take another game watching Ray Lucas!

7:56 PM  
Blogger brian said...

I remember when JB was selected last year and the "fans" booed and pissed&moaned but when Ron Jaworski was asked about the pick you wouldve thought that his son had just been picked #1 overall.

I have always respected Jaws as an awesome evaluator of talent because he always seems to get it right BEFORE QB's achieve or bust.

Last night during the SF vs. SEA game,he was asked about Alex know the #1 OVERALL "stud,Superman,no brainer,cant miss pick" Draft pick that ALL the "experts" praised and Jaws said what he did when SF chose him and that was that basically his fundies suk and decision making abilities were suspect at best!

Last night pointed out how AS STILL locks his left leg causing his shoulders to rise and therefore making high throws and this hasnt changed in 2 years and it NEVER WILL!

Steve Young said the same thing and like Jaws said that Druckenmiller was iffy at best when he was SOOO coveted and were commenting on how STUPID most QB evaluators were .

When you have these 2 and many more saying that Beck was a great pick and the way Jaws' eyes light up when he talks about JB gives me great comfort in Cam,Mueller and Sheas ability to see a good QB and I cant wait until he starts dropping bombs to Ginn and maybe..just maybe all you Madden AllStars will go back to talking smack to your TV's.

8:26 PM  
Blogger PIEMAN said...

Did Armando just tell someone to have some coke and smile? Anyway, for the first time in a long time I am excited about a Dolphins QB and that's all that matters to me. Do I expect Marino?...I would be a fool if I did. Do I expect better play then we have now?... you bet your ass I do, but if he fails so be it, at least we know. Someone else stated that the D has been playing pretty good as of late which begs the question, does anyone else think Jason Allen has done a decent job back there? I for one think he has been OK. And Joey Porter has looked a lot better lately! I think we are in pretty good shape for next year, lots of cap room, but we need smart signings. All the chips are in place for a great draft. Hey you never know in this league, we could be fighting for the AFC title quicker than people think!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous zed dawg said...

But isn't Becks struggling the whole point?

A: we want him to struggle now and take a few bumps so he won't have to do it next season.

and B: if he struggles really badly perhaps we snag another top level QB to put pressure on him next training camp as well as compete for the job.

It's never a bad idea having a lot of "good" young QB's on your roster...we know what life is like having a lot of old crappy QB's.

Bottom line is there's never going to be a perfect time to start the kid so do it sooner rather than later. He's not exactly 23 years old by the way.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please all you so called dolphins fans get off this blog. you are haters or in the closet jet/patriot fans and while im at it if you dont like armando get lost and surf somewhere else. he brings some good stuff to the table. get lost and that goes for you bills fans too!! not happy where the fins are right now, but still proud to be a finsfan!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Marcus said...

what time is the press conference tomorrow?

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Bensmokin said...

Hey Armondo,
Thanks for the great blogs, I have enjoyed for a long time now but this is the first question I have posted. Who do you think the dolphins will be looking at this coming draft rather who do you think they will take with there first 4 picks? Personally I'd like to see them take Jake Long and Terrel Thomas but after that I am not sure. Can you write an article or just give me your thoughts? Thanks

10:55 PM  
Anonymous W NY Fin Fan said...

Hey Armando

"what to expect from Beck once he starts"

that is looking like a pretty bold statement!!! it should read if Cam *** EVER *** starts him.

Someone please tell me why Cam wont start him.Please tell me why
Wayne won't tell Cam he *HAS* to start Beck. Are there enough starts left this season to give anyone confidence that they can go into next season with Beck as the starting QB? Are there enough starts left to give whomever is drafting in April an idea if they need to draft a QB early?

What if Cam waits until the Jets game, and then Beck puts up Lemonade numbers? How does the franchise handle the draft and game 1 in 2008?

If Cam doesn't start playing him soon, we'll have to have at least another partial season of a caretaker QB to appease the veterans. That ... he gives us the best chance to win this game nonesense...

This belief that Lemon gives the Fins the best chance to win this week is getting dangerously close to ruining next season and maybe the one after that if they make a poor judgement on Beck.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Armando Salguero said...

Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt: I see no contradiction in understanding that the rookie quarterback is not going to set the world on fire every single game out and still expect the Dolphins to win at some point. Have you heard? Football is not played by just one guy. It's a team game and in games the quarterback plays poorly, teams still win. Example: Bills on Sunday.

If you think that is still a contradiction and I should run for office, then I may run for king of your castle when your term ends.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are people still talking about Brady Quinn? Get over it already! Ted Ginn has proven that he is capable of delivering big plays both on returns, if the rest of the guys on special teams stop messing up, and on the base offense.

Brady may turn out to be a really good QB but that is neither here nor there. We have to move on from that.

What I am most impressed with is our center, people talk about the importance of the LT in football but for my money there is no position on the Offensive line as important as center and Samson is special. Brings back memories of Stevenson. Now if we can land Jake Long wow...!

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom line is this folks, the Dolphins freakin stink, Lemon or Beck right now, let the rook take his lumps, get the kinks worked out and start fresh next season. Lemon is a stop gap only, once Beck gets his chance, we'll forget all about him. Man, it hurts bad to see this franchise this bad, but hopefully this will be a dream episode and we can wake up next September and realize that it never really happened....

1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to soften the blow Armando.

He needs to show us SOMETHING though. That's for darn sure.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares who starts armando PARCELLS IN 2008 WAYNE BRYAN IN OHIO!

2:50 AM  
Anonymous guitariff said...

i just don't understand why cameron didn't start beck in the second half when we went in to halftime dominant and only 3 points on the board. cam should have known that with the luck we have, keeping the game close would result in a lose. throw beck in and throw some deep balls to ginn which was open on a few deep balls, but cleo lemons arm is too weak to get the ball to him. i am really starting to question cams decision making. i have tried to support him (even though i almost threw a chair threw the t.v. when they drafted ginn), but if he doesn't play beck i'm gonna be calling for his head just like everyone else. i don't expect him to be great right away, but he has got to be able to score more than 3 points when you have the ball twice as long as the other team! we really can't do worse than lemon, plus what have we got to lose besides the game. and we already know how that feels!

3:54 AM  
Anonymous guitariff said...

and what the hell was up with the pump fake in the end zone? c'mon thats not even a rookie mistake, thats just rediculous!

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, like JJ said. I just hope Becks gets to play before he retires.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Dnice said...

To J Dizzle....Porthos was talking about why do folks expect Miracles from Tedd Ginn making Stupid comment about him being a bust and drafting the Ginn Family. They Guy is a rookie cut him some slack Calvin Johnson who everyone thought was going to turn the NFL upside down is average right now but not because he sucks because he is a rookie. Rookie WR. just don't come in and dominate very often so shouldn't we be taking a wait and see approach with him as well that was his Question. I for one agree with him if your counting on a rookie to come in and be the focal point on your squad your setting yourself up for Failure period. They need time to adjust and in Ginn's case he has only been a WR three or four yrs he was a DB and QB in high school. Last thing on Ginn his running mate at Ohio St was Santonio Holmes who did nothing as a rookie have you seen the Steelers play lately? Well No one would have drafted Holmes over Ginn I'll put it like that so Yeah cut the Kid Some slack

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dnice - Sorry to break it to you, but Santonio Holmes had 824 yards receiving as a rookie. Your point was correct, but your example was horrible.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not easy to get a “stud” quarterback. Decades come and go with handful QBs make it to the “studness” status. We can have a great team with a “very good” QB. However, we need to complement that with a great runner. Marino’s era was good but only took us to the big bowl only once. I love Marino. He is a great leader but if he had a great runner, we would have probably made it to the big bowl three times at least..

A “very good” QB with “very good” runners, receivers, and LBs would make a combines “Excellent” super bowl team.

I hope we can focus on developing very good players not average ones and quit chasing a mirage looking for that “Stud”

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expect Beck to show us good offense. Not necessarily win the game. Just show us good solid passes and yardage. We can not ask him to win simply because he does not play with the defense.

Winning games takes more than Beck unfortunately.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Wannstedt said...

"Anonymous said...
Hey, like JJ said. I just hope Becks gets to play before he retires."

I hope JJ retires from FOX ASAP. He's definitely the weak link there. I find it interesting anyone would lend him any credence. Few may be aware that his won-lost record with Miami comes in at a lower percentage than Wannstedt's. And then there's the HAIR!

11:57 AM  
Blogger John L. Hoh, Jr. said...

Dan did spoil us Dolfans, didn't he? I mean, how many rookie QBs are named Pro Bowl starters? By the end of Dan's second year he began taking possession of the passing record book and had a Super Bowl appearance. Tough to top that.

Dan also had the benefit of being coached by Don Shula as well as being surrounded by a talented team coming off a Super Bowl loss to Washington. Beck will not have those advantages.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have to give him sometime. So that he can learn the game.remeber he doesnot have Brown in the backfeild or Chambers. Maybe in a couple of weeks Ricky will be there tohelp take off some of the presure GOOD LUCK Beck!! From the long term fan

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The old addage used to be that the hardest thing to do in sports was to hit a home run. Now that the NFL game has evolved into such a chess match, running at hyper speed (average play takes 2.3 sec) the hardest thing in sports is to be a consistently good (not even great) NFL QB. Let's give Beck all the support we can, which I believe the Fin fans are ready to do, cause he WILL need it.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fins will need to pound the ball with Chatman, and then Ricky when he is eligable to take pressure off of Beck. Pass protection has been good, if the Eagles blitz, then just dump off short ones. Beck should do OK.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Umm, Ricky's not even eligible to play until WEEK 12, VS PITT, if we even keep him....Pay attention here....You're not a pothead too, are you?

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, Beck will have growing pains. What I want to see from Beck is:

1) The accuracy I keep hearing about;

2) The medium to long game which has been AWOL this year;

3) The ability to move the chains and score TDs.

If I see that, I can live with the inevitable picks, fumbles and miscues which come with rookies.

Woodland Park, CO

1:00 PM  
Blogger Reasonable Fan said...

Some much needed perspective

Rookie years

Troy Aikman
11 Games
9 TD
18 INT
55.7 Rating

John Elway
11 Games
7 TD
14 INT
54.9 Rating

Steve Young
5 Games
3 TD
56.9 Rating

Also to the typical critic - lack of patience hasn't worked in a quarter of a century. Why don't all of you try something different - like supporting the team and this management through its growing pains?

Or do we also need a list of winning coaches who developed long winning organizations and how their first years looked?

10:55 AM  

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